Mystery of the Lost Pyramid.

Level by Sabatu.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

You already have some weapons in the inventory. In some occasions we will let you ‘back track’ a bit, but that is because hints are available in other parts of the level, which we need for certain puzzles. Make note of the symbols you see on walls or floors.

Level 1- Mystery of the Lost Pyramid.

7 Secrets.

First turn around and go into the cave W, shoot a Scorpion and grab the Flares, go out and into the opposite cave, keep to the left and find a dark crawlspace, get in for Secret #1, Flares and Uzi clips. Get out and go about straight to the opening SE. Slide down into the valley, shoot the Vulture.

The 3 Gems, opening Doors.

There are some closed off entrances here, (take note of the Eye symbol on top of the gate on the right) so head into the left (NE) corner of the valley and shoot another Vulture. Go up the slope NE and turn left to jump to the SE and find another closed entrance (S), go right up the higher valley floor and on a block to the right are Flares. Jump to the ledge NW and then to the corner ledge, hop right down to the lower ledge (with the dark niche above).

Detour for a Secret: Jump once more around the corner to get to the crawlspace. Go through to get to Secret #2, a small and a Large Medipack and Flares. Drop down and go back up to where we left off.

Once back on the ‘lower ledge’, grab up into the dark niche above and follow this crawlspace to where you can hang out right and shimmy all the way right around corners to where you can pull up and stand. Jump W and follow the path, shimmying along the cracks to a sandy ledge at the end. Run jump S and to the left around the corner to the ledge, turn right and run jump to the triangle ledge SE (tricky because of the ceiling). More shimmying around some corners and when you hit the E wall, you can pull up and grab up left (S) to the valley floor above. Loop around left and then head towards that big rock you can see NE, shoot a Vulture and find a hole in the floor.

Detour for a Secret: First go left of the hole (E) and in the corner of the valley is a ledge you can hop to, hang from the edge and shimmy left to where you can pull up. Go into the hole there for Secret 3, Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo and Flares. Shimmy back and go to the hole in the ground.

Drop through the opening and throw all 3 levers to see those doors open up. Shoot a Vulture and climb out. Go back to the place where you came up here before and safety drop down, turn around and hop down onto a yellow rock below, drop down to the ground and head N into the first open door.

Gem I, Water/Trapped.

Go in and shoot the horseman coming for you, in you go again and find water in a hole in the floor. Save and dive in, swim right where a gate opens, it will close behind you though…Keep right and find a closed door and go left there, then up to the right to find Shotgun ammo. Swim back to the door and now keep going right and up where you’ll find air, climb out and throw the lever opening that door and draining the place. Safety drop down and loop left around to get Gem I. Out you go, left around and up the blocks to where the gate opened again, climb out of this place and head for the valley.

Gem II, Push Puzzle.

Loop right around and go up the first part of the slopes NE. Go left up the slopes to the door way up (eye above the door), jump over the pit and shoot the 2 Jackals. A Vase next to the door hides some Flares. Go into the next room and right in the NW corner is a small pit with Flares, climb out and shoot a couple of Scorpions. Then go to the Shotgun and Flares in the opposite corner, the skeleton wakes up, take him to that pit in the other corner and shoot him in (or go to the big pit near the Valley). In the NW corner is also a triangular hole in the wall, get in for a small medipack. Get out.

The Clue.

Now we need to find out where the two pushables need to go... Go into the NE corner, up a ladder and use the jump lever to open the gate with the Eye we saw a few times. A gate opens near the Gem I entrance. So leave for the valley, go down the slopes and straight to that open gate, Watch out, there’s a nasty deep pit in there, jump over and follow in. Look through the fence with binoculars and make a note where the two pushables are placed.

Now return all the way to the Puzzle room, move the first piece straight W, to the right of the hole. The second piece goes 2x to the E and once to the N against the pillar. Now go back a bit to the hallway and find the opened door for Gem II. Take care, because there ate Blade traps inside. Keep close to the right hand wall and get through, bit by bit, grab Gem II, take note of the symbol behind the gem and get back out the same way.

Gem III, Hieroglyph Puzzle.

Make your way down a bit and then jump S and go into the opening where the door opened. Follow through to a Hieroglyph Puzzle. Step on the light grey tile and the door in the back opens up… Remember that Bird? There’s one in the 4th row and one to the right from the center. From here, jump left and diagonally to the Bird tile in a lower part of the floor at the left wall next to that grey wall tile. Then to one in the middle of the room, lower part, second row from where you stand. Now turn left again and jump to the lower part SW, second row and against the wall again. From here you can run jump INTO the open door and get Gem III. Go out to the Valley.

Using the 3 Gems, Opening the Bird Entrance.

Out to the Valley and go left up the slope a bit and loop around to the left jump onto the ground above the Gem III entrance. Place the 3 Gems while shooting some Scorpions and go into the opened door to throw a floor lever. The floor outside, between the pillars will collapse. So go out, jump left to the upper Valley and go left to the ‘pillars’ where you can now go down the steps and enter the Bird Entrance. But if you want another pick up go left of the building towards that gate and jump through a small triangle opening for some Flares.

Slide down and go right, get through the Blade traps and go right again. In the dark back climb up right to throw a floor lever opening a grate at a ladder. Get out and go straight to the other end and down the ladder, take a right or left and drop down into a cave with a pool.

The 2 Vraeus’s.

Shoot the Croc and go up into the windowsill SE for Flares. Hop into the pool; swim into a triangular opening SW, throw the underwater lever, killing the flame under the first Vraeus. Climb out of the pool E, go into the right hand passage, but slowly to trigger Knife traps one by one and pick up Golden Vraeus #1. A Horseman might have shown up, also possible he didn’t appear yet. Go out, loop right into the other passage and here is that horseman (mine ended up IN the pool, all by himself). Walk slow and in the next hallway, look up in the dark over the arched opening to spot the Feathers Hieroglyph. Go through to the next room; use the Feathers lever on the E wall and the floor opens up. Get down into that opening and grab Shotgun ammo and Golden Vraeus #2.

Leave and go back to the pool, climb the ladder on the pillar left (S) and in that passage and down the slope to the left is where you can use those Vraeus’s.

The Hidden Valley.

Go through the doors and shoot the two Vultures in the Hidden Valley. There will be more Vultures, deal with them as they appear, I won’t mention them all.


Go straight to the opposite wall (E) and take a right, then left around the corner and hop onto the rock left of the entrance, hop up again, turn left and hop up to that pedestal with the Crossbow.

Laser Sight.

Get back down, go N and into the next opening left, hop into the alcove straight ahead (E), climb up and climb up the ladder. In the next room are the Laser Sight and Arrows next to the slopes with gates.

That’s all for now, make your way back down as you came, or use the slope sliding backwards and safety drop down to the ground after grabbing the edge.

Crystal Key.

Proceed to the far N end and to the left side of the pool, hop in and get out again to shoot the Croc. Now hop left around the corner to the ledge, grab a crack and go right around and at the slope, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the ladder, go up. Turn around and run jump to a niche S to get the Flares there. Jump back and go into the dark crawlspace left of the ladder, grab more Flares and follow through around the corner. Slide down backwards, grab the edge and pull up to back flip and roll, grabbing a ledge, go up higher and walk up to the flat part. Turn right to run jump over to the left side of that bridge in the pool. Walk up to the end and run jump to grab the sloped wall right of the pillar (SW), shimmy right and get the Crystal Key from the pedestal. Safety drop down and head into the right hand opening E again. This time go right into the passage with the plants and use the Crystal Key.

Drop Boulder 1.

Hop into the right hand pool, swim along the right hand wall/bottom into the tunnel, pass through the Blade trap and use the underwater lever, opening the gate in the other pool. Get out, into the other pool and this time along the left wall/bottom to get to a second underwater lever, raising a block. Get out of the water, up the blocks and jump around the room to get to the loft with the boulder. Run over a corner of the grey trigger tile so you will be gone when the boulder drops (a gate is shown and that’s where we got the Sight).

Drop 2 more Boulders.

Jump down into the water, climb out and leave the room, loop around left to the pool where the Croc was. Hop into the pool, loop left around into the tunnel (SE) leading to an underwater lever. It will open a door where we go now. Loop out right and climb out, go straight and head right into the second opening (E) and left into the door you opened. Follow through a crawlspace to an Arena where two horsemen are waiting, take them out.

Hieroglyph/Boulder Puzzle.

Stand near the W wall, look up S with the Crossbow and Sight and shoot that target ball in the niche under the grated floor above (might take a few tries). A door opens to the right of you (NE). Go into the open door and find a puzzle room. We need a hint first, so leave.

The Clue, raise a Block.

Go into the opening in the far back (SE) and Lara will look up at Hieroglyphs on the ceiling over a deep pit. We need the eye, so stand left and run jump over onto the invisible tile in the left corner. Hop up and grab the ledge with the lever, doors will open up in the Arena.

Jump back over and go up the ledges in the Arena to get to the doors, up the slope and shoot the horseman in the next room. Hop into the left pool and follow the tunnel to the Clue (spaceship?). Now return down to the Arena and into the NE door, in the left field is the hieroglyph you need, step on and when you go back through the entrance, you’ll see a block went up and that’s in the room where we shot the last horseman.

So back out, up the ledges to the doors and up the slope, left around the corner is the block you raised and you can reach it from the windowsill. Get up to the higher floor. Shoot a Skeleton off the floor.

Grab a crack in the pillar S and shimmy left around to Secret #4, Revolver clips and 2x Shotgun ammo. Shimmy back around the pillar.

Go up to a ladder behind the little fence and look through the gap, shoot the chain holding up the boulder (this is in the room where the sight was). Through the gap you can also see some ammo clips. Get back down and find the gate opened, use the floor lever and see a gate open up is in the room where the sight was. Get down; go back to the Arena and exit NW.

Back in the Valley loop left around into the other opening and climb the ladder in the niche E, throw the floor lever where the gate opened and two boulders go down the slope, breaking the floor outside.

Go up the S side slope, grab up into the crawlspace and get 3x Uzi clips, get out.

Slide backwards down the slope as before and safety drop to the ground, go down where the opening in the ground revealed the top of that Lost Pyramid. Go down the tunnel and where the camera changes keep right and follow down to the side of that Pyramid with a deep pit next to it.

Run jump onto the sandy ledge at the base of the Pyramid, keep running and from the end jump a bit left onto a tile on the Pyramid where you can stand to wait out the two boulders coming from above. Jump back to the ledge and then a run jump across without Ctrl to the ledge NW. go left and jump to a flat ledge in the corner from where you can jump to the N. There are two Jackals waiting for you… (you may also shoot a Croc in the pool there).

The Two Ankhs.

Detour for a Secret (can be done later too): Stand on the ledge next to the entrance tunnel and face N, over the pool you can spot a crawlspace. Take the Crossbow and shoot the target ball in there to open a door where we go now. Go down the tunnel and jump over the pit (stay well clear of that wall torch) and go left into the open gate (target ball) to get Secret #5, 2x Shotgun ammo and some Uzis. Jump back up the slope from this entrance and go up and left to the pool.

Swim over to the slope under that crawlspace and go up, save often in the next jump sequences.

(Here and onwards in the level a trick move comes in handy: The “Short run”-jump: This one is quite useful when the area you have to jump from is too small to do a straight running jump (4 steps)

Line up for the jump, stand back a bit and start walking (Shift+forward key), then immediately release SHIFT and press ALT instead, Lara will do a running jump with only 1/3 of a block's run up, very useful when on triangular ledges, small spaces, etc.)

Hop up a bit left, straight up and then a bit right, up left and then a running jump up SE and another one in the same direction. Now almost straight up a few times, up left and save, the next tile will trigger a boulder, so I immediately back flipped. Go up again and then head left (S) seeking out the flatter slopes. Where you have to run jump up right, run against the higher slope to let the boulder go overhead. To the S you can see a triangular opening we have to get to. Run jump S onto a slope and slide one row down to a flatter surface. Run jump straight S and then hop into the triangular opening, make your way up inside and grab Ankh I. Get back out of the triangular opening.

Preparing for Ankh II.

(Secret hunters, scroll down a bit) Make your way down this side to a pillar with an Arrows pickup.

Secret Detour: Hop one row up left, then hop straight N, skipping one row and you’ll slide down to a flatter surface. Run off so you’ll slide down the next row and end up on a flatter tile, look left (N) and spot a dark opening, hop in there and down for Secret #6, a small and a large Medipack. Climb back out and jump S a couple of times to get to the pillar with the Arrows on top.

Jump to the pillar W, to a triangle ledge down straight ahead (W) and then to the lever, a gate will open near the Croc pool. Hop back and drop down, make your way across the pit as before and hop into the pool. Swim to the right and to the end.

Under the ledge W is a narrow gap you can swim into, go get Secret #7, Revolver clips and a small medipack. Swim out and climb out right before the Croc gets you.

Go into the opened gate (wall lever at the pit) and pull/push a pushable onto the bird sign to open the next gate.

Hieroglyph Pit.

Look down in the pit, Beetles! Stand W and shoot the 3 sets of bones in the pit, a gate opens up W, get in there to get Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips and a Medipack.

In the N wall is a gate with 3 Hieroglyphs, in the pit are the same Hieroglyphs. The easy one is the one N, quickly get to the lever and throw it, back flip away and run into the W (Bird) side, up to the higher room and through the water to a cellar with 3 underwater levers, only use the one left (N), the Bird one. Get back to the Pit.

Dark Maze..

Go into the W passage and up the wall, grab the Flares, you’ll need them. The next place is basically a deep pit with ledges you have to follow, go straight to the opposite wall, turn right and at the pit jump over to the ledge you can just see, hop over a gap and one more jump to get to more Flares. Turn left and go left around the corner along the right hand wall, a run jump straight S to grab the next ledge and then jump a bit left to a wider one. Save before you jump to the floor where the lever is because a Fire Wraith will be triggered when you do. Be sure to have a Flare burning and jump to throw the lever, roll and jump back to the wide ledge, a run jump to the left ledge N and a jump grab to the N again, right around the corner, two jump over gaps along the right hand wall and jump to the exit ledge, left through the Pit and into the E passage, up and into the water to get rid of the Wraith.

Back out to the Pit and up the block S to the floor above to jump to the now open gate at the other side (N), left and right around the corner are Flares and a small medipack, in a niche left is a Guardian Demigod, shoot him to get the Crystal Key. Use that on the door N to get to Ankh II. Shoot the vase for a small medipack and leave. Go S, follow back to the Croc pool and wade out SE.

Into the Pyramid.

Enter the Pyramid through the opening where the 2 Jackals were before (we got the Secret there already, if you don’t have it, scroll up to the Two Ankhs paragraph).

Jump over the pit (careful with that wall torch) and use the Ankhs to open the doors. Go in and do hops through those squish blocks. Follow through to a submerged Sarcophagus. Swim down the tunnel left of it and up in the next room to climb out W. Slide down the right hand side of the slope….

2- Tears of Crocodiles.

3 Secrets

As you slide down onto a second slope in a wider sandy cave, immediately jump up hard to the right onto a ledge and get Secret #8, Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips. Slide down the opening into the water and get out.

Battle for the Revolver.

Shoot a vase for Flares and spot the two openings. Go into the wider one straight ahead (N), up the sloped corridor and shoot the Giant Scorpion in the next room. Loop right around into the corner behind the column and get the Revolver. Nothing else here, so go back to the start room.

Take smaller passage left (W), which leads up to a ledge overlooking a lake. Hop down and get out on the central island to shoot the Croc.

Detour for a Secret: Walk up the pointy SW corner and jump to a pointy ledge under the vegetation, walk up to the right and hop SE onto the slope, walk down and turn left to hop up SW and slide down to a ledge behind the slope. Now run jump left around the corner aiming for the right hand side (higher ceiling) of the gap in the pillar, use Ctrl to get in. Hang from the side and shimmy around right to an opening protected by spikes. Look up for a jump lever on the pillar you came from, stand jump and grab it to lower that spike trap. Now swim back to the island and follow the same route to get to the opening again, go in for Secret #9, 2x Uzi clips, a Medipack, Revolver clips and Shotgun ammo. Get back to the island.

Supplies Detour.

Walk up the NE corner and jump to the ledge on the sloped rock (tricky jump), run jump to the right (N) around the rock to a ledge, then NW and again NW onto that slope going down right, slide far and jump to grab the ledge ahead. Walk up to the block, grab up and get into the small room for Shotgun ammo, 2 small medipacks, 2x Revolver clips, a Medipack and Uzi clips. That’s it, hop back into the water and get out on the island.

3 Ankhs, Ankh I.

Walk up the pointy SW corner, jump to the pointy ledge left of the one for the secret and from there left again to a ledge (NW), from there to a ledge in the rock W and stand jump grab the block in the lake. Hang from the other side and shimmy left around to an opening. Make a note of the Hieroglyph. Proceed to where a door opens and shoot the two Giant Scorpions in the next room to get Ankh I.

The entrance door closed, so go to the back of the room, get onto the high block and jump to grab to the E floor, prepare to run to the left lever (Hieroglyph) and throw it, back flip away and the entrance door opened up again. Leave and hop into the lake, swim to the back of the building you see in front of you.

Ankh II.

Climb out of the water there. Hop up to the opening and go inside, shoot the incoming Giant Scorpion and pick up Shotgun ammo. Follow through to a Puzzle room, 3 pushables with colored rings. Red Green and Yellow. In the walls on the side are openings through which you can see Hieroglyphs. The first left is the Eye, Red. The third one left is the Spaceship, Yellow. The 4th one right is the Bowl and Knot, Green.

So, push the red one forwards three times , then left twice onto the Eye. The Green push it one once forward and right onto the Bowl and Knot. Pull the Yellow one once to the middle row and push it all the way to the other end onto the Spaceship. In the back of the room (S) a trapdoor opened, climb down the ladder. Just slide down, turn around and look back up the slope to spot the Bowl and Knot Hieroglyph. Turn around again, loop around left and shoot the Guardian Demigod, he will leave you Ankh II. Pick up Flares and spot the levers on the wall, use the right hand one, the Spaceship. Two Crocs come out of the gate W, shoot them and go in, pick up Uzi clips and Arrows in the back.

Back to the levers and use the left hand one (Knot), and go to the gate W shooting a Giant Scorpion. Into the gate and get the Medipack. Back to the levers, use the second from the right (Bowl and Knot) and you’ll hear a rumble, part of the slope is transformed. Roll, loop right around to the entrance slope, hop onto the part right, turn left and jump onto the ledge at the pillar, turn left and grab up to the crack from the higher part of the floor. Shimmy left around and pull up at the second corner, turn left and stand jump grab the next ledge, follow this path till you can jump and grab into the upper chamber. Grab Flares and a small medipack from the right, step on the grey tile W to de-activate the spikes and step into the opening. Run jump with a right curve into the entrance, up the blocks and the ladder to the puzzle room. Out N and follow back to the lake.

Labyrinth, Ankh III.

Jump in the water and swim straight passing the island, then swim left (S). There is a building on your right, swim around the corner (right) to climb out into a passage, take a left, jump the pools and right through the opening. Shoot two vases for Flares and a small medipack, then save and dive into the tunnel, follow to (closed gate for Secret on the right). This labyrinth looks more complicated than it actually is.. There’s one underwater lever we never touch, the one with the Feathers is a trap.

After the gate go left and then keep a bit right, (up here is a shaft with air if you need) going straight into the tunnel S, then up to the right and throw the Bird lever under that closed trapdoor, this will de-activate spikes under another Bird lever. Roll; swim down and left, at the next crossing you could go up for air. Face E and swim down, into the tunnel down E to reach that second Bird lever, the trapdoor at the first lever opens up now. Swim back up, loop right around up to the first Bird lever and climb out. Pick up a small medipack, Uzi clips and finally Ankh III.

Look for a niche in the N wall and go in to disable the spike trap under the Branch Hieroglyph in the labyrinth.

Swim back down, left and up at the next crossing for air. Then proceed N through the right hand tunnel which will bring you straight to the Branch lever. This will open the gate to the Secret, loop left around into the gate to get Secret #10, 2x Shotgun ammo, a Medipack and Flares.

Loop out left and up to the entrance pool. Climb out and go left around the corner, if you want another pickup, hop into the water at the two pits, swim left (E) into the side tunnel right and in the end right again for a small medipack, go back a bit and up in the air pocket, turn around and climb out. Follow through W, back to the lake.

Using the Ankhs, the Demigod.

Dive in, swim right and through the opening SW, climb out in the top of the next cave and use the 3 Ankhs to open the gate, slide down and jump far into the spike trapped passage from the bottom of the slope, run to the end and slide down into a room full of Gold, but that’s not important, that Demigod is.. Shoot him preferably with the Revolver and after he’s gone you can pick up the Golden Vraeus he left behind. Use that at the back wall and step out into the open….

G&D, June 2019.