Advent 2018 - Late for Christmas.

Level by Dreamfall.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Hotel.

First go left, into the bathroom and grab a Medipack, leave and go out to the corridor by opening the door with the button, go to the end of the corridor.

Repair the Elevators, a Fuse.

Lara: It looks like the elevator isn’t working…

Open the door right, go down the stairs and open another door, another staircase and you’re in a basement corridor. Climb up into the broken grate up left to get to the generator room with the elevator power unit in the back, a fuse is broken, we need a new one..

Open a small door right around the corner and see a cat run off with the fuse you were looking for.

Lara: Really?! Where did it go with the Fuse?

Crawl into that vent and go up a ladder, walk towards the pit with the fans and step back a bit, hop onto the sloped floor, jump twice to get to a flat part, turn left and slide jump to grab the duct, go straight through and end up with a lady on the toilet, get out quick… In her bedroom is that cat, grab the spare Fuse and get back into the duct, this time take a right and down in the end. Flip the switch to open the grate and your back in the generator room. Place the Fuse on the left (stand a bit diagonal) and see the elevator open up. Go back to that blue door in the corner and climb through the vent above the door, up the stairs and staircase to the corridor. Use the elevator to go down to the foyer.

Warning: As you may know, the TR4 Bike can get stuck in really everything, knowing that, getting off the road with the bike can cause annoyance (So try stay clear of objects and just stay ON the road).

Main Street.

Go left and right through the doors that opened there, a flyby of the town kicks in. Best just leave the bike there for now.

Lara: It seems that I’ll be late for Christmas…  (regarding the open bridge)

To the other side of the Bridge.

Face the hotel you just came from and go right to that fence, step through the gap in the fence into that alley. Pull that dumpster twice and climb on, turn around and hop onto the small roof, turn right a bit and jump to the roof above Main street. Line up straight and run jump/grab over to the roof with the wire. First jump to the last roof and back to pick up the Medipack. Now walk the wire (you can also roll by only using sprint) to the other side of Main street. Flip the switch to open a gate below (for creating a shortcut back up here if we need it later) and go left over the balcony.

Lara: Maybe there’s something in that store that can help me..

Breaking into the Shop.

Run jump to the right over the balustrade to the street in front of the shop, the front door is locked; let’s find another way in. Go straight into the dead end alley, from the snow in the corner you can grab up right onto the wall. From the wall run jump with a left curve over that fence and you can grab that walkway to safety drop down into the alley. In the back you can grab up to the walkway and pull up, hop around the corner and run jump to the next to get the Flares. Run jump and grab the roof at the truck and safety drop down into the backyard of the shop. Go around the truck and kick in the shops backdoor.

Conveyor Belt Puzzle, a Toy Crossbow.

Go right around to the ladder in the back and get to the first floor where the controls for the conveyors are, use the obvious left ‘forward’ button, then the one right of it (‘left/right’), then ‘backward’, then use the middle button again to go ‘left/right’ and also see another cover lift. Get down the ladder, side flip left over the fence and go up into the vent there, down to the start of the conveyors, push the button there and grab the Toy Crossbow. The front door of the shop opens. Before you leave, jump onto the block with the button and grab the Coins.

Climb back through the vent, go out to the backyard and use the crate behind the truck to jump over the fence. Go left to the wall and use the crate to climb back over.

Front of the Shop, Crate Puzzle, a Shovel.

Go left and to the woman that came out of the shop before and talk to her…

Woman: You want the Toy Crossbow Manual? Find my Cell phone that I lost near this lake and the Manual is yours.

Enter through the front door of the Shop, take a right, then left into the far corner and open the door, climb up to the storage and find a Tool Box we’ll have to break it. Left around the corner are a lift platforms and a switch.

Start with climbing onto the lift and up onto the corner ledge above the entrance, grab the Flares and flip the switch to open a gate and drop a trapdoor over the Toolbox. Get back down to the lift.

Flip the switch to lower the lift, pull a crate from the other side of the storage and push it straight onto the lift, flip the switch again. Climb onto the crate left of the lift and push the one on the lift to the lowered lift above the switch. Flip the switch once more and the crate goes up to the ledges above.

In the opposite corner is a crate with a green stripe, use that to jump and grab the ledges above (through the open fence) and go pull that crate you raised to the opened gate. Get down to the ground floor, flip the switch for the lift and climb up to the ledge above the switch to get to the crate. Push it into the open gate, down through the open trapdoor and it drops onto the Toolbox. Get down; push the crate aside to get the Shovel. Get down to the shop, out to the street in front of the shop.


A Cell Phone for a Crossbow Manual.

Hop over the fence left into the park below the bridge, go to the frozen lake and find that phone, with your back to the shop, use the shovel and break the ice with it, dive down to retrieve the Cell Phone and quickly get out of the freezing water. In the back of the park, left is a ramp so you can get out of there. Go left into the street and to the end where you’ll see a homeless person.

Give him the Coins and get Secret #1, a Snowflake (step back).

Go into the door left of him and loop around left…

We want to head up to the party, but the movable bridge isn’t activated…

In the windowsill is a small medipack. Go out, right through the alley to Man Street. Left and right to where a gate opened just under the wire you walked. Pull out the dumpster and climb up to the balcony, go left and jump down to where the lady is waiting for her Phone, give it to her and get the Toy Crossbow Manual (Sight), combine it with the Crossbow.

Detour for another Secret (can be done later too): Go around the park to the other side of the movable bridge, left of the gate with the Happy Holiday sign is a fence in front of an alley, you can crawl through the gap. Go to the back of the alley where you can grab up to a roof, hop around the corner to a small roof, turn right and grab up to the roof, shimmy left to the corner and pull up at a crate. Shoot that to get Secret #2, a Snowflake. Drop down; go into the alley between the two buildings.

The Crowbar.

Hop down into the park and go back up that ramp. Get to Main Street and right of the Garage door into the alley with the Dumpster again, climb up and hop to the small roof. This time go left over the small roofs in the alley and hop left into the open window. Lara looks left… Shoot the padlock on the ceiling hatch, climb up into the duct and crawl through to a dangerous place, hop right around the corner and grab the bars above to monkey climb right and left to the back. Through the next duct and drop down into the other part of the storage where you can get the Crowbar from the crate (screen of a fence in the park).

Through the Sewers.

Climb out of the window and drop into the alley, turn right and go through the street with the beggar, right to the park. Pass underneath the bridge and go left into the opening, crawl through the gap in the fence and open the crowbar door. Climb down the ladder to get to the sewers.

Lara: This party better be good…

The water means death! Jump left onto the block, then jump the slopes in the back towards the valve wheel in the alcove over the propeller. Slide far down backwards, back flip so you’ll land high up on the other slope and then you can jump in with a curve. Use the wheel and a gate opens in the other end of the sewers, use the slopes to get back to the block, jump into the entrance and now jump out right to the block on the corner, now you can just jump to the next block and into the open gate. Climb up right, follow through and use another valve wheel up left. The gate in the water opens up. Stand in front of the fence, hop over and quickly use the lever sticking through the opened gate to drain this trench.

Library, Bridge tender’s  House Key.

Now you can climb the ladder, push the button to open the door behind you and run jump into a decorated Library. Go to the opposite corner, a corridor with a closed door on the right and a ladder left. Go up the ladder into the doorway where we need a Key. Turn around and look up a bit into the Library to spot a horizontal pole, jump to grab that and swing to jump and grab the chandelier. Jump left to the one with Arrows and then jump back and left to the third one. Shoot the grate left and get into the duct and climb up straight into the next, follow through and shoot the grate (kneel, select crossbow from inventory and aim with the sight). Drop down and drop down again. In the back of the room is the Bridge tender’s  House Key on a pedestal.

To the Party Finally!

Shoot the crates at the door to get out, go straight up the ladder and open the door with that Key. Use the Crowbar on the lever and the bridge will go down. Get down the ladder, go right into the corridor and open the door with the button. Go get that Bike you left in Main Street and ride it over the bridge. The Party Gates will open up; go through to Town Square where everyone is waiting for the Party to start…

Go straight, left at the Church and leave the Bike at the next corner. Walk back a bit to the woman standing near the tree.

Mary: We’re just about to celebrate Xmas inside that building, but before we wanted to see the Xmas tree and the fireworks, but they do not trigger from here…

Turn around, go into the alley left of the Church and hop onto the crate.

Secret Detour: jump over the fence into the alley, get into the duct and get Secret #3, a Snowflake. Flip the switch to open the duct behind you and crawl out, hop onto the crate.

Jump up to grab up to the top of the Church and find a whole load of Fireworks. On the utility box next to the Fireworks is a switch, save there. First look for the Zip-line at the front of the Church, you’ll have to get there in a hurry. So flip the switch, turn left and jump onto the ledge at the Zip-line, quickly use the Zip-line to get to safety.

Watch the Fireworks and have fun at the Party…

G&D, Dec 2018.