Rome Streets Mystery

Level by 911.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

8 Secrets.

1- Rome Streets Mystery.

Garden Key, Revolver & Sight.

After an opening flyby where we can just see the Laser Sight, go straight through that arch and open the first blue doors on the right. Up the stairs and grab the Garden Key, in the other end of the room is the Revolver, throw the lever there to open a gate* in the streets. Now go out on the balcony for the Sight and some Revolver ammo.

Back down the stairs to the street and keep right, down to the gate* you opened. Use the lever there to get a screen of a manhole, a gate** opened there for later. Back up to the street, open the doors on the right (E) and get the Flares, a Medipack up right and Shotgun ammo left.

The Crowbar.

Out of the doors and loop around right through the arch, take a right through a passage (S) to a square with columns; a dog attacks. Use the Garden Key on the lock. Inside shoot the lock from the wooden fence left and go down the stairs shooting a dog. Down in the basement check all the shelves (stand a step back and hit Ctrl) for 4x Uzi clips. Push that metal shelf in the back in and grab the Crowbar.

If you want Secrets, pull the block out and get behind it, get Secret #1, a Golden Rose. To the left is a Shotgun.

Use the Crowbar, Block puzzle for a Monkey climb.


Get out of the basement, left up the stairs all the way and open the blue doors NE. On the this upper floor and right is a shelf block in the wall, we cannot pull it out, but when we push it in once, a block will go up on the lower floor left. Then pull the same block back once! Drop down in the lower part of the room and check the shelves right (S) for 3x Uzi clips, the ones N are empty. Pull out the shelf from the S wall and move it against the left (E) wall, climb up to the floor and open the grate in the right hand corner with the Crowbar. Grab some Flares in that room and go into the back left, pull the shelf out and go behind it, get the Uzis and Shotgun ammo and get back out.

Look on top of the painting and spot the lock, shoot that and grab up W into the duct, follow through and drop into the room behind the first shelf block. Push it out and return through the duct to the E room. Get out and go back through the lower part up to the W side and onto the shelf block you pushed out. Get on top and grab the monkey climb to follow that into the window on the left (N). Do a swan dive (run jump with Shift) over the balustrade onto the balcony and shoot a dog.

Open the doors straight ahead (N), enter and grab 2x Arrows on the floor. Right around is the Crossbow itself. Go out to the balcony and right, open the doors there and get the Shotgun ammo right around the corner, and from the window a Key. Go back to the balcony, run jump and grab over the balustrade to the window S and safety drop down, go left up the stairs and grab the Revolver ammo, a dog shows up… shoot it.

A Piece of Gem.

Up the stairs NW and left to the fountain square. In the right hand corner are Flares, open the manhole from facing N, turn around and climb down to where that gate** opened after getting the Revolver. Go get a Piece of Gem and climb back out.

The Golden Coin and a Piece of Gold.

Go into the alley N, push the button to open the gate and open the manhole in the small square, get down and pry the Golden Coin from the wall, climb back out, left to the square and open the gate W with the a Key. Follow through and climb the back of the pillar, right around and drop on the ledge. Jump over the balustrade into the opening NE, walk the rope to the other side and grab the Piece of Gold, combine it with the Piece of Gem to get a Gem. To the left is a Medipack, safety drop down into the alley there.

Open a Gate.

The button E opens the gate in case you forgot something there… Go to the other end (W) and through to the next square. Go left into the side room and up that pile of coal, get a Medipack and Flares from the ledge, down and straight into the other side room. Climb up the blocks right and walk the rope across to the other side, down to the left is a button opening a gate*. To get down I just safety dropped down from the high block next to the rope. Go outside and to the gates on the right (N) to get a flyby, proceed into the alley right of the hall with the gates and through the gate you just opened. Open the manhole and climb down, follow to a cellar with a pool, hang from the floor and shimmy right to the next alcove. Run jump and grab across to the other side and push the button on the right to open a trapdoor. Hop into the pool and swim SW, up through that open trapdoor and climb out to come to a Lava pit.

Stand right and turn around, hop back grabbing the ladder and go down to get into that crawlspace for Secret #2, a Golden Rose. Climb back up to the floor. Turn around and stand right.


The Battle, Guardian Key.

Hop and grab the pole to swing to the other side; go up the stairs and place the Golden Coin left to open the trapdoor. Go up into the hall with the statue and place the Gem in the receptacle on the base. The gate right will open up. Save before you enter. Get in and over to the NE corner for some Revolver ammo. In the other corner is a small medipack. Use some tactics to shoot the eyes out of the Head (stand behind the wall, back to the N wall and just being able to aim for one of the eyes at a time as I did, OR duck behind the low block and quickly stand up after the fired a bolt, because he has to re-charge.

Go get the Guardian Key.

Climb the ladder SW and back flip onto the balcony to get Secret #3, a Golden Rose. Get back down.

Up the ladder SE and to the balcony will give you the Uzis.

Use the Guardian Key at the gate and go in to grab another Key from the niche in the back. A guy in armour shows up; 2 routes back…

1- shoot him on our way out through the Guardian room to the room with the fences. Into the open trapdoor SW, down to the Lava pit and swing across. Into the water, climb out on the ledge and go up the ladder, left around and drop on the upper SE ledge.

2- roll after picking up the Key kill the guy in armour and run onto the grate in the floor, it will now open up. Follow through, jump over a pit and use the button on the right. You are back at the pool. Run out right into the alcove and run jump across to the SE ledge.

…Go through and climb up through the manhole. Loop right around the hall with the fences into the alley left of the hall. Use the Key to open the gate, once through the gate a flyby will take over.

The Shiny Stars.

To the N we need two Shiny Stars, so go through left (S). Open the blue doors, up the stairs shooting a dog coming from behind and loop around right for a Medipack.

Go up the stairs at the other side and right, shoot the lock to open the gate, go in and right around the corner is Shotgun ammo. Then pry the Shiny Star off the wall and rats will emerge from the crack in the wall, so get out fast and jump up straight ahead (W) to the balcony. In the windowsill right is a TIMED lever raising a door behind the window in the S wall of the courtyard.

So, save, pull, run out to jump to the pole and swing to the other side. Get through before the block goes up (not too hard). Use the lever there twice to open the door again. Go to the room at the end of this passage, shooting a dog and get the Second Shiny Star.

Get out and down, down the stairs and back at the fountain go into the passage N to place the Stars at the gate. The front gate opened up, so back through the passage and through that gate to enter the front door after picking up the Flares from the porch.

Neptune Hall, open the trapdoor, Trident I.

Just in front of you is a trapdoor in the floor. Turn right and go into the opening NE, go up the stairs open the doors to get to a balcony. Go right to open the next doors, go in and find a battering ram, climb down the ladder right (or just safety drop down) and shoot a dog. Go around the corner and find some Flares next to the barrels. Push a button to open that trapdoor. (To the right of the button is a gate with a secret, later). Back up the ladder, to the balcony and left, through the doors N and side flip onto the stairs (ceiling is too low) and get back to the ground floor. Climb down the trapdoor; get into the water. Go first right through the low opening, go right and through another low opening, follow to the end and use the underwater lever left to lower a block**. Swim out and down left through the low opening; keep left and go back up to the Neptune Hall. Up the ladder and back into the same opening NE up to the balcony and right around to the battering ram. Hang from the side of the ledge and shimmy right all the way to where you can pull up where that block** went down. Push the button there and you’ll see a door open up. Safety drop down, go to the ladder and back up, down to the ground floor as before (side flip onto the stairs).

On ground floor, straight into that passage straight ahead (S), up to the balcony and through the blue doors to a room with a pool. Open the manhole (SE) in the pool and swim through to a larger pool.

Climb out at the TIMED lever E, pull and roll, jump to the block on the N wall and then jump to the swing pole to get to the high pillar with the jump lever. That lever will open the gate where we can get a Trident. Hop into the water; get back through the tunnel and down to the ground floor. Straight into the (NE) passage to the balcony and as soon as you’re there, turn left and run jump E over the balustrades to the NE balcony, follow to the end and open the doors. Now you can get Trident I there.

Trident II.

Go back the way you came and on ground floor go right to the middle of the hall and right again (N). Open the doors and this is where that door opened, the passage was blocked before. Go through to a hall with a pool and swing poles.

Detour for a Secret: Hop down into the pool below, use the underwater lever between the pillars on the left (S) and see a gate open up in a flooded tunnel. Throw the underwater lever E to open the exit and swim in after getting some air maybe. Where the tunnel goes down, go left through the low opening (we’ve been here), then up left into the grey tunnel and then right around the corner to the underwater lever opening the gate to the Secret, roll and swim straight to some Arrows. Roll and swim right around 2 corners through the low opening and then left and up in the end. Climb the ladder back up to the ground floor. Go into the passage NE up to the balcony and right around to the battering ram. Get down the ladder and to the open gate in the back for Secret #4, a Golden Rose. Make your way back to the ground floor, go right (W) and right through the blue doors to where we left off.

Use the pole to swing across and push the button opening a door*, get out quick and swing back over the pool, out to the Hall and left to go into the passage SE and up to the balcony, jump over the balustrades to the SE balcony, follow to blue doors and go through the door* you opened and get Trident II. Get back down to the ground floor.

In the middle of the Hall and behind the doors left (S) you can climb down to a storage, check all the shelves for 8x Uzi clips and pull that shelf block away for Arrows.

The Sculptured Stone.

Get back up and go use the Tridents on the statues left (W), go through to a square with a fountain. Shoot the dog, get some Revolver ammo left of the passage SW and go into that passage, shoot the lock to open the gate and in the next room push the shelf block in, all the way through the next room and climb up to the S walkway for the Sculptured Stone. A baddy is watching you, I know why he’s there…, you can climb through those windows and not be able get back in again. So don’t make the same mistake, just get down and check the E shelves for 2x Shotgun ammo. Leave to the fountain square and go right, prepare to shoot the two Hydra’s (just jump behind them, real close and shoot them with pistols…

Place the Sculptured Stone to open the gate and get the Sculptured Stone, LOL. Go through the passage and the level will change…


2- Rome Secret Places.

A Key.

Go left into the passage, pick up Flares and use the block to jump up to the right (W), up (or over) another one to get into the passage N to shoot a box and get Shotgun ammo. Go back and onto the grey block to walk the rope to the Key. Turn back and jump down onto the pile of coal in the room below, shoot a box to get a Revolver and push a button to open the exit to the street, pick up a Medipack when you go out.

Loop around left into the same passage, up the block and up on the right again (W), drop down into the lower room W and throw the lever N to open the gate as a shortcut. Go through W, open the blue doors and shoot a dog, follow into a hall and left are windows and a wooden gate.

Short stop for a Secret: On the pillar left of the wooden gate (SE) is a ladder, go up and left around to drop on the beam, jump over to the N and find a TIMED lever opening that wooden gate. Pull, hop back and safety drop down, roll and sprint to get through that gate. The lever inside will open the gate again if you use it twice. Climb up the left wall (W) and get Secret #5, a Golden Rose and 3x Uzi clips up there. Get back down, at the end of this passage there is also the Uzi to pick up, go out to the hall.

In the room S you can use your Sculptured Stone at the statue and set of big doors open up, meanwhile a warrior attacks from behind. Look up N and spot the Keyhole, you can climb up there from the NE corner (pick up the small medipack), use the Key and a second set of big doors opens up. Get down and grab the Uzi clips NW, go out N to the hall and left to where those doors opened. Follow to a lava pit and swing across using the poles.

Hop back grabbing the edge and shimmy left to get through the crawlspace, grab Uzi clips and push a button.

Go back over the pit, go straight and take a left, go around the corner and follow through. In the room with the wheel barrel go left onto the streets. Loop right around into the one where you can climb up to the level above. From the stone beam E do a run jump with a left curve into that open gate** (NE). Walk the rope to the other side (well, that camera was nice…). Inside down on the walkway is Shotgun ammo, go left to the end and shoot a box for a Sight#2. In the passage S are a Shotgun and 2 x Uzi clips. Back inside and drop down to the room below, grab some Flares and go down the hole in the back (N). Go into a grey corridor.

Door Labyrinth, Hydra’s.

Some of the doors will open when you approach. At the crossing go left and pick up Shotgun ammo, go back and left, through the door and the next door, then you’ll see a door to your right, proceed towards the door E, but turn around as soon as it opened, walk back and left into the door that opened too.

3 Hydra’s will open fire on you, just run and jump past them to the back wall, roll and start shooting pistols while flipping left right etc.

Left and right of the door in the back are two buttons which will open the exit. Go out, push the button at the ladder to open the manhole and climb out into the Market Hall.

The Timed Blocks.

Behind you is the street. There are 3 levers on the wall on the right (S), the one in the middle we’ll deal with last. Use the left TIMED lever, get up the stairs fast, onto the block and grab up to the monkey climb, go over to the pedestal with the Gem Get back and down to the ground floor.

Right hand TIMED lever, pull and upstairs and around to the block SE, hop on and grab up. Turn around and go use the jump lever opening gates*. Pick up the Shotgun ammo at the window and get down to the levers.

Use the middle lever and another trapdoor opens (NE), go down and follow through up a ladder to the street.

First go right into the opened gate* NW, shoot the dog, a box and grab Secret #6, a Golden Rose. Get back to the street.

Head into the alley left of the Market Hall (SW) and shoot a dog, follow through, right around corners and pick up Revolver ammo from the alley. Now go to the pool W and swim across, notice the gates in the water and climb out W. Go down the stairs and use that Gem to open the doors. Another Head to conquer, NW and NE in that room is 2x Revolver ammo, after shooting both eyes the Head will explode. Collect 2x Uzi clips and a Sight#3 SW and a Medipack SE.

There are 4 sets of blue doors here:

W side, left doors, for a Crowbar in case you lost the other one..LOL.

The 2 Shiny Stars.

W side right hand doors, go in and pick up Flares, climb down through the manhole after opening it and come to the Waterworks. Shoot the dog and hop into the water, pick up 2x Uzi clips S, get air and dive into the deep part and into the tunnel. Throw the underwater lever and through the gate you will be sucked away by the current, in the corner where you are you can swim up and get out. Walk the rope, and climb up and from the block to the gate and open it, shoot another dog, you’re back.

Swim into the same tunnel and coming into the room with the current, stay up high in the ceiling and sharp right around the corner to get into the tunnel E, shut down the current there by closing the pipe and swim back. Loop right around into the last tunnel, climb out and first go for some pickups, swing over the pit and get Uzi clips left and Flares right of the gate. Go back to where you came out of the water and jump up right into the niche. Throw the Timed lever and quickly get back to the gate.

Up the steps and shoot a dog, climb up S up more steps.

Loop left around and throw the lever opening a gate** to open the way to a Secret, shoot the dog.

Go up S and pry the 2 Shiny Stars from the pipes. Pick up Flares and open the manhole SE. Swim through the tunnel, climb out and open the gate to the dark pit, to the left (E) is a Medipack.

Secrets: If you used the lever before (you can go back for it), that gate** SW is now open too. Get in and follow through to a TIGHTLY TIMED lever opening a gate to a Secret way back near the streets. Best is if you first climb up to the right of the lever and get Secret #7, a Golden Rose. Open the doors to the Main Hall and climb back down to the lever. Use the lever (break the camera with the “look” key), climb up right and get out to the Main Hall, left through the doors and up the stairs. Only way I could get in was to curve left near the top of the stairs and do a running jump into the water above the gate left and you’ll get into the gate for Secret #8, a Golden Rose. Throw the underwater lever twice and get out, climb out W and get back down to the Main Hall.

Using the Stars, 2 Guardian Keys.

Head into the E side left door, get down in the dark pit and grab the Medipack E if you didn’t yet, climb the wall NE and go right around and drop on the slope grabbing the edge, pull up and back flip onto a slope, jump again and grab the floor above. Pick up Flares, turn around and hop around the corner, onto the block to the monkey climb and cross the room. Go through the doors to the Main hall and left around to the doors W, open the left doors and go use the two Stars.

Drop through the trapdoor and grab Guardian Key I, go up NW and follow to where a Warrior attacks. Use the button N to open another gate* in the pool near the Market Hall and get out through the blue doors E. Shoot another Warrior and hop over the balustrade onto one of the higher corner ledges in the Main Hall. Up the stairs S and into the pool, get Guardian Key II from the opened gate* S. Back to the Main Hall, to the big doors N and place the Guardian Keys. Go through the doors, over the pit and up the wall to get to a nice Gem we won’t get the name of because the adventure ends there…