CaC - Hostile Waters.

 Level by SrDanielPonces.

 Walkthrough G&D Productions.

6 Secrets.

 Compass; red needle is direction

1- Under Seige.

Take a running jump straight ahead and follow through to the back of the ship, right almost at the back wall (NE) is a small medipack and a bit further, to the left you can find Shotgun ammo.

Go back and stay on the right and jump over to a brown ledge. Walk onto the tiled one and turn around. Hop back grabbing the edge and safety drop and get the Shotgun ammo there, turn right and take a running jump to the blue ledge on the other side and pull up to pick up that Medipack.

Whatever you do, DO NOT get down to the bottom. Jump to the tiled ledge on the left (E), left of the glass shards and get back up. Walk to the pipe hanging from the ceiling and use Ctrl and Lara will climb up.

The Cabin Keys.

Turn around and get the Flares, in the other corner is some Automatic Pistol ammo. Get down on the floor and use the switch (left of the door) to open it. Get in and go into the opposite cabin (W) and get the Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Get back in the corridor and follow to the end. Notice more doors but they need a key. Go left at the end and push the button for the elevator. Seems to be broken too… When the gate is open just jump down and get the Cabin Keys.

The Cabin, Harpoon Gun.

Get back in the corridor and you can use the Cabin Keys on the door opposite but that will not work as you may have noticed. So take a right and open the next one on the left. Get in and loop left and open the slide door there. To the right in shower stall is Uzi ammo; go further into next cabin and right to find Harpoon ammo on the bunk bed. Get back to the sliding door and left into the cabin with the bunk beds. Grab the Harpoon Gun and more Harpoon ammo from the bunks and go back to the corridor. The door opposite needs a different key, so go to the right (S) and use the Keys on the glass door. Get into the opening on the left and into the water and grab the Shotgun ammo. 


Back out again and now loop around left up the stairs (SE) and open the next glass doors (on the right). Open all the doors on the left side, first cabin get the Flares and Harpoon ammo from the bunks, there is also a slide door to a bathroom but there is nothing in there. In the next room get the Shotgun ammo and Harpoon ammo from the bunk bed. The slide door opens to the same empty bathroom. The last room has a broken wall but you can’t get in just yet.

Top of the Elevator.

Get back and left to the elevator (S and left), and push the button to open it. Get in the open gate, look up to the right and jump to grab the edge of the next floor. Go left and grab some Automatic Pistol ammo. Go straight and pull up onto a corner ledge for a Medipack and then make your way down to the ground floor of the pit on the right (S). Go inside the opening (W) and drop down into the water. Swim into a flooded lounge, get a small medipack from the floor a bit right across.

Killing the Moray Eel.

Don’t get into the opening on the left (N), there’s a nasty Moray Eel there that will kill you. Instead swim into the far right corner into a corridor (SE). Follow through and you get into bigger underwater area. Drop down into the water and first swim straight a bit.

Towards the middle of the lounge and dive down into a huge cave. Swim to the left (W), with the wreck on your right and find Automatic Pistol ammo there. Then go up and a bit left, so you can swim up and get air, swim a bit to the left there is a low ledge (W) there where you can get Shotgun ammo and up right a bit even some Flares. 

For a Secret: Get back in the water and swim SE and find an opening in the dark rocks where you can get Secret #1, the Quartz Dragon. Swim back out and climb up the ledge where you found the Shotgun ammo.   

Hop onto the ledge on the left (S). Face N and jump up to grab the ceiling where plants are hanging down. Shimmy forwards a bit, keep an eye out for those hanging plants, then go to the right and then left to an opening in the N wall there. At the end let go and grab the edge and hoist up into the crawlspace there and get through. Then climb up a few blocks and you are back at the cave with the elevator shaft “Attic” area. Turn right (E) and take a running jump to get to the opening there (a bit of a tricky jump). Inside is a boulder, push the boulder down, opening the shaft and also killing that nasty Moray Eel you might have encountered before.

The Hammer, a Wedged Key.

Jump down in the water after the boulder, turn right (N) and use the lever around the corner (screenshot of the door opening in the monkey swing cave).

Swim back (you can get air S first) and take the first right you see, swim down and left and you are back under the ship. Swim towards the S and climb up on the blue ledge left, where that crack is. Go left as far as possible and jump to grab the crack and shimmy left to hoist up at the door. Jump down and grab the Hammer on the floor left. A broken wall is shown (S), so use the Hammer on it and the wall breaks away.

Jump down and get the Medipack straight ahead, in the next area is a dead crook, get his Wedged Key, a bit further (S) is Automatic Pistol ammo, and then go to the SW corner for some Flares.

You can go back now, up through the broken wall and left into the water. Turn right (N) and swim just under the lowest part of the wreck, swim up behind it and to the right and here you can get some air (the lounge). We’ve been here before; N was the Moray Eel.

Swim into the W corridor and take a right and left into the orange passage. Pull up and get out to the cave and climb the wall on the right to the top (N). Go to the elevator shaft on the left and safety drop down into the water below, loosing some health.

Get out of the elevator and loop around to the left and up the stairs. Go to the right into the back; take the last opening on the left. Use the Hammer on the wall; then enter the cabin. Go to the back wall (be sure to have your health topped up as there will be a long swim ahead) and crawl through, you suddenly end up into an underwater area. So swim a bit to the right (SE) through the gap and loop around to the right and go sort of straight to what looks like the hull of another sunken vessel. Swim to the right (N) and down through the opening there, go right then left and follow through and swim up for some much needed air.

Into the Ship, the Theatre.

You can climb onto the rock ledge straight ahead and in the corner. Follow up right and climb up as high as you can to jump over to the ship. A flyby kicks in…  Oh boy, some enemies have arrived.

Get a small medipack near the closed doors and make your way to the left and into the lounge right.

Swim to the other side and go to the right into the opening NW, left up the stairs and take a right, in the next corridor walk slowly through the glass shards. Down some steps and walk again through the shards to the far left corner (SE) and find the Theatre Key on the couch there. Go over the couches and into the small room in the back (N) and find Automatic Pistol ammo on the floor. Back out and up the steps; walk through the shards and once in the corridor go straight to the wall. Take a left for some Uzi ammo, turn around and go straight and take the small staircase on the right for more Automatic Pistol ammo.

Back down and go back a bit and open the double glass doors on the right with the Theatre Key. Go in and take a left or a right and once in the Theatre go up to the last row of seats and climb up N. Go to the right and use the switch there, the curtains go up. Get towards the stage and in the right hand corner next to the stage you can find Shotgun ammo.

Get on the stage and watch out for falling sandbags. To the right, around the corner is a button, enter the now open door and flip a switch. A bit further is some Shotgun ammo, go back out and some nasty frog men are shooting at Lara. Kill them, there might also be one shooting at Lara way from up high (N).  Go to the front of the stage, to the left corner and jump/grab up where some shutters opened to get Uzi ammo. Drop down and go up the seats a bit, turn around and run jump grab from the 3rd row seats to the shutters. Grab up into the opening E and around the corner is a switch opening a door above the stage**. Down the steps is a Medipack. Go back out to the shutters.

Up above Stage.

Safety drop down and back on the stage, go the rope that is hanging there. Face W and jump up to grab the rope, turn ever so slightly to the right and start swinging; at the highest point let go and grab the crack (you might have to trigger that sandbag to fall first). Shimmy to the left and pull up. In the room on the right is a frogman and he leaves some Uzi ammo, in the right hand corner get the Automatic Pistol ammo and go out and in the other end of the stage (W) is another button to open a door, but there is only Automatic pistol ammo in there. Go back to the E where you can open the door S with the button, it is a shortcut down to the stage in case you need it.

The Golden Key.

Into the open door E, opened with that switch above the shutters** and inside grab a Sheet of Paper that is on the floor (I wonder what these scribbles mean?...). Get through the crawlspace left and safety drop down. You can already pull the crate (left) under the crawlspace then go to the very end and get the Uzi ammo around the corner there. Go down left of the ammo to the lower floor and just where the wooden floor starts is the Golden Key for a Secret later. Drop down to the lower ground and pick up a small medipack on a raised white/brown tile. Go to the SW corner and climb up to a cave entrance.

For a Secret: Where the grassy floor ends, go left onto the higher ground turn W and grab up to the vines, climb up onto the ledge and walk out into the large cave, run jump without Ctrl onto the ledge right and grab Secret #2, the Olivine Dragon. Jump back and get down into the cave where you left off.

Follow up, around the corner right and climb up to a pit. If you want all the pick-ups, drop down into the pit and in the SE corner you’ll find Automatic Pistol ammo. Grab back up out of the pit. Stand on the higher tile left and run jump straight over with a slight left curve in the end, grabbing the other side. Go down and walk out to where you look out over the large cave you just left, turn around and look up to spot a bridge ledge. Stand right next to a slope and jump/grab up. Turn around to jump and grab the ledge NE, follow the ledge with a shimmy along a crack and from the end you can run jump with a left curve into the white sand opening. Follow through to a Machine room.

Freeing the Wedged Key.

There’s a wheel we can turn here and different paths to take. First go to the door straight (E) and turn the wheel to open the door. Inside to the right is a small medipack. Left on the wall is a kind of clue for the big Wheel.

Go out and straight and take the first opening on the left, climb up the ladder and open the door. On the balcony at the end is a lever; this one activates the big Wheel on the ground floor. Get back down the ladder and to that big wheel.

For a Secret, Timed: face N and turn the wheel 3 times in a continuing move so the handle faces S, roll and run jump with a right curve into the passage NW, sprint to the second opening right (before the second black smoke emitter starts again) and go in and left to find Secret #3, the Ruby Dragon. Note by Author: the black smoke isn't activated after you get into the Ruby secret area, so as long as you sprint into it, you don't have to rush to pickup the dragon.

Activating the Conveyor.

The wheel has to face S, the first part of the NW passage is now safe. Take the first right, left at the intersection and right around the corner into the back where you’ll find an open door N. Go left to a lever activating the conveyor. Go back to the wheel along the same path. Turn the handle to the N; go into the NE passage and first right into the open door. Inside is the conveyor belt; place the Wedged Key where the sign says Deposit here and see the Main Hall Key drop from the machine, all clean. A camera showed where you have to use it.

Leaving this Machine room SW to the cave a Frogman (or two) will be waiting for you one will leave a small medipack. Follow the cave and down in the large cave are two more Frogmen. Jump over to the upper ledge S and go to the end to grab the Flares. Near the windows are the Automatic Pistols. Safety drop from the end and go to the S. If you didn’t touch the crate yet, just pull/push it under the crawlspace and get in there. In the Theatre open the door just right around the corner with the button, go down the stairs and left to the stage and go up the stairs to the N. Down the steps to the exit and in the corridor go right/left (N) and immediately right again to the grey tiled room, two frogmen there, one drops Uzi ammo, the other Flares. Go SE, swim to the doorway SE and left into the corridor, up right through the opening and down into the water below.

Long Swim.

Swim down S into the cave, right around the corner and Frogmen show up, I shot them (you may also just continue past them), take a left in the back, swim up and left at the hull of the ship, keep to the left where you see the elevator and again left in the end, to a small room with a pipe in the right hand corner, swim to the pipe….

And emerge from the other end; we’ve been here before. Go out to the corridor and shoot a Frogman, pick up the Uzi ammo.

Head to the end (S) and left down the stairs, to the right (one time a Frogman showed up here, leaving Automatic Pistol ammo) and a bit further you can use the Golden Key on the right to open the room to Secret #4, the Gold Dragon. Back out and sort of straight into the opposite room we already visited, go left through the bathroom and right into the slightly flooded room. Left in the corner is a hole in the wall, use the Hammer there and Lara opens up the floor. Swim down to the wrecked cabin on another deck to get Secret #5, the Jade Dragon. Go back out to the corridor and back up the stairs.

Go to the elevator and jump up right to grab the “Attic” again. Head SE to that large pit and make your way to the bottom, W into the passage and down into the water at the end, shoot the Frogman and go into the passage SE. Follow through and swim out and go straight (N) into the Main Lounge, climb out at the walkway left (from the higher bottom) and shoot the Frogman which will drop Automatic Pistol ammo. There’s another one across the room, you can shoot him from here with pistols. For some pickups and the Uzis, hop into the water, swim into the opening E and up, turn around and climb up to a panel you can open with the hammer. To the far left is 2x Uzi ammo, to the right where that Frogman was are 2x Harpoons and the Uzis (NW).

Raising the Pressure.

Go back to the W side walkway, jump NE to the walkway there and shimmy right along the crack to where the door is we saw in that screenshot in the Machine room. Use the Main Hall key, hop up into the open door, go down into the pit there and into the restricted area to turn the valve and open the door. Step through to a large Machine room, down left are two Frogmen you can take out from here with your brand new Uzis (OR climb down first, one frogman dropped Shotgun ammo). Go down the ladder in the corner right and at the S wall, in those alcoves are two cable pulleys, pull the left one twice to lower a platform, the right hand one will raise it in case you lowered it too much.

For the Valves Puzzle.

Head N to the first big pipe across the room and look up under it, climb up to that platform and grab up to the top of the pipe, do run jump/grabs to the far end of the room and into the left opening in the back wall. Sprint left down the slope and run around the corner to escape the barrels behind you. Grab the Uzi ammo on the right side (N) and go to the next room (S). Get down and walk over the crates to the other side, jump up and climb up, around the corner is a lever that floods the previous room. Get into the water, roll and swim through the opening (S). Pull the cable and see a door opening. Go back and swim out (N) get onto the crates and back to the lever and use it again. The water drops and now you can use the crates to get out of this room and to the barrel slope. 

Shoot the Frogman and jump back to the big pipe, loop around to the left and jump N to the other opening. Hop up into the door on the right and you are in the Valve Room. Using the Sheet of Paper turn the valves, but remember the wreck is upside down

left 3 times, middle 1 time and right 2 times, the Main valve behind you is shown, go there and this valve will increase the gas pressure. Turn it once, once more and the ship will shake. 

If you want the last Secret, leave the room now, hop into the water and swim to the S end, up at the right hand cable pulley and use it 3 times. Go to the now floating crate nearby and jump to the pipe from that. Walk up to the W highest point of the rubble (stay to the left), jump and grab up into the opening in the ceiling to get Secret #6, the Silver Dragon. As a Bonus for finding all 6 secrets, you will now also get the Grenade Gun.

Go jump back over the pipes to the valve room and use the Main valve once more…


2-Under Pressure.

After Lara regains consciousness, swim to the other end of the Machine room and get some air and dive down SE, right through the door we entered from before. Up in the pit (watch out for rubble falling) and turn around S, through the opening to the flooded Main Lounge, straight a bit and up for air a bit left. Climb out (W), hop S, watch out for rubble and follow through to a ladder on the left (E) but watch out for the broken glass shards.

The “Exit under Pressure” Puzzle.

Go up the ladder, use the lever to open the gate and shoot the Frogmen, one drops
Shotgun ammo. Could be the gate drops shut again, just use the lever again. You are in a room with a puddle. Go up the rubble on the right of the gate (SW) and grab up, shimmy right to pull up to the ledge above. Go up the ladder W, back flip off to the room with the Large Water skin and the Scales. Pick up the Skin and get back down the ladder. Jump around the chain to the Cog wheel facing it E, pull the wheel till you see the gate in front of you fully opened and jump over the wheel, I just ran down into the hole with Ctrl and got through the gate.

First run straight in and grab the
Uzi ammo, roll and take a right (NW) and get the Flares in the corner. Then go to the opposite corner(SW) and use the rubble and a crack on the right to get to the ledge above. Jump into the W section with the wheel and shoot the Frogman, grab the Informative Paper he drops. You can read it in the inventory, when you select Examine, it can also be turned around.

 “The alternate exit from this ship can be accessed by adding the right amount of water into the tubes.. The West tube requires 4 litres while the East one only needs 1.. After that the doors should be opened.”

Pick up the Small Water skin in the back and turn the wheel (face W) 6 times, hop down W and run through the gate into the room with the puddle.

So, we need 4 Litres W and 1 E.

W - Fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get the 2 litres into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin.
Climb up from the far left (SW) corner again and get up the ladder there (W). Put the water in the Scale and you will see a flash.

Back down the ladder, drop down the hole to the room with the puddle.

E - Fill the small skin (should still be full). Combine it with the empty large, fill the small skin again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small skin.
Climb up from the SW corner again and up the
ladder E to the room with the Scale. Pick up a
small medipack in the corner. A flash appears and the double gates will open in the room with the puddle.

The Actual Escape.

Get down and in to the open gates, an explosion occurs and a timer is running. Run to the end and climb up the ladder. Shoot the Leader of the Frogmen there as fast as you can and after he is dead you have a Rusty Key in your possession and Lara has taken his diving gear. Use the Key on the door N.

To get this right you maybe have to do it a couple of times… The route is actually quite easy as it is the route from TRII 40 Fathoms, just follow back to the start of the level….

Follow the cave up right, hop into the water, into the tunnel in front (E), around a couple of bends into a large area. Up right into the hole in the ceiling (where the ladder is on the wall, SE) and into another hole in the ceiling up N, follow the corridor, down 3 floor levels and E again up the sloped floor, after seeing a wall lever and grates on the floor, right and then the first left (E), at the end of this passage left and straight into a storage hold.

Up right a bit next to those crates through the ceiling (floor), turning left and swim (W) through the wall to the next hold, down through the floor at the back wall, turn right swimming S and right around the corner up through the ceiling, an opening across the hold (NW) and then keep going E through openings, then left to an opening N and you made it….