Recovering the Starship.

Level by Josť.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Be sure to have Volumetric FX ON.

The 4 Spinning Codex’s.

Turn left and take a right around the structure, and at the 4 small poles run a bit back and fro until a creature appears and shoot it (saves you a possible double battle later). Afterwards continue E a bit and go to the right (SE).
Just next to the building is a structure with 4 pillars, the “Fountain of Health”.. Underneath is a big cone standing in a grey goo. That stuff will heal you when wounded, so you can always come back here.

In the far left corner is a pond, dive in and get Uzi ammo (4x).
You might encounter a snake as you climb out (S), so be aware.

The “Red Fog”, Energy Cells.

Go to the SE corner and spot the crack up in the wall, grab up and go right a bit, then back jump onto the pillar. Walk to the other end and jump to grab the sloped pillar, do slide jumps and when around a second corner grab the next pillar so you can shimmy right before jumping to the next. You'll end up on a flat pillar, run jump onto the roof of the health fountain, when you stand on the grey goo under the statue, your health will restore slowly and you might need that in the next part.

Jump over to the Red Fog, go left and pick up that Survival Kit first, then turn around and following this ledge get Light Sticks and at the end another Survival Kit.

Then look for two lightning bolts directing you to the 2 Energy Cells. One is somewhere behind the far right pillar (when looking W and the other about straight in from the statue. The receptacles for the Energy cells are in there too, at the lightning bolt along the S wall. Go back for health in between. A big door opens in the structure below.

The Lightsaber, Codex #1.

Go get your health up and safety drop down. Go N a bit and loop left around the building to the door in the S wall. Inside go left and pull that main frame out of the corner to reveal the Lightsaber (Crowbar). Take it and run to the other end of the corridor where you can now open the door with it. Hop onto the conveyor and dodge the traps by either running or standing still. You’ll end up at Codex #1. An Alien Blob comes for you, shoot it before you proceed along the conveyor and avoid getting burned at the last part.

Magnum and Laser Sight, Codex #2.

Go outside, straight towards that grey structure, then take a right to that building with the statues on top.
Down the steps, pick up a Survival Kit and open the right hand door. Pick up the Light Sticks and start running around luring two fire wraith to come out. Jump in the water to get rid of them.
Once out, check the torches on the pillars, one of them is different. Go to the wall and push that face behind the “special” torch and the trapdoor on the right (E) drops down.

Timed Cage Run.

Climb up the ladder and on the walkway go W a bit, the button on the right is a TIMED one but we have to prepare the way first. All those cages have to be moved in such a way that you can run/jump over them in a smooth way. The Timed switch raises a block all the way to the other end. So get to it: (suggestion)
-Pull the first cage twice and go over the block to the next
-Push the second one once.
-Don’t touch the third, but go around the corner to push #4 against #3.
-#5 goes straight S into the corner.
-Pull/push #6 against #5.
-Push the next cage once and go pull/push the last cage against it.
-Go back to the Timed button, push and hop back turning left, hop onto the cage and run off, jump over the others, around the corners and finally over the double set, sprint a bit and hop onto the raised block, turn around and grab up.

Next part can be done in a few different ways but this is how we did it.


Once one floor up; follow the walkway to the end but stop at the corner. The suspicious looking tile is a trap, so better take a running jump to the right over the balustrades and pull the corpse to get the Laser Sight, (notice the booby-trap tile N, for a Secret)

Jump back over the corner of the balustrades and at the pillar (2nd) the balustrade is missing. Jump to the pillar and grab the crack, shimmy left around and pull up on a ledge. Jump over to the crack in the pillar opposite (N), go left around and backflip (down key) onto another walkway. Follow through to the corner.

At the slope in the corner; turn around and do a backflip/jump to grab the ledge above. Walk to the middle of the Hall and shoot the face (S).

Turn right and find the Magnum on the Pedestal in the far corner (only after shooting that face switch). Walk to the S end there, look up S and spot something up on the corner pillar. Use the Revolver and Laser Sight to break it. A platform appeared in the middle of the Hall. So, go back a bit to where you shot the face and jump over to the S walkway, go left and grab Codex #2. Fastest way down is to jump to the trapdoor in the middle of the hall into the water below. Go outside and up the steps.

Backtrack for a Secret; Turn around and look up above the entrance, combine Magnum and Sight and shoot the right hand little figurine on the ledge, you’ll hear and explosion and that’s the booby trap under the Secret, if you want that, go back up as you did before, repeat the Timed run, Jump over the corner of the balustrades at the trap E, jump over the corpse and pick up the Helmet as Secret #1 from the now disabled trap. Jump over the balustrade into the water and go outside.

The Alien Cannon, Codex #3.

Maybe first go get your health up at the “Fountain of Health” (left).

Go towards where you started (W) and up the ladder at the wall to an Alien garden, in the far right hand corner is a Timed lever. First turn around and shoot the incoming Creatures. Save at the lever and pull, roll and sprint straight E along the wall. At the end run left into the opening to the N area, then right and to a tile looking like the greenish tile under the lever you used (fore last one) Quickly use the lever to open a door and backflip before the flames come back.

Get 4x Uzi ammo and go to the S end of the floor and safety drop down to find that open door there. Grab the

Survival Kit and Light Sticks before going in.

Inside go left or right to the far back and as soon as you see an alien coming start hopping back shooting him. A second one will come around the corner too, or maybe he strayed off and you’ll find him near the entrance. When both are dead, pick up the Alien Cannon and Alien ammo. Go into the back; shoot the two glass pillars with the Alien Cannon and jump over the bases to enter. Push the 4 objects on the same place you can see down below and after that go to the E wall and look for a different looking tile in the lower room. Turn the valve on that spot and go to the pedestal, pick up Codex #3 as well as a Hi-Tech Visor and leave this place to go outside.

The Big Snake, Codex #4.

Take a right and back to the ladder (SW), go left of it and at the deadly water take a running jump left to the first flat surface (SW). Jump one higher (also SW), from there another running jump to the right a bit (NW. Then jump over the deadly water (N).
Shimmy to the left and pull up. Jump up twice (NW) and from there a running jump down SW near the water. Jump over the deadly water again (watch out… boulder), so grab the edge and shimmy to the right to the next flat surface.

From that point a running jump into the area behind the waterfall. Go in and now lure the beetles toward the deadly water and get rid of them by hanging at the edge.
After they are gone, pull up, grab the Survival Kit and Light Sticks from the right and go to the back wall, find 4 levers and use from left to right 1–3–4 (or 1-2-4). Go up the stage and down into the open door.
Climb up and grab 2 Medipacks and when you turn around you get a screenshot of the Snake. Pick up the Uzi and 4x Uzi ammo.

Then grab Codex #4 (W), go to the Teleport beam and you’ll get transported back and yes the Snake is waiting for you. Turn around, go to that hut and approached the dragon from the back side.
Shoot it Asap so it won’t release any critters. The dragon will explode; maybe you want to get your health up at the “Fountain of Health” (SE).

Into the Ship, Plasma Gun.

Place the 4 Spinning Codex’s on the receptacles where the Snake was and a block will rise behind you. Get on top and take a running jump with a slight curve to the right (E).
Get even further up and pick up a Plasma Gun and 4x Plasma ammo and then step into the Teleport.

Raising Block Maze.

Go straight and when you approach the 3 passages ahead, several blocks will block them off (you stepped on those trigger tiles, don’t touch these 3 again). This is how we got through….

To open the exit passage, go into the left hand passage, step into the first alcove left and roll, go N through the connecting passage to the alcove N, the trigger tile here will lower the block in the “exit” passage (centre passage W end) turn around and go left (E) back out to the start (watch out for those trigger tiles there).

Without the Secret: Enter the left hand passage again go straight passing the connecting passage and after the second block go left into the alcove to lower the block behind you. Turn X and go through the openıng to the centre passage, turn left and find the exit door.

With the Secret: Enter the left hand passage again go straight passing the connecting passage and after the second block go left into the alcove to lower the block behind you. Turn N and go straight through connecting passage to the alcove N, the trigger here will lower a block in the end of the “left hand passage”. Turn around and go left (E) back out to the start. Enter the left hand passage again go straight to the very end, onto the last trigger tile. Turn back and go right into the first alcove (S). Turn around and go straight through the connecting passage to the “right hand passage”, turn left there and go get Secret #2, the Orbus. Turn around and loop around right to get to the exit door.

If you like, download a map of the labyrinth here.

Hall with the Walkways.

Step into the Hall where you’ll get a flyby of the task to open the door on level 1 you see in that flyby. First pick up a Survival Kit on the right and Lights Sticks on the left of the door.

Take a right (N), jump the corner and follow the walkway to a hole in the floor, turn around and safety drop down. Those grey beams in the middle of the Hall have some spots where you can stand. From the place where you dropped down SE, hop onto that triangle flat and do a curved run jump to the flat triangle S. Get to the crowbar lever and use the Lightsaber on it. A cover lıfts from the button W. Jump back the way you came. Get to the W side and use button #1.

Get back to the N side and grab up through the hole in the ceiling. Go to the S side and find a grey tile along the edge of the floor, the cover lifts at the door W. Get back there and push button #2.

Go left and jump over at the corner. Just after jumping the corner you can grab up to the next floor. Three Knights are on that floor but they can’t leave their part where they are on. Pick up the Survival Kit and go to the E side and there should be a pillar that looking slightly different (brighter), let the Knight smash that one and pick up the Zodiac Key.

Secret: go to the N side and let the knight smash the last pillar (NW), pick up Secret #3, the Rudimentary Bomb.

Jump the corner to the W side and use the Zodiac Key to lift the cover, then push button #3.

Go to the E side and jump up to hoist up the next floor (NE). On the next floor, in the NW corner is another grey tile opening the access to yet another button. Don’t go run forwards as you will get spiked.

Run around the whole building to approach the button from the other side. At the spike trap, grab up to the ceiling and shimmy forward and drop down at the #4 button.

After using it run all the way back around to the hole in the ceiling NW and grab up to the next floor.

Turn around and you have to take the long way around jumping over the laser traps. When you reach the SW corner, look up left after you jumped the corner Use the jump lever to lift the last cover and go to the #5 button. You’ll see the door open up. Go N, down the hole to the corner and along the N side over to the E side and down one floor, to the SW and down again, you are on level 1. On the W side walkway is the door you opened (next to the button you already used).

Go in, pick up Light sticks and watch out for the floor where the light rays are, deadly hot. On the right is a Survival Kit if you want. Run jump through the left or right opening to a safe spot and proceed like this till you reach the airlock to the shuttle bay.
Shoot the cover on the switch and use it to open the airlock.


Battle for the Bridge.

There’s a strong draft in this shuttle bay, on the right you can get 2x Magnum ammo and on the left are 2 levers you have to pull. Best is to go back to the middle of the shuttle bay and then go to the far left alcove for a Survival Kit and two other levers and on the right side is another Survival Kit and 2x Magnum ammo. Then go through the door you opened (W).


Go in and just around the corner is a button; push that to open the door to the Ship’s bridge. If needed there is a Survival Kit and some Light Sticks N.
Shoot the Alien warriors and the Blobs and look around for the Bridge Key one of them dropped. Go in S, use the Key to open the door and hop up into the Bridge; you’ve retaken the Ship.

The End.