LB Advent Calendar 2019-Christmas Treasure Hunt.

Level by DavideBre.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Upstairs, a Pickaxe.

Head up the stairs, left and straight into the open door and keep going straight into the bedroom, behind the screen in the right hand corner is the Pickaxe.

Go back to the Main Hall and take a right to a white chimney and find the shield switch (like jump switch), use it and a bookcase opens up*. Go back to the top of the stairs (W) and right to the open door on the other side, through the first hall and then left where that bookcase* opened to a “back staircase”.

Basement, Slides, a Sword, the Gym Key.

Follow down to a small door with a button left of it, open that small door and you’ll have a handy shortcut to the ground floor of the Main Hall. No need to go through yet, so turn left from the button and go into the passage down to the basement. Where the shelves are you’ll find some Arrows on a crate left. Go through the gap between the shelves and left in the back is a table, the shelves next to the (N) wall there, holds a box of Slides.

Now go to the middle of the room and head left into the passage (S). If you keep going right where possible, you’ll come across a keyhole and a gate (Basement Key) and then a small chest you can shoot, pick up the Sword. Keep going right around again and find a light brick wall part, open it with the Pickaxe. Go through the crawlspace and in the storage shoot a small box on a crate to get the Gym Key.

A Laser Sight, the Master Key.  

In the back (NE), is a ladder, go up to a small room with a Knight (you’ll be back later). Push a button on the wall (E) to open the door to a Study. Climb up a ladder NW, on the balcony is a chest with the Master Key. Get down from the balcony and go use that Key in the lock SW; the door opens to the NW hallway off the Main Hall (another shortcut).

Look between the bookcases (SE) for a ladder to the top of them, up there you’ll find a Laser Sight and get a screen of the Christmas decoration we’ll have to shoot later. On the other end of this balcony you can open that small door (W) with the Master key (another shortcut).

The Study, use the Slides, a Blue Star.

Step through the small door and take a right to the Study. Place the slides in the projector and a painting opens up, go there to get a Blue Star.

The Basement Key, a CD (LP).

Leave left (S) to the Main Hall, go straight over into the door (S) and take the first one on the right. Open the door left with the Master Key. Go in and left around the corner is a small cabinet with the Basement Key on top. Now climb the ladder to the landing above the entrance and push that crate with rubbish from the wall to get to the CD.

Use the Basement Key, Fill the Swimming Pool.

Get down and leave N, right/ left to the Main Hall, straight into the passage (N), through the first hallway and then left through the small door to the back staircase, go down and left to the Basement, through the shelves and right into the passage, just keep going right where possible to get to the keyhole for the Basement Key, inside turn the valve to fill the pool. Go out and keep going left to get back to the back staircase. Go left through the small door and right to the Main Hall.

The Pool, use the Blue Star, a Golden Star.

Head into the passage right of the front door (SE), open the doors in the end with the Master Key. Inside go left, halfway down the E wall is a Fish statue, pull it out once because we have to stand on it later. Hop into the pool, use the underwater lever S and pull out S where a gate opened. Go up to the first floor and right around the corner is a TIMED lever opening a gate in the pool, N side, have a look. Pull the lever, run over the diving boars and dive straight for that gate. Pull the ceiling lever and see poles come out of the wall.

Climb out S, go up to first floor and right (NE), line up straight and this was a tricky jump for me as Lara most of the times wouldn’t grab the pole. Hit Ctrl at the very last moment (very close to the pole).

-I had to use a trick here, hang from the floor to line up, pull up and roll, do not turn any more… Jump up straight just once to move Lara forward a tiny bit. Then run jump and grab at the very last moment. Swing to the Fish statue you hopefully pulled out of the wall. Jump to grab the next pole and swing to the balcony with the receptacle for the Blue Star. That big plant pot in the middle of the hall goes down, jump there and then right to the balcony with the Golden Star. Hop into the pool; get out N and leave N to the Main Hall.

The Gym, 3 buttons, Lights.

Loop left around into the doorway SW, take the first right and use the Gym Key to open the door right.

Grab up to the crawlspace in the climb wall on the right, go through to the other end and hang out left, ledge jump up to grab the ledge above and pull up. Grab up right and shimmy all the way right around to the other side and do a back jump (down key) to the corner ledge. Grab the monkey climb on the ceiling and go over to a ledge with a button (#1).

Go back along the ceiling to the corner ledge and jump back to grab the crack in the climb wall, go left around to the end and drop onto the ledge, stand jump and grab the pole (N) and swing to the corner ledge, run jump left to grab the crack and go left around to where you can pull up. Run jump to the corner plateau and find another button (#2).

Go back the way you came and from the far side of the crack a back jump onto a slope below, slide to the floor. Now head for the block along the W wall and do ledge jumps up to the top. Jump and grab the climbable pillar left and go around to back jump to the corner plateau and push button #3, a platform goes up.

Back to the floor and up the crawlspace in the E wall, up to the crack and shimmy right till you are over that blue mat below. Back jump to the platform and go get the Lights. Safety drop to the floor and out S, left and left to the Main Hall. You can if you want already place the Lights (face S) in the tree near the fireplace SE. You can also place the Golden Star from facing W.

Knights Puzzle, X-Mas Balls.

Head upstairs and to the NE corner, use the Master Key to open the doors. Follow through to a Puzzle room. Climb the ladder in the far right corner and go right to a Notepad on a pedestal and pick it up and read it (W)…

A Knight hold the colors: purple, green and brown. The other: red, blue and yellow.

Go to the N wall and use that Sword you found in the Basement (opens a gate downstairs). Get down to the ground floor and notice the shields on the W, E and S walls.

So, push one Knight (E one) goes onto the first floor square then push it once E, where the purple, green and brown shields are facing. The second Knight (W one), you can push straight to the end of the puzzle floor, last tile (SW corner). The gate opens, go get the X-Mas Balls. Leave and go back to the Main Hall.

Using the CD, the Knight, a Bow, Silver Tinsel.

Go left to the head of the stairs and right into the NW hallway, through the first hallway and then right through the small door to the Study. Down to the ground floor and put the CD on the player (S). You’ll a Knight going down. Go through the open bookcase W and move that Knight into the Study and to the right onto the square almost next to the stereo S. Climb the ladder between the bookcases SE and find on the right the bookcase you opened (S). Inside is the Bow, combine it with the Sight and shoot that round Xmas decoration near the ceiling in the other side of the Study. A rope drops down.

Go down and up to the balcony NW, jump and grab the ‘rope’ and swing over to the NE balcony where you will find the Silver Tinsel in the chest. Safety drop down; go out SW (door you opened with the Master Key) and left to the Main Hall.

Go to the Xmas tree and place the Balls from facing W and the Tinsel from facing E.


                                “Merry Christmas 2019”, G&D