Advent Calendar 2018- Croftmas Manor.

Level by tombraiderxii

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Mentioned savegames and other files are in this Folder.

When you wait a bit while the camera circles around you, a friendly fox will join you. No need to shoot him/her, it will follow you around…

Blue Goddess, The Snow Covered Laser Sight.

Go left and follow through to that blue statue in the distance, when you approach that little pedestal (best is to walk slowly up to those pedestals with hints, if you don’t, the game may freeze or the hint will not show):

Riddle Activated! The end of blue Goddess’ direct line of sight shall reveal the lens of truth..

Go in the direction the statue is looking (NE), climb up to the corner of the manor and pick up the Laser Sight (covered in snow).

For the Crowbar.

Go all the way E, passing the front door we need a Key for, at the corner of the manor is a block with some buttons. We need to push two of them to lower spikes on a staircase. Only use the ones E and W and all spikes should be down. Go around the corner and pick up Chocolates (small medipack) between the statues. Turn around and go up the higher floor W, find the opening in the floor and down a ladder to the staircase where you lowered the spikes. Down the stairs and to flooded basement, take a right and get a clue at the gate (pedestal). The new jump will be explained. Look up at the gate to spot the jump lever, run jump up against the gate, hit Jump again and the down key to jump back and then Ctrl to grab the lever (savegame.0). A block lowers underwater.

Go to the other end and swim down and right (W), to the right is an underwater gate, open it. Swim in, pick up Flares in front of the statue and to the right is where the block went down, pull the underwater lever. Spikes lower, swim back up to the surface and climb out W, grab up to the opening there and go through to the wine cellar. Right/left and shoot the small barrels between the large ones, pick up the Crowbar. In the room behind you, N, are Chocolates (small medipack). Go back to the water, leave E, up the stairs and climb the ladder, take a right/right to the front of the Manor.

Spare House Key.

When you walk up to the front door..

Lara: Where did I put that spare house key? I think the spare house key is somewhere up top…

To get there, turn right and go back a bit to that little snowman. Jump up the hill behind the little man and from the top jump left onto the windowed roof, run jump or side flip onto the roof W and shimmy to the flat part in the middle. Then grab up to the window above..

Lara: Oh dear… The spare key has been frozen to the window! If only I could pry it off with something… I think there were some tools in the cellar..

We’ve been there, so use that Crowbar to get the key and pick up the Chocolates (small medipack) left before those birds eat them all. Safety drop down twice landing in front of the door and use the key on the lock left.

When you walk up to those scales in the entrance of the Grand Foyer...

On the 1st day of Christmas my true love gave to me, ONE partridge in a pear tree (probably the clue we need 1 liter here, so we need 2 water skins).

Music room, Timed Run, button for the trapdoors.

Go up the stairs.. I think I can shoot those..  Go up to the first floor and left, all the way to the end (S) and left again to get to a button below the window there. Push it and a block will go up somewhere (1- for later, to get to the ropes). Open the door to the music room on the right (SW), go to the piano.. There was a rumor that playing a special song shall reveal a secret passage…

Slowly (or the game may freeze) approach the doors in the far right corner (NW) and open them, look outside, up left you can see a Cross on a big pillar. That’s where we have to get to. Go back inside, to the balcony doors on the right (S) and open them. Step out and get Chocolates from behind the fountain. In the NW corner is a ledge with a Timed lever, save there. Pull, roll and run to the door, inside and run jump a bit left over the balustrade, get to the doors NW and walk carefully to the right hand corner of the floor, turn left a bit and hop onto that slanted beam. Hop to the third one and climb up left to the white ledge, roll and run jump without Ctrl to the trapdoor, quickly jump forward (savegame.1). Go around to the back of the cross and push the button to lower trapdoors (2). Jump back to the slanted beam, hop left twice and then run into the opening of the manor with Ctrl.

Open the Grate, a Small Water Skin.

Go up the stairs straight ahead, on top look a bit down and on the left and spot a closed grate (see 3). Go to the right over the landing and jump over the corner (who put all those crates in my way).

Turn left and climb up left of the girl, walk into the right hand corner behind the girl and turn around. Stand jump forward and grab the rafter just left of the crate you are standing on (otherwise Lara won’t grab it) go to the far end and throw the floor lever, that grate opens up (3). Hop S onto the top of the bookcases and hop back to safety drop down, turn right and go left into the gap between the bookcases.

Lara: I don’t think she had water in that water skin.. I think she had too much eggnog…

Pick up the empty Water Skin (small).

Open the Grate, Choir Puzzle, Sheets of Music.

Return to the E side of the landing, jump the corner at that pile of crates and go to the top of the stairs. From the landing do a run jump around the crates and with ctrl to land in that opening at the open grate (3). Crawl through and hop over the balustrade (bit weird entrance this), go to that girl at the pedestal (SE).

There was a rumor that the conductor favored the one with the similar tastes. With the right motivation the choir of knights shall sing in a drunken stupor , but the soprano might have shattering vocals… The switch arrangement seems to match the choir of knights…

On the bookcase W are 4 jump levers (trapdoors lowered before (see 2), only one is safe. The light blue knight (soprano) standing apart is the clue, there’s another blue one standing NW in the choir. So we need to use the NW jump lever. Go to the W wall, jump against the wall and back jump to grab the top of the bookcase, go to the first lever left and hop back to grab it, the lanterns at the choir break. Go there and face the light blue one E, now back flip into the choir (no other way to get between them?). Pick up the Sheets of Music. Leave SE; open the door with the button, go right to the door to the Music room and use the Sheets of Music on the piano, a secret door to the kitchen will open up (for later).

A Torch.

Go down the Grand Staircase (E) and into the right hand corridor under the staircase and follow straight into the Games room. To the right, behind the curtains are Torches. Grab one; go back to the Grand Foyer, up the Grand Staircase and right. Open the first door left and take the Torch in, open the next door too and step out onto a balcony in the Games room. Go left and under the T-Rex head is a statue with a burning bowl you can just reach through the balustrade, ignite the Torch there.

The Lock Pick, the Key to the Arboretum.

Leave SE back to the Grand Foyer, stay on the first floor and go left and open the second door on the left. In the bedroom ignite the wood in the fireplace on the right. See doors open up, leave the Torch here where you can find it again. Turn around and go through the opening between the crates to the next room. Go left to get the Chocolates, then go out to the balcony through the doors opened by the fireplace. Pick up more Chocolates and use the Crowbar lever from facing E. Doors open up; they are up left of the balcony doors you came from.

Go along the balcony on the right hand side of the Mansion (NE), a gathering of guests here, you have to get onto the balcony where the guy is, so jump against that white corner pillar and jump back to grab the balcony (door with padlock). Hop to the corner pillar and jump E with a right hand curve to the ledge around the corner. At the end hop right around the corner to the small roof and a run jump to the ledge under those open doors (crowbar lever). Go inside and to the right and do a run jump with Ctrl through the top of the room, landing in the windowsill with the pedestal. Pick up the Lock Pick. Drop down and make your way back up to that balcony with the guy, or jump back into the opening you came from and follow the upper route back to that balcony.

Use the Lock Pick on the door and in the greenery is the Key to the Arboretum.

To the Arboretum.

From the balcony, run jump over the corner where the guy is (NE) and land on that brick arch. Jump and grab the white roof NW, shimmy right around to a ledge in the far corner and pull up, crawl to get the one and only Secret, a Snowflake. Turn around and crawl to the edge so Lara stands up. Hop down onto that pointy corner block and grab the edge to safety drop down. Turn around and go to the door and use the Key to the Arboretum.

Fish Statue Puzzle, Enchanted Present #1 and the Pool House Key.

Go in and to the right into the large area. Under the structure where the woman is standing (bit on the right) is a jump lever, use that to lower a block on a balcony for later. Go to the niche in the far right corner (NW) and use button 1/4 there (screenshot of spike gates). Now go out of the niche and left to the niche in the NE corner for button 2/4. Go out straight (stuck in a plant) to a brick wall (S), turn right and go over that white beam with the flowers to the block left in the next corner (SW), grab up and jump from the block onto the upper floor. Go to the far corner and face N, run jump and grab the left hand windowsill N.

From there jump SW to the balcony where you lowered the block with the jump lever before. Turn around and jump into the niche with button 3/4. If you can, jump back to the windowsill and then to the structure (or drop to the ground and go back up that block to get there). Go to the right (E) and jump to grab a balcony next to the tree on the big pillar where you can use button 4/4. The spike gates go down.

Safety drop down, go into the corner behind the big pillar (SE), face the brick S wall with that white beam right of you. Jump against the wall, back jump to grab the ledge above. Go right, hop around the corner to the ledge (E) and up the ladder there to the top of the structure, shimmy to the right as far as and backflip with Ctrl into the alcove E to get the Enchanted Present #1. Safety drop down onto the white ledge below (close to that ladder) and stand on the high part against the ladder, face NE and run jump to grab the monkey climb ceiling. Go to where you lowered those spike gates (savegame.2). Push the button and see a block go up outside. Safety drop down and leave SW. In that entrance room is a Fish statue you can push outside, over the block you raised and to the right onto the marked tile next to the block. The Fish statue goes up and the block goes down revealing the Pool House Key. Get that and open the big gate S with the button, loop right around the Mansion, enter through the front door.

The Kitchen, Saving Winston, Chateau Lafite 1964, Enchanted Present #2.

First go get the Torch; up the Grand Staircase and right, in the room SE and make your way back down the Grand Staircase and into the second left opening to the bedroom (NW). Then go down to the ground floor and go the left opening under that stairs. Ignore the first opening left for now and go passing that opened bookcase which seems to be the entrance to the Kitchen (opened by using the sheets of Music). Loop around that bookcase to the left and open the next door with the button and take the Torch in, go to the stove (that stove I can light manually with some fire) and ignite it. Drop the Torch somewhere safe and climb up on the right hand side of the counter at the small cabinet NW, grab the Chateau Lafite 1964, also grab the Biscuits (Medipack) next to the stove and Chocolates  from the other side of the stove. Now open the freezer S (Oh no, Winston has been frozen once again…There should be some way to warm him up), go in and push Frozen Winston out, put him in front of the burning stove.

Winston: Thank you Lara! Here’s my room key. I have left a present in there. I was going to bring it, but I got stuck in the freezer again. I need to stop doing that.

The Key to Winston’s room is in your inventory, before you pick up the Torch, go into the Laundry NW and grab the Flares, then go get the Torch and bring it with you to the corridor, drop it there for now. Go right into the foyer and open Winston’s room (SW). Go in and down to the bedroom, then loop around right into a corridor and shoot the lock on the door with pistols, go in and get Enchanted Present #2.

Inner Courtyard, the Bow.

Go back out to the foyer, left into the left hand corridor under the Grand Staircase and straight into the Games room, in the back, behind the Billiards tables is a lock you can pick. Go into the inner courtyard and left onto a hedge, run jump against the white pillar of the W side roof and jump up to grab the roof (savegame.3). Push the button on top to stop a flame under a button on the roof behind you (E), jump around along the roof on the right (N) to the other side and use the button there. A trapdoor opens up under a ladder in the N roof. Drop to the ground and go N up the ladder, when you see the ledge behind you, back flip and grab the Bow there, combine it with the Laser Sight.

The Pool House, Large Water Skin, Enchanted Present #3.

Get back down and go under the roof on the left (E) and open the door with the Key to the Pool House, go in and to the pool. Hop straight in and roll, open the underwater gate, swim in and use the underwater lever to open a gate in front of a target as shown. Swim out and right, climb out at the Fish statues and climb up on one of them, look W and shoot the target in the crawlspace to lower a first fence. Now go to the NW corner, get onto the niche behind the bench and face S, you have to jump up that wall to get to the balcony and it is a pretty nasty jump to get right (savegame.4). Use the crowbar lever up there (of course from the back side) and the other fence lowers also.

Get down and to the opposite corner (SE) and up the stairs you opened. Upstairs loop left and use the button in the niche SE to lower a block, revealing the Water Skin. Go to the other side, where you see a woman looking up to a cage with a woman on top. Stand with your back to the cage, jump up against the wall and jump back, hard to grab the top, but do another jump up holding forward, you will land on top (savegame.5). Hop to the arch S of the cage and then right to the statue. Hang from the side of the pool and drop to grab the jump lever opening a gate (x). You’ll land on the diving board; go left and up to a button in the niche N. There are 4 buttons along this side, from right to left only use the 1-3-4 numbers to kill the flames in the passage W (where that gate x opened). Follow in and push the button to lower yet another block, this one with a Present, above the water skin.

Get out, jump into the pool and climb out at the left hand Fish statue (SE), climb on top and don’t stand exactly on the corner, but one step back to stand jump against the wall under the niche (S), jump up and grab the edge to get the Enchanted Present #3. Drop down and get the Water Skin (Large) from the niche below. Go out of the pool house (W), take a left in the courtyard and through the Games room and through one of the corridors to the Foyer…

Shooting Targets, a Nicely Packaged - Giftbox/Chateau Lafite 1964.

Look up over the Grand Staircase and now you can shoot that brass ball (N) above the Xmas wreath (if you immediately release the look key you might get the screenshot of what happened. A passage upstairs is shown.

Up the stairs, right and left into that open door right (NE), go in and left, this is where a trapdoor opened by shooting the target. Jump against the back wall then jump back and up to the upper floor (I used no Ctrl). Go left, out onto a balcony in the Games room and jump over to the balcony left (W) where the woman is. Go in left and follow through to a button opening a gate behind the glass window. Jump back to the other balcony and down the trapdoor to make your way back to the Grand Foyer. When there, face one of the brick pillars (near the T-Rex) and jump up against it, back jump and grab (or land in) a triangular opening with a curtain, follow in, shoot some barrels if you need to and get a Nicely Packaged Giftbox from the pedestal, combine it with the Chateau Lafite 1964 and get the Nicely Packaged Chateau Lafite 1964. Get back down to the Foyer.

Dining room, Shooting Targets, Enchanted Present #4.

Go W and open the door right (NW). Go straight and open the next door too, go left over the balcony and left again onto the balcony of the Dining Room. Look up and shoot the 3 Brass balls, ropes appear. Go to the other side (W) and to the block you raised when you pushed the button in the Grand Foyer, first floor S (see 1). From standing in the windowsill, jump up against the block and grab up to the top. Run jump to the first rope, swing to the next and turn left or right to get to the next rope, swing to the jump lever (there are two, one each side). Do the whole thing again and see a fence go down at a fireplace, below in the Dining Room (savegame.6). Leave E, right to the small door and through to the Foyer, down the Grand Staircase and into the left hand corridor under the stairs. Pick up the Torch (in front of the Kitchen, or go get a new one and ignite it as before).

Go straight N, into the Games room, left to the Dining room and to the fireplace W, step in a bit and ignite the Wood. Another one of those secret doors opens up. Go back to the Games room E, this time take the left hand corridor S, to the left is that open secret door where you can get Enchanted Present #4. You can leave the Torch as you won’t need it again.

Swap Gifts, Enchanted Present #5.

Go to the Foyer (S) and loop right around into the other corridor, left to that woman you might have seen a couple of times…

House Guest: Want to swap presents? I’ll give you a gift for some Nicely Packaged Chateau Lafite 1964.

If you didn’t yet, combine the Nicely Packaged Gift box and the Chateau Lafite 1964, give the woman what she wants and get Enchanted Present #5.

The Scales Puzzle, Enchanted Present #6.

Go right to the Foyer, up the Grand Staircase and right, right around the corner and open the first door left, the bathroom. Step into the bathtub and use the Water Skins.

Fill the small skin. Combine it with the empty large, fill the small skin again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small skin. Leave the 5 litres in the Large skin for later.

Go down to the Foyer, to the scale and facing the front door, put the 1 litre water in the left bowl, the scale will balance and the door opens left of you. Go in there and pick up Enchanted Present #6 and Chocolates  on the left (you can open the doors (SE) to the balcony, but we’ve been there already, for the Crowbar).

Pythagoras Puzzle.

Go back out the room and up the Grand Staircase, left to the small door on the right (NW), inside go left and open the small door there to get to another large room with crates. There are two glass doors, one up E (“punishment door” where you have to get to in case you used a wrong sequence) and one down W (onwards). First go to the far side (W) and get the hint at the small pedestal..

Solve this riddle, and you shall pass

1 Pythagoras loved this so much he has a theorem for it. (=triangle).

2 This is a rectangle, but not all rectangles are like this.  (= diamond)

3 The World was once believed to be flat, but it was proven to be like this. (=circle)

In the corner right of you (NW) are crates, pull push the (low) crate on top of the others to the corner, stand jump from the crate to the wall and jump up to grab the niche with the triangle. Push it, roll and run down onto the crate.

Go back towards the entrance and climb onto the highest crate just in front of where you entered (SE). Face N and jump to that small balcony, turn around and jump to the one on the right (SW), then hop up straight to that rafter left of the pillar. Jump W into the niche with the Red diamond button and push it.

Now go back to the NW corner and back up to the triangle, grab the block left of it and shimmy left around to the last button, the circle. Push it and the glass door below opens up.

(In case you did a wrong combination, go to the NE corner, pull/push a crate so you can jump up and grab the ledge above, go into the open “punishment” glass door and push the button inside to reset the puzzle. A gate opened up at the other end of this passage, pick up Chocolates before you drop down and start over).

Two Scales Puzzle, summon Saint Nicholas.

Go out through the glass door W and approach the small pedestal.

When the pink Goddesses have settled their differences and balanced the scales, they shall summon Saint Nicholas.

Go to the left hand Goddess.

Left: On the 4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me, four calling birds, THREE French hens, two turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

Well, we should still have a full Large water skin (if not, scroll down), combine it with the small and get 3 litres in the small and two in the large. Face the bowl looking towards the Goddess (face S) and put the water (3 litres) in the bowl. Go to the other Goddess..

On the 2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me, TWO turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.

And that’s exactly what we have left in the large skin, so go to the bowl facing N and put the water in. A flyby kicks in and shows an open door in the Inner Courtyard.

(To get water in case you didn’t have it, there’s a small pool below this puzzle floor, but I could not find a way back up. So the only way was through the gate S left around the Mansion and through the front door, up the Grand Staircase, left to the small door right (NW), inside go left and through the small door there again).

Hop over the fence to a slope W and go to the gate S on the bottom, open it with the button, go straight and left around to get back to the front door and into the Grand Foyer.

Meet Santa, Using the Enchanted Presents.

Go through one of the corridors to the Games room, out the back (N) to the Inner Courtyard and the door left (W) has opened. Go in and meet Santa..

Santa: Why hello Lara! Merry Christmas! I seem to have misplaced some very special presents… I can’t return home without them…

Go around the room to place the 6 Enchanted Presents, the Final flyby kicks in as you saved Christmas…

G&D - Dec 2018.