The Chosen Part I.

Level by Mytly.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

Tasks related to Secrets are in dark blue.

Just out of the Jeep, the main gate of the complex will open for you, once inside a lengthy flyby will show you just about everything you need to get going here. Go to that pool and first shoot the two scorpions coming for you. Hop into the pool and get the small medipack from the left, nearest corner. Get out at the other end (W) and shoot a vase for Uzi clips. Go under the structure, ignore the first vase (SW) because of the scorpion inside. Another vase NW has Flares.

Go to a block on a ledge NE, from the block jump to the corner pillar and get the Arrows. There are two more blocks in the pit, move them in-line with the top block so you can move it S. Now move the free lower block to the E side of the stack, allowing you to push the top block once E. You can now reach the SE pillar, jump to the next and then into the opening in the structure.

Gates Puzzle.

Go left at the door, first alcove right and throw the lever to open a gate in the back of this structure. Roll and go right around the corner to a second lever to open the next gate (but this will also close that gate in the back). Proceed through this passage, passing the important gate (left opposite the small door right) and in the next alcove right is another lever, roll loop right around through a gate to the last lever which will open the small doors we saw, through the middle of this structure. Run back through the open gates to the E side, use that first lever again (SE) and that gate in the back will open up again. Roll, loop left around into the small door, jump across and enter the gate W. In the Main Hall you can take several routes in random order. This is how we did it:

Main Hall, Torch Puzzle, S Gate.

Left around the corner is a small gap through which you can spot Torches. Go W and loop left around, don’t shoot the vase there or you will release a wreath (you can get rid of it in a pool W). You will get to a crawlspace up in the E wall, go through to get a Torch, notice the gate in this room. Face that gap in the X wall standing against the wall and take 1 and a half step back, save and throw the Torch. If it ends up IN the gap, try again and adjust the distance a bit before you try. Or try running towards the gap and throw before you hit the wall (savegame.0). I threw through 2 Torches, I’ll explain in a bit..

After a successful throw, go through the crawlspace and loop right around to the other side of the gap (SE) and grab a Torch, ignite it on one of the nearby scones.

Secret: Throw a burning Torch back through that gap, go around again and through the crawlspace, carefully ignite the bowl in the windowsill and go through the open gate for Secret #1, a Medipack and 3x Uzi clips. Go back through the crawlspace.

Go get the spare Torch (that’s why we threw 2 through the gap), ignite it and go W and then left to the gate in the S wall. Light the two scones, left and right to open the gate.

S Gate, Ball Puzzle, Canopic Jar I.

Go through and either left or right to go down a bumpy slope to a pool.

For a Secret: hop into the pool, swim through the crack under the NE pillar and go up to the surface there, climb out right and look behind you, a closed (Timed) door. Go into the room SE and the vases are empty, take the Uzi clips from the pedestal and save before you jump to grab that Timed jump lever over the pool. Turn right, climb out fast and run into the passage, jump over the water hole and then sprint to get through the door. Don’t shoot the first vase, but grab Secret #2, the Uzis from the pedestal, then get the Flares from the vase S. The door opens back up, go back into the water and swim through to the pool, climb out in the NW corner and grab up to the higher floor.

Jump and grab the rope and swing far to get over the sloped floor at the other side of the pool. Turn right and find the Timed jump lever there to open a door behind the pillar. The vase behind you has Uzi clips, better go get those first. Use the lever, back flip with roll and run jump directly up through the door (savegame.1). Around the corner run jump over the slope into the higher Hall and wait for two incoming Coyotes.

Hall with Teleports, Red.

Turn right and hop into that half arch in the NE corner, walk up and jump onto the floor of the central structure, two vases, shoot only the one S for a small medipack.  Go to the NW corner and jump to grab the ledge around the big pillar W, go left and jump to grab the ledge around the big pillar S, loop around and jump to the ledge SE, grab up left to get to the upper floor with the red teleport.

Once teleported, look up and spot the Ball, stand back and sprint down to the gate, left or right to get out of the way (savegame.2). Look around and spot 4 openings with colors, Push the Ball into the red one (NW). Run into the opening W, onto the teleport and get back to the start. Shoot a vase NE for Arrows, leave the one SE be, wraith in there.


From the arch N you can get onto the ledge W, then onto the ledge around the big pillar and grab up to the new trapdoor W, turn around, grab up to the sloped top of the pillar and shimmy left, then pull up and back flip to the upper W ledge, now run jump onto the top of the big pillar.

Secret: Look SE and spot revolver ammo on the far corner ledge. From standing E, close to the teleport, run jump to the NE corner ledge and use the lever there to raise a trapdoor at the other end. Use the sloped side of the big pillar again to get to the E ledge and use the trapdoor to get to your reward, Secret #3, a small medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back and run jump on top of the pillar.

Step into the teleport, stand left or right against the wall, sprint down and stop moving as soon as you go over that drop off (or duck), the Ball should just bounce overhead (savegame.3). Go push the Ball into the “blue hole”. A rope was shown… Run into the opening W, onto the teleport and get back to the start.


Go into the arch N and from the arch jump up to the ledge with the rope, swing a bit NW and very high (bottom of the rope, tap ‘sprint’ and wait for Lara to get her feet up the rope, then hit sprint again and she will go high the first swing jump and just hold Ctrl to get hanging on the ledge, shimmy right a bit to pull up. Go shoot the pot NE for a Medipack, then jump into the teleport.

Just run down along one of the side walls, roll just before the drop off and grab/drop, then stand still (savegame.4). Go push the Ball into the “green hole”. A block goes up behind the ‘return’ teleport W, climb up there to get Canopic Jar I.

Head E, into the passage, down into the pool and out on the ledge left, up to the crumbled floor passage and up to the ‘S gate’.

Timed Swim/Run for the N Gate, Canopic Jar II.

Back in the Big Hall, go left to the pool. Open that underwater door and swim in, up in the end and right, climb out to find a Timed lever. A tight run it is. Pull, turn Lara left a bit and back flip with roll (while the gate is shown), landing in the water, turn her up a bit before you start swimming and get back to the pool, up a bit left and sprint straight, then left through the row of pillars to get through the N gate (savegame.5). Push the button to open a door up high.


Go back out and right to the NW corner, up on the block and turn around standing on the highest tip facing E. Jump straight up to grab the monkey climb ceiling and get to the door you opened. Drop and grab the edge of the opening, get in and safety drop down into a courtyard, a Croc will show up, don’t get into the water and go around shooting it.

Go up a ladder E and right onto the ledge, a yellow tile here, in the W wall, across the bridge is a block you can pull out. But that’s it, we’ll have to get behind it. Turn right and go to the opening N, jump into the left side with Ctrl and slide a bit before you jump again, landing on a block under a crawlspace. That one is blocked....

Secret Detour: Jump across to the E side ledge and walk to the N end. climb backwards off the N end, down the ladder and in the dark N end are a Medipack and Uzi clips as Secret #4. Back up the ladder and jump to grab the block under the crawlspace again.

Hop N to the flat surface under the pillar with the crack, stand back far and do a right curved run to jump across and grab the crack in the pillar E. Go left around and drop on the slope, immediately back flip with roll and grab the edge. Pull up (a jump lever is shown) and down at the other end, go left around to the pillar W and climb the ladder, hang from the other side to drop and grab that jump lever, a door opens somewhere (*). From this ledge a curved run jump across, landing on the lower tip of the ledge E (savegame.6).

Get up into the passage N, down into a hallway with 3 passages leading from it. You can do this in random order…

W, Pillar Pool:

Go left into the passage to that door you opened earlier (*). You’ll come to a pool with pillars, the marked ones are deadly, so is the pool itself. It seems you cannot reach a safe one… Just go to where you entered, hang from the ledge and shimmy left along a crack to the first save pillar, jump NW-SW-NW, N grabbing the deadly pillar and shimmying left to the safe one. Jump and grab the sloped wall and shimmy all the way right to a button. Push that and the pool turns safe.

Tricky Gate.

Hop in, swim left into an opening E and climb up into a side room. Shoot the nearby vase for a small medipack, the other vase has a wraith. Stand in the niche N, facing the slope and hop onto the slope, jump again to back flip and jump once more with a bit of a left curve, landing on a thin ledge. Go up right and throw the first lever for the Tricky Gate. Get back down, into the niche S and throw the lever. The gate opens up. Go W and right and save before you enter the next room, you’ll have to use the dark floor tiles to get to the Tricky Gate, touching the floor will close it (mind the low ceiling at the second tile-savegame.7). Jump and grab the jump lever and see a block go up at the Jar.

Swim through this tunnel, a door opens, go up and climb on the ledge in the pool to take out two Crocs. We’ll have to raise this block too to get to the Jar. In the back of the courtyard is a small medipack in case you need it. Leave S, back to the Hallway.

E, The Pit, Underwater Doors:

Go left into the E passage and come to a Courtyard with a Pit, three Coyotes attack. Shoot a vase SE for a small medipack, the left hand one W for Flares, others are empty or have enemies (for the wraith you’ll have to run back to the courtyard with the Jar).

Nothing else to do than just hop down into the pool below, open the W side underwater door, go left and open the next (you can swim back for air whenever you need it). Keep opening doors and when you are in the E part, first open the door left to get to the pool where you can take a breather. Keep going, in the W end where you see green light is a ceiling lever, use that to raise the second block in the Courtyard. Best swim back for air first, ignoring the tunnel left (N).


Now get back in E, left through the door and first right, save there before to time the swims through the Circular Blades. Go up in the Courtyard (savegame.8). Shoot a Croc and jump the blocks to get to Canopic Jar II (a block lowers in the crawlspace (**). Leave S, back to the Hallway. Through the sandy passage, left and up onto the block where you get the view of the jump lever, jump over to the W onto the ledge under the lever.  Hop and grab the crack S, go left around and drop at the wall, turn around and jump to grab the block under the crawlspace. Go through to the passage where the block lowered (**) and go left to get to a push block. Push it twice to get out.

Secret: Move the block over the bridge to the E side and onto that yellow tile and a block will lower in the courtyard below, go down the ladder (NE) and find Secret #5, a small medipack and Revolver ammo in the SE corner.

Using the Jars, Basements, 2 Golden Vraeus.

Grab up S to the ledge above and drop back into the Big Hall. Go to the pool W and left and right are big statues, place the Jars in the back of each. Two trapdoors open up near each of the statues, one S of the pool and one N. In no particular order..

N Trapdoor, Push Puzzle.

Drop down through the open trapdoor, follow to a Hall where the ‘caged’ Vraeus is kept, shoot the Harpy. The vase S has a Medipack, the one N a scorpion. We have to get 3 Puzzle Pieces into this Hall to lower the cage, in no particular order..


Climb up W and go right, grab up onto the block N and shoot the vase (door is shown #1), grab up to the monkey climb and go over to the crawlspace at the other end, get in and shoot another vase (door is shown #2).

Secret: Stand up in the back and grab up into the crawlspace right to get Secret #6, Uzi clips and a Medipack.

Get out and drop out of the crawlspace, go to a Timed lever on the right hand side of the block N, spot the gate E, behind the pool. Pull, turn left and run down onto the stairs, keep left around the pool, with run jumps or sprint if you prefer to get into the gate. Pick up the Revolver ammo and shoot the vase (door is shown #3). Just one more vase (#4), it is up in the alcove left of the gate (N wall). Arm with the Uzis, grab up to a sloped niche S, pull up and jump to back flip roll while pulling the Uzis and fire, you should just make it (savegame.9). The door opened. On the bottom of the pool is a small medipack if you like to get that.

Now move the Piece through the open door, use the lever to lower the block and put the Piece on it, use the lever again to raise it up to the Hall. Loop around left up the stairs and through to the Hall, move the Piece  onto the green tile.


Go up W and into the opening W, jump over to the ledge, pull the Piece twice and squeeze next to it (stand close to where you need to push it facing N and press Ctrl, Lara will side step to where she can push) to push it onto the other tile. Go W and push the button to bring out a rope N, from the elevate tile next to the Piece, jump and grab that rope to swing to that ladder N (don’t linger on the rope, it seems to be quite toxic down there). Back flip and roll (grab) to get to the upper ledges (you can shimmy past the column). Do not use that lever W yet. Go to the S end of the ledge, jump down with Ctrl to get into the opening and throw the lever (right) to bring the Piece up. The button left will stop the flames on the ledges in the Lava pool and bring out another rope.

For a Secret, but you have to be fast: Run jump out a bit right to land on the now safe ledge, jump to the next and grab Secret #7, the Revolver. Jump back to the previous ledge, jump with a roll onto the sloped pool side and jump again to grab the rope and go up first if you are out of health. Then go down and swing to the ledges where the Piece was.

Without the Secret: Jump to grab the rope, go down and quickly swing one time, jump to the lower ledges (savegame.10). Stand on the high floor next to the cage and grab up, shimmy right around the corner and pull up so you can immediately push the Piece onto the ledge. Push it E, all the way to the trapdoor in the end. Go W and pull the lever W to open the trapdoor, dropping the Piece into the Hall, get there by dropping through the same opening. Squeeze between the higher floor and the Piece by using Ctrl and push it onto the red tile.


Up on the W ledge and left into the Blue section, go to a block in the far left corner and grab up onto the corner next to the wall, when the flame goes down, roll and run jump to grab a climb wall. Go up over the top, slide and jump at the last moment to grab the next flame block. Pull up against the right hand wall. Turn left and run jump to grab the edge of the sloped block, hang left. Pull up, jump a bit left onto the next and slide jump to grab a next flame block. Pull up against the right hand wall and face E, grab up when the flame is down and immediately move forward, go to the climb wall and drop/grab. Right around one corner and to the far side. From the top 3 steps down and back flip with roll to grab the block S, squeeze between the Piece and the wall and push the Piece down into the pool.

A trapdoor opens up in the E side of the pool, save and get in, time the Blades and use the ceiling lever, the Piece goes up. Swim back and climb out (savegame.11). Get onto the block next to the Piece and use the jump lever to lower a block W so you can move the Piece to the Hall, down from the ledge and onto the blue tile. The cage goes down, pick up the First Golden Vraeus and see a trapdoor open up.

Leave E and right, at the next corner is the open trapdoor, drop in, save and swim through two circular Blades to spice things up. Emerge in a pool where you’ll find the Vraeus Gate to be opened with two Golden Vraeus. The vase NW has Revolver ammo, the left one a Wraith. Nothing more to do here right now, so hop into the pool and swim through the wide tunnel E. Open the underwater door right and go up at the end into a familiar tunnel. This was the Times swim tunnel, turn E to get back to the pool in the Big Hall. Climb out and go to the next challenge.

S Trapdoor, Fire and Mummies.

Drop down, at the first crossing and left is a room full of gates, behind one of them is the Vraeus, but we need to do other things first, so just leave this room as it is. Proceed W through a Blade trap in the entrance and in the next room a Demigod will attack from a walkway above. Shoot him and a block will go up. Use the block to get onto the walkway, go to the opening in the fence W and you can run jump to the left and right corner ledges, shoot vases to collect a small medipack and Uzi clips, you can side flip back onto the walkway. Hop into the niche W, turn around and run jump to grab the upper floor, a Harpy will attack here. 4 vases on corner ledges, SW a small medipack, rest empty.

The Fire Challenge.

In the N end and right is a block, pull it out and move it towards the opening W. Better Save before you get in there, I turned around and did a back flip into the passage a back flip at the end of the slope and you will go higher over the flames there (so even when they are active, you can pass over them).

Slide down the slope, jump over the pit at the last moment, land on a slope and jump again to grab the edge of the block ahead. Shimmy right around the corner, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the ladder. Go up to about 4 steps from the top, hang left as far as possible and back flip with roll landing on a long slope, almost immediately jump to grab the climbwall that was show in the screenshot.

Go right and up to an opening, there’s a flame inside and a monkey climb ceiling, time the flame and pull up a bit left, almost immediately jump and grab the ceiling to go left as fast as possible. Don’t forget to Save if you made it. Go as close as possible to the next flame and get through.

Secret: turn left to the wall and drop to grab the crevice and get Secret #8, a small medipack and Arrows. Hang out, shimmy all the way to the right where you can drop onto the far corner of the last flame.

Hop onto the safe higher floor (savegame.12).

3 Balls.

Go into the next sloped passage.

Secret preparation: To the right are two holes in the floor, hop into the left one and get into the crawlspace to use the button lowering a block behind the gate at the top of the sloped passage. Get back out.

Go up along the middle of the passage, two Balls will be triggered, the third one refuses to go, we’ll have to give it a push, but now you have to be fast, roll and shoot the vase to raise a block at the bottom of the slope and block the Ball from rolling onto the trigger tile and making the passage deadly. Get through the door.

Secret: If you went down the hole before and lowered the block, you can now jump left around the open door and get Secret #9, Revolver ammo and a Medipack.

Crossbow, Golden Vraeus.

Stand next to the door and jump into the hole, so you can operate the jump lever opening a door right next to where you land. Go in and quickly grab the Crossbow and Explosive Arrows. Never mind those guys, just get into the opened trapdoor fast (E). Slide down and grab more Explosive Arrows. Go into the room we saw before and arm the Crossbow with Explosive Arrows, throw the floor lever opening the gates and shoot those mummies. One of them (SE) drops the Key. Use that right of the gate S and grab the Second Golden Vraeus. A gate opens up behind you, so roll and go straight through that gate, slide down.

A Job Well Done.

Slide a bit, jump and grab the ceiling to go forward and just approach the Blade till you drop from the ceiling. Stand in the middle, turn sideways and wait for the right moment to side flip through, do the same again and then go to the safe floor, into the pool at the Vraeus Gate. That left vase can be left alone.. Place the two Vraeus and step through the Gate to end this adventure….