Level by abbath81. 

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Sorry, no Compass. You’ll have to be careful with ammo and medipacks, use some tactics here and there to save on that.

Mentioned Files/Savegames are in this Saves Folder.


Level 1- Road to the Great Pyramid.

The Uzis.  

Go forward to a small valley and a Bug will attack, after dealing with it go left up a sloped passage and left around into a cave (to the right is a small Pyramid, later), shoot some bats and pick up Uzi clips near the skeleton. Go to the end and jump over to the ledge from the right, down into the tunnel there and shoot another nasty Bug. Go left through the crawlspace to reach a TIMED lever opening a gate around the corner as you can see when you use it.

Easiest for me was to pull, roll and run to the end of the ledge, curved hard right and jump around the rock to a ledge. Run right around into the gate (savegame.0) and get the Uzis.

Or take this route; Go back through the crawlspace, left and sprint left around the corner and as soon as you can make a left U-turn up a slope, run jump off right to where the open gate is and get in

For some Goodies: Get out, grab up right to the slope and then up right to the corner block. Grab up to the crack in the wall above the gate and shimmy right around the corner, and into the crawlspace. Get through into the cave and take a right into a wider passage with a steep slope in the end. Go up right into the opening overlooking the canyon and run jump over to grab the ledge with the palm tree go in left for Flares and a small medipack. Run jump back over to the other side and go left around to the crawlspace, get through and shimmy left a bit to drop onto the block below.

Turn around and spot the opening right of the palm tree, we’ll be going there later, for now run jump onto the sloped wall down and right of that opening, leading to an opening in the far wall.

Be sure to slide down backwards and grab the edge, shimmy right around the corner and pull up in the chamber with Uzi clips and a small medipack. Just drop out to the valley.

The Golden Vraeus.

Go back up the sloped passage and right to the small Pyramid (you don’t have to shoot the monkeys), in the corner between the big ramp and the Pyramid are Uzi clips. Go up the ramp and follow the tunnel to another valley, some Bugs attack. Here we’ll need two Gems to open the gate to the Quad. Look left at the palm tree and find a hole in the ground. Run down into the hole onto the slope below and grab the edge, hang left and pull up to back flip/roll and grab the crack behind you, shimmy right around and pull up in a niche. Run jump out right to the nearby block and shoot the Bat before you grab up to the monkey climb. Go over to the other side and pick up the Golden Vraeus. 

The Big Pit, First Horseman’s Gem.

Face the pit and side flip left onto the slope, jump again and grab up to the ground above, pull up next to the palm tree.

Loop around right and go into the wider tunnel opposite the gate with the quad and another Bug comes for you. Follow the tunnel, down a slope and you’ll come to a deep canyon with a high path. Hang from the edge and CLIMB down the ladder (drop/grab can be deadly).

From just before the ladder ends, do a back flip onto a ledge. Hop back and grab to hang down the back and shimmy left along a crack to an opening and pull up. Go through and hang out the other side, a long shimmy left around several corners till you reach a niche below.

Drop/grab and get in, turn around and stand right (left for viewers) against the wall, run jump straight with a bit of a left curve in the end so you’ll slide backwards and can grab the edge of the slope. Pull up and back flip/roll to grab a thin ledge, immediately pull out the Uzis and shoot the Baddy on the left.


Jump to that opening where the baddy died and look down left to spot an opening. Stand right (left for viewers) against the wall and stand jump with a last moments turn left (no Ctrl) to land in that niche (savegame.1) and get the Shotgun, Uzi clips and a Medipack (there’s a Secret sound, but it isn’t a Secret). Run jump with a right curve back to the opening and run jump out to the ledge. Climb the ladder and find the first Horseman’s Gem.

Using the Golden Vraeus, the second Horseman’s Gem.

Walk forward a bit and spot the ladder left. Run jump out left and grab the ladder. Climb up and go straight into the tunnel, follow to the Quad garage and go in straight (just left of the building), right up into the passage and follow back to the small Pyramid.

Go left into the cave and right at the wall. Go through the cave with the skeleton and run jump over to the other side. Follow the passage to the very end and left around the corner, then U-turn left up the slope near the Uzi gate and up onto the block on top of the slope.

Grab up to the crack and shimmy right around the corner to drop onto the block. Turn around to run jump and grab the dark opening right of the palm tree Pull up, turn around and stand jump out left to grab the crack in the pillar, shimmy right around till you can pull up at a chamber with a wall torch.

Go in and right then place the Eye of Horus to open the gate. Down in the next area and left, baddies will come for you. Only the guy with the big gun drops something, Uzi clips. In the pit at the other end is a pillar with a crack and a ledge behind it, jump to grab the crack and shimmy around to the ledge. Stand jump with Ctrl onto the next pillar under the floor and then turn right to run jump and grab the monkey climb. Go almost to the end and drop on a sloped pillar, slide jump and slide jump again to grab a flat pillar.

Go to the lever on the right and Save at the TIMED lever, this one will stop the flames on the ledges in the back of the room for a while. Pull, turn left and sprint to the back, Turning left jump to the pole and turn around to back flip/roll onto the ledge, a series of running jumps to get to the Horseman’s Gem. (savegame.2).

The Quad.

Shoot the Crocs below and hop down into the water to get the Uzi clips from behind the plant between the pillars where the flames were. Then wade out in the opposite corner and climb up the ladder, slide down and you are back where you started before, shoot the two baddies and pick up the Uzi clips. Proceed into the valley and go back up the sloped passage once more and go right to that small Pyramid, go up the ramp and follow the tunnel to the Quad garage. Use the two Gems to open the gate. The Quad has NO reverse, so save often.

Take it into the wide tunnel and down the slope, brake and turn right over the narrow path, right around the corner and if you want the next Secret, after the left turn park it on the wide part here for a bit…

Short break for a Secret: Follow the path around, with a jump (we’ll be riding the quad here later) to the far left corner and run jump into the opening between the two high pillars, climb down the ladder in the back to get to Secret #1, the Dagger of Xian. Climb back up the ladder and jump out left to the path, get back to the Quad.

Ride it over the path to the back with some speed to jump the gap and hit the brakes turning left. Speed up again going left up the slope and jump to the higher ledge into a tunnel (savegame.3). A gate will open and you are in a familiar tunnel, go straight and up the ramp, just follow through, minding the deep pits and ride down into the earth through a long and winding tunnel.

Preparing for an important pickup: At the really dark zig-zag corner, leave the Quad for a bit and look for a crawlspace in the dark behind you, throw the lever in there to open a trapdoor* for later. Get out and proceed with the Quad.


At the end leave the Quad on the tile in the corner and climb up where the light is, shoot a baddy and go down the opened trapdoor* and find the Revolver. Get out, go down to the Quad and right up through the open gate in the corner. Follow through to the Great Pyramid. At the first palm tree, go hang left from the side and drop onto a ledge below. Turn around and run jump over to the lever to open the gates.

Detour for a Secret: Turn around and walk to the edge, hop left around to grab the corner ledge and go straight to the corner of the Pyramid, jump up twice and then jump to the back, down to a lower ledge and go in right for Secret #2, Qualopecs Atlantean Scion. Jump back the same way to get to the lever ledge.

Jump back to the ledge on the big wall and go through the wall. Run jump out left and grab the Pyramid, shimmy right as far as you can and just pull up and let go. Immediately start shooting the two Guys on the ‘bridge’. They are nasty dudes.

If you can, don’t take a medipack because the level will change soon and you’ll get full health again. Run jump onto the lower sloped pillar against the bridge and keep jumping towards the bridge and onto it. Go towards the pyramid as the entrance gates are open…


Level 2- Inside The Great Pyramid.


Proceed and shoot the two baddies. Hop into the pool and swim under the floor to use the underwater lever, swim to the opposite side and climb out, go into the open gate left to get the small medipack under a vase and Shotgun ammo in the other corner.  

The Block Puzzle.

Go out and loop left around into the passage. In the chamber with the many columns you find a push block up in the back, push it against the back wall, onto the raising block. Turn around and get ready to deal with the 3 baddies that come running in, one drops Uzi clips. Go back towards the passage where you came in and left in the corner is a hole up in the ceiling with a ladder, jump up to grab it and go up. Go to the end of the passage and hop up right to find a lever. Throw that to raise the push block up to this level. Look left out of the window and spot the slopes and a ledge with a flame on top. 

Get back down to the ground floor and straight to the TIMED lever in the opposite corner that controls that flame. Pull, back flip/roll and run to the corner, roll again and get up the ladder fast, run forward and up right into the second opening, run jump out onto the slopes as far as you can and start jumping to the other end where you can slide down onto the ledge where the flame was. Turn to the back of the chamber and run jump into that opening (savegame.4). Get down in the lower part of that passage and pull/push the block onto the tile at the other end and you’ll hear the gate in the chamber below open up. 

Look where you pulled the block from and get up into that crevice for Revolver ammo (there’s a Secret sound, but it isn’t a Secret). Crawl back out; go back to the opening near the flame where you can safety drop down.

Hieroglyph Gates.

Go through the open gate and the entrance will close up behind you. There are 4 gates with Hieroglyphs above. Where you entered is an arch, the sides are climbable, go up and look to the back of the room where you can see the 4 Hieroglyphs on a panel. In one of the corners above the entrance is a vase with a small medipack, then go use the floor lever at the other side and two baddies show up.

Deal with them and go look… the Goose gate is open (facing the entrance left), go in carefully. Hop around the first bag, stand back to run jump around the second, a run jump to the free pillar and a run jump grab to the last ledge. Hop around the last bag and use the lever to open the next gate “f”. Jump back as you came and go diagonally across the room to the open gate.


Go left up the slope and loop around right to the top and find some Shotgun ammo. Go back down and from the side where the trapdoor is, push the block out of the wall. Go around and push it to the tile in the back. The trapdoor opens and the Dog statues come alive. I went down into the trapdoor and shot them with pistols while jumping up and down. Throw the lever down there to get a danger sound. Out of the hole you’ll meet a baddy, shoot him and go to the entrance gate, it will open up.

Laser Sight.

The “feather” gate right around the corner will be open now; go in and come to a lava pit, to the left are Flares. You’ll need them to make out the transparent ledges to get to the ledge at the other side, but halfway down on a thick block, turn facing the entrance and grab up to the ledge above, turn around and run jump onto the next, run jump and grab the stone ledge and go get the Laser Sight. Drop onto the ledge below and go use the floor lever (opening the last gate). Make your way back over the ledges to the exit.

Little Push Block Maze. (PyrBlockmaze.jpg)

Go diagonally across to the open “knot” gate and you’ll end up in a small maze with some push blocks. Go left and get to a block (1) around the corner, pull it once and go around the wall to find a small medipack where you pulled the block.

Now we have to do some work to get two of the blocks into the next part of the room.

Go around and push the block back into the corner, go around again and push it into the opening where the medipack was to have it out of the way. You could also side flip over corner of the blocks instead of going around.

Turn around and go to the first block (2) left, pull it once to the block in the far corner and then pull it twice from the wall into the opening in the wall. Turn left and run around to the block in the far corner (3). Pull the block out of the wall and aside, push it left into the corner where the other block (2) was before.

Now you can PULL (you have to pull them through) block 2 through the opening into the next room and onto one of the highlighted spots in the back corner (left and right of the passage). Go get block 3 and PULL that through the opening and put it on the highlighted spot opposite the other block and a gate** to a lever opens up (later).

Spike Pillars.

Head into the passage in the back, careful! Hop through the Spike pillar traps and some more around the corner and these are the double type, stand back far enough to sprint and roll through, for the second set, hug the right hand wall, steering a bit into the wall and sprint/roll to get through (savegame.5). Go around the corner to find the gate** you opened, use the floor lever and see a special kind of door open up.

To get back through the spike pillars, use the sprint roll or run jumps, the single pillars just hops (savegame.6).

Grenade Gun and Mummies.

Follow the passage through the block maze to the Hieroglyph chamber, take a right and find that opening in the far wall. Go left down the steps to a larger chamber and to the right are some push blocks, leave them be for the moment. Just next to where you entered is a climb wall (when facing the entrance, left of it), go up, roll and run jump to grab the ledge with the Grenade Gun. Jump back to the ladder and go down, now go to the push bocks, select the Grenade Gun as your weapon and pull the right hand block once to the wall torch. Go around the block and shoot the Mummies in that passage, go pick up the Golden Hexagon.

Turn left where you picked that up and grab up to a passage above, run onto the first tile when the spikes are down and then onto the next when they lower, get Secret #3, the Last Revelation Iris. Get back through the traps as you came and drop down.

Get out of the passage and back up the climb wall, turn left and use the Hexagon to open the gate. Shoot the mummies (you can run away first and wait a bit till they are all together and then shoot them in one shot) go to the last window to throw the lever there, the place shakes and a block goes up right under the window… Run back, another mummy, just try to avoid contact and run jump/grab to the ledge where you got the Grenade Gun and onwards onto the block under the ledge across the room, climb up and into the opening there. Two more mummies are there. Up the stairs and right in the back corner is a slide to a closed gate

Target Shoot.

First put the Sight on the Revolver, slide down forward along he right hand side and look up with the Revolver to the opposite right hand corner and shoot the target in the crevice (savegame.7). The gate right opened up so get in before you are spiked…

Scorpion Guardians.

To the left in the next room is Shotgun ammo, then follow the passage through the gate (if it closes before you get into the next room, just hop back to open it again. The gate closes behind you and after a bit the two gates open up and release two Giant Scorpions, hope you still have some ammo to kill them….

Approach the gate with the Artefact and it will open up. Go get the actual Golden Ankh and follow the passage behind the pedestal, careful, there’s a spike pit at the end of the sloped part, run jump onto the slope behind the pit, back flip and then jump to grab the ledge above. Follow through and slide down from the Pyramid, get to the Bike and the level ends…