Amber Life.

Level by Inchdix/GMac.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Savegames mentioned, are in the Saves Folder.

The files for this level set were sent to GMac a long time ago, since Inchdix never got to finish the levels, GMac took it upon himself to complete them and make them playable.


1- New Worlds.

Slide down and after the cut scene go to the guide and step into the blue rays…

2- Enigma.

Crystal Key 1.

Slide down and proceed into the cave, loop around to the right to find on the rocks there (E) a ladder, go up there. Go right and through the low part and head for the waterfall SW. Go up along the right hand side and jump up to the flatter part, turn left and jump to the opening. Follow through to a pit with slopes and break tiles. Run jump left around the corner onto the slopes and keep jumping left to get into the open gate on the left (N). Go down the stairs and throw a lever to open a gate*.

Turn around, up the stairs and look up, grab up into the passage above and go to the bridges over the slope pit. Straight into the room and take the Crystal Key from the pedestal, in the back is a small medipack. Back to the bridge go over it and now go left, safety drop down. Back out to the waterfall and slide down, go left (W) along the rock ledge and come across a Blood Stone receptacle and a gate. Follow to the N side of the cave, grab up to a ledge and shimmy right along the crack till you go around the corner and can drop in an opening. Follow through to where that gate* opened and get to a Tomb chamber. 

In for a Swim?  

Go up to a Tomb. Shoot the 4 Crystals and the Tomb will move, climb down; behind the middle fence you can see the Crystal Key. To the left is a lever opening a gate back in the room with the Tomb, so go back up, down two stairs and take the gate left. Hop into the water, swim through the passage and spot the gate left, loop around to the right to the back (E), then loop left around into the central structure to find air and a Timed underwater lever on the W wall. Save in front of the lever after getting air and use it to open that gate, roll swim out and right, a bit wide around the corner or you’ll be stuck in the column, to the end and right/left to that gate and get through. Follow up to another side room of the Tomb chamber.

Go into the passage NW, shoot the bats and hop to the pillar. Hop down left (S) into the water, swim left around and get to an underwater lever, use it and swim right around to get back to the waterhole. Climb out on the grey tile (E), grab up to the platform and run jump to grab the opening NW. Go around to the other section of this room (You can spot a Secret in the back, we’ll probably have to come back as the floor is too hot). Run jump and grab the ladder when the lower cutter is right and climb up slow to let the upper cutter go right too and then go up to the top. Jump into the opening ahead, go down and shoot some bats.

Drain the water, Timed run to the Block.

Grab the Medipack and go left, shoot at that blue shrine and a block lowers in the back, wade up there to use the lever and he water level in that place under the Tomb chamber is lowered. Now head S and the gate to the Tomb chamber opens up. Go straight into the next gate. On the block face W and time the cutter to jump and grab up into the passage above and throw the lever there to stop the flames at a block in the water room for 40 seconds. So, Save and pull get down at the cutter fast out to the chamber and left around down the stairs and left through the gate, down the hole and sprint to the water chamber, try to stay on higher ground (NE direction) so you can sprint as much as possible jump from the stairs into the water and swim back into the structure with the underwater lever. Up right and up to the NW corner grab up to a ladder (face S) and go up for Crystal Key 2 (savegame.0). Get down to the water. Not going for Secrets, scroll down.

Now you can go for that Rose Secret, but it is a tight Timed run. Go to the underwater lever, use it and roll swim out and right around to the stairs, you’ll have to wade up a bit and when on the higher part, take the time to jump straight up once so you can do running jumps to get to that gate we went in before (savegame.1). Follow through to the pit with the pillar, partially flooded now so you can just hop down and get into the open gate W, to the next pillar pit and grab Secret #1, the Silver Secret. To get out go up E, you’ll have to climb the cutter pillar again from the opening W. Follow through to the Tomb chamber.

Using the Crystal Keys.

Leave the chamber W, safety drop down into the cave and go NW where you can use the Keys to open the gate. Shoot the left dog statue at the N wall and use the floor lever to lower a block you can just see if you pay attention.

The Blood Stone.

Go out of the room, onto the central hill in the pool of the cave that is where the block went down. Swim N (S is a dead end?) and end up in another chamber with dog statues, next to the one you just came from. Shoot the shrine to open the exit gate. Don’t leave just yet but pull a block from the W wall and move it aside, go in to find a lever left and a fence overlooking a room with the Blood Stone. Throw the lever and look through the fence to see the block go up in the water. Leave to the right (S) to the cave, take a right through the open gate and hop into the pool and swim down a hole under the central block, follow through going left and get up for air. Climb the block you raised and jump over to get the Blood Stone. Swim back (NW), get out of the pool, out to the cave and up the ladder E and right around to the other side where you can make use of the Blood Stone to open the gate. Turn around inside and you have to jump up to grab the ladder and go up to the upper level of the cave.

Ninja Owl and Blood Stone 1.

On the right (SW) is a passage leading to some closed gates and a Ninja Owl on a pedestal. Go back out and stand on the high ground under the wooden bridge to grab up to the bridge. Make your way over the branches and the bridge into the cave NE. Go straight down to where you’ll find Blood Stone 1, go back a bit and right to the place where you can use it. 2 More needed

The Caves, Blood Stone 2.

Go straight E and right, follow the cave and canyon and left at a grate, jump along the branch (from close to the tree) to the balcony N.

Little detour for a Secret: Drop down left to a rock ledge below, jump to the branch and from there into the cave behind the waterfall SE, go right around the corner to pick up Secret #2, a Ruby Secret. Jump back to the branch, to the rock ledge and grab back up to the balcony. 

Go in straight (N) and right to find a Blood Stone 2.

Waterfall Cave, Blood Stone 3.

Go out and take a right into the passage, climb down a ladder to a dark tunnel and follow through, picking up a Medipack along the way and when you reach another pool, crawl left through the gap to a small room with Flares, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack (you might have spotted these before as I did, behind the grate is the room where you got the first Crystal Key). Crawl back out and go left, hop into the pool and swim around that big tree to find Blood Stone 3 on the bottom (W of the tree). You could have jumped down from the balcony after getting Stone 2, but then you could have missed the pickups.

Shortcut back, swim up to the NW corner and wade up, slide down the waterfall, go left and into the gate you opened with the other Blood Stone before, up the ladder, up to the bridge and to the opening NE, left and place the Blood Stones. To find out what happened, return outside to the bridges, go to the W and find a lowered block giving access to the room where you can use the Ninja Owl. Two gates open in the back, both leading to the same place.

Vulcan Stones.

Grab the Shotgun ammo, go to the pool and get a really short screen of a Sacred Skull. Jump to the ledge in the pool to get the Shotgun there (two gates open, up in the N passage and S passage). Jump back over the pool and go up either N or S, N has a small medipack pickup and S Flares, but both lead to the same floor level above the pool (we’ll be back here, so you can use the other passage later). Go to the gate W and look up for a jump lever to open that gate. Go in and run through the corner of the blade and in the dark room with the broken columns is 2x Shotgun ammo in the corners. Head left (SW) into the passage, get through another blade, grab the Medipack and find a lever. This one will open the trapdoor in the room with the broken columns. Get back there and safety drop down, pick up the Vulcan Stone 1 and get out the Shotgun. Stand back and wait for those skellies to jump to your ledge and blast them into the pool.

E is more Shotgun ammo, W are two dog statues, shoot the left one to reveal a floor lever and use it to open a gate S, go in and grab Shotgun ammo, throw the lever. Go to the pool and to the other side, through the opening N of the pool, and find Vulcan Stone 2 where the flames are now gone. 

Using the Stones, the Sacred Skull.

Hop into the pool, swim into the E end and left into a tunnel, follow through and go up into the room where the Shotgun was. Go up the passage to the level above and go to the gate E where you can use the Stones.

Easy Secret: the gate opened too, go in and get Secret #3, the Golden Secret. Get out.

From one of the waterfall ledges, jump to that central ledge to get the Sacred Skull. Hop down into the pool below before those two Fire beasts can get to you (you can also shoot them with the Shotgun). Swim back through that tunnel in the bottom and get out at the other pool, where a trapdoor opened near the fence, E of the pool. Safety drop down and grab some wet Flares from the water. Push the grey block twice and go left.

A Crystal Key.

As the gate closes behind you, burners start on the bridge. We need that Crystal, it IS possible to get it without a burn, but there’s water below… Get as close as you can get your health up a bit and go for the Crystal Key when the burner stops. Back flip away and in case you got the Crystal Key without burning, time the fires to get to the other side. Safety drop in the NW corner and crawl through that crawlspace. Get the Flares, go through the next crawlspace and turn around. Climb up and use the Crystal Key there. A gate opens, so make your way back to the pool.

-In case you caught fire, immediately side flip right or left to get into the water below

Swim around that pool to get a Medipack and Flares from between the pillars. Leave through the tunnel SE and get out on the ledge, hop to the next and get through the crawlspace, more Flares and another crawlspace, turn around and grab up to where you can use the Crystal Key and see a gate open up.

Using the Skull.

Go back to the last pool and up to the upper room where the gate E opened. Go through and to the right is an empty pedestal… That’s correct, you got the owl here. Go out to the cave, left to the opening N and come to the blue shrine. Place the Skull next to the gate and go through….


3- The Ravine.

I found several routes to get to some places, I decided to stick to following one route.

Go to the river, (if you happen to fall into the river the current will take you to the N end where you can climb out E side. Go S along the shore and a gate opens up to a shortcut back to the start, one way gate). So, better save often.

Turn left and grab up to the ledge left of the plant, go down right to a ledge at the cave entrance (or carefully walk passing the plat). Then hang from the side, follow the ladder right around the corner to a block. Run jump and grab the block S (mind the ceiling). Run jump from corner to corner to the next ledge and then to the one near the fence. Run jump with a curve to grab the ladder on the pillar and go left around a corner, maybe down a bit and back flip with roll to grab the pillar. Now run jump to the floating plants (you can stand only on the ones without flowers). Hop to the entrance ledge and a big Blade starts to turn.

The Blade and the Balls.

There’s Shotgun ammo on the right hand side under the Blade. One way to do it: A run jump straight for the Shotgun ammo, pick it up and hop back while turning left to grab the edge. Shimmy right to the corner. When you have the chance; pull up and stand jump with a right curve to the triangle ledge right of that burning hole in the wall. Run for the hole and push the switch inside to open a gate and the burner stops too. Run jump to the gate SE, go in slow and Balls start to roll. Two jump levers up above the balls. First run to the safe path between the balls, go up left and line up for the lever, stand back as far as you can and run jump to the lever when you have the chance, as you land, turn right and run into the corner where you are safe. Now go to the other side and do the same (savegame.2). Turn left and run down and right to the opened gate.

The Vulcan Stone and using it.

Coming to a room with statues, one is out of place. Go into the crawlspace diagonally across (NE) and go all the way up to where you can step out right to the room above the statues. Go right and up the stream on the right (E), to find a lever on the left, opening a gate behind the statue. Safety drop down next to the lever and go up and right to push the statue in place, a Block went down in this pool of water. Swim down S and left to find the Vulcan Stone. Get back to the surface.

Slide down the waterfall N and let the current take you and get out E. From the submerged ledge take a running jump to the plant island NW and from there to the shore where some plants are. Go up to the gate, place the Stone to open the gate and get in. Jump over a spike pit to get Explosive Harpoons and jump back.

Up to the Trees, Sinkhole with the Skull.

Jump back to the E, turn your back to the sloped rocks and back flip onto the rocks, jump again and you’re up on the ledge above (maybe you had to grab and pull up, depends on where you stand). Follow the cave out to the ravine. Jump to the tree left and then left of the trunk into the cave opening, slide down and a flyby shows you around to the next Vulcan Stone. The receptacle is down on the left as you can see.

The Vulcan Stone.

So, we have to get into the other eye of the Skull. First run jump and grab the branch a bit left and pull up for a Medipack. Run just right of the trunk; to the next branch (NE). From the tip and looking down a bit you can just spot that cobblestone ledge through the leaves. Run jump and grab the higher rock ledge left of it, shimmy right around and drop (OR when you are lucky you end up on that ledge). Jump around via the waterfall (we need a Blood Stone there) to get into the eye of the Skull. Go up left to grab the Vulcan Stone. Get back the same way to that cobblestone ledge you dropped on before and from the grey ledge next to it, you can safety drop down to the ledge below. Watch out for steep parts and jump SE, go into the opening behind the bush. It goes right around back to the Sinkhole, but there’s a passage left (E) too, take that and follow to a crossing.

Go down right, crawl down a crawlspace to drop into a cave, loop around right to where the cave goes down to some water (if you wait a bit you can shoot a nasty Wasp), hop in, swim down into a section on the right (N) to get a Medipack and Flares, get back out and climb out E. Back in the cave, climb the cobblestone pillar and jump to grab the ladder in the hole in the ceiling, go up and right, a trapdoor opens and you are in a room with two tiny raptors, shoot them.


Follow the passage N and save before entering the next room.

Approach without the Secret: In that next room 3 Fire Wraiths show up, run around avoiding them till the gate NE opens up, get in there and hop into the water, pick up a small medipack. Get out and the gate across the room is also open (SW), get in and another gate opens up just above you. Grab up at the end of the short passage (the dark block here will go up later, when we reached the level above, to provide a shortcut up) and to the right is the ravine.

Approach WITH the Secret:

In that next room 3 Fire Wraiths show up, run around avoiding them till the gate far left (SE) opens up (that’s a couple of seconds after the other two gates, ignore the NE gate for now. Run through the corner of the flame into the open gate, follow down to a cave with a pool and get wet, pick up the Medipack from the bottom and swim through a gap N to get to Secret #1(4) , the Ruby Secret. Get out of the water.

-route 1: run down the stairs W and left, follow through to the room with the trapdoor, go N and to the Wraith room, loop around right into the exit and climb up to get to the ravine.

-route 2: grab back up to the ledge above (W) and go back to the Wraith room, loop right around and into the gate to get a small medipack from a pool of water, get back out and into the gate SW. Grab up at the end of the short passage and to the right is the ravine.

From the waterfall, run down a bit right landing on that grey block below and jump to the plants, to the next NW and to the shore left. Go in the gate and left to the S wall, at the S slope turn around, back flip on the slope and jump up to the ledge above again, follow the cave out to the ravine. Jump to the tree left and then left of the trunk into the cave opening... 

Jump grab the branch again, walk to the trunk and slide down left to a lower branch. Walk S as far as possible along the wall and turn around (face N), back flip onto a sloped rock and jump again to end up at the receptacle for the Vulcan Stone. Go in and left and time the spikes to jump through. Head up the stairs drawing the Shotgun and get a flyby, immediately get away from the spiders and kill them.

A Crystal Key.

In the central rock pillar is a block where we can get up after triggering it. Go into the dark cave W, loop right around to a Timed lever and save. Pull, roll and get back as fast as you can, run onto that block. Grab up N, the only spot where you can stand. Slide down N and jump to grab the thin ledge N, walk right a bit to the wall and grab the crack there. Just keep going right around corners until you see a solid floor below and drop, go get the Crystal Key.

Detour for a Secret: Walk to the E end of the floor, left and hang from the edge, safety drop down. Go left around the corner to the end of the ledge and drop again, get to the bottom of the pit. Through the fence W you can just see the Secret left in the small pit. In the NE corner is an opening up in the wall, get in and follow through, drop down to the stairs and go down to grab Secret #2(5) , the Golden Secret from the shallow pit. Go up the stairs and keep following up stairs to a dark passage with openings left, drop down the first one, down there climb the block and grab up to the ladder. Up in the next room go straight and shoot the Fire beast. When you go into the SE corner, trapdoor open above, grab back up to the room where you got the Crystal.

Using the Crystal Key. 

Use the crack S to go back around and after the second corner, drop onto the slope and safety drop down from that. Go down the cave behind the S waterfall; hop into the pool and swim left (E) and up, turn around to climb out. Go left around and jump over to the ledge SE to place the Crystal, WOW… 3 gates…

Swim back W and get out SE. Run jump (no Ctrl) onto the cobblestone path W and make your way up the waterfall.

Do the Timed lever in the cave W again to get onto the central pillar. Pull up N again.

W gate, Balls and Cutters, Yellow Button 1.

Run jump onto the ledge in front of the W gate and go in, STOP. Wait out two balls and then go down right after the second. The next high room has two Cutters; one a bit lower than the other, run into the waterhole in front and get the Medipack there, back to the entrance. Now time the cutter, run after it to the right and get up the blocks, ducking in corners helps saving health. Go up and up left, then run jump over to the ledge S (in the axle of the cutters, you’re safe here), climb up to the top of the axle. Go over to the SE corner and off backwards, check your health and run jump down S with Ctrl. Push Yellow Button #1 there, go down the waterfall, to the right and out the gate to the Main cave. Drop down to the ground.

S Gate, Yellow Button 2.

Do the Timed lever in the cave W again to get onto the central pillar. Pull up S this time, slide and jump to the pillar. From the pillar to the waterfall S and follow up and from the side niche a curved run jump up the last part of the fall. Go use Yellow Button #2 there and make your way back to the ground floor of the Main cave.

E gate, Swinging Axes, Blades, Yellow Button 3.

Again do the Timed lever in the cave W to get onto the central pillar. Pull up N this time run jump to the E gate, Just keep hugging the right hand wall to go around the Axe and into the passage, crawl through. You’ll come to a place with 2 levels of Blades, run jump to the left onto the corner ledge, turn N and run jump grab up to the ledge above, run jump around over the ledges and grab the opening S (savegame.3). Jump over the hole (entrance passage below) and use Yellow Button #3. Drop down and crawl out W, through the swinging axes to the Main cave.

Up the Pillar a last time…

Do the Timed lever in the cave W yet again to get onto the central pillar. Pull up N and walk forward to jump and grab up to the ladder above, as the trapdoor is now open (if Lara has problems grabbing the ladder, stand in the corner). At the top back flip into the passage and follow to a small room with statues and save before going into the next room (along the left side of the opening).

Flooding Disaster.

That next room will flood in Timed stages and we have to use the jump lever up S to raise a block*, the Yellow Button W to open a door** way up E we’ll have to get to

Run in, jump onto the first block, quick step forward, hop to the next, quick step forward, hop to the next and a running jump to the jump lever, roll run left and run jump onto the sloped block under the button ledge, grab up use the button and roll immediately run jump with grab to the middle pillar and onwards to grab the raised block*. Run jump and grab up to the open door** (savegame.4).

Slide down into the cave below and follow up to where you can see the Silver Secret. Go E and over the bridge, shoot the Wasps. At the other end into the cave is the area we visited before (a block went up if you need to revisit the area below). In the passage E we need another Crystal Key.

Back on the bridge Lara looks left, hop to the branch, then to the one S and from there jump to the waterfall. Or get to a rock ledge a bit right of it, hidden under the leave cover. Go up and halfway up jump and grab the grey rock in the middle go up all the way and spot a burning dog statue (don’t touch it, more about that later). Stand in the opening to those swinging axes and spot the triangle ledge in the left corner and run jump to that triangle ledge. From there turn right and run or hop left onto the stairs, grab the Harpoons in the hallway and go through to a hall with a pool. Hop into the water and get out on the stairs on the left (NW), grab the Medipack from the block left. Without the Secret ignore the dark blue text, scroll down.

Preparations for a Secret: Go into the open gate W, right around is a lever that will stop the flames under the 3 dog statues. Turn around and go out to another poolroom.

Crystal Key.

After grabbing the Medipack, hop back in the pool and from the pool swim through W and get out in the other room. In the E wall, the right hand block can be pushed in, use the Yellow Button and see a small gate open up. The Crystal Key is visible through the grate in that room. Go out, swim back to the other room.

Preparations for a Secret: Shoot both dog statues in this room, two blue wraiths show up, get rid of them in the pool.

Get out and go back S, jump to the triangle ledge left of the axes to get to the other side of the pit. Climb down the ladder into the pit. Go into the back and follow the tunnel passing another axe and up the slope to the Crystal Key.

Go back, through the axe and up the ladder out of the pit.

For the Secret: Walk out straight (E), shoot the right hand statue of a dog there (the gate to the Secret opens up); quickly grab the Revolver ammo that was under the statue.

Jump W over the pit and make your way back to the poolroom. Get rid of the Wraith.

Using the Crystal Key, the Blood Stone.

Head into the open gate NE. To the left you can pick up Secret #3(6) , the Silver Secret.

The next gate will open for you on approach (one way gate). Take a right to the bridge and cross over to the other side, keep right inside and into the passage E, right at the gate to place the Crystal Key. Go through the gate to get the Blood Stone. Go back and in the room before the bridge, drop down and go out onto the waterfall.

From the waterfall, run down a bit right landing on that grey block below and jump to the plants, to the next NW and to the shore left. Go in and at the S slope turn around, back flip on the slope and jump up to the ledge above again, follow the cave out to the ravine. Jump to the tree left and then left of the trunk into the cave opening… We have to get to that round yellow door you can see right, so jump and grab the branch up left again, run right of the trunk straight onto the branch NE, run jump NE grabbing the sloped rock and shimmy right around to drop on the cobblestone ledge. Jump over to the waterfall E and use the Blood Stone right of the big door. Follow in and after going around the corner and save…


4- Ship Graveyard.  

Machine Oil, Air.

Save again, turn left where you are and swim W into that brightly lit small opening, go right through the gap and then keep left to come to a Vial of Machine Oil. Swim back, left/right and left to the Sea (as I will call it from now). Take a left and swim all the way N to that yellow submarine kind of thing, which seems to be a diving bell with air, pick up some Flares.

Use the Oil, Air.

Back into the water, stay on the same level and swim E and right around the wreck to find another diving bell, inside is a small medipack for you and on the N wall you can use that Machine Oil.

Machine Oil 2, Air.

Back in the water swim S, then up left a bit into that tunnel SE, follow through around numerous bends to where you can go up for air. Climb up W, jump into the opening in the wall and at a small pit (If you happen to go too far up that sloped passage E, you will be crushed by some rolling balls, we’ll get to that later (only need to go up there if you’re going for Secrets later).

Hop into the water and grab the Shotgun ammo from the tunnel, back out again, jump W and turn around to jump and grab the ladder in the ceiling, go up for another Vial of Machine Oil.

(If you’re going for Secrets, there are Torches behind you on the ledge with the lever, a glitch in an object used in that challenge makes it possible to do that whole part now. But we chose to follow most of the route as it was intended. So just leave the Torches and lever alone, we’ll be back!!)

Go back W and to the room with the 3 cages. Jump to the ledge (with Ctrl) and into the hole in the middle of the pool and follow back to the Sea, swim straight N to the diving bell.

But for a Secret: swim under that orange sub, into a hole in the bottom next to the wreck and follow through underneath the wreck to Secret #1(7) , the Silver Secret. Swim out, to the N and up into the diving bell (quite possible without getting air first).

The Faulty Gate, a Blood Stone.

In the bell place the second Machine Oil and watch the flyby carefully, it points you where to go. Swim S and a bit right to that big submarine wreck, immediately left into the tunnel and keep righto go through the opened gate, follow up to where you emerge in a dark cave. Go right of the big stairs (E) into a crawlspace and follow all the way up for some Flares, go back a bit and use the lever to the right to open a big gate. Go back and up the stairs and over a bridge to enter where that gate opened, yeah… that’s what you thought, now way of getting through. Go back a bit and hop into the water, swim down into a hole under the bridge and follow to an underwater lever, use that. Swim back and get out of the water.

There’s a magic circle under the gate now, so in case the gate is down go use the lever again and have another go at the gate, slide down and (shoot those animals that are so desperately trying to escape)…

Or just go up the ladder and left around the corner is a Medipack. Proceed into a room with a shallow pool and multiple gates. The gates SW and SE aren’t gates, but pushables, pull them out and use the Timed levers; SW opens NE and SE opens NW, go up both passages to a lever and after both are done, the Blood Stone will be available (N stairs).

Using the Blood Stone, Lava Pit for the Trident.

Go up the stairs N and pick it up. Back down the stairs, left into the opening E and left to place the Blood Stone. A flyby shows the Trident and a nice safe floor to it. But the floor shakes and as you turn around you’ll get a whole different picture.

Looks worse than it is, go to the opening in the gate left and run jump and grab the right hand pillar, shimmy left around the corner, pull up and back flip roll grab the next, keep going like this till you can grab the floor and go to the Trident. Time the burner and get it, hop back. Hang from the middle of floor, drop and grab the edge of the sloped grey stone ledge and pull up to back flip into a hole with water, swim down and follow through, climb out into a nice room, through the grate you can see the room where the Golden Secret is. Turn around and jump up to the ledge between the pillars (S) and pick up the Revolver, Mediapck, Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. The room with the 3 cages is shown, they should be lowered now, so this would be the point to go for those Secrets, but we can also do this later when we return to this level.

Swim back up to the lava pit, climb out S onto a safe ledge, run jump to the S wall and grab the crack, go right to drop on the corner ledge. Jump and grab up to the right (W) to a higher crack and go right to an opening, up the ladder there and drop back down behind the fence. Leave W and go straight through the gate across the room (opened when you grabbed the Trident).


5- Secrets Of The Sea.

Go through and in the hallway meet another werewolf, this one actually attacks, shoot him.

Lever/Gate Labyrinth.

Go in to the right (N), shoot the grate in the wall behind the plant and crawl in, throw a lever to open the gate next to it, another gate drops shut and that’s where we need to get to by creating a shortcut. Go in and that closed gate is right, so go left up the slope to another lever opening a gate*. Back down the slope, right and crawl out, leave S to the hallway. Shoot another werewolf. 

Go in S, shoot the vase right for Shotgun ammo, the other vase will release rats. Shoot the lower part of the grate in the wall and crawl in, and come to the gate you opened*. Go in, use the lever there opening another gate** in the room above. Go back to the hallway and shoot another werewolf. 

Go in W, shoot the grate in the wall and follow through to the gate** in the ‘room above’, use the lever to open the gate behind you, jump up in there (leave the lever alone) follow down to the ‘closed gate’ and turn right, throw the lever there again which made it close. Follow back to the hallway, right into the W room, through the crawlspace and to the ‘room above’, up into the gate left and follow down to the now open gate and hop down….

Main Room.

Prepare for a Secret: Go left and onto a raised block, use the jump lever above (E) and see the cage lift from the Silver Secret.

In the SE corner of this place is a pool, get in and swim W, pick up a Medipack where you see a grate above, get back to the pool and go in N, follow to an underwater lever and open a trapdoor* somewhere. Get back to the pool, get out and go over to the small pool behind the Neptune statue NW, that’s where the trapdoor* opened. Follow the caves and when you see some pillars, you can get air in the ceiling just left of the double pillar.

Turn around and swim back down and left to that single pillar NE, behind it in a lower part of the floor you’ll find Secret #1(8) , the Golden Secret. Swim back for air.

Bridge Cave, Burning Pillars, a Blood Stone.

Proceed to the NW, follow through and go up in a large room in the end. Turn around (N) and climb out at a Blood Stone receptacle. Face the room and to the left is a pillar in the pool, there’s a burner on top of every pillar that will activate if you stay there too long, so run jump to the pillar and a running jump to grab the next at the left corner. Pull up and a running jump to the right to the third, with a left curve a running jump to the passage (savegame.5).

Go in and run left through the corner, opening the trapdoor but not falling in. Climb down the ladder, get wet and pick up Shotgun ammo and Flares, go back up the ladder. Go up the slope and at the Blade turn around facing E, side flip right over the blade and immediately run up the slope and into the left corner. Climb up to that ledge above, avoiding a boulder (or go back and hide behind the open trapdoor). From the ledge a run jump around that nasty flame and over the next Blade onto the higher slope and go up, grab Shotgun ammo and Flares from the vases and go around the corner to use a jump lever opening the gate to the cage with the Blood Stone. Go down to get that and use the lever behind you to ignite one of the flames on a chandelier.

Using the Blood Stone, open the Bridge Gates.

Climb back up, make your way back to the pool and swim back to the other side where you can use the Blood Stone to open the gate in the central rock pillar, jump in there (and you’ll get a screen of the Ruby Secret), throw the lever on the left opening all 4 gates up in the Bridge cave.

Igniting the Chandelier Puzzle.

Now we have to do that run over the Flaming pillars once more (savegame.6). Go up the slopes to the gate on the left (N) at the top of the passage and go over the bridge to the central pillar (under the trapdoor is the Ruby Secret). You’ll have to visit all 3 gates to ignite the fires on the chandelier over your head. Can be done in random order…

Left (W) Waterworks, a Blood Stone.

Hop into the water and swim straight down, then against the current to the other end and up through a similar shaft, climb out and get the Blood Stone. In the SE corner is a jump lever to ignite the second fire on the chandelier. Go back to the central pillar.

N, Jumping Frenzy, a Security Card. 

Go in and at the room with the sloped pillars, climb down the ladder first get a Medipack and Flares along the S wall, get back up. Stand jump and grab the first, pull up over and slide jump to the dark one going right, jump again and grab the next. Traverse to the left side and pull up over, jump to the next and slide far to jump a bit to the right and grab the next. Slide far and jump from the end to grab the climb wall, go up. Go around right and pull the half eaten corpse off the Security Card (screen of an underwater cave). Go further around the corner and hop to the flat pillar, hop back to grab and climb the ladder all the way down. Back flip into a chamber to get Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Use the jump lever in the back to ignite the third fire on the chandelier. Back up the ladder, jump the flat pillars to the W and then a left curved jump into the entrance. Go back onto the bridge

E, Fire, Blood Stone 2.

Climb down the ladder, drop on the slope and back flip before you hit the lava, jump back grabbing the monkey climb and turn around, time the Fire pipe to get through and shimmy almost to the end. At the vertical Fire you’ll have to far enough to drop on the slope below and jump onto the ledge (savegame.7). Go get the second Blood Stone. Turn around and jump into that tunnel with the grated floor, above the Fire traps. Get Revolver ammo and a Torch. Jump back to that ledge where you got the Stone, ignite the Torch and ignite the two wall sconces. All fires are now lit on the chandelier and you’ll hear the trapdoor open.

Drop the Torch, get back into the tunnel where you got it and jump to the ladder in the end, go up and over to the bridge pillar.

Down into the open trapdoor for Secret #2(9) , the Ruby Secret. Climb back up.

Using the Blood Stones, Cage Puzzle.

Safety drop down from the N side into the pool, swim N into the tunnel, you can go up for air in the cave with the square pillars and then proceed S to the next area. Up through the open trapdoor to the Main room and over to the E wall where the Stones can be used. Climb up at the open gate and follow through to a cage and a hole in the floor. Stand close to the hole facing W, back flip on to a slope, jump back a bit to the right onto a next slope and jump again to a slope, then grab the crack in the E wall. Go left and pull up at a lever to raise a block in the Main room, get down and pull that cage onto the block. Get up to the lever again to lower the cage into the Main room. Now get down, grab the Shotgun ammo from where the cage was and drop down the hole (side flip to get out of the cage).

Pull the cage to the S and left onto the grey tile left of the Blood Stones (E wall). Watch the flyby and then notice the Spikes on the right (S) are gone. Now you can climb the ladder on that pillar. Better jump up and grab the ladder and then, back flip roll to grab the jump lever and the gate to the central area opens up. Go in… (Secret hunters: be sure you used that jump lever above the block SW in the Main room before you go in).

Lava Basement, a Blood Stone.

Stand at the NW corner of the hole in the floor, hang in and drop into the safe corner of the Blade, turn and hop to the ledge, then down into the water below, use an underwater lever S, climb out at the pole and go up to back flip onto one of the ledges. Doesn’t matter which one they lead to the same room. In the NW passage you can grab up to a window with a small medipack. The SE passage doesn’t have that. In the next Lava room, grab up to the monkey climb, go over to the grated ceiling and make it across the pit. Go through the passage and grab another Blood Stone.

Go back across the Lava pit, drop and look down into the pit. Safety drop onto that stone ledge in the lava. Hop down into that green hole and swim in to gather 3x Shotgun ammo left and right. Swim back and climb up on the left then turn around to climb back up to the entrance. Go back to the pole and down to the ledge, hop into the opening in the corner and use the Blood Stone to open the gate.

Switch Floors, the Trident.

You’ll have to find a way to turn off the Flames under the Trident. Jump or run over all the ‘white’ tiles to stop the flames under the Trident, go get that and the flames under the pulley on the ledge N will stop, get back to the ledge N (savegame.8).

Use that pulley to open the gate W. Go in and come to a small room, the vase in the back has Flares. Climb up E, shoot the grate and follow through to a pool with pillars.

Run jump and grab the pillar in front of you and grab Secret #3(10) , the Silver Secret. If the cage isn’t down, you forgot that jump lever in the Main room.

Swim into a cave N, use the underwater lever in the end to bring out a rope in the cave and swim back, climb out of the pool in the far right corner (SW) and use the ladder to get back to the entrance ledge. If the cage for the Secret is still up it is probably climbable, grab it and go around to the back of the pillar, down the ladder a bit and back flip to a ledge. From there you can run jump and grab the rope. Swing and jump to get to the ledge up sort of straight ahead (E), use the lever to raise a block** back in the Main room. Follow the passage up to swinging fire pots, walk close along the grated walls. I risked my life for you to check out those two vases, but they were empty…. Just go out S, jump down in the Main room and shoot the two werewolves.

The block you raised is at the other side, use the lever and see a trapdoor* open up in that Lever/Gate Labyrinth. Go up in the passage right of the block (S) straight through and down into the ‘room above’. Go right into the passage and follow through, crawl out and go to the hallway. Take a right and into the S room, into the crawlspace and follow through to the room below where that open trapdoor* is. Drop down and follow through to where the level changes back…


4- Ship Graveyard Revisited.         

Go out to the stairs room, right and to the water and into the hole, follow back to the submarine wreck. Go out N to the Sea (Secret hunters, scroll down). Not going for the Secrets? Swim over the wreck and across to the diving bell NW and get in.

Going for the remaining Secrets, as soon as you come to the Sea, turn right, swim up a bit and up into that small tunnel (SE) where we went for the Machine Oil before, follow through and get up in the room where the 3 cages were, if you got the Revolver before… they are now down, except for the one where the burning bowl is. Jump into the opening W, follow and jump to the ladder again and go up. This time use the lever at the window to open a gate* (and raise the cage where the fire is) and pick up a Torch. Just run down with the Torch onto the ledge under the ladder.

Boulder Trap, How I did this;

Save facing E and standing against the edge of the higher floor, just roll and run jump over the pit to the floor, take a quick step back against the edge and wait as long as possible before you back flip back again (because another boulder was coming from behind and you just back flipped over that one (savegame.9). Turn around, take the Torch up the slope, at the closed gate right through the opened gate*, get on the ledge and ignite the Torch on the burning bowl, go around igniting the 3 others. Now run jump with the Torch into the opening E. Drop it at the gate and turn to the room, stand jump in to grab the jump lever opening the gate in the passage. Jump back in E, get the Torch and follow the passage down.

Go down with the Torch and ignite the two wall sconces and you’ll get a screen of the well and a transparent part of wall.

Drop the Torch for a bit and go get a small medipack from the passage S, go back and hop into the well, climb up left into a niche for Shotgun ammo, back to the water and walk through a transparent wall E, in the next small cave is a small medipack right and in the back is Secret #2(11) , the Ruby Secret. The cages lower where you left your Torch, go back there and ignite the two bowls, another screen shows the wall where the Ruby Secret was, drop the Torch and go back to that room.

Crawl through the transparent wall under the wall sconce and follow to a cave with a waterfall, drop through the hole of the waterfall and you’ll land right in front of Secret #3(12) , the Golden Secret. Collect a Medipack, Revolver ammo, a small medipack and more Shotgun ammo around the room and leave N. Follow up to the waterfall and go through S, get back to where you left the Torch. You can leave it behind and go W, follow through and left to the room with the 3 cages. Hop into the hole and swim back to the Sea. Swim over the wreck to the diving bell NW and get in. 

Into a Wreck.

Use the Security Card in the reader E and watch the flyby. Dive down and to the N, into the right hand tunnel near the bottom, keep right and follow through and up at the end.

Using the Tridents.

Go in either passages (N and S) as they lead through the compartments with desks and some equipment, then go up the sloped corridor E to a dead soldier. Up the sloped corridor right is another body and next to it a small medipack. Back down to the corner and look up right.

Jump up against the grate and shoot it with pistols. Go into the duct you just opened and follow through. Watch out for the laser trap and go down a ladder to a room where the Tridents can be placed on the statues. Drop down the NE corner into that column of water and swim down and through the tunnel, keeping left to a small cave, then into a small tunnel behind that yellow container and the level will change….



6- HMS Botany Bay.

Quite some revisiting previous areas in this level, remember the routes.

Swim through and go up for air. The ship seems to be upside down. Climb up on a crate (NE), run jump and the crate SW, jump to the next and grab up to the grate above. Monkey climb to the opening N. Just follow the “main corridor” through, jump past the steam and up at the other end. Left around the corner is a lower part in the “floor”, shoot the panel left, inside is a Crowbar door for later (remember this, revisited a few times). Go on through the corridor, another steam pit and up at the end, here is the “ladder shaft” we’ll see a couple of times. Loop left around it and next left is with a white “floor”, leading to a closed white door* (we’ll also go through a few times later). So continue straight (W) and around the corner you will get a flyby of the Machine room, a yellow door opens. Follow the main corridor to that yellow door.

The Machine Room, Turning off the Power.

First a Crowbar.

When the burner is down, go in and get to hang from the left side of the pipe and drop down, the floor is safe, the water is electrified, so, deadly. Get to the lever above the grate, W wall and that white door* opens near the “ladder shaft”. Get back on the pipe at the door and if you like, to the S is Shotgun ammo. Get back to the yellow door and into the passage, just follow down to the ladder shaft and right to get to the opened white door*. In that room is a Beast to kill, then go up the other side, follow through and down into a flooded passage to swim to a pedestal with the Crowbar. There is a big gate we don’t need at the end of the passage, but there’s air too if you need it.

Use the Crowbar.

Swim back, follow through the room with the Beast and go right when back in the main corridor, loop right around the ladder shaft, through the steam vents again and up at the end, in the lower part around the corner through the panel N and open the crowbar door. At the Thumper go right into the corridor and down a ladder you might recognize, it’s the “ladder shaft”. Shoot the panel at the bottom (E) to get the Revolver ammo. Follow the corridor to a lever, the lever will stop a flame under a valve* you can just see up through the grate W.

Get back up the ladder, down to the Thumper and right, through the second Thumper and (right hand passage is for later) go left after that, just follow through, down some slopes and right around the corner go up and find that valve* in the niche where you stopped the flame just before, when you use it you’ll see the electricity turned off in the Machine room.

Go back W (up N is an exit for later), up the slopes and once back in the corridor with the Thumpers, go left around into the next passage W, drop down and through the passage (NW) to another valve, opening a door you can see through the grate. Back to the room and before you grab back up, pull out that yellow container once, then jump and grab up into the passage above it. Back in the corridor with the Thumpers (they are S), go into the first passage left (E) and drop down at the end, throw the lever opening a white door** behind the grate, the door to the small Storage. Grab back up and run straight against the N wall, grab up into the opening above for another Revolver. To the right you can see the Laser Sight. Back down and W to the Thumpers corridor, go to the S and straight through both Thumpers, out of the crawlspace and left through the steam pit, follow the main corridor to that ladder shaft.

Disable the Spikes.

Take a left (passage with the white “floor” and white door), through the room with the dead Beast and up the other side, to the left is the white door** you opened with the lever.


Push the wooden crate to the right (N) as far as it will go. Left is a yellow container, push it (only possible if you pulled out the other one behind it before) and grab the Explosive Harpoons. NE is another wooden crate, push it all the way and throw the lever right to disable spikes in the Machine room. Go out and push that wooden crate W into the room behind it and get the Revolver.

Machine Room, the Jump Lever.

Out of the white door, right and straight through the room with the Beast, left at the ladder shaft and follow the main corridor to the Machine Room. The electricity is off now; the water is safe. Make your way to the NE corner (crawl under the grey beam; use the jump lever on the N wall to open a door in the opening up right.

Technical Area, Cargo Bay Access Card, Cutting the Current.

Go up into the opening, through the passage and down to the left Technical Area, with a closed yellow door in front of you. Go left around, side flipping over pipes and passing a chain, go left at the yellow door and in the room with the yellow container. Go left down a flooded passage for the Cargo Bay Access Card. Back up, use the valve straight ahead in the corner, opening a trapdoor** for later.

Save and push the container to the S, the trapdoor opens. The current down there, at the fans, is pretty strong. You can best fight it by trying to cut corners or go up and then swim down if you’re caught. So swim down and follow through. In the end is an underwater lever. Sadly not opening that yellow door but cutting the current in another room, this is off the corridor with the Thumpers. Swim back fast and at the last (3rd) fan is air up above. Swim E and get out of the tunnel.

Laser Sight.

Go back to the large area passing the chain, right to where you entered, and loop around right (S) jumping pipes, go through some water and in the end left is another Valve, opening that yellow door opposite the entrance. Next to it (left) is that open trapdoor**, climb up (face S) and go get the Laser Sight. Climb back down.

Captain’s Key and using it.

Go back N and straight, jumping pipes and down the wide corridor N. Take a right down there and follow to the end into a shallow pool, keep left and look up right in that central block to climb up to the Captain’s Key.

Return up the wide passage, and left over the pipe and right around the corner to where we opened that yellow door before. Shoot the fire extinguisher and the flames are gone, go up right for some Flares, go back and climb up above the fan N to the door you can now open with the Captain’s Key. Shoot the beast and go straight into the small passage around that terminal and use the valve to open that yellow door* near the Storage where we pushed the crates.

A Fuse.

Go back out of the yellow door and in the large area loop around right to a large pool with pillars, run jump to the sloped one, jump with a left curve to the next and grab the edge as you slide off. Hang a bit to the right, time the burner behind you and pull up to back flip and jump from the burner block to grab the next slope. Now hang left, time the burner again and pull up to do a back flip over the low end of the burner block, landing on a slope behind it, immediately jump again to grab the ladder on the wall (savegame.10).  

Go up and off left, get over to the lever in the far upper SE corner to open a door below in the S wall. You can reach the door from the SW corner, using a crack there to shimmy to the door, use the lever to start a sprinkler in the passage up N. Stand jump out right, grabbing the ledge and get to the opening N, in the pool and left is the Fuse. Get back out and drop down into the pool below from the SE corner, climb out using the crate.

Fuel Mixture.

Loop around left (E) to the end and then again left to another pit, with vertical flames. Hop into the water and climb out NE, follow around and run out left onto the ledge. Jump over to the next and from there to a jump lever S to open a door way up in this room. Go back up to the passage, left onto the ledge and this time grab up to the walkway above (face W). Make your way up to that open door and save.

Inside are several Thumpers all against each other, run in and left into the niche, line up and sprint through the next two. It helps they don’t kill on contact, so you can get real close (you can actually just run straight, you will be stopped by some Thumpers, just run again when they go up). Pick up the Fuel Mixture and get back through the Thumpers (savegame.11). Drop into the pool below and climb out SW.

Machine Oil.

Now we have to get back to the Machine room and to the crawlspace where you opened the Crowbar door.

So, jump over the pipe and go right (W). Just before the next pipe up left into the white corridor (S) and follow through to the Machine room. Jump down and make your way to the wall on the right (W). At the yellow door near the fire emitter climb up and go in. Follow through and at the ladder shaft go straight and get through the steamers. Around the next corner is that crawlspace (N). Crawl through and avoid the two Thumpers and take the first right (at the floor grate).

Down the ladder and follow the flooded passage to an underwater door, get the Flares on the right and then open the underwater door, behind it is air if you need it. Swim into the opening in the back left and get to the Vial of Machine Oil.

Go back for air and notice the door SW opened, inside is an underwater lever, use that and go up right of it, climb out N and turn around to jump grab up S. Go down to a grate in the floor, we’ve been here before using a valve, just go right up the slope W and follow the passage back to the Thumpers corridor, but they have gone silent now…

Use the Cargo Bay Access Card.

Go to the right and straight (S), through the crawlspace and left through the steam pit to the ladder shaft, left and through the white passage, the room with the Beast and up the other side. Right at the small Storage and then left is the now open door (after using the Captain’s Key). Inside you can use the Cargo Bay Access Card and watch the flyby.

Shoot the small panel right and get in for Shotgun ammo. That last gate opening in the flyby is a bit misleading, as you cannot do anything when you go to the Cargo Bay through that (or I couldn’t find it).

The Cargo Bay, flood it.

Get out; backtrack once again to the main corridor. Take a right, left and then straight through the room with the Beast, through the white passage. Loop around to the left and follow through to the Machine room and up in the passage NE to the Technical Area. Then take a right/left down the wide corridor and right to where you got the Captain’s Key.

Go in the water and the gate in the S wall is now open, climb in and at the big pumps you can use the Fuel Mixture right and the Machine Oil left to open the door to the Water Control. So back again and down from the gate N, up W and to the right into the opened door, use the Fuse to get the pumps going. The lower part of the Cargo Bay is now flooded.

Secrets: After using the Fuse, turn around and grab up to the crawlspace above, go right and open the crowbar door, save and shoot the grate to let the water in… Swim down a bit left for a small medipack, up right for Revolver ammo on the pillar and in the back (NE) is Secret #1(13), the Silver Secret. Swim back into the tunnel S, up for air and climb out. Use the lever and see the door to the next Secret open up. Drop down the now open trapdoor S, go to the right (E) and down the left side, into the door in the back for Secret #2(14), the Ruby Secret. A step further in the water is 2x Shotgun ammo and up in the back are a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Get out and up to the pumps (S) through the gate to the Cargo Bay.

At the Cargo Bay shoot a stray Shark and swim across to the S side, get out and follow the passage to a storage, collect Shotgun ammo and another Shotgun, a Medipack and more Shotgun ammo. Go through N, in the right hand corner grab up to the grated floor and pull that crate left from its spot to find the Harpoon gun and Harpoons, a gate opens up in a cave (without picking up these items you couldn’t have finished the level). Get back down and SE through to the Cargo Bay.

Last Secret: Climb up onto the floating crates (from the NW corner) and grab up to the E walkway, shoot the lock on the fence and jump in there, shoot the two Beasts and go up the slope left (N), at the wall turn around and grab up to a ladder, hang on the crack and go left to the ledge with the lever, killing the flames in the room with the Secret. Get down and left through the room to get Secret #3(15) , the Golden Secret. Go back down to the Cargo bay.

Getting out of here…

Hop into the water, swim down through the floor into the cave (you might encounter another shark) and head into the tunnel SE, follow through to where that gate opened and the level changes….


7- Blue Alert.

Swim through up and right for air if you like, follow S taken by the current and you’re back at the wreck. Up to the right is a diving bell, get out there to collect a small medipack and Harpoons and shoot the Shark in case he followed you there. In this bell is the receptacle for the Fuel Mixture (later).

Green Alert Card 1 and using it.

Hop back in, swim SE to the other diving bell for some Explosive Harpoons and the Green Alert Card 1, go back to the first diving bell.

Swim down N to those caves, take the right hand one, follow the cave into the ship again (if the gate is closed, use the lever to open it) and at the end go up for air. Go through the passage N or S, and up the ramp E. Up in the left hand corner, shoot the grate again and this time get Explosive Harpoons and a Harpoon Gun. Get out, go up the ramp again and pick up a small medipack right in the room overlooking the Neptune statues. Use the Green card to the left (E) and follow that passage to a storage roo 

Storage Puzzle, the Fuse.

Push the container under the lever and use it to open a gate NE on the higher ledge, go there to use another lever retracting the spikes so you can move the container to the next lever on the NE pillar, a gate opens NW, for the second spike trap. Now move the container all the way around along the S wall to the lever on the E wall. The gate W is now open, go get the Fuse and watch a flyby. Pick up the small medipack and leave the storage SW.

Back to the Sea; following the same route back.

Green Alert Card 2. 

From where you get back to the Sea, swim SE to the diving bell there. 

With a Secret: From where you get back to the Sea, first get air in the diving bell, swim S along the hull and at that little yellow sub down left in a hole in the bottom is Secret #1(16), the Golden Secret. Swim E to the diving bell there.

Whenever you like to do this, near the stern of the wreck and up in the W wall is a fence, if you swim into the cave below that fence and up to the cave behind the fence, you can get Secret #2(17), the Ruby Secret.

Swim down S to the bottom and into that hole where we got the Silver Secret in the previous level, a gate opened there, go pick up Green Alert Card 2. Get back to the bell NW and into the same cave again (N), follow through, same route to the room where you see the Neptune statues, use the Card right.

Container Puzzle.

Go in and left to the room S where you can use the first Fuse, ‘cause we need one more there. Go to the back and right, then left to a room with two crowbar doors, open both of them. Behind the pillar N is a lever and we need a step up for that, head into the door W, pull that container to the door, turn around and shoot the grate to go through the crawlspace (shoot another grate), out that crowbar door and move that container behind the pillar N to use the lever opening a trapdoor*.

For a Secret: move the container into the S door, loop around through the crawlspace to push it E onto a wood tile in that passage and the door behind the N pillar opens up. Grab up into that open door and get Secret #3(18), the Silver Secret.

Get out, into the crowbar door passage W and up the ladder a bit, back flip into a duct behind. Go in and that’s a duct with a laser trap, from the corner shoot the first grate you see left and run in there when the laser moves off. Run further when you get the chance and shoot another grate to create a safe haven. Then go to the end of the duct and shoot the grate to a Submarine Bay. Two guys there to take care of, one drops Harpoons.

Submarine Bay, Blue Alert Card.

Hop into the water where that little sub is hanging about and shoot a Frogman. Go to the gate SE and open it with the lever, follow through and climb out. Pull out that yellow container (N) and move it all the way right (E). Do the same with the wooden crate NW. Pull out the yellow container NW and move it aside to get behind it and pick up the Blue Alert Card.

The Diving Area Key.

A gate opens W, go out to the Bay and the hunting Season started, while you go up to the first level (walkway S), about 3 SAS show up, one drops Harpoons (lower level) and one a Shotgun (first level). In the NE corner of level 1 is a ladder up to a crawlspace, inside is the Diving Area Key.

A Fuse.

Left of the walkway going up to the door E is the Reader for the Blue Alert Card, go up and through the door left, grab a small medipack from the desk right. Head into the passage N, follow through and on the first desk right in the next room is another Fuse. The door W opens up, go through and down the ladder. Follow through and pick up Explosive Harpoons from the pedestal next to the fire extinguisher. Use the Diving Area Key S and get a screen of that sub. Go back along the same route, shoot a SAS and grab the Shotgun ammo. Once back in the Bay, more SAS might show, one dropped a small medipack.

Using the Fuse, opening the way back.

Hop into the water (maybe shoot a Frogman), swim down to the sub and go into the tunnel S and up in what looks like a diving bell, go through W and on a desk left is a Medipack. Head into the next passage through the pumping area and in the next office left is a lever opening a gate** in a cave. Back to the diving bell, through the tunnel to the sub and down under the sub left into the cave where that gate** opened in the end.

You’re back in the Sea, get air if you want and swim down N into the right hand tunnel. Follow that same route again to the room where you see the Neptune statues, take a right through the door W and left to place the second Fuse there.

The Fuel Mixture.

A little deadly sub appeared at the stern of the wreck and suddenly there’s a Fuel Mixture on that pedestal. So back we go again, E to the Neptune room and left following the route back to the Sea. Get air in the diving bell (there might be some Harpoons there) and swim S, avoiding contact with that little sub. Grab the Fuel Mixture and swim back to the NW diving bell. Place the Fuel Mixture there and the door will open where we got that Mixture (I didn’t get to see that happening). Swim along the E side of the wreck to stay out of sight and get through that door S. Follow in and the level will change…


8- Amber Life.

Swim through and climb out right (E), follow the cave to a gorge, to the right is a Medipack. Step out of that side cave and loop around right to a cave behind a waterfall, swim into the tunnel behind the plants for Shotgun ammo.

A Vulcan Stone 1.

Back out, straight to the rock wall, left a bit and right around that wall you can see a gate. Stay on dry ground and grab up E, shimmy left around the corner and pull up on the ledge. Go straight to the back and to the right (NE) into the tunnel to a burning pedestal, shoot the 3 dog statues and grab the Vulcan Stone. Go out to the gorge. Secret hunters scroll down.

Without the Secrets: Jump to the ledge around the tree S, go right around and jump to the SW waterfall. 

Secret Quest: Go W and look up right for a ledge with plants hanging down. Grab up to that ledge, shimmy right around to pull up on the little waterfall, stand on the top of it and turn around to grab up again, in the pool in front of you is Secret #1(19), the Ruby Secret. Go into the passage in the back and left and follow through to Secret #2(20), the Silver Secret. Go back to the little waterfall and safety drop down E, turn around and loop around right around the rock, hop down onto the ledge around the tree and grab up to a short branch S side of the tree. Jump to the waterfall SW. loop right and jump into an opening NW, follow through to Secret #3(21), the Golden Secret. Get back to the tree.

Up the Waterfall, A Blood Stone.

Go up into the cave the water comes from, jump up right, then run onto the block and hop into the opening E. Then jump again over to the block in the next waterfall and into the opening E. To the right are levers, but first head to the left in the end right is another Revolver, go back and to those levers. Using both opens the gate in the back, go up the passage and shoot the dog statue, best run back to the corridor with the levers to shoot the Beast so you won’t have to jump over the corpse every time, because in that passage where the statue was are 2 Vulcan Stone receptacles. You can place the first if you like. Shoot the statue N for Revolver ammo.

Proceed N and follow through to a slide down and shoot that white thing on the pedestal to kill the flames and bring up the Blood Stone.

Vulcan Stone 2.

Go left down the path to a pit and safety drop down, on the circle tile turn S and place the Blood Stone. Out of this passage and right to the gate you opened and in the yellow back wall is a push block. Pull it out and aside to get in there. Through the hall of heroes to the burning pedestal, shoot the left hand dog and grab Vulcan Stone 2. Go back out through that gate, as soon as you’re out of the shallow water, grab up left as before. Shimmy left and pull up, jump to the ledge around the tree S, go right around and jump to the SW waterfall. Up the waterfall and jump up right, over the block into the opening E and follow through to the passage with the two levers. Go right and to the passage. When you are at the ate, loop around left to place one Vulcan Stone, the other goes around the next corner. The gate a bit back (SE) opens up.

Another Blood Stone.

Go through and follow the rooms through a hall of Dogs to a passage with a fence. Go right and up the waterfall, shoot a dog and jump up to get the Blood Stone. Go down and to the other end (W), open the gate with that Blood Stone and pass through a Hall of Heroes where a battle took place… Going on you’ll come to a place with a grated floor, a gate left which opens standing in the entrance. You have to jump around the room, standing only on the squares above the circle tiles below to keep the gate open and get in…

Shoot that blue shrine from the back till something breaks and the gate in the behind Lara opens up. Go in and around the room till the beam of light appears, step in and watch the show.

Use the reach in switches N and S and then W, the gate opens, grab into the N hole again to get a small medipack. Go through the gate and meet the Guide. Hop into the blue rays to end this adventure…


G&D Dec. 2019