Walkthrough by JesseG, with a little assistance from Dutchy


Compass note: The compass in this game is a “true” compass, so the needle always points northward. This means when you face west, the needle points east and vice versa.


8 Secrets.


Upgrade the Snowmobile.


The level starts with Lara on the snowmobile. Drive down the slope and over the pit. Follow the turn and stop at the bottom of the hill. Get out and climb up into the crawlspace on the left. Crawl through to the pit with a Trinity soldier and a crashed van. Take the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER from the tree stump and go back through the crawlspace to use it on your snowmobile. Continue driving up the hill and down the other side, and follow the turns left and right. A soldier is in the way, he will drop some flares. There is a lake after the next hill, this is where you need to use your nitrous boost, which will help you clear the jump over the lake.


Trinity Attacks.


Continue north. A Trinity soldier appears in a flash, making the bike explode. (You may see some birds in the sky, they are not enemies in this level.) For a pickup, turn around south and climb up the hill to the lake you cleared on the bike. Jump in the ice cold lake for some uzi ammo, then use the north rock to climb back up. Go north a bit and another Trinity soldier drops a boulder on you before running away. Lara is injured and says she cannot stand up until she gets help. Crawl forward until a leopard appears, which you will need to shoot. After the leopard is dealt with, a local appears with some gurung bread on the ground in front of him. Pick it up and you can stand up again. Continue along the path toward the sheet of ice, and another soldier appears, who drops a grenade on the ice and makes you fall into the pit below. Wade through the deep snow and climb out onto the ice on the north side. Climb up into the crawlspace and exit on the other side. Look for the slope across from the rock pillar, which has a ladder on it. Jump toward the slope with the roll key so that you can land facing the ladder. Jump and grab the ladder, and follow it around the corner to the right two times. Position yourself on the rightmost side of the ladder with some headroom, jump with the roll key and grab the ledge in the ice behind you. Shimmy to the left all the way to the end, and you can pull up into the crawlspace to get a large medpack. Exit and shimmy back around the corner to the right. Press jump and grab the above edge and pull out of the ice pit. There are two paths ahead, and a leopard appears from the north. Go south first, and drop down to get some gurung bread in the grass. Climb back up and travel north up the hill.


Visit Two Stupas for Three Prayer Wheels.


You will find the monastery, but you cannot enter it yet. A leopard attacks from the side. Travel left along the outside of the building until you see a stupa. Around the stupa in the corner there is a small pit to drop into, with two ways to go. Exit through the crawlspace in the south wall onto a slide, jump and grab the rope in front of you. Swing forward and get as close to the ceiling as you can, and jump off to clear the slopes and slide into a dark pit. When you attempt to light up the area (with gunshots, a flare, or the binoculars) a bird monster appears. Defeat it to cause a block to rise up where you entered. Go south to the back of the cave and find a PRAYER WHEEL (1 OF 3). Climb up on the block that rose up, and grab the monkey swing above you. Swing forward to the edge, then press jump to grab the ladder surface above you. Climb up and jump to return to the rope pit. You can find grenade gun ammo in the back corner. Look up north to find the crawlspace you entered from, with a ladder surface underneath. Jump and grab the slope beneath it, and press down to jump backward and grab the rope. Turn around and swing north so that you can jump off and grab the ladder surface, and exit through the crawlspace.


Run north through the small pit and climb up into a cave with a monkeyswing and a ladder in the ceiling. Find the peak in the floor, in the middle of the room, and jump and grab the monkeyswing. Follow it to the end. You can turn to the right and press jump to proceed, or...

Secret detour: ...go forward and press jump to grab a hidden ladder in the corner of the cave. Up to the monkeyswing above, turn around (roll button) and swing to the opening in the north wall. Pull up inside and crawl to the end. Pick up SECRET #1 OF 8, a large medpack and uzi ammo. Exit the crawlspace backwards to drop down. Turn and jump forward to grab the ladder, then climb around to the left.


Climb up the ladder to the monkeyswing above. Turn around and swing to the exit. Drop and grab the ledge and pull up. You are at the top of the stupa. Notice the bannister connecting it to the monastery. Jump forward toward it and Lara will start tightrope walking. Walk toward the end and fall off before you reach the window (Lara will stop at a certain point), and land on the balcony below. To reach the next balcony, you need to grab the ledge in the side of the building and shimmy right. Drop down at the next balcony and grab the PRAYER WHEEL (2 OF 3) before leaving.


Run past the monastery entrance and along the other side of the monastery to find a bigger stupa. In one corner is a Trinity soldier standing near some uzi ammo. Near that corner, along the side of the wall is a trapdoor. Open it and climb down into a room with a rotating flame trap, a pulley, and some closed doors. There is a pot in the north wall that needs to be lit. Don’t bother with the pulley yet, Lara won’t use it. Shoot the containers and find a torch against the south wall. Light it on the rotating flame trap. Use the torch on the wooden stick in the ceiling (keep side-jumping to the left to dodge the rotating fire). Now Lara can use the pulley. Each pull moves the flaming pole toward the pot. After three pulls, the pot ignites, and the small wooden door opens. Shoot the boxes to find some grenade gun ammo. Take the PRAYER WHEEL (3 OF 3) and a Trinity soldier ambushes you from the main room, you can claim his Uzis. Note the flowery receptacle along the opposite wall, which will be used later. Climb up the ladder back outside. Go to the south side of the large stupa to find the receptacles for the three prayer wheels. Place them and the giant doors roll open behind you.


Flood the Underwater Caves for a Hammer.


Go south through the new opening and drop into the pit to find a flooded cave system. Your goal is to get the caves completely flooded so you can reach the opening in the ceiling. Ignore the pushable block in front of you and drop down to the level below. There is another pushable block here, move it to block the water and drain the pool. Drop down to the bottom. There is some uzi ammo across from you in the corner. Return back to other side and climb up on the wooden block. Follow the path, using the spring pads to get to the top, where there is another pushable block. Move it to unblock the water.

Secret detour: Turn around and head back down the path with the spring pads. When you reach the bottom, you’ll see that the path is now blocked by a block that rose up, which has a hole in it. Reach into the hole to grab SECRET #2 OF 8, grenade gun ammo. Travel back up the path using the spring pads.


Drop all the way down to the lowest pushable block and move it again to unblock the water, flooding the level you are on. Swim to the  side of the surface and pull out next to the pushable block there. Move it to again flood the next level with water. Swim across to the surface and find the pushable block south, which hasn’t been moved yet. Move it to unblock the water and completely flood the caves with water.


Swim up to the top and find a GONG HAMMER. When you pick it up, the water level drops slightly. A wooden crate is blocking the entrance below because it is still flooded. You will need to drop down and push one of the two pushable blocks to block the water and decrease the water level again. After that you can swim across the pool, get out of the water and exit the caves.

Go north past the large stupa, up a small hill to find a small area with a lake. At the bottom of the lake is some gurung bread. To your left is a gong near an ice floor that will not collapse on its own. Go to the gong (facing south) and use the gong hammer to make the ice floor break. Drop down where the ice was and crawl into an ice cave. Use the spring pad, grab the ledge and pull up. Open the trapdoor and drop through to enter the monastery.


Search the Monastery for the Crypt Key.


Head north. To your left is a table with gurung bread on it. In the other direction is a pair of open doors, go through to enter a room with a mirror on one side. Shoot the vases, one of them contains uzi ammo. Look at the metallic floor and note that the mirror reveals five red tiles. You must jump between these without stepping on the other metallic tiles. This causes a pillar to rise at the other end of the room. Climb onto it and pull the switch to open the door to the courtyard. Exit the room and head to the south hallway to find the open door. Enter the courtyard and find the switch on the north pillar. This brings out a pole (of 2) in the tall hallway.

        Secret detour: jump into the ice cold water and quickly swim into a small tunnel in tthe corner. Pick up the PICKAXE and head back for the surface. You may need to use a medpack during the swim, depending on your speed and current health. Climb out on the south end of the pool. Return to the mirror room and approach the mirror. When you look into the reflection from the left side, you can see that the mirror reveals a switch with a strange knob in the corridor outside the double doors. Head there and use the pickaxe to pry off SECRET #3 OF 8, a BROKEN SWITCH.


Go to the hallway and head south, through the open doors to the assembly room where some monks are meditating. Go to the end of the room and pull the switch to reveal another pole (of 2) in the tall hallway. Note the small table with holy script on it, next to the switch. Go to the tall hallway and find a switch on a pillar right of the closed doors. Pull the timed switch and see a block lowering above you. Turn around and jump on the table, then turn around and jump from the table to the first pole. Swing on it and jump to the second pole, then jump to the top of the broken pillar. Jump forward to the ledge, then press down to jump backward and grab the ceiling behind you. Swing to the right and drop onto the walkway. Dash to the other end and turn around. There is a jumpswitch below you, so drop and grab the switch, opening the double doors nearby. Enter through them to find the mask room. Grab the CRYPT KEY in the middle of the room, and four masks come to life. Two of them are on fire, so run into the courtyard and jump in the ice cold water to extinguish them. Climb out south and continue down the hall to the assembly room, and wait next to the table that you noted earlier (crouching helps avoid damage). The other two masks eventually disappear in the holy script. Go to the south hallway and pull the switch to open the monastery entrance. Exit and head back to the large stupa, down the trapdoor you opened earlier.


Search the Crypt for Two Plaques.


Use the crypt key on the flowery receptacle to open the tall door. Enter and a Trinity soldier ambushes you from behind. Go down the steps to find a set of four switches and 3 corridors with doors. Shoot the boxes, one of them contains some grenade gun ammo.

Note the rows of tables next to the doors, with various lanterns. Also note that each switch has a different set of lanterns above it. This tells you which switches operate which doors. For each corridor, you must find the correct combination of switches to pull so that all its doors are open. This walkthrough will number the switches as follows:






Crypt Entrance.

Note that switch 5 is missing its handle.

Secret detour: You need to have found secret #3. Go to switch 5 and use the broken handle to repair the switch. You can now use it to operate the doors with empty tables. Pull down that switch along with switches 1 and 2, and all five doors in the right corridor will open. Enter into a chasm with a deadly drop below. Jump to the left and grab the zipline. Drop onto the collapsing ice shelf and continue holding action and forward to grab the ledge above. In the center pick up SECRET #4 OF 8, the LUNG-GOM-PA CHARM and an OLD JOURNAL. You now have infinite sprint and can jump while sprinting. The journal explains how: walk to the edge, hop back twice, then press and hold the forward, sprint, and jump keys in that order. Sprint jump back across the chasm (on the north side), grab the opposing ledge and pull up. Return to the main chamber.


North corridor: Pull down switches 2 and 3, and all three doors will open. Go through, look to the left and jump and grab the crack in the wall. Without getting hurt by the spikes, shimmy right and press down to jump backwards and grab the ice ledge behind you. Pull up and run through the blades. Slide and jump while avoiding the chain. Turn and run past the three sword traps. Turn and see a large circular blade rolling forward and backward. For an optional pickup, jump and grab the wooden ledge (just as the blade rolls away) and press jump and grab the ladder above you. Climb up to grab the ceiling. Turn around and swing to the crawlspace. Enter it and crawl to the end to find the grenade gun. Crawl back and exit. This time, jump onto the wooden structure at the right time, and jump forward again while avoiding the rolling blade. Grab the TREASURE ROOM PLAQUE (1 OF 2) and the exit door opens.


Left corridor: Pull down switches 1, 3, and 4, and all four doors will open. Enter but be careful - a spike trap is on the slope at the end. Dodge it by jumping over it, or grabbing the ceiling above you. Pull the switch to trigger a boulder. Dodge it by running left and crouching behind the ledge. The boulder deactivates the spike traps in the hall. Go north and climb up on the ledge on your leftl. Pull the switch and run back, dropping down to the left to dodge the second boulder. Climb back up and pick up some uzi ammo at the end of the path.

Secret detour: You need to have found secret #4. Sprint jump from the south side of the ledge (where the ceiling is the highest) across the gap.To your left is SECRET #5 OF 8, some revolver ammo. Sprint jump back across, using the space given by the recess in the wall. Again, make sure to jump where the ceiling is highest.


Go back down and go south, there is a hole with two rotating blades to avoid. Carefully grab the ledge and drop down at the right time, and pull up into the crawlspace. Crawl out and sprint past the blades coming out of the wall. Dodge the door trap and slide down. Some spiders attack. There are flares in one of the boxes. Crawl through the gap in the south wall and shoot some more boxes, one of them containing a large medpack. Crawl back through the wall. Dodge the second door trap and grab the ledge on your right, and press jump to reach the top ledge where there are some sliding wall traps. Jump to the left and jump into the hole at the right time to get a large medpack and uzi ammo. Jump back out and dodge the rest of the sliding walls. Grab the TREASURE ROOM PLAQUE (2 OF 2) and the exit door opens.

Visit the Treasure Room.


With both plaques collected, it’s time to return to the monastery. Go up the steps to the south, through the open door, and up the ladder. Run back to the monastery entrance you opened earlier.


Secret detour: You need to have found secret #4. From the monastery entrance, head south down the hill and continue until you reach a gap with a slope on the other side. You can cross this gap with a sprint jump. A leopard attacks you on the other side. Tug on the body of its victim to reveal SECRET #6 OF 8, the Revolver and some revolver ammo. Return to the monastery entrance.

Another secret detour: You need to have found secret #4. Head inside the monastery and into the courtyard. Climb onto the tall stone pillar by jumping up from the raised grass facing north. Turn around and sprint jump south, grabbing the crack in the wall. Shimmy right and pull up into the crawlspace to find SECRET #7 OF 8, some revolver ammo and uzi ammo. Exit the crawlspace and leave the courtyard.


Enter the monastery and head to the north hallway. Insert the two treasure room plaques to open the doors to the treasure room. Shoot the vases in the far corner to find some grenade gun ammo. Climb the ladder on the pillar near the entrance and grab some gurung bread from the middle table on the balcony.


At this point there are two different ways to finish the level.

Normal Ending (Secret hunters, scroll down): Take the CINTAMANI from the pedestal. The Cintamani Guardian enters the room and locks you in. You must defeat it before the doors unlock again. When you leave the room you will see some monks coming after you. They cannot be killed, so just stay away from them. The front entrance is locked, so go left into the hallway and climb on the table. Jump up and grab the opening in the ceiling, and climb up through the previously opened trapdoor. Drop down into the ice cave, ignoring the spring pad, and crawl through the exit. Climb up outside and the level ends with a cutscene showing Lara examining her prize.


Secret Ending: This ending requires that you found secret #4. From the balcony, sprint jump onto the ledge above the Cintamani. Pull up and press the switch on the north wall. A cutscene shows lightning protecting the Cintamani, with a Trinity guard running in to take it and exploding in vain. This attempt causes the Cintamani Guardian to enter the room and lock you in. Careful, going near the Cintamani will kill you instantly. Twice during the battle, the guardian will start glowing and you cannot attack it. If you face the Cintamani you will see purple mist around it. Shoot the Cintamani until the mist disappears and you can attack the guardian again. After it is defeated the doors open, leave the room and you will get a view of some locals waiting just outside the monastery entrance with a yak. Exit the monastery and approach them. The level ends with a cutscene showing Lara riding away amidst celebratory fireworks, earning you SECRET #8 OF 8.