The Hallows Guarded Hideout.


Level by StudBuddha


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Savegames mentioned in this walk are in this folder.


Slide down and run for the door, as you’ll end up on a collapsing floor over a spike trap.

The dark water to your right is deadly; you’ll see more of that. Pick up Flares in the dark SW corner. Turn facing around the now closed entrance door and run jump to grab up to a crack in the grey pillar left of the door, shimmy left and when you come over a radar screen below, you could drop and pick up the Shotgun ammo there (duck for it). Hop back to the solid ground and if you want you can go get some extra Flares; run jump to that bright ledge in the deadly pool (E), hop left around the corner and find those Flares E. Make your way back, go up to the crack again, follow through to the pillar in the corner above the radar screen. Pull up and turn around left, spot a wooden barrier in the other side of the room behind that huge chandelier. Jump up and shoot it.

(You could now grab the crack E and get to the chandelier, but then you’ll miss out on some pickups).

So, face the grate in the SW corner and shoot it. Hop and grab the crack in the S wall and shimmy left to get to that opening, you have to drop/grab to a lower crack halfway over. Get into the duct and follow through, shooting some rats. Duck into the crawlspace SE and pick up Uzi clips, proceed and crawl through another low part. When a door opens right, go left into the crawlspace for a small medipack.


The Gold Room.


Back out, step out to the ledge where the door opened and spot that huge chandelier, run jump and grab the core, climb around to the other side and go down with Lara’s hands on the grey line. Now back flip into the opening where you shot the barrier. Hop over a spike trap into the Gold Room, turn left and climb up next to that column, hang down from the side and shimmy all the way to the right where there is a crack below.

Drop to grab the next crack, and drop down 4 times more so you can shimmy left to the opening with the yellow striped pillar. Go down into the passage behind (watch out for the pit) and run jump S over the pit. To the left is an opening in the wall, get in there and run jump SW onto the bridge.


The Shotgun.


Head W and at the black wall, go up into the arched opening. When you come to a large room with a Laser trap at the ceiling, a SAS will open fire. Take him out and go pick up the Uzi clips he dropped. In a niche W is Shotgun ammo. Now go up the steps and right to the big door (N) and shoot the box to get the Shotgun. Turn around and from the balcony run jump into the opening next to the column on the right (E), go in and grab a Shotgun ammo. Get next to the column (right of it), hop onto that suspended grated ledge up and right and shoot the grate straight ahead, behind that laser. Turn left, facing the big door and run jump from the lower side of the ledge to grab the monkey-climb. Go right and stay close to the left wall to pass the Laser trap. Drop/grab the crack and go right to pull up in the crawlspace where you shot the grate. Follow through, into a red passage where a rat emerges and after a door opened you’ll end up in a Museum with spike- and laser traps.


Museum, Spikes and Lasers.


Some rats will emerge from a crack when you walk around here. Go right to the dark opening (NE), look up in the back (N wall) and spot the crack a bit to the left, jump and grab that, shimmy left and pull up into the crawlspace. Crawl through and a SAS might shoot you through a gap in the wall; take him out quick. Walk to the right (N) and jump/grab up to right to the grey pillar; turn around. Spot the Medipack on the gold block, that’s a Secret we’ll get later. Jump left onto the brown slope, grab the edge and go right to drop/grab to a crack, shimmy right around, drop/grab and go right to pull up on the brown ledge. Turn around and run jump to grab the bookcases (E), first shimmy right to the dead SAS and grab the small medipack, grab back up to the bookcase, go right around the corner to a crawlspace (you could have taken that route too) and go down a bit to back flip into a niche with Shotgun ammo. Drop down and head left (S), left again and over a break tile. When you get on the higher black floor next to the Tomb, side flip left over the Laser (watch out for the moving laser above) to get to the pedestal with Uzi clips.

Go back, over the laser and through that Tomb to the other (S) side and side flip over the laser there, go for the pedestal W to get the Uzi clips. Now you have to get to that bookcase left (N), but there are lasers. Walk up to the black wall W, about one step from the left corner and “look” left, when you see the laser coming towards you through the spikes, side flip left and jump straight up to grab the bookcase above the crack and climb up (savegame.0). Turn around, time the moving lasers and run jump to grab the roof of the Tomb. Crawl under the horizontal laser, climb up and use the lever to open a metal door** far from here.


The Grenade Gun.


Climb the lever block, hang from the other side to time the laser and drop/grab the jump lever and a bookcase opens up behind you, shoot the SAS, go in and use the lever on the right to open another bookcase. Go out left towards the NE corner of the Tomb, and climb the N bookcase, till you are at the crack and go right around the corner. Go down a step and back flip with roll to grab another bookcase and go right around the corner, up and hang from the crack, shimmy left and pull up in the crawlspace. That open bookcase is to the right, slide down and shoot the rat and get the Flares and Uzi clips from the alcove on the right.


For a Secret: jump over the laser and stand in the NE corner, facing NE and take a few steps back. Hop over the dark wall landing on the gold block you must have noticed before and get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.


Hop back inside, another rat appears. Hop W over the first laser and crawl under the other lasers into a dark passage. At the end shoot the SAS across the room and run jump out straight onto the ledge behind a sloped block and pick up Normal Grenades. Then run jump (no grab) onto that pillar on the right, with the artefact we’ve been on before (E). Turn left and hop forward and up, a bit left to grab the ledge with the dead SAS (not too close to the corner). Go in and right into the crawlspace for the Grenade Gun. Get out to the balcony and run jump out right to the ledge where you got the Grenades. Safety drop (when the laser is not there) down and go through the entrance door that opened up again (W).


Follow the passage back, to the crawlspace in the black wall, hang out and drop down, go SE to get back to the bridge. A bunch of SAS showed up here. After the battle, go to the end of the bridge (E) and run jump right over the fence into that opening we came from before (W). Go inside and left. At the broken floor grate, hop S over the gap grabbing the ladder and drop down to the floor below.. For a pickup detour; turn around N and go through the door. Left over the walkway and right into a niche in the Gold to get the Uzi clips.


Go back through the door, to the S end of the passage and shoot the barriers. Crawl into the tunnel, follow through and go up the ladder. If you want, you can jump the ledges over the deadly pool and shoot the barriers to get the Flares in the back and then jump back to the small ledge in the middle of the pool. Turn E and jump to grab the platform, walk through the door** you opened earlier (In case it is closed; go back to use the lever in the Museum).


The Crowbar.


Shoot both the barriers (one across the room) and jump over to that ledge (along the right hand side, low ceiling left). Then hop around the corner to the next ledge (E) and from there run down onto the walkway under the portrait. The room will shake as some traps start up. Grab the ceiling and hang against the wall, go forward to the corner of the wall and then time the burner to quickly go past it. Don’t go all the way to the end, but drop before the fence. Turn right and face the Press. Here you have to run and hit duck at the right moment, so Lara will end up inside the crawlspace (savegame.1).


Some rats are there, shoot them and turn around to grab up to the ledge where the painting is. Grab the Grenades and then grab up above the painting. Down and left are Flares.

Get to the platform at the other side (S), face N and grab up to the ceiling, follow the monkey climb into the passage you came from and right around a the corner all the way to the end where you’ll drop onto a grate with the Crowbar. When you grab it, the grate opens up and you drop down. Go (N) through the passage and left around the corner are Uzi clips. Go to the end of the passage and jump to grab the ladder. First go up a bit and back flip into a niche behind where you’ll find a crowbar lever opening a door down at the bottom of the ladder, Secret #2. Now go down the ladder and turn around to shoot the 3 SAS in the room opposite the ladder. From facing the ladder go left (E) into the Secret room and pick up Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo and Grenades.


In the room with the SAS were hiding (S) and right into the passage is a lever, it will open a door** with another SAS behind it. Back to the ladder and right (W), you’re back in the start room. There might be some Flares on the right if you didn’t go for those before. Loop around left (NE) to the deadly pool and run jump onto that bright ledge and hop left around the corner to a walkway and go in S to shoot the SAS, pick up his Uzi clips and find the open door** E.


Dome Room, Timed Crate Run.


Slide down and get a flyby of the Dome room, go right and along the N wall over a walkway are Uzi clips near a radar screen. In the NW corner is a broken floor grate, go down into the water there and swim into the NW corner, into a small gap W and up, turn right and climb out to get a Medipack (Through the grate you can see the start room left). Swim back out of the tunnel (and the room to the right is for a Secret later, we cannot do anything there now). Climb out at the broken floor grate to the Dome room above.

In the SW corner is a stack of crates, climb up to the highest one and pick up Flares. Look down S and notice a grated trapdoor between the crates, next to a black metal slope. That’s where we have to get into for a Timed run. Let’s check out the route. Drop down from the E side onto a crate on the ground floor; from this one you can hop over the black slope later.

Go E and near that radar screen… safety drop down onto a crate in the lower part (you need it to get back up again). Climb over the crate NE and drop on crate a bit left and down and from there jump to the ground floor. Left you can get some Uzi clips. Climb up (N) onto the higher floor and down the other side, then go to the next bunch of crates (NW).

Jump up and push the left crate on the second level once to the N, the one right of it too. Then pull the third crate (W) out once, get behind it and push it once more. You’ll now notice a TIMED lever in the corner where you got the last crate. First go down between the crates for W Uzi clips. Climb back up and left for the lever.

Save there and pull, turn right and run back left around the wall onto the lower floor, jump onto the higher floor under the low ceiling and left of the pillar in the middle, roll against the low opening and back flip out. Roll, run and jump onto the right hand side of the crate next to the higher stack and jump left onto the higher stack. Run jump with a left curve onto the crate W, where you can jump up and grab up to the higher floor, run W a bit right over the steps and then from the higher steps jump a bit left onto the front side of the crate against the black slope, hop over the slope and hopefully through the open grated trapdoor (savegame.2).


Alphabet Puzzle.


When you land on the crate down there, there’s an opening W, that’s a way back up to the Dome room. Go down on the left side of the crate (N) and follow through. Shoot some dogs and after climbing some steps a SAS soldier. At a steel walkway over deadly water, jump to the right (E) to the curtain, walk through the curtain and shoot the dog. There’s in the left and right corner. In the four corners of the room are 2x Shotgun ammo, a small medipack and Flares.


Now we are going to solve a nice puzzle:

Writings on the walls provide clues:

Divide and Conquer - A=1, Z=26, X divided by 9, A+A+A=3. Fresh Water Drain = 9 (E wall).

The Crowbar levers have names, give all syllables in their names the alphabet number; add them up and you have to be able to divide them by 9. If you make a list, keep it close; you’ll need it again.

LEAD – 12 + 5 + 1 + 4 = 22

GOLD  - 7 + 15 + 12 + 4 = 38

SUN – 19 + 21 + 14 = 54 : 9 = 6

METAL – 13 + 5 + 20 + 1 + 12 = 51

ROME – 18 + 15 + 13 + 5 = 51

RISE – 18 + 9 + 19 + 5 = 51

HALLOWS – 8 + 1 + 12 + 12 + 15 + 23 + 19 = 90 : 9 =10

RED – 18 + 5 + 4 = 27 : 9 = 3

So… Red, Sun, Hallows.

Use those 3 correct crowbar levers and the door N will open up. Go in and use the lever. This will drain the fresh water below the Dome room.


The Drained Basement, Uzis.


Out you go, left through the curtain, hop to the walkway and left, shoot a SAS (leaves Uzi clips) and follow the path you came by, back to the crate you landed on. Another SAS there; he leaves Shotgun ammo. Go in W (all the way), you might encounter another guy who leaves Uzi clips and climb up left.

From the higher part of the steps you can stand jump and grab the opening up SE and pull up into the Storage room. Hop onto the crates in front and go down right (N), head for the far right (NW) corner where you’ll find a broken floor grate. You’ve been here before when it was filled with water. Get down using the golden climb wall and hop onto the crate to throw the lever raising a black block up in the room above. In the back, right of the lever is some Shotgun ammo.

For a Secret: In the corner where you came down… NW, is a slope. Run jump and grab the gold pillar right of the slope, go up and left around the corner, up again and back flip onto another slope. Turn around and go in (N), standing on the bottom of the steep grey slope (facing SE a bit), back flip onto the gold slope behind you and jump again. Then jump and grab the gold wall; go up and left to a ladder wall. Climb up to where you can get Secret #3, Shotgun ammo, 2x Grenades and Uzi clips. Get down to the cave below and leave SW to the room with the lever.

Get back onto the crate and jump to grab the gold block to climb back up to the floor above, go to the ladder (W), up and to the right to drop onto the ledge. Grab the small medipack there and run jump grab the long beam E. Go to the other end and hop onto that black block on the right, grab the monkey climb and follow it to the end, loop around right and drop to grab the ladder.


Go down a bit and back flip off to pick up a Medipack. Don’t step onto the dark floor parts… Back onto the ladder and down to a dirt ledge, turn around and jump grab the crack at the other side, drop/grab down twice so you can shimmy right around 3 corners and pull up in a crawlspace. Get the small medipack, get your health up and climb down in the back, drop and slide jump, then just let Lara slide and end up on a break tile, run off forward landing on a gold block with the Uzis and your health diminished… (savegame.3).


The Cathedral, the Mason’s Key.


(In this area we’ll have to find 3 Temple Keys, the order in which you get them is optional, this is how we did it, SAS show up everywhere and depending on the route you take, most of them drop goodies, so check!).

After picking up the Uzis from where you stand, climb up the red block (N), shoot the barrier and climb down the other side to drop on the slope, back flip from that onto the walkway and spot the door we have to open and come back to later (N).  

Go left (E) and in the black structure right, run jump from that NE Tomb onto the Golden slope and climb down as far as you can, safety drop down and get on the crate to pick up the Uzi clips. A SAS opens fire, go take him out and grab the Uzi clips. Go back to the NE corner, onto the crate with the candle and limb the bookcase E, right onto the crate and grab the Grenades. Get back down to the floor, head W and go left into the opening with the candle stand in that NW corner, and in the right hand corner next to the crate are Uzi clips, go to the other E side of that back passage (E) and shoot the SAS to get the Mason’s Key.


Using the Mason’s Key.


Go back (W) and onto the crate standing in your way, go down left behind it for a small medipack. Go back to the W and out to the Cathedral. In that NW corner is a door in the W wall, open it with the Mason’s Key and enter. There’s a fixed camera here, hop down on the crate, turn right and pull the crate so you can get behind it and into the crawlspace (E), pick up Flares from the niche right, then go left (S) and drop out of the grated duct. Around the corner a door will open up. When on the walkway, turn left and hop onto the golden ledge, hop to the grated platform NW, climb up the crates (W) and shoot the grate. Grab the Uzi clips and turn left, crawl in to get even more Uzi clips. Now crawl into the other side and throw the lever to open a door (*).


The Movie Ticket.


Get back through the crawlspace, down to the platform and over to the walkway. Follow the walkway to the end where that door opened (*). Step into a large hall, go straight to the structure and the bookcase opens up. Inside are crates swinging way up near the ceiling. We’ll have to get to a hatch in the ceiling and in the back, using ledges and jumping past those crates. The TIMED lever is behind that artefact pedestal SE, a SAS will open fire from a ledge way up left, take him out first and check out the route. Turn left and get to the SW corner fast, I jumped over that safe into the corner, turned left and did a jump grab up to the walkway (if you were successful so far, you could save while Lara is pulling up). Run and in the end curve left to jump over onto the ledge. A running jump straight E to grab the next ledge, pull up and jump to the corner pillar with a bit of a left turn in the end, slide a bit and jump onto the platform. Another run jump onto the corner pillar and hop to the platform left, one more hop and you are on the ledge with the open trapdoor (try to land on the correct spot), turn left and grab up to the floor above (savegame.4). Go straight up to a pedestal to get the Movie Ticket.


Using the Movie Ticket.


Hop back, turn left and get onto the gold block. Turn right (N) and run jump up to the top of the steel slope, turn around and hop back, grabbing the edge. Climb down the ladder and the gold pillar and leave this place (N), follow the walkway back to the opening. Climb up right a rock and run jump to grab the grated duct N, out of the crawlspace and left up the crate and hop up into the opening E.


Movie Theatre, a Temple Key.


Back in the Cathedral go left to the row of crates, climb the middle lower one and climb up left, get down behind the last one (W) for a Medipack. Go down the S side of the crates and grab the Uzi clips, in front of the Moon. Head for the SW corner, then I went E along this side and 4 SAS showed up. Shoot all and check the bodies for possibly 2 small medipacks and 2x Uzi clips (one on the crates). Go to a door in the middle of the E wall, loop around right and left for 2x Shotgun ammo.

Go through the door into the back room and shoot the SAS, which will drop a small medipack. Notice the 3 receptacles on the E wall. In the room left (S) are some Uzi clips. Back to the other room and go straight (N) up the steps, through a door and use the Ticket in the passage right (stand a step back from the ticket counter). Go through to the Movie Theatre, in the Theatre go left to the S side and at the big door left down the passage, jump over the trapdoor for a Medipack and then safety drop down. Slide down a slope and again safety drop down.

Go to the crates left (N) and to the right are some Flares. Now go through the gap between crates and ceiling (N), drop down at the other side. Shoot the SAS and pick up his Uzi clips, go left around into the dark SE corner and shoot the grate up left, hop in and use the lever to open a ceiling hatch. Get out of this dark corner.


Up the crates in the back (N) and open the black grated door with the crowbar, Drop down pretty quick into the next room, watch out for Lasers though. After dropping down, turn left, stay close against the crates and climb up the crate. Get to the one at the W wall, look down on the floor and see there’s a small medipack on the floor between all those Lasers. You can leave it there, but this is how you could get it. When the moving laser is going left, run down from the N side of that W crate onto the grey ledge and left onto the lower floor, duck and crawl to get that small medipack.

Turn around facing W, crawl to the corner of the grey ledge and stand up when the laser moves away, walk onto the corner of the grey ledge and side flip right back up onto the crate.


From the crate run jump to grab the ladder N when you get a chance (you have to run jump when the Laser near the ladder starts moving left). Up into the room above and grab Uzi clips NE. Now go into the SW corner, shoot the SAS and left around the corner is a lever opening a big door (x) in the Theatre.

Go back to where you came up before and look up E, a hatch opened there, climb up the bookcase and you are back in the Theatre entrance. Turn around and hop over the hole, go to the collapsed stage and right into the open door (x).


Alphabet Puzzle.


Follow the stairs up to a balcony where you find another Alphabet Puzzle, shoot the dog.

The Clue number is 52 - Devil=52, Earth=52 and Heart=52, so throw these 3 levers (the room will shake as a block goes up). Go back down the stairs a bit, when you go around the corner, the camera stays behind and shows Lara from behind as she is walking straight to a curtain there. Stand jump in over a pit to land on a block that went up after the Alphabet puzzle. Throw the lever on the wall and the S door opens in the Theatre. Hop back through the curtain and go left down the stairs and left to the Theatre, shoot another SAS (Uzi clips) and a dog on your way over to the door S.

Go in and in the window right are Uzi clips, after the window go left (you cannot do anything behind that curtain for now), so just follow up to the balcony, right to another Alphabet puzzle. Shoot the two dogs in there. Go through the curtain the dogs came from (S), in the end of the passage and left are Uzi clips. There are clues too, The Key is 9 - 9, 45, 90.

So I came up with:

LAW – TOWER – GENETIC - RATTLESNAKE - DEMONIC and Creativity, but that was the red 45… don’t use that last one! (The room will shake as a block goes up) Go back down the stairs to the curtain and jump in, onto the block that went up and use the wall lever to get a flyby of the Stage curtain. Hop out of here, loop left around towards the stage, just to the right of that opening is a crawlspace with Uzi clips, the shaft left is a trap. Just get out again and down to the stage.




In about the middle of the curtain you can pass through it and  behind the curtain a SAS is shooting from the N balcony, climb the ladder (N) and watch out for the laser and find a small medipack at the end of this balcony. Get back down, go up the ladder S to the other balcony, go right to the far end and grab up to the cracked pillar (E), shimmy right around and drop on the crate. Turn around and grab the monkey climb to follow to a jump lever raising a big black block over the spikes in the pit

Head back through the curtain W and from the stage you can hop onto the cage to grab the Temple Key. Run jump and grab back up to the stage floor and go to the right, in the end are Uzi clips. Then go back to the other end, up into the passage and left (ignore the crawlspace), go down the steps to the theatre. Shoot the dog in the theatre and go straight (N), before the open door, go right down the slope, hop over the open trapdoor to the ticket booth. Go left and then loop right around to where the Temple Keys have to be placed. For now go left (W) to the Cathedral.


The Quest for 2 More Temple Keys …

-Open the S door.


Go to the NW corner and climb the crates in that corner (W wall), once on the top, pick up Shotgun ammo and Flares if you didn’t yet. Climb up the bookcase N; climb off on the left. Turn around an jump to the golden platform (SE).

-Hang from the edge of the gold block, climb down and to the left a bit, back flip with roll and grab the crack. Shimmy left around the corner, down a bit, then ore left and pull up  into the niche with the lever.

-OR take a running jump to the golden pillar SW. When you step on the dark tile next to it; a SAS guy will shoot you. Jump over to the walkway and the lever.

This lever will open a door under the spike ledge with a Temple Key (S side). Jump (W) onto the gold ledge and make our way down to the ground floor.

SAS show up everywhere, climb the crates S and shoot the SAS SW, run jump and grab the ledge he is on and take his Grenades. Turn right (E) and shoot another one on the ledge of the SE Tomb, run jump to the walkway where you shot the guy and pick up the small medipack. Jump to the ledge S, hop left to the crates W and get to the ground floor.


-Open the N door.


Go to the Tomb in the SE corner; shoot a barrier on the E side of the Tomb. Walk up the sloped block and jump/grab up to the climbable surface on the right, go up into the niche above and throw the lever to open the N door (under the Temple Key) up in the Cathedral. When you climb back down, more SAS show up. Go to the stack of crates at the middle of the S wall, shoot the first guy, he drops a small medipack, from the N two more are coming for you, both leave Uzi clips.


Up to the S door, The Chapel.


Now we go back up, get onto the crates S, run jump to a ledge E. Run jump to the ledge right of the Tomb and go left around up the walkway. Shoot the barriers to jump up to the walkway SW, pick up some Uzi clips from the gold niche and turn around and walk onto the grate. Shoot the barrier and hop up onto the walkway of the Tomb. Take a right, on the walkway right again and to the open door; left and right you can find Uzi ammo.


Go through the door, get the Flares from the pool (or do that later) get out and shoot the two SAS on the balconies of the Chapel. Run jump to the ledge left and then hop to the balcony to get the Uzi clips from the SAS. Go to the back (S) and hop over the balustrade (S) for Shotgun ammo. A SAS might shoot at you from below.

Get back to the entrance and go jump to the other balcony too for his Uzi clips. Back to the entrance and climb down the ladder, run around the room to shoot more SAS and pick up the Uzi clips from one of them, the other guy came empty handed. Back to the N side where that ladder is and hop to grab one of the Gold pillars, go down as far as you can, traverse to the black ladder and climb down. Pick up the Flares behind you and when you get to the floor, 2 SAS will come for you. Check the bodies for 2x Uzi clips and in the dark NE corner is Shotgun ammo.

Head S into a chapel, shoot the SAS and get his Grenades. Look up left to spot a hole in the grated ceiling. Jump onto the gold in the other corner (SW), go left against the wall, face N and stand jump to grab the gold ceiling, go to that column in the niche and turn right against the wall. A bit left of the column you can drop and just grab the wall above the niche, climb up a bit and then go left and up through the ceiling.

Go up and left around to a room with a SAS and get his Uzi clips, in the NE corner is a grey pillar with a ledge behind it near the ceiling. We need to get up there, jump onto the corner of the gold slope next to it, keep jumping to and fro going left up to the wall till you are on the walk able part of the NE slope, go up and grab Shotgun ammo.

Grab the ceiling and go right around to where you see a gold pillar right, turn right and drop onto a slope, jump and grab the pillar, go around to the other side and back flip with roll to grab the next, left around one corner and back flip roll again, one more time left around the corner and you can drop onto the first floor ledge. Go around in the NW corner, climb up and turn around to jump through the ceiling. Turn around and hop over the hole to go to the chamber where 3 dogs will attack.


Open the Tomb.


Go up to the gold block N, jump grab the pillar S and hang left to pull up over, slide far and jump to the next, another jump to a platform, over to a pillar on the left and then right to the lever. It will open a door you can see left through the gate (that pool of water drained in the entrance of the Chapel). More dogs appeared, shoot them from above if you have the chance. Get down and loop right around the pillar into the passage NW, to the hole in the floor and jump over, climb up left through the door and slowly left through another. You are back on the balcony above that big Tomb. Go right and jump to the exit N.

In front of you is the drained pool, climb down and grab the Flares in the deep part (if you didn’t already), then climb down into an opening left (SE). In the back go right to open a crowbar panel. Shoot the rats, pick up a small medipack and throw the lever to move that coffin under the Tomb. Get out of the empty pool, up S and turn around to climb down the ladder. On the grey ledge go left or right around and in the middle of the room hang from the side to safety drop onto a grey/yellow stripe beam below. Go to where the coffin moved aside and climb all the way down the climb wall till you are hanging down, shimmy around the corner to the gold wall and drop/grab the dark block. Shimmy around two corners and drop down N. Push the crate there to the E, climb on and run jump to the ledge straight ahead (E). Behind the crates on the right (NE) is a Medipack. Make your way to the SE corner, up on the crate and jump up N to grab up to the room above through the hole in the ceiling, head straight (W) and shoot some rats. Go back and go right (N) to shoot a whole pack of rats, through the opening N and take a right to the back. Keep close to the W all, because there’s a hole in the floor. All the way S, behind the gold pile you can get some Shotgun ammo (crawl there). Back a bit and into a dark opening in the W wall to a hole in the floor. Drop down and you are in front of a lever that will de-activate the Spikes at the Temple Key.

Get onto the crate left (N), run jump onto the slope at the wall (NE), shoot the barrier and hop backwards over the top, slide and grab the end. Pull up and just back flip to land on a ledge.

From the crate, after grabbing the Flares, you can jump to the left (S) and climb up to the dark block again. Up the climb wall and jump grab one of the gold pillars, go around one corner and all the way to the sloped top, pull up to back flip to the beam and head over to the other side (N) and climb up the ladder to the entrance. Go out N to the Cathedral and turn around once on the walkway. Grab up and pick up Temple Key II and drop down.


N side, Holy Water Drains, the Water Drain Activator.


(Before you go there, you should have already used that lever in the niche of the SE Tomb to open the entrance).

Head for the N side of the Cathedral over one of the walkways, pick up 2x Uzi clips next to the open door under the Temple Key, go through the door and find a Lava under the slope, run jump with a roll onto the next slope, grab the edge and back flip roll to grab a break tile, pull up and hop up into the passage. Go down the steps to the place where you’ll see “Holy Water Drains”. Go over the walkway right of the central part and up a sloped passage on the right (W). In the Control room, in the middle of the right hand wall is a lever opening a door *. Go back down to the Main room, around to the other side and up the sloped passage (E), where that door * opened. At the crossing go up left and around the corner up and get behind the swinging pendulum (from the right) to use the lever opening another door**.


The Hidden Key.


Go back down the sloped passage (W) and at the crossing go straight up N, left through that opened door**. You’ll come to a laser trap, go down in that section and stand back against the wall, facing the laser, then run after it and run jump up left before it comes back. Side flip over the next laser and climb down into the hole.

Turn left and go up the red wall, save at the top and pull up over, run over the break ledges, jump over the gap and a running jump from that ledge over the spike trap and through the curtain… Shoot two dogs, go in the right (NE) and left for a Medipack.  Get out and into the other corner (SE). Behind the waterfall is a ladder, go up.

Grab up to the monkey climb, time the burner to get through and a bit further is another one. At the end stay clear from the spikes and Lara will drop, just let her fall and she’ll end up in Holy Water (maybe first surface for air). Swim down into the shaft in the bottom, pick up Uzi clips straight at the grate if you like and go either left or right… watch out at the next corner as there are Stompers there, save just a bit away from the corner and time the thing to get through with some speed. In the back is the Hidden Key.

Swim back out, up (savegame.5) and climb out W (on the crates S are some Uzi clips) go through the opening Holy Water Drains (W), up the steps to a larger room, loop around left and pick up Uzi clips. Shoot an incoming SAS and go SW, in the back grab up to a crawlspace with a small medipack.

Drop out, head N into a library, in a niche left are Uzi clips and right in the back corner is a keyhole to open the door on the right of you with the Hidden Key, shoot the SAS. Go through, grab his Uzi clips and step through the curtain on the right, shoot some more SAS, one in front and another sneaking up from behind. On the pedestal is the Water Drain Activator.


The Spike Lever.


Get out, back through the curtain and turn right to climb the bookcase (W), follow the passage and climb a long wall, grab the Flares and run straight down the sloped passage. At the bottom of the slope, grab up right and jump over to the rocks to get Grenades there. Drop down and go in W and you are back at that Control room, go towards the camera and into the passage straight ahead to place the Water Drain Activator. Leave and straight into the water, wade to the right then and left around the central structure, in the deeper part you can swim under the structure.

When you pull the underwater lever on the back of that gold block, you’ll see a small gate open up. Get out, climb up right or left and go around to the other side (S) of the central structure, grab the climb wall on the corner and go up. Grab a small medipack from the red block N. Hop backwards into the tank below and swim into the opening N, pick up Uzi clips on your way and end up in a room. Climb out and go to the N side, doesn’t matter which corner, shoot a grate, get in and shoot the next grate to find the lever that will de-activate the Spikes at the Temple Key. Get out, in the room are now two SAS, best shoot them, as they will leave a Medipack and Grenades. Leave at the other side (S) and come to a high room.


Going UP.


Turn around and shoot the grates in the corners of the N wall. Jump into the right (NW) opening; watch out, a break tile in the back. Stand close to it, roll and jump grab up forward to grab the ledge above, pull up to grab a small medipack and Shotgun ammo and shoot the grate, hop into the water below and climb out.

Run jump into the opening left (NE), go into the back, roll and jump up to shoot a SAS up on the grated floor. Climb up and go shoot the grate in the high room. Hop out to the platform and then run jump straight ahead (S) to grab the gold monkey climb, go straight and drop/grab the crack. Shimmy left a bit and pull up, go further and loop around left (W) and go push that crate once (N). Use the lever that was behind it. Go back and hang from the end, shimmy to the left and climb up on the golden pillar to the top. Jump up to grab and use the monkey to get to the ledge N. Use the lever. Jump up to the monkey climb again go back to the other side. Run to the open ‘trapdoor’, roll and hop in backwards grabbing the climb wall. Go down and get down the trapdoor that will open up and step out into the Cathedral.


Cathedral, using the Temple Keys.


Shoot the SAS way up S and turn around to grab up to the ledge with Temple Key III. Get down and over the walkway, take a left to the NW corner, jump onto the gold and run down onto the crates on the right (NW). Make your way down and go to the open door in the middle of the wall on the other side (E). Into the back room and place the Temple Keys. The trapdoors open next to the Moon. Go back out and straight there and drop into the left opening (where you see gold below).

From the shallow pool go left (N) through the curtain, in the next room find Shotgun ammo NE and throw the lever on the N wall, a big door opens up. Go back through the curtain S and through the next curtain. Run through the passage and shoot the SAS, SE are Uzi clips, go down the passage E and a door opens up. Go down more steps and shoot the SAS and to the E is some kind of chapel.

W are big pipes going through the floor; take the right one and drop down there and land on a dirt ledge. Jump E and around the pillar to get to a gate (there are two gates), open the left hand one with the crowbar and dive into the hole in the floor. Swim right and then left to the NE corner where you’ll find a tunnel N, follow to an underwater lever and use it. Swim back  and go straight to where a grate opened, swim up and climb out. Shoot a SAS and find a lever in this basement, the lever will open a big gate in that chapel. To the left (S) behind the crates and in the SE corner is a Medipack, go get that with the growling dogs above you. Back to the lever and then loop left to the waterhole; dive in and swim back W to the waterhole under the laser. Do stand jumps back over the deadly water to where you can grab up to the floor above at the pipe. Shoot the Werewolves and go through the gate E, the floor will give way….

To be continued…