Highland Adventure (TR3).

Level by Stormchaser.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Gate Key.

Go to the left of the big fence and grab up to the wall, get the small medipack, drop down and go to the other side of the fence to grab up to the wall there, slowly walk through the barbed wire and drop down into the courtyard. Pull up on the wall at the other end of the fence, turn around and run jump to grab a ledge in the dark (or shimmy along the sloped wall and back flip to the ledge). Rubble will fall behind you, step through the opening and run left onto the ledge there, jump and grab the next ledge (you can see a keyhole down right of it). Hop up left into the opening and then left into a niche. Climb down the ivy on the wall and go get the Gate Key, back up the ivy to the niche, jump to the opening in the wall, run down right onto the ledge and drop into the courtyard.

Open a Gate.

Before using the Key, go back a bit in the direction you came from, that big fence and look right for a gate and a lever. Open the gate with the lever and shoot the Dog. Go in and on the wooden floor right for some Flares, turn around and get up on the ledge near the fence to throw the lever opening a gate (1). Go out to the courtyard and left to use the Gate Key.

Through the Gate, a Crowbar.

Take a left inside the Corridor and left around the next pillar is Shotgun ammo. Now go through the gate you opened (see 1), just around the low crate. Follow through, straight up the steps and come to a small courtyard with a house. Left of the house is a small medipack and to the right of the house are crates, pull the one without the boxes on top once from its place and a Dog and a Guard come for you, take care of them first. Then look where you pulled the crate from and get the Crowbar. Leave through the same passage and take a left, up the steps a bit and grab up left, find some Grenades there and get back down, down the stairs and left, back to the Corridor.

Open a Door.

There are some crates here, walk straight to the wall and turn right, pull the crate once and loop left around to enter the sloped passage and follow the steps up to a gate. Just before the gate is a niche left and inside are Shotgun ammo, Grenades and Uzi clips (all in one go). Left of the gate is a lever; it will open a small wooden door in a courtyard (2). Make your way back to the Corridor.

Take a left and run to the other end, passing the entrance. To the right is a crate you can pull out, behind it a small door you can open with your Crowbar. Don’t go in yet, but turn left and go further into the Corridor, take a right into the next opening and go to the fence. On the wall is a lever opening a gate on a grated floor (3). Two Guards will be waiting for you when you get back to the Corridor, one drops Uzi clips, the other Shotgun ammo. In a passage in the end of the Corridor and down several steps are Grenades in front of a gate. Go back up to the Corridor and through the small door you opened with the Crowbar.

High Courtyard with grated floor, a Shotgun.

If you used the lever just before, the gate in the opposite wall should be open (see 3), go in and loop left around to a crawlspace hidden behind a small bush, get the Shotgun. In the opposite wall of where you came in is that small wooden door you opened before (see 2), but we need a Hammer first.

Flooded Dungeons, Cliffhanger.

Head back to where you came from (the Courtyard with grated floor), there is a small medipack on the ledge in the far right corner. Jump over to get it and then jump back to the grated floor and now jump to that dark ledge on the corner and climb down the ivy.

In the canal you can see a ledge in a passage, first swim to the other side. Get some air before you swim into the tunnel, pick up Shotgun ammo in the end and return. Swim just beyond the bridge and then climb out right, into the passage there and through the hole in the grated floor. Go into the next room and grab Flares left, go back, climb out and get back into the water.

Now swim into the passage and up right into the opening. Run straight to the alley right of the house and climb up right on the ivy, into a niche to get the Grenades. Get back down, turn left and climb up the ivy on the pillar in the back, left onto the ledge and then jump and grab the crack left of the ledge. Shimmy left and pull up, turn around and grab the ivy on the ceiling (when I tried to use the crack in the wall I ended up inside with no way of escape), monkey climb straight to the end and drop onto a pillar. Jump to the next pillar and grab the crack up right. Shimmy left and pull up, drop down at the other side. Turn around and run down onto the lower wall, then hop down to the ground floor (watch out for barbed wire).

Go to the big pillar, right hand side and climb the ivy, back flip from the top onto the pillar. Jump to get to the crack in the opposite wall and shimmy right to the crawlspace. Hang out the other side and shimmy right along the crack to drop onto a pillar below (and not in the barbed wire). Jump to the stairs and go up, then down into the passage to water. Swim to the right into a large pool, climb out at the crate straight across. Hop onto the nearby rock ledge (right) and look behind it for the Uzis and Uzi clips.

Secret: Underwater Labyrinth.

Hop back to the crate, face the rocks again and get a lung full of air, swim in left of the sloped rock and to the wall then left into a low tunnel. Swim to the wall, right around the corner and up a bit, swim through the small opening on the left and immediately into a small opening on the right. Swim straight and a bit left where Secret #1 awaits, a Smugglers Map (1). Swim back the way you came and climb up onto the crate.

Another Gate Key, a Hammer.

Jump to the wooden jetty and go left at the closed gate, climb up the ivy wall and into the opening. Go to the back of the next room, right hand corner and pull/push the wooden crate away, so you can pull the colored block out of the corner. Under that block you will find the Gate Key. Go back to the pool and open that gate. Go into the storage and in the right hand back corner of this room is another colored block, pull it once and get behind it to find the Hammer. Hop back over the crates and go through the opening to the side room. In the windowsills are Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo.

Using the Hammer.

Leave the storage, go back to the pool and swim straight and right from the jetty, then climb out left and go through towards that large courtyard with the stairs. Turn right and jump from the top of the stairs to grab the ivy on the wall, go up to the opening. Run out right and down onto the ledge and go up the block and into the opening. Use the crack to get to the pillar, jump to the next and run down onto the roof of the house. Turn around and go a bit left into the opening to the canal, swim left and climb out left immediately. In that corner (next to the opening) is a pillar you came down, climb the ivy to the top and jump to the grated floor.

Go left, and left to the courtyard where you got the Shotgun and straight through the small wooden door (opened here 2). In the storage you can jump from the crates in the corner to the high opening and you are on the high ground where the chopper dropped you before.

Courtyard with the Tombstones.

Go to that gate in the far wall and stand in the middle, hit Ctrl to use the hammer on the lock. In the Courtyard, immediately turn right and climb the ivy pillar (with your back to the entrance wall) into a niche with a Medipack. Climb down, turn left and behind the stone pillar are Uzi clips, in the far left corner behind the crates is Shotgun ammo.

Secret: In the corner left of the entrance (on the purple flower bed) you can go underneath the corner pillar, climb up right and go get Secret #2, another Smugglers Map (2). Get back to the courtyard.

Go to that large opening in the right hand side (from the entrance) up the slope and down to a pool there.

Secret: From the crate in the pool you can spot a ledge in the corner, get back on the sloped wall you came from and run jump right around the corner to grab a slope in the wall next to the ledge. Shimmy right to get Secret #3, another Smugglers Map (3). Hop into the water.

Long Swim, Dark Cave.

There is an opening in one of the walls (right of where you entered), but there’s a closed gate. So swim to the other end of the pool and get air before you swim into a long tunnel, climb out and grab the Flares. Go up the ridge and shoot the 3 rats in this cave. There are some dark holes you can die in, so watch out. Go to the far left corner to get the Uzi clips and then go passing a fence (nothing there but trouble) to the other corner and watch out for the deep pit. Run jump from the side over the pit into the passage, mind another pit in there and follow through to a small valley where a Guard and his dog attack. Loop left from the entrance and find a small medipack, in the opposite corner are Grenades. Turn back towards the entrance and left in the corner is Shotgun ammo. That’s all the pickups here.

The Valley.

From the entrance, go left into the opening the Guard came from, a dark tunnel. Climb up right halfway down the tunnel and get a Medipack there, Back down to the tunnel and proceed to the end, go up the ridges, some you might have to jump up and come to a Valley with a zip-line. Use it and once across some Crows will attack, shoot them.

Secret: Face the Valley, make your way down left over the blocks to the bottom of the Valley, pick up a Medipack on the way and climb behind a rock pillar left to get Secret #4, another Smugglers Map (4) from the crawlspace. Make your way back up to where you came from (end of the zip-line).

Courtyard with the Bridges, the Detonator Key.

Go into the passage to another large courtyard where some Crows attack. Go to the far corner and pull/push the lower crate between the other two so you can move the top crate to the other end. Then use it to hop into the nearest opening in the ‘bridge structure’. Turn around and grab the ceiling, follow the grated walkway to the crossbeam. Run forward and left onto the far end and then jump down left onto the grated walkway there. Pull up in the alcove behind the pillar near the far wall and use the lever (4) to open a gate in a passage on top of the structure. Back down on the walkway and use the ivy on the pillar to climb one floor up, turn right, go to the middle and go right onto the crossbeam, you can grab up to the top there. Go around the central pillar to the passage where you opened the gate (see 4).

In the next yard, go to the far wall, into a storage room and get a small medipack from the far left corner. Go out and jump straight up the tower from the back, this is the only side where you can grab up to the top and get the Detonator Key. A bunch of Guards and dogs will be running in from the passage you came from, so deal with them. Go out through the passage you came from, back in the Courtyard with the Bridges, make your way down to the crates and pull the middle one back out and push it aside to open the passage again. Follow through and in the next room go right through the gate. Use the Key on the Detonator and blow up the wall.

Dark, Dangerous Tunnels.

Back in the large room go right, through the blown up gate and in the dark part left, slowly through the barbed wire and jump over a deep pit. Hang into the next pit, drop and slide a bit, then jump over a pit and slide to a passage with a ladder. Climb up to a Courtyard, two Guards open fire; one drops a small medipack and Uzi clips, the other Shotgun ammo.

Courtyard, looking for a Gate Key.

Get onto the lower part of the pillar in the middle and jump to grab the ivy on the pillar under the bridge (entrance side) and climb up to the bridge, turn around to jump to the pillar and then to the next ledge, turn right and jump to grab the sloped wall. Shimmy left to a ledge. Drop down into the water on the other side, get some air first and follow the tunnel to a flooded basement with a dead guy floating around.

For a Secret; Swim towards the dead guy and keep right along the wall, into a low opening and just follow that winding tunnel to get to Secret #5, another Smugglers Map (5), and air up above. Swim back to the dead guy.

Willard’s Well.

Swim to the dead guy and left around the wall to find a hole up in the ceiling for air. Swim down and through a long winding tunnel to a green valley with lots of wildlife for you to kill. In the other end is Willard’s Well and in the water in front of it is the Gate Key. Swim back through the winding tunnel, get air and swim right around to the dead guy, right to the tunnel and back to where you dropped into the water first. Go climb straight up the blocks and drop down, in the yard right up the steps and open the gate.

Another Crowbar.

Go through, in the next place, go to the opposite wall and climb up the ivy next to the fence, shift to the right over the fence onto the bridge to get a new Crowbar we need much later. Climb back over, hop into the pool and face the fenced bridge, swim left into the small opening, next room swim to the right and find the underwater lever opening a gate where we go now. Swim back to the pool and go left under the fenced bridge, straight into the tunnel and through the gate.

Flooded Castle, Grenade Gun.

Take a right as you come in the next area and pick up Shotgun ammo, then roll and swim to the other end, pull up onto the slope left and just back flip into an opening. Grab the Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo hop back into the water and swim left into the passage. First right and in the back pull up the slope left, back flip and get the Grenade Gun there. Hop back into the water and swim to the central channel, take a right.

Before you swim into the tunnel in the back, turn right and climb out onto the ledge. Into the water in the back and right, climb out there in the dark and walk slowly through the barbed wire. Do not jump up, but Use Ctrl and forward to get on the higher floor. Shoot the grate and jump in there to go and get Secret #6, another Smugglers Map (6), get back to the water and turn left.

Crate Push Courtyard, another Hammer.

Before swimming into the tunnel, in the channel left are Uzi clips. Follow the tunnel to a channel with a grate, a bit further you can go up and out left where you will be immediately attacked by dogs and Guards. Here we have to get up to the high pillar in the middle and we need to move a bunch of crates to do that.

There’s one crate (1) standing all by its lonesome in the opposite side of the yard, push it twice against the other crates. Then push it left once against the high stack, turn around and pull/push that crate (2) against the first one. Climb up and move the higher crate (3) to the other end, on top of crate 2, now pull out crate 1 and move it to the side of crate 2 so you can push crate 3 next to the high stack. Now pull/push the last crate (4) close to the pillar and jump onto the pillar. First turn right and jump to the ledge with the ivy to get a Medipack. Get down to the ground again and look under the ledge you just came down from, close to the hole where you came out of the water. Get into the crawlspace in the ivy wall to get the Hammer.

The Sacred Sword.

Get out, make your way up to the floors in both ends of the yard to get Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo and in one of the corners on ground floor is a small medipack. Now were done, get to the pillar and turn left and jump to the passage, open the door using the Hammer and go through, follow to a room lit with wall sconces. Don’t get too close to them… First get a small medipack from the tomb on the right, then go to the door in the central structure. Open the door with the Crowbar (in case you don’t have it, go back to the yard with the crates, into the water and swim all the way straight, back to the fenced bridge. Look in the ‘Another Crowbar’ paragraph above, this time use that underwater lever twice to open the gate again so you can get back to the crowbar door).  Climb up and get the Sacred Sword. A gate opens opposite the crowbar door and a bunch of Guards and dogs come out, the Grenade gun works perfect…

One of the Guards drops a (you guessed it) Gate key. Go to the opposite side of the room and use that Key on the gate.

Spike wall.

At the drop off into the lower passage, I lit a flare, ran down while hitting the flare key again, because when Lara throws it while she lands and can immediately sprint a bit left and into a niche left to let the spike wall pass. Go into the passage in the back, and follow through to where you can jump up to the chopper…

G&D – Feb. 2019.