CAC- Tomb of Thoth.

Level by Dreamfall.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

4 secrets.

The mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder (the numbering is a bit mixed up as we decided to add another save later).

Shoot the crate left for a small medipack and the smaller crate hides Flares. Go inside the building and shoot some bats. There are three Pushables in this room and if you look up to the ceiling you can see where you have to push them, but first you have to unblock them.

The Pyramid Key, unblock the Pushables.

So go to the left corner (SE), face W and backflip onto the slope to grab the crack there. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Jump over the ledges till you are at the N wall and crawl into the triangle opening. Carefully slide down (left is a gate*) and jump NE over the pit with spikes. Next take another running jump over the second spiked pit towards the lever. This is a timed lever that opens that gate* a bit back and you could already use it, but you need first to find something else.

So jump right to the other corner and get up into the triangle opening. Walk to the end and look up, yup... boulder alert. Stand a bit to the left, slide down a bit and then jump (once or even twice) with a left curve and in that way you can avoid the boulder. Jump up the block E and turn around. Face NW and hop onto the slope there and then jump to the wall and grab the crack. Shimmy to the right into the triangle opening. Get down and fetch the Pyramid Key (screenshot). Use the lever straight ahead that opens a door in the wall on the left. You are back on top of the boulder slope.  

For a Secret: look up at the opposite wall and spot the triangle opening, jump and grab in there to get Secret #1, a Golden Skull. Run jump out with Ctrl to get back into the door opening.

Jump right around the corner to the passage above the slope, get through and do the timed lever (flip it, do two steps to the right and turn left, take a running curved jump over the first pit) and jump the spike pits to the open gate (savegame.0) where you can use the Pyramid Key up a block (N), the Pushables are now un-blocked. Get out and back to the room with the Pushables (up the slope S) and now you can start pushing them to their right places (under the blue rays). Don’t forget the one on the ledge SW…

Bridge Chamber.

Go through the doors W and end up in a Chamber with bridges covered with spikes. Stay well clear of those spikes! Look between all those spikes and spot the Golden Skull, for later.

Turn left and take a running jump to the slope in the corner, slide off forwards and use Ctrl so Lara ends up on a block below. Your goal is a lever on the W side, so another running jump with a little curve to the ledge slightly to the right and grab the edge at the last second. Again do a running jump to the lever; flip it to lower spikes at the S side of the bridge. Climb up on the right. Get down at the other side (under the torch) and flip a second lever lowering more spikes on the N bridge this time… Turn around and do a curved run jump (Ctrl) straight to a lower ledge (E).

Preparation for a Secret: Turn left to the N wall and look down to spot a triangular opening, run jump in there with Ctrl (left side), climb up to a lever lowering the spikes on the W side of the bridges. Run jump out grabbing the ledge and turn left. We went for the Secret later, as we will be back up there in a while…

Run jump to the left (E) to the next ledge. Then stand jump onto the broken pillar on the left (NE). From there hop to the bridge where the spikes went down (aim as right as possible because the harmful effect of the spikes).

Star Key I, North Side, “Broken Door”.

Go in and shoot a dog on the left and pull out the block there twice, jump behind it and get the small medipack. Climb on the block and face S, walk to the end and stand on the left. Hop to the slope and jump immediately and grab the next block in the corner. Next is a curved running jump to the other corner and from there take another running jump (with Ctrl) to get to the Timed lever. Apparently the Timed lever/door is broken so better make your way into the opening right of the lever (W). Jump up the slope there and then make your way down the ground floor there (use the slopes to get down safely). Continue while passing that “broken door” and when you go into the next area you get a screenshot of an Ahmet. 

Torch Quest.

Jump up a slope on the right (S) and up a block where you see a rope with a boulder attached to it, you have to burn that rope. Stand jump and grab to the opening in the E wall and flip the lever there to open the door left. Shoot some bats and drop down through the open door, shooting a scorpion as well. In the corner SE is a skeleton on the floor, get his 2x Shotgun ammo as well as his Shotgun. Get out and backflip onto the slope against the N wall and grab the ledge with the statue hanging there. Then take a curved running jump to the corner NW, turn around and a curved jump to the NE corner. Another jump to the SE corner and from there jump into the opening in the fence W. There are Torches in there, take one Torch, go to the opening, turn around (you might take a step forwards) and angle Lara so when she backflips she lands on that slope and can jump into the opening with the door.

The Mummies.

Take a left and drop down in the next room. Go to the wall torch and better save before igniting the Torch.

Once the Torch is lit you’ll drop down into a room full of mummies. Drop the Torch and now you have to flip 4 levers to open a door in the N wall. Get in there and shoot the Ahmet you will meet. After he is dead, go back to get the Torch you dropped and go back into the passage (N) (savegame.1) and jump up at the end. Turn to the W and jump up again. Drop in the next room and then up a slope on the left (S). Hop on the block with the rope and stand under the rope to ignite it. The boulder drops down and opens a broken wall in the room below (N). Follow the boulder (you can take the Torch with you for some light if you want). The un-even floor (left) of this room is laced with Spike traps.

Moving Blocks.

Use the lever straight ahead and go through the gate.

For a Secret: Run jump up left behind the first moving block into the opening, and go down for Secret #2, Golden Skull.  Stand jump back right to the entrance or left and pass the next moving block. Behind the third moving block, and right, is a small triangle opening. Run jump in there with a right curve.

Jump down and flip the floor lever to open trapdoors. Get back through the moving blocks (savegame.2) and get ready to shoot another Ahmet. Look up in the room with the un-even floor and you have to jump on every square under the opened trapdoors (and only those squares) so the gate at the end will open (NW).

Climb the ladder and backflip from almost at the top. At the other end take a running jump and grab S over the room below and shoot a scorpion. At the end of this passage take a running jump to the thin ledge down to the right and from there grab the crack in the E wall and shimmy to the left and hoist up. Take another jump to the opening on the left and again one to the other side (N). Shoot the vase on the right for a Medipack.

Get the Star Key I and see a tall block go down. Jump back S, run jump right around the corner into the opening and hang out the other end in the left corner, so you can safety drop onto the slope in the corner of the room with the “broken door”. In the W wall is that tall block that lowered. Throw the lever there twice to open those “broken doors”. Go through and straight to the bridge with the spikes. Now you have to get to the S side, so turn to the right (E) and grab onto that pillar, pull up left, just slide down to hit the corner slope (don’t jump). Jump again to end up on the ledge with the lever (savegame.3). Climb onto the bridge. You can place the Star Key, or wait till later.

For a Secret: Only if you used the lever in the pit below the bridges (see paragraph “Bridge Chamber”). Go left and the spikes lowered, so go get Secret #3, a Golden Skull. Go back to the doors.

Star Key II, South Side, the Boulder Puzzle.

From the bridge, get down to the lever and stand jump with Ctrl into the gap in the pillar S. Turn left and stand jump grab up to the bridge a bit away from the spikes… Go into the passage and go to the pillar left of the door. Walk on the sand and stand left and get up the sloped pillar. Backflip and roll to grab the next one, then a running jump to the next and from there to the one on the left, where that Timed lever is. Pull it and side jump and roll into the room. Shoot two dogs and in the far left corner is a vase in an alcove; shoot it for a small medipack.

Go to the other side and up the first sandy slope NW, stand at the pillar and use Ctrl to grab the top on its lowest point. Turn around and jump to that small ledge with the plant, take another running jump to the corner (be careful as some bats might pester you). From that corner take a running jump to the other side (S) right of the spikes. Up here we’ll need to close some trapdoors to get a boulder to roll along a certain path.

Lever for the Gate.

Run jump E to the floor and find those trapdoors. There’s a pit SW, slide in backwards, grab the edge and safety drop down. Hop up to a lever at a window (you can see the “Star Key” through it) and use that lever to open a gate near the spikes.
Face SW and back flip onto a slope, jump and keep jumping the slopes, roll so you’ll face E and steer left to get onto a corner ledge W (next to some spikes), that is where that gate* just opened, run down onto a ledge and shoot a dog, get to the floor. W is a burning torch and right of it a slope we need in a bit. E, behind that floor lever is a raising block to get up to the ledge above.

Timed jumps for the Spikes lever.

Save at the floor lever, use it and get to the NW corner fast, jump onto the slope with a roll so you’ll land facing forward on the torch pillar, curving left run jump to the next pillar and from that one with a wide left/ right curve around the low ceiling onto the raising block and run onto the ledge (
savegame.4 - You could decide to use the floor lever once first and let the block go down, so now you’ll be facing the right way after using it again) . The lever on the ledge will lower all those spikes at the levers we saw. Get down, climb up NE and get to the three levers. From left to right use #2 and #3 so trapdoors will close and let the boulder drop into the last opening.

Get down W and use the last lever that will trigger another boulder, right above your head, no escaping here, so just duck at the lever and wait it out.
Take a few step back and hop up onto the ledge above the lever, one more time up and jump to the trapdoor under the torch NE, face S and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the slope above and shimmy left to a triangle opening, pull up in there to get Secret #4, a Golden Skull. Get down again.

To the Second Star Key.

Go over to the block with the 3 levers and jump over the spikes to one of the blocks, right of the slope with the torch (W), run jump around the corner to the opening above the torch (W) and duck to grab the
Medipack. Crawl back and jump down onto the slope below, turn around, go down the slope. Run in and landing on a slope, start jumping to and fro to the other side. Somewhere near the other end, slide and grab the edge to shimmy to where a gate opened. Get down into the next room. There's an opening with a monkey climb up N where we'll have to get to.

The Trapdoors, Drop a Pile of Rubble.

Go into the SW corner face E, back to the wall and side flip onto the mound in the corner, jump again to grab a crack in the wall, where those statues are. Shimmy left and pull up, jump E to that ladder in the corner and go up, climb off to the right at the first ledge. You are in the room with trapdoors under a Pile of Rubble.

East, Lever 1.

A lever on the right (E) opens a door next to it. Go through the triangular gap and slide down into a room with two dogs. In the W wall is a push block, pull it once and go right through passage in the corner to get behind the block and push it once, go back to the block and push it all the way to the S wall.

Climb the block and backflip on the slope and grab the higher slope (E).

Hang left, pull up and back flip onto grab a tiny corner ledge. A fence with a floor lever behind it is left of you. We have to get to that crack E. When you would run jump straight E, you would go too far over the double slope, so run jump straight then a sharp right curve so you’ll hit the wall and just land onto the far side of the double slope block and can immediately jump to grab the crack. Go shimmy left around two corners and drop onto a ledge below. Turn left and hop onto the corner pillar, left again and then up on the right to a lever opening the fence.

Face the lever and side flip onto the corner slope next to the fence, grab the edge and shimmy left to get to the open gate. Go use the floor lever (#1) for some trapdoors. Safety drop out of the opening, Go to the push block and pull it back 3 times, climb the block and jump up W to the exit and get back to the room with the trapdoors.

West, Lever 2.

The lever W opens another door, go in and shoot a scorpion. In that room stand in the SE corner niche; face W, jump up forward onto the slope, back flip and keep jumping left to end up on a ledge where you’ll find a lever opening a gate. Jump and grab the crack W, shimmy right and pull up. Spikes are also popping now, you’ll have to jump onto the corner SW slope, grab the edge as you slide off.

I did it like this: First go right against the wall, then grab 3 x back left and save there. Wait till you heard the spikes pop and then pull up, back flip roll and run jump right onto the next spike ledge, they should just have popped by then. Take a running jump with a sharp right curve and Ctrl in the end to get into the gate (savegame.5). Go use the floor lever (#2) for the trapdoors. Safety drop down and go out E.

Drop from the floor onto that sloped block below and jump to grab the monkey climb (if you missed the jump to the monkey climb, Backflip onto the sloped block S and grab the monkey climb). Go to the opening and drop/grab to get in. Go get the Star Key II and a gate to a sarcophagus is shown. Gates opened up on the left (N). In between the gates is a lever, throw it twice to open that “broken door” N. Go through and follow N to the spike bridge. Stand jump down NW onto the ledge left of the spikes and run jump W to grab the ledge with the lever, climb up right and place the Star Keys. You’ll get a screen of a tall door.

The Pit.

The doors opened up, so go down and have a look at the next challenge. A pit with sloped pillars, a spike ceiling and when you decide to take the leap, spikes will also come from the walls. From standing at the end of the slope you can do like this: a stand jump to the left side of the first pillar, jump up left onto the tip of the next and spikes pop from the wall, turning right do a stand jump to end up on a sandy triangle ledge at the right hand side of the pit from where you can do a running jump onto the floor beyond the pit (
savegame.6). You’ll likely suffer some health loss, so start with full health.

The Two Tall Doors, raising the Big Stairs.

Use the lever to open the doors, step through and a flyby kicks in… Shoot two dogs; the door straight ahead (W) needs two Gems. Under the vase in the NW corner is a
small medipack. The lever at gate on the right (N) opens the gate to the chamber where those tall doors are we saw after placing the Star Keys, shoot two bats.
We need to raise the Blocks (steps) in between the Tall doors, 3 tasks required for that. Take either the right hand side opening or the left one, as we have to go both sides anyway.

Right East, Spike Pillars.

Go into a corridor and down at the end into an area with gates, throw a lever on the left hand wall and see a gate* open up. Go to the back, hop up left and shoot the vase for a
Medipack. Climb down the ladder there into the lower room and throw a lever SE to raise a block** we need in a bit. Go back up that ladder in the opposite corner and turn around, run jump onto the slope you see and jump again (to the right) to grab a sloped pillar with spikes on top, go left to the other corner and wait till just before the spikes pop, then pull up and just before you slide the spikes should have popped, slide only a bit and jump left to grab the next pillar, just before the spikes pop, pull up slide a bit and jump with a last moments left turn and grab the block you raised** (savegame.7). Go left and through the gate* you opened before.

Mirror room, raise the first Blocks.

Take the first right (E) into the Mirror room, go to the middle of the room, look into the mirror and spot an opening in the ceiling just left of the passage you came from and a trapdoor in the other corner. Go up the mound of sand in the corner left of the entrance, face S and hit Ctrl&Up to let Lara grab up through the ceiling. Turn around and hop over the hole, go use a floor lever in the back to open a gate in the mirror room below (E wall), get down there and shoot the vase, get in there and turn around to use the jump lever to open that trapdoor NW. Get down there to use a lever opening the N gate, go up and notice there’s something in there we can only see in the mirror, shoot it and see the first Blocks go up at the Tall Doors. Leave W and right, in the back of this corridor is a lever opening the exit door and opposite the door is
2x Shotgun ammo, you may have to duck to get it. Leave through the door and drop down into the room. Go up the ladder NW and left through the corridor and up into the passage S, follow back to the chamber with the Tall Doors. Take the other side now.

Task 2: West, Push Puzzle.

Slide down and go through to the NW corner of the room, use a slope to back flip and jump up to a ledge W. Jump over to the “bridge”. Use the lever N to switch the raising blocks, move the blue piece to the red tile, use the lever again and push the blue to the gate S. Go back, use the lever again and move the red piece onto its tile. The gate for the blue opens up, go push it onto its tıle and a gate E opens up in the room below. Go shoot the vase there to raise the next Blocks at the Tall Doors.
Get back up to the bridge and from the SE corner hop into the passage above the slope, go back to the room with the Tall Doors.

Task 3: Vase Shoot.

Climb up the blocks in the SE corner, turn W and run jump to the tiny ledge, then to the slope in the corner and jump off to grab the crack. Shimmy right around a corner and come to a grey tile. Save, pull up and while Lara does that, draw pistols, back flip roll and shoot to hit a vase behind a Timed gate in the opposite wall. When you succeed, you’ll see the third row of Blocks rise (


The Demi God Gem Keys.

Go up the blocks and use the floor lever to open the tall Doors and now it becomes clear why they are tall, two demigods will emerge one after the other, kill both to get their
Gem Keys. Go S through to the other Camber and use those Gem Keys on the right (W), slide down into a big room.

The Hammer God Battle.

Two blocks with hammers above, go to the lever in the back and open the gate with it. When you go in, a cut scene takes over where Lara grabs the
Thoth Amulet and a big Hammer God emerges from behind the door. Get out quick and go right to where that block lowered (S), throw the lever there and be careful to activate the grey tile spike trap, that grey tile behind you is now a spike trap. You have to lure that Hammer Guy onto that tile. The spikes have to pop while the hammer guy is standing in them, the spikes have to hit him twice. At that moment you will hear the Hammers above the block N shatter the object and the block N will lower where you’ll have to do the same thing. Throw the lever and get the Hammer guy on the spike tile.
Once you succeeded, a cut scene kick in where that hammer guy dies and an earthquake will start (
savegame.9). Go out E, up the slope a bit and then go right onto the block shown in the flyby before. Grab up W, then jump over to the other side (E) and walk out of the gate slowly because of some rubble.

Making your Escape.

Hop left and go to the corner, shoot that Ahmet on the ledge NE and jump there (
savegame.10), go to the other end to jump over the column to the ledge there and quickly run to the other end. Jump to the triangle ledge on the rocks S and turn right to jump to the next, hop up W and look up to spot a ledge up right. Turn facing N, step back a bit and side flip left onto the slope, jump and grab that ledge. Climb through the opening into a cave; follow through to end the adventure….[/size]