AET20_Five by Five.


Level by sponge


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


Find the 5 Eggs.


Lapis Lazuli.


Turn around and swim into the tunnel with the vase E, use the ceiling lever there. A block retracts SW, swim there and use the underwater lever to open the big door, a Shark comes out, so swim up and climb out W, shoot the Shark. Swim back into the open door and get the M1911 Pistol. Swim out and surface; climb out W, shoot the Ninja and grab the Sight. Combine it with the Pistol and shoot the vase E, go get the Lapis Lazuli Egg. On the beach S are some Flares, find a Medipack in the back on the right and Bullets left at the now opened gate.


Up the slope and in the next room (W) is a small medipack. From the block jump and grab up N to use the lever there to open the gate S. Get down and through the gate, into a crawlspace on the right and follow through to a wheel switch, pull it about 6 times and get through the gate in the back.

Shoot the nasty bats and use a lever in the niche left of the gate E to raise a block.

Climb that block and run jump S to grab the leave cover left of the tree. Walk right and run jump onto the balcony with the Jasper Egg. A gate opens in the room below. Jump down onto the raised block and go through the gate N. Go through to a room with a floor grate in the corner on the right (SE), step on it.

Get out of the water, to the W side and run jump over to the SW dark corner ledge with the TIMED lever. Pull, roll and run jump with a right curve in the direction of the door N, quickly get through.


Go left and over the battlements to the NW corner, hop onto the neck of the dragon and hop again to avoid the Blade trap, depending on how you slide down the last part around the corner, either jump, or grab the edge and back flip after a pull up. From the red leaves on the ledge jump and grab a jump lever on the pillar. When you land, immediately jump to avoid a Blade and land in a pool. Swim SE and get Bullets from a ledge. From that ledge shoot a grate N, jump and grab the crack E and shimmy left to the opening, jump out into the ladder shaft, left on the block is the ladder, go up to the battlements. Along the E side and jump to the pillar with the Jade Egg. You’ll hear a trapdoor, and the camera pans down. Find a good spot along the battlements to safety drop down into the pool below and that open trapdoor is on the SW corner of the pillar.


Swim through the tunnel and get out, go up the slope and left in a niche is a lever opening a round door. Turn around and go up the slope to the room with the round door. DON’T go in yet, but save at the entrance. Above the opening with the round door is a hıeroglyph on the ceiling, there are 4 more and the tiles underneath are the safe ones, keeping the round door open and each will ignite a mask, up on the E wall.

Hop onto the one left, in front of the statue with the spikes. Then run jump SE to #2. Hop up into the alcove in the wall which will make it easier to jump to the #3 SW. Hop onto #4 in front of the opening W. Face NE and stand back far, hop onto #5 when the spikes are about to go down and back flip off. The 5 masks are burning and the entrance E is clear, go get the Amethyst Egg. Immediately roll and sprint out W. If you want the small medipack, turn around and walk along the left wall to the statue to take it. Go out, down the slope and right up the other slope. 


A trapdoor opened there, jump and grab up to the room above. Go around the Tomb to find a Medipack (SE). Over the ledge with the statues (W) is the Golden Key on a pedestal. Go open the Tomb, climb up to the roof and jump to grab the rope. Swing to the roof on the other side with the somewhat buggy rope and from the face on the wall you can get the Turquoise Egg.

Turn left and jump into the opened gate, go up right follow through to Lara’s bedroom (so, it was all just a dream?). Go to the bathroom and a Thug comes out, shoot him to get your Closet Key. Open the closet and go place your treasures on the pedestals.

Hop down and the dream ends…