Level by DJFull

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


8 secrets.

Some Secrets and Pickups.

Grab the Shotgun ammo right of you, head S(W) up the sloped street and turn around after that arched bridge above. From the right hand side you can run jump and grab that bridge, turn left and grab up to the wall W. Go left and look at the left corner of the building right of you (W), run jump and grab the slanted ledge and climb up to where you can claim Secret #1, a small medipack and 3x Uzi clips. Down to the ledge and run jump back onto the wall with a right curve. Go left a bit (E) and grab up to the higher roof S, go to the far corner (SW) from where you can run jump without Ctrl onto the wall of the Fountain courtyard. Go right following the wall and jump to the awning in front of the high roof, go to the other end and run jump to grab the grey pillar just left of the Tower, behind the Tower is Secret #2, Grenades and a Medipack.

Go over the rooftops to the far E end where you can see a drawbridge below. Drop onto one of the balconies next to the bridge and jump to the next pillar (E), hop back to safety drop down from that and go up into the opening under the drawbridge. Pick up a small medipack and 2x Shotgun ammo and read the sign

Get out and left, up the rocks NE and follow the rocky path to the caste doors, open them with the reach-in switch. You are back at the start.

A Horse (is a horse ….).

Head S up the sloped street again and left to the stables, pick up a bit of Horse Hay near the big bushels SE, go to the horse and give the Hay so Lara may mount the horse (behaves like a car, same controls). A fenced off door is shown as you get on the horse. Out of the stables and straight into the next (Church) courtyard, first left to the Fountain courtyard. Ride her up to that fence W and the doors fall. Leave the horse here for now and go into the opened doors, enjoy the view for a bit and use the lever left to open the other doors at the Fountain. Go out and on the base of the Fountain, between the statues is a small medipack.

Enter the room S and pick up an Empty Diary (LOL) left. Leave, take the horse if you like, or go on foot. On the bridge between the two courtyards go right over the ledge and jump to a small ledge at the castle wall S to get Secret #3, some Flares, jump back and go N to the Church courtyard, left and loop right around into the building, behind the wall E is a Medipack. Go up the “stairs” and right to a balcony, left around to the front of the building. Hop onto the roof N, walk down to the N side and look down left. Several ways to get in there, but I did it like this: Stand on the edge of the ledge above, hop back from the ledge and hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge of the floor. Claim Secret #4, a Medipack, the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo. Jump back onto the roof.

Top of the Tower, Torches.

From the highest part of the roof, grab up E to the ledge above. Go left and right around the corner, drop into the lower part in the ledge, step onto the Witch’s Circle and get a hint.

Climb up at the S side and to the left to the SE corner, face E and grab up to a rafter above, crawl in to pick up Secret #5, 2 small and one large Medipacks. Drop back out and turn around.

Go to the other corner (SW) and grab up to the rafter there, turn around and jump onto the top of the roof. Climb the pole facing one of the corner pillars and when you get close to the top, back flip off to the floor. Safety drop down from the SW corner and get another Shotgun from the skeleton. A nice flyby kicks in and a giant Crow appears, wait for him and take him out. Run jump and grab the pole again and go up once more. Hang from the edge of the floor at the ladder and shimmy to the ladder to go up, shoot that big bell up there and the sound will break some support walls. Another big Crow awakes, wait for it and kill it. Go up onto the broken wall SE and face N, stand right and run jump without Ctrl onto the lowest point of the ledge N. Hop up to the floor and grab a Torch, stand at the W edge of the floor and throw the Torch down, it should end up in the courtyard below. To be sure, throw down some more and maybe even drop some with using the draw weapon key so it will land on a lower wooden floor where you can see them.

Go to the NW corner, run off onto the small roof and grab up to the roof of the Tower, grab up again and claim Secret #6, 2 Uzis and Uzi clips.

Get down and with a safety drop/grab from the roof SE get back down. Go to your Torches (if you dropped them here) and throw then off the W side with Alt, now you can see where they land. Climb down the ladder on the N side, from here we can go for the last two secrets. I went to the NW corner, facing N do a run jump landing on the highest part of the church roof so you’ll slide down onto a flat part just next to the tower. Hop NW to the far corner and just around the second tower is Secret #7, 2x Grenades. Go further around that corner and when you get to the high roof, run onto it and slide off to a flatter part below.

Go to the far E end, hopping around the corners. Now stand jump to that Tower down E, run over the break tile and safety drop down to find Secret #8, the “Crowbow”, Arrows and Flares. Climb back up, from the NW corner jump over the battlements onto the castle outer wall and follow around to the building SW. Go in and all the way to the back first to get a small medipack from the window. Go left Back a bit and climb down a ladder to the lower room, you can shoot some barrels.. On a table is the Castle History. Read it. In front of the Fireplace are some Flares.

Using Torch, the Spoo-Key, a Pitchfork.

Open the doors behind you (E), go find a Torch in the courtyard, shouldn’t be too hard, if you threw them all down, the courtyard should be littered with them. Go back inside to ignite the Torch at the fireplace and take it into the building E, loop right around down to the cellars. Where you come in and right are two wall torches, ignite them go W and left around the corner for #3, go N and then right for #4 (notice the keyhole behind you) and a bit more to the E is #5.

“Who’s playing with my Torches?.. Thanks for the light, but it will not work, if you want to trigger me, try something else. Try elsewhere, there’s another fire to light.”

Take the Torch, go S and up right, into the passage left and up to the courtyard, left around and right to the Fountain courtyard. The “two Lovers” are gone… Into the room W and ignite the two Candles.

No No No No!!
So you lit my fire, I don’t know what you thought.. why not just use this…”

Grab the Spoo-Key from his hand. Pick up the Torch again and run out, left over the bridge and take a right into the stables, burn that big pile of hay in the NE corner so the Pitchfork (crowbar) will drop to the ground. Pick it up, grab the Torch again and go out to the street.

The Church, the Cellar Key.

Straight to the Church courtyard, loop right around to the Church, because the Spoo-Key will fit there. Don’t even try that spiked ground floor, but look right as you enter the church and climb the ladder there. Shimmy from where you came up to the back of the church, so that whole row of spikes will be triggered and won’t pop up again (Shoot the Jesus statue….). Drop near the Cross and hang from the edge of the ledge to be sure the spikes below have popped, drop down and open the gate with the Pitchfork. Grab 2x Desert Crow clips, the Desert Crow and the Cellar Key. You should now be able to run over the spike traps to the courtyard. Get the Torch, go left into the building and down to the Cellar. Go left (W) and right to the place below the well and use the key on the lock opposite the wall torch in the E passage. Go down with the Torch….

Oh, Something tells me I should be very, very quiet!

When you take a left, you’ll come to a wider cellar, in the far corner is a Medipack, the camera changes there to let you have a good look at what’s coming, a Giant Spider, shoot it quietly.

Back to the corridor and second right, left into the first cell to pick up some Flares next to the torture board. Out and right, straight into the corridor to a well-lit chamber. If you want to take the Torch with you, stand at the edge and hit a weapons key so Lara will drop it straight down to the bottom. Go all the way down the chain.

Pick up the Torch for some extra light, go down the corridor and take a left,
- left again is to level 2.
- right down the steps with the torches, right around leads down to a skeleton with a Torch, the writing on the Torch says “Till death do us part” If you drop your Torch you’re dead.

Left round leads down to a deep wide pit we cannot jump, so onwards to level 2 it is… Up the steps with the torches and into the dark corridor E. Through the narrow opening you’ll find a wooden floor, do not drop the Torch on it, but face S and ignite the floor. Go down the slopes….


3 secrets.

Follow the corridor and to the right is a huge gate, only way onwards is straight, around some corners and a wooden floor above will burn. Hop up with the Torch, to the left I couldn’t find anything, so loop right around onto a ledge along a deep dark water filled trench. At the end is a push block, drop the Torch for a bit (you can drop it now, no more death sentence) push the block and it drops, hop down onto the block and you are now back where we came from. Use the lever left to open the huge gate, go down E and left into that room, the gate closes as you go for the Crowbow and Arrows on the Tomb. You can open them by shooting that little target ball up SE, either with explosives or climb up into the alcove SW and shoot it from there with Shotgun or Uzis. The gate opens again… But W Why… and Secret #1 sounds. Get out of here. Right and up the block, up to the Trench.

Pick up the Torch, go right over the bridge and then left into a passage with two blue lamps, ignite both, drop the Torch and go straight E to the Trench, loop right around the corner and look up right to spot an opening, the block here lowered when you lit the blue lamps. Get in there to find a push block with a young lady. Push the block S onto the tile and Secret #2 will sound. Pick up the Rebecca Block.

The Giant Fish.

Get out and go left, close to the building N, look right into the pool and spot the underwater lever, swim over to it, get air and save before using the lever, a Giant Fish will appear, you’ll just have to avoid it as much as you can and swim S through the Trench and right around the corner. In the end up right where you can pull up into a crawlspace where a short flyby shows an open trapdoor. By now the Fish caught up, so crawl forward and left out to the Hall with the Big Candlesticks.

Hall with the Big Candlesticks, the Trap Deactivator Key.

Loop right around into the passage with the blue lamps and straight E to the Trench, left to the building with the trapdoor. Climb up and pick up Flares in the corner, head W to the end and up some steps left is a small medipack. Close to the steps is a hole in the floor, drop down onto a baby face tile. In the SE corner is a chain, pull that to open the curtains W and light all the big Candlesticks. Go down there and to the S is a Nasty Witch, kill him to get his Trap Deactivator Key. Go to the N end of the Hall, up right and use that Key. Push the button behind the opened gate and the Spike trap will be deactivated I guess. Head E to that big Yellow Crystal, but first go left to that baby face in the N wall, push it open and go in…

Pick up Secret #3, the Grenade Gun and 3x Grenades. The message is probably meant for Agent XP (a private matter, so I will stay out).

Go out, pick up the Stone of Castle Rotenherringstein, the place starts to shake and changes too. Suddenly the place is flooded, keep going S, right into a narrow tunnel and up, left around the corner and climb out. Pick up Shotgun ammo and a Medipack, back into the water to pull out into the crawlspace W and go straight through to the Hall with the Big Candlesticks. Totally destroyed, next to the fire is a Torch, get that and ignite it. Go E to the room where the stone was and right to the main passage leading back to level 1. On the first big crossing a Giant spider will drop down, take care of it. The wide pit has been covered with a spider web, so you can cross it. Go right and left into a passage leading up big steps, climb out, take a left to the end (W) and right around the corner and when you come to the chain, the level takes over and puts you upstairs with the Torch.

1- ABOVE (revisited)

Go straight and when out of this corridor a bit right of the cell block up the stairs, you’ll get a screen of the drawbridge going down. When in the cellars, go left to the chamber under the well, left again and up the steps. Take a right to get up to the courtyard, left around and right to the Fountain courtyard. Left to the drawbridge and run jump to grab one of the pillars. LOL!!!

Run to the end of the ledge....