The Vagrant’s Journey to Sumeria Remake.

Level by Dustie

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

7 Secrets.

Shoot the tiny raptors, you can climb up the outer walls, don’t.. .

Proceed to the big gate and left and right are two levers to open the gate, get in. Hop down into the water and swim W, swim into the first left and up to use the underwater lever (X) opening a gate. Swim out, loop left around till you see a Croc, lure it back to the cave you came from and get out on one of the ledges to shoot it. Swim back in, to the right, behind a pillar are Uzi clips, then go into the wide tunnel S and right around till you see another Croc, you can either go back and shoot it first, or avoid it and go for the Courtyard N and out of the water to shoot him and his three friends too.

The Golden Stars, the First One.

In the Courtyard, SW corner is a lever, use that to open a gate* where we go now. Go to the spike pit NW, jump onto the sloped block and then into the opening, follow down through the open gate* and climb up to get to a first floor section of the Courtyard. Shoot a Raptor while running to the other end (E) where you’ll find a ladder.

Go up, back flip onto the roof and slide down to the flatter part. To the NE you can see one of the Golden Stars… You can jump there from the corner of the roof, there’s a Crowbar in your backpack, so pry the First Golden Star off the wall. Jump to the pillar N to get the Grenades and then jump W to the roof, jump to the dark roof W and safety drop down to the ground. In the building E is a Raptor, he might come for you or he might not, go shoot him just to be sure. Now head into the building W, a couple of bats attack. Climb the block SW, turn E and jump onto the sloped one, slide jump to the high block and from there a jump to grab an opening S, walk through and jump to get to the jump lever opening gates**. Go back up the ladder E, onto the roof and to the top of the W side roof where the gates opened**. Inside are some bats and spikes around a pedestal. Just walk in and get the Grenade Gun, Grenades and Secret #1, a Silver Skull.

Walk up E to the end of the roof and do a nice swan dive down into the pool below, I could almost roll twice J.

The Golden Stars, the Second One.

On a white ledge in the NE corner of the pool is Secret #2, a Silver Skull.

SW behind a pillar is an underwater lever opening a door. Climb out of the pool, go into that open door N. There are some tiny raptors and spike traps in the floor. From entering, go straight along the left wall to the N wall, then look up right a bit in the N wall to spot a crawlspace. Get in for Secret #3, a Silver Skull. Drop out and go to the right, right again to the S, watch out for the spike trap.

(There are several ways to go up to the ledges above) From the higher floor, jump up to the ledge with the sloped blocks S, close to the tree and face W, back flip onto the slope, jump and grab the small roof above. Turn around and jump to the pillar NE, then to the ledge N, more tiny raptors. Go W and jump left around the corner to where the Second Golden Star is. Jump back NE to where you came from, climb the block right of you and jump onto the roof W to get the Uzis, Uzi clips and a small medipack.

A Star with Blue Incrustation.

Now jump and grab up to the ledge in the SW corner, go left to the other end and run jump onto the left side of that white slope to slide and jump up to the ledge NE where you’ll find A Star with Blue Incrustation (what’s in a name). Make your way down to ground floor (you can slide down some small roofs in the NW corner) and leave SW, back to the Courtyard.

A Star with Gold Incrustation.

Go use the Golden stars at the gate S, blow that raptor to pieces and enter. Use the chain pulley to open the door in the passage S, follow through climbing up and arrive at a White Hall with a pool way below. Hop down and get out on the bridge in the middle, start shooting all the vases you see and collect a Pyramid-shaped Key (W and left), swim through a triangular opening N (NW corner) and follow through to Secret #4, a Silver Skull and 2x Uzi clips next to the Skeleton. Swim back out and climb out in that NW corner, shoot a vase for Secret #5, a Silver Skull (W) and use the chain pulley there to open a gate*** in the opposite corner. There are more vases here, but I couldn’t find anything in them.

So, head to the far SE corner where the gate opened*** and use the button to open the door there, shoot the Raptor and step into the undiscovered jungle. Open the gate in the back and use the Pyramid-shaped Key to the right to open a trapdoor behind you, go to the other end of the passage and into the water below. Swim straight down for “Secret #6” , a Silver Skull. Loop right around the corner to find the gate you opened way back at the start of the level (X), pick up the Star with Gold Incrustation there and get back up to the trapdoor. (In case you forgot to open the gate before, use the underwater lever SW to open the gate, loop right around into a short tunnel with the underwater lever (X)). We’re in for a nice backtrack now.

The Golden Skull.

You have to open the gate SW, swim out straight and then right, go N and up into the Courtyard again, into the gate S and follow through to the White Hall, top level. Climb the block and grab the monkey climb to get to the other side. Lara is still looking down to where that Pyramid Key was, you can ignore that now. Use the two Stars and go through to meet Momma, you murdered her kids, so she’s in no good mood.

4 levers are shown, I tried to do them with Momma still alive, but that’s very hard, so I used all the Uzi ammo I had from standing at the opening in the fence, then some well-aimed Grenades (you have to fire where she is running to) and I got her.

In no particular order: Lever 1, straight to the gate and right, then right into the corner for a Crossbow and Explosive Arrows (tried to get that before the battle, but didn’t really manage).

Lever 2, down the stairs W at the back wall

Lever 3, E down the stairs and behind a trapdoor.

Lever 4, S and left of the gate you are supposed to open.

Go in don’t take the Skull yet and go into the far left corner to use the lever there, a trapdoor opens up, the one at lever 3. Go out and right into the E passage again, drop down, wade to the other end and follow the sewer to Secret #7, a Silver Skull, go back up to the courtyard and into the opened gates left.

Now you can take the Golden Skull (I think) to end this adventure…

G&D, May 08-2019.