A Very Bad Grund.  

Level by Clara & Sponge

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

 Bad Grund in the Hartz region, location of the 20th TR-Meet.

1 – Outside.

We’re looking for the Code to deactivate a bomb.


Go right around the Land Rover a bit and try to grab the Key from the storm drain, but Lara drops it and it goes down the drain…

The Sewer for the Caravan Key.

Let’s go get that Key Lara dropped, go up the road along the left side of the house and on the corner near the front porch is a manhole, open it and climb down, drop and swim back a bit and climb out of the sewage water to pick up a small medipack and Shotgun ammo (you might have to duck or turn sideways to pick them up). Dive in and swim through the pipe, when you see light you can go up for air. Swim all the way to the end of the pipe, climb up and go forward and down in the hole is the Caravan Key Lara dropped through the storm drain before. Swim back to the light and climb out there, go up the steps and open the manhole by jumping up and grabbing the handle (face W). Climb out into the parking lot.

The Balcony Room Key.

The Caravan (Winnebago) is left of you near the garden wall W. Open it and the little doggie will run out and dig up some dirt to get to the dead Boar. Go there (E near the trees) and find the Balcony Room Key (brown) sticking out of the dirt.

The Smart Car, Andrea’s Car Key.

Go back to the parking lot. There’s a Smart car, push the car E and grab Andrea’s Car Key.

Using Andrea’s Car, a Metal Bar.  

That car is the black sports car next to it, use the key and drive down to that storm drain where you dropped the keys (NW). Nearby, against the garden wall is a beehive. Break it with the car and drive away, save/reload to get rid of the bees. Go check out what you accomplished, a Metal Bar became available.

Hop over the garden wall to that orange panel van and use the Metal Bar to open it. Inside are a Medipack, Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun itself. After this we cannot use the car anymore… Andrea got wind of what we did…

Gaining Access, Timed Run for the grate.

Get back to the parking lot and go up to the house, left side, where that Biker was banging the window. When you come to the corner of the house, the Diary shows. There’s a new page. Something about turning all the lights on at the same time? Go to that door in the alley and find a light switch. Save, push and turn right, run back to the corner and just left around is switch #2, turn right again, sprint to the other corner and left around is #3, the grate opens if you did it fast enough. Now turn right and get straight up the stairs to the back of the house, left at the shed to find that now open grate. Go down into the hole.

The Laundry room, First Digits.

Use Ctrl at the basement window and crawl backwards down into the Laundry room, on the machines are Flares and on the wall is the number 8 (detergent). Climb back outside. Use your Shotgun and shoot the two grey garbage bins to find a small medipack and Shotgun ammo, but also the number 3 on the pavement (where the garbage bin was).

Climb up S and kick that wooden fence/door in, inside you’ll find Secret #1, a Meet 20 Cup and a picture of the attending TR fans. The garbage bin is empty, so get out.

Third Digit, Charcoal.

Go right (E) and left down the road N and left into that alley again where you pushed the light switch and to the window that Biker was banging on, we can do better, shoot it with the Shotgun by looking up a bit. Back/side flip inside and find Flares and on the ceiling in the back the number 7 (notice the  beer crates). There’s also a bag of Charcoal Grain on the floor. Jump back out of the window.

Preparing for a Barbeque.

Go to the W side of the house, under the tent is a nice barbeque set, put the bag of charcoal in it and you’ll see an owl fly away (you must have noticed that before). Go up to the back of the house and SE to the caretakers house, up the stairs to the front door and side flip onto the roof right, grab the edge and shimmy to that jump lever opening the garage door. Two big matches fall out, no need to take one. Just shoot the garbage bin for the Shotgun ammo. Now back to the house and at the back door you can grab up to the roof. Shimmy right a bit to pull up. Turn left and run jump along the edge and without Ctrl onto the awning W, use the lever to lower the fence at the burning garbage bin. Jump back to where you came from, the E corner.

The Balcony Room, fourth digit.

Turn left and hop over the balustrade onto the terrace and grab the Shotgun ammo (keyhole). Hop over the next balustrade to the flat roof behind it and jump to the terrace left, then right to the N side and go all the way to the N end, you can just spot the front balcony. Run jump with a left curve to land on it. Open the door with the Balcony Room Key and enter, well this looks like the dog owners room. Hop on the table for Flares, pull the chest of drawers out of the left wall and push it towards the door. Behind it you’ll find the last digit, number 1 (notice the dog food everywhere). Now push the chest of drawers out onto the balcony.

For a Secret: Push it to the left (W) side and climb on, run jump around the roof to the W side awning where you’ll find Secret #2, Masha’s Eli. Hop with a left curve S onto the roof, grab the edge and safety drop down.

Lighting the Barbeque, the Pick Axe.

Go up the stairs to the green shack and behind it is a now open shed (opened when you used the jump lever) and there’s a whole bunch of Matches inside. Grab one and ignite it at the bin. Take the “Torch” to the barbeque down the stairs and ignite it. Save here…

Wait for the gang to show, 4 of them turn left and go up the stairs. Then turn around and wait for the Motorcycle gang to come close; shoot all those Bikers and one drops a Pick axe. If you shoot them too close to the barbeque or tables, the Pick axe might end up underneath and you cannot pick it up.

Another Balcony Room Key (red).

Now go to the other side of the house (E) and up the front porch where two smokers are. Take the Balcony Room Key (red) from his hand. Go to the back of the house and grab up to the roof at the back door. Shimmy right, pull up and hop over the balustrade, open the door there. As you go in you are advised to save your game….

Hop onto the table and pick up the note : Beer-Detergent-Garbage bin-Dog food… This must be the sequence for the digits to form the code. So:

Beer #7-Detergent #8-Garbage bin #3-Dog food #1=7831

Punch that into the code pad, close with the arrow and after that the level changes. 

2 – Inside.

Turn left and go into the bed room, pick up the Cupboard Key next to the single bed and a Medipack next to the bunk bed. Back to the corridor and follow around the corner, take a right to the staircase there and pick up White Paint from the landing.

Head downstairs, go into the door that will open and come to the ground floor corridor. Go left and notice that painting hanging crooked (later), first go left and then right into a bathroom. Go left through the curtain and grab a small medipack from the shower. Back out and right to the corridor. Go left towards that painting then push the painting on the left wall push it straight up, the door next to it will open. Go left into the bathroom and find the Green key in the shower. Go into the bedroom and find Shotgun ammo between the beds.

Laser Sight.

Out to the corridor and at the keyhole left, select the Green key and combine it with the White paint to get a White key, use that to open the door. Left, in front of the shelves is the Laser Sight. Go out, left and right to the staircase.

Continue downstairs, a door opens there. Go right into the corridor and open the door in the end with the Metal bar.

Hop onto the table with the pastries and stand close to the cupboard to grab Secret #3, Lara’s Name Tag from the top.

Forks for a Revolver.

Open the wooden cupboard (W) with the key and hop in to grab a Fork. Hop onto the table SE and grab another Fork. Combine it with the first Fork. When you approach the door E, you’ll end up outside and a Biker might approach. You can just go back inside again through the same door.

Go through to the Games room, left around the corner and left behind that Ikea Lamp is a button, push it to open the back wall of the cupboard. Turn around and climb onto the table behind the monitor to get a small medipack. Go back to the cupboard and hop in, stand left (face N) of the water pipes and use the metal bar to turn the valve. A door opens on the first floor.

Go back S to the corridor, and left to the staircase, go up one floor. Right into the corridor and right to the end where you’ll see a stack of Forks in front of a door, use the Forks there (combine them if you didn’t yet). Inside, on the table is a Revolver, on the shelves is a small medipack. Back out to the corridor, left and left to the staircase, go up to the First floor and left. Just around the corner right into the bathroom, in the back is another shower, hop in to get the Pistols.

To the Caverns, a Detonation Key, Electric Cables.

Get out and down the stairs to the base of the stairs, turn to the stairs and use Ctrl so Lara will investigate the gap she saw there. Go down the hole, use the Pick axe in the middle of the tiled floor left of the Sacks of Corn and you’ll drop down into the Caverns below Bad Grund. Follow down, pick up some Revolver ammo and come to a pit. Look up right and shoot that wooden beam holding the strut up. Stand back a bit to run jump and grab the pipe, shimmy left before Lara pulls up and go along a crack to where you can pull up.

Jump down on the right to the ledge and drop down further. In the corner you can see explosives, near the tracks (S) a detonator. Go S and to the right to a steel door and kick it in. Pull the crate left out of the niche and get behind the crate to kick in the small steel grate. Get in for the Detonation Key. Go out, to the Detonator and face S, use the Key and Ooops, BIG MISTAKE…!!! We forgot to place the explosives at the wall.

Bikers show up, but before you really get a chance to draw a weapon (I managed to shoot two, but there’s no need), the place is flooded and the Bikers croak. Open that wooden door E and inside is air. On a stack of ammunition crates are Electric Cables, take those and the last Biker dies. You may want to have a look in that open crate in the back. Swim out to the cave.

Detour for a Secret: Swim N to the air pocket and climb out N and on the left, a spot where you can stand, turn to the right (E) and jump to the crack/ledge. Go out to the other side and shimmy right along the crack, the strut came loose by the explosion. Now you can get into the niche in the corner and pick up Secret #4, an Aniseed Cake Dragon. Go back along the crack, down into the flooded cave.

A Marinated Steak.

Swim through the steel door into the room W where you pulled the crate. Swim up through the trapdoor the Biker fell through and follow the crawlspace up left to the Freezer.

Grab that Marinated Steak and the door opens, shoot the Biker and go into the corridor, straight to the trapdoor that Biker came from. Safety drop down although you cannot really see what you are doing and drop into the cave below. Turn around and shoot another Biker. Look for his Harley keys and go to the bike outside the cave and mount it.

You’re back in the house, open the door left with the button, the Music room for later.

Corn a’la Sanmonto. 

Push that soccer game table to the computer table N and then right, onto the green dot. The door W opens up. Behind the monitor on the table near the window is Shotgun ammo. Go into the corridor and right into a newly opened bathroom, grab the Revolver ammo and back out to the corridor, right around the corner, right to the staircase and down (watch out for the hole), take a right in the corridor and through the door straight N to the game room. Go into that wooden cupboard again and in the back left is where you can use the cables. The malfunction in the Kitchen is now repaired. Get out and right to the corridor and straight into the Kitchen, shoot the microwave on the counter NW, climb up and take the Corn a’la Sanmonto.

For a Secret: grab the Cake Knife NE, above the malfunctioning dishwasher, open the door S with the button and on the crates is a Cake, combine it with the Knife and head back to the game room N. Stand next to the table with the pastries (face W) and put the Cake on the table and that’s Secret #5 for you.

1- Outside Again.

The Singstar CD.

Go out of the door E, go left around to the BBQ and face it N, place the Steak. Shoot the Biker and place the Corn on the other side of the Grill (face S). That nice doggy will come out of the basket due to the smell, go there and grab the Singstar CD from the basket. Go back inside through that door on the other side of the house, up one floor and left around to the room with the soccer table. Right around the corner and into that door you opened with the button. Put the CD in the Karaoke Machine and Lara will sing….

Wow was that fun….

G&D- Sept. 2019