TRA2 – Demo

Levels by SrDanielPonces and Bojrkraider.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Note: These levels have a new secret system, which is based on bonus secret items and they don't count as secrets, collecting them open access to different rewards, mostly postcards containing information about the area of the level and building process. In later levels the rewards will be props you can use. The 3 dragon secrets are still in the level and they count as secrets. In each level there are 3 of them - silver, golden, jade.

1: The Great Wall.
3 dragon secrets & 5 golden bricks.


When in game, type XMAS for a pleasant Christmas surprise (Lara will wear a nice Santa hat).

A Wooden Stick.

Go into the valley and see the chopper take off, go right to a small pool and dive in, swim into the right hand back corner, climb out and get onto the rock there. Follow the path and climb up E.

Secret: Turn right and hop back from the block grabbing the edge, go left around the corner, drop and grab to get into a crawlspace with Secret #1, a Silver Dragon. Get back, hang out and ledge jump up, shimmy right and pull up.

Turn right and jump back over to the other side (W), walk to the end and jump to the right onto the rock ledge, follow up and grab the monkey climb (A tiger showed up below, but he was too late, I was already out of reach). Climb over to the grassy ledge with the roots and grab the Wooden Stick. Get back and left over the ledge, hop to the ledge S and climb up straight to get to the entrance into the Wall. Shoot the spiders and in a window are Flares. Go right into the corner, face N and use the wooden stick to open that grate. Drop down, go up the steps in the left corner, jump over to a niche (N) with a lever opening the wooden door S. Get out to the wall and shoot the two ravens. Turn left and climb E over the wall near the Tower and get a Golden Brick (1/5).

The Muddy Key.

Well, you probably know; go down the land slide (W) down to the pool below, when you climb out left or right you can take on a raven and two tigers if you like. Back in the pool swim into the tunnel and around the corner is the Muddy Key, get back out.

The Stone Piece.

Climb out of the pool S and go SW, up right onto the hill and in the grass behind that bent over tree is Golden Brick (2/5), slide down go straight to the wall, get on the rock right of the plant on the wall, use the crack to get back onto the Wall. Shoot a raven and open the door S with the Muddy Key. Up the stairs left shooting spiders and go up the pole, upstairs move a block out of the corner and get the Stone Piece.

Back down the pole, up the steps and place the Stone Piece to open a door below. Down the stairs again and get out S, watch the flyby.

Left onto the ramparts, hang from the other side, drop to a crack and shimmy to the right all the way. Drop onto the rocks and go down into the valley for a Golden Brick (3/5). Climb back up in the NW corner, up to the crack, left and up to the wall.

The Rusty Key.

Go over to the other side, over the edge of the Wall and down to a small lake. Under the waterfall is an opening to a cave, two tigers are in there. Take a right and find a small medipack near a skeleton. In front of the other one sitting in the nearby corner is the Rusty Key. Go out of the cave, right through the lake and then left to the tree E where you can jump up the grassy hillside, next hop up you’ll find a Golden Brick (4/5), go down and return to the NE corner where you came into this area before and climb back up to the wall. Go up the steps, but it seems we cannot reach that keyhole.

Find another way in, another Stone Piece.

Go along the wall down the slope right and hang from the edge of the Wall. Shimmy right until you hang near that plant. Drop and grab the crack, shimmy to the right, drop again and grab and go all the way to the right to pull up on a ledge. Jump straight over to the other side, grab up to a crack, shimmy to the right around the corner and ledge jump up. Go up to the lock and open the door, inside are spiders, climb the ladder right and get the Stone Piece. Back down and you can open that other door  (N) with the lever, a kind of shortcut in case you need it. Go out of the room (W), go back down to where you climbed up and make your way down to the ledge at the tree, drop down there.

Down the broken stairs and into the structure W, climb the ladders to the top floor, pull/push that block out of the other corner so you can shove it down the hole in the floor. Get the block down to the ground floor and under the receptacle for the Stone Piece. The door behind you will open when you place it.


Through the door, shoot the spiders and get Flares from the skeleton. Push the block aside to get into the passage and slide down. Jump and grab that horizontal pole, swing and jump to the next, just keep Alt, Ctrl and forward pressed to swing from pole to pole and land in the passage across the pool OR you can wade through the pool, trying to avoid the darts.

Run along the right hand wall through the Blade trap and keep running, as you will cross a breakable floor over a Spike pit.

Traps and Spike Walls.

Up left is a steep slope, to the right a cave, don’t stop when you run into the cave and into the passage, the Boulders slow down, but they still keep coming, so save and hop along the left side over the Spike trap, you’ll slide down into a passage with spike walls, turn a bit left without walking and hop into the opening, quickly take a step forward (savegame.0).

Run long the right hand side over the break tiles timing the Blade traps and you can stop on the safe ledges, run to the next safe ledge and spot another Spike wall right, left of it you can just make out the passage you have to get to, so run, turning a bit left and jump straight into that opening, keep running as more Spike walls activate and keep right through the last room to jump towards that slope in the far right hand corner. I landed on the edge of the slope and the wall stopped just in time so I could save there, otherwise save while sliding down (secret hunters, scroll down). Roll when you land and turning right run onto the break tile to drop down into a cave with two cutters before the wall hits you.

For the Secret: You can see the Dragon down there, to get it you have to move fast. Just slide down and run to Secret #2, the Jade Dragon and pick it up fast. Back flip with roll to the right onto the break tile before the wall hits you (savegame.1)

Pick up a small medipack in front of the skeleton. Now take some steps back and sprint through the cutters on the right moment (seemed easier than a run jump) and in the next area spiders attack. Find Flares next to the skeleton.

Detour for a Secret: Go to the corner left of the zip line (NW) and slide backwards down a slope, safety drop down and you’ll see a crack, that’s for getting back up. Hop back grabbing the edge and drop onto the grassy ledge. Turn around and hop over to the ledge N, hang from the side and drop grab the crack, safety drop and slide down. Go to the far end where you’ll find Secret #3, the Golden Dragon and as a Bonus; a small medipack, Grenades and a Grenade Gun, which you can use right away on the T-Rex you woke up. But you have to get close. He is easy to kill with pistols too if you want to save the Grenades.

Bonus: the Wudang Relic.

Go back towards the other side, and go up left to where you can see a large opening up on the hill. You can run jump up there from the ledge left of the opening. There is a vicious T-Rex around so be quick about it. Run to the far right hand corner of the lair and grab the Wudang Relic. Get back quick and run down through that big opening. Straight to a rock W and jump up to a crack, right around and back jump to grab the crack behind you. Right around and ledge jump up to the grassy ledges. Jump over (S) and up to the crack in the dark rock S and shimmy left around all the way to the end. Then jump up to the ledge at the zip line.

Use the zip line and drop onto the plateau, shoot two incoming Tigers and go through where they came from. Right around the corner, behind that camp fire is a Golden Brick (5), the postcard is yours (press F8 ingame to examine it)…. Approach that door and watch the cut scene…

Lara: "Pardon me, if that was just your way of trying the doors for me,"

Thug: "With the tommy gun on my key-ring,"

Lara: "Though not anymore, so, after you."

Thug: "Somehow you don't behave like you've got a monk's blood," the thug replies.

Lara: "I understand that somehow is in my favor, so indulge me about the dagger. I'd be indebted with your life."

Thug: "These doors are waiting for the right one, the right time to arrive, and then the dagger's blade will honor the hearts of those who believe." As he speaks, the thug withdraws a flask from an inner pocket and uncorks it. "So unless you pledge your loyalty as well. . . ."

Lara: "And which one is that?"

Thug: "To the sins and fortunes of Marco Bartoli!" he exclaims, drinking a toast. Apparently the liquid is poison, which causes him to choke and die.

Lara: "Perhaps not just yet, then,"

She then accesses the thug's laptop. "Aha! Gianni Bartoli. . . Via Caravelli, Venice."



2: St. Mark’s Square.
3 dragon secrets & 10 Venetian Masks.


Put on your running shoes; go left and over the bridge.

Open the door of that first little ticket booth and get Secret #1, the Jade Dragon.

Proceed along the docks and come to a bridge at a small park. Hop to the right from the bridge into the canal and swim straight into the narrow canal  (N), in the end, on the bottom is a Venetian Mask (1). Swim back towards the harbor and go right around the corner to climb out onto that small jetty. Go into the alley, loop left around the wall of the house and in the corner up left is a crack. Up to the rim above and left around the corner, back jump onto a balcony and get a Venetian Mask (2). Jump back to grab the crack and drop to the street, turn right (W) to follow the street and come to a street with the little fountains.

Take a right into a passage with columns.

Behind one of the columns on the right hand side is Secret #2, the Silver Dragon.

Go out E to the square but stay under the archway, go left into the dark alley straight to the end and left/right around the corners. At the next crossing go left and follow through. There is a gate left with a Xian Clan sign next to it. In the end of the street is a Venetian Mask (3). Go back and straight E to come to a canal. On a jetty left, across the canal is another Venetian Mask (4). Swim over to get it and then swim back S and get out, go left (E) along the canal and take a right into the street.

The Canal House Key.

Left in the side passage you find a door, a jump lever and a Xian Clan sign. Follow the street to St. Mark’s square (with the red tower) and take a right to that terrace with the tables, go to the bakery shop and the doors will open. In the back, to the right is a door, open it and follow the stairs down to a small storage, grab the Flares and use one to spot a block in the wall on the left, pull it out and go in to get the Canal House Key. Go back in the storage, look behind the crates in the SW corner, duck there and grab a Venetian Mask (5). Go back out, say bye to the shop keeper and out on the square go left, the first left is the street you came from, skip that one and take the next small alley left and at the corner look way up left, there are wooden doors.

The Canal House, Half of the Xian Clan Sign.

There are also two horizontal bars, stand near the second bar and face that window up in the wall (W). Use the Shotgun (look up to aim) and shoot the window. Run jump and grab the bar, swing to the next bar, then into the opening. Follow through, shoot the window and jump to the lever opening the doors left. Follow through over a bridge and open the house with the Canal House Key, a Baddy comes out, shoot him and grab the Half of the Xian Clan Sign. Inside you can shoot all the windows, but the important thing is that switch left to open a gate left of the house; you can see it through the window left.

Library/Bookshop, the House Key.

Go out of this house, over the bridge and out off the second doors, at the intersection take a left and around the corner to St. Mark’s square. Go straight (S) into the street left of the tower, to the right under the archway are doors that will open for you, go straight to open the door in the back. Follow around the corner and open the doors right. In the room go left to the table NE, climb on it and face N, stand back and hop up forward to grab the bar. Turn around (down key) and swing the bars to get to the balcony. Go left around and over the gallery to get a Venetian Mask (6). The door there leads back to the ground floor, better turn back and run to the end, then right over the gallery to the other side, right again and at the end is a small door to the office. In the first cupboard right is the House Key.

Another Venetian Mask.

Go out of the office, left and open the first doors, down the stairs and straight to get back to the street. Go left, straight over St. Mark’s square and right to that dry fountain go left into the alley in the back, then loop right around into a dark passage, to the left is a closed gate, step out the other end of the passage and left on the wall is a Xian Clan sign (later). Go into the alley next to the sign, over a small bridge and right along the canal. At the next corner you can see some poles over the canal, use the poles and the awning to get to that bridge further down and grab a Venetian Mask (7).

2x Bartholi Medallions.

Jump down SW onto those balconies, go to the last and hop right around the corner into the arched balcony, follow all the way around to the corner at St. Mark’s square. Hop onto the white awning, grab up N onto the balcony above. Follow through to the other side of the church and find Bartholi’s Medallion in the corner. Go back to the SW corner and jump over the balustrade down to the balcony on the red tower to get a Second Bartholi’s Medallion. Go back to the awing and safety drop down (you are at the back of the tower).

Secret Detour: On the other (W) side of the Tower, close to those tables on the terrace is a hidden trapdoor in the pavement, it looks a bit darker and lighting a flare or using binoculars will help identify it. Face the Tower and open it up, get down and up the ladder into the Tower, under the stairs are Flares. Go up and use the poles and platforms to get to the upper floor, in the back is Secret #3, the Gold Dragon, as a bonus you’ll get 2 small and  1 Large Medipacks. Around the next corner is a ladder with a closed hatch, that area is not accessible for Tourists.

Make your way back down the Tower, through the dark tunnel up to the Square.

Go NE, left of the church and at the dry fountain left into the alley in the back corner and loop around right into the dark passage.

The House, Half of the Xian Clan Sign.

Go through the passage, to get back to the house with the sign. Turn around and look up N at the street lantern, grab up to a thin roof behind that lantern and turn to the window and shoot it, either jump in from here or drop down and use the crack below the window to get into the house. Go left and up the stairs on the right. Open the doors straight ahead, the left hand liquor cabinet has Shotgun ammo. Shoot the electricity box on the back wall and use the switch to open that gate you saw before in the dark alley. Go back, down the stairs into the hallway (S) and right through the window. Back into the dark alley N and right through the gate you opened. Shoot the two dogs and open the house with the House Key.

First open the doors right and shoot the masked bandit. Right of the entrance is a switch opening a trapdoor behind the other door in the hallway. Open it and left is a Medipack, behind you is a ladder. Go up, back flip off and open the door, shoot two bandits of which one drops a Half of the Xian Clan Sign. Move one of the two tables against the N wall (pull one to the entrance first), climb onto the table and push a block twice into the room behind, go left and turn around to climb up to the room above. Use the switch to open a door and go left to a room with a Venetian Mask (8) on a small table in the far left corner. In the corner right of the open door is an empty cupboard, climb up to the windowsill NE and shoot the left hand window. Hop onto the balcony outside and get a Venetian Mask (9). Get back into the window and make your way back to the ground floor (or just safety drop down from the window).

Get out of the house, right around over the bridge to the dark alley and right, then left and straight to those poles you used before, left around the corner to St. Mark’s square.

The Boat.

Loop right around into the wide alley N; left around the corner, you’ve been here and go straight to the canal (E). Right to the bridge, dive into the canal, swim N and just follow through to get to the Boat. Hop in and go N, just around the corner stop at the left side and jump out (shift & left) into the dark niche to get the last Venetian Mask (10). As a reward the Masks appear in the screen and after they stop flashing you’ll get a postcard with info about the level.

Back in the boat and forward (W), the gate should be open if you used the switch in the Canal House. You’ll come to the canal with the coffee shop terrace. In the back is another gate, stop the boat in a way that allows you to jump out to the right onto the ledge where you can use the (combined) Xian Clan Sign.

The gate opens up, take the boat through and go to a jetty near the next closed gate. Hop out of the boat and from standing on the jetty, grab the crack in the corner of the wall (right). Back jump to grab the pole, swing and jump to the balcony near the water edge. Grab the crack in the other wall and jump up to the next. Back jump onto the balcony and from the corner of the balcony, run jump and grab the pole. Swing to the crack, go left around the corner and drop to the balcony below, jump to the next and then to the white awning across the street. Face E and jump over that fence into the alley…