Fading Light 2.

Game by Cowboy 

Walkthrough by G&D Productions. (Revised version Mar 17, 2020, level 4-2 updated, the saves are for the updated version and might not work in an earlier version).

The savegames and other files mentioned in this walk, are in this Saves Folder. Because of the number of saves, there are 3 save folders in this download.

As the game starts Lara has a long conversation with her new butler, see the Cutscene text in the documentation folder.

1 - San Pablo Mission.

3 Secrets (with a total of 25 throughout the levels).

Texas 2019

Head SW and just left of that big cactus, shoot the wooden grating. In the second room and left is a crate you can shoot for a small medipack. Behind the swinging crate is a pedestal with a Hunting Spear (to be used as Crowbar). Back to the courtyard and straight to another cactus, left and under the building is the gate you saw, open it and go straight through the kitchen to open a small door to the Hall. Run forward or hop back to avoid being crushed by a barrel.

Go upstairs and open the door at the other side (S), go in a shoot a couple of tiny spiders. Go left and out to the balcony, left again, shooting more spiders and open the first small door you come across. Inside, on the pedestal is the Mission Key. Check out the cabinet (stand a step back and Ctrl) for Semi-automatic ammo. Go out, left and open the next bedroom to get Flares from the cabinet, go out and safety drop down into the courtyard. Go S a bit and on the right of the fountain is the door you can open with the Mission Key. Inside pick up Flares and a small medipack and shoot the spiders. There will be a lot more of those spiders, not going to mention them again. Go left (S) through to the next room.

Push the icon on the right hand wall, a block lowers in the wall behind you (E), go in for Secret #1, in the cabinet straight ahead is a small medipack, then get the Flares on the pedestal N, while there you might be attacked by a spider biting you, so back flip and shoot it and take the medipack if you’re poisoned. Go out to the previous room.

Catacombs, open the Grate, the Cross Icon.

Open the grate in the floor and climb down to a wine cellar (notice the door left), the entrance closes up behind you. Go to the back and right, down the stairs to the catacombs, in the pit is a grate we have to open. Keep right and open a grate with the Spear, get through the popping spikes and walk slowly up to the lever, the trap under the lever will de-activate, so use the lever (#1 for the grate). Get out, keep to the right.

For a Secret: Go into the first opening right. Left of the grate in the floor is a barrel on a slope, stand clear of its path and shoot the lock, the barrel opens the grate. Get down and up the other side into a storage. Shoot the small crate on top of the big crate and get the Winchester ammo. Shoot the small crate standing next to it and get Secret #2, a Medipack. Throw the lever N to open the door, go out and left to get back to the room with the pit.

Keep right and into the opening right (N) to a room with coffins, run over the breakable floors in the passage, hugging the left wall and come to another lever, the grate in the pit opens up. Jump and grab back over the pits and get back to the room with the pit, go down and climb down the open grate. 

There’s shallow water here and you have to get to the other end fast because of a Spike wall coming after you, so do run jumps using the highest floor parts to get to the ledge at the other end. Never mind that block going up, just open the grate left and go in to get the Cross Icon. Go S through the back (loop right around for some Arrows near a gate) and in the next room is a block you have to pull out to get back to the shallow water, go left and back up the ladder. Use the crate to get out of the pit and go W up the stairs to the wine cellar, place the Icon next to the door and enter, careful, rubble falls everywhere… Climb the ladder and throw the lever to open the door to another courtyard.

The Library, the Mysterious Orb.

Go straight (N) and use the lever to open the door, enter and wait… was there someone there? Well there are Spiders, shoot them and enter the Library… 

To the right is a pedestal with a message from Captain Graves. N is another message and that one speaks of  “Angels down”, “Scales steady” and “Cross high”. On the W wall are 4 levers (one is hidden behind the wooden box, push/pull it N, under the high Angel lever). Only pull down the two Angel levers (leave the scales and cross alone) and the trapdoors over the ladders open up (N), climb up to the first floor balcony and notice a big statue there. We’ll need an Orb there.

Go to a door in the SE; open it with the lever. Step out to the balcony and go straight to a small door you can open, inside is the Reliquary Key. Back out, over the balcony into the open door and down the ladder to the ground floor. That lock is N, right of the pedestal with the message. The floor behind you will open up.

Climb down into the catacombs, follow around the corner to skull tiles on the floor, there are Blades ahead, since the one in the middle isn’t active run jump over the first and hop over the next pit to the closest left hand safe corner of the floor under the third blade, you’re out of reach there. Time the blade and side flip over. Go down to a big hall; use the slope in the NW corner to back flip and jump/grab the wooden ledge. Turn right (S) and shoot that molded fence, jump and grab that ledge to jump into the opening right again (W). Go through to the Big Blade rooms.

The Big Blade.

Hop down into the water, go left and then right around the block to find an underwater lever in the deeper part, use it to stop the Blade. You can now climb up onto the ledge NW and grab up through the opening in the ceiling, provided that you stopped the Blade in the right spot. Pull up facing W when you get the chance (another Blade up there) and run to the wall. There are 4 reach-in holes, the one N has a small medipack, the one E will stop the flames in the one W, but releases big red ants. Get rid of them by hanging down in the opening you came up from. The hole S has Arrows and the now extinguished W one will open a gate in the hall.

For a Secret: Go to that skeleton in the NE corner, time the flames, when they start count to 3 and start pulling the skeleton by its head, quickly jump forward over the skeleton to grab Secret #3, Semi-automatic ammo.

Get down the hole and quickly make your way E to the Hall so the ants won’t bother you again.

Sucking Skulls.

Get down to the ground floor and there’s nothing you can do yet in that gate N you opened, so go to the opposite side (E), grab up to a crack in the wooden pillar and back jump to grab the balcony. Use the lever to open the gate behind you and get in there.

Diary updated: These creepy skulls are dangerous! They seem to draw any living person towards them. I better watch out for more.

There are 4 levers you must use, in the SW corner is water in case you catch fire. The left hand gate E has a small medipack in the bags, the right hand one a reach-in switch to open a gate inside the N gate. Get back to the hall, drop down and go through the opened gates N. You’ll come to a pool with Blades, there’s only a single blade left. Go left into the side passage and push the cracked block with the ring into the pool. Get on the block and jump over the blade. Wade up and shoot a big Spider from the water. Go get the Mysterious Orb after opening the gate with a lever.

Diary updated: I have recovered a strange Orb which appears to be an ancient bulb. I wonder if it is part of a larger puzzle?

Now return S, another big Spider drops down when you go through the hall. Head up the stairs, hop over to the front (safe) left corner of the now only Blade, face the wall and side flip over the next pit. Up the ladder to the Library, up the next ladder N and upstairs place the Orb on the statue.


2 - Bourbon Street Blues. 

Total 4 Secrets, 2 now and 2 in the next part.

A long conversation with Captain Graves.

Diary updated: French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

I fear that Priestess Villette has been captured by the mysterious Milosh, an odd character who’s cult has taken over the area. I wonder if he is also after the journal? Anyway, before I begin my search for the keys, I must find the Priestess. I’m guessing that she may be held nearby, perhaps the Barber shop Jazz club which used to be a speakeasy during prohibition. This situation requires stealth, so I better try to find an alternative entrance and that mansion near the docks is the place to start.

The Barber Shop, the Ignition Key.  

Lara is standing next to a fountain where we’ll need two Keys we’ll find much later. In your inventory is Tablet piece 1 we got from Capt. Graves, we’ll have to find the second Part. If you go too far S you’ll be noticed by one of the goons and sent back to the fountain…

Go NE and hop over the gate into the garden. You get a screenshot of some trellis (S). Climb the bush there.

For a Secret: Do a curved run jump to get onto the front porch balcony (no Ctrl), run to the other end for Volcanic Pistol ammo and Secret #1, a Winchester 73. Jump back to the bush.

Hop onto the balcony S, climb up the trellis to the roof and hang from the edge, shimmy right around the corner and drop onto the balcony. Walk up to the edge facing the pole, take one step back and stand jump to grab it, swing with Ctrl and hit Alt to jump to the next, swing again to get to the awning. Hop left over the fence to the terrace and hop over the back fence to a grey ledge to claim a Medipack. Drop down into the courtyard and you could open the gates to the street with a lever, but we go through the door SE into the Barber Shop. Go SW and down the stairs, follow through and get a new Diary entry.

Diary update: Priestess Villette must be locked in that small utility room in the barbershop above. The key should be in the back of the bar but I'll need a little distraction since I can't use my weapons here. Perhaps I'll get a drink from the bar so I can make a little fiery 'cocktail' of my own.

Note: Stand in front of the bartender at the bar to receive the whisky bottle object.

In the Bar, approach the bartender and get a Whiskey bottle.

Diary update: Drat! I don’t have a light. There must be a lighter or a box of matches somewhere around this club. Afterwards I can make my cocktail with those glasses near the guard and try to crouch past any remaining security…

Go to the stage and left through a curtain where you’ll get a screen of the matches. Push the left part of the big table to the W wall, pull/push the middle section to the S wall and now pull the third section once to get the Box of matches from under it. Combine that with the Whiskey bottle and go back out to the bar, to the other end of the counter and use the Bottle on the 3 glasses. When you are in the entrance where the guard was, duck and crawl along the right, keeping the boxes and furniture between the guard in the back and you. Watch out for steam and fire and get into the opening in the back. If he sees you, you’ll be thrown back and have to start again. Once in the back room, time the flames and pry the Speakeasy Key from the wall, back flip away before the fire starts again.

Now just run out to the guard, turn around and leave the bar, go up to the Barber shop and open the door SE.

Lara has a lengthy conversation with priestess Vilette..

Diary update: The priestess mentioned that one of the keys was hidden in the sealed cathedral. No doubt St. Louis cathedral would have been too conspicuous! The other was recovered by a Confederate officer in his quest to find the fountain. Anyway, I can either go to the Cathedral or the magic show for the dock puzzle key. The priestess also gave me permission to use her car, so I must be careful not to ram it into something like the cathedral gates.

Now, that’s an idea…

On the small cabinet in the NW corner is a message:

A terrible evil has gripped the old Pettigrew mansion and I must investigate. Fishermen used to frequent the surrounding bayou waters, but after several disappearances, none now dare to go near. Local legends state that the former residents walk the halls again, such as the wicked Madame Dominique and the stalwart Colonel Pettigrew himself. If that be so, then I will need to perform a cleansing ritual.

Priestess Vilette.

Hop on the crate to get the Ignition Key, behind the crates Flares and leave the Barbershop. In the courtyard open the gates with the lever and step out to the street. Get to that car…

Drive-Ctrl, Brake-Alt, Back up-Sprint key, Forward-Shift, Get out- Alt&left key.

We can now choose between the two routes: “I can either go to the Cathedral or the magic show for the dock puzzle key”, the first route is as following the walkthrough, for the second route scroll down to 2 - Bourbon Street Blues Pt2, Aigle Rouge Club, second paragraph. But mind you, the provided savegames are from the walkthrough route!  

Take the car right and straight S through the street, up the sidewalk and run it against the Cathedral gates S. Park the car and climb over the crates into the Churchyard.

In the Churchyard go left to a graveyard and pick up Flares.

For a Secret: Someone moved the Tomb of Milady Dominique (NW), push it back against the wall (W). A trapdoor opens up behind you, go down and crawl left around corners for a small medipack. Crawl back, go left and hang into the pit, shimmy left around one corner and pull up W, wait a bit to shoot a spider and get the Winchester ammo on the right. Back to the pit and now shimmy around to the other side (E), in the second pit shimmy left around one corner to pull up (S). Left to climb backwards into a another dark pit and spikes will pop below, harming you a bit. Now you can drop into that pit to get a Medipack. Climb out N and go straight to a lower floor part, crawl right and stand up, go forward. Behind the Monk is a coffin, open it to find Secret #2, a Crossbow. Make your way back to the exit straight W (the explosion changed the crypt) and right to get back to the Churchyard.

The Swamp, Tablet Piece 2.

Go out (W) through the next opening straight ahead  and that whole area is a swamp, first hop left to a ledge and climb up the wall for Arrows, get back to the entrance and stand jump right onto that roof, jump to a slope and then a jump to the ledge. From there take a hop to a half sunken ledge (with a cross)  and onwards to the block with the Monk. Run jump to that ledge SW and climb up left. Slide down backwards grabbing the edge and shimmy left to pull up. Jump to the grassy patch under the tree and go up the wall for a small medipack, down to the grass. Hop SW to a half sunken ledge and face W, side flip left onto the roof and jump to grab a crack W. Shimmy left and pull up in the opening. Shoot the roots in that opening and enter, go straight to a hall with a swamp.

Timed “Runs”.

Run jump straight towards that opening W, wade up to it and pull up. Inside is a burner under an opening in the ceiling, stand with your back to it and left, time the burner to back flip onto the slanted block and jump again to grab the edge of the slope above, pull up and start jumping left to get to a flat corner ledge with a lever. The lever will bring out a chain in the hall. Hop to the other corner and then with Ctrl into the opening, walk to the edge. We have to get to that opening straight across. There are darts here, nothing we can do about that, other than keeping an eye on your health. Run jump out left to grab the chain. First turn right (SE) before you go down, go down the chain and swing once to jump to the balcony. Go in and Save at the TIMED lever. Pull, roll and run out with a right curve to grab the chain. Turn right and swing to the balcony NE. Quickly get in there and Save at the next TIMED lever, opening a gate under this balcony.

Preparing for the last run.

Pull, roll and run out straight, jump straight over and grab the opposite balcony and get in before the gate closes. Hop through the center of the burners and open the coffin to get a small medipack. Turn around and run down the hole to the room below, use the lever behind you (W) and turn around to see ledges in the mud. Shoot the roots on the left (N) and pull out the block as far as it will go. Grab the block and ledge jump up grabbing the floor above, shimmy right to the middle of the E side (burners) and pull up, jump back to the E balcony. Pull the lever back up, roll and just run straight down from the balcony, landing on one of the ledges. Turn around and jump to get into the gate (savegame.0) to get Tablet Piece 2 from the coffin.

To the Cathedral.

Jump back onto the second ledge, from there… run jump as far as you can to the exit (SE) and pull up. Walk through the passage and take a right to where the gate is now open, follow through and time the burner to push the block out into the mud (You’ll see an “angel”, well she ain’t NO angel). Jump NE to the top of the slope and get down into the yard at the other side. Behind the Tomb on the right (SE) are a Medipack and Arrows, be ready to shoot that “angel” and her sister who prove to be quite nasty. Go to the front of the Cathedral and combine the Tablet Parts into the Monastic Tablet so you can place it in the receptacle there.

A Message appears:

Warning. Enter not for your mortal soul shall be at risk. We have been afflicted with a terrifying curse which makes me question the whole core of my beliefs. The dead have become restless within our secret vault. It is a curse placed upon us by the cult of Lamia, an order of Vampire. I thought these foul creatures to be nothing more than a myth, but they exist and we must muster all of our faith if we are to extinguish this blight.

May the Lord protect us all. Brother Murus, Abbot of the Order of Light.

Enter,… or not…

3 - Hall of Secrets.

3 Secrets

Go straight N and left of the big cross are Flares. Back a bit and to the right to open the small door. Go left op the stairs a bit and roll to run back out as a barrel comes rolling down. Now up the stairs and get a small medipack from the cabinet, Flares from the table and open the small door. Step into the next room, quickly shoot a spider and push a button on the right hand wall to bring out a chain in the church. Shoot a crate in the corner to get the Winchester ammo, shoot a wooden gate N (behind the chain). Run jump to grab the chain and swing into that opening. You will be attacked by bugs, save and reload if you want to get rid of them fast.

Approach the pedestal and get a message: Behind these doors is our order’s greatest achievement. A Library which rivals that of the fabled Alexandria itself! Its construction is of a superior design, so floods do not plague us this deep underground as would normally be the case. This will ensure that our vault below, which holds our most sacred keys and relics, will be safe.

Brother Martello.

Look up over where you came in and go get the Medipack from the windowsill. On the table is another Crossbow with Arrows.

Next to the cabinet is a wooden box, pull it out and push it through the opening down into the church. Drop down onto the box and spot the two jump levers right hand left of that cross. Push the box, so you can get to both with a run jump; go through the door you opened and down to a ladder. In the far right alcove of the next room are a Volcanic Pistol and a Scope. The big doors open and show the next enormous place where we have to find 4 Coins we need in that cave at the end of the flyby. Right of that alcove are Flares, on the opposite side is a Monk and a Note: Apparently the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte used this very Cathedral to hide supplies within its protected vaults. If Marie Laveau concealed one of the keys here, then it would likely be hidden at the very bottom of the labyrinth.

-Captain A.H. Graves.

The Hall of Secrets.

Go through the big doors into the Hall of Secrets, go to the other side into the opening S and find an angel statue where you can get your health up, just stand close to it, you can come back whenever you want, in the NE corner is Winchester ammo, go back out. The only door (W) on level V will open later for a Secret.

Level IV, Coin IV.

Go down the stairs to level IV, we’ll start on level IV although you can do this whichever way you want. Take the left hand opening (W), get Arrows from the table, go through to the adjoining room and get a small medipack from the cabinet NW (stand a step back and use Ctrl). There’s an angel statue, but it is inactive. Go over to the opposite side of the Hall, left into the room, on a table are Grenades. The next room a cabinet with Winchester ammo. Go through the opening left (E), shoot the crate for a Medipack, pick up Flares too and shoot the obstruction in front of the box N so you can pull it out and go in there. In the right hand back corner is a door with a lock, shoot the lock (pistols will do) to open the door and go in. Climb down the ladder in the hole in the floor and find Semi-automatic ammo, Arrows NE and SE, don’t get too close to those zombies, dead or alive, they will poison you severely.

In the middle of the S wall is a hidden door, push it open and find your first Coin #IV. In the corner are a Winchester  with ammo and on the pedestal a Note: The abominable cult of Lamia appear to be led by the true Blackbeard whom was often confused with the actions of Edward Thatch. Some within our order consider them to be one and the same, but I believe this Vampyire Blackbeard to be another creature of Evil.

Brother Renault.

On the wall is a lever, re-opening the trapdoor at the ladder. So, go back to the previous room and up the ladder. Go through the open door where you shot the lock.

For a Secret: When you are through the door where you shot the lock, look in the right hand wall (N) and push the block (looks like broken lever) into the room behind. Pick up Secret #1, the Semi-atomatic Pistols and 2x Semi-automatic ammo, to the left, in front of that threatening Spike wall is the Golden Sun Coin (for another Secret). That zombie here would have come to life if you entered with 2 Coins in your backpack. Go out.

Head S to the room with the box and right, out to the Hall, go to the other side (W) and down the stairs.

Level III, Coin III.

When you get to the door in the S wall the camera angle changes. Stand with your back to the door and look to the pillar in the middle. Shoot the blue sphere in the mouth of that mask with the Volcanic Pistol (or revolvers by jumping up) and the door opens. The Coin is shown, push the button on the right hand wall after you saved, the floor gives way, start jumping and when you are back on the slope under the button (left side of it), slide and grab the edge in the left corner where you are safe from that Blade, drop and sliding forward, jump forward as far as you can into the spike pit, a Timer is running. Wade to the opposite end, climb out and roll before you’re impaled (savegame.1).

Now we have to operate two levers to raise a block upstairs. Go up the slope right or left, one side you have to time the Spikes and on the other side a series of burners. After using both levers a block will go up above. Get back to the ladder S and go up to a slope. Back flip with a twist and grab the edge, shimmy right to pull up and get a small medipack. Now jump to grab the ledge N, hop onto the block and turn left facing W. Pull up through the opening above and jump the slopes left to end up on a block so you won’t have to shoot the spider. Face E and jump to grab through the hole above, pull up and start jumping. Try to slide back far, then back flip so you’ll end up high on the slope behind, then curve right to end up on the corner of one of the burner tiles. Time the spikes and jump to the pedestal to get Coin III. A Tomb moves aside and a Ghost is set free. Jump N across the pit and get out to the Hall. Go to the opposite side and down the stairs.

Level II, Coin II.  (as you might have guessed).

Against the central pillar is a cabinet, get Explosive Arrows, then turn around and go into the opening W. The entrance closes up behind you… Face the wall on the right (N) and shoot the lower part under the candleholder as well as the next one, crawl in and either be very fast using that lever left or blast the zombie with one of your explosive Arrows. The lever opens the door, so go back through the crawlspace and right, through that door on the right. Go left and get a small medipack from the vase on that pedestal. Carefully step onto the skull tiles (not too close to that zombie and things get fun. Time the jumps through the spike blocks and hop over the skull tiles in the back into that opening.

In the room with the two stairs, go up the left one a bit and grab up to a crack in the S wall, shimmy right around the corner to an alcove with Grenades.

For a Secret: Duck next to the pedestal and shoot the back wall to get into the crawlspace, grab Flares and go through to find Secret #2, a Winchester with ammo, Semi-automatic- and Volcanic pistol ammo. Crawl back out.

Drop down and open the door in front, go through the passage to a room with ledges and a Timed lever on the S wall. You’ll have to jump up to that door above. Put your health up, pull, turn around right and hop onto the burner block with a right curve, run a step forward and never mind the flames, just go on… Immediately jump to the right hand corner of the higher block, if this jump was aimed correctly, you can immediately side flip right, back flip and side flip left, the flames will stop there. Into the open door quick (savegame.2) and get to the lever to open a door where the two stairs are. Make your way down the now safe ledges and shoot a small sacrificial box in the niche W, grab the small medipack from the water and go out E. Take one of the stairs (I went up right) to the room where that Ghost woke up. Run to the back and grab Coin II before he can reach you. Just hop down right or down the stairs and leave E for the room with the fire tiles and moving block. If you jump over the flames to the left you can get some Winchester Ammo. Get to the other side, the zombie won’t bother you and you are back at the Hall. Go to the E side to find the stairs down to level I

Level I, Last Coin.

Get a Medipack N of the pit. There’s a Ghost wandering around here too, so watch out, but don’t waste explosive ammo on it.

Blade Maze.

Open the door N with the lever. Follow through straight, pass the two Bird Blades and in the next room go right (E) through the Blades (a Ghost here might need your attention). Use the lever (#1, view of a door) on the right hand wall and go through E (mind the spike pit), use the lever left (#2, view of a door).

Preparation for a Secret, stand under that small sacrificial box on the E wall, jump up and shoot it (or use a Weapon with the Scope), the block underneath will lower, go in and pick up 3x Arrows. Pull the lever and see that door on level V open up.

Out W, straight over the pit to the next room and then go right, if you are lucky the two Ghosts joined each other and you can blast both with one Explosive Arrow. Go through straight (N), take a right to the Monk and on the left, in the corner is Volcanic Pistol ammo. Now a run or stand jump of faith through the blades S (start when they are open) and throw lever #3 (view of a door). Jump back, take a left (W) and left again, then right to come to that door. First take a right to the Monk and use the last lever #4 for the door. Go back and right into the open door.

The Brothers.

In the first alcove on the right (S) is Volcanic Pistol ammo, next to it a Note

The fall of the three heretics shall bring the chest to earth.

++Three Brothers of truth++

++Three brothers that lie++

++One shall show wisdom++

++The other shall deny++

The W room has a Medipack and an angel statue, Go back to the room with the box and shoot at least 3 of the sacrificial boxes up on the walls and a Wraith appears, lure it to the angel statue in the W room and duck under the statue till it is gone. Back to the room with the box and shoot the last sacrificial box, the box will lower to the floor.

Now move the box onto the names that have also a cross on its tile, Murus - S, Renault - E and Martello = NW (best NOT stop on any of the other names…), you will hear a soft chime if you are correct.

Yhe Monk in the cage will dramatically explode and leaves Coin I, go get that. Another Wraith will come alive, run out of the room (E) a bit and when you see it coming, go back inside to that angel statue, you know what to do. Return to the Hall (through the wooden door and right). Through the Blades to the S. Wow, everybody is awake. 

For the last Secret: Go up all the staircases to level V. To the door W, inside you’ll see a ghost running off. In the right hand corner are Arrows, then push the icon in the NW corner, right of the door. A block goes up under a receptacle for the Golden Sun Coin, the door to the Monks Library opens up. On the first table left is a small medipack, the second table has Secret #3, a Grenade Gun. The two tables on the right have Grenades and Explosive Arrows. The cabinet NW has more Grenades. Get back down to level I after you maybe got some health at the statue S.  

Using the Coins, the Antique Key.  

Safety drop down into the cave below (or jump to the ladder on the pillar from the W side and climb down). Watch out for spikes and follow through E and dodge some nasty Moths (save/reload) and get to the receptacles. A Ghost is walking around so be quick about it. Go in after placing the Coins and pick up a Medipack on the right. Roll and head into the passage (N), grenade gun drawn. Lure the 2 Ghosts together and blast them with one shot. You’ll end up in the Hall with the Key.

Battle for the Antique Key.

First run right around the perimeter to grab 2x Semi-automatic ammo, jump over the gap and get a small medipack and Volcanic Pistol ammo along the E side. Get down to the battle floor below and get a small medipack NW, SE in the blue light, is a box of Volcanic Pistol ammo, you can get more every time you run out, you just have to run into the blue light. This first box you can get by ducking in front. You are well familiar with the angel statue by now, so go open the doors S with the button and immediately start shooting that Horseman. From the old days I still remember the best approach is from the side where he holds his sword. But if you are not able to shoot him before he gets onto the horse, killing him might take quite a while. 

Finish him off as soon as you can (savegame.3) and a block goes up from which you can jump to the central pillar where Antique Key 2 awaits you, you’ll end up back at the Cathedral.


Bourbon Street Blues Pt2, Aigle Rouge Club.

 2 Secrets in this part.

Open the gate N and shoot a couple of gangsters when going to the street, the first drops Semi-automatic ammo, the second Winchester ammo.

Note: This is where you should have started if you took the Magic Show route first after meeting Priestess Vilette:

Go right to those big doors (E) and left of them is a lamppost you can use to swing up to the balcony. Walk the rope to the opposite balcony 

Detour for a Secret: Take a right, follow the balconies shooting a gangster and hop onto the black neon sign box, down the other side where you’ll find an open window, go into the room for Secret #1, 2x Winchester ammo, Flares and a small medipack. Get back to where you walked over the rope. 

Walk up the somewhat higher part of the balcony and grab up to the monkey climb ceiling. Go around the corner to a jump lever and use it, you’ll drop right in front of the door you opened. Jump over the crate to a small courtyard and get a screen of a button. Climb the trellis (straight ahead from the left) up to the balcony, loop around right and jump over the fence to the next trellis, climb right around and go down so you can shimmy to the balcony and pull up.

Secret: Open the green doors and go in for Secret #2, Semi-automatic Pistols, ammo for them and Arrows in the windows. Go back to the balcony.

Use that lamppost left to swing and jump over to the other side and use the button to open the door below. Drop down and once inside, two gangsters sneak up from behind, shoot them for Arrows and Semi-automatic ammo. Go through a small door (N) and left, kick the door on the right and go in, through the curtain left to a staircase. Go up the stairs and find a spike trap on the part with the lever, shoot a broken bannister near the stairs and another one at the lever. Now jump and grab the edge of the floor and shimmy to the right along the edge of the landing to use the lever and drop down to the ground floor. Enter the opening W.

The Theatre, the Ornate Handle.

Meet “Milosh, the Impossible”…

Run jump against the floor that is trying to push you back and jump onto the stage when one of the flames and spikes are down, grab the Ornate Handle.

The Carnival Mask.

Go behind that “thing” and climb on top, jump to grab the jump lever opening a trapdoor to the area below stage. Drop down there, grab Winchester ammo from the cabinet S and go through E. Save at the cog wheel, pull 6 times and hop over the wheel with a bit of a right curve, run along the left side of the ledge with the Slicers and jump left to the single ledge, a running jump to the ledge in the back and through the door (savegame.4). Only shoot the grate S and go through after the spikes popped. Then take a right through the door.

Mirror Room and Block.

At the mirror is a Note with a clue about ‘completing the circle’; push the glass box in the middle against the mirror and looking in the mirror, the circle is complete. Go through the door.

Mirror Room and Spikes.

First have a look in the mirror at the spike layout and make a plan, then use the Timed lever in the doorway and get across to the door (savegame.5). Follow through to the Hall with crates.

Hall with the Crates.

On a cabinet are a Volcanic Pistol and a Scope. Jump onto the slope next to the elevator box and jump to back flip onto the box. Run jump and grab the pole N, swing until the next elevator box is about halfway down and jump to it. Now run jump from the highest point into an alcove (left of the wooden slope) and grab the small medipack. Face SW and back flip onto the far side of the wooden slope, grab the edge and shimmy left to the middle. Back jump onto the elevator box, shoot the bannister E and jump there for a small medipack, turn to face W and shoot the target in the niche that opens a door on the right (N). Jump back to the box and now time the spikes on the wall to jump into the opening N and grab the Carnival Mask, and get a page for the Diary: Great! I’ve found the location of Col. Pettigrews mansion which lies within the nearby bayou swamplands, but it appears that the main rout towards it has been closed off by the Cult. In Milosh’s notes he mentions a secret entrance via the docks and I believe this mask is part of a lever which opens the way ahead.

Hop back when you get the chance, as blades will come out of the pedestal...

No easy way out here; jump back to the box, jump from the far right corner (SW) onto the far side of the slope, slide and jump to the box where a couple of bats appear. Jump to the stage floor and get out SE, push a button to re-open the timed door and get through the Mirror-spikes room and the Mirror room with the block. Time the flame at the cog wheel and pull 5 times, side flip twice left to get through the door (savegame.6). Jump back over the ledges to the floor under the stage. Shoot two gangsters (one drops a small medipack) and climb up to the stage. Right of where you climb up is Volcanic Pistol ammo (already picked up in the saves). Go out E and right to the corridor and take a left, push a button to open the door to the street and shoot the gangster.

Lafitte Docks, Timed Car Chase. 

Go get the Car where you left it (S) and drive it to the N end of the street, turn it around and park it next to the white car there. Get out, combine the Handle and the Mask into the Mardis Gras key and place it on the stand. Hop over the crate and find a Timed lever in the back. Save and pull it once to show the route you have to take with the car and the roadblocks they pulled up. Pull the lever again and get outside, into the car and to the S end of the street, left through the big doors and left around the corner, I thought the path along the left side of the roadblock (car and crates) was the best. Go left around the corner to the back and into the gate (savegame.7).

Once inside the gates, get out of the car…

If you like, and just for fun you can go up into the passage N to get back outside and blow up that roadblock car with a grenade, from a safe distance mind you. Go back inside and hop over the crates W, the level will change (no need to take a medipack, health will be restored after the level change)…  ,

4 - Shadows of Opulence.

 2 Secrets

For a Boat.

Run jump to the island SW and find a Page for the Diary (see Swamp Map.jpg)

It is a map of safe water Lilly leaves to get to the boathouse. Save after every successful jump (from the one with the water lilies you can jump to that island with the tree and get Semi-automatic ammo). Jump back to the same safe leaves. Head for the boathouse and shoot the broken fence to jump onto the jetty. Right of the door is a Medipack. The door can be opened with the Spear (stand a bit left), there are Flares right around the corner and on the left of the door a note. Behind you is a rolled up carpet, pull it from the trapdoor (face E). Get down and find a Winchester, an Angel statue (remember that) and a lever E to open the gate for the boat. Get back outside. 

Boat ride, 4 levers for the Front door.

Jump into the boat; take it left (W) along the left hedges and jump out right (Shift+right) at the last island before the block with the lever. Shoot that gangster at the house (he will drop ammo) and hop to lever 1 to use it. Back into the boat, go to the house where you shot that gangster and jump out of the boat through the fence (the first one from the W, so in the very corner), grab the Winchester ammo and hop back into the boat. Go E and left along the front of the mansion to the far NE corner for lever 2, on the island next to it is a Medipack. Now look E and spot a slope next to the Mansion, there’s a bare spot on it and that’s where you can jump over with the boat.

First get out on the island right to shoot another gangster at the Mansion and pick up Winchester ammo from the island. The gangster dropped a small medipack in case you want to go get that. Get to lever 3 on the wooden block. From the island next to the block you can jump onto the ledge at the mansion (on the right), go S a bit and find a Medipack just around the second column.

When you go further a Dragon appears…  “I must get past this Beast, perhaps with my boat”?

Slay the Dragon and Race for the Door.

Well, first we need to open the gate, so head S to the end, getting rid of the locust and find a ladder on the corner. Go up but watch the burner and back flip onto the balcony, use the lever there to open the gate. Get back down and make your way back N to get to the boat. First go get your health up at the angel statue under the boat house if you like and then run the boat full speed (watch out for a Spike trap too at the corner of the house) to the Dragon and jump out left just before you hit her, at the steps (savegame.8). Get back into the boat, first take it back through the gate and park it near those steps. Go on foot to the lever on the wooden block S, you can jump there via the island. This lever is Timed. Pull and wait out the screen, hop back turning right and do a run jump to the island, from the tip a run jump to the floor around the house and sprint to the boat, jump in and race it right around (mind those nasty spikes), over the ramp to the front steps and jump out to get through the doors (savegame.9). 

The Mansion, the Ritual.

First fight off the two Alligators. On a chest of drawers S is a Page for the Diary about the Ritual: The items needed for the cleansing ritual are my Gris-Gris talisman, a bottle of rum and a ceremonial Skull. I will also need an article of the subjects clothing. The ritual will be complete once all of the objects are placed around the ceremonial bowl on the table.

In the SE window are Arrows. Go through S, just right around the corner is some Winchester ammo, when you approach that bottle in the window, something weird happens… haunted for sure! Go through W, but watch out! In the window straight ahead is another Page for the Diary about Col. Pettigrew’s Riddle: Lara’s notes: There’s a riddle here. It says “I must light the fire under the portrait before I can begin” and that “I will find a torch behind another painting”.

Then it goes on to say “I must travel from each diamond patterned tile to patterned tile towards clues which will be revealed” and “I must step on these codes to activate the next in the sequence. However, the tiles stepped on to go around the blocking wall are not included. Each set of new directions is from the next tile beyond the code.

So, essentially, I must follow the trail, stepping on each of the special coded tiles along the way. Two doors opened.

At the next window are Flares.  

Solving the Riddle, the Mansion Key and Colombina Doll.

Go through the now open door right of the fireplace and take a right, get some Winchester ammo at the far wall and shoot the painting right of that. Reach into the hole in the wall to get a Torch (“behind a painting”). Turn around, go through W and right, through the door and right to a pedestal with Letter 1 of 2: Dearest Peter, I suspect that our esteemed guest Milady Dominique is not who she claims to be. I wish I could discuss this with father, but she has some mysterious hold over him. I know he must be lonely since mother died, but I feel there is something more to this affair and I intend to make some discreet enquiries…

Yours lovingly, Jane Pettigrew.

Ignite your Torch at the fireplace and go back S through 2 doors. In that room with the long table is a fireplace you can light, “under the portrait”. A screen shows the portrait above this fireplace and it has a clue, East II.

So from where you stand go 2 diamond squares E (to the door), look on the floor and spot N5 (you’ll get it on screen too). You can see W5 on the floor there, but there’s a wall in that route, the wall squares count too, so when you have it right you end up at the wall left of the door N. On the floor is N6. You’ll see that chair come at you as soon as you step through the door, jump over it and end up in front of a vase on a cabinet, on the floor it says E12. Following that path, you’ll end up left of the spike traps, look on the floor to spot S4. Next to it you can get Semi-automatic ammo.

Open the door with the lever to get through and end up at another vase, the floor says E4 and that brings you in the windowsill where you can find the clue UP, but you’ll have to kill an Alligator first. Go up the stairs and to the windowsill above. Pick up the Mansion Key and Colombina Doll.

In the windowsill right is Semi-automatic ammo. 

Detour for a Secret: Left of that barrel blocking the door S is a small painting, push that and the windows open up E, go out to the balcony and get Arrows left, a small medipack right. Shoot the bannister S, shimmy left along the edge and pull up. Follow the balcony to Secret #1, a Grenade Gun and Grenades. Two Stone Angel enemies will come alive, be ready to shoot them. Go back inside.

Toy Train and Wind-Up Key.

Go to the nearby door (N, first floor) and open it with the Mansion Key, go left and pick up a small medipack in the window before you go through the next door (W). Turn right in the corridor and shoot the lower part of the wall to get the Toy Train. Turn around and open the first door right. Grab Winchester ammo from the far right corner of the room. The glass cabinet in the back has the Wind-Up Key, shoot the little dolls. A burning chair closed off the room its entrance. Pull/push the table from next to the bed to the trapdoor in the ceiling (NE corner of the carpet), open the trapdoor to grab up E and crawl through to the corridor.

Ceremonial Skull.

Go S, never mind that block…, just your imagination.. Use the Toy Train (combine with Key) on that tile before the spike traps and pick it up again after you passed. Pick up the Ceremonial Skull straight ahead and turn around. Go into the first door left, fire everywhere. From the entrance shoot a crate behind the chairs on the right and the flames are gone, go through that door (N) and in the next room is Letter 2 of 2: Dearest Peter, My hand trembles as I write to you. While I had retired to the study with an old book by my side, I aw something that will change me for evermore. I think I may have taken leave of my senses, but within its pages was a likeness of Milady Dominique herself! She is but a young woman in her mid-twenties and yet this portrait I discovered can be no less than 250 years old! Oh John, take me away from here. I feel a deadly chill down my spine as if she is watching me now. I must be careful until you come for me.

Yours lovingly, Jane Pettigrew.

Swamp Puzzle for the Gris-gris Talisman.

Open the glass doors left of the note with the lever next to them and step out to the balcony, to the right is Winchester ammo, go back to the doors and run jump E off the balcony straight onto the white wall, jump and grab the pillar with the angel statue on top.

Quickly get rid of those bugs with a save/reload. Shoot the Alligator if you wish and go get your health up at the Angel.

Run jump to the ledge straight ahead (W), then hop left to the Tomb with the lever, raising blocks in the S swamp.

Jump SE to a shallow part, take a right and wade up to the S swamp. Run jump to the triangle ledge right, side flip onto the slope so you can slide jump and grab the first block. Jump to the lever in the back and a block goes up at the N swamp.

Use the slopes to jump back to the blocks and get to the N side. From the shallow part of the pool jump and grab the block with the angel statue. Jump onto the block you raised at the N wall. Go to the block right and pull it once, use the block you just raised to push the high block off the N side. Get down there and move the block through the mud to the moving blocks. It will destroy those things, do the same for the second block and leave the push block there. Wade to the back, around the tomb to walk up the slope and push the button there opening the gate in the graveyard. Zombies will emerge from the mud, 3 of them, the first 2 you can wait till they gather and shoot them with one explosive. Jump to the push block and shoot their friend, who’s coming from the far side. Then run jump as far as possible to the S and use the sloped block to get up to the wall. Or just be quick and jump to the push block and then in the direction of that sloped block from which you can get onto the wall. Make your way to the right (W) to the open gate.

Use your Toy Train to disable the spikes and go get it back. Time the flames to pick up the Gris-gris Talisman. Quickly get out of there, run straight and hop to the sloped block, to the ledge ahead and left to the ledge and jump as far as possible to the Angel statue for the wraith. Get to the E wall and jump over to the Mansion. Shoot the gangsters and go left, over the chair and go through the door on the right (E), through the spike room then right to the Hall. Go up the stairs, right and through the door left (N). Then left to the corridor and at the spike trap back into the room right. Now go right (E) and use the lever opening a trapdoor in the corridor. Go through the door left of the lever, right and up the ladder.

The Haunted Attic, Dress Fragment.

Something’s going on there, something will take you back to the start every time if you just run around. Hop to those candles left (SW) and there’s a symbol on the floor underneath. Another symbol is one hop W, hop onto the box for the small medipack, then run jump N (shoot the puppet), hop and grab the sloped block and pull up over, jump to the next slope and slide far before you jump, so you will end up at a series of 3 symbols under a lever. A gate opens; keep following the path of symbols to get through that gate (by now a flying dress might be pestering you), over a crate and get to the Angel Statue, the dress explodes. Hop to the next symbols and to the small cabinet to get the Dress Fragment. The spell is broken. Just run back the way you came.

For a Secret: Go behind some barrels and a chair NW to find Secret #2, Arrows and a Medipack.

...and a Bottle of Rum.

Down the ladder to the corridor, go to the S end and left through the door. A Ghost will open fire, but also disappears; two puppets sneak up from behind, shoot those. In the far corner is a Bottle of Rum on a chest of drawers, but there are spikes underneath. Find a low hanging lamp on the N wall and pull that down to disable the spikes, throw the lever in the doorway N to open the door to the staircase. Grab the Bottle of Rum and a wraith shows up. Get down to the ground floor fast, into the boat and to the boathouse. Down to the statue to get rid of the Wraith. Back to the House and to the table in the Hall.

Place the Skull from facing N, combine the Dress Fragment with the Doll and place it facing W, the Gris-gris talisman from facing E, the Rum from facing S and look up the stairs to find the door on the landing opened (W).  Go down the ladder. Your health will slowly drain down there…

4 - Shadows of Opulence Pt. 2, Vampiric Drain.  

1 Secret

Dangerous Slopes…

There’s an angel statue down there to help with health. Stay well clear of those dynamite barrels and go right around the room, NE is some Winchester ammo and run to that door N, open it with the Spear, hop back out of the way to dodge a barrel and get your health up. Enter and run through the passage, in the next room shoot the right hand coffin (with a zombie) with a grenade run jump over a spike trap and turn right against the wall (facing the wall) in the opening, time the spikes left and side flip twice, first over the Knife and then the spike trap, slide down the slope in front of you (the spikes at the bottom of the slope should be down if you timed the first trap right). Slide and jump to the pole, swing to the next and up the other side. Run straight against the wall just right of that Ghost and side flip right over a Knife onto the higher floor and go right, through the door left and you’re back at the angel statue to get your health up (savegame.10).

Shoot a bat and go back into the shortcut door S, left and grab a small medipack. Go back for health if you want. Then go back in, right and sprint W through the passage, at the end turn right a bit to keep running down the next passage as a barrel is after you. The last part has some obstacles you have to jump over. Quickly run right around the corner and stop (savegame.11).

Hall with Pillars.

Hop right around the corner and grab the crack in the pillar, go left around one corner.

Detour for a Secret: shimmy left around two more corners, drop/grab to a lower crack and go left to a crawlspace for Secret #1, Volcanic pistol ammo and a small medipack. Hang out, go right a bit and jump back up to the crack above, go right around two corners.

Back jump and grab the crack, left around 2 corners (stupid bats…) and back jump, right around one corner and back jump to a ledge where you can shoot them. Jump N to the crack, left around and back jump to the crack, right around and time the flames to get onto the ledge, throw lever #1 for the door. Get back to the ledge and go E this time to the right and time another flame, to back jump to the crack leading to the ledge with lever #2 for the door. Go back the way you came to the ledge (savegame.12), jump with Ctrl to get into the open door.

Spike Blocks and the Bad Angel.

Go right, get behind the block and run jump into the alcove left of the second block, grab the Medipack. Jump behind that second block and shoot a stray Alligator, watch out for the darts in the center of the passage and around the corner you have to time the spikes to get through. You can run into the niche left and then do the second part. Proceed and approach Colonel Pettigrew.

Conversation and update in Diary about confronting Ghosts.

“I saw Col. Pettigrew’s very spirit! He informed me that my guns will be useless against the vampire, but she can be defeated if at least three of her four sacrificial altars are destroyed. One of Priestess Vilette’s protective Angels appears to be in the room, which should shield me from attacks, but only when I am within the circle.”

Use the lever left to open the gate, when you go through a couple of gangsters attack. Keep going straight (W) and after the first block and left is the entrance to the central room. Here you have to endure the attacks of the Angel and lure that Ghost to the altars so he will destroy at least 3 of them with his sword (savegame.13). The Angel will perish and the Tomb will move aside revealing the Antique Key. Taking that Key will transport you back to Bourbon Street.

Bourbon Street Blues Pt. 3.

Throw the lever to open the garage and go out SE, right and over the crate, shoot the two gangsters (nobody is leaving goodies anymore…)

The door on the right is also open and in there is a car. If you took at the beginning the other route first you need that car to smash the gates at the graveyard. Head to the priestess waiting at the fountain (S), use the Two Antique Keys on the fountain. The fountain moves aside and reveals a Journal 

Long Cut Scene and a confrontation with the baddies…

Lara’s thoughts: Slowly loosing my mind to the power… must do what the priestess said…must not fail or I’ll be forever cursed.

I sense that Blackbeard is at his old fort which guard’s the safest route to the islands of the Fountain, but to get there it will be a treacherous dive through the sunken pirate town.


5 - The Abyss-Caribbean Sea.

3 Secrets 

We surely missed a Harpoon pickup or two, they are hard to spot on the white sand.  

Pick up the Harpoon gun and Flares from the bottom while dolphins swim overhead. You have a scuba gear, so no need looking for air. Swim S, into a large cave and shoot a Barracuda. Swim down a bit to the right (SW) and pick up a Medipack near that cannon. Now into a tunnel in the W wall, and be ready for some nasty current and sharp corals.

 For a Secret: When you are pulled around a left corner, keep swimming to the N wall, behind the algae is an opening to a cave with Secret #1, 3 types of Harpoons, use one explosive harpoon to shoot the large chest for one of them. Get out.  

Swim through the rest of the tunnel keeping an eye on your health. When you make it safely into the narrow tunnel at the end, pick up Winchester ammo and get into the tunnel E. At the crossing go right (E) and shoot that broken barrel with a normal harpoon to get a small medipack and there are Harpoons on the bottom nearby. Go out (W) and right to follow the tunnel and come to a large cave with pillars with a Blue sphere on top.

The 2 Blue Spheres.

There’s a strong current, and you’ll have to shoot those two Blue spheres while fighting the current (savegame.14). After that, the cave will be current free but a Shark might show up. Now you can go pick up Harpoons on the hull of that wreck N, close to the netting. Up in the S wall, above the wide ledge is another hidden cave behind the algae, inside a barrel with Semi-automatic ammo and an angel statue for a health pick-up. Back out and on a pillar W is a small medipack.

Into the Wreck.

Swim to the anchor on the hull (NW), swim down the hole there, mind the sharp coral cutters. If you like  you can swim straight through the spike trap where you can get Grenades. Then take a the opening E, shoot a Barracuda and pick up Harpoons SE. Get your health up at the Angel and notice a door in the N wall. Shoot the rubble in front of the underwater door E and open it.

Timed Swim.

Swim straight through the traps on the mast, left around the netting and just next to a crate W are two barrels, one has a small medipack. Go up into the “window” W to find a Timed underwater lever. Pull, swim back E and right around, through the spike trap- the underwater door and in the room with the angel statue right through the hopefully still open door, a flyby will show you around the Large Cave, ending with a view of a round door and 3 skulls on the wall. You can go back to the angel statue for health, but there are nasty puffer fish in there now, so be quick when swimming back out the door.

Opening the Big Door, 3 Skull Levers, Lever #1.

 Turn left and swim into the narrow tunnel, loop around right and pick up Harpoons, roll and get a Medipack. A Wraith shows up, wait for the Wraith and go right to the Timed door, you can wait outside till you see the Wraith killing itself at the angel statue. Swim up and turn S to pick up a small medipack from the hull, a bit further Harpoons. Swim back N and down a bit and right to open an underwater gate E. Swim through the spikes into the back room, in the right hand corner is a small medipack, the barrel to the right of it has Harpoons. In the N end of the room is an underwater lever opening a trapdoor.  

So, pull turn left and swim right, through the spikes and straight out the gate to the Big Cave, right and right around the big rock at the next corner, shoot a Barracuda. Or wait, because this is NO ‘Barrelcuda’. Around that corner is a tunnel, slightly sloped upward. Go in a bit, roll and get out of the way of the barrel which will also kill the Barracuda. Now go in and shoot another Barracuda. In the window W are Harpoons, then swim down the trapdoor you opened into the cave below. There are Harpoons on the bottom and a big Crab will come for you, kill it if you like. Swim through W and find Skull Lever #1 for the Big Door. S

Left (S) are a small medipack and Flares, make your way back up through the trapdoor and out the barrel tunnel to the Big cave. 

Lever #2, Door Labyrinth.

Swim a bit left to that structure NW, on top is a small medipack. If you wait a bit you also can shoot a shark. Now go down into those ruins, next to the tunnel N are Harpoons. Now time the spikes and swim into the tunnel N, up through the shaft with the cutting corals and into a cave with many openings. In an opening high up SW is another small medipack.

Now swim down a bit and through the opening N, right and left around the corner (a camera shows a closed door, the one behind you), follow left and through the spikes, left around the corner and through another spike trap, right there and get the Flares and some Harpoons from the barrel. Out and right continuing through the tunnel, through another spike trap and when a door opens, you’ll pass the entrance (right) you’ll get a screen of a door opening. Turn around now, swim back to the N end and right into the opening S

Flood the Hall.  

Climb out on the right (W), we have to flood this place, as there’s an underwater lever (left), into to a big room, go collect the goodies, left (SE) a small medipack, SW Flares, W Harpoons, on the elevated floor Grenades. On the NE pillar of the elevated floor (on ground level) is a lever, SW a second lever and the block on the elevated floor goes up. Get up on the block, run jump and grab the pillar NW, shimmy right around one corner and back jump to the next pillar, around two corners and back jump to grab a jump lever opening a door W.

Let the zombie wander away and grab the Harpoons near the door and get into that open door, grab the crack in the back wall and ledge jump up, back jump into the passage above, push the block out to change the flow of water. Get back out to the Hall.

For a Secret: Swim up through the algae on the ceiling and climb out, up there is Secret #2, a Grenade Gun and Grenades. Swim down.

Swim out E fast because there are some weird creatures (Scubashrimps)  swimming around, take a right and use Skull Lever #2. Roll and go down at the end of the passage, back into the door labyrinth. Swim into the first on the left (W) and follow to the end (S), around the corner and right out of the maze, a bit right and down through the shaft with cutting corals. When you swim out to the big cave there will be two scuba men waiting for you, shoot them. There’s a dead guy floating around NE and under the corpse are Grenades...

Lever #3, the Big Cutter.

Swim left (E) towards the point where the Big door becomes visible and left near the bottom is an opening. Go in, straight and pick up the Medipack, time the cutter you can see passing by, wait a bit and swim in to the right and up, after the cutter. In the top of the place is a lever you have to pull (you are safe on the wooden floor under the lever), then swim left down and maybe get into the entrance to wait out the cutter (you are safe on the bottom too), then go back in and up to use Skull Lever #3, the Big door opens. Get out and swim straight out into the Big cave and left to the door (Saves2-savegame.0). Up on a rock to the right are some more Harpoons, go through the door and pick up a small medipack from the bottom, follow through the cave with the shark remains.

The Giant Fish and 4 Pearls.

You’ll get a page for the Diary when you meet the Giant Fish.

Lara’s thoughts: WHAT A MONSTER! There is no way that any of my harpoons will be able to take on this prehistoric behemoth! It’s also safe to assume that its bile is dangerous and should be avoided, but perhaps I can draw the creature’s attacks towards something that can injure it.

Note: Direct the creature’s missile to destroy the four giant pearls. If the creature gets trapped, use the blinking teleporter above to re-set its position.

I went up to the top of the central Teleport pillar and the Fish is backed off a bit, pick up a Medipack there and swim E and down left a bit, through an opening and down into the hole in the floor. You’ll find a blue Pearl (1) there, wait behind it and swim away when the Fish is about to fire a bolt (you can hear him charging up).

When the pearl is destroyed, swim back up through the hole, shoot a Barracuda and go S through the spike trap, a barrel comes down, so immediately right or left to dodge that thing. Go up where the barrel came from and right around the corner. Use the lever W, shoot the Scuba guy and a barrel for Harpoons and swim back down the barrel slope, left into the ‘barrel escape’ opening, go up right and come to another Pearl (2).

Swim out and to the other side (W) and go left a bit (SW) there is an underwater gate; pull it open and let the Fish destroy the Pearl (3). Shoot another Barracuda and go up to the top of the pillar again to get the Fish out of the way.

From the pillar swim down SW again and just left of the gate you came out off is the last gate. Go in and up left through the opening fast because there are nasty puffer fish here, they aren’t allowed into the next cave. First swim straight to get a small medipack and then throw the lever next to the Pearl (N) to open the door and get the Fish to destroy the Pearl (4) (Saves2-savegame.1). The Giant Fish is defeated. Shoot a Barracuda and get out of here.

(Note for using the savegame, you may have to swim out and back in to lure the Fish a last time) 

Getting Out, Looking for Air.

Swim to the top of the pillar and N through the door (a bit right of the bridge). Though the arches and left are Harpoons, then proceed N after opening the door with the lever. Left at the netting is a small medipack. There are two routes you can take from here. Going for Secrets? Scroll down…

Without the Secret: Swim through the opening left (W) into the next section, rubble will fall and Lara’s equipment will fail. Swim left (S) into the tunnel and find air in the end. Just N of the air pocket is a Medipack. Swim back to the room, go straight N through the algae into a tunnel, left around corner and immediately right when you get to the next section, time the spikes while going through the opening.

Swim left and up (ignore the Barracuda for now) through an opening in the netting (SE), swim W and through the triangle opening and up for air there. You can now shoot the fish. If you want, swim back E, down the hole SE and pick up Volcanic Pistol ammo from the top of a crate (N). Get back to the upper section and air. Use the lever behind the Pirate flags and swim down the hole in the floor, and through the open door W to end this level…

Alternate route with a Secret: Now swim straight to the back (N) and up through an open part of the netting, left of the wooden beam and covered with algae, roll and swim S. You’ll get Secret #3, collect Poisoned (E) and Explosive Harpoons (W) and if you got the nerve, swim through SW to the next section, just right around the corner is Winchester ammo (very hard to see), pick it up fast and swim straight to the back, nasty puffer fish show up and a Wraith as well, so watch your health. Go behind the crates W and open the underwater gate (right hand side), in the back of that section is an Angel statue for the Wraith and get your health up. Swim back a bit, in the SE corner is a hole in the floor, go down there and find Volcanic Pistol ammo on top a crate, get back up and to the statue. Left of the statue is an opening, go through and shoot a Scuba guy in the next section (depending on your route they could appear in another section).

Use the lever under the pirate flags and swim down the hole in the floor; shoot another Scuba guy.

The open door is W, swim in to end the level…  

6 - Blackbeard’s Fortress.

4 Secrets

Follow the tunnel up, shoot the barrel in the corner to get Harpoons then swim out N and get a flyby of the Fortress. Surface and climb out S to shoot a Barracuda, or use the harpoon gun.

For a Secret: Swim N and get out onto a ledge with a ladder and climb up onto a ledge on the roof. Hop up left to another ledge and stand jump grab up to the window W for a small medipack. Hop back down onto the ledge and stand in the SW corner, hop back and run jump with a curve into the windowsill to get Secret #1, a Golden Rose Prize and Semi-automatic ammo. Hop down into the water.

Swim right and climb out S, there’s Winchester ammo on the ground. Go through the door on the right (W) and pick up Semi-automatic ammo, go read Blackbeard’s Message: With the power of the fountain daylight will hinder me not, nor any misbegotten beliefs. Together we can share its power, surely it be our destiny! Yet, cross my path and you’ll be making another trip… all the way down to good ol’ Davy Jones’ locker.

P.S. Forgive me men if they happen to poison you by the touch. Them being already dead, they don’t know any better!

Now use the lever to open a door. Hop into the water, swim to the top of the broken stairs SE and climb out at the open door.

The Torch Puzzle for the Rum Bottle.

Go in and notice the steaming lamp right, more about that later… Open the door straight ahead (S) and walk in a bit, a flyby with more of those steaming lamps.

Preparations; saves you dropping the Torch everywhere and maybe lose it: Go back to the hallway and open the small door NE, walk in a bit and shoot the Ghost Pirates down into the Lava with the Winchester. A steaming lamp here, jump the ledges to the back and open the door right with the lever. Run in and straight to the cannon to avoid being crushed. Shoot that barrel left for Winchester ammo. There is a burning lamp here, but also a steaming one in the back; left of that one is a small medipack. Now return to the hallway and into the room with the mirror (S wall). Get an Explosive Harpoon from the niche S, left, at the mirror is a Page for the Diary: There’s a note near the small chest saying: ‘Destroy me not’. It also talks of a spirit which lights the way.

Shoot the cupboard next to the door and a block goes up, climb it, face W and grab up to the rafters, grab a small medipack and go left (E) though the mirror, drop down there and use the lever in the niche S to open a trapdoor to get back  (This lever also lowers a block in the flooded courtyard, for a Secret). Go through the trapdoor in the floor and you can pick up a Torch. Run up to the end (W) and side flip out left. Go to the hallway, into the door you opened before (NE) and over the ledges into the door right and ignite the Torch on that burning lamp. Ignite the one in the back and go out of the room, ignite the one in the room with the ledges, the one in the hallway and the one in the Mirror room. Go through the passage under the Mirror and ignite the last one there, a door opens in the hallway. Go back there and into that open door E, pick up the Rum bottle (water skin) in the back. There’s Semi-automatic ammo under the shelves in the corner near the door

(In case you ignored the note and did shoot the small chest (only possible with explosive ammo), a wraith (spirit) would have showed up and you had to guide that wraith to all the lamps to ignite them all (instead of using the Torch) and then take it to this Angel statue (so, this could have also been done without the Torch).

Making Headway.

Back out to the Hallway and through the door (NW) to the courtyard.

A Secret: Hop into the water and swim left around the corner (SE) into the opening where that block lowered (when you used the lever in the room behind the mirror), pick up Secret #2, an Explosive Harpoon and a Golden Rose Prize.

The moment you got back into the water in the Courtyard, a door opened in the NE corner, get in there and shoot a Scuba guy (maybe he is already outside). Go through N and swim left (W) avoiding the Spikes as much as possible and throw the Skull lever in the back opening big doors. Up right from the lever is air for you.

Swim back to the other side and right, out to the Courtyard, climb out N and shoot a Shark. Those big doors are directly across from where you just came (W). Pull up on a slope on the right (E) to back flip onto a crate. Jump to the left side of the sloped crate S and slide jump left to grab the opening. Pull up in the left corner and turn right a bit, you can see a balcony with flames on top, there’s a ladder. Time the flame where you are and jump to grab that balcony, pull up when the flames are down and go up the ladder fast, as soon as you are up, roll away from the edge (Saves2-savegame.2). Go left (S) and two Ghost Pirates wake up. Get them to the edge of the balcony and shoot them off with the Winchester.

Open the Door, SW Tower.

Jump up to a triangle ledge on the right (SW), up again in the same direction and then jump N over the ledges (grab a small medipack), through a spike trap and run through the fence. In the next section tiny crabs will appear, just be quick, jump from a crate to the ledge on the roof N and then to a jump lever on the E wall opening a door (Saves2-savegame.3). The critters will be gone, go back to the S side and up left in the end to get through that door. Jump up in the SW corner and from there run jump with a curve around the ledge above to grab the crack just right of the ledge. Shimmy left around some corners to get into an opening leading to some stairs.

Go up the first flight of stairs and then hop into the windowsill left (W), shoot the window and go out to the balcony, around the corner is a small medipack and a lever raising a bock inside. So, get back inside and from the next flight of stairs grab up to the block in the window. Grab the monkey climb and follow it out, possibly you’ll see a Ghost Pirate come towards you, get back and shoot him first (there’s a chance he will kill himself). Now go into the Tower.

Timed Door.

Grab a Volcanic Pistol from the table, (spot the door E) and open the door S, jump over the pit and shoot a barrel on the right for some Grenades. Head to the other side (E), run jump over another pit and save at the Timed lever, pull and get back over the pits to the room and go to the right into the Timed door (Saves2-savegames.4).

Hop right or left onto the base of the column and hop E to grab a crack in the lower part of the wooden wall, shimmy around a corner to the back and back jump when you see/hear the flames go down, immediately duck. Crawl under the reach-in switch and use it when the flame dies down, a trapdoor opens. Now jump back to the crack, back jump to the base of the column and hop into the doorway. A lever there will re-open the door.

Climb up the green crate straight ahead, turn around and run jump to grab the ladder under the open trapdoor, go up to the floor above. Pick up Volcanic pistol ammo and a Scope. Shoot the window left (N) and put the Scope on the Pistol, look for a blue pearl in the face on the other Tower (up right of the bridge). A chain appears under the bridge. 

NE Tower, Antique Key.

Jump and grab the chain, swing to the trapdoor in front of the doors N, open them. Inside and right is a huge chest, push it next of the spikes (N) to find the Antique Key. (For a Secret: Move the chest onto the trapdoor S). Use that Key left of the spiked lever, disabling the spikes. Using the lever opens the trapdoor; go down the ladder (the chest fell down here, move it onto the trapdoor N). Throw the lever there to open the window W (and the trapdoor in the corner where the chest stand, that opens too, so it goes down again, so first climb down after it and move it onto the tile (S). The door and the trapdoor in the middle open up. Shoot the barrel in the corner for Semi-automatic ammo and first go through the door. Crawl under the flame and stand up as soon as you see it will stop, use the reach-in switch and duck (little time available), crawl away and go back to the room where the chest is. Safety drop down the trapdoor, to enter the jail cell you opened (E), quickly get back and hop onto the crate to shoot that giant Crab. Now go in again to claim Secret #3, a Golden Rose Prize and another Crab shows up, kill it and go back for a small medipack in the corner. Go back up through the floor; climb the ladder (NE) to the room where the window opened before.

NW Tower, Pirate Puzzle, 4 levers for a Trapdoor.

Go jump the ledges (stand jumps) over the roof to get into the Tower. Pick up a small medipack and on the E wall are 3 levers with Pirate flags and a single lever on the pillar with Rum or Gold. In the N wall are 4 doors, two on this level and two in the room below.

There are clues in the room (S, left on the table (Pirate Flags.jpg) and on the table in the window (Pirate puzzle.jpg), figuring out the clues will get this result… Can be done in random order.

1: Levers (from left to right) Down-Up-Up and the single lever on Gold opens the Upper left door. Go in and in the room you have to avoid spike traps and spike walls to get to the 4 icon buttons in the alcoves. The window in the back will open up and there you can use the first lever for the Trapdoor. Get back to the puzzle room, easy now as the room is practically safe.

2: Levers Down-Up-Down and Rum opens the Upper right hand door, go in and throw the second lever in the back for the Trapdoor. The entrance closed, go to that cupboard left and find the trapdoor in the ceiling just S of it (look for a ring), jump up to open it and go up to use the lever to re-open the entrance door (NO timer). Get down and run out the door as that will close when you try to get out (no timer on the lever), back to the puzzle room. 

3: Levers Up-Down-Down and Gold opens the left door downstairs, so climb down the ladder SW, mind the holes in the floor and find a Medipack in that lower room. Head into the door. Jump and grab the ladder, drop through two “Coral cutters” and climb down till you see the top of a ladder behind you (halfway down), back flip with roll and grab the slope/ladder. Go down again and past another Coral cutter. Pull up onto the ledge, get a Medipack for the trouble and throw the third lever for the Trapdoor. Make your way back up along the N ladder, ledge jump up above the first cutter and then do ledge jumps up through the upper Corals, then almost at the top a back flip roll to get back to the door (Saves2-savegame.5) (Must admit, this was the hardest part of the game for me…). Go back up the ladder SW and back flip off. 

4: Levers Down-Down-Up and Gold will open the last door, lower level right hand door, so down you go. Grab the monkey climb and time the Flames to go along. When you go around the corner, a Ghost Pirate will come swinging towards you, maybe you can drop onto the crate and shoot him, otherwise just drop into the water below and lure him around the corner swimming back. Get out and shoot him quick before he goes back around the corner. When he’s gone finish the task and use the fourth lever to open the Trapdoor. Make your way back, the last part you can swim.

The Large Rum bottle.  

Quickly run to that ladder SW and get up to the room above, ignoring the enemies (or shoot them). Jump to grab the ladder on the N side of the central pillar and go up through the trapdoor. In the SE corner is the Large Rum bottle and a Ghost Pirate wakes up; take care of him.

Top of the SE Tower, Scales Puzzle.

Walk the rope S to the next Tower. There’s some Winchester ammo behind the canon to find before you move to the Tower, shoot the Ghost Pirate and climb the ladder to the jump lever opening the door, climb up again and get in there. We’ve been here, but in the room below. Run jump straight ahead and grab the short ladder under the trapdoor in the ceiling and go up into the Top of the Tower. Shoot the two coffins with an explosive and grab Grenades from the left one.

On a table is a Page for the Diary: According to this text, the British constructed this fort which lies close to the isle of the Fountain (unknown to them at the time). However, Blackbeard took it over after a fearsome battle in the early 18th century, sparing none of the garrison.

Apparently his vampirism started when he raided the island of the Fountain and was cursed by the natives who were able to drive off the pirates and prevent them from returning by a powerful ritual involving the fountain itself.

Looks like there is more to this Fountain than meets the eye…

Step through a curtain E and come to the Scales. Watch out for those flames. In the middle of the room is a pool with Blood. Look around and on the ceiling above each scale it says how much Blood has to be used… Can be done in random order..

1 L (E) Fill the small bottle. Combine it with the empty large, fill the small bottle again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small bottle. Use that and see a door open up.

2 L (N) Large bottle full, small empty, combine to leave 2 litres in the large bottle. Use that and see a door on a bridge open up.

4 L (S) Empty the small bottle and fill the large bottle, combine the 2 bottles and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small bottle and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large bottle). Use that and see a trapdoor open up in the NE Tower.

NE Tower, drain the Courtyard.

Go out W, (shoot a Ghost Pirate (only if you didn’t shoot the coffins before) and pick up a small medipack and Grenades from the coffin with the blue light), get ready to cross the bridge on the right (N). Best approach the spike trap on the bridge to lure out a Ghost Pirate and shoot him. Now shimmy along the edge of the bridge to the Tower.

Shoot the Ghost Pirate (grenade) and grab a Medipack from the coffin with the blue light. Climb the ladder to the Top of the Tower and backflip; find Cpt. Graves leaning against the wall. On the table is a Page for the Diary: Good Lord, what have I done! If you are reading this Lara, forgive me for I was under Blackbeard’s influence. He used me so he could obtain the journal which was needed to break the curse preventing his return to the island. I tried to stop him but I could not and now I am too wounded to continue, perhaps you can save yourself by confronting him. You can use the two conductors he used for his ritual to cause a reaction which will open the main gates.

Godspeed old girl…!

Push the button NW and the water in the Courtyard will be gone.

Courtyard, the Conductors.

Walk out onto the bridge, Lara: “It’s a looong way down….”

Face W and look down, there’s one small puddle of water remaining. Do a run jump dive (Alt+Shift) straight down W to get in there and climb out (you can almost do 3 flips). Us the lever on the pillar on the right (N) to open a door above your head and raise a block right of you, turn right and get up into the open doorway with the steel door E.

Detour, preparation for a Secret, Go down inside, yeah, we’ve been here. Go left and into the room we swam through, this time little crabs emerge from the Skull lever, gather them up and take them back outside, into the water pit (you might have to go back and forth a bit to get them all in the pit). Then go back in and to the Skull lever, loop left to find a wall lever opening a door to a Secret room. Go back to the doorway with the steel door.

Jump and grab the block under the ledge on the N wall, grab up to the ledge and jump into the opening left of the ladder. 

Just to the right, in the N wall is the door to the Secret room you opened, go in and grab Secret #4, a Golden Rose Prize and shoot the lids from the coffins W and N, grab Volcanic Pistol ammo and a Medipack, get out.

Back flip onto the slanted windowsill SE, jump and grab the monkey climb, timing the flames get to the jump lever at the W end and blocks go down in the Courtyard. Get out of the room; down to the ground floor and up the ladder S. Left and right are two pushable “conductors”. Push them down into the courtyard and onto the nearby lowered blocks (SE one next to those stairs E, you have to move both around a bit so you can push them onto the blue flashing tiles), kill the Pirate W first. When the connection is complete, the gate (W) will be opened up. Go through and pick up the Journal


7 - Fountain of Youth.

4 Secrets

Go straight (S) through the tunnel.

Ponce de León’s Journal entry: Our first encounter with the natives shows a hunter gatherer community along the coast, but there is evidence of an earlier more advanced culture whose remaining structures have been reclaimed by the jungle. Strangely the waters do not appear to restore youth, but they grant a powerful healing effect to the drinker.

Lara’s Notes: Blackbeard’s curse is getting worse, I cannot admire the scenery for long in daylight…

Go on and wade through a pool.

For a Secret: At the pool, jump onto the ledge NW and crawl into the crawlspace left for a small medipack, Secret #1, the Golden Rose Prize and Volcanic Pistol ammo. Get out and down to the pool.

When you go up the hill S (along the right hand side) a new feature kicks in, “exposure to sunlight”, so watch out. Few things we can do to prepare, run all the way to the end (S) shooting an Alligator on the way, run jump over to the right hand side of that small medipack in the swamp and quickly wade up and left onto the ledge to get it. Run jump back, wade up and look up to spot a monkey climb and a bridge above. That’s where we are headed. First go back into the cave N to get your health up. Run back to where you see the bridge, get up on the rock ledge right of it and face S to grab up to the bridge. Run to the other side and turn left to grab up to the monkey climb. Follow around left to go S and you can drop where you get the cut scene.

Monkey Forest.  (don’t shoot the Monkeys)

Go down into the forest a bit and go up left, grab Winchester ammo . Behind the monkey on the left is a stone ledge with Grenades , jump away before the Skull crushes you. Stay clear of the mushrooms (poison) and don’t shoot any of the mushrooms or the Monkeys will punish you for that. Go up NW over the path to the Graveyard. Shoot some spiders without hitting anything else.


Go to that Tombstone SE (shoot the lock on it) and push it from the trapdoor (S). Throw the floor lever down there to blow up some Skulls under the waterfall. Go up to the pool to the waterfall and step on the tile in front of the fall to disable a spike trap at the end of the path (SW). Go through that green covered opening (S) and shoot the Native Ghosts. There’s a small medipack SW near the statue. Follow the path again, into that swamp in the low cave SE.

Wade through fast and the Diary is updated: Ponce de León’s Journal 2: We tracked the source of the waters to a tranquil lagoon in the centre of the island which is where the Fountain’s power is said to be at its strongest. The Fountain appears to be a natural phenomenon but there are several deadly trapped shrines around which signifies that the natives wanted to protect their secret longevity and were attempting to harvest its healing properties.

According to a group of natives we encountered along the shore, a small idol signifying their “Goddess of Birth” is needed to be placed in the small shrine to unlock the secrets of the Fountain, but the idol’s location was lost to them…

Walk on, Lara: “The fountain of youth I presume? This is extraordinary!”

You’ll get a flyby, watch it closely…

The Fountain of Youth.

Stepping out of this small cave will expose you to the sunlight again.

Go left (N) and follow the perimeter of the cave around, find Semi-automatic ammo (N wall) and a much further Winchester ammo E.

The Hornets’ Nest. (only for supplies, therefore optional).

Go S a bit more and at that those big mushrooms, pass them over the ridge right. Then hop left through the foliage into a cave behind it, in the back is a Medipack. Shoot the membrane S and follow through to the Hornets hive, jump to the ledge in the middle of the goo and get Harpoons. When you jump to shore again, a Hornet shows up, there are quite a few of those, so keep an eye out!

Shoot the left membrane (E) and go in, shoot the eggs and grab a small medipack, the other eggs hide a Grenade Gun and Grenades. Jump to the S side, a Winchester. In the W side of the hive (NW) you can grab up to a ledge in the upper section.

W, left side you’ll find a Harpoon gun.

S, left Semi-automatic pistols with ammo.

N, right Grenades.

Go to the central pillars, grab up to the one E for a small medipack, jump to the other for Secret #2, a Golden Rose Prize.

There’s more to find in this Hive: From the Secret pillar jump W, then go left (S).

Inside is a Volcanic Pistol, get back to the “ground floor” and out the green tunnel NW. Follow back to where you go through the foliage and step into the sunlight. Go left (S) and pick up a small medipack around the corner. Along the S side, somewhere in the middle at that big leaf plant you can hang from the edge and drop onto a ledge with a statue.

In front of the statue is Secret #3, a Golden Rose Prize and Flash Grenades. 

The Jade Key.

Face SE and run down from the ledge into an alcove (This alcove can also be reached from the water in case you decided to jump down from the top. Climb out S at the wooden statue and go up left of it, jump onto a slope left of the mushrooms and back flip, jump again to get into the alcove).

Run jump W to the passage, follow zigzagging through the mushrooms and in the next passage a Ghost Pirate will wake up, if you’re quick you can possibly blast him out of the passage with the Winchester. We’ll have to get to a ledge left of the opening.

Easy: Hop left around onto the ledge; go down in the small cave behind the waterfall.

Harder: From the opening hop right around onto the flat corner ledge, onto the next where you can see spikes popping from the wall. Just under the spikes is a crack you can jump and grab to (when the spikes are in the wall), hang right, time the spikes, ledge jump up and go right around the corner to pull up on the ledge above. From there run jump N landing on the ledge behind the waterfall.

Go into the passage hidden behind the plants (W), left and hop over a hidden spike trap and shoot the spiders in the little valley, to the right is Volcanic Pistol ammo. Through the opening W you’ll reach a cave where you can see Skulls roll from side to side. The next part has to be done rather quickly as you will be exposed to sunlight, so save in the safe passage (a bit back) before you take on the challenge.

Do a run jump through to the W side when both Skulls are on the left and jump over to the wall, then go up left into the alcove on top of the slope of the Skull (SW) and use the lever, roll and slide down when you can, two side flips right (you might want to go to the dark passage E to get your health up) and jump up into the alcove where the gate opened. that is to the right of the first boulder (NE), get through and you are in a kind of elevator. Quickly take care of the two Ghost Pirates (super grenade) and wait for the chance to get into the passage SW before the spiked ceiling kills you.

There you will find the Jade Key, drop down through the opened gate, two side flips left and you are back at the safe passage (E) (Saves2-savegame.6). Go through the passage, mind the spike trap and get back behind the waterfall.

Using the Key, open the Gates.  

Jump into the water and quickly get out at the central pillar at the big plant. Around to the E side where you can climb on a block, grab a crack in the pillar and shimmy around right to a ledge where you can grab a monkey climb under the stone bridge. Go to the end and drop. When you approach the gate, you’ll get a “hint flyby” of the passage we’ve already visited, in case you got here without the Key (at the keyhole your health will go up).

For some additional pickups: Run jump and grab N to an opening, go through and jump right into a cave with Harpoons and a small medipack. Go back the same way and at the gate jump up and grab the ladder wall, go up and off right to the bridge. Run to the Top of the Pillar and grab Harpoons and a small medipack. Back down the ladder.

Open the gate with the Jade key, go in and in the back is a Medipack, grab up to the first floor ledge.

For a Secret: There’s a push block in the NW corner push it all the way to claim Secret #4, a Golden Rose Prize and Poison Harpoons. Get back out.

Now you have to do at least two of the reach-in holes. Best start W- switch for the Wooden Gates and go right around…

N - Volcanic pistol ammo

E - Semi-automatic ammo

S – (burner is now off), second switch for the Wooden Gates.

Jump down and get out of the gate, just jump down into the water and quickly get out at the far left (NW) corner, N side. Climb up to those opened gates above and follow through to the Lagoon. A nice flyby of the Lagoon will show you where to start.

The Lagoon.

At the beach, shoot that Alligator and go left into the opening you saw in the flyby. Go left down to a hut, be careful, the guy is blowing darts. Take a right along the side of the hut and in the back, back flip on the rock and jump to grab the roof, go left to a flatter part and go to the top of the hut, drop down into the hut and behind the barrels NE is a big flask, shoot it for Grenades. 

The Chime Puzzle.

Then climb down at the opposite corner (SW), use a “chime” lever (NE) to disable the spikes and in the next room you have to use the lever straight ahead (E), listen to the tune and reproduce that tune on the 4 green tiles to open the gate.

Left of the gate is #1, right is #2, S side right is #3, left is #4.

The Sound of Danger, the Ruby Gemstone Key.

The gate opens, go inside: Lara’s Notes: “There’s a carving on the floor that says danger awaits those who ignore the warning of the chimes. Sounds a bit like minesweeper, if I hear a sound, that must mean I’m near a trap”.

There are hidden spike traps here, every time you come close to one, a sound will be heard. From the entrance walk straight to the central pillar and turn left, walk right around the corner and when you are in a straight line to the lever W, turn left (W) and go use the lever (1). Go straight back to the corner of the pillar and walk along the pillar, when lined up with the lever N, go there in a straight line to use it (2). Straight back to the pillar and left around till you hear the sound. Turn left and go straight to the gate. Go right to use the last lever (3).

Walk around the gate and enter the room, left is Winchester ammo, pry the Ruby Gemstone Key off the wall with the Spear and Ghost Natives awake, wait for them and use one explosive on them when they’re close together. Then shoot the sacs in the corner (maybe they already broke) and pick up Harpoons. The lever in the other corner will open the gate of the Hut, so we can get back to the beach. 

Using the Gemstone, Run over the Pillars.

Run straight out to the pillar, go right and loop left around the pillar till you are in a straight line with the exit, take a right and up the ladder to the hut. Go straight into the cave E and use the Gemstone Key on the gate. Throw the floor lever inside to raise pillars in the Lagoon. Go out left to the beach, from the part just beyond the palm tree you can time the spikes on the closest pillar and jump there, side flip to (or run onto) the safe pillar, depending where you land. Jump to the next (Saves2-savegame.7) and then to the rock left of the palm tree S, follow with jumps left to the beach, pick up Harpoons and go up into the passage between the statues.

Fire Pool, Raising the Last Pillars.

Go up the steep passage and shoot those pots on the pedestal right to get a Medipack. Walk up to the spike trap and Ghosts appear, shoot them and jump over the trap. Side flip (or any another way) through the circular blade and hop left over the spike trap. In the hall with the pool and the burning bowl, go left and use binoculars or Flares to spot the transparent ledges (the burners will reveal them too). Stand jump and grab the first, pull up on that ledge, if you like, you can run jump NE into an alcove and get Semi-automatic ammo and jump back again.

Run jump straight S to grab the next, stand jump E to grab the one up and a bit left, straight E to the next. Run jump down SE into the alcove for Winchester ammo. Run jump and grab to the ledge N and left a bit, shoot a Hornet or two coming from the entrance. Stand jump and grab E and run jump to the floor. The entrance will close up as you enter, left in the corner is Winchester ammo. Look up above the entrance and shoot that mask to disable the spike trap, as well as open the door again. Push the statue further into the back passage and enter the crawlspace left to get to the floor lever raising the remaining pillars in the Lagoon.

Wait a bit for the Zombie to get into the room with the spike trap so you can run around him and into the exit, run jump straight onto the transparent ledge. You can choose to jump back along the ledges or hop into the water and take some health loss by the puffer fish and climb out at the other side. Get out, run through the spike trap to the tiny safe spot behind the circular blade and side flip through, shoot the Ghost Pirate off his feet to get through the next spike trap and down to the beach. Time the spikes to run jump to the first and hop to the next, now find your way over the pillars to the far end of the Lagoon and first run right into the cave a bit to get your health up (Saves2-savegame.8). Then you can go check the beach for Volcanic pistol ammo W, Semi-automatic ammo in one of the barrels S.

To the Spike Tunnel, the Emerald Gem Key.

Back into the cave and shoot the mask on the gate to open it, pick up some Semi-automatic ammo left behind the barrels and shoot the one in front of the statue for Volcanic pistol ammo. Go through N, wade through the shallow pool and at some point Alligators will be released upon you. Go up the other end and pick up a small medipack left before the Spike Tunnel. Timing is crucial here, you have to slide in when you expect the spikes to be up when you get to the bottom, run forward to the edge and hop over the slope to the next part, jump from the slope to the one ahead and back flip, now just slide down, the spikes just popped, run forward and jump up into the passage (Saves2-savegame.9). Turn around and climb the ladder, walk up S, but stay right of the center of the passage (deadly darts). Next room hop up into the opening SW, get down onto the ledge below the opening and run jump onto the slope SW so you can grab the edge and shimmy to the ledge behind it. Stand back in the middle of the ledge and time the spike ledge. Do a straight run jump to the spike ledge (the ceiling will shorten your jump), a straight running jump to the corner ledge (Saves2-savegame.10). Pry the Emerald Gem Key from the wall.

Using the Emerald Gem, Down the Lagoon.

Safety drop down from the ledge and maybe you have to shoot some remaining Alligators. Get back through the shallow water and get to the cave at the beach. Run to the right (W), left to jump onto the nearest pillar, run jump to grab the next and jump onto the beach left of island in the middle of the Lagoon.

Run jump around the corner to the tiny beach W where you’ll find a statue, pull it away from the receptacle and place the Gem, a big trapdoor down in the water, opens up. Dive left into the water, swim behind the furthest pillar (N) and down right into the opening to a tunnel, shoot an Alligator or get around it and get out in the next cave. Shoot the Alligator and get back in the water for some Winchester ammo in the tunnel. A Hornet and an Alligator will show up, stay clear of them (easier said than done) or take them out.

Go first W and find Winchester ammo in the grass, turn right and go to the ladder, use the Cog wheel left of the ladder about 6 times and hop back twice, turn right and jump grab up, another ledge jump up and pull up to get in…


8 – Dark Omen.

1 secret

The Pillar Pool.

Diary Updated: What’s happening? Blackbeard must have already entered the heart of the Fountain. Soon he will be commencing with the ritual to enhance his abilities, am I already too late?! Now that the source has been breached, the healing properties of the water will no longer work as the power is drawn toward Blackbeard. I also fear that his crew will be more dangerous with a fiery touch.

At the circular blade trap, hop up onto the ledge, side flip through and stand jump with Ctrl into the next opening, through that blade and down the other side, to the right are Flares. Walk up to a Large Pool with puffer fish. Go right a bit and just run down to land on the low, dark ledge, hop to grab the ledge in front and shimmy left along the crack and around the corner. Ledge jump up and grab the edge of the slope, pull up to back flip with a roll and grab the slope as you slide off, drop and grab the crack, go left around two corners and back jump to a safe “corner ledge”. Well, safe… a big Vulture will come for you, shoot it while standing with your back in the corner. Run jump and grab to the low pillar NE, and get on top. Jump N over the sloped pillar (just slide off), and from the ledge behind it jump to the right (E) to grab another crack. Go right around the corner, almost to the end of the crack and ledge jump up. Back jump to grab a crack and jump up to the top of the pillar. Hop to the floor on the left (E), shoot the bags at the other end to get a Medipack.

Stand left at the opening and jump or run in with Ctrl to land in a niche. Turn around, stand left and run down into the water with Ctrl. Turn around and use the lever to raise pillars and a block. Swim out straight and climb onto the block, you can shoot a Pirate up W from here. There are Explosive Harpoons in the water W of the block, you can attempt to get them now, but it will likely cost you some health. From the block jump and grab the crack in the flat pillar NW, go around to the other side and back jump grabbing the sloped pillar, pull up and back flip onto the flat pillar. Jump over the sloped pillar and grab the floor W, pick up the Semi-automatic ammo (probably dropped by the Pirate) and save before entering the passage. Sprint through straight and come to a large pool with Statues.

Statue Chamber, Drain the Pool.

Shoot the Alligators, jump right around the corner to get the Flares there and jump back. Jump S onto the arm of the statue, walk up to the head and turn right, jump to grab the ledge the statue is holding up. Slide down the other arm and grab up to the head from the higher ground, shimmy left a bit and wait till the flames go down, pull up and throw the lever (#1 for the trapdoors). Hop back with a left turn to get out of the way. Jump into the water, swim to a ledge far right (NW) and climb out (there’s Volcanic pistol ammo on this ledge). Turn left at the gate, jump to the arm, same MO as the other side. Jump to the ledge in the hands, around to the other side and up to the flaming lever (#2 for the trapdoors). Do the same at the statue at the N side (#3 for the trapdoors). The burner there seems to be more harmful when you hang on the edge, so watch out (Saves2-savegame.12). The trapdoors open and they are in front of the W and E statues. Swim down one of them and in the room throw the lever on the S wall. A big trapdoor in the floor opens up, draining the pool at the statues.

Preparing the Timed Run for the Gate.

Swim out through one of the openings and climb out. Collect some goodies, Semi-automatic ammo under the statue E, Harpoons under the statue W, Winchester ammo on the floor NW and go to the Timed lever on the block NW.

The route.

Best is to check out the route first. From the lever hop back turning a bit to the left, hop onto the lever block, left corner and turn left to hop to the pillar a run jump to a spike pillar (landing when they just popped), immediately a hop to the safe pillar. Turn left and run jump to the fire pillar when the flame is going down and a running jump to grab the high one NE, run jump up onto the entrance ledge (no Ctrl). Jump to NE to that ledge where you got the Flares before and jump left to grab the rock ridge N, shimmy left as far as you can and just let go, landing on the arm. Turn around and go to the extended part of the arm. Turn right to run jump and grab the W arm and jump over the corner to the ledge leading to the Timed gate.

Now we go for the real deal, running that timed run that is. Just run down S, landing on the high pillar near the lever block, drop down and Save at the lever. Try saving after successful jumps (while Lara is in the air or pulling up will cost you no time) (Saves2-savegame.13).

The Ancient Idol.

Once through the gate you can throw the lever to re-open it if it closed. Look down right into the room and spot some sacks, shoot them from here and some Grenades will drop out. Jump down into the pool and use the underwater lever on the ladder pillar to open a gate above. Roll, get out and dodge that zombie while going for those Grenades (or maybe you had one left or use the harpoon gun). Quickly shoot the zombie and jump to the pillar with the flames (from the front, climb up and right around when the flame is down and go up, this side has no more flames, climb up to the ledge. Through the gate and the circular blade, over a spike trap and down a slope with a Rolling Skull. Right into the passage to dodge that last one. Do this a couple of times more and finally you are at a Winchester ammo pickup.

You may have noticed those trigger tiles for the Skulls came closer to the top of the slope every time, this one has the tile on top of the slope… Just step carefully onto a corner to trigger the Skull and go down after it and grab Grenades, and the Grenade Gun lying under that skeleton. Hop back and turn left to claim the Ancient Idol in the alcove, you’ll see a gate open up at the pillar pool. When you go back up the slopes, beetles will fall from the ceiling, after 3 slopes you’ll encounter a zombie, up the next slope and then a Skull will come down towards you, so roll and get out of the way. Go back up, shoot the Ghost Pirate and go up the last slope. Hop to the Blade, side flip through and run jump (with Ctrl) from the burner block into the opening E.

Jump S to the statue, at the head climb up left to the ledge with the Ghost Pirate and shoot him off the ledge. Go through the gate S, shoot the sacks right for a small medipack and follow through to a gorge. Stand jump to the rope to jump S to the bridge ledge and shoot the Ghost Pirate down, there is also a vulture flying around.

The Last Secret: walk to the E end of the ledge and turn around, look down left to spot a hidden under water tunnel near the bottom (under the white flowers on the wall there), I went to the SW tip of the ledge and ran down SW landing inside the opening, there’s a spike trap and after a turn you can climb out where Secret #1 will sound, walk straight to where you get to a small lake with mermaids… Get down to the lower ledge, run jump as far as you can towards that waterfall on the left (W), swim up and climb out onto the ground behind the waterfall and from there run jump onto the crate. Jump into the opening left and shoot the Vulture. Go get the Golden Rose prize, Grenades far left and Explosive Harpoons from the barrel on the right and go to the exit. Hop out to the crate, jump to the ground behind the waterfall, jump to a corner rock ledge S and from there to the entrance ledge and climb up. Swim back through the tunnel with the spikes and get your health up before swimming into the pool with the puffer fish, go sharp left along the wall and climb out onto the ledge NW (take a medipack with the shortcut key). Grab up N and go up the ladder, jump over to use the rope again to get to the bridge ledge.

Go to the SW end and jump over to the S, shoot some Vulture(s) and jump/grab up S, left of the mushrooms. Face E standing left and run jump, landing on the far side of a sloped rock so you can jump ahead and jump again to end up on the pebble stone ledge. Jump to the ladder and go up, turn around to jump/grab up to the bridge ledge. Pick up Semi-automatic ammo and then run jump to get into the opening S.

Dead Man’s Chest.

A Skull slope, sprint down and left around to get out of the way, a flyby of the familiar graveyard takes over. Zombies, Ghost pirates and a Wraith, now invest this place. Next to the gate shown in the flyby was a sign, Dead Man’s Chest 5. Meaning you have to find and shoot 5 of those chests.

Watch out, as you are about to pick up a Volcanic pistol and ammo, a Pirate will come for you, shoot him first. Then go up over the ridge W between those burning lamps, down left for a Medipack. Head for that Tomb stone SE and push it off the trapdoor, fall down to find an angel statue for the Wraith. There’s a chest (#1) too, shoot it. Just W of this grave is chest #2, you can shoot it from the grave. Hop out, and SW is chest #3, in the shallow pool is #4, the last one is in the E area where the Volcanic pistol was, to the S. The gate opens SW in the graveyard…

Go through and shoot a Pirate, pick up a small medipack and jump over the mushrooms into the low tunnel on the left (E), back in familiar territory.

Fountain of Youth, Using the Idol.

Run left around the top perimeter to get Winchester ammo, a Medipack and 2x Semi-automatic ammo S. Go back a bit to the middle of the S side (big plant remember?) and drop down to the ledge with the statue shown in the flyby.

Place the Ancient Idol on the statue and a teleport beam activates on the central ledge. Go there and first pick up a small medipack before you step in and jump up.

The Snake Guardians.

Ponce de León’s Journal 3: According to Native legend the Fountains inner sanctum is protected by four guardians, each in possession of an offering to their “goddess of healing”.

Can be done in random order:

You’ll end up in a pool, up in every one of the 4 corners is a Snake Guardian we have to slay. Pick up a small medipack from the bottom and get out S and a bit left on the grey ledge and keep moving, turn left and jump through the spike trap to the “safe” corner, turn right and jump up to the corner, stand below the ledge with the Guardian and shoot it while jumping up and down (or just get up close behind it, which worked better as I found out). Pick up Toci’s Soul when it is dead. A block goes up. I jumped from the block to the central pillars (no Ctrl) and over to the SW corner, just jump to the Guardian and shoot it from real close, pick up Toci’s Heart. NW is Toci’s Mind and NE Toci’s Body. Way up on the slopes along the S wall is Semi-automatic ammo, along the E wall a small medipack, W Volcanic pistol ammo. (Saves2-savegame.14). Jump onto the central pillars and place those Gems on the stands. A wall opens, it is in the N side of the place, jump to the N side pillars and run jump there.

Defeating Blackbeard.

Go through and a long cut scene will pay…There’s some useful tips in the Diary about the Shotgun as the best weapon here.

“Blackbeard’s becoming more powerful with each passing second. Somehow I must destroy the power generators before it’s too late. My shotgun may be the only weapon that has any effect on him…”

Note: The shotgun can be used to push enemies…

In one of the corners of the battleground is a chest where you can get extra ammo if you’re out, just go close to it. You have to blast Blackbeard into each of the three blue windows so he will break the statues (generators) there. In the middle of the room is a beam that will get your health up (if you can stay in there long enough) and if you catch fire run through the beam…. (Saves3-savegame.0 / immediately start shooting, he's nicely lined up for you). After the battle the final cut scene kicks in….


End of the Adventure.