Don’t Kill the Monkeys.

Levels by Dino.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Savegames mentioned in the walk are in this Saves Folder.

… After the opening cut scene in which is explained why we shouldn’t shoot the monkeys, we’ll be taken to the Jungle.

If you like to try what happens when you do shoot a monkey, save the game and try…

Turn around, go to the block a bit left and grab the small medipack on top of it, another block S has Flares and behind the skeleton in the niche S is the Revolver (save up on ammo for it). Then head E into the passage, find Uzi clips on the block, shoot the bats. Proceed into the last room and find an empty pedestal and a gate.

The Mystic Sphere, a Laser Sight.

Left (S), are Flares. That passage is blocked, so head the other way (N) and around the corner up to the right is a passage with a closed Crowbar door (Secret), so just follow the passage to the left (N) and come to the Cascades Hall.

Hop down right into the water below; find Shotgun ammo SE, a Laser Sight near that skeleton (N). E, behind that Buddha statue is an underwater lever to raise a platform where we can get out of the water (SW).

On the pillar there is a Timed lever, raising platforms on the other side of the central pillars. We have to run and jump around the N and E side to get there. The first part is the hardest, I hopped back onto the platform; did a roll and then a run jump. Jump diagonally left to the N ledge minding the low ceiling, then to the E side and there you have to line up straight to jump and grab the platform, run forward onto the ledge (savegame.0). Use the lever on the right to drop a platform at the ladder N, go back there via the SW corner. On the N ledge and up E you can spot a jump lever, climb the ladder and off left. Climb over the push block and push it down at the ladder, then push it to the jump lever (E) and use it, the gate up W will open up. Go back up the ladder to the ledge above and run jump to grab the central ledge with the monkey, jump to get to the gate W.

Grab a Medipack and the Mystic Sphere from the pedestal above and hop into one of the pools, in the room below, under the entrance is an underwater lever opening a gate* somewhere. Go back up and climb out, leave and jump over to the passage straight ahead (E). Follow back to the room with that empty pedestal and use the Mystic Sphere to open the gate (E), step into the hub room and to the right is that gate* you opened with the underwater lever.

Hub Room N Gate.

Next room, in the far right corner are Uzi clips. Look up above the block N and shoot the bell to drop the block, pull it to the entrance and get up to use the jump lever to open the gate straight ahead.

Hub Room S Gate, the Gorge.

Go down the slope a bit and spot the bell down at the end, shoot that to open the trapdoor below the bell, Now sprint down and jump over the hole, the boulder will get caught in the hole. Push the block on the left twice and go right… Oh boy... Run along the left wall into the room and turn to the right to go into the passage E, turn around and from the passage take a run jump up to the opening behind the S side cutter. Then stand on the right, run in when the cutter goes left and jump up into the opening when the second cutter goes left.

The Uzis.

Turn around and spot a jump lever on the wall over the cutters, jump up and grab the plants on the ceiling, go along the left wall and use the lever, from where you land, run down and left into the passage E to get the Uzis. Go back and right, through the cutters to where you left off (savegame.1).

Go up the blocks to get to the Gorge.

After the flyby, walk through and try to shoot the Croc in the water below, I suggest to do that with the Laser sight so you won’t accidentally shoot the monkey. Hop into the water, SW next to a skeleton is a Shotgun. Then swim E to the wall and through the right hand opening, climb out at the left corner and follow through the red cave, the level will change…

Part 2.

Across the Pit.

Just to the right are Uzi clips, continue, shoot a bat and come to a deep pit. There’s a Medipack in the water below if you want to go get it. Hop down and go get that Medipack. Turn SW and wade up, grab up S, turn right and back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the ledge. Then run jump to the ledge NW, over to the left (E) and up left again onto the higher ledge. Face N, stand right and back flip onto the slope, jump back with a right curve onto the slope, two more jumps and you can grab the top slope of the central pillar. Pull up over to slide to the ledge and turn left to jump (N) onto the right hand slope, jump again to grab the sloped pillar. Hang right and pull up over to slide far and jump right to the ledge with the monkey (savegame.2).

Go up into the cave, shoot the Tiger and grab some Flares, shoot the crates for Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Climb up into the opening left and a flyby shows you around the settlement, soldiers everywhere, last shot is of a Key.

Use the Laser sight to shoot as many baddies as you can from where you are, get down to the beach and shoot the crate for Uzi clips. Over the bridge (E) and that soldier dropped a small medipack; the crate has Shotgun ammo. There’s a Quad behind a fence.

The Stone Tablet piece1.

Go left behind the tent and up the slope along the right hand side (banana plant corner); a soldier on a pillar up to the right can be shot from here. Go left of the temple and into the far SW corner for Revolver ammo. Now go into the temple, shoot that green Gem in the Buddha statue and the gate left of the Temple opens up, go in there to get a Stone Tablet piece.

When you walk out, and are in that arch like opening, turn to the right (stand facing E) with your back to the slope, back flip and jump to grab the vegetation on the ceiling, go left/right and follow the plants around the corner to the crawlspace (left), get through and down to Secret #1, a Banana, Uzi clips, Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. Leave the Temple.

The Quadbike Gate Key.

Now we need to take out another soldier before proceeding. Go to the left, (E) side of the temple, look down and shoot the soldier in the valley below. Once he’s gone, return to the corner where you found the ammo (SW), back flip onto a slope to jump and grab the bright pillar and curved jump up to the ledge on the right (SE). Onto the slope to jump to a ledge and from there jump to grab the roof, shimmy right around one corner and where the camera changes at the next corner, hit the down key to jump onto the high pillar where that soldier was. Run jump into the sun (N) with a left curve and grab the ridge as you slide off, go right a bit and drop onto a slope so you can jump from that to the ledge with the Quadbike Gate Key (savegame.3).

The Stone Tablet piece 2.

Slide down from the N end and use the key to get to the Quad, take it straight over the bridge, right and up the hill to the Temple. Go right and carefully into the valley E, down the slope right, behind the pillar. To the E is another slope, you need to ride up with speed and a left curve so you’ll end up on a sandy ledge (savegame.4), a trapdoor over a ladder opens up. Go get Stone Tablet piece 2, in the inventory combine the parts to a Stone Tablet.

The Golden Buddha.

Go to the pit and down the ladder, run jump to grab a crack to the right (W), go left then ledge jump up and left again to a corner ledge. Grab up N at the left corner (only Ctrl), turn around and jump to grab the higher ledge. Hop over the slope left into the valley and go into the water where you can place the Tablet in the statue. As you can see, a door opens up left, go in there and pull the chain to deactivate the Spikes above. Go to that sand hill (NW) and climb the blocks on the left to get back up to the Temple where you can now take Golden Buddha #1.

The Return.

Get down to the beach N, over the bridge up the blocks NW to get to that red cave in the rocks you emerged from before (W), follow through to the Pit, jump down on the sand and jump to grab that sloped block (S) and pull up over, jump to the sloped surface and jump again to grab the ridge of the central pillar (on the left). Pull up over and slide down, turn right and jump to the cave (S) and follow through, back to part 1. You’ll end up back in the Gorge of the Buddha’s.

Hop in.. (get up on the island and place the first Golden Buddha statue if you want).

The Big Hall, a Sword and Buddha 2.

Hop into the water and swim into an opening under the S ledge, climb out left and follow through to a Big Hall. Go to the far left (SW) corner, onto the ledge and grab the slope on the left, back jump to grab the crack in the SW pillar, ledge jump up and go right along the crack to drop and grab the floor in the opening, get in and shoot a Tiger. Open the door on the left (W) and follow through to a skeleton with a Sword (Crowbar) he doesn’t need anymore. Go back to where the Tiger attacked and straight to the other opening. Keep left at an intersection. Go right in the room with the elephant and over the grates. Get Uzi ammo on the right then pull the chain in the back to raise two platforms* in the Big Hall.

Your way back is now more challenging, time the trapdoors and jump back across the pit. Just running jumps, starting as soon as the first reaches the floor (savegame.5).

Go left, back to the intersection and left up the stairs. Go down the stairs right to where those platforms went up* and jump across to that floor lever. A block** will go up below a high opening somewhere.

Slide down one of the slopes right or left and go up the big staircase between the statues (W), to the right is the room where the Sword was, so go left (watch out for a tiger) to the block you raised and go up to get Golden Buddha #2. Get out, right down the stairs, go right into the passage (N) and follow through. Jump into the water and swim right to climb onto the island from the W side.

The Sanctuary, Golden Buddha #3.

From the SE corner a jump to grab the right hand ledge in the corner, go left to the other one and jump onto the ledge W with Uzi clips. Face E and side flip onto that slope; jump again to grab that sloped rock and shimmy left to the ledge. Go W onto a block and from there from the corner a run jump to get to that ledge NW (no Ctrl). Go W and turn right, grab up to the slope and back flip onto a higher slope behind you. Jump hard left so you’ll hit the left side ridge and can grab it, shimmy right around and pull up. Follow the path E and do a left curved run jump, grabbing the edge as you slide off. Shimmy right to the corner and drop with Ctrl to land on a stone path. Go in and loop around, up blocks straight ahead (W) to a bridge. Go across to the stone ledge there (not going for the Secret, scroll past the blue text).

Optional Detour, Back to the start for a Secret.

Run down with a slight left curve onto the slope down straight ahead (N), slide and grab the edge and shimmy right to pull up. Go into the passage and down two blocks. Grab up to the plants on the ceiling and go along the left wall to the jump lever, drop there. Face the next cutters, standing left and run down when the first moves right, just run and you should just get through.

Get through the next cutter into the passage NW and follow up the boulder slope, in the hub room right (W), at the Mystic Sphere left and then just loop around right into a dark corner, get over a block and open the door with the sword to get Secret #2, a Banana, Uzi clips, Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. Get back over the block, loop left to the Mystic Sphere, right and then left down the boulder slope, through the cutters as before and up to the Gorge of the Buddha’s. Hop into the water and climb up onto the island.

To get back where we left off, the same route as before: From the SE corner a jump to grab the right hand ledge in the corner, go left to the other one and jump onto the ledge W. Face E and side flip onto that slope left, jump again to grab that sloped rock and shimmy left to the ledge. Go W onto a block and from there from the corner a run jump to get to that ledge NW (no Ctrl). Go W and turn right, grab up to the slope and back flip onto a higher slope behind you. Jump hard left so you’ll hit the left side ridge and can grab it, shimmy right around and pull up. Follow the path E and do a left curved run jump E, grabbing the edge as you slide off. Shimmy right to the corner and drop with Ctrl to land on a stone path. Go in and loop around, up blocks W to a bridge. Go across to the stone ledge there.

Continue for Buddha #3:

From the stone ledge a run jump to a lower ledge NW, jump down straight ahead (W) to the stone ledge and go down the blocks towards the water and jump around the corner to an opening (N). Throw the floor lever in there to open the gate at the pool. Hop into the water, swim left and wade up to the gate.

Shoot a Tiger as you enter, in the second windowsill on the right are Flares, in the NW corner you can find Uzi clips. Head through W, get through the cutters with short runs and come to a Lever you can operate with the Sword, a trapdoor opens up. Go left and come to the Sanctuary, the trapdoor is straight ahead and hop down into the water. Roll and find the niche and in it is an underwater lever (E), opening a gate. Get out the water, go into the opening on the left (N) and through that open gate, Tiger...!

Next Gate.

To the right is a small medipack, then use a slope in the left end to jump to a crack in the pillar, ledge jump up to the higher one and hang left, use the down key to jump from the crack to a corner ledge. Time the spikes on the ledge and run jump to the ledge, a running jump and grab the ledge with the monkey (savegame.6). Pull the chain to open another gate, this one in the S side of the Sanctuary, safety drop down, out to the Sanctuary and around into the opening S. Through the gate, loop right around to a supply of Torches. Take one and ignite it on the wall torch. Take it S into a big room with a pool.

Torch Puzzle, Gather Supplies.

Up over the entrance and on the ledge in front are parts of a broken bridge we have to repair.

Drop the Torch on the floor for a bit, left is Revolver ammo, hop into the water and under the entrance ledge on the floor is a small medipack, but there’s also a Croc. Climb out to shoot it. Back into the water, get Flares from a skeleton NE, Shotgun ammo on a ledge S.

Secret: Swim to a hole in the floor SE, down and into the low gap W to get to Secret #3, a Banana, Uzi clips, Revolver ammo and Shotgun ammo. Swim back up for air.

Preparing the Route for the Torch.

1- UW Door, Timed Swim: In the W wall is an underwater door, near the SW corner, open it and go in, left and save before using the Timed underwater lever. Roll, swim left into the room, right and climb out, roll and run jump to the platforms, quickly hop forward (savegame.7), to get to the lever raising a block* at a jump lever. Swim back to the pool with a Croc behind you; shoot it from the entrance ledge (N).

2- UW lever: On the front of the pillar under the ledge is an underwater lever raising another block**.

3- the Jump lever: From the entrance ledge, jump to the ledge SE, then SW onto the slope and jump to the next ledge. Now a tricky run jump onto the sloped pillar SW, slide far and jump left a bit, at the last moment grab the corner of the W ledge. Turn right, use the slope to jump and grab a crack in the pillar, go around to the other side and back jump (down key) onto the block you raised *. Jump to grab the Jump lever on the left and platforms go up around the central pillar S side ***.

4- Torch: We can now go back to the entrance ledge and pick up the Torch, jump to the ledge SE, then SW onto the slope and jump to the next ledge. Turn right, walk into the SE corner and hop back and take another step back before you run jump SE onto the sloped block, slide and jump again with a left curve to get to one of those platforms you raised *** (savegame.8). Run onto the one around the corner (S) and jump to the ledge with the Shiva statue to ignite two wall torches. The bridge is ready for you…

You can throw the Torch into the water, get to the left platform (E side), and hop to the ledge E, a stand jump to grab the block you raised ** before. Shimmy right around the corner and ledge jump up to grab up to the bridge. Turn right and follow to the other side, over another bridge and climb up to use the floor lever, opening the W gate at the Sanctuary. Drop from the bridge onto the entrance ledge, or do a fancy dive and climb out, leave N to the Sanctuary and take a right into the W gate. Go left and through the cutters, to get to the Spike Courtyard (NW).

Spike Courtyard, Bridge Repair.

Hop down onto the block in the water just left of the entrance ledge and wait for the Croc, shoot it and swim far left (NE) for a Medipack on the bottom, then right around the Spike floor to get some Uzi clips SW. Climb out there, turn left and grab the crack in the corner pillar (SW), back jump and grab the awning. Look down into the Spike field and spot one empty square, second one left (E) side. Push the block from the awning and move it inside the opening you came from (S). Then move it against the wall on the right (E) and climb up to the floor above, jump over to the other side (W) and use the lever to lower the spikes outside. Move the block back out and onto the spike field, put it onto that square we saw without spikes (second from left on the E side). That will trigger the bridge in the pool to get to the ledge with the Shiva statue.

The Last Buddha.

Go there and use the Wheel pulley, the block in the Sanctuary goes down. So leave S through the cutters to get back there and shoot the Tiger, go into the central structure and up the long ladder to get Golden Buddha #3, afterwards relax a bit, enjoying the sunset. Seems you can’t go back down the ladder, so stand in the middle of the E side, stand jump forward, landing in the water at the open trapdoor. Climb out and go E and take a right at the Sword lever, back through the cutters and end up at the Gorge. On the island you can now place the 3 Buddha’s, a big trapdoor opens up in the bottom of the lake (E).

Escape, the Eyes.

Swim into the opening E and get through more cutters, there are Uzi clips on the bottom after the first, swim through the opening at the other end and up (savegame.9).

Turn around and find a small medipack SW, go through the passage shooting two bats and grab the Revolver ammo. Throw the floor lever behind the Buddha to open a trapdoor SE. Before going up the steps get some Shotgun ammo. Now go to the trapdoor and get ready for battle and jump down there. Shoot the Tigers while moving about, because there’s something nasty in the middle of the yard and it fires rays at you. You’ll have to use 3 floor levers around the yard to lower it’s shield, side flip as soon as you used each… The last one will start a Timer (savegame.10). Once he’s defeated, grab the Golden Monkey and see a trapdoor opening. Jump into one of the opening in the water and swim to an opening and down. Follow through (SE) and get out. Climb the blocks and walk towards the light and watch the end flyby.