Level by MBog

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

“A Very Pierrson Xmas”.

Gym, a Key.

Main task is to find the objects needed to decorate the tree and prepare Larson’s Present.

Go straight under the picture of the two lovebirds and get to the Gym. Hop on the block next to the ladder wall, jump/grab the ladder and go up one step. Go left around the corner and hang left to back flip/roll and grab a ledge. Turn left and run jump to grab the corner ledge, pull up holding crouch and get the Key. Drop down, go back up to the ladder and to the first ledge, this time turn right and jump up to the landing, go right and use the Key to open the door at the other end.

Pool, Bedroom Key.

Walk left and then right to that little briefcase, inside it is the Bedroom Key. Back onto the stone landing and to one of the corners, left or right, do run jump grabs over the ledges to the last one. Run jump with a curve to grab the crack next to the statue ın the niche of the back wall and pull up to find a button behind the statue. The button will open a door* on top of the Grand Staircase. Hop down into the pool and get out at the other side, before you leave, notice the big candelabra there.

Kitchen, Jump switch.  

Head straight through the Gym into the opening in the back into the Kitchen and go left a bit, hop onto the sink next to the dinner plates and turn around, run jump and grab the jump lever. A gate opens in a fireplace**.

Bedroom, Bunch of Keys.

Go out of the Kitchen through the other doorway and right to the Hall, loop right or left around up the Grand Staircase and behind the door at the top* is another one of those candelabras (later).

Go out and to the left on the landing is Larson’s bedroom, closed. To the right is the bedroom we have the key for, so go open it and enter

Here is the fireplace that opened**. On the bed is a Bunch of Keys. To the left from entering is the bathroom, couldn’t find anything there… Go out and down to the Hall, under the Staircase to the door opposite the Kitchen and open it with the Bunch of Keys.

The Basements, Larson’s Bedroom, a Torch.

You’ll find an underground parking/laundry/storage.

For the Secret: Stand in front of the front of the car and pull it off the trapdoor. Open the trapdoor and get down, push the white box, go left and push the button… (moves a cabinet in the bathroom aside). Get back up to the floor.

Now go for the small wooden crate in the far corner, next to the workbench and pull it to the other side of the garage, next to the shelves so you can get onto the shelves. Jump to the far side, don’t bump your head in the light fixtures and push the button on the right hand wall. A little gate opened at the other end of the Garage. Push the small wooden crate in front of the opening, so you can crawl in. Climb down into the lower part and look under the dark platform for a handle, jump up with Ctrl to lower the platform so you can grab up into the higher crawlspace, follow through and open the small door behind the crate. Push the button left to open the door to the Hall but for now take the black and white stairs to Larson’s Bedroom. Around the bed is a small table and in front of it is the Torch.

Use the Torch, the Angel.

Take that down the stairs to the Hall, up the Staircase and left to the other bedroom. Go left to the bathroom and drop the Torch for a bit, go left into where the cabinet moved aside and find the Secret, a picture of Larson in his US Army days.

Pick up the Torch and ignite it at the fireplace and go out left to the open door at the top of the staircase. Ignite the candelabra (#1), get down to the Hall, through to the Gym and right to the pool to ignite the candelabra (#2) and a door opens in the Basement. Drop the Torch; go through the Gym and left/left into the Basement, straight and left into the small door to find the Angel there. Back to the Hall and place the Angel in the tree (from the front).

The Present.  

Go to the Kitchen where the freezer opened and find a bound and gagged Lara, the Present for Larson. Move her to the tree and on the right of it, other side than where the presents are and Larson shows up bragging… well, not for long he he…

The End.