AC 2109-A Celtic Christmas Memory.

Level by tombraiderxii.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Opening the Gates, some Keys.

After the flyby go left into the cave, keep left over the grass and go down to the lower ledge from where you can run jump and grab the window E, grab the crack (Ctrl) right and shimmy right around to the big doors. Just right of them is a small crawlspace, go through and up right to where you can push a big symbol opening some gates*. Pick up 3x Arrows next to the candles and then best go back through the crawlspace to the tunnel with the big gates and run jump out NW onto the ledge. But if you want an extra pick up, safety drop down and in the corner (SE) are Flares. Climb up W and go out to the valley. Head S and into those gates* you opened.

The Fountain Yard.

Approach Santa and pick up the Silver Circles Key when he’s done talking. Hop into the fountain behind him and pick up Flares and the Blacksmith’s Key. Pull out on the central ledge and jump out of the fountain.

For a Secret: behind the brick columns S wall and left is a kind of Christmas ornament, push it and see a flame extinguish. Go left and to the far corner of the yard, next to the wooden house (SW) and grab Secret #1, a Secret Santa Hat.

Notice the big crowbar lever and pick up Flares from under the tree NW. Go back to the front of the house. There’s a large opening in the S wall of the Fountain yard, go down the middle and drop down in front of the keyhole where the Silver Circles Key can be used. Go through the open gates into the Blacksmith’s Yard.

The Blacksmith’s Yard, the Silver Yellow Key.


Go straight and left to the SE corner of this yard. There’s a tunnel entrance behind that big tree. Jump up the slope at the right hand side of the opening and go down into a shallow pool to get the Silver Yellow Key. Go back up.

A Secret: Standing in the entrance turn right and jump to grab the roof, shimmy left and pull up on the corner, hop around the front to the next corner and drop into the garden NE. Pick up Secret #2, a Secret Santa Hat, a Chocolate Santa (Medipack), some Biscuits (small medipack). Climb the ladder, hang from the corner of the roof and shimmy right to pull up on the pillar, run jump and grab the pillar W to get another Chocolate Santa. Drop down to the ground.

The Blacksmith’s, a Sword.

Head W and take a left around that wooden building, an annoying little fox will show up now (second time around I just shot it…).  

Open the Blacksmith’s and open the small door to the right, go right around the corner to use a jump lever there. Now go to the other side and left, drop through the trapdoor to the basement, shoot the jars on the table and side flip over the table blocking the passage, go get the Sword from the anvil (shoot the jars on the table if you cannot pick it up).

Go back over the table to the trapdoor, turn around and grab up to the climb wall (face N), up and back flip to the ground floor, go out to the room N.

For Festive Snek I: shoot the sacks in the back to grab a Torch. Head outside and right, to that entrance with the burning sconces and ignite your Torch, go back inside the Blacksmith and down to the basement, bringing the Torch along, ignite the two sconces and a wall part goes down, get in there for Festive Snek I. Go back up and out of the Blacksmith’s.


Using the Sword, Advanced Archery Skills Guidebook (what’s in a name…Lasersight).

Head back to the Fountain where Santa is (E and left), and left behind the wooden house to use the Sword on that lever. The front door opens up, so go back around to the front. Take the Advanced Archery Skills Guidebook from the girl. This will be needed later when we have a Bow. 

A Secret: Jump over the barrels behind the girl and shoot some jars to get to Secret #3, a Secret Santa Hat.

Using the Silver Yellow Key, Festive Snek II.

Get out of the house, left through the gates N and left again into a small cave and pick up the Flares. Use the Silver Yellow Key left and see big doors open up in the cave we’ve already been in. Step out of the small cave and look a bit left, that cave with the bluish light, go in there and keep left over the grass, go down to the lower ledge from where you can run jump and grab the window E, grab the crack (Ctrl) right and shimmy right around to the big doors.

The ledges inside have spike traps, on the ledges below them you can see which ones are safe, hop to the first tile (right hand side), stand back and hop to grab the edge of the second ledge and shimmy left to pull up on the last tile. Hop to the last ledge and to the pedestal with Festive Snek II. (you could have also dropped down at the entrance and pulled up on the safe tile of the last ledge). Drop into the lower room, climb up the snowy ledge NW and jump to grab the entrance ledge. Get out and head left to the Fountain Yard. Down through the S gate to the Blacksmith’s Yard and right, follow through into the cave W and keep to the right.

Flooded Caves, Frozen Flame Key.

Down into the water and down one level, turn right (W) to find the underwater lever there opening the gate in the next tunnel, so get some air if you like and swim down where the gate opened, right down the sloped tunnel into a large cavern, pick up Flares S and then head through the tunnel W. Next cavern and up you’ll find air.

Turn to the left and swim down into the SE corner, into the cave to a cavern with a statue. Find the underwater ceiling lever in the small tunnel behind the statue (NE) and see a gate open up. There is air above the statue. Swim back to the prevıous cavern (W) and spot that open gate W. Go through and pick up the Frozen Flame Key. Get back for air, down again and swim through E, straight and left around the big pillar up the sloped tunnel and left. Swim up to where you pull out into the caves. Get back to the Blacksmith’s Yard.

Using the Frozen Flame Key, the Blue Circles Key.

Turn left into the passage with the gates and open them, as you enter a flyby will show you around. Slide down along the right hand side of the big slope and jump right, landing on that ledge in the corner, turn around and jump to that branch to swing back to the S side (or just safety drop down right from the entrance).

Push that big ornate button to raise a platform. Turn right (W) and run jump over to a flat part of ground across the water. Follow the path up (passing that platform) to the SW corner, jump to the balcony where the statue is, notice the gate and from the right side of the statue run jump over to grab an icy ledge. Then jump NE to the ledge; jump over the gap (E) and go use a button there to lower a block near the entrance. Go back over the gap and stand under the chain, use Ctrl and Lara grabs up, go to the platform you raised.

Grab up straight ahead, shimmy left a bit and pull up into the crevice where that block went down. Push the big button and see a pillar go down in a flooded tunnel. Get back to the platform and run jump down into the water below, swim E and right. Get air, check the health and save before you go down into the SE corner tunnel where that pillar went down. Just follow through the sloped tunnels into a wider cavern with a statue, stay low where the roots are and in the middle of the cavern is a small mound with the Blue Circles Key hidden in some spikes. Get back (swim out N) before your air runs out.

Using the Blue Circles Key, Festive Snek III.

Swim to the middle of the pool and climb up on the ledge under the platform and make your way back up to the SW corner as before, to the balcony with the statue and use the Blue Circles Key in the lock behind the statue. Turn around and enter. Jump past the first axe and grab Biscuits from the floor, turn around and crawl to the Arrows under the Axe, back up a bit and stand up again. Go through the next axe, pick up Arrows from the skeleton and come to a large courtyard. Slide down and shoot another annoying fox. To the left (W) are those “Snek Gates”, so for now go N and left around the corner.

Detour for a Secret: On the flag standard against the S wall behind the building is another one of those transparent buttons, push it and spikes go down. Turn left and run up the higher ground a bit so you can grab up to the ridge above, shimmy left a bit and pull up. Go get Secret #4, a Secret Santa Hat from the corner left. Slide down to the ground.

Back to that flag standard and into the passage E, left down to a room with a spike floor, look up to the ceiling for the safe path and get to the back for Festive Snek III. Get back up to the Courtyard.

The Bow.

Up on a ledge N is a floor lever, just right of it you can jump up to a flatter part of the slope and then up to the ledge, the lever will raise a block against the S castle wall (to get to a puzzle hole, but also to get out of this Courtyard). Drop down, go to the S wall and a bit left up that block and up into the passage to the puzzle hole behind the statue. Turn right and run jump S and a bit left to the flat ledge left of the building, jump up S and go left through the first axe. At the second axe, turn and look up right, a passage up there. Back flip onto the slope behind you, jump and grab the chain to swing up into that passage, back flip onto another slope, jump and grab the ladder, back flip off into a higher level of the big cavern.

Detour for a Secret: go left and carefully make your way along the left side to the transparent button thing N (hard to see), a big round door will open up on the lower level of the cave (under the statue balcony). Hop into the water below, climb out under the platform S again and go up SW a bit, from the grassy ledge you can run jump onto the lower balcony and go in for Secret #5, a Secret Santa Hat. Run jump back SE and go up SW to the balcony with the statue and left, through the first axe and up into the passage again to the upper level of the cavern.

Now keep along the right hand side and go over to that skeleton NE for 2x Arrows and the Bow (next to the shield).

Back to the Fountain Yard.

Run down from the plateau NW, landing on the ledge with the chain. Grab up to the chain to get to the platform, grab the crack and shimmy all the way left to the entrance gates. Go up to the Blacksmith’s Yard, left and then left again. Up the wooden slope and out to the Fountain Yard.

Into the opening on the right (E) and at the top of the slope look up into a hole in the ceiling, shoot the target after combining the Bow with the Targeting stuff. The gates open up.

The Bridge Room, Festive Snek IV.

Run over the bridge to the end and run jump left over the balustrade onto a ledge. Jump NW onto a slope, try landing on the far side of it and slide jump up to the corner of the block with the round columns. Hop up first NE, turn around and hop up SW. Face SE and back flip on the sloped block and jump to grab the higher one. Line up for the jump lever, slide far and jump with Ctrl (the low ceiling can be tricky). All kind of blocks go up and down.

Swim to the right (W) and pull out on the low ledge, jump and grab the ladder and go up, hang right and pull up, back flip roll and grab the bridge.

Now we have to get to a block against (and below) the bridge, maybe there’s another way, but I did it like this: First go left (E) and in the last small pool turn left (NW) and take a big step back and jump over the railing through the gap between the two bent columns, to drop down onto the raised block. Use the big button and even more blocks go up. Hop left (E) to a lower block and from there, jump to the block (S). Run jump and grab S and find 4 chains.

The Water Skins for the Scales Puzzle.

In the first row use the right hand one, in the second row the one left. Go through the opening in the back and climb the blocks in the back to get up to the floor above. Here (N) you’ll find Snek IV, but you cannot take it yet because of the spikes. First turn S and jump to get into that triangle alcove and get the Large Water Skin. Crawl back, stand up in the middle and jump back to where the Snek is. Go around it and use the Crowbar lever behind it, a block goes up so we can climb even higher. Grab up to the icy ledge and use the binoculars to spot more of them. First is a run jump and grab straight N, next a hop NE, then run jump onto the pointy tip of the ledge straight ahead (N) and turn left to run jump and grab to the ledge with the big button (W). Even more blocks go up everywhere.

Jump back to the ledge E, to the icy ledge over the bridge and safety drop from that last one onto the bridge. Get on the blocks at the other end and run jump left onto the raised blocks (no Ctrl) in front of a balcony with puzzle pieces. There’s a Small Waterskin there and 3 boxes of Biscuits. I don’t think we need those puzzle pieces, but they are a clue for the amount of water in the scales puzzle. There are 2 on this side. 

Get down and from the blocks on the bridge run jump onto the block in front of the other balcony (NW), 4 puzzle pieces and 3x Arrows hidden between them, you can push one out so you can grab all of those Arrows. Get down to the bridge and use one of the small pools to fill the Waterskins.

2 L: Large full, small empty, combine and that will leave 2 liters in the large skin.

Climb the blocks and run jump up to the block in front of the SW balcony, turn left and hop up to the beams where the Scales are. Face W at the bowl and be sure to use the Large skin… The sconce at the wall lights up. Safety drop down to the bridge.

4 L: (empty the small waterskin and fill the large, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 liters in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one liter goes into the small and leaves the 4 liters in the large skin).

Climb the blocks and run jump up to the block in front of the NW balcony, turn around and hop up to the beams where the Scale is. Face W at the bowl and be sure to use the Large skin… The sconce at the wall lights up.

Two ways to get to the last Snek.

I walked to the E end of this beam and did a wide run jump NE, left around the corner to that ledge where the big button is. Jump over E and follow the icy ledges back to the S, down to the block and inside to get Snek IV, all gates are open now.

The other way is to safety drop down to the bridge, from the E end run jump left over the balustrade to that first ledge, go down S to the lower part and from there jump to the next blocks and last to the balcony with the chains. Go climb back up inside as you did before to get to the Snek.

The Castle, the Axe.

Once done, go out N, up on the block, onto the ice ledge and to the next, safety drop onto the bridge, head W over the blocks and out the gates to the Fountain Yard. S down the wooden sloped passage to the Blacksmith’s area and right around into the open Frozen Flame gates. At the top of the big slope, hang from the left side and shimmy along the crack to the platform, safety drop down next to the wall and go up SW, jump to the balcony and go left through both the axes.

Go down the slopes and left into the passage (W) where the Snek gates opened. Get the Axe. Go out and loop left around to that block we raise before, get up into the passage and hop up at the slope to place the Axe behind the statue. That big round door opens up. Get back down to the ground, go NW up the steps and through the door, approach Santa and Kurtis and the adventure is over.

“Merry Christmas 2019”, G&D.