Level by illyaine

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

1 Secret.

The year 2019, somewhere in Tibet…

The Gold Key.

Look up on top of the building left to spot the Bell (later). Slide down the hill, go to the Temple and right around to a white wall, back flip onto the icy slope and jump again to grab the top of the wall. Go up to a blue door and open it, follow through to the Gold Key. Go back and down to the Temple. Just around the corner is a Jump lever up on the wall, back flip onto the icy slope and jump again to grab the lever and the front door opens up. Go inside.

The Rusty Key, Revolver.

Go left into the passage and make it through the traps, when you enter the courtyard, a snowball will try to crush you and an Eagle shows up. Shoot the vases left of the stairs for Revolver ammo. Right of the pool, in front of the Buddha is a vase with the Rusty Key. In the back, E we need 5 Prayer Wheels.

Look on the back of the red column and spot the Jump lever, hop back once and jump up forward grabbing that lever. Go right around the corner and into the small gate that opened to get Secret #1, the Revolver (it is shown with a Sight, but the Sight doesn’t come with it)

Prayer Wheel 1.

In the NW corner of the pool is a trapdoor, open it and hop in for Prayer Wheel 1.

Prayer Wheel 2.

Open two small doors in the S wall of the courtyard and throw the levers inside to open the door between the small doors. Go in and once outside, look up left to spot the Bell (later). Slide down to an ice sheet and go climb up on the right (E) and then drop down. Crawl under the ice sheet and go get Prayer Wheel 2, in the SW corner is some Revolver ammo. Get back into the crawlspace E and grab up right. Walk out, hop NE and grab up to a crack, go right around and when you cannot go further, ledge jump up to the rock wall and shimmy right.

Use the Rusty Key, Buddha Courtyard, Prayer Wheel 3.

Go back in to the Courtyard, right up the stairs and through the traps. In the entrance room left and open the door with the Rusty Key. Go through and in the Hall with the pool are big doors N (left is a Bell, later), shoot the crates left of the doors and throw the lever, use the lever right of the doors too and they will open up. More snowballs drop as you step through the doors and two more Eagles show up too. To the left is a vase with gurung bread (small medipack).

Buddha Courtyard, Prayer Wheel 3.

Go to the Buddha in the middle of the courtyard and W of the plateau is a hole in the ground, get in there and follow through to Prayer Wheel 3 in front of the Buddha. Go back up to the courtyard.

Garuda Plaque 1, open the Doors.

Head into the alley NE and hidden in the flowerbed is Garuda Plaque 1 and a bit further some Revolver ammo. Now go up the snow in the end, grab up to the roof right and shimmy right to a higher part where you can pull up. Run jump as far as you can to the S with a bit of a left curve and grab the edge again, shimmy right along the roof and continue doing this till you are back at that icy lake. Go to the corner and pull up on a rock with a horizontal pole, walk over to the lever and use it. The doors open up; drop down.

Laser Sight.

Go up on the ledge N and into the opening; watch out, a Bird blade at the entrance (crawl underneath). Hop and grab the pole in the right hand corner, go down a bit and watch the blade going around, when it is in a corner, slide down. Throw the lever on the wall to raise blocks in the room above, go left and shoot some empty crates. Grab up to a crack, ledge jump up and go up to the main room. Climb the blocks and jump to the upper floor, to the S we’ll need 2 Plaques. Climb some blocks NE with ledge jumps and crawl in for the Laser Sight. Leave the building and go right to the Buddha Courtyard.

Take a right into the opened doors N.

Prayer Wheel 4.

You can open the double doors right (W), but the room is empty as far as I could tell. So, open the opposite doors (E) and the next and in the back of that corridor is a Buddha shrine. To the right is a cabinet in the opening in the wall; pull it out and move it through the other opening into the next room and against the next doors. Push it to the right (S) once, climb on and grab up to the beam with the jump lever. Grab the Revolver ammo and turn N to shoot the Bell 1, shimmy to the Jump lever and drop/grab to use it and blocks lower at a horizontal pole. Open the doors W to the next room, some empty vases there, but up in the ceiling is the horizontal pole. Go up the sloped passage in the N end of that room and follow the corridor to where a block lowered when you used the Jump lever. Walk the long pole and get Prayer Wheel 4. Safety drop down (or walk back), leave the building.

Shoot the Bells, Prayer Wheel 5.

On Buddha Courtyard, shoot Bell 2 up at the big statues E. Go into the building S; shoot Bell 3 at the E wall. Go through S and out S to the Valley where we started, go stand near the slope S and turn around to shoot Bell 4 up on the roof. Go back inside, left through the traps to the Prayer Wheel courtyard and left through the wooden door to the valley with the ice sheet. Shoot Bell 5 there and you’ll see a gate open up on Buddha Courtyard.

So, back inside, right through the traps and left to Buddha Courtyard. Left in the corner is where the gate opened; grab Prayer Wheel 5

Use the Prayer Wheels, Garuda Plaque 2.

Go back in S, through to the room S and right through the traps again, in the back of the courtyard place the 5 Prayer Wheels and enter the doors for Garuda Plaque 2. 

Using the  Plaques, Buddha Statuette.

So, head back through the traps again, left through to Buddha Courtyard and right W towards the water pool, left into the building and up to the first floor using the blocks. Go place the Plaques and Buddha Explodes. Pick up the smaller version of him and see a block go down. Head back to Buddha Courtyard, go use that Gold Key you’ve been carrying around in the lock E and climb up where the block goes down. Place the statuette left of the door and go through the corridor with the statues. Save at the end.

The Salt Rock.

Climb over the low wall into a Huge Hall. Seems you can only run straight, so let’s just do that. Pick up the Shigatse Stone and go through the next door. Keep going, hop up the slope and run over the stone beam, stop at the end and save. Run onto the slope and keep jumping the slopes to the ledge at the other end, jump up. Run or sprint back along that side and slide down into an opening where the adventure ends...