Level by Drakan

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

In this walk we’re NOT going to use the “True compass”, meaning the red needle is always pointing the way we describe in the walkthrough, just to avoid confusion.

Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this Saves Folder

Summer 2019, on an islet of the brhamaputra

After the flyby, hop into the river and climb out near the campsite W, go to the crates in front of the tent and pick up your Pistols. Wait for an eagle to show up and shoot it. Shoot the crates SE and a hole appears in the ground, climb down and climb down from the crate. Down a pole and a block goes up, which is the way out of there later. From the floor run down NW, landing on a brick roof, grab the edge as you slide off. Drop down and go left, ignore the Shotgun ammo for now. To the right is a small door, open it and go in, careful in the next doorway because there’s a Bird Blade trap. A soldier will also open fire. To the right, in the back is the Shotgun under some vases below a Blade trap, crawl to get it.

For a Secret: Crawl further to the back wall, stand up and pull up into the crawlspace, get through and in the room beyond is Secret #1, the Bumper Triangle in the back corner. Get back through the crawlspace, crawl under the trap and stand up.

On a box in the back are some Light Sticks (NW).

A Torch, Vase 1/10, the Pick axe.

Go back to the doorway with the Bird Blade trap and on the box next to it are some Torches, pick one up and go back out to the main area. Drop the Torch where you can find it again and now go pick up that Shotgun ammo along the W wall, a Bird Monster is triggered, shoot it. Pull a block out of the S wall and push it right once, get the Torch and go into the passage you opened, ignite the Torch there. Back in the main area, jump onto the block and from the block onto the ledge in the corner. Hop up once more and turn around, jump over to the floor N, ignite the two bowls to let the big bowl tip over and melt the boulder underneath. The Torch will be gone. Look up in the wall behind you (E) and shoot the Vase (1/10) there (this is a side quest giving you access to a bonus area later and also the last Secret). Make your way back down and look in the hole where the boulder was before to find the Pick axe.

Use the Pick axe, turning the Buddhas.

Go to the NE section of the main area and shoot a leopard, then use the Pick axe on the crowbar lever next to the slope. The Buddha statues move aside revealing two doors, one of which we can open with the Pick axe, the S one. Climb the ladder and hop left out of the passage to get some gurung bread there. Climb the ledge E and turn around to spot the jump lever over the opening you just came from. Jump and grab the lever opening the other door (N) in the main area. You’ll slide to the ground, head all the way to the N end of this area and grab up to a crack in the right hand wall. Shimmy right as far as possible and ledge jump up to grab the opening above. Walk the pole to the hanging block and jump towards the gate N. Go to that floor lever right and shimmy along the edge of the floor to get to the corner of the ledge so you can operate the lever. The gate opens up and releases a boulder. Two vases will shatter, the first reveals the Laser Sight, the second Revolver ammo. 

N Door, Phurba Dagger.

Remember the door opened by the jump lever? Go into the E section and into that open door N, enter the room and pick up the Phurba Dagger from the pedestal

Hmm…just what I needed…

Back to the camp site, the Temple Entrance.

Another thing that was triggered, is that raising block we saw when we came down to this area. Climb the block SE (next to the big bowl), hop into the passage and follow up S and left. In the end up left is where the block lowered, make your way back up to the camp site. From standing at the river you can spot a Vase (2/10) across the river (NE), you can shoot it with pistols. Now turn back and go to the big red doors S, use the Phurba Dagger on the pedestal to open them.

Step in and wait at the slope, shoot a Vase (3/10) in the back right. Slide along the right or left wall and at the last moment (before you hit the flat part), jump up right or left onto the ledge while some blocks drop on the flat ledge. Pick up Shotgun ammo. When I did a run jump(lined up straight and one step away from the blocks) to the other side I could grab up (hold Ctrl) to that side too because of a small bug that sometimes occurs and enables Lara to stand and grab up from a slope. Pick up more Shotgun ammo if you were able to do the same and slide down to a trapdoor, open it. Dive in and follow the tunnel N up into a large room and swim N to climb out left.

Run jump onto a ledge you can just see SW, face the room and spot a sloped block, run jump onto the block and slide jump onto the ledge E. In the hole in the floor is Revolver ammo, then run jump S and right around the corner, pick up Shotgun ammo from the hole in the floor and go down into the passage SW, follow through to a lever opening a door you can see right of you. Swim N again, climb out and go into the door, up the stairs and don’t step on that weird tile on the floor! Go left there and over the crate for a Medipack. Climb back on the crate and open the hatch in the ceiling (face S). Grab up right and when you go into that passage, a block will close it off. On a crate in the back are Revolver ammo and Light Sticks.

Hall with the ledges, the Revolver.  

Step out into the large Hall N and go left. Jump over to a ladder on the pillar N and go down to the ground. Go N a bit and left into the corner, onto the block there and grab up to the ledge above (face S and stand left). Turn around and use the monkey swing to get past the burner and into the next opening, just run in because there’s a wind tile below that will soften your landing. Shoot two soldiers and when you approach the Revolver in a niche W, a block goes up on it, bummer!.

Hop onto the corner ledge NW, the block goes down again and we must keep it that way. Grab up to the crack W, do a back jump to grab a pole and swing to the ledge with the zip-line ahead. Go down E and jump E to get the Shotgun ammo there, get back to the ledge at the zip-line. Use the zip-line and then jump and grab the pole E, swing onto the ledge up E, right and grab the crack in the wall. Go right to the next ledge and use the zip-line there to get to a ledge W. Drop from the ledge to where the Revolver is and grab it.

The Garuda Plaque.

Go S where a door now opened and follow through running through 2 Sword traps. Then left into a room with a Circular Blade. Just run left and right around inbetween two of the blades and in the back passage is a Medipack on the ledge to the right. Use the jump lever in the other end and a platform goes up in the Hall. Make your way back through the traps (savegame.0) and go to the wind tile W. Stand against the wall and jump straight up to grab the ledge above. Use the monkey swing and go N passing the next burner, run onto that platform you raised and then jump along the ledges to a lever on the NW pillar, the pit in the middle of the Hall will flood. 

For a Secret: Hop back to the last ledge (NE) and turn around, run jump S with a left curve to land on the ledge behind the lever pillar. Run jump/grab S to the next and then run jump to grab the pole, swing onto the ledge and jump over to the corner ledge. From there up right into the opening in the wall, down inside and to the right is Secret #2, a Master Orb. On a ledge N are some Light Sticks. Get back into the entrance and safety drop out onto a slope below. 

Go to the flooded pit, dive in and use the underwater lever to open the door below. Swim in and get the Garuda Plaque, another platform goes up in the Hall. Get out of the water, go up the ladder SE, back jump and grab the entrance ledge. Look down E and shoot the Vase (4/10) in the alcove E. Jump to the ledge N and shoot a Yeti in the distance. From the NW corner you can jump and grab to that newly raised platform, follow that ledge to the lever E. This lever opens a door NW.

Go W a bit and look at the door opening, there’s a head with a Gem, shoot the Gem and another platform goes up NW. Run jump and grab that platform, get onto the ledge and throw the lever W to raise the remaining platforms along the W wall. Run jump to the NW corner ledge, climb up into the opening where you shot the Gem and get some Shotgun ammo. Back out and left of the pillar you’ll find the receptacle for the Plaque. A Flyby shows a trapdoor opening up, use those platforms W to get back to the SW corner. From one of the wooden ledges jump into the opening in the W wall.

Inside side flip over one of the burners to grab the Revolver ammo. Hop back and go drop down into the open trapdoor facing N, as soon as you can run and jump through the opening in the wall before you are Spiked. Shoot the Hammer Guy to get his Gold Key.

For a Secret: Look back through that opening in the S wall and notice the spikes to the right aren’t active anymore, time the ones in the opening and jump through, go into the passage right (E) to get Secret #3, the Glowing Talion. Go back to the spike floor and jump back through the opening in the wall to the N room. 

Use that Gold Key in the lock left of the door W, enter and go down the steps to a corridor. Follow to a small door N and go through…

I have to find a way to get up there…

Use the moving platform right of the ledge to jump to the pedestal W and get the Buddha Key. Jump back and go into the corridor, left to the first door and open it with the Key. Go in and right, get behind the blocks NW and throw the lever, a block goes down and another goes up. Go to a block SE and move it onto the lowered block, use the lever again. Push the block against the W wall and use the lever again. Turn around and grab the crack W, ledge jump up to the floor above and pull/push the block to the other end and down to the floor below. You can also shoot the Vase (5/10) from up here (SW).

Climb down the ladder and move the block all the way to the S wall and then onto the burning floor once. Use the block to jump to the other side and use the reach-in switch to flood the main room. Leave NE and left to the corridor, take a right to the flooded main room. Dive in and use the underwater lever W to activate an elevator platform E. Climb out at the entrance and run jump NE to the elevator platform and onwards to the corner ledge NE. Run from that ledge down onto the elevator platform and do a curved run jump to grab the crawlspace in the SE corner. Go down inside and throw the lever to open the door in the pool. Swim into that open door and up left in the pool inside and go in E, look up right to shoot a Vase (6/10). Back at the pool and N we need two puzzle items.

A Torch, the Seraph.

Go in W and when you take a left, a door will close. Go right into a passage with moving blocks, go close and grab the climbwall left, go up to the monkey swing and follow to where you drop between the two blocks. Climb up into the alcove S and stand jump out NW, grabbing the next monkey swing, follow all the way to the back, you’ll have to time when to drop from the monkeyclimb. To the right is a room full of rolling blades, run left around the corner and stay well clear of those things. Drag the corpse away from the Torch and pick it up. Run SE into the niche to use a lever (drop the Torch for a bit) opening the exit door E and get in there (there is a safe spot between the rollers, where you can wait for a chance- savegame.1).

Inside drop the Torch into the pit, run down left and shoot a Vase (7/10). Go down and grab the Torch, carefully ignite it from the side at the burning face and drop it onto the lowered block N (wood&eyes). On the pillar in the middle of the pit is a TIMED lever, raising the block. Run right to the pillar S, grab up twice and back jump onto the ledge on the central pillar, run and jump onto the block with the Torch, grab it and jump up N (savegame.2). Jump to the central ledge and hold the Torch against the rope so the boulder will drop through the trapdoor. Go down into the water and swim N and left to get the Seraph. Get out, up the pillar S and over to the receptacle N. Place the Seraph (face E) and step into the doorway. Stand jump out left grabbing the monkey swing and go to the end. Take a right through the now open door and pick up the Cintamini Stone (#1). To the right is Vase (8/10). Left in the niche is a lever raising that platform above the pool a bit more…

Go back S and right to the pool, swim through the opening to the pool S and use the elevator platform again to get to the ledge N. Face the pool and side flip onto the spring pad which will launch you onto the suspended platform above the pool. Look SE to shoot Vase (9/10) (sorry, I already shot that in save 1&2). Jump onto the ledge W and shoot two soldiers, another one comes from the right.

Walk into the niche with the buddha monk and push the statue all the way in, go right and open the double doors to get a message, “Congratulations, you found the Secret room…”

Go around to the back and from a red block hop up to the higher floor, grab gurung bread, go down to the middle of the room and go up every stairs to get Shotgun ammo, Revolver ammo and a Medipack, the statue in the middle of the room rises and reveals the Salt Rock which doesn’t count as a Secret, but is just a Bonus.

Get out through the double doors (NE), to the corridor and go left, follow all the way around to the N and hop up right to find another Cintamini Stone (#2). Walk back a bit and hop over the balustrade into the pool (watch out for the elevator), swim through to the pool N and get out N. Place the two Cintamini Stones on the statues and the big door opens up, go through the passage and open the double doors to fall into a flooded tunnel. Swim through and first chance (still IN the tunnel) left or right, up and climb out.

The Canyon Challenge.

To the S are two TIMED levers, they raise the platform above, left is “hard” and right is “easy”. Check out the route; jump over the wooden ledges to the N, along the right hand side of the ledges so you can jump to the lower end of the slope and jump/grab the horizontal pole, swing and jump to grab the vertical pole. Go up about 6-7 grabs and turn a bit left so you can back flip/roll onto the pillar (that platform might have already lowered again). Run jump into the NE corner, hop into the back go jump up and left, follow that passage and sprint left over the bridge. Then down right in the W passage and in the end right is where that TIMED platform is. Run jump and grab it, quickly pull up and run jump to the other side (savegame.3).

Climb up right, pick up some Shotgun ammo in the back and stand on the higher ledge to jump up (face S) and grab the ceiling hatch. Go up the ladder and walk around till you reach the canyon again. Face E, side flip right and grab the edge of the rocks, shimmy right to get to the pole ledge. Walk over the pole to the other side and go left to get to the entrance, go in and shoot two soldiers. Go in right and find Shotgun- and Revolver ammo in the back. Then take the N passage and follow through along the N side of the canyon. Before you go in NE, look up SW and spot a big green Bell, shoot that to open a door inside. Now enter NE and follow through left to that open door.

Get through the two circural blade traps and slide down the sloped passage. Go right around and find the Ancient Script on a pedestal, examine it: I am approaching the monster’s hideout, only the luminous star can destroy it! .

Follow through to the Hall where the Monster dwells, on a block with a pedestal W is a Medipack. In the E section is a low block from which you can jump onto a high block and have a good look around without him bothering you, you’ll even find Vase 10/10 in an alcove S of there.

In the NE corner is a pillar with a crack in it, grab up from facing N and hang left, ledge jump up and find a chain pulley (#1) up there. Do the same in the NW corner to use pulley #2. Get down, a gate opened SW, go use the floor lever and then run SE for a second floor lever. A huge ball flattens the Monster. Go pick up the Dharma Jewel it left behind.

Use that on the block N and the door left (NE) opens up.

The Dharma Jewel is replaced, mission accomplished!

Secret: In the NW corner, up right of the cracked pillar, a block went down and reveals a cowbar lever. Use it to raise the tall block E again, get on it and look S to spot a ladder where that huge ball came from, jump and grab the ladder, back flip onto the ledge to get Secret #4, a Striking Sword. Get back down to the ground.

Go through the door NE and at the buddha you can choose 3 directions:


1- Straight behind the Buddha (E) is to the end of the level.


2- To the right (N) brings you back to the start of the level so you can go look for missing Secrets or Vases.


3- To the left (S) is a door, opened after shooting 10 vases… if you have broken all the vases, this door is open, or you can go back to the beginning looking for the vases you missed...

Enter and come to a bonus area, a Monastery. Go all the way E and right at the Yakhs to find a Quartz Skull. Go back a bit to the house W of there and open the door with the pick axe, from the crate jump up and grab the loft and cral to get the Jade Key. Go open the Temple door NE with that and inside left on a pedestal is Shotgun ammo. Go up the stairs and find a big lantern W, move it across the room and onto the different rotated floor tile left of the stairs. A block goes down behind you, pick up the Prayer Wheel.

Go back downstairs, loop left around and use the Prayer Wheel, big doors open up outside. When you go out, 2 Hammer Guys and a Bird Monster will come for you, shoot them.

For the last Secret: Go to the house NW, open the wooden door, go left into the next room and right around the corner is a red cabinet you can pull/push into the main room, push it straight against the bed and climb on, hop onto the bed and shoot the panel W, inside is Secret #5, the Glorious Scepter. Go out of the house, right to the Temple.

Go N behind the Temple and through the big doors, take a right and you’re back at the Buddha. When you go E behind the statue, you go to the End of the level….