Tears of a Ptolemaic Dynasty.


Chapter I - Nimiha’Bi.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Levels by Bigfoot

The savegames and other files mentioned in the walk are in this Saves-folder.


1- Ruins in the Desert.

2 secrets

Check the Notepad

Go down and go to Anya waiting there, talk to her.

Lara: "So dear Anaya ??

What are your plans ??

Any ideas ??"

Anaya: "A good one!!

I quietly will wait here because I am exhausted.

These dromedaries broke my back.

Have fun!!"

Lara: "I have a good one for you!!

Dromedaries are tired as well

of having to carry your weight.

Why not give them some water.

Have fun too!!"

Anaya: "Why I feel it will be sporty too..."

You’ll see some doors open up. Go back to the E side and take a left into the building, in that room take a left (W) and at the end jump up a slope and onto a crate on the left and get a small medipack.  

Face out and run jump hard right onto the slope, grabbing it. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab the roof. Go right around to the crates and Secret 1/11, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack is yours. A double door is shown. Drop down N into the building.

Getting familiar while gathering supplies.

Climb over either crates (N) and follow through to the room in the back (big statue), this is where the doors opened when you talked to Anya.

Go out and get into the lake, swim down into the hole and through the cave, up at the end. Get the Flares from the crate in the water and jump over to the ledge N.

Timed Platform Run, the Mines Key.

Go over the crates to the Yard outside, take a left and shoot two Coyotes. Take another left (S) into the building. Go straight and drop down onto a crate in a trench and follow this trench around a corner and left into an alcove with a Timed switch.

Flip the switch and roll, run out to the right, around the corner and jump onto the crate (in the corner left), turn a bit and jump onto the ledge, so you can run jump to the Timed platform and another one around the corner on the left onto the ledge above the Timed switch (savegame.0).

From there jump into the corner passage with a slight left curve. Go in and behind the wooden crate is another switch, opening a door on the yard where the 2 coyotes were.

Get back out and safety drop down into the trench, go back to where you came from, climb the crate in the corner. Go out to the yard and loop around right into the door you just opened. Jump in the water and swim through, get the Mines Key at the end, swim back and get out of the water.

Into the Mines.

Go out and loop right again, over the crate into the storage. Use the Mines Key in the lock on the right (NW).

This opens a door on the left, so jump to the crate in the water and into the open door and use the switch. Go out to the yard again; take a left again and then straight (W). A trapdoor behind the iron crate opened, so get in there and follow through; shoot a scorpion and climb up at the end. Loop around left over the tracks to get a small medipack from behind a mine cart after shooting a critter.

Go back and into the passage left. In the next area is a switch on the pillar left, doors open *. Hop on the crate on the right and get the Flares. The rest of the passage is blocked by fire (for now). 

Get down from this crate on the left side (E) and go through the triangle opening and slide down. You are back in the trench at the timed switch. Take a right to the door you just opened *, and follow through to the last room.

“This switch looks rusty. Hmmm I’ll have to use something heavy to push it.”

To the right in the next niche is another switch you can use, a door opens outside in a valley **.

Return to the E, left to the trench and up the crate in the corner and up again to the yard outside. Go sort of straight (NW) through the valley and find the opened door **.

Climb the crate in that cave, jump and grab the crawlspace and get in there. Take a right and follow through. Down at the end and shoot a scorpion. Jump in the water and get transported to the next level.


2- Crash in the Desert.

2 secrets

The 3 Wheels.

Wade up S, watch the flyby carefully to get the locations of 3 Little Wheels... Go to the island with the obelisk and get out. Go to the bank (S) and take a right and get onto a small sand hill, jump up and grab up to a branch of the tree. Jump from branch to branch to the E side and then into the opening in the wall there. Get onto the crate and turn around, jump forward and grab the edge. Pull up and take a left to the outside (E). Go all the way to the end (NE) and look down on the right to spot an opening in the corner of the walls. Backflip, landing on the slope there, slide a bit and jump up to grab the vines on the ceiling to monkey swing around corners to the alcove in the wall (W). Use the lever and a door opens *.  

Safety drop down and make your way back via the obelisk island and branches back to the opening in the wall. Get back on the crate and pull up, but now go to the right, through the door in the end *. Go to the tree and jump onto the branches to the left and find Wheel #1.

Create a shortcut up to the Plane, Wheel 2&3.

Go back as you came, into the building, left and right and out straight (E), left around the corner and look left to spot the plane’s left wing. Run jump from standing on the ledge with the bull statue to that little roof around the corner, shimmy along the edge to the far corner and back flip onto the wing.

Get down into the open hatch in the plane and follow through to the back for Wheel #2. Get back out again and go to the tail end of the plane and take a running jump to the box in the water and get Wheel #3.

Use the Wheels, the Plane Key.

Make your way to the NW corner and enter the building there, shoot two scorpions and two coyotes, take a left into that passage. Place your three Wheels in the mechanism.

Go back, the big wheel is turning and a trapdoor went up. Jump onto the crate and to the walkway and take a running jump to the roof of the small house and shimmy around the corner to the right. At the end pull up and backflip. Turn, enter the opening (W) and follow through to the end where you’ll reach the outside.

Take a running jump and grab the roof, shimmy left around the corner and get into that crawlspace if you want a secret. 

Secret Detour: Go into that crawlspace and follow through. In the corner on the crate you get  Secret 2/11, a Medipack and 2x Uzi clips. You’ll get a screen of a big door (to a bonus later). Crawl out and safety drop down; make your way W to the ladder and go up.

Let go and slide from the lower roof to the floor. Then go up the ladder W and on the right is a lever, opening a wooden door. Roll and go to the other end and slide down on the right. Take the passage (W) as a door opened there, jump up the sand and slide down on the right and pick up a Plane Key a trapdoor near the plane drops. Jump back up and leave this place (at the wheel to the right). Once back at the plane go left to the building with the shortcut trapdoor, up the ladder and jump over to the plane.

Drop down, in the hole and use the Plane key on the cockpit door (W). Loop around to the right and use the jump lever, go out and straight the door around the corner, as it is open now. Follow through and use the other jump lever. A trapdoor underwater opens. Climb out of the plane and jump in the water on the left of the cockpit (in front of the wing).

There is a spot there where you can swim underneath the face NE and stay as low as you can to swim in. Up (to the right) through the trapdoor and get onto the crate for 2x Grenade ammo and the Grenade Launcher. You’ll also see a door opening up near the Wheel. Leave this place and swim out to the NW corner. Go back inside to the wheel. Climb the crate and shimmy the roof again and backflip onto the trapdoor, then a running jump straight ahead into the opening (S). Go right and up and slide down.

Ruins in the Desert revisit.

If you want to go for a secret, slide down and the level changes. Then you’ll slide from a slope, jump with a right curve onto the next, to slide down backwards. Grab the edge and climb down the ladder. Jump down and follow through and the level changes back.  

Crash in the Desert revisit.

Walk forwards and get a screenshot of doors open up and also get Secret 3/11 of this level. On the crate is a small medipack, shoot some scorpions and on the right is a Medipack in an alcove.

Go further to the E side and get the Revolver ammo and Flares, and a bit further Shotgun ammo around to the left and at the front of a door more Shotgun ammo. Use the lever on the right to open a shortcut back to the crash site (To use in case you missed a secret). I went back the way I came, climbed up the ladder and back flipped off from a bit below the top.  

Ruins of the Desert revisit.

The Bike.

Go out and watch the flyby, go to the right and into the crawlspace and down at the iron crate. Get out and take a left into the valley and follow through, shoot a coyote. On top of an iron crate is more Grenade ammo. Go to the left of the building and jump into the opening there. Arm yourself with the Grenade Launcher and fire one grenade into the area towards that crate of TNT (you cannot fire when crouching). Jump back down immediately and back around the building and into the open wall and all the way to the back. Take a left and get onto the bike there.

Crash the button to kill the flames.

Drive the bike all the way to the first building (follow the valley back and take a left).

Take it into the building (S) and down into the trench (where you did the timed lever). Follow it around the corners and keep on going and when you are on some single railroad tracks, drive it slowly straight ahead into the wall where there is rusty button you must hit, remember? You’ll get a fly by when you did it. Left of you there is a door **.

The Ornate Moon Key.

You can take the bike, I just walked, all the way back through the trench to the crate in the corner and get up the walkway. Get outside and jump over the crates on the left and into the trapdoor like before. Up at the end and go straight (S) and in the passage where the flames went down. Use the switch and see that door opening up **.

Secret: Get back to the previous room where the fire was and look up for a hole in the ceiling, back flip onto the burner block, jump again and grab the opening. Pull up and back flip into the room with Secret# 4/11 on a crate, Uzi clips, Shotgun ammo, a small and a large Medipack and Flares, you’ll see a big door open up (we’ve seen that before didn’t we). Get down to the burner blocks.

Go back through the passage and as soon as you see a crate on the right, go behind and slide down and go right towards where you crushed the button with the bike. The door left is open now **. Go over the crate inside.

Through a cave with a pond and then through the door on the right (W), it will close behind you, just follow through to a wider cave and go up to that ledge with the pedestal to get the Ornate Moon Key.

“What the F…”

When you turn around and walk to that fresco…the image will change…

“Oh Great, another haunted town”

Check the Notepad.

Now we go back all the way again, right at the bike, left into the trench and up at the crate. Out in the yard take a right (SE side of the yard) and jump over the box to get inside. Into the water and swim through the hole (SE) and up at the end. Anya is waiting there, so go talk to her.

Lara: "You fish ??"

Anaya - "Dear Lara ...

... about forty makes you funny as I see!"

Lara - "Hmmm ... More seriously!

I met some ghosts near here.

This forty-year-old would not want to have

to save your skin once again.

She is getting old.

Soooo, be careful!"

Anaya - "That explains the doors that open themselves... 

Anaya - "... As you can see!"

Turn left (E) and go through the doors that opened there. When you jump on the crate..

Lara - "Do we have a crowbar here?"

Anaya - "Yeees !!

Have a look in the dromedaris gear."

Lara - "Thank you !!"

Go inside the Hall with the big statue (S) and go to the back where the gear is stacked at the walls (W) to get the Crowbar. Back outside and into the room, use the Crowbar on the lever; doors open up in the room above the big statue hall.

So back inside the Hall again, climb the crates and use the ceiling to monkey swing to the high stack of crates. Pick up the Uzi clips and jump up through the opening in the ceiling. Walk to the open door and run jump over to the tree branch straight ahead. Then a running jump to the hanging crate on the right, then jump right (S) into the building (NO Ctrl) and get a bit further Flares around a corner. Into the passage SW. Drop down through the opening on the right onto another crate and jump over to the N and climb up into another room. Next to this opening is a small medipack. 

Go left and follow up a ramp to the keyhole for the Ornate Moon Key, go back to the hole in the floor and the door left of it opened up (N), get in there and use the floor lever, a trapdoor opens up. Go out and straight to the hole, drop down and drop down where the ladder is next to the crate.

Crash in the Desert revisit.

The Sewer Puzzle. 

Swim E (don’t be afraid of drowning as you can catch air any time) and follow through, next room go straight and follow through and in the NE corner you can stand on the sand. Pull up, go left and jump up the crate and get even higher. Use the floor lever in the room to drain all the water. Make your way back to the bottom of the sewers to the room where you fell in (second big room) and keep going straight until you end up in a room with a crate and a floor lever. Go to the far right corner (NW) and keep going right to pick up Uzi clips and much further Flares. Keep going to the right and you’ll end up back in the room with the crate.

Open the Trapdoors.

Now use the floor lever, operating two doors one floor up. Climb the ladder and go through the right hand door, careful around the corner is a pit, take running jumps over this one and the other ones as well. In the room with a crate climb up in the SE corner and use the lever to open trapdoors (later). Take some steps back and slide down left (W). Grab the Flares from the crate on the right and go down the ladder and use the floor lever again.

Flood Again, through the Trapdoors.

Now we have to flood the place again so go E and follow through all the way till that sandy hill and climb up there and use the floor lever again to fill the place with water.

Back down and into the water and swim all the way to the other end to the room where the ladder is. Use the crate to get to the ladder and get into the other door there and shoot the scorpions. Jump into with the water there through the opened trapdoors. Just swim to the end and climb out on the right and shoot more scorpions. In the next pool, swim to the end and climb out. Go further and jump up the crate in the room in the back, climb even one floor higher. Go to the end and left climb up higher and higher to a passage where you have to shoot more scorpions. Get the Flares from a crate and continue N. Go down a slope and use the lever in the right hand corner. This opens the door to the left. You are back at the lever that controls the water level.

Drain Again, up the Pole.

Use the lever again to drain the water and leave through the door (NW). Safety drop down a few times, all the way to the bottom and once there, find the pole left (S), climb it and back flip at the top. Get onto the crate and into the opening in the wall. Again jump a crate and hoist up one floor more. More crates and more hoists up. Follow through and go up a small ramp and find some Uzi clips.

Climb up a crate to a pit, jump to the left around to get to the other side, go straight (N) through the gate. Take a right and go through. Jump the tall crate for some Grenades. Drop down and follow through till you see a crate of TNT in the room. Shoot it with the Grenade Launcher and hide from the blast. After it detonated get back and go through the smashed wall. You’ll get to the Moon room.

The Moon Puzzle.

Slide down on the left and go straight over the blocks, they show a full cycle of the Moon. Take a right and go around a few corners and come to the puzzle room.

Go into the room on the right to get the Moon Poem:

I can be half to the East or one end to the West.

Sometimes full or dark.

But I reveal the ice in the order I dance in the skies.

More info in the Notepad.

Go out and stand S facing the tiles.

You can walk over the floor from tile to tile.

1st row left tile

2nd row 3rd tile from the left

3rd row 2nd tile from the left

4th row left tile.

The Ice Wraith.

Go into the room straight ahead as a door opened there. Push the globe onto the marked tile and an ice wraith appears. You have to lure the wraith to a pool, as he has to freeze it. Go left (N), through the puzzle room and around the corner right, then a left and into the passage (NE), up some steps and dive in the water. You’ll be taken by the current, turn around and swim into the passage on the right and up at the end. Pull out and jump some blocks and slide down. Take a left and left again and up the steps then slide down to the ice. Jump up and go to the room ahead.

 “I think I know whom this Tomb belongs to.”

Go all the way to the back into the next room, get onto the block on the left and grab the Cleopatra Selene II Talisman from the plinth with the rotating Moon.

Notepad: Here lies Queen Cleopatra Selene II, daughter of Cleopatra VII and Marc Anthony.

With her brothers Alexander Helios and Ptolemy Philadelphus, they ruled Nimiha’Bi until their death.

May they, as their ancestors and descendants, find peace they deserve… etc.

“I have always thought Cleopatra Selene II was buried in Algeria with King Juba II.”

Get down and to the tomb S and climb on top to grab the Ornate Moon Key.

Using the Ornate Moon Key. 

Go back, down the steps and into the water and swim through the passage on the right and up. Up the blocks and slide down, take a right and leave this place using the double block that came out of the slope.

Follow through until you pass a gate and see a statue of a bull, just before the big Sewer pit. Take a right into a sloped passage.


Ruins in the Desert revisit.

Use the Ornate Moon Key and continue through the door.  

Lara - "OH I'm back here!

Anaya ?? Hey !!

Come take a look!"

"I'm still good at relic hunting

for an old lady of forty ..."

"Anaya ?????"


"Where is she?

And the dromedaries too have disappeared ..."

You are back in the Hall with the big statue. Go into the passage left of the statue and go out S to the street.

Timed Run for the Elevator.

Get onto the crate W and grab up onto the ledge (S). Follow through the open doors and immediately after the doors, loop around to the right and stand on that Timed trigger tile there. Then get out and down the slope through the open door there. Use the button and the elevator starts going up (savegame.1). Take a right and go through the passage to a wider hallway.

Bonus, Secret Owl Coin.

Only if you found all 4 secrets, two in each level, doors will be opened to the right (N). There are some extra pickups to be had, a bit of a detour, but worthwhile.

Slide down and you are back at the doors to the elevator on the right (E), go there and do the timed door again, this time safety drop down into the elevator shaft. To the right is a passage to get back later, just run E into the dark and the level changes.


Crash in the Desert revisit.

Go on and pick up Flares and Uzi clips (left is the window to the Moon puzzle rooms). Continue to a second set of doors opened by claiming all secrets, left in front of the Bull statue are Uzi clips, the Uzis and a small medipack. Go through the doors and come to a crossing with a big pile of gold, to the right are 2x Uzi clips and in the opposite corner a small and a large Medipack and also Flares. In the last room a small medipack right and Uzi clips left of the pedestal with the Secret Owl Coin #1, to be used in the Bonus level. Retrace your steps.

Ruins in the Desert revisit.

Go left into that passage just before the elevator shaft and climb a long ladder, slide down into the hallway where we left off.

Go into the passage ahead (W), follow through and get to the City of Nimiha’Bi.  


3 – City of Nimiha’Bi. 

4 secrets

Go down and take a right around the corner.  

Lara - "I'm not really sure if Anaya made it this far yet ...

Especially with the dromedaries.

I hope nothing bad happened to her."

Get Uzi clips from a crate. Follow through and once in the water swim into the flooded passage, keep swimming and down, notice a closed door left and at the end you can swim up. 
Climb up at the SW corner, turn around with a running jump through the shallow part onto the floating crate. 

Make your way over the arches to the far wall (N) and through the crawlspace there. Here are more scorpions to shoot. Go up the hill to the wall on the right and climb up through the opening. Upstairs is an opening in the wall on the left (S) jump over the slope into another area.

Secret hunters, that door left behind the crates is for the Bonus (much later).  

Straight ahead is a floor lever that opens that underwater door. Go back (N), through the opening in the floor behind the crate on the right into the water. Swim down in the far end (S) and the open door is to the right.

Main Street.   (we’ll be back here a couple of times)
Swim to the end and climb out and come to Main Street. There is a Bedouin lurking around so watch your back.

Lara - "Tourists apparently.

Too bad, he could have spoken.

Hmmm, I can understand better

the disappearance of Anaya."

There are two Star receptacles left and right, and a big closed door in the end (W).
Take a right through the opening (N) and wade into the water, immediately take a left and once you can swim; swim into the passage behind the floating crate (NW) and at the end wade through a sort of passage again. 

Flooded Town Square.  

When you swim into an outdoor area, there are two passages you can swim into; one is on the left (W) and one on the right (SE). 
We swim into the right first and into the next area (up above the grated floor is the statue puzzle room, later). Left, on the carpet (NW) is Shotgun ammo , near the right hand wall next to a pillar is a small medipack . Swim through either opening straight ahead (E) and go up one of the slopes.

The Statue Puzzle, Statue I. 

Take a left and watch the flyby. Follow through and when you hit the water loop around to the right (E room). Keep to the left and wade through the water to the trigger tile in the corner. Now walk to the floor that is in between the slopes and follow the pattern you see on the wall ahead (E). When you stand on the last tile go forwards one more tile and then go to the left, up the slope and into the open door. 
Follow through and get the Shotgun ammo you’ll see on the right between two statues. There is more Shotgun ammo if you walk further down and a small medipack. Jump over the hole in the floor and find a push able statue on the left, pull/push it down through the hole. You can safety drop down (losing some health or retrace your steps). This statue needs to be pushed E and then to the right into the puzzle room (S) (there is one statue placed under a symbol on the wall as a hint). Push it in straight and then to the right and to the wall on the right (W) under that portrait on the wall.

Statue II. 

Go out to the corridor and almost straight into the room (N) and take a left this time. 
There is a sunken Timed trigger tile (opening a door up in the W wall). 
For a Secret: Run over the tile and jump to the first block, just do a running jump straight and dive into the crawlspace sort of straight ahead. Swim through, twice left around corners and in the end when you can swim up, turn around and pull up on the slope, back flip into another Timed door, not too far or you will be back in the water. Secret 5/11 is yours, a small and large Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Dive through the hole in the floor and swim back to the room. Wade out E. 

Run over the trigger tile and then jump over the blocks to the opening in the far right corner (NW). Run/jump as far as possible left to the opposite slope, grab and shimmy left, pull up and jump to the left so you end up on that block in the corner. (If you fall in the water there is a small opening you can swim through to get back to the previous pool). 
Hopefully you end up in the right corner, backflip and keep jumping to the right this time and end up on a block. Roll and jump over and then to the left and hopefully through the still open door. Running jump to grab the crate (savegame.2) and from there to the opening at the other side. 

To the right is the statue you need to push all the way to the left and around the corner there. Use the floor lever and push the statue through the door and down into the room below. Safety drop down loosing a bit of health OR go back a bit and then jump into the pool there and swim out. 
This statue you have to push straight, in the corridor to the right and through the opening on the left (S) into the puzzle room. In the big room push it left around the pillar there and then against the wall (N) under that portrait on the wall. 
The door opens S, do watch the flyby carefully, two other doors also open at the Flooded Town Square.

Once through the door (S) take a right (left are closed doors to the room with an Ocular part, shortcut later) and follow through the end (the small door straight ahead is now open).

Back at the Flooded Town Square, there is a small medipack  straight ahead (W) in that windowsill. Go get that using the crates to get there and jump back to the crate at the opening you came from (E). (If you fall into the water, climb up on the sandy slope left of the tree N and back flip onto the crate). From the crate E, jump to that small roof right; shimmy around to the right and backflip into the open door.

Opening a shortcut door for later.   

Turn around and a bit further on the right is a shortcut door.
So first go straight ahead and at the water edge go towards another closed door. Face E and take a running jump to the climb wall there, climb up and shift to the right. Just around the corner go as low as you can and then take a backflip. Then run off to the S onto a slope, jump and grab the edge of the floor W. Pull up and go left, pass a crate and loop around the second crate to the right. There is a floor lever that opens that closed shortcut door a bit back. We have to find a Revolver first before coming back here. 

Turn around after using the lever and get Flares and Shotgun ammo from the windowsill there. 

For the First Hathor Head.

Go out and at the crate take a right to the poolroom and then a left. Go straight ahead to end up around the corner in a small room with crates and a Bedouin, he leaves Uzi clips
Climb up the crate S and use the lever. Camera shot of an underwater door opening in the Flooded Town Square. Get down and leave; go straight (W), hop into the pool with the floating crate, into the flooded corridor (NW) to get to the Flooded Town Square. Swim to the left and into the opening (W) through the door you just opened (left) and up in another pool with the floating crates and a tree. 

Swim to the wall in the back and left of that tree you can climb out. Jump to the crate in the water and to the next one. 

‘I think I can climb up in that tree.’ 

Face the tree branch (N) and climb up the tree. Face the opening in the S wall and take a running jump so you can grab the underside of that tree branch and shimmy all the way to the end (best position is stand against the tree, face S and take three steps left and then face SW, hop back and then take a running jump). At the rope, drop down onto a crate, turn right and run down from the crate to the N, hold Ctrl to land on a slope in the wall, grab and safety drop down (this way loosing almost no health).

Go to the other side climbing blocks then when you get to a pool run jump to the crate and from there to the other side. In the next room get the First Hathor Head .
Go back out and jump in the water, swim to the left and again take a left and end up in the Flooded Town Square. 

The Second Hathor Head
Take a right (S) and swim/wade through to the next pool. Go out in the far left corner (SE), go right around the corner and out to Main Street. Go straight ahead (S) into that passage, at the tree go left (E) and straight ahead you get to a room with pillars with fire on top of them (the opening in the left wall is where we have to shoot a vase later). 
From the obvious trigger tile, first take a hop and then curved running jumps to the other side. In the next room go either left or right all the way to the end. Then use one of the poles to climb down, and get to a mirror room. 
Look in the mirror and only jump on the tiles with a face on it (first one is left); the door will be triggered to open. Then jump into the open door.

 “There seems to be a passage behind that door” 

From the water you can get the Uzi clips and the Medipack. Get out at the slope and use the floor lever. 
Don’t go into the door yet but turn around and go back to the mirror room and jump straight ahead onto a wrong trigger tile so the door will close behind you (opening up that passage behind it). Make your way to the other end (E) and climb one of the poles. Go back (W) and end up at the fires on top of the pillars. Safety drop down and go in the door E, straight to the now closed door and left into the once hidden room. 
Use the lever in that room and see a door going up in the pool nearby. Retrace your steps and go to the right (W) through the door to the next pool and jump or wade through the water to get into the opening in the left wall from the nearby crate (S).

Get the Flares and slide down into another pool.
Go W and find an opening in the floor, keep swimming and at the end up, get the Flares on the box and hoist up to the grated floor. Shoot some scorpions and in the SW corner is another hole in the floor, jump in the water below (the opening SE is when you come back later after getting a Secret later). So swim to the W, then up and climb out. On the crate to the right (NW) are Flares. Climb up the pole and backflip off, then go E, shoot the scorpions and around the corner get to a room with 4 levers and a long monkey climb. 

Room with 4 Levers.

Face S and from left to right use 1-3-4 to stop all the burners on the monkey climb, then climb on the blocks at the right hand wall (W), grab the monkey climb and drop down at the end. Climb the blocks straight ahead and get one floor up. Run over the monkey climb grate to the other end; in the small room go to the far right corner and in the next area start going over the arches towards the middle of the room and on a pedestal is the Second Hathor Head . A door in the NW corner opens.

In the SE corner you can find Shotgun ammo. If you want to explore first, go to the NE.

 ‘I can climb up on this wall’ … (this is a hint for later, because there is something we have to collect there later after we opened the door to it).

Climb down one floor using the vegetation on the wall. Here are more pick-ups, small medipack NE and Shotgun ammo S and a cage that is closed (Ocular part inside).
Climb up again (NE). 
Detour for the Secret: Go back into the opening SW, run back over the monkey climb and drop down through the hole, down from the blocks and walk to the edge of the floor (W). Turn around and hang from the edge, hang left and drop in the water, you’ll end up in a triangular opening in the wall.
Secret 6/11 is yours, collect a small and a large Medipack , Shotgun ammoRevolver ammo and 2x Uzi clips at the sides. Quickly swim out through that triangle opening and the current takes you, go right through the opening and up for air. Swim W and up and climb out. Climb up the pole and go E and around the corner get to the monkey climb. Make your way back up to the room where Hathor Head was.  

Use the Hathor Heads.  

Leave through the door in the corner (NW), a door opens to the street. Follow through and shoot two Bedouin and get back to the square with the Palm trees. To the right is that entrance to the fire pillars, remember that.
Go straight (N) to Main Street to place the two Hathor Heads in the alcoves a bit on the left and opposite each other. 

Go into the now open doors (W) and follow to a pool we’ve seen before (passage to Flooded Town Square). Jump over to the crate and then into the opening ahead. Follow through, pick up Revolver ammo from a corner right, to get to a big outdoor area with the bridge. Walk on the bridge and jump in the water on the left, swim to the NE corner and a bit up, in that windowsill are 2x Uzi clipsUzis and a small medipack. Swim back to the bridge, get out of the water on the lowest crate and jump to the next one, there is a crawlspace in the wall under the bridge (S). Crawl all the way to the end and climb up on the left. Use the floor lever (camera shot 2 doors opening).
The door in the NW corner also opens, leave through that door.

Take a right, pick up Revolver ammo and a Medipack, the door will open and you are back at the bridge where you can shoot the 2 Bedouin.

On the side of the tree is some Shotgun ammo. Then make your way inside (S) through those doors you just opened. 

Notepad: ‘There is another passage behind the right door. Hmmm… Maybe I will find a way to open it later’. 

For now go to the far right corner and into the passage there, follow through around the corner to the left. Run into the dark, the camera angle changes and you go to the next level.

The Tower of Knowledge.

Safety drop down into the dark pit where you have to shoot a scorpion and climb up at the other end. Follow through and you come to a couple of huge rooms. The first one with the blue planetary ceiling we’ll call the Planetary Hall.

Planetary Hall.  

A flyby will start, showing you around, starts with a view on the Revolver we need and it ends after a view of the Eye Pieces.
First go to another huge room to the right (W) and get the Flares. On the ledge is that floor lever we cannot reach from here. Go a bit to the left and climb down to the puddles. Go a bit straight (SW) and around a corner to the right jump in the water to get Uzi clips from under a crate. Climb back out S and now take a running jump to the crate floating in the water. Jump to the next and pick up the Flares. Then jump into a crawlspace in the left wall (W). Keep going, jumping up and down some slopes, shoot a scorpion and climb a block. At a steep slope slide down and jump to grab the edge of the slope ahead and shimmy to the left. Hoist up, shoot a scorpion and in the passage on the left (W) are closed doors (shown at Secret in the previous level 1/3). 

So go into the opening on the right in the water, dive and swim and the level changes.

City of Nimiha’Bi revisited.

A Laser Sight.  

Keep swimming and go through a small triangle opening and up. Climb out and you get to an area with many jeeps. Run to the end shooting 2 Bedouin. Go back and in the NE corner is a crate, climb it and grab the edge of the roof, shimmy to the right around the corner. Pull up, roll and jump and grab the next roof. Shimmy around to a crate and pull up to get the Laser Sight. A flyby will show where you can use it; also several shortcuts open up. But we have to get the Revolver first. 

Opening up the Hidden Passage.  

Safety drop down and go S a bit, at the jeep go left into the passage (E). At the room with the arches..

 “Oh… I’m back here…
I think I can try to open that hidden passage now…’

Take a right there (in the room before you go out to the bridge), follow up to the lever operating those two doors, throw the lever back to close the doors. Now you have to leave through the hole in the floor and crawlspace to the bridge. Climb on the low crate and hop to the tree in the corner, up towards the bridge and go into the passage (W) where you can see that jeep. Go left at the jeep and run into the dark. 

Tower of Knowledge revisited.

For the Revolver.  

You arrive at the other end of the room with the puddles. Go to the back and keep to the right hand wall. 

On the last ledge on this side is an opening up in the right hand wall, jump in and get Secret 7/11, a small and a large Medipack, and 2x Uzi clips. Get back out to the ledge. 

Jump the ledges towards the E side. At the very end is that ledge with the lever. Doors open to a room where your
dromedaries are.
Go back W over the ledges, keep going along the right hand wall and hop over a crate to the other end of the pit with the puddles. Take a right into those opened doors.

Lara - "OOOH !!! There you are ... ???

Are you okay guys??"

Dromies - "MEEEEUUUUHHHH !!!!!"

Lara - "By the way, dromies,

did you see Anaya ???"



Lara - ... !!! Of course ...!!!

Lara - "Not again ..."

A door in the back is opened by a Bedouin, go take care of him and go into that door, up right in the windowsill is the Revolver. More Shortcut doors open up. There are now several routes you could follow through the levels, this is how we did it..

To the Hidden Passage.  

Hop down and go out SE through the doors and go straight into the Planetary Hall. Straight through, (S) is a Hall with a portrait on the wall, in the back is a room with the receptacle for a Ocular. A Bedouin shows up in the room left, go in left and get Revolver ammo in front of some shelves. Back to the Planetary Hall and to the right (E), is leading down to an Eye of Horus door, for later.

So from the Planetary Hall, go straight (N) and take a right before you reach the open double doors, follow to a pit and make your way through to the other side, run into the dark.  


City of Nimiha’Bi revisited.

Up in the Bridge Courtyard. 

Take a right and follow through to the two closed doors of which the left one was hiding the secret passage, climb the block in there and go up the pole, back flip into a passage above. Then go left and jump the arches in the room above the “two closed doors”. Go into the opening right, down the hole and get to the tree in the courtyard at the bridge.

Hop to the tree, jump as far as possible onto the roof and grab the edge, shimmy all the way left around the corners to the wall, pull up (not too close to the wall) and back flip with roll to the ledge at the statue. Jump to the next ledge, then stand jump a bit left onto the roof ahead so you can slide forward and jump onto flat rooftop with the tree on it. Jump to the one against the wall and then hop down to the lion statue. Now jump to one in the SW corner, to the tree and into the opening in the far wall (E).

Follow through and you are back in the Tower.  

Tower of Knowledge revisited.

Safe Passage to the Eye Piece, 1: Timed Doors Target Shooting.  

A bit further, left on a crate is Revolver ammo, in the other corner is a small door, remember where it is (target). Follow through to the top level of the Planetary Hall. To the right you can see another small door. 
One level down in the N wall is another small door.
Go into the opening straight across (S) and take a right at the room with the burning floor, on the crate is Revolver ammo. You can see another small door there and 4 blue trigger pads.
Each pad opens one of the timed small doors. 
Can be done in random order. Be sure to have the Revolver combined with the Laser Sight ready.

1: the first tile you see (N side), opens the door you saw first, left through the Planetary Hall, into the passage N and hop left onto a crate to shoot the vase before the door closes.
2: the second tile opens the door in the Planetary Hall, one level down in the N wall; you can shoot it from the entrance block into the Planetary Hall.
3: next tile opens the door in the left wall of the Planetary hall, you can also shoot it from the entrance block into the Planetary Hall (if you are fast enough you could combine 2 and 3).
4: last one (S) opens the door at the N end of this same room, up left (savegame.3).

A door now opened in the room W of the last tile, you can now pull out a statue and place it on the blue tile.

Safe Passage to the Eye Piece, 2: Death Floor Puzzle.  

Go out and to the E end of the corridor, shoot the Bedouins and get a Medipack from the crates.
Follow through and come to a room with a glass floor, to the left is another room with a statue behind a closed door. To open the door we have to push a ball over the floor of the room below, following a specific route. Stand on the raised tile right (W), look down and make a note of the route. Go to the room on the right with the poles (S) and slide down, throw a lever at the opposite wall to release the ball and start pushing it over the safe path (1.jpg)

to the blue tile and the statue slides aside. Go in and use the floor lever to open the door to the statue in the room above, climb back up the pole to get there (E side) and put the statue onto the blue tile. A flyby shows the room with the death floor, the ledges now shift.

Over the Death Floor, our First Eye Piece.  

From the glass floor go right, back through the corridor and left to the room with the deadly floor.
Stand jumps from ledge to ledge will get you across (you just have enough time to adjust the angle and then hop again). (savegame.4)

Go down right and grab the First Eye Piece. The other one is one floor down. Go back up (and the doors to the right open up when you get the other Eye Piece, in the alternative route we would have come through those doors) to the Death floor and stand in the right hand opening, jump and grab the slope, hang right and jump to the tile. Another slope, hang left, that will get you back across.
Go straight through the Planetary Hall, up N and at the end to the right, all the way back to the courtyard. We now need the Ocular before we can go for the Second Eye piece.  

City of Nimiha’Bi revisited.

The Ocular, Part I.  

Safety drop to the roof below, shimmy right a bit and drop onto the tree to slide to the root. Hop up to the bridge.
Go right (N) over the bridge and follow that passage back on the right (S) to the pool with the floating crate. Hop to the crate, then to that raised tile in the water and then to the ledge on the left OR jump in the water and climb out at that raised tile.

Go in left (N) to that place with the prepared timed run. At the pool you can see the small door up right. Best is to hop onto the crate in the water so you can shoot the vase behind that open small door. A flyby shows the location of the first Ocular part, we saw those doors when we exited the room with the “statue you had to push under the portrait” room. Left of the crate in the water you can get some Revolver ammo, get out of the water at the N side.

Continue N to the Flooded Square, hop to the roof; go left around and just around the second corner stop. Back flip and roll with a left curve and you should end up on the crate near the E entrance (or swim to the next crate, climb up onto the sandy slope at the crate and back flip onto the crate. Turn right and jump to the crate at the E entrance). Hop inside and just follow straight and you’ll go through those double doors you saw when you shot the vase and you’ll end up in the room above the statue puzzle room. Jump the arches to get Ocular Part 1 (SW) and go back the way you came.

The Ocular, Part II. 

At the Flooded Square jump left to the roof, shimmy around and back flip into the door, follow through to the pool with the floating crate, go left and in the next pool room jump straight to the other side, wade out the water and you are back in Main Street. Go straight into the opposite passage, left at the palm trees and to the room with the burning pillars (E). Stand on the tile to stop the burners and hop to the first pillar, a running jump to the next and shoot that vase up in the steep passage in the wall. Safety drop from the pillar and climb up to the floor N, go left to get back upstairs, then go right to the square with the palm trees and go left (S) there, follow through to that room with the arches. Go left along the wall and climb down the vegetation at the opening in the floor (NE). Go to the W side to get into the open door of the cage with Ocular Part 2. If you haven’t yet, at the E wall is a small medipack, at the S wall you can find Shotgun ammo.

Back to the Tower, use the Ocular.  

Climb back up the wall NE and go through the door NW, then straight to Main Street and left, through the big doors and follow through jumping over the floating crate to the Bridge at the Tower. Go over the bridge and through the passage on the right (W) to the jeeps and left into the dark passage.

Tower of Knowledge revisited.

Go through the door SE and go through and you are back at the Planetary Hall. Go straight into the hall with the portrait (S) and into the back, combine the two parts of the Ocular to get the Tower Ocular and place it S. Back to the Hall with the portrait. A pole appeared on the tile in front of it, climb up and back flip to the first floor.

Quest for the Ivory Ankhs.  

In the room on the right (W) are receptacles for Ivory Ankhs, we have to find those first.
So for now go to the opening (N) through to the Planetary Hall first floor. Take either passage, doesn’t matter which one first.

E: Water Walk, First Ivory Ankh.  

In the room to the right (E), on the right S is a trigger tile and you’ll get a clue for the water puzzle room, you have to trigger two tiles (2.jpg). So back and into the water and wade the path to two trigger (blue) tiles that you just saw (screenshot of the door). Doors open on the left, up the slope at the other side and left into the room with Ivory Ankh #1.
Leave the room, through the water and out straight ahead (W) to the Planetary Hall.

W: Floor Walk, Second Ivory Ankh.  

First go straight ahead to the room all the way in the back (W), left and up the left hand pole (when facing S). Go through to the room above the puzzle floor and step on the trigger tile to get the safe path (look down).
After making notes, go to the red wall on the right (N) and find the crawlspace, go through for Secret 8/11, Revolver ammo, a Medipack, 3x Uzi clips and a small medipack. Climb back out. 

Go back to the pole (S) and down to the puzzle room, to the other end and up the left hand slope, step straight onto the floor as that is the first tile. Hop over the other 4 tiles and finally jump to the trigger tile to see the door open. If not you did something wrong, just start over. Now go up the right hand pole to get to that open door and throw the floor lever there. Back down the pole and through the open door N to get Ivory Ankh #2 on the right.

Go out and left, through the puzzle room to the Planetary Hall, take a right and go through the passage (S) to the Hall with the pole. Take a right there (W) through the opening on the crate in the corner is a Shotgun. Then go left to where you can use the two Ivory Ankhs. Enter the now open door (S) and to the right is Eye Piece II. Watch the flyby.

Using the Eye Pieces.  

Go out of the room, to the right doors opened and there’s a pole, you can ignore that pole because it leads up to the upper levels we already visited (it would have come in handy if you decided to go the other route and use the Ankh first).


Secret: For the Secret however you have to go up the pole, back flip off and spot the transparent window in the left wall (W), get in for Secret #9/11, a Large and small medipack, 3x Uzi clips. You also saw some doors open up; those are near that pit with the puddles where we got the Revolver. Get down the pole again.

So go back down the pole and (twice) through the doors N, left and right to the Hall with the pole, go down the pole to the ground floor. Go to the Planetary Hall (N). Not going for the Secrets, scroll past the blue part.

Detour for the remaining Secrets (only if you found all 3 in the Tower), go straight to the bypass double doors N, run through the two rooms and go left to the pit with the puddles, find a good spot to run down and land on that green crate, jump to the crawlspace W and follow through. After the shimmy along the slope, pull up and go left into the passage (W) we skipped before. To the right are those open doors. Run into the dark, you are back in the City.   

City of Nimiha’Bi revisited.

Go into the room where you’ll get Secret 10/11, you also get that screen of a door near some crates. Throw the floor switch to see another door open up and that one is close to the Bridge. Hop to the crate; get a small and a large Medipack. Jump into the water and through the door (E), up at the Jeeps. Go straight into the passage E and in the second room left through the now open door to get Secret 11/11 and see that illusive door near the crates opening up, for the Owl Coin. Collect Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips from the crate and a Shotgun near the door in the corner.

Watch your back as two Bedouins attack.

Detour for a Bonus, Secret Owl Coin #2.

Go out, to the left to the bridge (E), cross the bridge and follow the passage to the pool with the crate. Jump to the other side (S) and get to Main Street. Go left and then all the way (E) to the other end and hop into the pool. Swim down and through the opening, left and then right and up. Climb out at the SW corner, turn around with a running jump through the shallow part you can grab the floating crate. 

Getting Close.

Make your way over the arches to the far wall (N) and through the crawlspace there. Here are more scorpions to shoot. Go up the hill to the wall on the right and climb up through the opening. Upstairs is an opening in the wall on the left (S) jump over the slope into another area. To the left, behind the crates is the open door, in the first room is a small medipack, next room Flares and a Medipack and in the Bonus room finally the Second Secret Owl Coin.

Go back through the sandy caves to the water, swim down through the opening S, take a right through the open door and get up in Main Street. To the other end and right to the pool with the crate, across into the passage N and follow over the bridge; take a right into the passage to the jeeps and go left into the dark.  

Tower of Knowledge revisited.

Left through the two rooms to the far right corner and through the bypass double doors into the Planetary Hall.

 Here we are back on track:
Go into the Hall on the left (E) and at the end go either left or right down the sloped passage to the lower level and through the opening on the right (W) to the Eye Door, combine the two parts and place the Eye of Horus to open the door. 

The Burial Chamber.  

Go through the (Eye) door and pick up Flares from the ground, turn left and go into the passage in the corner (SE), follow through to a floor lever that opens a door further on in the Burial Chamber. Go back to where you found the Flares and all the way to the other end (W), down the sloped passage to the next room. There are some closed doors here, so head into the open one straight ahead.
Notepad:‘Another hidden passage… I’m wondering.. hummm… Shouldn’t I leave this place? Humm… definitely not.’  

Door Puzzle, open the Hidden Passage.  

That hidden passage is behind the (open) door left, and to the right is also a closed door. Proceed into the next room and left are a series of closed doors. So for now straight (W) we go and find 4 levers and lamps. They have to burn all 4; the solution is the same as at the monkey climb, left to right use 1,3,4. Go out and take a right to that door alley (S), they should all be open. Go through to a long chamber and follow to the other end (quite a long way), around to the right is a floor lever; a door opens behind you. We opened a bypass.

Move the Coffin.

Go through that door to the chamber and right up the long sloped passage to the upper chamber, into the passage far right (SE) and throw that floor lever there again to close the doors in the other chambers. Go back down the sloped passage (W) and left into the bypass, follow all the way through, through the door alley into the chamber and take a right to come to the now closed door, to the right of that door is the previously hidden passage. Go down to the chamber and throw the floor lever in the back, the flyby shows a coffin moved aside.

So, back up the slope and straight out of the passage another bypass door will open (N), two Bedouin show up. Follow that bypass passage (N) to get back to the middle chamber. Go up another slope to the left (E) to the first chamber and that coffin is in the far right corner (SE). Climb down the ladder.

Lower Chambers. 

Follow through and at the first coffin Lara says…

‘Oh Noooo’…No going back from here I guess, hope I didn‘t forget anything

The coffin went back into its place, closing off the ladder. Nothing else you can do than proceed down the dark slope and take a right and on the pedestal grab that Fragment of Papyrus.

“Aha-Men-Ptah ??? The sunken world of the Gods.

What does it mean? Where is the talisman?”

Lara - " OK, ghost, it's time for a little conversation..."

Go to that Hathor fresco on the far wall, the image of Hathor disappears and Ptolemy Phildelphus is shown..

”Oh.. Dammit!”

Turn around and Hathor appears behind you. Go talk to her.

Lara - "So, my ghost is a goddess!

Hathor I suppose?"

Hathor - "Hello Lara Croft. Yes, Indeed. It's unusual to see a woman as bold as you in this part of the world."

Lara - "And you know my name?"

Hathor - I heard your friend pronounce it.

And I've been watching you both for a few days.

That's why your dromedaries were so agitated.

They felt my presence."

Lara - "And Anaya? Is she okay? Where is she?"

Hathor - "Don't worry!

A little rough but she is fine.

These men found her with your dromedaries

when you entered in Selene's tomb.

They took her to the mines near Nimiha'Bi."

Lara - "Near the crashed plane?"

Hathor - "Yes!

But she's safe right now.

I don't think they will hurt her."

Lara - "Hmmm !!!

I was expecting to find the talisman of the stars in this tomb because it's the tomb of Ptolemy Phildelphus, isn't it?"

Hathor - "That's right.

The youngest son of Cleopatra and Mark Antony ...

But I hid the talisman many years ago in a safe place."

Lara - "Aha-Men-Ptah !!

The sunken world of the gods. 

Hathor - "Yes, that's it!

I can open a passage between the universes to get it back.

It's going to take a lot of magic, but it's time to end the curse that surrounds Nimiha'Bi."

Lara - "What do you mean?"

Hathor - "You will discover it by yourself, Lara." 

Go out, left into the door you saw opening up.

6 - The Treasure (Bonus).
No secrets.

As soon as you enter the next room, a new page appears in the Notebook;

11 Secrets and 2 Owl Coins… (That’s what you need to play the Bonus level).

To the left you can use one of the Owl Coins and the next door opens up. Go along either the left or right side through the next rooms to a room with a cage in the middle.

The Ptolemy Phildelphus Ornate Sword Challenge.  

Locked in a cage is the Sword, there are 3 passages leading from this room, the Sword is the reward for this level’s challenge.

E- Go through the opening E and to the other end to pick up a Breast Plate, a Shield is shown. Go back to the room with the Cage.

W- Go through the opening W and pick up a Helmet. Go back to the room with the Cage.

Last opening N- Go through and straight to get to the Ornate Shield, doors open up in the back, go through and left to use the second Owl Coin. Go through the doors that opened, a new page appears in the Notebook

Gold Ankh Challenge, 20 Gold Ankhs are hidden in this level, collect all of them to obtain the Reward, they are shown in the left corner of your screen, lower rooms, middle rooms and upper rooms

Two ways we can go from here, but we need to go left (W) first, in this room with a broken ladder and a fire basket to the right, loop left around into the next room. In the corner left of the entrance is Ankh#1, go S and right around the corner, to the left at the fence is Ankh#2. Proceed and left around the corner to the far S and find a small pool.

Flooded Rooms; open a door.

Hop into the water, swim in E, go left and in that passage up right in a niche is Ankh#3, follow to the N and left around into a room where you can get air. Then use the underwater ceiling lever to open a door (*) in another part of this place. Swim back into the passage E, follow to the end and go right, back to the pool and turn around to climb out E. Go up the slope to find a floor lever, use it to drain the rooms below.

Drained Rooms; push a Vase.

Go back down to the ‘pool’ and drop down, into the passage and straight to a wider passage, then go left and in the end left is Ankh#4, go back to the crossing and left through the opening where the door opened (*). Loop left around into the opening. Follow to a crossing and go left, left at the Vase and find Ankh#5 in that room. Go back to the Vase and pull it with you to the crossing. Roll and go S, then left into the lower room and to the right is Ankh#6. Go up N and left, pull the vase to the crossing at the door (E). Go left onto the slope and run around or jump through the corner to get behind Vase and pull the vase into the opening to the N room. Go around the passages to get behind the vase and push it into the N room. Then push it E onto the marked tile, the nearby door opens up.

Go into the open door and look up right there, climb up into the crawlspace to get Ankh#7. Drop out; turn left and straight to the floor lever, which will raise a block in one of the rooms (**). Look up left at the lever and spot the narrow gap in the wall. Run back W, left at the end, then right to the ‘pool’.

That Gap, a Golden Key.

Use the block to climb out and go back up to the Flood lever (E), flooding the rooms a last time. Swim back to where you opened the door, go E, keep going straight, then take a left and around the corner to the right  keep going straight (E) and at the lever the gap is on the left. Swim in and on a pedestal in the room in the back is a Golden Key. And no air, so get out again and left or right into a side room to get some. Swim all the way back to the pool (W) and get out right over the block, follow the rooms to the N, the one with the ladder and fire basket.

A Torch for a Ladder.

Leave to the right (E) and go into the last room, behind the chest against the wall (E) is Ankh#8. Roll and find Ankh#9 at the fence at the other side.

Follow through (S) and near the wall get the Ankh#10.

Go left (E) and straight to the end, then right.

Around that corner you’ll see another Vase on the left.

This is where the block went up allowing you to move the Vase onto the marked tile. A cage over some Torches goes down (S). Go get a Torch and go right, to the slope W. Drop the Torch somewhere and pick up Ankh#11, left of the slope. Take the Torch up the slope and ignite it.

Go back the way you came to the room with the Fire bucket…

OR slide down right (N), go left/right, through both sets of doors and then left to where the Fire bucket is, ignite it and the ladder goes up.

Throw the Torch away and first go get Ankh#12 in the back (NW), go to the ladder and climb up to the balcony. Go straight to the potted plant and hop over the plant onto the rocks, turn right and walk down to hop over to the other side. Walk up a bit to the right and hop up to the opening, in that room is Ankh#13. Go back and jump over, up to the rocks from where you can jump back onto the balcony.

Enter the room there and go left, in the hall where you see the big door (two Keys), go left and pick up Ankh#14. Go back W, straight and just before you reach the room to the pool, to the right is Ankh#15 behind a chest.

The Pool, Golden Key 2.

Hop into the pool, swim down to the sunken Khufu ship. On the ship (near the pillar) is another Golden Key (yellow). Behind the pillar is Ankh#16. Swim into the passage S to a pool you cannot get out of. Behind the pillar you’ll find Ankh#17. Swim back to the large pool, right and climb out (E).

Using the Golden Keys, the Canopic Jar.

Go straight through the rooms to that big door and use both Golden Keys to open it. A little side room left has Ankh#18. Proceed through these upper rooms (S), in the big hall where the camera changes is an empty pedestal, follow through along the left or right hand wall and in the last room, on a big pedestal is the Canopic Jar. Go into the back, onto the pile of gold and get Ankh#19. 

Using the Canopic Jar, the Gold Mask.  

Go back through the rooms, through the big doors N, left and all the way W to the pool again, place the Canopic Jar in the back of the black statue at the water edge. Nothing seems to have changed, but you can now run over the surface of the pool, left at the pillar and up left in a niche you can now reach, is Ankh#20 (last one, task fulfilled and the nearby door opens). Go into that room (S), jump to the block and then to the floor (in case you fell into the water, swim back to the pool, right and right of the statue is an opening where you can get up to the surface).

Pick up the Gold Mask and a screen shows you where you use it, that empty pedestal in the room behind the Gold Key doors.

The Ornate Sword.

Jump back to the door, run over the pool and head E to the big doors, enter and go through (S) to the hall with the empty pedestal, place the Mask.

“Too bad, I would have preferred to keep this Mask…”

The cage at the Sword goes down, make your way back to the ladder (N, and left at the doors, take a right in the corridor after the first treasure room and the ladder is to the right), to get to the ground floor rooms. (Or just go out of the big doors and safety drop down from the rocks there). Head E and take a right through the Owl doors, just keep going straight and up the ramp to get your Reward, the Ornate Sword. Two doors are open in the S side corners of this room. Go through either one of them and they close, Hathor will appear in the next room.

As a reward she will leave you the Gold Mask, pick it up.

“Ohh! Thank you!...”


The door S opens up; go through and keep going and you are back in the Tower of Knowledge.

The Tower of Knowledge.

Go left up the long slope and on top Hathor will say:

“I’ll try to help you on the other side.”

Go into the swirl and the adventure ends....

G&D- 2016/19