The Coast of France.

Level by Rudolf

Walkthrough by G&D productions.


Level 1- Coast.

Gaining Access.  

Turn around and climb onto dry land. Take the stairs on the left (NE) and follow through. When you are back at the sea you can either jump onto dry land around the corner on the right; or just jump in the water and then wade up to the beach. Go to the small doorway and jump in, get the Crowbar and see a cover is taken away from an underwater lever. Back to the sea and jump in. Use the lever on the left (S); you see spikes. Turn right, swim left around the corner and get back up to the Yard and now take the stairs to the right (SE).

Follow through and jump on the left to dry land again. Go straight and find a Revolver left of the pillar behind the barrels (a gate opens when you take it). 

Go into the door opening and see the gate is open now. At the intersection take a right, up a staircase and you get into the wine cellar. Loop around to the left for some Flares. Then go the other way (S) all the way to the barrels at the wall and the second one from the left (close to the wall) is shootable, so shoot it. 

You’ll see the other underwater lever; so go back out (NW), jump in the sea and use the lever on the right, the Spikes retract. Swim around the corner and climb out to the Yard where you started.

The Daibolo.

Now go straight into that small door (under the upper terrace) and at the intersection take a left (N). Loop around to the left and up some stairs. On the first landing, to the right is a barrel you can move (left one), push it towards the wall (W) (spikes go down). Go back downstairs and loop right around into the corridor and at the intersection take a left (E). Follow through and down a staircase. At the second staircase there is an opening on the right (E) and you’ll see that something is blocking your way.

Push it forwards, it moves up and spikes disappear (at the bottom of the stairs). Go further down the stairs and grab that Medipack straight ahead.

Take a right into the new area and shoot the rats. Then go to the far left (NE) pillar and stand at the corner (face E) to grab the crack (use Ctrl only).

Shimmy right to the corner and then jump back to grab the crack in the pillar behind you (Ctrl + arrow down) and shimmy around to the other side. Be sure to hang on the highest corner (left) and jump up (Ctrl + Alt + arrow up) to grab the upper floor. 

Be carful with those spinning tops, your goal is that ‘hard to see’ jump lever in the NW corner. Maybe first jump over to the gate there (W). Best is to take just a jump and use Ctrl to not bump your head at the burning torch on the wall, spikes will lower. Once on the ground floor go to the E wall and into the opening. Get some Flares in the left corner and then follow through and use the lever there. Go back and climb that same pillar and go back up to the spinning tops as before. The gate in the NE corner is open so take a running jump to get there. Go in and to the right and pick up that Diabolo. A receptacle is shown. 

Using the Diabolo.

Then go back to the tops, they stopped spinning, and make your way to the ground floor. The door (W) is open again so leave this place. Go up two staircases and take a right (N) at the intersection, loop around left as before, up another staircase and take this one all the way to the top now. Shoot the bars way up (S) and crawl in. Take a right and lower into another room.

Use the Diabolo you have on that contraption on the pillar and return through the crawlspace. You may have noticed another shoot able grate in the far N end of this attic, that’s for later. Go down two sets of stairs and then loop around to the right. At the intersection, take a left and go down the next stairs and take a right at the second stairs into the opening where that block thing is now up in the ceiling... A gate closes. Follow through and change levels.


2-The Church.  

A Cannonball.

Get to a sandy place, walk straight to the structure and left, at the corner behind a plant, pry a Canonball from the wall. Then go to the chapel straight ahead (W). Left, near the statue are some Flares. Near the entrance is a Holy Water basin; push that against the wall (E) and a gate opens up.

A Torch.

Go out of the chapel, straight to that structure and on the left around the corner is the gate. Go in and loop around to the right and climb the ladder. Go to the front of the canon and load the cannonball into it. Go to the W side, walk onto the raised trapdoor and jump to grab the ladder under that bell. Crawl under the bell, get the Shotgun from the pedestal in the back and pick up the Torch next to it. Ignite the Torch and throw it under the bell.  

Graveyard Key.

Throw down the Torch and climb down the ladder to the ground floor (In case you forgot to ignite the Torch, you can also do that on the big fire basket near where you entered this place, E). Pick the Torch up and ignite the two candles at the building N (you can bring the Torch if you like). 

Go in and loop around to the right. Head into a small passage left (SE) and push the cross there, a door opens up. Go back to the corridor (NW) and take a right to get into the church (N). In the far right hand corner (NE) is a ladder on a pillar, climb up and climb off left onto the beam. Pull away the skeleton in the far corner and get the Graveyard Key.

The Graveyard, Holy Bible, Lion Tablet. 

Climb down to the ground floor and use the Key at the E door. Once in the graveyard go right around the corner and behind some graves in the NW corner to pick up a Plant. Go back into the church and climb up to the beam again and S is the gate that opened.

Go to the right and in the next room (the door opened by pushing that Cross earlier) push the statue into the alcove, a gate opens*. On your way out pick up the Flares on the left and Shotgun ammo on the right. Now take the Holy Bible from the altar, shoot the holy water font right of the altar and pick up the Lion Tablet (another gate opens plus the entrance gate**).

Get out and climb down to the ground floor.

The Crypts, Corridor Key.

Go to that Maria statue (S wall) and shoot it. Use the jump lever that was hidden behind it. You’ll hear something opening; roll and walk to the N wall and at the last row of benches take a left and get into the now open trapdoor.

Down the stairs and left is that gate that opened (N)*. Go in and in the Crypt take a left and go through the next open gate (SW)**.

Time a running jump through the emitters and again, at this second one, stand close to a wall and jump before the one emitter stops, because the other almost will start at the same time, so the window of opportunity is very short.

Next go left and avoid those swinging balls, run past it staying close to the walls (steering a bit into the wall, you can just run past them).  After the third swinging ball take a right in what looks like an alcove, run through the wall and up the stairs.

At the deadly pool take a curved running jump to grab the ladders on the on the right hand wall, shimmy to the left and at the end go down a bit before you backflip and roll to grab the ladder. Go up to the ledge and enter. Slide down into another part of the Church.

Find a statue (SE) and push it according to the lines on the floor on its place (NW), you will be assisted by the Holy Spirit.

This opens a trapdoor in the SE corner, so get down there. Get the Flares in the NE corner and in the other corner (SW) is the Corridor Key. Get back up in the Church, go to the NE corner and jump up the slope to the exit.

Below the Chapel, The Diabolo. 

Take a running curved jump to the ladder on the right and shift to the left, backflip again and up the ladder. Down the stairs and through the hidden wall take a right into the corridor. Run along the right hand side of the swinging ball and around the corner up some steps to a crypt below the Chapel. Get the Diabolo on the right and another gate in the Crypt with the coffins opens.  Pick up 2x Shotgun ammo at the back wall before you leave.

Lion Tablet # 2. 

So back we go again, down the steps passing the swinging balls, jump the deadly waters with the emitters and you are back in the Crypt with the coffins. 

Go left (N) and around the corner on the right is that open gate. Get Lion Tablet # 2 on the left and Flares right. Go back out and to the S wall where the entrance gate opened again.

Crypt with Urns, a Pot, the Tower Key.  

In the hallway with the skeleton, a gate opened left (E), go inside and open that gate on the left (E) AND the round door in the next room by using your Lion Tablets but you need another thing from the back (S). You will trigger a skeleton when you go into the back. Go to the vases and find a brown Pot on the first steps on the right. In the SE corner are Flares. You can immobilize the Skeleton for a short while by shooting it with the Shotgun (OR lure it into the next room and shoot it down into the trench where that round door opened).

Now run to the open gate E and jump into the opening straight ahead. Take a right and get into the alcove there. Combine the Pot with the Plant and use it there, a big Cross goes up.  

Go up the stairs into a pool area and take a running jump straight ahead to the block to pick up the Tower Key from under the big Cross.

Out of here..

Find and climb the ladder in the NW corner, climb almost to the top and backflip when you see the ledge behind you. Jump forwards to catch the monkey climb and swing forwards straight ahead and you drop onto the next ledge. This is a timed trigger tile, so turn to the right and jump to catch the next monkey climb. Swing to the platforms E, drop onto the left side of the first, turn right and do two running jumps and a hop to that door in the corner.

The Tower.  

Use the Tower Key and enter, right around the corner is a fire basket, move it all the way to the W end, under that tile on the ceiling and a booby trap at a lever gets disabled. Jump to that ledge at the S wall and use the lever to open a door on ground floor, turn around and jump to grab the ladder on the tall pillar, do drop/grabs down to the ground floor and roll to get through the door (you can also take the scenic route down all the slopes and ramps). 

Holy Books.  

The open door is behind you, but there are more doors, fist shoot a vase in the NW corner, the door left of it opens up. Go in and take the Holy Books. Go out, right and through the door S, at the bookcase loop left into the passage E and take another left where you see a trapdoor. In the end of that passage you can place the Holy Books in the bookcase. Another door opens in the Tower. Return there, looping right around and take a right into the door E. Similar kind of room, but no bookcases. Loop around left and a trapdoor will open when you get near. There are Flares left, at the end of the passage.


Now drop through the trapdoor, go SE in that basement and pass through the opening in the fence. Sharp right, hugging the fence and passing that nasty Blade, at the intersection you have to time two of those Blades, turn E to get to the alcove in the right hand wall from where you can plan your run to the SE corner. Left around is a lever opening a gate in the W end. Follow the W track straight through that gate to a pool. Hop in, swim right and into a room under the place you came from, loop left into the corner and use the underwater lever to open a door. Swim out to the pool, face N and climb up onto that wooden plank at the W wall, a left curved run jump up onto the sandy slope where it touches the N wall. Hop into the new place, a gate is shown. Head W through that door you opened and take a right up the sandy slope into a lower room.

Go up the ladder, back flip into the room and use the Diabolo to leave for the Dunes…


3 – Dunes.  

Go up the ladder right of you and back flip into a ruined structure.

The Stone Path.

Go left around the structure and then right at the lamp post, over the hill W and follow that old brick road, twice left around the corner and all the way E, where you see a lamp post right, go straight into the valley with the trees to get a Medipack. Back up to the road and to the N through the valley. All the way up N till you reach a Fortification. Go into the tunnel.

The Old Fortification, Cannon Push and Laser Sight.  

Drop down through the hole, SE is Revolver ammo, left of that are some scratches in the sand, push the E wall in and go left, then right into a large area with 4 pits and some cannons. Go to the cannon E and push it once to the opening in the wall, a gate is shown. You can push the cannon W to a pit where we have to raise a block first. Now go to the cannon NW, pull it once, in front of the opening and get a screen of an underwater lever as well as the trapdoor opens in the middle of the floor, go there. 

Climb down the ladder, to the N is the gate we saw, still closed, go there and left to come to one of the pits. Stay in the shallow parts and go to the far left corner (SW), there is a tunnel under the wall, swim in and on the left in an alcove is that underwater lever, use it. Then swim through to another pit you cannot reach another way. In the deeper part SE is the Laser Sight, when you pick it up a platform is triggered.

Jump Lever. 

Go back through the tunnel, right into the passage and up the ladder again. Turn around and go to the cannon NE, stand on that platform and shoot the awning with the spears on top, revealing a jump lever. Jump and grab the crack in the wall and drop/grab the lever. Upstairs that block goes up at the cannon W. Go up the ladder in the corner (SE) and take a right to the E cannon; push it over the raised block to the opening and that gate downstairs will open up.

The Waterworks, a Cross.  

Climb down the open trapdoor in the middle of the floor, go N and through the gate. Halfway down the stairs is a closed gate left (window), so proceed and take a right to the waterworks. Go into the passage in the back and look at the floor to find the scratches. Push the wall 3 times and see a gate open up, take a right for some Flares in the back and go back to the pool, leave W and go to the end of that passage, left and through the gate you opened. Climb up to the higher floor and use the lever to raise a platform in the pool. Return there and shoot those nasty fish before you dive in. Go get the Cross from the wall, using your Crowbar, you’re done here.

Back Along the Road.

So, leave W, left up the stairs and up the ladder to where the cannons are. Leave going straight ahead (S), left, right around and from the sand, face S and jump onto the sandy slope, back flip through the opening in the ceiling. Head S, to the brick road, follow all the way back. On the stretch going up N, stand on the left side and run jump onto the right hand sloped side, keep jumping up till you are on a flat part and can jump over N. Right around the corner and up to the structure we emerged from at the start. Go N from the structure and follow the valley.

Abandoned Nuclear Waste dump, a Grate.  

You’ll get to an abandoned Nuclear Waste dump, warnings everywhere, in the shack with the barrels is the item we need, but there are old land mines…

This is a tricky bit, walk right along the track, then loop left around the track walking W (stay close to the track) and at the end at that buffer you cannot go any further, hop back and run jump straight W with a bit of a right curve at the end so you’ll end up next to those barrels in the back. Hop N behind the barrels and then jump E carefully. Save, walk slowly to that Grate and I picked it up while crouching, facing the land mine. Jump back W, then left over the barrels and a jump onto the slope behind the rail buffer, jump again with a right curve to land on the tracks.

To the Bunker.

Go up S to the lamppost and sign; take a right up the dune where the trees are and go W over the top. You can see the Bunker SW, keep a bit right going W to that high dune with the trees and go right around that dune to get to a small lagoon with a shipwreck. Go from the lagoon up to the jetty S and straight to the Bunker. There are 4 light fixtures; one is missing a grate. Put the Grate you have in the fixture and the Bunker opens up.

Door Puzzle.

After entering you’ll find 5 doors, go to the second from the left and it opens, walk up to the edge and see a platform appear. That platform is behind the second door from the right and it is timed (one side triggers the platform at the other side and vice versa).  Go to that door (second from the right) and as soon as you get that platform screen, run back fast to that second from the left door, jump to the platform and do a right curved running jump around the corner to a bridge behind the central door. That door will open on approach and is a way to go back in case you missed something?

Cannon Hall.

Walk in slowly and see a bunch of cannons playing ball. Those cannon balls are deadly. Go left and get to a gate SE, push it into the back room. Shoot two sets of vases there and a jump lever will magically appear on the N wall. Use that to open the door down in the Cannon Hall, make your way back to the front of the Hall and head down the stairs. Here you’ll see a whole lot of those Crosses. The one missing is down at ground floor, so jump to the ladder E and go down. Or just drop into the pool and climb out NW. The right hand niche W is where you can use the Cross. Another door opens up, go up the ladder E, about 3 rungs above the crack (where the window is) and drop/grab to get Lara hanging, shimmy left before she puts her feet up. Pull up at the open door. The level will change when you run into the passage….


The Coast Revisited.

The gate will open on approach, use your Corridor Key in the keyhole W and see a lever over a spike now disabled trap. To the right, in the back are Flares if you want, then go to the other end (S) and up into the crawlspace after shooting the grate, take a right and climb down. Go to the lever you saw and use it to open the big entrance door. Pick up more Flares on your way to the crawlspace and go right (S), drop into the attic (you can push the barrel away) and head down two stairs, loop right around into the passage and take the first right.

Outside use the crack in the pillar on the left to ledge jump up to the upper floor where you can now enter the Castle, go straight through the Corridor and end up at a deadly pool. You have to run jump with a wide curve around the corner to the left and grab a ladder under the opening. Follow this passage; take a right and loop right around the corner. In the back, under the torch is a barrel you can push into the niche, spikes go down* in a passage we saw before (exit back up).

Barrel Roll.

Go back left to the previous room, take a right (N) and carefully look left around the last corner. A barrel and it will come towards you when you step in. Turn right and do a few hops over pits (there are safe ones where you can hide) to get to the end, side flip right over a barrel and turn right to jump to the last pit where you’ll find a lever, this one will bring out a bridge over the deadly pool. Make your way back to the previous room and take a right (W), go left to the end, up the stairs and over a disabled spike trap* to the Corridor.

The Inner Harbor.

Go left down the stairs and follow through to an old Harbor; go right to a door SW and it will open up. Around the corner are Flares and a spike trap we DON’T have to disable, so go back out. Go to the water and hop in, swim NE and just around the corner left in that canal is an underwater lever, use it to open a gate*. Swim up, left around the corner is a spot where you can climb out. Head straight (N) and left and find that open gate* in the wall ahead (W).

The Anchors.  

Go in and right, shoot a barrel in the back right to open a gate in the passage left of it, shoot another barrel in there and use the button on the wall to open the door to the Harbormasters office. Leave this storage; go straight and a bit to the right to that open door.

Anchor 1:  Before going in, turn around and look for a pillar a bit left (SW) just behind that tree, pull the lower part once to the E and go right around, climb down into the hole and come to a basement with flames (you can stand safe in corners in case you get too close). Make your way up into the second windowsill W from where you can time a jump SE over the slope when both flames are down. Get to the end of the blocks at the W wall and jump over to the ledge with the pedestal. Turn right and stand jump with a bit of a left curve to grab the jump lever (tricky jump). A flame went down at a ladder N, go up there, use the lever in the corner. The pedestal is now safe, climb back down and jump to the pedestal to grab Anchor I. The gate to open the Harbor Masters office is shown but we did that already.

Drop down, get on the block under the ladder and hop up into the windowsill E. Jump N over the slope when the flame behind it is down, make your way up the ladder to the Harbor (NE). Go right to the open door (see above).

Anchor 2: Inside the Harbor Masters office up the ladder left to the roof. Walk left to the edge and jump over to grab the corner of the roof W.  

(If you want to go for another Medipack: shimmy right till you cannot go further, pull up and back flip. Go up to the green door and inside is a Medipack. Go back as you came, shimmy along the roof to the corner and pull up).

Hop down left onto the terrace, jump over the gap and head S and keep looking up right, climb up to the second window right, the one with the open shutters. Shoot the glass; go left to a lever showing a flame under a pedestal with an Anchor. It is Timed though and we need to prepare the route first. So shoot the window left and drop out, go S again and at the end follow around left, then right around the building till you go S again. Follow through and go around a couple of corners, till you are almost at the end of the walkway. Up S in the dark you can see two windows, shoot the right hand one and get through, sort of straight you can get through the broken fence and find that pedestal. 

So, now you are prepared for the run, follow the route back (sprint where you can to test your skills) and when on the terrace along the W wall, up through the first window left.

Pull the lever, hop back and run out left, follow the ledges sprinting where possible and climb up through that window you shot, ‘straight’ through the crack in the gate and quickly pick up Anchor II.

Finale, using the Anchors.  

Back out of the window, up into the windowsill left of the one you came from and shoot the window, then shoot the first one left and jump out to the right over the balustrade. Follow S, over another balustrade and use the two Anchors at the door, step through to end this adventure…

G&D, June 2019.