Levels by Perceiver

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

There are several ways to get through these levels, this is the route we took.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder (if you took another route, our saves might miss items you already had).

1- Hamlet by the Sea.

Coastal Bluffs.

Let the current take you and when past that rock, swim straight to where you can wade out (you may want to wade right a bit, to where a little sting ray will wake up). On the beach, right and in the far NE corner are Uzi clips. Run back W a bit and to the right between some rocks are Flares. Now go all the way to the other side (S) to those cabins and to the one standing in the water; wade around to where you can dive under the floor. Climb up into the cabin, behind the two barrels (you can shoot) is a small medipack and then open the ceiling hatch S to climb up to the roof…

Fisherman’s Key.

Where you’ll find the entrance to a cave, follow through, shooting bats along the way and come to a cavern with a pool, across the pool is a skeleton you can pull away by the head to reveal the Fisherman’s Key. Make your way back to the cabin; from the roof down to the rock pillar left at the cabin and safety drop down to the beach. The other cabin is closed; For a Secret, we’ll need a crowbar of sorts.

So head back along the beach (N) and turn left towards another cave entrance.

Secret: standing in front of the entrance, look left and get onto the first grassy block you see S, grab up and turn tight to follow the path to the N and jump with a left curve over the cave entrance to grab the ridge there, shimmy right and pull up to grab Secret #1, a Medipack. Drop down.

Into the cave and first go straight into a wide cavern connected to the sea, there are Uzi clips NW in the water, and in the E end is a Gravestone, on the gravestone is written:

‘Fragment of Yore (of the past) I’ – A Gift.

I’m rich! Today when we were out on the sea, the net brought a big bright jewel from the waters. It must be worth a lot. It is hard and shiny, yet warm and silky to the touch. Sometimes I think it pulsates like a heart.

Carved in Middle Georgian – by Avtandil, a fisherman.

(In the back of this cave is a barrier (SW) we can shoot with explosives only, so we’ll have to come back later)

Fisherman’s House.

That done, return to the cave entrance and go up right into the side cave, keep left where you will find Uzi clips near the skeleton S (there’s a crevice from which you can look into to the cave where you found the key before), a closed barrier right (W) where the Fisherman’s Key can be used. Follow through shooting bats and come to a ladder next to a waterfall. Go up the ladder, along the river and head left to a house, hop in and get back out, shooting those wolves from a safe distance. Go back in and next to the dead Fisherman in the back are Harpoons, go left into the side room and find the Harpoon Gun. Now go out and follow the river to the W, right and draw the Harpoon Gun, hop into the hole and shoot the rubble, swim in and use the ceiling lever to open a trapdoor near the Fisherman’s house. Get out and back to the house, drop into the tunnel under the open trapdoors and follow to a Village.

Fishing Hamlet.

Most of the houses have doors only to be opened from the inside, so we have to find another way to get in.

The Khmali (to be used as Crowbar).

I started in the far right corner (SW), you’ll come to a house with a bridge above and a little fence left, go left and from a little mound, grab up to the rock pillar. Shimmy right along the roof and pull up on the stone pillar. Turn right and spot the hole in the roof. Run jump up and through the hole in the roof, on floor is the Khmali (Crowbar), open the doors and get out.

Grab up to the same rock again, shimmy right along the roof and pull up on the stone pillar. Run jump with a left curve W, around the roof towards a balcony, there’s an opening in the roof, drop into the house. Shoot some bats and in the back are barrels, one hides a Medipack.

Pull or push the block away from the door and open the doors to get out. Go straight (N) and loop right around the house, then take a left to the front of the house left (opposite the birch tree), open the doors, shoot a bat and get to the back, watch out! Get the Flares and crawl back out. When you go out, go behind those stone pillars SE and find some more Flares. Next to the SE house, over the fence and in the dark SE corner, more Flares.

Go to the front of the SE house, you can open with the Khmali, watch out again when you enter, pick up Uzi clips from the floor and leave.

Backtrack for a Secret, the Uzis.

If you like, you can now go back to the beach. Go into the tunnel N, up at the trapdoors and right to the ladder at the waterfall, follow the cave left/right to the beach, go right and to the first fisherman’s cabin. Secret #2 is yours; on the floor next to the skeleton are the Uzis. Make your way back to the village.

Activating the Platform, the Upper Village.

Go left (E) and left before the tunnel with the closed gate. Hop over the fence and open the next door (left) with the Khmali. Get in and go to the right, shoot the barrel and push the block on the left (to the S) once. Find the pulley wheel. And when you use it, a Platform outside will go up. Get out of the house; to the right a bit and then left to all those pillars (S). From the lower one to the next, then to the rock ledge S and right from where you can jump to the one under the Platform. Jump up the roof and turn around, now a running jump to grab the Platform.

Upper Village S.

Turn around and hop E into the upper area. Turn right and go into the structure on the right (S) of the Platform. Follow through to a Hub room with a floor lever. This lever will open one door while it closes the other. The door left is open.

Secret: Hop into the water, find an underwater door W, inside is a ceiling lever. Swim back out and to the E side; climb out onto a low ledge there. Jump (not from the lowest side) and grab the sloped waterfall block N, pull up and back flip to where the barrier went down. Inside is Secret #3, 2x Harpoons.

There’s also a Gravestone:

Fragment of Yore III - My Children's Children

The nightmare is over, at last. The fish are plentiful again, crazy Avtandil is dead and the curse has been banished to the depths of the earth. The elders locked it with two special keys, made out of Blood Gem. They confided the keys to the most trustworthy people of the village: Eteri, the Unbent, and Otar, the Timid.
I know their virtue will bring plenty and peace for my children, and my children's children.

Carved in Middle Georgian - by an unnamed villager

Hop out onto the ledge with the floor lever. Throw the lever to open the S door with it. Around the corner you’ll encounter a pack of wolves, shoot them and follow the path. Jump into the structure W, shoot the rubble if it is still in the opening and go in for a Medipack and Shotgun ammo.

Back out and left, hop into the water in the corner next to the pillar and swim through the gap under the pillar, climb out at the end.

Timed Lever Puzzle, the Guruli Key.

First check it out, to the W is a dead end with a Timed lever (1). Opposite (S) of the lever an opening in the wall, hop through a find another Timed lever (2) left. Right around the corner is a third one (3). They open 3 gates in this maze.

Save in front of and use lever 2, then get to 3, run back and jump back over the slope to lever 1, quickly pull that, roll and run jump over the slope, now sprint through the gates, the last one left in the far end (savegame.0). On the pedestal is the Guruli Key. Grab up NW to slide back to the part with the Timed doors, go through the crawlspace E and left. There are more passages and crawlspace, all to let you get back to the levers in case you got boxed in. There are some Uzi clips in the last (SW) room, you can access it through a crawlspace SW after using only lever 1. A crawlspace E will get you back to the start, turn right, jump in the water and swim back out. Follow back E and left to that Floor lever…

Use the Lever to open the N door.

Go in, jump the ledges while shooting Bats and get to the far end, to the right is a crawlspace with Uzi clips. Slide down E…

Tears of Rioni.

And be ready to jump and grab the slope in front, shimmy to the right hand side and just drop, you’ll end up in a crawlspace climb out into a corridor (watch out, you lost quite some health).

Defunct Soviet Mine.

Coming to the Mine, shoot the two Mercenaries; both leave Uzi clips. Don’t get too close to those barrels, they are booby-trapped, you can shoot them though so they will explode! The flames are deadly too.

Go W and shoot another Mercenary coming from the left, check the area left for 2 Explosive Harpoons. Return to the first area and go left into the tunnel, shoot the barrier left with an explosive Harpoon, go in slowly and a door opens right. Go into that room, or draw them out and shoot the guys, one may drop Uzi clips, in the room you’ll find a hatch in the ceiling*. Go out and now into the door left, shoot one Mercenary and pick up 2 Explosive Harpoons he drops. Be careful, there is another baddy in there (you may want to shoot him before he grabs the small medipack from the chest). That left room is empty except for a small chest with a small medipack in it. Go back to the tunnels and head W, just where the track goes down go into the tunnel take a right, then left around the rock pillar and shoot another Mercenary. Destroy the barrier and go in, a door opens and baddies run out, shoot them and another one coming from behind. In that room right is a chest with another small medipack.

Mine Detonator (for a Secret).

Go out and right, through the door that opens and quickly shoot the baddy before he nicks the goodies out of the chest. Go into the steam quick and pick up the Explosive Harpoons. I went around the block to the chest and go get the small medipack (if it is still there). Behind the block (W) shoot the crate and find a crawlspace, go in and use the Crowbar lever, opening the ceiling hatch* in one of the first rooms. Go back there and up where the hatch opened to retrieve the Notepad  (x,y=1,4>2,4>4,6>4,8). Return to the W end of the track where we left off.

The Mine Pit.

Follow the track down W to a pit with Mines, go left into the corner. Here we’ll need to use those coordinates in the notes, X being the vertical axis and Y the horizontal. Those are the safe spots in the Minefield (Secret hunters, scroll down). So the first one is 1,4; row one against the left wall and the 4th square from the edge where you are. A run jump straight along the wall will get you there. Now turn right (N) and the next is safe too (2,4), giving to the room you need to do a curved run jump to 4,6 (3rd square from the ladder). Hop to the last square under the ladder (4,8) and climb up.

But if you want the secret… when you are at the pit go to the right. In the corner there, turn around and safety drop down onto a safe spot. Go forwards (E) and pick up the Mine Detonator. Go out and stand just outside, select the Mine Detonator from your backpack and use it. Now the Minefield is safe. Run across to the short passage SW, it has Secret #4, Uzi clips and 2x Explosive Harpoons.

Go climb the ladder W, and go left into the elevator, throw the lever on the right to go up. Step out and straight into the cave, shoot the Mercenaries (one of them will drop his Uzi) and pick up a small medipack from behind the tent. Head W into the tunnel…

Rioni Falls.

Flip right onto the slope and jump to grab the monkey climb under the bridge, drop onto the central island. Jump N to the rock, and onwards to the shore, a run jump into the tunnel, landing on a block, go up to the crowbar lever** rising pillars in a pool somewhere. Run jump back out with a right curve, landing on the shore. Jump back to the rock, to the island and use the monkey climb to get back across, this time go to the right to that ladder (W). Climb up and come to the pool where you raised those pillars**.

If you want all pick-ups, walk left and over the waterfall to that tree near the wooden bridge. Take a running jump to the bridge and pick up some Harpoons at the end of it. Get back and grab the edge to shimmy to the right a bit and then pull up. Go back to where you climbed that ladder.

Spike Puzzle, Margali Key.

Jump along the pillars to the N shore, go left to a door that will open for you, Spikes in abundance, turn right and use the lever in the corner (SE), hop into the water and swim to the NW corner, climb out N and use the lever there too, to lower the back row of Spikes, go up the ladder right of the lever. Forget about that Key on that ladder pillar for now, because it will trigger the Spikes up there. For a Secret: from the ladder back flip with roll onto the pillar behind you, hop to the next and a running jump to get to a jump lever over the entrance. A door*** will open up. Now get back to the ladder pillar and go get the Margali Key, quickly hop back and down the ladder before the Spikes pop. In the pool under the room are some Harpoons too, between the pillars N side.


Go out and get across the lake using the pillars again, go right to the SW corner, shoot a barrier (with Explosive Harpoon) and enter the passage, drop down into the lower room. On the N wall, behind the block is a lever opening a door*. In the corner left is a Gravestone:

Fragment of Yore VII - Stars

The night is cold and my illness grows worse. As I seat here, by the banks of the Rioni, I look the stars and wonder what is my purpose on earth. I feel like I'm not deserving of such big burden, the Guardian Crystal belongs to somebody else.

Carved in Modern Georgian, 1920 - by Okropir, descendent of Otar

That’s all we can do here for now, from the block right of the entrance, grab the ledge and shimmy left around the fence to pull up. Leave and just get into the water, let the current take you over the edges to the lower lake in the cave E, swim SE, climb out on the corner ledge and get the Explosive Harpoons.

Secret: into the water again and swim to the ledges SW, climb out as that is where the door*** opened. Inside is Secret #5, a small medipack and 2x Explosive Harpoons.

There’s also a Gravestone:

Fragment of Yore VIII - Red

Unfortunately, the glory and joy of the Tiflis conquest was overshadowed
by the loss of our comrades yesterday. We tried to establish a small base of operations in the old village, but something happened and the two boys we sent down there never came back.
We searched the area but only their guns were found. The atmosphere in this area is unsettling and we shall depart soon, there isn't much strategic value here anyways...

Carved in Modern Russian, March 1921 - by a concerned soldier.

Spike Hall, the Ajaruli Key.

Get out, swim to the other end of the lake and climb out NE, jump to where the door* is (W) you just opened. Save at the top of the slides, stand right and slide down into a field of Spikes, quickly run left around the Spikes in front of you and grab the Ajaruli Key. Run to the spot left of the roots on the N wall, white spikes will go down there when you pick up the Key  (skeleton here). Turn around and grab up to the grating above (savegame.1), go straight to the S wall, then left to the corner where two more Spike traps are down now. Drop, go up the ladder and when your head is at the ceiling, back flip with twist to land on the grated floor, go into the back for Uzi clips. Back to the ladder, up and drop down at the entrance door.

Using the Keys, the Water Sanctuary, a First Meurvis Crystal.

Outside turn right, go up the ladder, jump over to the W bank and left to the rock, the central island, the monkey swing under the bridge to get to the S side, follow right to that ladder again to climb up to the upper lake. Over the pillars to the N and left passing the Spike room to the corner, go left and jump along the ledge to the small dark rock in the lake. Jump into the cave under the waterfall and use your Keys there to open the gate. Slide down backwards and safety drop onto a sloped floor.

Raising the Water level.

Go to the waterfalls and a flyby shows you around. Jump up onto the floor left (SW), look behind a pillar on the right for a ladder to go up to the broken bridge above, approach the door and go in, hop into the pool inside to retrieve the Flares and get out. Go in S and use the Lever. Crawl back out underneath the Blade traps and from the bridge outside dive into the pool below.

Raise a Block, N Door, a Pushblock Puzzle.

Swim straight to the wall and take a right into the trench there, get the small medipack and swim into the back, there’s a tunnel under the structure, find and use the ceiling lever. Climb out on top of the structure and jump to the NW floor; you’ll see the block you raised on the right hand side. Side flip onto the sloped floor next to it and jump to grab up to the block, get onto the bridge, the door N opens on approach. Inside, first go to the far back and throw the lever lowering two barriers* where we go later.

Go back to the previous room and down into the drained pool, hidden between the plants is a crowbar lever (W), the trapdoor next to you opens up. Drop down, a passage with a Spike trap S and seemingly no way to get out. Look in the N wall, just left of those roots and find a push block, pull it out and move it left against the wall (W), where you can now use the lever (SW) and a block goes up in the other side of the room. Pull/push the block to the E; so it is next to the raised block. Climb on and pull another block out of the wall, onto the raised block.

Move the lower block back to the lever and use it again. Now move the second block into the passage S, push it in 3x so it is ON that spike trap, go back inside and shoot some bats. Pull the lever block once towards the opening in the ceiling so you can get out. Go outside to the bridge.

Jump lever for a Secret: Turn right and hang from the opening in the balustrade to use the jump lever there, a barrier goes down.

Into the Tunnels, open the door for the block.

Hop into the water, climb onto the roof (E) and jump to the SW floor, run jump NW up the waterfall into the tunnel where you opened the barrier with the lever* up N before. Go into the back and climb up at the waterfall, use the lever to open the door** for the push block. Get back and drop into the water.

Secret: If you used the jump lever before, swim into the crevice W, to the end and climb out, here is where that barrier lowered. Go in for Secret #6, Flares, Medipack and a small medipack.

The Gravestone says:

Fragment of Yore IX - The Centuries to Come

The bastards are going to regret the day they put their feet on our land and
dared stain it with blood. I used the Crystal to strike two of them, and now
I'm off to expel the whole lot. I can see it all clearly now, my purpose.
Yet I wonder if peace might really exist, in the centuries to come.

Carved in Middle Georgian - by Okropir, hopeful

Swim back out to the pool (we’ll be back here shortly).

Drain the Pool; last bit, a Meurvis Crystal.

Swim to the roof and jump SW, climb the ladder of the pillar in the far right corner and into the door. Follow through (watch out for the Blades) to the Flood lever and use it again. Get out, down from the bridge (ladder) and jump over via the roof on the right to the N floor. Go into the now open door**, pull the block out and move it to the end of the path. From the block jump into the waterfall tunnel SW, go to the end and grab up, shoot some rubble and grab the Medipack. Back out and jump out left onto the block. Now push it over the edge into the pool below. In case you didn’t drain the pool yet, go do so now and get back. Go down to the push block and jump to grab the crack W, shimmy left to the crevice and crawl in, up right at first chance and up the ladder. Go in and jump over to grab Meurvis Crystal #I. Get back to the pool, onto the block and jump into the trench E, grab up in the back to the roof and jump to the SW floor where the lower door now opened.  Leave this area, while going up the sloped passage, a block lowers and Mercenaries come down, shoot them and enter a familiar room. Get up to the now open door SW and follow the passage back to…

Hamlet by the Sea.

Follow the passage, push the block once and open the ceiling hatch above, grab up at the side of the block and grab Explosive Harpoons in this house, shoot the barrel and a bat and then open the doors. Make your way to the far left corner  (SE) and up to the Upper Village as before, using the pillars and platform.

Upper Village, the Jump Lever.

Loop right around the mechanism and head all the way W, cross the bridge to the ledges NW. At the second ledge left hang from the inner side, there's a jump lever on the pillar, drop to grab it. After landing, turn around and go into the building, down the hole into the room below. Behind the low wall SE is a small medipack. The door N opened by using the jump lever, get in there and come to the Corrupted Valley…

Corrupted Valley.

Ruins of the Tshike

Follow through the hallway with the swords to a hall with stairs and a big barrel.

Laser Sight.

Enter the passage left of the barrel to a room with a Cross, “the Cross emits a soothing Aura” (it will heal you if you’re poisoned).

Into the passage on the right (SW), slide down and immediately get out of the way of the boulder. Push the boulder down the passage on the left (E), opening the door there, push the boulder again to get in and pull the skeleton away from the Laser Sight. Climb up next to that open door and follow up. Use the lever and you’re back in the room with the Cross; leave N to the hall.

The Belfry Key.

Go into the corridor NE, up the stairs and watch out for a swinging axe, throw the floor lever to drop a trapdoor at the barrel downstairs. Go back there and climb down, turn left and open the small door W, inside is a snake, shoot it. Next to the other barrel is a small medipack in a chest (you might have to take a step back before Lara opens it).

Go out and into the passage E, climb up right at the slope and turn around to run jump and grab the jump lever releasing a boulder. Back flip out of the way and follow the boulder. Push it into the room, go jump to the right through the gap so you can push it S and down the sloped passage, where it will disable spike traps. Run after it and push it once more and then left or right into an alcove. Go to the end of the passage and left in the chest is the Belfry Key.

To the Belfry.

Back to the hall and up through the open trapdoor (SW), now go up the stairs, watch out for debris at the top. Go through the passage far left (NE) and find a Gravestone:

Fragment of Yore IV – Putrescence

Today we’ve decided to abandon the Keep and the surrounding area, the corruption on this valley has become too noxious and our offerings to her are no longer enough.

We'll close the paths and lock the shortcuts to the village.
Although Avtandil is dead, I fear its spirit is merely asleep, further down, stirring in unsettling motions. 
And for those who wander off in these blasted lands, seek protection from heaven.

Carved in Middle Georgian - by an unnamed villager

Pick up the Poison Harpoons and get out, go up the ladder left (S), up on the roof, open the gate with the Belfry Key. Go in, follow the passage and shoot the Bell with The Harpoon Gun (and Sight), or just pistols and a door opens way below in the tower. NE is a ladder…

Secret: Go down the ladder, just a bit under the floor, hang left on the ladder; back flip with roll and a right turn to land on a ledge. Push the Bell off the E end and get down too. Now push it off S onto a tile and you’ll hear a door open up, go down the stairs W to get Secret #7, 2x Poison Harpoons and Uzi clips. Get out.

Head through the door (S) you opened by shooting the Bell before.

Squalid Mires.

You could get poisoned by enemies in the next part. The swamps will also poison you, so stay clear of those. Poisoning can be healed at the Soothing Cross…

Run right (W), keep a bit left going SW, in the far corner of the yard is a door, open that quick, inside is a Soothing Cross in case you need it after the battle with the 3 ‘Tree people’ that woke up. They can be killed, only it takes a while (save at least one Explosive Harpoon for later).

Option: To the NW is a big swamp with floating islands. Jump to the island and turn around to shoot the ‘Tree people’. Just jump back to lure them closer and get to the island again to resume firing at them.

When they’re all gone, jump back to solid ground and go to that door where the Healing Cross is.

Secret: Go to the swamp in the dark corner (SE) and run jump in to land close to the arched opening in the wall, wade to the right and straight, climb out. First go left and right through the gate (that opens) to find the Cross where you can get rid of the poison. Now go back in to collect Secret #8, a small and a Large Medipack plus Uzi clips.

There’s also a Gravestone:

Fragment of Yore V- The Greed of Men 

I saw it for the first time yesterday. The girl told me she had a family heirloom, but I never thought a fisherman's daughter could have such a huge gem in her possession.
It is easily as big as my fist, and red... Perhaps it's a ruby. She is still buying the runaway story.
God, when I get back to Kostantiniyye I will live like a sultan!

Carved in Ottoman Turkish - by a greedy soldier

Go out to the room with the Cross. In case you didn’t open the door to the yard yet, use the lever opposite the Secret room and go outside.

Preparations: Shoot the Bell, into the tunnels.

Go outside through the gate, look up N and shoot the Bell, a gate* will open at the swamp with the islands. Head to the swamp with the islands (NW), jump to the first. Turn right and jump into the opening, open the trapdoor, go down and in the tunnels are two more ‘Tree people’ to deal with. In the far NE corner is a crowbar lever you can use the Khmali on. A door opens**. We’re done here for now, when going back have a look in the room W, a snake and a pedestal where we need a puzzle item (Offering of Violence).

Timed Lever-Trapdoor Puzzle, the Heart of Aslan.

Leave the tunnels by climbing up at the trapdoor, jump the islands and into to the open gate* SW. Be sure to land on the dry patch inside on the right. In this room are several levers with open trapdoors in front.

If you happen to fall into the trapdoors, just run through the gates to get to the ladder NE.

Go to the first lever in the back (E), pull and turn right, sprint into the opening straight ahead (S) and use the 2nd lever, roll and run out left, jump over the hole and straight to the one W and use the 3rd lever, roll and run out left and left into the opening to the next lever in the NW corner, use that one too and the block in the S side of the room goes up, get out before the trapdoors open (savegame.2).

Go to the block S and climb up to jump and grab the crawlspace in the central cage. Drop inside and use the lever to open the cage. Now go down the ladder, but don’t drop, hang left and a bit down, back flip and shoot the snake. Now go get the Heart of Aslan. Go back up and out of the cage.

Go to the open trapdoors NW, if you want extra Uzi clips, drop down there, grab the Uzi clips and follow the room around, triggering critters and finally go up the ladder. Go back to the NW corner and jump to the island in the swamp. Then jump the next and to the right (S) to the yard with the big tree.

The Tower, Dagger of Endzela.

From the ledge next to the tree you can grab up to a branch, grab up to the next, shimmy left to the tip before pulling up, because there’s a snake up there. Shoot the snake and grab the Uzi clips from behind him. Jump and grab the balcony S, enter and watch out for the axe. To the right is the door** you opened before. Go in, right and follow through to another gravestone:

Fragment of Yore VI - Still Unbent

Mother was right; Aslan was not to be trusted. His heart desires the Guardian Crystal, and because of my stupidity and naivety he almost got his hands on it.
Now I must act, I got father's blade without his notice and I shall pass it through Aslan's Heart.
My soul is heavy with guilt but for the blood in my veins, I will show them that I'm still unbent.

Carved in Middle Georgian - by Endzela, vengeful

Grab Flares from the chest, return to the previous room and into the passage SE, watch out for falling rubble. Grab up to the crack right, shimmy left and to the corner, hoist up and turn around. Jump over, grab up, watch out for rubble and grab the Dagger of Endzela from the chest, combine it with the Heart of Aslan to get the Offering of Violence.

Slay the Dragon, a Meurvis Crystal.

Make your way back down, follow out N to the balcony, down the tree and NW to the island in the swamp. Jump right (E) into the opening to the tunnels, follow to the end left and up in the room with the skull doors you can place the Offering on the pedestal. The Skull doors behind you open up.

Slide down to another slope, at the end jump to a small block in the muddy pool. Make your way to the left (S) and shoot the Bell there (which makes life easier for you) so you can jump left and right over the ledges while shooting the Dragon (savegame.3).

Go to the ledge in front of the gate S, it will open now. Hop in and grab Meurvis Crystal #II and some Harpoons in the corner. Leave through the opened gate, up the long, long ladder and the next goal will be shown. Go back through the tunnel (E), up the trapdoor and to the big tree in the yard, up the branches to the balcony and inside. Through the axe and left to that door, open the trapdoor and slide down…

Hamlet by the Sea.

You are back in the Village, on a terrace NW, jump over the bannister to the rock ledge left (NE), get to the nearby stone pillar and grab the Flares. Safety drop down to the ground floor.

Something rather Important: Backtrack for the Aqua Lung.

Something that is VERY useful in the next level, but you have to get back to the beach area. So from the village go into the tunnel N, up the trapdoor and right (N) down the ladder at the waterfall, N into the cave and through the barrier, left down the cave N and left at the next intersection. In the sandy beach cave, shoot the barrier W (Harpoon) and go through. Hop into the deep part of the pool and swim S to open the underwater door, inside is the Aqua Lung (savegame.4- in case you didn’t have explosive harpoons left).

Make your way back to the Village (go E towards the beach and take a right into the cave and follow through to the waterfall. Up the ladder and left around the corner down the hatch and you are back.)  

The Village, using the Guruli Key.

In the left (E) end of the village is the tunnel with the gate, open the door with that Guruli Key you’ve been carrying around. Follow the cave to a room with a pool and bridges. In the far SE corner of the pool are Harpoons.

Swim to the stairs in the middle of the S side and go left onto the bridge first to find some more Harpoons N.

Standing there, look up N and shoot the Bell to open a door to a Secret, in the Village, so we might want to backtrack. Leave N into the cave, follow straight through the gate, go up the Platform (left) and all the way to the W, over the bridge to the ledges and left inside. To the right is the door opened last, go in for Secret #9, 2x Uzi clips in the vases.

The Gravestone says:

Fragment of Yore II - Language of Waves

   -What is that? - I asked when I saw the bright, tiny ball.
   - She is an ancient piece of moon, she came from the deep sea.
   - It fills me with dread.
   - Can you hear? She is breathing...
 Avtandil caressed it like a lover. 
   - She talks to me in the language of waves.
   - You should get rid of it.
   - No. - He looked to me with a menacing expression. - Soon she will awake...

Carved in Middle Georgian - by an unnamed fisherman, who should be afraid.

Get outside; run down onto a roof below and safety drop down. Go to the other end of the Village and into the gate E, follow back to the pool where we left off.

Go up the stairs S and use the 2 Meurvis Crystals to open the floor of the pool as shown. Save (and arm with Explosive Harpoons) before you swim down….



The Aqua Lung will automatically engage when you arrive here in these shark-infested waters! Without the Aqua Lung this part will be extremely difficult. Shoot the Shark as soon as you see it, swim left (S) into the opening at the bottom, the Jellyfish will take your health so stay clear. Shoot another Shark; you can now go for a Secret.

The Underwater Maze Secret.

Swim to the left and a block goes down. Swim straight to the end and turn right, open the underwater door on the right, go in and left around the corner is an underwater lever opening a trapdoor. Roll, swim out and left around the corner (W), left again and now just keep swimming along the right hand wall to come to that trapdoor (SW), go down and E to the end and left around the corner is another underwater lever opening another trapdoor.

Swim back right around the corner straight W to where you came from and now right (N) till you hit the wall, go right, left. Then keep a bit left going N and take the next left (W), swim down through the trapdoor for Secret #10, Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Swim back up; take the first right, then the second right, straight to the wall (W) and left around the corner to the S, at the end go up through the trapdoor. Go E and left, keep going along the left wall and you’ll get to the exit.

The Pantocrator.

Back in the cave with the jellyfish, open the underwater door straight ahead (W).

Swim up at the end and go up the stairs to the Chapel. At the door take a right and up the stairs next to the Chapel. On the roof are a bunch of tiny spiders and also the Pantocrator.

Ornamental Sword I.

Drop down the other side (S) and pick up Uzi clips, then go to the front where the doors will open up on approach. In the Hall where you see the big doors, go left and shoot a Knight, go into that passage (S) and left to a room with rubble and a closed door. Shoot the vase around right and pick up Flares.

Turn around and go into the passage. Line up for the next jump, stand exactly in the middle and take a running jump to grab the edge. Hoist up and walk through the blade trap and at the end of the floor jump straight up to grab the ceiling and swing through the next trap to the end and drop.

Grab Ornamental Sword I, safety drop down into the pit and climb up at the other end.

Get back out, and look at the doors on the left for a Shield, push it to raise a block (X) in the hall for later. The block is left as you come to the hall, first go straight N, shoot another Knight and notice a series of 4 shields, all needing a Ornamental Sword to open the lock on the big door left.

Use the Pantocrator, Sword II.

Leave the Chapel (E), into the water and in the cave with the Jellyfish go left (N), straight under that rock ledge behind the orange plant, a tiny gap, swim straight and right in the end, pick up some Harpoons from the bottom and swim up to climb out. Go to the Church, take a right along the wall into the alley and shoot a Knight, in the back are Uzi clips. Go around to the other side and shoot another Knight to get more Uzi clips.

Now open the Church with the Pantocrator, go in and pick up a small medipack in the far left corner (NW). On the other side, SE corner are Flares. Now get down into the hole in the floor, shoot the tiny spiders. Go through the passage (N) and drop down, at the S wall are 4 Scone levers. From left to right they should be Down – Up – Down – Down. Go behind the fence and use the floor lever there, 2 blocks go up in the Church. Jump and grab back up into the hole in the ceiling, go up the slope and out of the hole. On the right and left two blocks appeared. Get up the one W, turn to the wall in the back (N) and use the crack to shimmy to the right where you can climb up. Get up even higher and take a couple of running jumps over the wooden beams to grab Ornamental Sword II.

Secret: hang from the other side of this ledge, drop and grab the jump lever to open a hatch on the W side. So jump the block and go righto the end, climb up on the left and you are on the roof. Turn around and go up the roof and climb up on the top for Secret #11, a small medipack and 2x Uzi clips. Drop from the low end of the roof into the alley.

Go to the front of the Church and leave S. Swim back W and left, straight to that cave with the underwater door and the Jellyfish. Take the right hand side again (W). Go into the Chapel. Left and right are two statues we’ll have to raise.

For a Secret: Go into the hole of the statue on the left (SE), face N and crawl in, use the scone switch, a door opens on the upper level, for later. Get back up to the floor.

First Floor S: Shields & Swords.

Climb up the raised block (X) opposite the statue (SW) to the balcony and open the double doors (S). Look up when you go in and spot the Giant swords, avoid them while going around the room pressing 5 Shield switches… AND fighting a Knight. Another raising block will go up in the hall, N side. Back to the balcony, left and pick up the Uzi clips, get down to the ground floor.

First Floor N: Slopes Room.

Climb up to the N side landing using the block NW, go right around to the other end for Shotgun ammo, then go back a bit and open the doors N. Step into the Slopes room. Back flip onto the slope on the right (NE corner) facing S, jump and grab a slope up S, hang right and back flip again, now slide far and jump with a bit of a right curve to grab the opening S.

Secret: You opened a door before at the sunken statue; remember? Go S over the ledges to that door in the back, Secret #12 will sound, climb up the back wall, from the ladder a back flip into an opening and get through to the upper ledges, where you’ll find a Shotgun. Get back inside and down the climb wall, over the ledges to the slopes room N.

Activating the Traps, opening New Passages.

Face into the Slopes room, run jump with a flip onto the lower part of the slope left and jump again to grab a crawlspace in the opposite wall (E). Get in and use the crowbar lever to activate moving Blocks on the ledges and open passages in the upper region of the hall. Only way I found was to drop out of the crawlspace and do the jump again to get to the S opening.

Ornamental Sword III.

Run jump in a SE direction through the Blocks. Jump into the opening behind the central E Blocks, go left and open the trapdoor. Throw a Flare down the slope, Save and slide down, get up the blocks right, from the highest corner one jump W (no Ctrl), then left to the next one (no Ctrl), hang from the side and shimmy left along the crack to a jump lever. A block will go down in the floor revealing Ornamental Sword, run into the hole to get it. Now you have to use 3 scone switches (W/E and N) to open the exit door W. Al this while the Corkscrews are coming down on you (savegame.5).

Sword IV.

You are back in that Slopes room you have to do over again to get up to the floor above with the moving blocks. Jump behind the central Blocks on the right (W), shoot two Knights grab Flares from the floor SW and go right into the next room, pick up Ornamental Sword IV and quickly jump away from that dark tile... Go back out to the Blocks. Run jump left around the corner.

At the N Blocks run jump into the opening N (savegame.6), safety drop into the room with the slopes and go out, to the ground floor.

The Statues, fight the Minotaur, the Svanuri Key.

Into the room N, place the 4 Swords and the door opens, two Knights to kill, on the left wall is a Shield switch raising some blocks in the hall, bringing up the two statues. Push the statues to the grey tiles left and right of the closed doors.

Get inside and slide down backwards into a drained pool and let go, go down the slope E and fight the Minotaur, jumping up and down (or left and right) will help you save health. After his demise he will leave the Svanuri Key. Light a Flare to spot it (savegame.7).

The Heart of the Ocean.

Approach the door SW and go up the slope, to the big doors W and the keyhole is right of it. Slide down and grab the Heart of the Ocean from the pedestal, a trapdoor is shown in the drained pool. Turn around and go the NE corner and jump in the water.

Swim through the tunnel and up at the other end, throw the cone switch and you’re teleported up to the top of the hall. Get down and out and drop down. Then drop down E, then down into the slopes room and get to the ground floor. Again hop into the same door (W), slide down into the pool of which the lower part is now flooded.

Go down the open trapdoor and open the underwater door, follow the cave up to where the adventure ends….

G&D, July 2019.