The Hidden Artefact.

Level by Osvaldo

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

5 Secrets, tasks related to the Secrets are in dark blue font.

To the right is a locked door (Secret, we’ll be back), next to it a sign on the wall.

…Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here…

The Shotgun.

Head into the Cave straight ahead (S), shoot a bat and jump or swim to the ledge on the right (E) to get a small medipack. In one of the corners of the pool (NE) is an underwater lever to open that gate S, swim in and to the left, up into a small room. Shoot the bats and grab Flares from the corner. Go through S, but be careful, a deadly floor in the next room. Shoot the bat and jump over to the ledge with the Uzi clips. Jump the ledges to the far corner and push the button to open the underwater gate you saw before. Jump back to the small room, into the water and left through the now open gate. Follow the tunnel up into a storage room; shoot a small box on top of the crates to find a Shotgun.

The Croc Pool.

Go to the bottom crate in this corner (SE) and pull it out and aside, push the button to open that small door in the other corner, shoot the incoming Ninja. Go through to a pool and shoot another Ninja, then take care of that Croc in the water (we’ll refer to this pool as the Croc pool). Swim to the closest SE corner and pull the underwater lever to open a gate near a boulder (for Secret later **). Climb back up near the entrance and go up the stairs to the upper level. In the S wall is a door we have to find the Tomb Key for.


Open the gate N with the lever left of the gate, shoot the barrier and slide down, jump with Ctrl over the Spike pit and the gate drops shut behind you. Shoot a bat and get Flares from the corner block. Face E and crawl to the Crowbar, just in front of that grate in the floor while Knives try to cut you down (Secret Tip: when you go back a bit and look through the gate you came from, you can see the Spikes in the pit are gone…, later).

Go through the passage E, the next room has two receptacles for Star; take the only possible way, right. In the next connecting room is a small medipack straight ahead in the niche, then go right into the W passage. To the left is a closed trapdoor, straight is a large cave; shoot the bat.

The Golden Stars.

From the edge take one or two steps back, hop onto the sloped pillar, jump again and then jump to grab the next slope, rubble falls down. Pull up and immediately jump, keep jumping and left around to end up on a safe ledge. Go into the passage and straight into the back (E), open a trapdoor in the floor and get down to pry the first Golden Star from the wall. Pick up Shotgun ammo and a Medipack behind you, climb out and head back into the passage. Take the first right, turn around in the end and spot the jump lever, a small door (x) will open in the connecting room, some way back. Loop right around into the passage with the ladder; a lever left of the ladder will open the trapdoor on top. Climb up and take a right, back to the connecting room. Straight into the door (x) you opened with the jump lever.

A room with a deadly floor, first jump to the right hand corner to get the Medipack and Shotgun ammo, then jump the ledges to the SE corner where you can pry the second Golden Star from the wall. By this time Corkscrews will come down from the ceiling, so quickly make your way back to the exit. In the connecting room go right (S) and in the next room you can use those Golden Stars.

The Snake Stone.

Go into the gate that opened and shoot a bat, grab up to the rope and plan your climb through the cutter. There’s no real way to get through unharmed, but you got some medipacks... In the passage is a monkey-climb on the ceiling, grab that and time the burners to get to the other side to find a Snake Stone. The lever in the corner will open the big gate (*) in the room where we used the Stars. Go back to the monkey climb.

Optional detour for a Secret: Turn left at the first burner, time it to drop and grab the crawlspace in a corner, wait for the burner to stop again and crawl in. To the left in a windowsill is the Lost Key. Go to the end of the passage and slide down to the other end of the monkey climb.

Go to the hole with the cutter (W) and just run in, W to the room where you used the Stars and take a right through the gate (*) you opened. Hop up left and crawl because Knives will appear, when they passed you can stand up again, go up the ladder around the corner. Follow through and open the small door with the lever next to it, you are back at the pool where the Croc was.

Detour for some Secrets: Jump over and go out W, follow to the storage, down into the water SW and swim straight N, climb out straight ahead and go to the yard N. In the end left where this adventure started is a small door you can open with the Lost Key. Hop over the crates in the back and first grab the 2 small and one large medipacks at your feet, then get Secret #1, a Coin. Hop back over the crate and shoot a Black Ninja. Make your way back to the pool, swim S through the water to the storage, the small door NE and you are back at the Croc pool.

Go left up the stairs to the upper ledges again and straight to the gate you opened before, slide down (backwards if you like) into that pit where the Spikes lowered before. Go through the crawlspace and shoot a bat in the cave, pick up a small medipack (against the E wall). To the N is the gate you opened with the underwater lever in the Croc pool (**). Run down the sloped floor, jump over the pit and step a bit forward so the boulder won’t hit you in the back. Pick up the 2x Uzi clips there. Go left and find Secret #2, a Coin, there’s also a small medipack lying around. Go back, over the boulder up the sloped passage to the cave, walk into the lower part to push the button right, opening the exit gate to the Croc pool. Roll and go to the other wall (W) where you’ll find Secret #3, a Coin. Turn right and pick up the Uzis and Uzi clips, Flares and more Uzi clips around the corner. Head into the opening E, follow the tunnel swimming up and out to the Croc pool.

The Library.

Go up to the upper ledges, W side and into the opening under the zip line, kick the small door to get to a Library of sorts. Shoot a Ninja, on top of the bookcase W is a button opening the door left of it, NW is a box with Shotgun ammo. Go into the open door there, shoot a guard dog.

Push the button left of that hook in the W wall, a bookcase opens in the previous room.

Secret: Turn around and in the SW corner is a dark tapestry, grab up into a crawlspace behind it, go get Secret #4, a Coin, a Medipack and 3x Shotgun ammo. Get back out.

Go back into the room (E) and in the far left corner through the opening. Shoot a Black Ninja and grab the small medipack he will leave behind. There are some Flares to be found and then open the small door E.

You’ll come to a storage, pull the first crate on the left once and push it right into the gap E, climb up go right and pull the crate in the back all the way out to get behind it. Pull the next crate once, roll and loop around left, climb up in the corner where you revealed a button. The button will open another bookcase, in the room where de dog was. Before you leave SW, on a crate next to the exit is a box with Shotgun ammo underneath. Now leave W, in the next room go left and in the next right, right around the corner into the opening. Take the first left, through the spike trap to use the lever and turn back. Go left to the end and up the ladder, follow through and open the small door to a Courtyard.

The Courtyard, Timed Run.

Shoot the two Ninjas, the black one drops Uzi clips. At the W wall, left side is the receptacle for the Snake Stone; the gate opens up. Follow through the passage to a storage room and shoot a Ninja; he will drop Shotgun ammo. SW, against the S wall is a crate, pull it once and go behind to shoot the grate and get in, push the button to open a small door on the bridge in the Courtyard. Go back out, leave the storage room NE and in the Courtyard go right through the fence. Up the ladder (right) to the bridge and left (E), kick the door in and get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo, go out and straight across into the open door. In the next room with the deadly floor, jump from the safe floor at the entrance onto the crate on the left, to the next with the Flares and then to the right into the corner with the button. A crate will be lifted in the Courtyard. Jump back to the entrance; shoot the Ninja while you go back out to the bridge.

The Tomb Key.

Jump and grab the crate on the right and from the crate to the Timed jump lever on the block. Another small door opens up and a dog (on pills if you ask me) will come out and goes looking for you. Best ignore it, run S, pass right of the crate and up onto the low crate under the bridge and turn around to grab up to the bridge, turn right and sprint into the door (in case you missed it, back up the ladder to the bridge in the lower part, to the suspended crate to get to the jump lever).

The passage left (with the trapdoor) is for getting back down later, just follow the passage straight to a library, shoot the Black Ninja and climb the bookcases he came from (SE). Climb up left and jump over to the button on the other side of the room, jump back across and look up N to spot the open bookcase. Jump and grab over there, go in and loop around left to a button opening the next bookcase, up and NW. A button in there will open the last bookcase, back in the first room, so follow back S, down to the ground floor and opposite the entrance is the new opening (N). Light a flare, hop over the spike pit and use the Timed lever, roll and turning left a bit, run jump over the pit, go left out of the passage and left into the opening (left of the entrance). Inside you’ll find the Tomb Key.

Turn around and jump up in the corner (twice), use a button there to open the exit and drop down. Leave S, back into the passage to the now closed Timed door, take a right and use the lever over the trapdoor to open it and drop down. Go into the Courtyard and a wide variety of Ninjas will be coming in for the next couple of minutes, they emerge from all the dead-end side passages. I found one small medipack and Shotgun ammo they dropped.

After a while, one Black Ninja (the last of the bunch) coming from the NE corner passage will be carrying the Blue Stone, which can be used to open a gate SE, inside are a Medipack, 2x small medipacks, Shotgun ammo and Secret #5, a Coin.

Back to the Croc pool, the Infada Stone.

Leave through the small door NE (N wall) and down the ladder, straight into the room where the guard dog was and left through the door, right through the small door (NE) and follow to the Croc pool, go straight and left to that door with the keyhole. Open it and inside hop from the tile at the entrance to the ledge with the Hidden Artefact, the Infada Stone, a door opens up in the Courtyard.

The Escape…

Jump back, go over the bridge into the opening you came from (W), left and right through the rooms and up the ladder again, out in the Courtyard another Black Ninja attacks, shoot him and go into the NW section where the door left opened up. Follow this long winding passage with a spike trap all the way back to the Croc pool, this time at the Zip-line. Use that to get into the opening across the pool and run around the corner to end the adventure…

G&D, Jan 2019.