Search for the Hidden Stone.


Level by Lady_Wise


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


7 Secrets.

Savegames and files mentioned in the walkthrough are in this Saves folder.

1- The Hidden Stone.  

Go straight through the street and pick up the small medipack at the fountain. Take a left and shoot the barriers and get down to the tracks.

In the E wall behind the grass is a crawlspace with Secret #1, a Medipack. Go all the way to the S end and run into an opening just right of the crates to find Secret #2, another Medipack, Flares, Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun.

Under the central bridge is a hole in the W side; go down there, crawl through and follow to a tunnel where you have to shoot some vermin. At the crossing go left into the water and grab a small medipack from the bottom. Climb out at the other end to use the lever (#1 for a gate). Go back and at the crossing take a left, hop over a spike pit and find more water. Hop in and swim E and down, follow through to a wider tunnel, right around the corner and up for air. Up left is the next lever (#2 for a gate). Turn around and down in front you can see Flares in the tunnel S, go get them and back for air

Swim back as you came and climb out in the niche behind the waterfall. Turn around and hop with Ctrl back over the water, go right and hop over the spike trap. At the crossing go left, pick up Flares and a small medipack from the bottom and go left and up to find the gate we saw… Go left at the gate and get to a shallow pool, shoot a bat and grab the Medipack from the water. On the ledge S is the last lever for the gate.

So, go back and left into the passage, then a small detour to the right around the corner for Flares and Shotgun ammo. Go back to the main passage and follow through, shoot a spider and climb down the hole in the floor. Go left and climb up, shoot another spider. First go left (N) and shoot some bats in a cave, grab the Flares left and go to the skeleton N, pull it away by the skull and pick up the Crobone (crowbar).

Go back where you came from. In the room with the hole in the floor left into the passage (E), follow through shooting a bat, passing a Piano and Telephone (mentioned in the read-me and in the end left is a wall you can break down with the Crobone. Crawl through and come to a dig site with a deep pit in the middle. Get the Flares and you can climb down on the S side, back flip from the ladder to shoot the spiders waiting for you at the bottom of the ladder.

In the W wall, behind the cobweb, is a block you can push in twice, grab the Flares right of it and get on the block next to the entrance, stand on the corner facing N and turn just a bit left, facing the corner of the grey slope. Hop onto a slope and back flip another slope, jump with a right curve to get onto the corner ledge with the lever. Run onto the slope and grab the edge to safety drop down. Go out E and to the now open gate.


Blood Mist, The Sacred Skulls.

In the far end of the room we need two Sacred Skulls. Go left and run down from the N end grabbing the ladder, go to the other end of the ledge to throw a lever opening a gate up N.

Stand left on the dark ledge with the statue and jump to the barely visible ledge (E), to the next one and hop to the one right (SE), then jump to the dark ledge with Secret #3, Uzi clips, the Uzis and a Gold Skull. Jump back over the ledges.

Go up the ladder and back flip onto the upper ledge. Run jump and grab an almost invisible ledge E, turn left and jump to the gate you opened. On the left and right ledges of the cell is 2x Shotgun ammo.

Prepare for a Secret: Left of the wall torch on the E wall is a lever that will make spikes pop at a Golden Skull (x).


Sacred Skull I & II.

Go down into the green fog (N) and climb out in a large hall. Go right around the corner to get to a pit with the popping spikes…

Prepare for another Secret: Look on the side of the ceiling block in that SE corner for a jump lever that will open an underwater gate (N).  

Now grab the ceiling and go over the spike trap to the other side. Left into the passage and down at the end, shoot a spider and climb up left in the back, turn around and spot the jump lever, face a W and turn a bit right, back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the jump lever opening another underwater gate (*).

Go up again and look ahead, slopes, spike pits and break ledges. Stand back with left shoulder against the wall and hop with an angle to the first slope (or you will go too far), jump onto the next slope and jump again to get to the break ledge, a running jump to the next and a hop with a right curve onto a safe ledge right (savegame.0).

Turn around and climb down onto a safe ledge, hop around the corner to get Secret #4, a Gold Skull, made possible by using that lever in the cell before (x). Climb back up E.

Face the break ledge in the next pit (SE), hop onto the far right hand corner and after turning right a bit, jump onto the slope right, slide and jump to the break ledge. You can either run jump to the back wall and grab the crack OR land on the left side, turn right and jump forward to grab the crawlspace with the Flares and small medipack. Shimmy around to the opening E and pull up over the slope, jump and grab the opposite side, shimmy right and pull up. Throw the Skellie lever to open yet another underwater gate. Pull up over the slope W a bit right and slide jump onto the next slope (you could have done that jump lever there now also). Back in the passage, go up W, back over the spike pit by using the ceiling.

Back in the hall hop into the pool N, swim down where you opened the gate and down again, follow through and at the wall swim left and down to a grey tile and some plants hanging from the ceiling. Swim straight (W) (on the same level) and then you can go up and surface for air and notice the lattice door.

Back down towards those black and white tiles, down again at some crates and right around the corner, the passage goes down with some stairs, swim into the opening right. Then left at the crossing and up right at the ladder is air.

Opposite the ladder there is an underwater lever opening a big door. Swim down and straight at the stairs for the underwater lever on the left wall opening that lattice door we saw before.

Swim back a bit and right, into a passage S and get Secret #5, a Golden Skull, Flares and Shotgun ammo.

Swim back through the opening left (W), follow the passage and a bit up at the end, turn around to swim in W and up. Climb out NW where you opened that lattice door. After the flyby, when the first flame is down, run jump and onto the right hand side of that false slope, you can stand there. Hop a bit right onto the next slope and start shooting spiders (savegame.1).

Loop around right and go up the ladder, jump the beams to the other side. Go left and leave the pedestal alone for now if you go for a secret.

Look up E and jump up to climb up the wall behind the pedestal to find Secret #6, a Golden Skull, Flares and a small medipack. The opening in the back wall is not of any interest, so get back down to the pedestal with the dry bones.

Grab a dry bone (Torch) left. Ignite it behind you at the wall Torch and drop it to get the Shotgun ammo. Jump with the Torch to the first beam and drop it there. Jump back and throw the left hand TIMED lever stopping the spikes on the beams. Jump to the Torch and ignite the first wall torch (doesn’t matter which one). I had to go 4 times, because the view of the door took too long to do two torches at a time. But after all 4 are burning the door opens in the back (savegame.2), you can go down at the ladder (N side).

Don’t step on the hot sand, but jump from stone ledge to stone ledge into the alcove (with Ctrl) and get Sacred Skull I. Jump back to the exit, loop left around into a newly opened door and use the ceiling to monkey climb over the spike field. Drop at the corner and run after the popping spikes then jump to the safe floor (bug alert: if the spikes are popping up in a way that makes it impossible to run after the lowering spikes, make a save and reload, chances are they are popping up the right way).

Climb up and you are back at the pool near the lattice door. Hop down and swim down to the grey tile, go left (E) and up to follow the tunnel to the E, grab a Shotgun and go up through the gate to get some air.

Swim back down the gate, turn right to go into the tunnel on the right (E), follow through to where you can grab some air and then go down in the back, swim N and through a gate (*) you opened before to grab Sacred Skull II.

Then back into the tunnel (and go up for air first if you want) and swim E, at the end of the tunnel is that gate (y) you opened before. Swim in and get Secret #7, a Golden Skull and a small medipack in the corner. Up is air if you need it.


Using the Sacred Skulls, the Flamels Key. 

Back into the tunnel and follow back through the gate to the pool. Leave SW between the 2 statues and through the cell to the room with the blood mist, run jump a bit to the right onto a ledge, then to the ledge left (E) and use the two Skulls on the pillars. Go into a torture chamber and get the Flamels Key, a Laser sight, a Revolver with ammo. On the floor is a small medipack and some Revolver ammo.

Two Harpies will come for you, shoot them. Jump back across the room to leave SW, in the next red room, take a right and dodge a boulder coming from the left (if you used one of our saves, they were already triggered). No need to check that slope…only a second boulder there. But just left behind the boulder slope is a Medipack in some water. In the end of the passage is where you can use the Flamels Key.


The Lever Puzzle.

In this basement are several levers with numbers below them, shoot a bat and some spiders and get the Shotgun ammo SE. Go down the hole there, open the wall with the Crobone and get Shotgun ammo and Flares, look on the ceiling of this passage to find the clue for the Lever puzzle (I- IV- VII) go back up to the floor.

Find lever I NW and on the pillar right- view of a block.

Lever IV, on W face of central pillar

Lever VII, on S face of central pillar, block moves aside. 

The Hidden Stone.

Go through the new opening SW and come to a Burial chamber, go into the NE corner and walk through the right hand “door”, use the lever and go out, to the alcove W where you’ll now find water. Swim through the passage to where you can climb out into a room with the Hidden Stone…

If you want a small medipack, don’t go for the Stone yet, but use a lever right of the fence N, inside take a small medipack from the floor and get a warning sound… Better not go any further.

Pry the Hidden Stone from the wall and the room will change, pick up a Medipack near a skeleton on the floor and go down the hole (SW), follow the dark passage, down a slope with NO boulder and further down the level will change.


2- The 9th Circle.  

5 Secrets.

Follow through, run through a magicians painting and shoot a couple of bats. Pick up the Revolver ammo and in the SW corner near the spikes is a jump lever up right. A hole in the floor appears (SE); go down and follow through and climb out. Run NE and a boulder will be triggered.

Two Sacred Skulls.

Go up in the NW corner and around the corner is a lever opening a trapdoor in a hole SE, get there and climb down, and run jump over a spike trap to a ledge when the spikes are down. Then jump to the left and use the lever, a wall goes down (w). A second lever, in the opposite side alcove seems to be a trap, leave that and jump past the chain to the next ledge. Left in the alcove are Flares, in the opposite side is a crawlspace up left. Go through to stop the flames at the Skull by using the lever. Go back and get the Sacred Skull I. Get back to the S end of the room (savegame.3) and right, climb out at the trapdoor.

Head S, shoot a Bloody Dog and come to a pit.

The ledge on the left has an opening above and there’s a crawlspace in that left wall one ledge further, jump to the ledge at the central pillar and shoot a Harpy (if you see her). Jump and grab the crawlspace and go down into the room behind to get Revolver ammo, Secret #1, a Medipack, Shotgun ammo and a Golden Skull. Pull a block out of the N wall, get behind it and climb up, up the ladder and drop down onto the ledge above the pit.  

Now jump to the W side. In the W wall you can see the wall we lowered before. Jump in there, shoot a Harpy if you need and jump into the opening, inside grab the Revolver ammo and use the block in the corner to jump and grab a ladder, go up and use a rope to swing to the other side and get Sacred Skull II. Go back using the rope, down the ladder and hop out to the ledge. 

Jump and grab the ledge S, place a Skull and run to the other ledge to place the second one. The gate opens up, sprint down the slope along the left wall and jump up into the niche with Revolver ammo, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Jump out and look up SW in the ceiling, shoot the ball and the gate left (E) opens up.

Go up the garden path a bit, hop back and side flip left to get out of the way, now go up the path, down into a room and hop into the water, swim through picking up a small medipack on your way and in the end go down and then up to climb out.


Push Puzzle, Satan’s Horns.

Go to the far left pool (NE), hop onto the ledge in the water and a block goes up in the pool next to it (SE), move the globe over the block onto the ledge. Go to the pool straight ahead (SW) and jump on the ledge to let a block go up in the NW pool, move the globe there over the block onto the ledge and a grate opens in the pool opposite (SW). Swim down into that opening and up; throw the Skellie lever in the room at the end and the flames stop at the pedestal. Swim back, climb out and go get the Satan’s Horns. A narrow tunnel opens up in the NE pool, S wall. Follow that tunnel and use the underwater lever to open the second gate at the boulder trap. Swim back and leave the room (W), swim back, go down the garden path.

W Gate.

Hop to that cage and turn around left to shoot a ball in the SE corner, the gate W opens.

Push Labyrinth.

Jump to the next cage, avoiding the flames and in the gate. Push the skull block all the way. Turn left and use the Skellie lever, the wall behind you lowers, go in there (N), Push the block on the right all the way and turn back to go to the right and use the lever where the block lowered. The gate is open.

For a Secret first run to the S end, behind the Skellie lever to find Secret #2, a Golden Skull. Go back to the N.

Run through the open gate shooting a Demigod and find the receptacle for Satan’s Horns next to the gate (left side).


The Dry Bone / Water Skin Puzzles.

Go to the S wall and climb up along the most left side, so, shoulder against the wall (along the right hand side I couldn’t do it) and up into the room above. Pick up a Medipack and go up the stairs and run through the vertical flame.


Open the Gate to the Small Water Skin.

Take a right and follow through to a vertical flame, step slowly down onto a corner of the tile (#1) and see a gate, hop back and go back to the crossing. Go right (S) and shoot the spiders, at the wall torch go left (spot the raising block E). Take a right again (S), right at the next crossing and in the end of that stretch is a burning wall torch with a spike trap (later). Take a right and step on the tile (#2) under the flame. Go back to the crossing and on the left (E) are Dry Bones (later), take a right and go through the spike trap. Straight ahead is the last vertical flame tile for the gate, it will open up. Go right (W) and at the crossing keep left and find the open gate, grab the Small Water Skin and a hatch opens in the ceiling.


Igniting the Dry Bone.

Go N passing the crossing and keep left, shoot the Bloody Dog. Left around is the open hatch, climb up the N wall to the floor above.

Turn around and hop over the hole to use the jump lever there, the spike trap under the burning wall torch is in active. Get back down, go back through the passage and at the crossing left, left through the spike trap and… there is the green light again… we’re close to the Dry Bones. Pick up one and go ignite it to the W. Back to the pedestal and left/left to ignite the wall torch there (#1) and get a view of a gate. Now go E to throw the Bone onto the lowered raising block. Go left through the spike trap and right to the lever in the room with the chain, use the lever to operate the raising block.


Upstairs, Igniting Torches, the Angel Halo.

Go S to the green light, left through the spikes and right to the W and at the crossing right, then left around to get to the hatch, climb up again. Now just keep going right where possible and find the burning Bone on the raised block at the second chain. Go in W of the raising block and ignite the wall torch there (#2), turn around and keep going right to get to the next (#3). Right again, pass the chain and keep right to #4 next to a skeleton.

Drop the Torch for a bit and shoot a grate NE, get in for Secret #3, another Shotgun, Shotgun ammo and a Golden Skull. Get out. 

Leave the Dry Bone, go E and then keep right as before to get to the gate you opened. Watch out, those Skull tiles on the ceiling mark the death tiles on the floor. So jump over to the pedestal and grab the Angel Halo. A Demigod opens fire, best is to stay put and shoot him with the Revolver (10 rounds), watch your health. Jump back to the gate, get back to the lower level and make your way back to the entrance of this maze. Climb down in the shaft with the flames and go to the gate NW, use the Angel Halo on the right hand side.


Hell’s Key.

Go in and shoot a Demigod. To the right (NE) are Revolver ammo and a Medipack. When you approach the opening W, a boulder will drop, a Demigod also might appear. Get on the ledge left (SW), and climb up left to throw a lever that will open a cage (c). Get down, jump W over the boulder and get ready to shoot a Bloody Dog and a Demigod.

From the lattice door N go left to the cages and the last one right is the one we opened (c). Hop down into the hole in the far left corner and use the lever to open the cage next door. Get out, loop around left and go to the back, roll and shoot the incoming Fire dragon.

Then pick up Secret #4, Shotgun ammo, a Shotgun and a Golden Skull.

Back out and left to the lattice door and right through the water to the S side of the place. Climb the S wall ladder and back flip off. Jump and grab up to the slope S, hang left and pull up, back flip and jump forward again, and curve to the left to grab the corner ledge. Shimmy left a bit and pull up (savegame.4). Turn right and jump grab up to the ledge (or use the climb wall). Jump into the alcove E to get Hell’s Key.


The Large Water Skin.

Hang out, safety drop down and go down the S wall to the ground floor. Open the lattice door N with the key and go in, another Fire dragon attacks, I took him out to the S side of the place and shot him there so I wouldn’t have to jump over him every time…

The first cage left is open, shoot the grate in the W wall and get in, turn around in the back and use the jump lever to open the next cage. Go out and left to that open cage. As you approach the skeleton in the back corner a Fire dragon comes in as you might have suspected. Go deal with him first and then go back, pull the skeleton away by the skull and pick up the Large Water Skin.


The Scale, Hell’s Seal.

Go through the passage E to a large room with symbol tiles.

Along the left wall is a hole with Secret #5 there, a Golden Skull.

Hop on each of the devil ledges (not the pentagram) to stop the flame at the Scale and go to the Scale, to the right in the shallow pool is Shotgun ammo.  The hint for the Scale puzzle is the amount of skulls on the spike poles - 4. Stand in either of the shallow pools to do this.

For 4 L; With an empty small waterskin, fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin).

Put that in the Scale and the gate to a cage opens up. Get back to the cages W and right around the corner is the open cage, get the small medipack from Indiana Jones and use the Crobone in the sack of bones in the NE corner. Out of the cage and left to the next, pick up a small medipack and the Hell’s Seal.

Go use that at the door N and go through. In the first pool right is an opening in the bottom, hop in and time the spike traps to get to an underwater lever killing the flames in the second cave. Go back and get out. Head through N and pick up Revolver ammo right. Go left into Hell (savegame.5) and after the flyby loop left around into the dark corner to find a Timed lever opening the gates N, inside stay right and after the boulder passed, go look up in the back, make a note of the two symbols (symbols.jpg).


The Escape Key.


Climb the block SE, turn around and grab up to the climb wall, go up and left onto the floor. Nasty bloke goıng around there, don’t think you can kill him. But when I climbed up the wall a bit more and waited there he went silent (or was looking for me on ground floor).


On the ledge around the central hole in the floor are symbols, the two you saw before are there, one N and one S. The gate W opens up, go in there and throw the Skellie lever. Things go quiet; make your way back down to ground floor by jumping into the central floor opening and land in the pool below, swim down the hole and grab the Escape Key. On the E wall a bit up is an underwater lever for the spikes under the keyhole. Swim up to the E and get out, keep an eye on your health while opening the door NE and go inside fast and left or right, don’t stay near the door, because if that nasty fellar is close behind you, he could grab you through the door. Take a run-jump to one of the sloped sides and a jump to the ledge over the pool. A flyby shows you where to go next.


Run jump N, shoot a Bloody Dog and take the right hand opening, hop around right to a ledge and shoot a Harpy. Turn around and jump/grab the ledge above the entrance. Run over that TIMED devil tile to open the gate N. Another Harpy appears. So, jump back and step on the Devil tile, hop onto the W side cage (I could not jump to the far cage from the E side cage because of the ceiling). Now take a run-jump with a bit of a curve around the low ceiling to the N cage and down to the open gate (savegame.6). You can have a look around in each of the rooms, but be careful. The first important one is the last door left. In the room with the piano and telephone is a book switch on the left wall, you will get a hint where to go next. Opposite door, left near the gate. Go down the hole SW and grab the Bath Handle. Back into the corridor, to the door left at the blue light and place the Handle on the bathtub. Get behind it and into the crawlspace, turn around and use the jump lever to open the gate at the N end of the corridor. Go there and drop into the foggy hole and open the manhole, you’ll drop somewhere, climb up to the street and run to the other end….