Level by Tombraider95

 Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re just going to use the “Tombraider compass”, meaning it isn’t a true compass, but we mention the direction the red needle is pointing…

Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves Folder

10 Secrets.

The year 2020 somewhere in Tibet…

…No weapons yet…

On a small table left of you is a translation from Tenzin

You’re safe, your wounds are healed. Before you leave, please repay our service by finding an artefact deep below our Monastery. We are unable to retrieve it ourselves, the path is too dangerous. Your gear may still be at the crash site, you should go back. Good luck, Tenzin.

Turn around and to the right of the couch is a First Aid Kit.

Go to the NW and find Blue Light Sticks in the corner. On the other side (SE) is a key hole and a trapdoor (later). So take a left to the outside.

The Rusty Key, the Buddha Statuette.

Go straight to the opposite house, up on the porch and open the front door. Inside left around is a chest on the floor with the Rusty Key inside. Out of the house, go to the right to the Buddha and then left into the street (E) and just after a little market stand is a white house to the right, open the door and go into the back room to find the Binoculars on a small table. Go outside and the opposite house (a bit left) can be opened with the Rusty Key.

Enter the little chapel and left around the corner are Uzi clips, go up the ladder in the opposite corner. In the niche almost straight ahead (S) is a lever, use it to open a trapdoor in a pool (take note of the push able cabinet in corner and monkey climb there, for later). Go down and out of the chapel, left to the pool in the square. Swim down the open trapdoor; keep right everywhere and you’ll come to an underwater lever. Pull it to open another trapdoor, roll and swim right into a larger room, up in the far right corner and climb out. Up the steps and open the door, in the SW corner of this room is a Buddha Statuette. Pull the cabinet against the W wall back once so you can reach the lever that will open the door to the alley. Go out and loop left around heading W to where you see that big Buddha statue.

Through the Buddha Door, The Crash Site.

Go up the steps at the Buddha and place the statuette on the left and the doors open. Go through to a large town square and some warriors might come for you; they’re not real friendly. Go straight and then right to the NW corner and to the right is a shallow pool with a First Aid Kit. Then go into the tunnel left of it, follow down to an ice wall, take a right there and come to an ice-cold pool. There’s a steep rock against the S wall, side flip on that and jump to grab the monkey climb ceiling. Turn right and go to the far end of the cave, drop where Lara turns left and hop over. Stand left and run jump to grab the pole, swing to the ledge ahead (up left behind the spider web is way back to the cave with the ice wall, later). Grab the crack W; go right around the corner to a wider crack and back jump to grab a crack in a pillar. Go left around the corners and drop in the end.

Up the tunnel, go up carefully, keeping right and thus dodge 2 Snowballs. Go on, over a long bridge and down the next cave to a deep pit, jump and grab the crack in the opposite wall (S) and go right around the corner, drop at the end and slide to the next tunnel. Face NE and run jump up into an opening and get the gurung bread (small medipack) there. Jump back out to the right and go up the tunnel along the left wall. Into the next section and loop left around to grab some Blue Light Sticks. Back out and up into the SE corner, jump and grab up to a higher cave.

Jump and grab a crack on the right (E), go left to the end and one grab back (because of a low ceiling), then back jump to grab a crack in another pillar, go right around the corner and back jump to grab the top of a slope. Pull up over, slide and jump to the ledge. Up right through a crawlspace and right to an ice-cold pool. Use the shallow part on the left to run as far as possible and jump straight N, if needed climb out at the vertical part. Follow through and slide backwards down the slope, grab the edge and back jump to grab a ladder, go up (to get back later there is a monkey climb). Go left through the opening to a canyon. You have reached the Crash Site; look up…

Go left and up onto the block there, turn right and jump/grab up to the ledge, from the right hand edge run jump over o the ledge S. Stand back facing SE and run jump with a left curve over the ridge to a spot where you can stand. Hop left around the corner and slide down, turn right and run jump to grab the rock pillar with the vegetation. Run jump S and grab the right hand corner of the next ledge, shimmy right around till you can pull up onto a rock pillar E, run jump along the left side landing on top of the snow ledge. Left around the corner is a First Aid Kit. Make your way N along the E ridge and come to a Snow ball.

Push the ball down from the slope. Get down to the frozen pool.

Stand close to the ball facing W, run down into the water, pick up the Pistols and wade out straight ahead. A Vulture appears, shoot it. Jump onto the crate in the pool, hop off N into the ice-cold water and grab the Uzi clips. Wade out N and go up to the cave entrance. Walk up to the pit with the ladder, stand right against the wall at the edge and hop back once. Then jump straight up and grab the monkey climb. Monkey climb to the other side. Run jump over the ice cold pool along the right hand side and follow through the crawlspace left to the pit with the sloped pillar. Shoot the Leopard and get down there, pick up the Shotgun ammo to the right and climb up on the other side (N), down and right left to the next deep pit. Run jump over and grab the climb wall, go up into a crevice and turn right to run out. Go left around to the canyon with the bridge and shoot the Pilot that has opened fire on you.

Garuda Plaque #1 (we need 5 of them).

Cross the bridge, loop right around onto a small ledge next to the bridge and shoot the Leopards below. Run jump NW onto the Ice pillar and face N and hang from the end to drop and grab a crack below, drop again and go to the dead pilot, pull him away by the head and pick up Garuda Plaque #1.

Go straight to the corner SW and grab Secret #1, a Secret Skull from the grass.

Grab back up to that ice pillar NE, climb up N again and take a right, walk W along that side till you cannot go further and run jump SW grabbing the edge of the rocks, shimmy right and pull up to jump down to the bridge. Go over the bridge, there was another Vulture stuck in the tunnel so I could easily shoot him and follow that tunnel to the deep gorge, grab the crack on the left. Shimmy right to the pillar and back jump across the gorge grabbing the crack there, go left till you can drop on the ledge with the spider web. Turn around and go into the niche. Grab up E at the right hand corner, up E again and drop down into the tunnel with the ice wall. Go up S to the big square.

Garuda Plaque #2.

Go left to that market stall and open the chest to get Garuda Plaque #2, go S through the Buddha Doors.

Timed Run to the Bell Tower, shoot the Bell.

Just through the doors go left into the alley (W). Kick the door on the right open and loop left down some steps. Open the door (shortcut) stay inside though and then turn right and use the TIMED lever. Pull the lever, roll, run round the corner and up the stairs and go up the ladder. Then jump onto the TIMED block and quickly jump up to grab the ceiling trapdoor. Roll and jump up forward to grab the upper floor (savegame.0).

Shoot the Bell and see a wall go down in the temple on the big square (we’ll go there later). Up W of the Bell is a First Aid Kit, up E Uzi clips. Go back down and grab Grenades from the cabinet N (could be I picked them up already in that save).

For an extra pickup, open the door S and go over the rooftops to the far S, jump from the corner of the roof to a triangle ledge with Shotgun ammo. Drop down, shoot the crates at the corner of the house and get a First Aid Kit.

Rooftops, Shotgun, open the Trapdoor.

Go to the Buddha statue and left into the street, left into the chapel you opened before with the Rusty Key, climb the ladder to the first floor and pull that cabinet (SW) out of the niche, then pull it twice underneath the monkey climb, climb on and use the monkey climb to get to the ladder at the window on the other side, climb down and drop/grab into the windowsill, shoot the window and go down to the ledge outside. Jump over to the roof above the door of the white house. Go left and shoot the window of the house on the left (E), jump in there. Get the Shotgun from the chest right and Shotgun ammo from under the vase.

Push the Buddha relic in the N wall to lower a block in the window S. Run out right and grab more Shotgun ammo, then stand jump up SW into the niche with the chain Pulley, the second trapdoor opens in the pool.

For two Secrets: Get back into the window N, right through the window W and jump over to the roof, keep going W along the roofs and when you see the Buddha below, turn right and jump over to the ledge in the roof S, go up to the corner of the house and slide down backwards, grabbing the edge of the roof. Shimmy left around a corner to where you can pull up on another ledge. Run jump E onto the flat roof and get Secret #2, a Secret Skull. Drop from the E end of the roof into the alley, shoot the crates to get the Gold Key. Go left (N) through the alley and right, at the Buddha right again and right into the house we came from at the start, to the left is a Keyhole, use the Gold Key there. Go up and at the other side (W) a chest with Secret #3, a Secret Skull. Get down and out to the street.

Plaque 3.

At the Buddha go left into the street passing the market stall and on the square with the pool, go to the S end of the pool and into the open trapdoor for Plaque #3. Back out and through the street W to the Buddha.

Temple Square, Last Plaques.

Go through the Buddha doors N and on the big square left into the Temple that opened, grab Garuda Plaque #4. Outside and left, go all the way up the hill N, right behind the red wall and into a small cave and shoot the crates. One of them holds Garuda Plaque #5. Go back down to Temple Square and head to the right (E).

All the way E, around the Yak to the right in the NE corner is Secret #4, a Secret Skull.

NE Temple, 4 Prayer Wheels, Gong Stick.

Go up to the Temple NE and place all 5 Plaques in receptacles spread along the whole outer wall, the door opens. Go in and right, around the corner right is a lever (#1). Then go into the room opposite (E) and up on the terrace straight ahead are the Uzis.

You need 4 Prayer Wheels here. Pull a cabinet from the window left (N) and move it all the way to the other side, put it under the lever up on the W wall and use that lever (#2). The gate to the left in the entrance passage opens up. Go in and straight up to the higher floor, left is a Monk sitting there and in front of him is the Gong Stick. Behind him, left are Blue Light Sticks and to the E is a Huge door.

In no particular order; Prayer Wheel 1.

Look up left of the door and climb up onto the slanted block to use the jump lever (#1) there. Go up the stairs W and left around to the other end, stand against the last pillar and grab the crack, go right around the corner and ledge jump up to grab the jump lever (#2). A door opened just left of where you land (NE).

Go into the lower part of that room, stand with your back against the high pillar and get out the pistols, jump onto the bounce pad (the lower ledge) and start shooting so you’ll hit the Bell on the balcony. A block lowers on the pillar behind you. Now use the bounce pad to get onto that pillar (stand just at the edge of the lower part and hop forward onto the pad, grab the pillar). Run jump and grab the crack W, shimmy right to the corner and back jump to grab a pole, swing and jump to grab a balcony. Stand back against the left (S) wall, hop onto the far side of the bounce pad and jump to grab a rope. Swing and jump to the small stairs at the other side. Loop left around and shoot a vase for Uzi clips. 

Face the bounce pad E and pistols drawn, hop on and shoot the Bell (block goes down). Now climb down and in the corner where the vase was into a dark passage, that block went down, turn left and slide/jump to grab the rope, swing to grab the next rope and then into the passage straight ahead (W), go left through the Teeth doors to come to a similar balcony, use the bounce pad to shoot the Bell and big gates open up in the N wall. Back you go through the Teeth doors, hop down onto that pillar in the room below.

Detour for a Secret: Face N and stand right, run jump onto that corner ledge (no grab) and right around is Secret #5, a Secret Skull. Safety drop down (I couldn’t jump back other than with a short run jump trick, stupid lantern!) and get on the pillar again by using the bounce pad.  

Face N and stand left, do a run jump with a last moments grab to the most right hand side of the opening. Go through the swinging log trap and claim Prayer Wheel 1. Go back and jump to grab the pillar, safety drop down and leave S to the Hall with the Monk.

Basement of Traps, Prayer Wheel 2.

Loop left around into another opened door, climb the pole carefully to just under the blade, turn diagonally and back jump off when the blade is in the opposite corner. Shoot a vase there for Uzi clips and go up the same pole and be careful, this one has only two corners to back jump off safely, face SE or NE on the pole. Another trap opens up there, duck if you are close. Notice the small pedestal with the Holy Scripture S (for a Wraith later). Go down W into the lower part and open the trapdoor. Safety drop down, get through the first spike trap and look left to spot the underwater lever. Go through the next spikes and above the block in the back is a closed trapdoor and to the right is a chain pulley. Use the pulley and climb up through the opened trapdoor. In the next room at the end of the trench is a First Aid Kit get to the right hand balcony and throw a floor lever to open a gate straight ahead (W), a lever on the left side balcony of the room opens a gate NW. In no particular order…

Left gate, a Bardo Thödol Book.  

Go into the open gate and around the corner is a room with Circular Blade traps, if you need some gurung bread, time a jump over the blade to the right and grab it, then run back to the entrance after the blade (or do it later). Go around the other side so you can just follow the things and get to the ladder, just don’t get too close to them. Go up the ladder and onto the monkey climb, go to the crossing and left or right, all the way to the wall and drop next to the column. Hang from the side of the floor and shimmy along the edge to where you can pull up at the ladder at the S wall. Go up to the silver band and find the correct time (you can just see the blades pass) to back flip/roll and grab the ledge. Shimmy left and around the corner to a block. Pull up when you have the chance, run and roll to fall off and grab the other side of the ledge, go left all the way and pull up at the N wall. Grab the Bardo Thödol Book. Face E and hang from the edge then shimmy all the way left to the block.

For a Secret: go one grab right and pull up, turning left stand jump to a crawlspace and grab it, go in for Secret #6, a Secret Skull. Easiest was to just safety drop out (and pick up the gurung bread if you didn’t yet).

Without the Secret, pull up at the block; run and roll to grab the other side of the ledge and go left to the front end of the short ledge, drop and back flip out of the way after landing. Safety drop to the floor and get out of here (savegame.1). 

Right gate, Cold!!!, Bardo Thödol Book 2.

In the room with the two floor levers, go left and into the SW gate, crawl through and hang into the shaft, left corner. Drop and turn left to wade out to that ice wall we saw when we went through the caves. Jump to those double doors E after getting your health up and open them. Where you see your temperature go up again… wait.

Jump up once so you can run again and get through those doors, go up the ladder and back flip onto the floor you can see behind you. In the SW corner is a TIMED lever, in a niche along the W wall are Uzi clips and in a niche E is Shotgun ammo, so better go collect that first and then go back to the lever and open the two doors N.

If you want the Grenade Gun and a Secret; Take the NW door (savegame.2), because of the goodies you cannot get to from the left door. Grab the Grenade Gun from the pedestal left. And on the floor just before the lantern is Secret #7, a Secret Skull.

Slide down and follow the back passage to the end, around left and grab up in the red shaft, ledge jumps up to the room above and pick up Bardo Thödol Book 2 from under the crates in front of you. The crates right (NE) have the Pickaxe. From the block S you can climb up to a crowbar door, which will bring you back to the room with the two floor levers. Go left to the glass shrine (W) and place the 2 Books on the hands right and left. The trench will flood and a wraith will appear. Run over the side of the trench (faster) to the E, down the trapdoor and swim high over the spikes, up in the E trapdoor and run left to that Holy Scripture, duck till the Wraith is gone.

Back down into the water, over the first spikes and left to use the underwater lever. Swim W and up to the room with the floor levers, climb out on the side of the trench and turn around. Jump W into the open gate to grab Prayer Wheel 2. Behind it is a First Aid Kit. Back into the water, down to the W where you killed the Wraith; slide down the poles, or safety drops from the corners of the hole and out into the Main Hall with the Monk.

Fire; Prayer wheel 3.

Just through the door into the hall and left into the passage is a TIMED lever raising some blocks on the higher floor just S of the door you just came from, up on the balcony you can see a jump lever. Pull, roll and run jump, then turn left and a run jump up the short stairs, then you should be able to hop onto the blocks, run and jump from the end to grab the lever (savegame.3).

Go up the stairs left (W) and go right around to the end of the balcony and into the open door left. A Wraith appears, doesn’t matter how you get there (I run jumped over the balustrade), but there is deep water behind the Buddha on ground floor where you can get rid of the Wraith (stay close to the bottom).

Back into that Fire room (a second Wraith may appear, or was the first not properly dealt with?) hop over the block with the lanterns (on the right) and find 5 reach-in switches, crawl to each, stand up when you can and duck quick, crawl to the next.

S has a First Aid Kit, N has Grenades, next two have no burner: E left is best ignored, E right has Uzi clips, E middle has Prayer Wheel 3. Go back out to the balcony.

Easy-Peasy; Prayer wheel 4.

Turn left on that balcony and find another jump lever on the side of the last pillar, use it and the second door on this balcony opens up. Enter the room, grab a First Aid Kit from the small table at the wall and shoot the windows W. Outside go left over the balcony and take Prayer Wheel 4 from the chest. You can go all the way to the other end to enjoy the view and also pick up some Shotgun ammo. Get back inside, down to the ground floor of the Main room and out left (S), up right up the steps and place the 4 Prayer Wheels in that room. A Flyby shows another Temple door opening up.

Temple Square, the E Doors, the Dharma Jewel.

(You should have found the Gong Stick before entering).

Go out and take a right and into the next temple. Go down to another ice cave and to a deep pit. Go onto the ledge on the left (E), hang from the edge and safety drop/grab down to the bottom. Slide down and down a ladder into a large cave with an underground Temple. SW is a Buddha relic you can push in, a block goes up at the other side (N), climb up to the block from the slope next to it and hop onto the ledge with the Gong (careful at that Knight statue as he tries to chop off your head).

For a Secret: Before you do anything else, first go to the SE corner and spot a Skull on that snowy ledge. Run jump onto the rock just left of it and hop to the snowy ledge. Jump on top to get Secret #8, a Secret Skull. Go down on the W side and a run jump as far as you can onto a sloped ridge W, jump again to get back onto the Gong ledge.

Go give the Gong a good Bang.

A Bird monster showed up when you did that, go and shoot it, be careful not to fall into the deep pit in the middle of the cave. Go pick up the Dharma Jewel floating above a tile in front of the Temple. Now go to the cave where the Bird monster came from (N) and get a First Aid Kit and Shotgun ammo.

Go back up the climb wall SE, grab up to a block SW and run jump and grab E to the niche, hang right and ledge jump up, pull up and head up the stairs to the Temple Square.

Use the Dharma Jewel.

Go back into the Temple on the left (N), go straight into the Main room, go left to the big door behind the Monk, place the Dharma Jewel in the little wheel left of the door and it will open. Follow the stairs all the way down to a crossing and pick up the Blue Light Sticks. Straight ahead (W) is a closed entrance we have to open.

N side: Sprint to the end of the corridor or you will not survive. Pull the chain pulley and go left into the crawlspace, through the circular blade traps and left at a wooden door back into the corridor.

S side: Jump past the first sets of sliding blocks and at the double set I ran left into the safe niche, turned SE and did a diagonal run jump after the block to the safe niche behind the second block. Go pull the chain pulley and see that entrance open up. Back through the blocks the same way and enter the new corridor (savegame.4).

W side: Crawl under several sets of darts and avoid the Swords. To the left is another large cave, a Yeti will come for you, deal with him.

Opening the Doors.

Go into the corner on the right (SW) and hop up onto the flatter part of a slope, turn around and grab up to the ledge above (S). Turn around again and hop over (N). Go left, hop into the cage and walk across the pole to the next one. Run jump a bit left to the ledge under the plants and go up, turn right. Be careful when you hop around the corner (falling icicles), hop left around the next corner and then run-jump to the corner of the snowy ledge (left at the wall). Without the Secret, just drop down onto the balcony below.

With a Secret: Jump to the roof and shimmy to the right till you can pull up.

In the wide opening straight ahead, crawl for some Uzi clips , then go back and walk along the wall to the E, right into the opening and get Secret #9 , a Secret Skull.

Now that we are here anyway, safety drop from the edge down to the balcony below.

Go into the short passage and shoot the Gem in the Lions head. The Entrance opens up. Side flip back over the fence and shoot the Yeti.

A Torch.

Go back into the SW corner and face N, hop up onto the flatter part of a slope, turn around and grab up to the ledge above, hop N. Follow N and from a lower icy ledge you can run jump over the fence onto the balcony in front of the building, grab up in the middle to the crack and ledge jump up, shimmy left and pull up.

Grab a Torch from the back of the passage and hop out of the opening from a few steps back so you’ll land on the flat ledge and can throw the Torch down while spotting where it ends up. Maybe throw a second one down and go down too. Side flip over the fence and ignite a Torch on one of the bowls (careful). Go inside (N) and ignite two bowls there to open the gates. You can leave the Torch behind.

At the crossing a Zombie Monk wakes up, to the left is a First Aid Kit. Turn around and run straight into the blue rays Teleport that will take you to another room. Pick up Shotgun ammo, a First Aid Kit, Uzi clips and Grenades. Then shoot the gem from the Lions head to open the door and slide down the slope

Battle for the Seraph.

That Setha is immortal; you’ll have to avoid him as much as you can.

After the flyby, run straight down landing in a pool to soften the fall and get left (E) out of the freezing pool, hop straight up once so you can run again and take some cover behind a pillar. Shoot two huge Lizards coming for you. In an alcove above a ladder under the ledge you came down from is a First Aid Kit in case you might need it.

Hop up into the niche at the W wall, roll and run jump over to the ledge in the pillar to shoot the Gem there, a door opens up left of you in the wall behind you (W).

The Hammer Guy, Cintamani Stone 1.

Go in there and a Hammer Guy shows up, take him out (when you stand as close as you can and jump up and down, his hammer won’t even touch the ground). Grab the Cintamani Stone he leaves behind. In the S corner is a First Aid Kit, S are Uzi clips. On the wall N is a Gem in a Lions head, shoot it to re-open the entrance door. Go out of the room, to the middle of the battle room and pull the chain to raise blocks on a pillar E of the chain, giving access to the ledge with the Setha (later). Stand on the high triangle block next to the chain, face W and a bit right, another Gem to shoot on the pillar there, possible with pistols if you jump up and down (Intended way was probably to jump into a niche N from the icy block NW and shoot the Gem from there). The door W opens up.

The Hammer Guy 2, Cintamani Stone 2.

Same MO, shoot the Hammer Guy, get the Cintamani Stone 2 he leaves behind. Pick up the First Aid Kit and shoot a Gem in a Lions head to get back out.

Placing the Cintamani Stones.

UP: Go to right to the blocks you raised SW (by pulling the chain), climb up, turn right and run jump to grab the ledge (SW), push the Buddha icon to open a trapdoor* on a ladder up NW. Stand at the edge and hop down onto the pillar, run jump up onto the pointy ledge where the Setha roams (could be he fell down to the ground floor, better that way…). Run to the far end and jump over to grab a ledge straight ahead (W), use the lever to raise a platform at the receptacle for the Stone. Run jump back to the E ledge (best grab the right hand, lower side) and run right around the pillar. Now time a run jump to a spike ledge on the right (NW) (landing when they are down of course, or do it the sissy way, just shimmy along the side, the spikes won’t kill you) and immediately hop forward onto the sloped part, grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy right to get to the ladder (savegame.5). Go up above the trapdoor* and back flip off.

On one of the pillars left you can spot a Secret Skull.

Run jump E to the next ledge, hop up right to the top of the slope and get to the ledge under the monkey climb and swing to that suspended platform with the zip lines. To the left (W) is the raised platform; to the right is a lever where you can raise the platform below, it’s up to you which one you do first

For a Secret: Run down from the SW corner, landing on that pillar below and pick up Secret #10, a Secret Skull. Hop to the pillar W, turn left and run jump down S, grabbing the lower sloped ledge, shimmy right to the flat part at the ladder and make your way back up to the platform with the zip-lines.

E: turn left to use the Zip-line to land on the trapdoor and place Stone 1. Safety drop down and run jump back to the ledge W with the Setha, go right and jump onto the sloped ledge NW as before, shimmy right, back to the ladder. Go up to the platform again and this time head E with the Zip-line, use the lever in the niche where you land and safety drop out to place Stone 2. Two blocks went down in the opening N of the Setha, hop down onto the pillars, hop up to the Setha ledge and get into that opening to throw the lever that will open the door below. Get down safely (I jumped to the pillars E) and into that door (savegame.6).

Go get the Seraph. An earthquake will start. Run into the door right and pull the chain to open the door at the other end (E). The blue light will transport you back up, use the lever left to lower the wall and get out to Temple Square, place the Seraph on the receptacle in the pool and watch the final flyby….