Imprisoned Spirits Forever.

Levels by GMac.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


1 - Adventure.

Go forwards over the bridge and at the intersection take a right (N). At the other side take a left or a right to the back and use the lever at the end of a small passage. Roll and go over the bridge to grab the Iron Thistle.

Go back to the front and over the bridge to the intersection. Take again a right (W) and to the other side. Go to the right first and to the back, Jump up on a block at the wall, up a slope for Secret #1, a Secret Dragon. Go back to the front.

Use the Iron Thistle in that passage on the right. Around the corner on the right you can pick up the Nasty Ahmet Gun (Revolver) and some ammo. This ammo will reappear when you run out. Tip: if possible save as much Revolver ammo for later.

Follow the path all the way down while shooting some nasty Yeti’s. Shoot that spiked ball and another yet to get the Crystal Thistle on the pedestal. And back we go out of this cave system. At the bridge take a right and use the Crystal Thistle at the next door. Cross the bridge and gran the Ruby Stone. Back we go again and now go over the bridge and again take a right (S). Once at the other side you meet the guide but just ignore him and place the Ruby Stone straight ahead, go over the bridge and slide down to the end of the level…


2 - Exploration.

Go right and around the corner to that shining red light and pick up a Medipack.

Follow through to the N wall and fins a passage there. Go towards the water and around the corner push that hard to see button (a gate opens). Climb up this block and on top grab the edge and shimmy to the left and pull up at the other end for Secret #2, a Secret Dragon.  

Go out and take a right (W) and go all the way to the wall. You see the guide waiting for you there but ignore him and go behind the guide and climb up the rocks and that red block. Take a running jump to get into the passage there. Take a running jump over the deadly water to the crack on the left and shimmy around to the other side, then back jump (Ctrl and down), shimmy around one corner and jump back again. Next shimmy around to the other side and back jump into a passage.

Follow through and climb up the ladder and when you reach a corner loop around to the right and push the button. Spikes get triggered. Roll and climb up the ladder, safety drop down and go through the passage to the outside.  Go to the far left corner (NE) where you got the secret and now you can run jump to the first slope (try to catch the edges as much as possible), slide and jump to the next one with a right curve. When you made it around the corner you have to grab the monkey swing and make you way to the end, slide and start jumping the next ones and around the corner to where you are safe.

Get a Crystal Thistle and the gates open, so go out. Make you way to the SW corner and climb up to place the Crystal Thistle (a block appears straight ahead) so climb up and time the spikes while taking a running jump to grab the edge and pull up.

Go further and in the next huge room go left and down to the floor. Take note of that small body of water in the NE corner. Step on the elevator and walk to the edge (E) and jump/grab to the block. Turn right and take a running jump to the crack in the pillar, shimmy around one corner and back jump to a ledge. Face the wall and jump up to a crack there and again, then a back jump back to the pillar. Shimmy around to the other side and back jump to the next pillar. Shimmy to the left around the corner and back jump to a ledge against the wall.

Turn to the right (W) and then jump three slopes and grab the safe ledge there. Go to the corner and grab the crack (W) then back jump to grab the edge of a slope, jump 3 more slopes and you are safe again. Jump to the E wall and use the cracks to get to the right and higher so you can jump to the pillar again. Shimmy around and back jump to the other pillar, shimmy left around the corner and back jump to a crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right to the wall. Jump up to the next crack and then back jump and grab the edge of the ledge.

Take a running jump and grab the edge of the pillar, hoist up in the corner and time the emitter to take a running jump to the next pillar. Get the Ruby Stone and better safe your game. Now run off (or jump) into that small body of water (NW) all the way down and leave this huge room (NW). Once outside again go to that small building in the NE corner and place the Ruby Stone.

Turn around and Lara might look at the floor but go to the SW corner and near that pillar is an elevator. Go up and walk to the S side. Once all the way up, hop forwards and grab the monkey swing and go to the end and let go. Get the Nasty Ahmet Gun (or if you already have it, ammo). Turn left (E) and jump the ledges and the poles.

Grab the first, use Alt to climb onto the pole and jump to the second pole from which you can swing to the ledge. Go in and get Nasty Gun ammo from the pedestal in the corner, go the fence and find on the right a button. A block (E) goes down so enter. An Ahmet sneaks up from behind, so kill him. Go straight and push the button (N).

Roll and go back and after passing the spikes another block went down on the left (E). Loop around left and find yet another button. Go out and take a right, the block next to the button there is now gone. Shoot the Ahmet and find the button opposite the flaming bowl. Go back, passing the spikes and in the room on the left is the opening. In the alcove on the right (before the spikes) is another button.

Now you have to go all the way to the N room and shoot another Ahmet. The button you are looking for is all the way in the end (N). Roll and the opening is on the left, loop around left and push the button there. Back to the corridor and find the opening on the left. Watch out Ahmet alert on the right. The next button is behind the spikes (N). Go out (S) and straight, around the corner and again straight (W) into the opening there. The button is at the wall there (W).

Back again (E) and follow through and at the wall around the corner and into the corridor with the spikes, take the second opening on the right. Shoot the Ahmet and push the button in the SW corner. You hear a door opening, go out and left, the door is on the right near the spikes.

Safety drop down and turn N, push the button and take the elevator down. Go to the N wall and towards the two statues mounted on the pillars, next to it is another elevator, get on it and off at the right (W). Push the button and see the glass is lifted at the pedestal (S). So down you go and make your way up the other elevator and get finally the Spirit Hand.

Back down again and now make you way to the W wall to the fire in that basket. Put your Spirit Hand into the hole of that poor guy. The gate opens so slide down to the next level…

3 - Discovery.

A Ruby Stone.

Lara falls into a lake, swim to the N and then go a bit to the right and at the wall find an alcove, covert with ivy and find a underwater lever there. Pull it and I got back for some air. This lever opened up a gate also at the N wall but at the bottom. So get in there and avoid the big knight shooting bolts. Swim up and climb out, go to the gate and it will open. An Ahmet is waiting there; kill it.

Go to the other side and shoot the spiked ball, use the lever and a Gem appears in the underwater cave. So back you go, into the water and grab the Ruby Stone.   

Now swim to the other side (S) and find the underwater lever in the SE corner. Swim to the A wall and through the gate and up. Climb out and kill yet another Ahmet, then use the Ruby Stone next to the gate (E). Go to the right and around the corner you see the guide, ignore him again and go into the opening on the right.

Now you have to do some slope jumping, so get to it.

You are safe on the small island and if you want, you can already shoot an Ahmet on the left (climb up the block).

Jump over the fire to the bridge and then have a look through the binoculars W and a bit to the right. Jump those wooden landing stages to the next island and use the lever at the side. The flames one island back is out, so back you go again. Also do the third lever but don’t dilly dally as it is timed although it is quite generous.

Go back the second island and now the landing stages changed into elevators.  There are even more so jump to them. Then take a timed running jump so you can grab the slope, shimmy to the left and now we have to jumps some roof like slopes, shimmy around them and back jump to the next one. Then jump two blocks and last to that grassy one. 

Go straight and jump down and if you haven’t kill it yet, kill the Ahmet. Look up and find a ledge, face W and jump up so you can get on top of it. Roll and a running jump to the grassy one and walk over the bridge.

Turn right and jump to grab the monkey climb and swing to the end and drop down. Safety drop down even further and shimmy passing the spikes. Keep shimmying till it is safe to stand up. Grab up to the ledge and get into the passage there. Get out your guns and shoot the tongue in the mouth of that Lions head. The gate on the left opens up so get in there.

At the end take a right and jump some blocks, passing a closed gate. Jump to the island and first go to the NW corner. A running jump with Ctrl gets you into the opening for a Medipack. Jump back and now use the Timed lever. The gate opens so jump to it and in you go. Follow through and end up into a room with 3 gates and a lever on that block.

The gate behind you opens (E), go in and use the lever on the block on the right. The gate to the right (N) opens, get in there and the lever to use is in the NE corner.

Go back out to the previous room and use that lever again (up). Go through the gate (W) back to the first room and now into the gate on the right (N). The lever you need is to the left and the gate that opens is behind you (E). Use the lever at the fire basket again (up), go through the gate on the right  and in the next room go left through another open gate. Run around a bit and shoot the Ahmet (standing in the water makes it a bit easy).

Go through the gate (E) and then take a left into a dark passage and at the spikes take a right. You arrive at that big deadly lake, jump to the right on a ledge and jump over to the one at the wall.

Time the spikes and take a running jump over the spikes and the deadly tile. On the corner, shimmy along the spikes there. Run off to the slope below (if possible as to the right as you can) and start jumping the slopes. When you are on a safe ledge jump to the left island for a Medipack and jump to the next one (SE). Go to the back and use that elevator to get on the top of that structure. 

Get the Crystal Thistle and you hear a gate behind you opening. But first turn around and walk to the end, grab up and find behind that tree Secret #3, a Secret Dragon.

Now jump over into the passage there and into the hole and start swimming. You end up in that huge underwater cave. Swim N and into the opening at the bottom and up. Go through the gate and behind the tree you can place the Crystal Thistle and a trapdoor behind you open. Get in there and the level changes…


4 – War.

Getting started, Shotgun and Crossbow.

Go forward onto the bridge; to the left you can already see the Thistle. Jump from the bridge and over the slanted beam to the floor right of the tower, loop around left to find the Shotgun. Turn right and jump from the corner of the floor to the W side bridge. Turn left a bit and jump to the floor S of the tower to throw the lever in that corner, the gate W opens up. Go to the last corner, SE and get the Explosive Arrows there. As you passed the opening on the left some spikes get triggered, so you can leave through that opening. Cross the bridge and into the open door.

The next room has two vases with Flares. In the yard, two Yetis will attack. Just deal with them with pistols to save ammo for later. To the right is a gate with two receptacles (NE), go around the building to the back to find the Nasty Yeti Crossbow. Go into the building there (left of the pedestal) and follow the passage downwards, pick up Flares and continue to a big gate that will open for you.

Waterfall Room, First Gold Skull.  

Word of warning, in this room there are spike traps near the wall on the right (W).

Hop into the water under the waterfall and find a small medipack, get out. Around the corner of the waterfall grab the Shotgun ammo, and in the SW corner is a Yeti protecting some pickups, he won’t attack, but shoot him anyway or you’ll hear him brawling throughout the level. Pick up a small medipack and the Explosive Arrows he leaves behind. There is more Shotgun ammo SE.

Go to the NW corner and pull out the cage there. Push it W to the wall and then left (S), and left (E) again to those 3 grey tiles between the spike traps while keeping an eye on the traps in the floor (NW). The first grey tile will de-activate the spikes next to it, so pull the cage once and push it onto the tile S. Now push it to the last tile and spikes de-activate under the ladder behind you in the corner (SW), go climb it and back flip onto the upper ledges. Best not shoot the vase there and just head into the passage right. Safety drop down and grab the Gold Skull. You can shoot the yeti there in the corner if you want.

For a Secret, jump and grab that crack in the W wall, hang right and back jump (down arrow) steering hard left (no Ctrl) to land on the NW corner ledge to get Secret #4, a Secret Dragon.

Slide down and shoot the Yeti if he isn’t dead yet, head into the passage in the back (S) and up the ladder, back flip onto the floor. Go through the passage, shoot the Ahmet (Explosive ammo has no effect on these creatures) if you didn’t yet and pick up the Shotgun ammo right of the passage. Right around the corner is a pedestal with the Nasty Ahmet Gun.

Proceed N and don’t shoot that vase but next to the vase (right) are Revolver ammo. Go to the far end of the ledge, climb up in the first niche right and shoot the vase, pull the lever and the flame on the pedestal stops. Go get the Second Gold Skull.

The vase in the second niche has a Medipack and in the vase on the floor is an Ahmet. Leave through the gate that opened next to the pedestal, two Yeti’s will welcome you. Go around the building and use the two skulls to open the gate. The second gate will open for you and drops shut after you entered the next yard.  

To the Tower.  

On the right between the two statues is a Medipack, go to the other side and enter the building there and follow the passage down to a winding corridor. An Ahmet will come for you, follow through to some light tiles in a narrow passage (S), just run over all of them to the other side to open up the pit. Hop down onto the safe floor in the pit and use the lever there to open the gates. Hop back (S - not from the very edge) and grab the higher floor. Go through the gates to a large cave, to the right is a waterfall. In the far end of the Cave is another Skull Gate and on the left of it a Medipack.

Hop into the water under the waterfall (SW), and swim through the long tunnel, climb up left and grab the Revolver ammo (gate NE opens). Jump to the ledge SE and shoot the Ahmet if you like. Climb into the passage NE and shoot a Yeti. Proceed to the Tower.

The Tower, Gold Skull I.

Notice the platform at the SW corner of the Tower. But first go straight under the Tower, on a pedestal is another Revolver in case you missed the first.

Go to the W wall and grab up to a crack, ledge jump up (Alt) to the next and back jump onto the ledge on the Tower. Go in, grab the Revolver ammo inside and walk up to the edge of the opening, you might be able to shoot a Yeti (or two) roaming around the ground floor from there. Jump and grab the crack in the S wall (bit left) and back jump to grab the crack in the Tower, go right around to the ledge, walk to the other side and grab the next crack.

Shimmy around and use the lever there, this activates the platform we saw below. Safety drop down and go to the platform (SW) get on it and jump off at the highest point.  Shoot the Ahmet and get from the pedestal Revolver ammo and Explosive Arrows. Roll and go out (E), and take a left. Jump with a curve around the tower to grab a corner ledge then jump and grab the crack in the wall (N), ledge jump up and go left a bit to back jump and grab the ledge with the lever. Throw the lever to activate another platform (NW in the water). 

Turn left, hop back grabbing the edge and safety drop down, grab the Medipack there and get onto the platform, face S and go up, save and jump onto the third ledge from the floor on the W side of the Tower. Immediately shoot the two Yetis with Explosives. Go into the TOWER and right (S), jump to the crack. Jump one crack up and back jump onto the ledge, go inside and to the right are two more Yeti’s. Look up at the crossing and arm yourself with Shotgun or Revolver, grab the ladder and go up. Climb left and drop, best side flip left once, roll and shoot the Ahmet. Walk out E and right, from the corner a curved jump SW around the Tower to the ledge (S side). Then one more time jump around the corner to the W side ledge, grab Explosive Arrows, Revolver ammo and a Medipack. 

Jump and grab the crack in the W wall, ledge jump up and back jump to the ledge, go out E, left and jump around the corner to the N side. To the crack in the N wall and up and into a passage, pick up Explosive Arrows at the closed gate and go left up the slope shooting Yeti’s. 

Go up the ladder on the right at the back wall, roll into the corner to shoot the incoming yeti, grab the Shotgun ammo and Revolver ammo NE, head S, pick up a Medipack left and shoot another yeti. More Shotgun ammo there too and go up the steps shooting the resistance. Watch out for a nasty spike trap in the back and safety drop down through the opening E onto the very top of the Tower, grab the Gold Skull.

Slide with Traps.

Run down N, slide and jump to get into the passage, go straight into the now open gate. Slide down avoiding the traps.

If you want the Secret however, look down and spot the flame left, slide down just right of it, after the flame jump left and just slide, ending up on a flat ledge, take a step back and grab Secret #5, a Secret Dragon. Slide down.

Shoot the two incoming Yeti’s and Ahmet, then collect Explosive Arrows and Revolver ammo they drop.

Follow the cave, shooting some Ahmets and Yeti’s, collect Revolver ammo and a small medipack they dropped (could be there was more but lying on a sloped part of the floor it might be invisible). When you step through the double gates, you’re back in the Cave.

The Slopes Pool, Gold Skull II.

The spikes on the ledge left of the double gates are de-activated. So jump there and go up the ladder. When you are just into the opening in the ceiling climb left around the corner, hang right as low as you can and back flip onto the floor of the Slopes Pool.

Tip: try to make a savegame while hanging on one of the slopes or jumping between them (use Ctrl while jumping) .

Face NE and take a running jump to the slope; keep jumping from slope to slope until you jump in between two slopes. Then be sure you face the slope that is next to another slope that points into another direction (roll mid-air if needed). Jump back and fro steering to the right and if possible jump from the highest point to the next one and steer also to the right (try to save while hanging).

Shift to the middle and then start jumping steering right, left and left till you end up on a safe ledge. Pick up the Golden Skull.  

Now we have to get back to an exit. Jump to the slope (N) and keep jumping the slopes steering left or right and get to the entrance. You cannot use the ladder there so jump back to the slope NE and at the two slopes where you have jumped the slopes where you have to go back and fro a bit steer to the left this time. Then jump twice steering hard to the right and grab a safe ledge.  

Go through the passage and the Spikes, stand jump and grab the left corner of the Flame block and pull up, time the flame and stand jump to grab the next block, shimmy left around to the next corner and pull up. Turn left and hop down to the exit ledge. Safety drop down into the tunnel leading to the Cave. Head NW and again go through the double gates to the left (SE) where you can make use of the two Golden Skulls. Left of the left hand receptacle is a Medipack if you didn’t get it earlier, then enter and go up the steps.  

Push Maze, Gold Skull I.

Be careful, as there are some nasty spike traps on these steps. Two Yetis appear too. Upstairs take a right and go through a gate to the Maze.

There are spike traps in the floor of the Maze, keep an eye out. Go straight; right around at that green-lighted tile and pull/push that cage onto the tile, you’ll have to run through the spikes 3 times. A flame de-activates nearby, opening up a new route.

So, head W over the tile where the flame was, be careful, there’s a spike trap around the corner and go for that cage you can see in the top left corner of the screen (SW). Push it into the back and move it left onto the tile in the very corner of the Maze (SW corner). Hard to see what happened, but the flame at the cage in the corner right of you stopped (NW). So, head N and push that cage once onto the tile (W), a flame left of you stops (behind the block there is a trigger tile).

Go back to the cage SW, get it out of the corner where it is now and push it N 2 times, then pull it (E) once, go around through two spike traps so you can pull the cage through the passage to the N (4 times). Leave it in front of the second opening to the U shaped trench. Go around again through the spikes so you can get the cage into the U shaped trench and onto the trigger tile (W wall). Another flame stops, left in your screen, go into that passage.

Around the corner with the vertical timed flame, be careful, more spikes in that section. Go left into the other corner (NE) and right to a cage SE, pull it once onto the trigger tile. We cannot see what happened, but a flame stopped in the other end of the Maze. The spikes are off for now, return through the same passage, passing the vertical flame and take a left into the S side passage, first take a right and pick up a Medipack there, roll and follow the passage to a cage blocking your way. Just push it straight to the end and go in right to collect the Gold Skull. 

Final Battles, Gold Skull II.  

Spikes go down in the exit, so roll and go in left, you’ll reach a yard, a couple of Ahmets and some Yeti’s will attack, shoot them. Go right (W) and while shooting keep an eye on a Gold Skull that one of them drop.

The Forever.

In the far right corner (NW) is the Skull Gate; another Ahmet attacks. Go in, loop right around through a puddle of water and follow through to where you can pick up the Thistle called the Forever.

Go straight and take a right or left and jump from the bride to the N side and place the Forever Thistle next to the door. Go in and slide down to the next level…


5 - Forever.

Several Puzzle items have to be collected to proceed, turn right (W), slide down and follow the path to an island with a block and a lever, use the lever to disable the spikes on the road ahead (N), hop to the next island and here you’ll see a bluish sphere, that’s a teleport. If you get close you’ll be transported elsewhere. On the block NE is a receptacle for the Crystal Thistle.

Crystal Thistle.

Walk slowly under the teleport so you won’t run off the ledge you’ll end up on. Turn to the right (W) and grab the block to shimmy left around to get to the W path, follow up to the Crystal Thistle. Straight ahead (W) you can see a Gold Skull and on the left the green Teleport to get there.

Three Gold Skulls.

Return to the blue teleport and go in. Go to the E side of the island and place that Thistle on the right hand block, the door on the next path (behind Lara -E) opens up, run jump with Ctrl to land under the door and go up to that green teleport. On the next island head W (stay clear of the teleport) and get to the island with the Gold Skull I.

Killing the Flame #1/3.

Go back to the teleport, but go wide around so you’ll stay here and follow the path up to the rock S. Go to the right to the pillars and hop from the bridge to the ledge left of the pillars (S). Place the Skull (#1/3 to stop a flame on a pedestal). Step left and forward, grab up (just Ctrl and up) to the top of the pillar and hop N to claim Secret #6, a Secret Dragon.  

Gold Skull II.

Drop down onto the ledge on the other side (N) and find the lever there, a gate opens up. Jump SW to the path and go left at the end to jump and grab the block where the gate opened (N). Jump over to the island to get Gold Skull II.

Gold Skull III.

Down W is a Red teleport, slide down into it and end up on a path, SE you can see the next Skull. Go straight and hop down at the end and turn left to start jumping the sloped blocks. Don’t have to tell you the drill, get to the ledge where Gold Skull III is and jump the blocks W back (best grab the #4 block and shimmy right before the last jump) to get to the Red teleport.

Using the last Skulls, Forever is real…

Back with the Red teleport, head N and jump to the pillars, straight to the bright rock and right, S to the next island. Down at the S side is a receptacle for a Skull (#2). Make your way back N and into the Green teleport. Head to the right (W), to the Blue teleport and shimmy around the blocks to get to the receptacle NE. Place the last Skull (#3) and still no idea what it did…

Back into the Blue teleport and straight S along the path, left and up to the island where we started. Go down S and to the pedestal where the flames are now gone. Grab Forever is real and go use that at the gate S and slide down…


G&D, May 2019