The Replicants Spaceship.

Level by Franky.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Command Area, Key Delta One.

Straight down the corridor you find yourself in, are two Aliens, best draw their attention one by one by just walking down slow (another cut scene interrupts) till the first comes for you, deal with it, it will drop a Medipack. Now go get the other one which will drop the Key Delta One. Go to the S end of the corridor where you can now open the door, two more Aliens come out. After dealing with those, go into the next room and open the next door with the button left of it, no Aliens this time. That loss will be made up when you open the last door with the button left of it, best deal with them back in the corridor where you have room to move.

Hub Room, up the Anti-Gravity Shaft.

Now you can enter the Hub room with 3 closed doors. In the middle of the room is a tile with a circle and you will see more of those along the way. There’s always some kind of action with those tiles. On this one, face W or E, walk to the edge of it and jump up holding Ctrl. The Anti-Gravity will allow you to jump high up in the Shaft and grab the floor of the passage above.

W side of the shaft is one of those tiles, walk through the wall there and walk to where you are straight under the next wall, jump up with Ctrl and grab the floor above, walk to the end where you’ll fall down safely in a passage, turn left and walk through the wall to get to Secret #1, a Secret Disk. Walk back through the wall, stand against the E wall and jump up again, down the other end and you are back at the Shaft.

The Sphere, Key Delta Two.

Go to the tile E, hop back a bit and sprint through the wall, a Sphere will drop behind you. Turn around and push it once (use only Ctrl), be sure it doesn’t move anymore before you squeeze through the opening to get behind the Sphere and push it 3 times (E) onto tile 1. Hop back a bit and turn right, go through the triangular “bypass” to get to the side of the Sphere and push it twice to the next tile 2. Turn left, then go right into the other “bypass” and push the Sphere twice (E) onto tile 3. The action can be a bit buggy; just keep trying while moving Lara around a bit. The door behind tile 1 opened up, go in there and to the right is Key Delta Two. Go back out, and in the room with the Shaft to the right, step onto the tile in the alcove and a wall lowers left, go in to get 2x Revolver ammo and the Revolver.

Go out and straight into the opposite alcove, the wall right opens up, go in for Secret #2, a Secret Disk. Go out.

Using Key Delta Two, Space Ship Hangar, Key Delta Three.

Go to the shaft and drop down into the Hub room. Use the Key on the E door and enter, float down the shaft inside to get to the Hangar. Shuttles will land as you enter and their pilots will come for you, best sprint to the other end before they get out, that way you won’t have to fight all of them at once. One drops a Laser Sight, one a Medipack and the others 4x Revolver ammo. You can save/reload to get rid of the bodies and find your reward…

You can open both control rooms in the back corners and find a Medipack in the S one and Flares in the other (N). From the one with the Flares, run onto the tile and jump S from it, holding Ctrl and get to an opening in the wall above the control room.

Turn around and just run jump out holding Ctrl to get to a similar opening N, go in and get Secret #3, a Secret Disk. Go back and jump back to the opening S same way as you got here.

Follow in to get Key Delta Three. Back and just stand jump out with Ctrl to safely land on the ground. Go left (W) and back out, jump straight up in the shaft to get back to the Hub room.

Using Key Delta Three, Wraith Embryo Area, the Blue Capsule.

The door left (S) will open with this one, you’ll come to where little Wraiths are born… Take a right to the tile and jump up through the glass into the N side tank, swim up into the right hand back corner, then up through the opposite corner and climb out N. First pick up a Medipack from the corner, then go to the N wall and pull the right hand block once, turn left and pull the next block also once, jump straight up and grab the passage above, run down the other end and you are behind the blocks. Push both blocks to the S wall, and now move the last block (the one next to the tile) to the other corner (E). Grab the Blue Capsule from the pedestal and jump up N into the passage above.

The Yellow Capsule.

Go down on the right, slide back to the Embryo Area and go out the cage (N) and take a right around to the SE corner where you can jump into the S tank. Up through the holes in the ceiling and climb out, pull two blocks from the E wall and get behind them, grab the Flares. But that’s not what we’re really here for, go to the tile and walk through the N wall to find the Yellow Capsule. Go down the grey passage to get back to the Embryo Area. Out N and loop around to the S side where you can use the two Capsules. An Alien came through the door before it opened.

Elevators: ZPM I&II, Key Delta Four.

Go in and push the button to open the next door; Lara looks left, a hint? Go up on the platform at bay 5, up in the cell block, shoot the 3 Aliens to get access to the last cell right and find the First ZPM.

Stand on the tile under the toilet, face W and jump up to grab the room above, you’ll have to run around some invisible walls there to get to Secret #4, a Secret Disk. Get back to the hole and down to the cell.

Leave the cellblock; get down the elevator.

-Elevator 4 leads up to the sick bay, in room 2 and 4 you can find 2x Revolver ammo. Go back down the elevator

-Elevator 3 leads up to the Rocket silo; there is 4x Revolver ammo to be found.

-Elevator 2 leads up to the Engine Area. Along the right hand wall are 3x Revolver ammo, first corner, middle of the room and the dark back corner, just jump over the pipes and machines. Turn around and follow the wall to get to a passage in the back “port 07” and pick up a Medipack, just wait there and the wall will explode… Pull the block SE once, get behind it to find Key Delta Four.

Pull the block NE out and push it once more so you can push the pedestal (squeeze between pedestal and wall) to the block and find Secret #5, a Secret Disk.

Go out to the Engine Area and find a last Revolver ammo along the N wall, leave the Engine Area and go down the elevator.

-Elevator 1 leads up to the Android Area, find Revolver ammo SE, the Second ZPM in the NW corner.

Get out, back to the elevator and down, leave to the Baby Boom room and go out N to the Hub room where you can use the last Delta Key on the left.

Teleport Room, ZPM III.

Jump up in the shaft and approach the door W, it will open up (you can also get there through the passage N from the shaft), step into the Teletransport Room?  Here we have those invisible walls again, find your way through to the S opening, in the back right are Flares, you can get them when you crouch. Back to the main room and find your way along the NE corner to that tile in the N side, face E and jump up to operate the jump lever, a door will open in the back (NW). I had to go along the S wall to the SW corner and right there to get to that open door, step into the teleporter beam.

Climb the ladder and where the jump lever is, the camera view changes..

Back flip into the passage behind you to get Secret #6, a Secret Disk. Jump back and grab the ladder.

Hang in the middle to get to the jump lever you cannot see from above and use it to open the door below, step into the Incubator Room, throughout the room you can find 5x Revolver ammo, then go to the back (S) and open the door with the button. Open another door and you are in a cell block, doors open and inmates come out, a Kurtis (replica) is there too, trying to help out, but he’s not of much use… too slow, most of the times too late. But with some tactics I got him to kill all inmates for me.

The first cell right where Kurtis was, has the Third ZPM.

Spider Frenzy, Wraith Keys.

Couldn’t find anything else here, so open the door on the back (E) and go through the next door a bit, tiny spiders will appear, run back to the cell block and start shooting the incoming spiders, Kurtis will get some too because the stays in the passage, now go in again and find 2 Wraith Keys, left behind by the spiders. Go through the valley shooting some left overs and use the Keys on the door.

When you go to the next door, hell breaks loose, a whole bunch of Big Spiders come for you, take them out and I could get Kurtis into the Queen Wraith and kill it while I was jumping left and right dodging the Bolts. One of the spiders left a Yellow Crystal, the Queen one left a Second Yellow Crystal. Now go into the room where they came from, the Queen Wraith Room and left into the dark corner (NE), jump and grab the W wall and climb down for a Medipack. Climb back up, back flip and go to the door S, use the Yellow Keys. Go through to the Star gate Area.

Star gate Area, ZPM IV.

Go left to the far wall and find another tile, face the opening up N and run jump from the tile to grab it, go in and follow to a tile with a Medipack, turn right and walk through the wall to get 3x Revolver ammo. Return to the Star gate room, just stand jump down and go place the first ZPM in ‘port 1’. Then the other 2 you have… we’re one short.

Go to the tile W, run jump up N and grab the opening. Pick up the Medipack, turn left and go through the wall to find the Fourth ZPM.

Walk through the wall behind it and get Secret #7, a Secret Disk.

Return to the Star gate Room, jump out, place the last ZPM and a timer starts, you have 30 second to get to the Star gate…

G&D – Febr. 2019