AET20_Bunny Town.


Level by Greywolf

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

3 Secrets (find 2 to get the third).


3. Additional moves for Lara:

* Ledge jump up: press Alt (Jump) to jump up then Ctrl to grab.

* Ledge Hang Back flip: hold Ctrl (Action) and press Down arrow.

* Ledge Hang Back Flip + Twist: hold Ctrl (Action) + press Up and Down arrow (or End (Roll) Arrow)

* Roll out of ledge crawlspace: at edge of ledge Alt (Jump) +Forward arrow (it's available if there's no other wall in front of the ledge).

* Roll in a crawlspace: when Lara is crouching, press Sprint (Dash) key.

Easter Bunny is vanished and tomorrow is Easter…

Please, Lara, help us!  

Easter Egg #1.  

From the Mayor’s Office, go left (W) and right down the stairs, the front door opens up on approach. Out on the square, go to that dark green house and open the door of the shop, talk to the owner, go out and right, open the door to the Café, talk to the lady behind the counter. Look on the counter for Easter Egg #1, go behind the counter and take it.

The Station, jump lever, Key-word.

Out to the square and straight past the green house, then around the corner left into the Train station (you can make a note of the clue for the Key-word on the wall Lara is looking at). Go down to the tracks and left to the front of the Locomotive, look up left to spot a jump lever. Use it to open doors and see the same symbols as the clues on a ceiling after the doors opened. 

The Cryptology Puzzle, Easter Egg #2.

Go back SW up to the square. On the square go straight and left into the street with the Cherry Blossom trees. Right around the corner of the red house and go through the open doors.

There are 5 coloured levers and on the ceiling cryptic words. The clue from the station gives you a start, the rest you can figure out. If not, here is the solution (Pull the red and blue levers).

So, use the correct levers and a block goes down, get Easter Egg #2. Out to the street, left and to the square, left into the house you came from and up the stairs to the Mayor’s Office. Go out to the balcony and left, all the way to the end to claim a small medipack. Return and take note of the hallway with the door in that corner.

Now go to the other far end of the balcony and grab up to a crawlspace up right, go through and hang out, ledge jump up (Alt) and grab the roof. Shimmy left to (but not around) the corner and pull up, back flip onto the balcony of the red house.

Table Puzzle, Left-Luggage Office Key.

We have to complete a big table on the carpet, on the E wall are 5 levers..


-Push the piece on the carpet to the NE corner of the carpet (you can see where they have to go as the 4 parts have a “border”).

-Push the other table in the NW corner.

-Go into the room SW, pick up a small medipack left and place the two Easter Eggs on the stands, pull the table piece out and put it on the SE corner of the carpet.

-Go down into the NW corner room and find a part of the table left, move it around the stairs onto the raising platform. Back to the levers in the main room and use (from left to right) 1-2-3-5. The platform under the table piece will rise. Go back down to the room and throw the TIMED lever in the corner, you will go up to where the piece is, quickly hop back from the platform and move the piece onto the block in the SE corner.
Safety drop down and go back to the levers in the main room; pull one of them back up. Pull the piece from the lowered block W and onto the SW corner of the carpet to complete the table.  

Left-Luggage Office, a Crowbar, an Easter Egg 3.  

A block goes down in the upper NW room, so climb up through the opening where you got the table from (W of the table), go get the Left-Luggage Office Key from the W wall. Drop down; go out to the balcony and hop E down onto the sidewalk. Go left to the square, then right into the Station, down the stairs and open the gate straight ahead. Inside get the Crowbar and another Easter Egg from under the shelves left (duck). When you leave, pick up the Medipack from under the shelves left of the door (duck). Go back up to the square.

Easter Bunny’s House.

From the square go NW into the street and follow “Carrot road” to the end where you can open the door in the brick house with the Crowbar.

From the hallway open the door right and go up to the first floor, open the first door left, the bathroom and pick up a small medipack. Out and left to open the bedroom and find the Storage Room key left of the bed. Return to the hallway downstairs and open the door opposite, the kitchen to find the Boiler Room key right, on a small table.

Boiler Room and jump lever, Easter Egg 4.

Back to the hallway and open the Storage door on the left (N) with the Storage Room Key, go down and open the Boiler Room. Go down to the large Boiler Room, on the left is a Medipack.


Go to the wall W of the NW pillar and grab up to the crack, ledge jump up once and shimmy left to the third square from the left corner. Ledge jump up once to a dark crack. Back flip with roll and grab the pillar, go around to the other side to back flip with roll and grab the pillar next to the boiler. Go left around one corner and backflip with roll and grab the NE pillar, ledge jump up to the top. Turn left and run jump to grab the jump lever. Drop from the platform and go out of the room SE. In the storage room left through the opened doors and pick up another Easter Egg from under the shelves right (duck). In the back and left is a Photograph. The 3 Bunnies together in the Café, so make your way out of the house (S) and in the street left to the Café. Approach the counter and the Barmaid will speak. “she talks about the Blue House”

Blue House, a Message.

Go out to the Square, S into the street with the Cherry Blossom trees, and just left around the yellow house is a gate you can open with the Crowbar, go in and you are at the Blue House. (For the Secret Quest, scroll down) If you enter the house now and pick up the Message from the table; My friend the Easter Bunny is very, very tired. I’m going to take him on a holiday for a few days. We’ll be back next Saturday on the midday train.

When you leave the house, the Bell tolls 12 and the train arrived, the level ends.

For the Secret Quest: Before entering the house, go into the back garden, behind the trees in the far left corner (SE) and use the jump lever on the E hedge to see that ceiling trapdoor at the table puzzle room open up.

Mayor’s Office, Bell Tower clue, Mechanical Ladybug.

Leave the garden through the gate, go into the Mayor’s house and up to the Office, out to the balcony, left and left again, in that hallway you can now open the door with the Crowbar. Pick up the Medipack right, follow the winding staircase up into the Bell Tower and find the Note (examine it).

It is a clue for the Time Puzzle. Get back down to the balcony. Go back to the other side of the balcony.

Go through the crawlspace, up to the roof and shimmy left to back flip to the balcony of the red house. Go into the SW room and up the ladder. On the wall is a code pad, here you need the clue from the Bell Tower Note.. “The hands overlap 11 times in 12 hours”. To make a 4 digit code of it: type 0011 and Enter. The safe opens up and inside is Secret #1, the Mechanical Ladybug.


Station, Winding Key.


Jump over the balustrade and make your way to the Station. Go behind the train (E wall) and grab up to the side of the locomotive, ledge jump up and grab the roof. Go up to the top and face N to grab up into a hole in the ceiling, ledge jump up and do a back flip roll to grab a crawlspace. Get in and when you get to the brighter part, go left into the second passage, then right and follow to a ladder. Climb down into the Ticket Booth and get Secret #2, the Winding Key from the drawer.

Go back up and make your way back to the Train. Get out to the street, to the Square and NW to Easter Bunny’s house, back down to the Boiler room and climb up the short pillar NE, face the crack in the wall and combine Bug with Key to release it through the crack, the door left opens up. Go in and climb up NE into a crawlspace to get the Bug. Now release it on the ground floor through the crack SW, a block on the right goes down.


Go through, pick up the Bug left and use it at the end of the corridor, through the crack on the right. Go through the opening right and left around to pick up the Bug. Use the lever on the wall and go back to that first room with the raised platform, Secret #3, an Easter Egg is now available because the platform lowered. Leave the Boiler room and go up to the street and from the square S to the Blue house.


Enter the house by opening the door with the Crowbar and pick up the Message from the table; My friend the Easter Bunny is very, very tired. I’m going to take him on a holiday for a few days. We’ll be back next Saturday on the midday train.

 When you leave the house, the Bell tolls 12 and the train arrived, the level ends….[/size]