Summer Adventure.

Level by Dear departed Mugs repaired and made playable by Sponge.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions (2015).

We were still fully into the Beta test of this level when the HD crash happened on mugs PC, at the time it was impossible to recover the level without having to re-texture the whole project again. So it was abandoned. There still was the first incomplete draft of a walkthrough (which was included in the download by someone). This is a revised walkthrough based on the repaired project.  

Mentioned savegames/files are in this Folder.

1 – Isle.

The Beach.

Go crawl out of the cave and shoot the Baddy there. Go follow the N rock wall to the W, go around the corner to a slope. Jump up and get Secret #1, Shotgun and Shotgun ammo, get out and go W to that bent palm tree.

Another Baddy might turn up. Behind the tree you can get down to the lagoon and swim around to lure some biting fish out (in total 3) and kill them from the beach at the palm tree, or just deal with them when they show up later.

Into the Barracks.

Go around to the S over the dunes and maybe you can already shoot the Baddy there. Jump in the water there (SE pool) and swim W keep the wall on your left, into a small crawlspace for Secret #2, Revolver clips. Swim back and climb out on the sand. Then make your way to the SW and walk up the path towards the SW barracks. Behind them is another Baddy, get his small medipack.

Shoot the barrier in the corner and step onto the breakable planks. Fall down and loop around to the right, you might need to crawl a bit around and in a dark corner face N and jump up to pull down a trapdoor. Turn around and hoist up, open the door and around the corner to the right open another door. Follow through and at the end shoot n oil drum to get a small medipack, then shoot the barrier and flip the switch there opening a grate in a duct. Grab up to the grate on the right (N) and get into the crawlspace on the left. Follow the duct through and lower onto some steps.

Go down and loop around to the right and shoot the Baddy there. Use the switch there and get out, the door on the left is open (E). First go back to the steps; up the first one and look up right to spot a crawlspace that also opened up, get into the crawlspace for Secret #3, Flares, a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Get out and go through the door (E), there are two Baddies coming up the steps, take care of them. Turn around and on the left of the open gate is a jump lever on the side of the block. Now go down the steps, climb onto the crate and flip the switch (Trapdoor underwater opens *).

Back to the Beach, Underwater Access, the Keys.

Time to go back, up the steps, then to the right up more steps and through the crawlspace on the right. Get down and through the door, to the right through another door and down the hole in the corner. Get out the hole (E) and you have to go now into the water (the big pool) swim to the far E, pass that tall plant on the right (still going E) and through an opening which is covered with nets. There is a hole in the middle you can swim through and on the left is a breathing hole.

Face S and dive down, swim straight ahead and almost at the end is another small hole in the net on the right side. Loop around to the right and swim up a bit and through a crawlspace and left around the corner. Swim straight (S) and go to the right into the building and up through the open trapdoor * to get some air.

To the right is an underwater lever and after using it turn and swim up there. Climb out and follow through and around the corner left is a Timed switch (this opens another trapdoor **).

Timed Swim with two possible routes:

1 - First turn around from the switch and shoot out the wall (N) behind the desk. Then use the Timed switch, run behind the desk and just run into water, then roll and swim S, around the corner, then down, follow around the corner and up through the trapdoor**.

2 (Slower and longer) – Roll, go right back into the passage E and into the water and swim S all the way to the end, around a corner and then down, follow around the corner and up through the trapdoor**. (Savegame.0)

Shoot the Baddy, and pick up the Keys he drops and on the desk is a small medipack. On the S wall is another switch to open the timed trapdoor again.

Back to the Barracks, using the Keys.

Swim back to the air hole where you see the underwater lever and better get some air before leaving this building, when you are out make a loop around the nets to the right for a small medipack. Swim through the crawlspace (N and up right) and the hole in the netting on the left, loop around left and swim straight to get air (in the breathing hole) if needed.

Turn and swim down again through the netting on the right and straight (W) to the islands. On the left you can climb up (small stone triangle) and make your way over the sand to the building you were in already (SW). Drop down through the opening but now go straight to the ladder there. Stand on the planks to break them and use the ladder to get down. Follow through and up some steps and use the Keys. Pick up the small medipack and use the switch in the corner, an underwater door opened. Then go to the desk and get the LOAD and read what it says.  

Secret Lab entrance – “X” marks the spot.  

Back out again, up the ladder and backflip. Then up to the outdoors and to the water edge. Jump in on the left (SW pool) and swim to the wall W. Turn to the right (N) there is a small opening swim in and immediately take a left into a narrow opening.

You’ll see a big X on the floor, dive down there. On the right is a closed door, so go left to the Sea Lab and the level changes.


2 – Sea Lab.

Swim further and pick up the Revolver. Lara gets shot at so get out fast and kill altogether 5 Baddies. Man…!

On one of the desks NW is a Medipack, on a desk NE are Revolver clips. Go in the door (E wall) and on the shelves right are Revolver clips. Go out and climb the cupboard on the left and use the Timed button. This opens a door in the N wall near the desk where you got the Medipack (up right).

Laser Maze.  (laser.jpg)

Once in, a trapdoor opens, so turn around and hoist up. At the end you come to a laser sort of small maze. The trick is to run after the lasers into other corridors to let the laser pass but watch out, as there are lasers in there too. Just standing at the beginning of a corridor might be a safe place, like where you start (green square).

So run off a bit to the left when the laser on the left is going and get into the first corridor on the right. Run in fast and left into a short safe passage. Save here don’t you think..

Walk to the SE corner, look in the back passage you can see and when that laser goes right, run in there and left, around the corner is a button opening a trapdoor (1). Go back to the corner and face W, you have to get to the very end of this passage, using the two side passages on the right to let the laser pass by.

In the end turn around and climb the ladder to a Timed button (2).

Use the button and jump down avoid the lasers again to get to the long corridor. I ran after the laser to the second opening left so I could make a saved game. Now go N and take a right and run after the laser and take the first right. Pick up the Medipack (savegame.1) and safety drop through the trapdoor (2).

Power Room.

You’ll drop into a room full of lasers. Just time them and watch out for the floor in the next room S, it is deadly. To the right is a small electric cart, jump to the left and Lara looks at the corner. Take a running jump plus roll to the slope in the corner. Jump up and grab the monkey swing. Go forward to the wall and take a right, near that glass door is a jump lever. A door opens (3). Jump up to grab the monkey swing again and go all the way back, turn left at the far wall and go on passing the glass windows. At the slope there, turn left and hang left, drop and jump curving a bit to the left to end up that ledge. Jump back into the entrance (N). First run to the safe spot in the middle, turn left. Run to the wall (W) and backflip on the slope, jump and grab the ladder. Shimmy all the way to the other side till the middle, when Lara’s feet are on the ladder and then backflip into a passage you opened (3).

Use the button to open the next door and proceed. Go left or right and try to shoot the Hags down below in the water. If that doesn’t work, jump over the railing and get out quick at the ledge E. There are also two Baddies there so kill them as well. On the red box is a Timed button. Jump to the right (S) as there is the door; try not to grab the floor, but land without Ctrl. The Baddy on the same side left some Revolver clips you might want to go get those first (savegame.2).

Access Disks.

In the next room are 3 Baddies, the desk on the right of the entrance (S), has Revolver clips the one on the left has the Access Disc. The shelves a bit further on the left, has a small medipack. Go to the terminal and use the Access Disk.

Go in and get Revolver clips from the shelves and flip the switch on the left. A trapdoor behind Lara opens (SW), climb up to the next floor. Jump over the walkways to the opposite side, go straight (N) and shoot two Baddies, one of them has another Access Disk. 

Open one of the doors there and go up onto the control panel, turn around and shoot the grate and climb in. Lower down at the other end and slide down. Best try to shoot 3 hags and save at the Timed switch right. Jump out onto the (hard to see) platform and hop clockwise around the tower and on the top run jump over the fence onto the balcony. Run straight into the open door (S) (savegame.3).

Pool Hatch, Yellow Fuse.

Climb the ladder there and follow through. At the end get in a crawlspace on the left, follow to the end and shoot the grate and lower down. Open the door then use the button NW.

Go through the opened door and the door at the end of this passage opens up, go out to the right and right again up the ladder there. Jump in the water and use the underwater lever. Swim through (you’ll get a camera shot of a Hag, swim back, luring the Hag with you. Climb out and shoot it. Then it is back into the water. Swim through the fence (W) and pick up a Yellow Fuse a bit to the left on the sandy floor.

The Docks Area.

Swim up at the W side and climb out and go to the right to place the Access Disk in the terminal. Go in and shoot the two Baddies in the Docks area. Go right and follow the walkway, at the end go to the right through a triangle opening. Jump onto the rocks on the left and turn to the right, take a running jump (no Ctrl) into the opening on the left there (NE). Follow through and enter the Loading Dock on the right, shoot a Baddy and a workman. Pick up Revolver clips the Baddy leaves behind.

The Blue Fuse.

Push the block in the entrance to the crates W and pull it twice to the S, leaving it between the other crates. Go over the grated floor to the (E) end and open the trapdoor there. Jump in and lower yourself to the bottom (just run in, the grate was a bit buggy when you safety dropped in). Shoot the workman and behind this stack is another trapdoor. Jump down and use the button at the end. Get out and climb up 2 floors. Get back out facing N or S (the grate is buggy, so just jump up through the opening). Go up into the W room and push the crate in there out of the room. Then push that crate to the right (S) and then pull/push it to the end of the stack (E).

Climb on top and here comes a jump that was still being worked on, the ventilators on the poles caused a bit of a bug when trying to jump and grab the pole. A normal jump and grab doesn’t work. Line up straight, do a run jump holding Ctrl, that way I was able to grab the first pole E (savegame.4-on the pole).

Jump forward (just Alt) to the next pole and go up 3 grabs, then jump again without Ctrl to land on the balcony (E). The Submarine dock, go to a button on the far wall (E) and open a door on ground floor with it (shortcut back up, another door opened behind the first crate you pushed, SW in the loading dock). Go back to the balcony (NW), stand on the control panel right (N) and look up at the ceiling where the poles are. There are different grates in the ceiling, only the ones with the “sideways” light fixture are climbable, so run jump and grab the ceiling, go straight to the first pole, then left to the other side, right and at the next pole right again to the N side, then left and straight to the W balcony.

Shoot the metal panel and flip the switch inside. If you wait a bit you’ll see a blue door opening. Jump down onto the crate below and down through the trapdoor E again, the door is in the left wall (S). Pick up the Blue Fuse to the right; go to the closed blue door left, it opens up. Shoot the Baddy (you don’t have to) then push the button on the far right under the sign: Auxiliary hatch (X). Go out, up the crates and leave the building (N). Take a left on the balcony and drop down into the dark cave, go straight to the water edge (S).

Go over the ledge to that sign “Danger” and just before it drop in the water there. Roll and swim (N) into the cave. In the far right corner (NE) is the underwater door you opened (X). Swim in and at the intersection take a right, around the corner is an underwater ceiling lever. Swim straight (N) and around the corner keep straight and use the next underwater ceiling lever on the right there. Now swim to the intersection and go left (N) and at the end climb out.

Poison Gas!

On the panel on the right is a button; this opens a door. Go through, the door closes but the poisonous gas room opens. Go in and to the right, in the far back is a button (Couldn’t kill the bloke there so just ran past him). Push it and run back and before going through the exit door, jump to the ladder above the door, go up a bit and back flip with roll. Follow through and shoot out the grate.

Crawl in and to the left is the Laser Sight (and a closed door with what looks like a shootable red lamp) go to the other side and drop down. Pick up Revolver clips and jump up to the ladder and climb off on the right. Go to the button E and have Revolver and Sight ready (and maybe take a small medipack?). Flip the button and turn, shoot the red dot (savegame.5), a hatch opens (xx) and then get back into the crawlspace. Go to the left and up the slope into the airlock, the door on the right (W) is now open. Follow through, down a ladder and turn around to use a button. Go out and into the water right, swim straight, left, right and right, to the Auxiliary hatch, bit hard to get through, but then take a left to the docks.  

Back to the Loading Docks.

Climb out right around the corner and go through the triangular opening into the dark cave (N), left up the rocks and jump into the opening as before. Follow around into the Loading Dock.

Secret Detour: Down the trapdoor in the grated floor again and through some open bay doors in the NE. Shoot the worker, climb the crates N. Push one away and use the switch. One of the cranes (NE) has a rope, get on the rocks in that corner and jump/grab the rope and swing to the other side (S). Grab Secret #4, a Relic, safety drop down. Get back into the building again and up the trapdoor to the Loading Dock.  

Pull that crate SW out once and climb over, out the shortcut doors to the Docks, shoot the workers. Go to the walkway on the left (SE), loop around left and up the ladder through the open hatch (see xx).

Shoot the Baddy and place the two Fuses. Shoot the blue crate and get the Statue of Bastet. A window might have broken behind the blue crate (if not, shoot one), just jump out and go over the walkway to the left (S), turn right at the end and jump through the opening in the fence to the platform with the cranes. From there jump into that boat hanging from the crane. You’ll drop with the boat into the water, start it up and go through the door straight ahead (W).

Watch Lara returning the Statue to the Museum…


G&D,  Dec. 2018