CaC-Vacation of the Tomb Raider

 Level by AgentXP.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

There’s also an author playthrough.

Fountain Room.

At the start you can choose different outfits for Lara, the game is the same.

Go straight into the Fountain room, hop into the water and swim right to get Revolver ammo (Automatic Pistol? I’ll just call it Revolver, as that’s what it is), roll and swim right again for Flares, roll and right again, through the opening and get some air before you use the underwater lever straight ahead (E), opening a gate at the Fountain room.

First Floor, Monkey climbs, Revolver.

Swim back through the opening, up and climb out to go through the gate E and go up the stairs to the first floor, go to the corner pillar left (SE) and get on the block behind it, face the pillar and side flip onto a slope, jump again to grab the monkey climb, go straight to where you see a jump lever above the rooms entrance (on the right), use the lever to open a gate on the second floor. Go out (E) and right up the broken stairs and jump over left to grab the stairs there, go left onto the landing with the plant and grab a small medipack. Climb the block and then up right to the second floor, take the Revolver ammo and go through the open gate.

Go onto the beams and then right, look on the NE pillar to spot the climb wall, jump and grab that and go down a bit and left to operate a jump lever, this one retracts the Spikes on the monkey climbs. Go back into the corner where you can get back onto the monkey climbs (SE), this time turn left after grabbing it, follow to where you can go right along the beam to get to that pedestal in the middle of the room. Drop and grab the Revolver (so, I was right after all).

Citadel Entrance Key.

Face W and jump up to grab the monkey climb again, go straight to the wall and operate the jump lever to open the door in front of you. Go in and left to find the Citadel Entrance Key. Get back out, hop down into the water of the Fountain room and go to the gate on the right (S), open it with your Key. Go through to a courtyard with a pool.

A Lasersight.

Go straight into the water, roll and use that underwater lever N, a block goes up somewhere (for later). Climb out using the ledge NW, go up the stairs in that corner and grab the Revolver ammo behind the palm tree. Then head back and to the far NE corner, where that block went up (later).

Go to that palm tree on the right, face E and use Ctrl to start climbing and go up to the first branches, back flip off onto a ledge with a lever. Throw the lever to open a door next to that block. Get down there and into the storage to get the Lasersight from the crate in the corner. The shelves seem empty, but between the shelves (W) you can get Revolver ammo.

Raising the Water Level (Sphere #1).

Go back to where you entered the courtyard and N through the gate to the Fountain room, go right through the door to the stairs and all the way up to level 2. From standing halfway down the S beam, you can aim for the blue sphere (#1) that swings behind the SW pillar, the pool is shown and one fountain is working.

A Crowbar.

Now turn around and aim up to shoot the Bell in the middle of the room, a door** opens in the Fountain room. Get down to the ground floor using the staircase and a drop into the water and go through that door you opened** (W). Go straight through the first room to the small square with the tables and chairs. Lara look up right to a jump lever above a fountain, go left and find a slanted block, back flip onto the block, jump and grab the grated ceiling. Go to the jump lever and a door opens when you use it.

While we are in the water we can just as well go for a Secret, in the back, after turning right, you can swim into a tunnel up right and follow through to a room. Climb out for Secret #1, the Uzis, Flares, 2x Uzi clips and Revolver ammo. Swim back to the fountain.                      

Climb out and go through the open door N, behind the table. To the right are Flares, on the workbench a Crowbar and shoot the crate and toolbox for Shotgun ammo and Revolver ammo. Get out, head left back through the door and to the Fountain room, through the gate on the right (S) to the courtyard with the pool.

Raising the Water Level (Sphere #2).

Take a right up the stairs and open the crowbar door there, shoot a crate in the back right for Revolver ammo, spot some unreachable Flares W and go left (SW) up the ladder. Follow the passage, passing a gate* left, pick up Uzi clips right and throw the lever in the back to open said gate* and you’ll hear a raising block.

For the Secret, first return to the ladder, from the top of it run down NE with Ctrl to get into the opening where the block lowered. Crawl through to Secret #2, Flares, a small medipack and Uzi clips. Go back and hop up right to the passage.

Now go into the gate you opened there, left. Get down onto the ledge and go right around, jump into the windowsill over the waterfall to get the Uzi clips and jump out to the right (SE), follow the ledge and jump over that Cog wheel. Notice the wooden door up right, behind it is another blue sphere. Use the wheel about 6-7 times, roll and run to where you can aim for sphere #2 and shoot it before the door closes. Another fountain is working.

The other wheel NW, we shot the one NW from inside already. I was wondering why I couldn’t see it behind the door, LOL. So… You could just follow the ledge to the E and grab a Medipack from the corner left, safety drop down onto the stairs below.

Raising the Water Level (Sphere #3), the Beach, into the Caves.

Head for the SW corner, to that little building to open the crowbar door, inside go left and down the stairs to the wooden jetty and the E end of it.

Look in the water to spot a toolbox, shoot it and go get Secret #3, a small medipack and Uzi clips.

From the Jetty swim SE along the rocks left and find a triangular opening left and swim into a cave. Swim to the far E side and pull up onto the right hand lower tip of the ledge right of you, backflip with a roll to grab the ledge behind you and pull up. Hop up left (NW) to the high block on the wall, face W and stand jump up straight to grab the ledge above. Turn around and hop over to get into the opening in the E wall and follow to a big cave with what looks like a crane.

The Platform.

Turn left and hop onto the block NW, jump with a roll onto the next NW so you can grab the edge as you slide off, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the large block behind you. Go right around the corner and pull up on the grassy ledge. Jump to the ledge W, follow right to an opening N, use the lever left of the gate to raise the platform at the crane. Hop into the water and swim to the left (E).

Just left of the crane pillar is a hole in the netting, swim down and to the far W side through a narrow opening to get Secret #4, Grenades and a small medipack.

Climb out onto the ledge behind the wooden crate (E), jump to the crate and then run jump to the ledge E, walk right to the end, run jump SW with a bit of a left curve in the end to get to a corner ledge. Hop SW and go up W as far as possible, turn around and stand jump/grab the thin entrance ledge above. Hop up to the NW block again and from there take a run jump onto the platform and use the button to lower that crate in the crane. Go up over the top and just run off the other end landing on the crate. Stand left and run jump straight N onto a block, grab up a few times to get into the opening. Follow the passage to a cave with a ramp, go up and back flip onto the high end and jump to grab the ledge above. Go into the opening a bit further down and follow through to some Revolver ammo right and a lever at the gate. The lever opens two gates, this one and one at the next Cog wheel. Run jump out left onto the grassy slopes and get some more Revolver ammo.

Turn around and go over the flatter parts (NE) and jump to that ledge under the wooden door to get the small medipack. Drop form the ledge to find the Cog wheel (E passage), turn 6-7 times, roll run out while drawing the revolver and roll again to shoot sphere #3, as well as the next Fountain working.

Raising the Water Level (Sphere #4).

Go to that block you raised way before (NE) and first spot the door, not the one E, we did that, but the one SW will open Turn the wheel, turn left and shoot sphere #4. The pool will be full now, as all 4 fountains are working. Go there and dive in to use the underwater lever S and the pillar under the fountain goes down, go pick up the Citadel Tomb Key.

The Citadel Tomb.

Leave N to the Fountain room, go left (W) through the door and head left down those big stairs, use the Citadel Tomb Key there and the door left opens up. Step into the gloomy Tomb chamber, in the S side alcoves are 4 numbered levers, each corner of the Tomb has his own climbable pillar, but the easiest way to get up to the higher central floor is a run jump/grab from the container left (NW).

The Clues.

Go stand between the two Tombs, walk just S of them and look up at the S wall and use the binoculars to make things easier, left and right of the central pillar are two niches up near the floor, inside you’ll see 4 symbols with a number behind them. Write them down and now hop onto that container NW from which you can look on top of the Tombs and spot those symbols.

Deriving the clues gives you I -III for the W Tomb and I-II-IIII for the E one.  

So, go to the levers and use I and III and one Tomb moves aside, there is a closed gate in there. Then use the other levers to open the other Tomb (I – II – IIII)

In the passage below the Tomb (E) is a lever, doors open up in the Tomb chamber. Climb back up and the doors E and N are open.

N, get a Torch.

First we need to go into the N side door, be careful at the spike trap and go left into the room, collect 2x Revolver ammo from the floor and a Medipack from the pool. Back out to the spike trap and left, don’t attempt to go up that stairs, but stand aside and shoot the blue sphere to release a boulder triggering an armada of Blades. Now it’s safe to go up and pick up a Torch.

Igniting the Torch.

Take it to the Tomb chamber and go left into the door (E), straight through to a large pit. Take a right and get onto that ledge in the corner. Run off onto the slope left of it and find a burning wall torch along the W wall to ignite your Torch. Go to the one right and ignite it to lower a block above a ladder.

Opening the route for the Torch.

We’ll need the Torch in the section above later. Drop it for now, (remember where you left it) and climb the ladder NE. Go through to the chamber with the spike blocks we’ll have to ignite and get Revolver ammo from behind the columns (NE corner). Go into the opening W, a crossing with spike portals, straight is the room with the pool we visited and left is where we got the Torch from. Use the lever in the corner to activate the traps so they will be passable.

Getting rid of the Spikes.

Go back E to the spike blocks, climb a block SE and jump/grab up W to a brown ledge. Run jump to a ledge behind the pillar NW and get a small medipack, jump to the far corner for Revolver ammo, jump back to that brown ledge (S), this time jump behind the pillar E, get to the niche N for Flares and then get onto the ledge with the lever.

Pull and hop back to safety drop down, run to the left (N) between the columns through the Timed gate and save inside (be sure to have the Revolver handy). Just slide down and land on a Timed platform, shoot the two blue spheres up left and right and the platform will be solid, the spikes in the pit below will pop once and the spike blocks will now be safe.

Igniting the Blocks. 

You drop into the pit so get the Revolver ammo and get back up to the platform, go up S, out of the gate and now we need the Torch, so go SE, down the ladder to the pit and get the Torch. Back flip onto the spike slope next to the ladder and jump to the pillar, jump to the pillar S. Running jump to the corner. Stand facing the spike slope W, hop over the top when you expect the spikes to be up and immediately jump to the corner ledge. Follow the ledge left into the dark cave; go right and over the pit, through the Spikes and right to the spike block room. Hop onto 3 of the blocks to ignite them and get a screen of a Golden Rose.

To the Golden Rose, Chandelier Puzzle.

Go back through the door W and straight through the spikes, at the spike trap in the floor left to the Tomb chamber. Ignite the two wall torches next to the entrance on the right (W) and a block goes up, hop onto the container with the Torch, to the raised block and up to the central floor above. Drop your Torch close to that pulley (E). Save, go use the pulley, roll and run jump back, grab the Torch and ignite the 3 remaining lamps before chandelier goes back up, or lower the chandelier again and the gate opens.

You can now leave the Torch behind or drop it from the W side of the floor to take it with you later), get down to the ground floor and when needed, open the W Tomb by pulling lever IIII down, III up again and I down. Drop into the W Tomb where the gate now opened, carefully approach that floor with the nice tiles, the lower parts have knife traps one of them, a bit left has a small medipack which you can get by running over the corner fast to trigger the trap. Now go get the Golden Rose and 2x Shotgun ammo and a small medipack from behind the columns N.

Village Square the Professor.

We’re done here; leave W and left to climb out at the Tomb. Out W (you can bring the Torch) and right up the stairs and left through the gate, keep going straight (W) through the big gates and right to the Village Square. You’ll get a screen of a Gun-turret. Turn left and go up to the W wall, turn right and follow left around to the entrance of the building (leave the Torch here for now). In a “window” across the street (E) you find Uzi clips.

Take out the Turret.

Go N over the square, and after that arch along the left wall, crawl around the corner and at the lamppost, stand up and shoot the turret (in the tank).

The Professor. 

Close to that lamppost in the S wall is a small door, open it and push the button right to open a gate for later. When you go out do notice straight ahead a door that needs a Key.

Return to the entrance of the building (go right (E) and keep going right around corners). Grab the Torch and go up the steps. Go right up the staircase drop the Torch and use a button to open the door to the Professor’s Study. Approach him and watch the cut-scene.

The Storage.

Open the small door left (W), which seems to be the bathroom, pick up the Storage Room key from the sink. Now open a small door NE; take the Torch in there and walk out to the open gate (we opened after shooting the turret). Stand under the rope and it will burn. Drop the Torch here (in case you didn’t bring the Torch with you, there are some on a crate in this room and you can ignite them on the burning barrel where the turret was). A Key was dropped from the rope, leave the Torch and go back into the study, grab the Medipack NE and shoot the windows if you dare.

For a Secret:

Go shoot the other window, SE. Walk out and jump left onto the arch bridge, to the other end and hop left onto the awning, a run jump grab to the N and then around left to the roof and onwards to the roof N, grab Grenades and Secret #5, the Shotgun. Jump back to the last roof, to the awning and run down S from it, landing on a slope.

The Warehouse, Grenade Gun.

Head W to pick up that Warehouse Key you dropped there. Open the door N, shoot a dog and grab the Grenade Gun from the workbench and Grenades left of it. Shoot that wooden barrier right of the entrance gate and go up the ladder, near the top back flip into the passage behind you and go get the Patio Tomb Entrance Key. Shoot the toolbox for a small medipack. Get back down the ladder, out to the street and some nasty bugs are waiting for you, go right around, back into the building and open the door straight ahead (W) with the Storage Room key, shoot the toolbox on the generator left and hop over to get behind the closed door for some Uzi cips.

Shoot the barrier in the crawlspace (pistols) and get in there, crawl through to the part where you can stand up (after the yellow light), grab up N and turn around to shoot a barrier with the Grenade Gun, jump in there for Secret #6, 2x Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Get down, go crawl back to the storage S and go out to the Hallway (Note: If you didn’t crawl back after getting Secret #6 but went forwards, you then drop down a block disappears into the ground and when you go out to the street, you’ll encounter a couple of giant scorpions).  Go left up the stairs to the Study and in the storage room N is another barrier or the Grenade Gun, get out on the ledge and grab Secret #7, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Drop from the end of the roof to the turret floor.

We’re done here, so leave this area, into the corridor S and go left and then straight ahead to use the Patio Tomb Entrance Key next to the gate (E).

Go right down the stairs, shoot the resistance and go left to the Tomb chamber, jump and grab the pillar NW, climb right around and drop on the ledge, go into the opening left (N). Right in the corridor and shoot the skeletons, go through the big spike trap to the spike block room and SE down the ladder. There are more Grenades W. Shoot the large barrier N to get access to the room where you can put the Golden Rose back where it belongs. But someone tries to prevent that from happening, shoot the Guy… Turn around and leave (S) and watch, then go to that other boat (E) and hop in ride it to the horizon….

End of the adventure.