CaC- Legacy of the Scion.

Level by Baslakor

Walkthrough by G&D productions

After the slide jump to the hill left (NE) so you slide backwards and grab the edge for a safety jump onto a block. Wait a bit and two black panthers appear. After they are dead drop down and go through the opening. Get a Medipack and turn around so you can shoot two more panthers.

Go back to the block and climb up, face E and jump up to grab the slope (as right as possible) and shimmy left so you are back at the slide. Now jump to the ledge straight ahead (S); turn left and take a slightly curved jump to the right and climb up one more block. Turn around and jump to grab the next block (E) and go up even higher. Turn around and now jump towards that wooden bridge. Go over the bridge, a gate opens, up some steps and in the next room kill all black panthers.

For a Secret: Go to the far left corner (SE) and grab up in the greenery into a hidden passage. Get Secret #1, the Shotgun ammo and Flares, get out.

Go to the other side (N), to the central pillar and push the base block once to the S and then once to the W. Climb up and jump SW to grab up to the floor above.

Use the lever W to open a gate and you can shoot the panthers on the two corners (NW-SE), just to shut them up. Get over to the backside (E) to grab some more Flares.  Safety drop down; the gate is open now. Get into the opened gate (E) and run through the swinging axes in one go (or do stand jumps over the pits), as some of the floor is breakable. Safe the game first then use the lever and fall through a trapdoor.

 At the end of the slope jump to another slope and keep jumping back and fro and to the right till you get onto a higher slope. I grabbed the edge and pulled up and jump/grab with a twist to a safe block. There is a crack in the wall, so grab up to it and shimmy to the left to the next safe place.

Walk to the end (S) and take a running jump to the next ledge, turn left and walk to the edge and step as left as possible. Run jump straight onto the left side of the slope, grab the edge and immediately shimmy to the left, dodging a boulder.

Pull up, climb up again go a bit further and jump into the opening (S). Follow through and flip the lever at the end, a trapdoor opens. Get back to the opening, stand left and stand jump out with Ctrl over the slope and get up the block right to climb into the open trapdoor. Turn around and jump over to grab the Uzi ammo, then jump back and continue to a room with a pit. To the right in a dark corner is some Uzi ammo and on the other side a small medipack.  

Go to the pit (W) and into the right hand corner (SE) and take a running jump and grab at the last moment a small crack in the wall there and shimmy left so you can pull up in the opening. Get into the room and use the lever, a trapdoor opens behind you and you’ll hear gates open up. Jump into the hole in the floor and slide back to where it all started, but the gates straight ahead (W) are now open.

Jump along the S side rocks again to get to the sandy tunnel W. Get in and watch the flyby of the Temple area in which you can see that you’ll need 3 Scarabs.

The 3 Scarabs, Lever Labyrinth.

Before the bridge go to the right and climb up on the right into the structure, the gates will close as you go in. In the back (E) down the steps a bit and jump up right to get Flares and Uzi ammo. Hop down, go down the steps and come to a kind of maze, which will change shape as you pull levers.

Going left at the crossing will lead to a lever that locks you in, so go right for the first lever and flip it. Turn around and go around to the right to a second lever.
This second lever grants access to two more levers. You need the first one on your right (second one locks you in), so loop around right again and use the third lever.
Continue (right around) to the fourth lever, leading you (left around) to a lever you already pulled. Pull it back up. Turn back and at the crossing (W) take a right to pick up the
Scarab #1 and see the gates re-opening. Turn around and go straight and leave this place.

The Ruby Key.

Go down left to the lake then go straight (N), into a cave leading to a lake with a waterfall. Dive in and pick up the Ruby Key from the tile, roll and quickly swim back up where you came from and get out. Shoot the Croc. Climb up onto the slanted block right from where you came out of the water and run jump from the highest point (no Ctrl) onto the bridge, go over the bridge and go to the door left. Open it with the Ruby Key.

The Hieroglyph Puzzle.

Enter and left is an opening, jump out left into the niche to get a small medipack, drop onto the balcony to grab Flares and Uzi ammo. Climb back inside; go left into the second room and right there. Run right at the Uzi ammo dodging an incoming boulder. Now pick up the Uzi ammo and pull a block from the S wall into the middle of the room. Go behind the block into a passage and jump up for a small medipack. A Shortcut will open here later. Go back out and climb up the block and grab up to the room above.

On the floor are Hieroglyphs on the floor; left next to the skeleton is a Blood soaked Note. You can turn the note around by selecting it and then use the direction keys… Select the Scion in the inventory and you’ll get a story about Lara’s mission. The goddess Bastet is mentioned.

Check the Blood soaked Note and find your path over the floor using the correct Hieroglyphs.

The first tile is the Foot=B in the middle of the first row, then a run jump to the Crow=A, right of that Medipack. Then the String with Knot=S left in the next row. The Half Circle=T (W and left). The single Feather=E (W and right) and the last one is the Half Circle=T again, under the skeletons head.

Hop over the corner of the floor to the levers right and left of the door and use them. Go into the door and if you want the pickups on the puzzle floor, you’ll have to trigger those Mummy beasts and shoot them, bunch by bunch (don’t trigger them all at once and you are pretty safe inside the door). Go pick up Uzi ammo, a Medipack, Flares and a small medipack.

For a Secret: On the S wall, between column 3 and 4 from the door side is a lever opening a secret wall part.

The Scion’s Vision.

Go through the door again, up one of the staircases, go W through the opening and shoot the two black panthers. Continue to the area with the gates.

For the Secret: Loop left around into the wall you opened and follow through to Secret #2, Flares on the left. Stand in the corridor and take a swan dive (Alt&Shift) over the fence for a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Swan dive back over the fence.

Go straight (W) along either side and take a right after the fences, up the stairs and open the door with the lever, when going in something weird happens…

 “The Scion revealed a vision…” (check the Scion’s story in the inventory)

On the table are a Shotgun and ammo for it. Behind the SW mummy is a lever to open a door behind the mummy opposite (NW).

Scarab 2.

Go through and drop down, follow through, drop down at the highest bridge at the waterfall… route without the secret, scroll down.

With a Secret: Face N in the middle of the bridge and take one step back from the edge, stand jump towards the waterfall and you’ll land in a cave behind the waterfall. Go jump over the gap to get to the cat statue and claim Secret #3, a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Go to the opening W, climb up and flip the lever on the top. Step out on the right and you are on top of the waterfall.  

Without the Secret: Jump N from the bridge into the cave with the river. Go up E (left) behind the cat statue, push the block twice and go right to a lever, throw that to open the gold door back at the bridge. So return, jump to the bridge and go right through the door and run to the lever….

Well that’s what you thought… shoot the Crocs and find a well camouflaged lever in the SW corner, right of the passage you came from. Another door opens, at the lower bridge and a way out of here is also created, a slide down into the river. Get out SE, up the block and run jump onto the low bridge, go through the now open door left. Go over the bridge to the Scarab, but don’t try to take it, it is a booby-trap. Hang from the back of the platform and drop/grab the ledge below, throw the lever and turn around, use the new niche to get back up to the platform. You also saw a block go down when you used the lever…

Go halfway back over the bridge and jump/grab to the lowered block left (N), go in and grab Scarab #2, just back flip/roll and run out and jump to the bridge. Head back to the left (W) out to the river cave.

The Sapphire Key.

From the bridge jump S to the corner rock and get down to the ground, head S through the cave to the Main Temple area and go left over the bridge and left (NW) to a small lake under a waterfall. Hop into the water to swim under the waterfall and go back, climb out to shoot the Croc. Back in again and left around in a small niche is the Sapphire Key. Climb out N at the cat statue, turn right and grab up to the ledge above. Turn right a bit, shoot a bat and run jump onto the bride, first go left to get those Flares if you want. Now cross the bridge and open the door with that Sapphire Key. Just through the door, turn around and grab up to get to the top of the waterfall. Go left (N), shoot another bat and in the right hand corner is a lever to open a small door at the opposite side of the Temple area.

A Second Vision.

Run down (or dive) from the waterfall into the pool, climb out and go over to opened door under the S side porch and if you want, go up left of the porch, grab up and shimmy around to the front to pull up and grab some Uzi ammo from behind the ornament. Go through the door and straight through the next room into the passage. You’ll get another Vision. The door opens up to a room with the Uzis and mummies. Don’t pick up the Uzis yet, but go to the right (NE) corner to find the push block, push it N all the way into a passage behind it. Turn around and go out, right through the opening you created and left up the steps. To the left is a short passage with a lever, use that to open a gate** we saw before  (opposite the Ruby Key door).

Shoot the Mutant Mummy that shows up, go back into the other room.

Taking those Uzis now, will trigger the remaining Mutants all at once, but if you wait till later you can shoot them one by one. We’ll add the points in the game where you trigger each Mummy and can shoot them in blue.

(Or just be a brave soldier and pick up the Uzis. Take care of the Mutant Mummies and go into the block passage and right to use the lever to re-open the entrance door, if needed).

Up in the Temple Area.

Climb back up into the entrance door N, go straight and out the door to the Temple area. Over to the far left (NE) and at the river left up the block to the bridge as before, cross the bridge. Now go right up the steps through the gate you opened**. Take a left and climb up (W) to a slope, a boulder is coming, so turn left and hop back grabbing the edge of the ledge. Follow the slope up and jump down right onto the floor. Go to the other end and turn right. Run jump onto the somewhat higher sloped ledge E, go a bit up and run jump with a left curve around/over the next high slope, landing on a sandy slope, grab the edge and shimmy right to the flat part to pull up.

Run jump NE landing on the sloped ledge under the rock bridge, get the Shotgun ammo and jump NE to the next. Run jump N with a right curve onto the lower part of the slope right of you. Run jump and grab the slope N, pull up and hop back grabbing the edge to let the boulder pass. Pull up again and go left onto the rock bridge (or just quickly run left onto the rock bridge).

Walk up E, hop up right to the ledge and grab up left to a crack with plants. Shimmy to the left and pull up. Jump over left (W) to the corner of the slope and stop… Now you can proceed, but watch out, there’s another one…From the protruding ledge the boulder went over, run jump and grab the one S, Again S to the floor where 2 boulders will try to crush you, one from the right and the other from the left. There’s a bridge leading to an opening (SE), quickly run to it.

Follow through and a gate will close you into a room with a sandy floor, there are 4 levers on the wall, look up over the levers and find the cartouche with the hieroglyphs of a cat and a gate (safe ones, the two on the left wall have mummies in the cartouche). So, throw the first and second one on the right and a gate opens in the passage S.

Cat Canyon, the last Scarab.

At that Huge Canyon with a giant Cat statue, go right and down onto the corner block.

In case you want to shoot the next Mutant Mummy, go further down W to the gates under the entrance ledge and open them with the two levers, go in and down the steps, triggering the next Mummy, shoot it and go back up to the corner blocks (E).

Run jump S and grab the sloped ledge, pull up and roll, run jump back to let the boulder pass (or hang from the side). Go up the slope and the next block too, turn around and run jump with Ctrl to grab the ledge N (mind the ceiling). Jump over to the ledge straight and go right up the block. Run jump straight ahead (W) and grab the sloped block, hang left and pull up over, slide a bit and jump with a hard left curve to get to the ledge left. Go to the end of that passage and turn around, drop/grab down to a crack and shimmy left to a ledge. Turn around (W) and jump straight turning left a bit onto the slope, so you can grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy right and pull up. Jump S and a bit left to grab the ledge with the Uzi ammo, stand jump down S where the camera changes.

Detour for a Secret: Turn around, jump the ledges to the N and a bit left into the dark tunnel, jump up right and come to a room with a Medipack in the back, just stay in the middle and run straight to grab Secret #4, that same Medipack. Go back the way you came, the jump out of the dark passage is a nasty one, stand right and do a left curved stand jump and use Ctrl to get under the rock, now jump back to that ledge S where the camera changes.  

Hop S down to the lower ledge at the waterfall and hop forward to grab the slope next to the waterfall, slide and jump to a safe sandy ledge. Jump around the low block to the next one a bit down, and hoist up the next one. Now jump a bit to the right around the corner and up. Then hoist up on the left. Climb up right for a small medipack. Drop back down and turn around to go N and follow this path up and into that passage N. At the end hang out from the floor; shimmy to the right where you can pull up in a low cave.

Head to the right (E) over the bridge and jump to the ledge along the E wall, follow left, hop to a small ledge and run jump around/over the slanted ledge to grab the ledge behind it. Jump straight ahead (S) and again to the next ledge and go on into a passage in the far corner (SE).

Two ways to do the next part:

1- Stand right and slide, you’ll land on another slope around the corner, best it to jump with a roll from this one so you’ll slide down the long slope backwards, grab the edge. Pull up and back flip with roll (NO Ctrl) to land on a ledge.

2- Hop left into the opening next to the slope, run jump SW onto the first slope at the waterfall, slide and jump to the next slope with a right curve so you can grab the edge and safety drop to the ledge below.

Turn left (N) and spot a somewhat flatter ledge in the sloped back of the statue, it is straight N from this ledge, so run jump and grab that ledge. Pull up and jump up right to the next, then right (W) then jump to the next and grab up left.

Jump up and shimmy a bit left, hoist up and climb up to the top of the head and drop down into the hole on the right. Drop down again to end up in the room with Scarab #3. Grab it and pull a block out off the W wall and go out, safety drop down onto the leg and go N over the bridge. Pull 2 levers to open the gates and go into this familiar room. Down and right through the opening you created by pushing the block.

Shoot the next Mutant Mummy, and pick up the Uzis. The last of these guys will come alive, take it out.

The door closed when you picked up the Uzis, in the block passage is a lever to open it again.

Using the Scarabs, Inner Sanctuary.

Go straight out to the Temple Area, up the big staircase. If you want another pickup, run jump NW between the big columns and get the small medipack from the NW corner, get back to the staircase and up into the Temple, use the 3 Scarabs left. Turn around and go through the opened door left and follow down to the Inner Sanctuary. Shoot the two Mutant Mummies and proceed, over a bridge to the sanctuary. Shoot two panthers and go to the far right corner of this building, you can hang from the edge of the ground in the NE corner (behind a plant) and drop onto a ledge. Get into the passage and throw the lever to lower a block in the sanctuary, go back outside and grab up W, take a right to the back wall of the sanctuary, where that block went down. Throw another lever there and the sanctuary opens up. Go out and around to the front to enter.

The Seal of Anubis.

Go right or left around to the back chamber where you’ll find a lever SW, throw that to raise a block in the front chamber. Notice the receptacle next to the door E, pick up the Medipack and go back to the front chamber, up the block to the roof and shoot the panthers. On the roof you’ll find the Seal of Anubis (SW). Get back down and go use it in the back chamber to open the door.

When you go up the steps, two Centaur attack, you have to defeat both to get the two Ankhs. Use those SW and NW to open the gate behind the throne (W). Follow the passage down into the Chamber with the Tombs of Bastet and Khamoon. Where a final cut scene takes over....

End of the Adventure.