The Mystic Temple.

Level by LionGirl_90.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Go up the stairs; climb straight up into the crawlspace for Secret #1, Broken Glasses (only one that made sound and none of the Secrets counted in the stats). Drop out, shoot some pesky bats and go left and to the back where you’ll find 3 statues, pull the ones at the back wall aside, pick up some Flares and move the third one too for a small medipack. Then get into the crawlspace NW.

Hub Room with 2 Doors, Cartouche Piece II.

The next room has two doors, left and right as you enter. First go straight to the water and hop in, follow the flooded staircase to a wider room, keep right to the back (NE) for air, dive down and find Secret #2, Broken Glasses in the corner behind the plants. Now swim down into a shaft behind one of the lion statues (N), get out at the end and pick up the Shotgun, Flares and a Medipack. Go into the room and shoot the Demigod, on a ledge in the middle of the room is Shotgun ammo, pull the pillar out of the NE corner to get into the crawlspace.

Next is a room with a pool, in the corner right is Cartouche Piece II. Jump behind the statue in the niche to get Secret #3, Broken Glasses, hop out and into the pool, swim up the staircase and get out. Climb up straight ahead and loop around right to the Jump lever. Leave through the opened door and you are back in the Hub room.

The Uzis.

Loop right around up the staircase (N), enter the room with the dogs, shoot some Bats, get a small medipack straight ahead and Flares from a vase next to the Cartouche receptacle. Enter the passage right of the receptacle (NW), follow up to a room, go around left into the SW corner, hop up left for Secret #4, Broken Glasses. Get out of the corner, look for a jump lever on the E pillar and open the door with it. Shoot the Hellhound and enter the open door to get the Uzis near the dead guy. Return to the previous room; go up SE and down the stairs to the room with the Dogs. Go to the opposite corner (SE) and get Secret #5, Broken Glasses, go to the passage SW.

Cartouche Piece I.

Follow up to a slide, choose how to do this, just slide and jump from the slope to the ledge, or slide backwards, grab the edge and do a back flip. Shoot the Bats, jump down to the SE corner for Secret #6, Broken Glasses and jump back to the ledge. Jump W to the statue and left into an opening. Shoot an angry Indian and go up the long staircase to where some Bats attack. Don’t go down into the right hand corner with the plants, you cannot get out… Go through the opening (N), find Cartouche Piece I, combine it with the other piece to get the Ba Cartouche and grab the small medipack before you leave N. next room left in the back is a jump lever opening the door back to the Hub room.

Head up the stairs (N or S) to the Room with the Dogs and use the Ba Cartouche in the back, the door left opens up. Go up to the Room with the Bulls. Pick up a small medipack, go up into the NE corner, climb up and go backwards into a crawlspace. Follow the passage down to the Revolver. Back up to the Room with the Bulls and into the passage left (S).

Spike Bags.

Go up to a hallway with Spike bags, stand left against the wall and run jump through when the bags go right, run left around the corner behind the next set, turn around and crawl to get Secret #7, Broken Glasses. Run out left and jump through the last set. Drop down into the lower part of the hall with the slopes and get down in the back behind the plant to get Secret #8, Broken Glasses, get back up to the entrance and start jumping the slopes to get to the other side, right hand corner. Follow through and in the next Hall, down to the lower entrance ledge. Go down the S side and into a pit between the two tall pillars to get Secret #9, Broken Glasses. Climb back up N to the entrance ledge and go left, hop over the ledges and slopes to the opening SE.

Next slope has a Spike ball, sprint down and jump over the pit. At the end jump into the water, follow to a large flooded hall and go right to another tunnel, follow through to where you can go up for air and then swim back a bit to find Secret #10, Broken Glasses between the plants. Return to the air pocket and climb out.

In the next hallway, and left around the corner is a small medipack, use the jump lever on the last pillar to open the door in the right hand corner. Kill the Demi God.

In that corridor, between the statues is the Laser Sight along with some Revolver ammo. Go to the far end and climb up to slide down into the Room with the Bulls. Now go into the opening on the left (N), to the right, behind that stone bench is Secret #11, Broken Glasses, duck to grab them and go back into the Hall with Bulls. Look up in the NW corner and shoot the ball target. The door left (W) opens up, go in and shoot the Big Bird Guy in the next room. In the far right hand corner are Uzi clips and straight ahead (in the N wall) is a crawlspace, get in there. Follow up some steps to a large room, go left up the steps a bit and turn around to jump and grab the block next to the entrance for Secret #12, Broken Glasses. Back to the steps, all the way up and grab the ceiling there to monkey climb to the crawlspace. Drop and grab to get in, shoot some bats as you crawl out. Drop down and get through the crawlspace S, in the yard up left into an opening and drop down into the Hall with the Horus Door.

The Horus Door.

Shoot the Hellhounds, go to the tree left of the central ledge and get a Medipack. In the two vases in the back of the Hall is 2x Revolver ammo. Look up behind the SE pillar and shoot the target ball to open a door in the E wall, shoot the one SW too for the W side door.

E, Eye Piece I:

Go through and into a crawlspace in the back of that yard, grab the Uzi clips and when you get out the other end, a bunch of enemies attack, in the far corner is a jump lever opening the door SW, go through to the hallway with the Statues.  Pull out the first statue to get Secret #13, Broken Glasses, the second for Eye Piece I, I didn’t find anything else in this hallway. Go back through the door, straight through the crawlspace and down the passage straight ahead to get back to the Horus Door.

W, Eye Piece II:

Go in and jump the pillars to the one with the low ceiling. Drop down there and get Secret #14, Broken Glasses, Turn around and climb back up the pillar. Now run jump and grab the low ceiling to go over the slope, drop onto a lower one and slide far before you jump again, then jump hard right to get to the ledge at the opening. Climb up and follow through to another slope, slide and jump under the low ceiling to grab the monkey climb. Go over to the other end and go through to a yard with a bunch of crocodiles. Left at the tree is Shotgun ammo. Now get into the water, into the tunnel behind the plants NW and climb out at the other end, next hallway has a Bird guy, he cannot get into the passage you just came from, use that to your advantage…

In the other end of the hallway is a jump lever to open the door, go in and in the next room jump straight to the corner to get Secret #15, Broken Glasses, jump back. Jump the slopes to the far corner to get Eye Piece II and leave through the opening in the wall (N).

In the next room go left of the fountain and use the ledge behind the fountain to get to the closed door. Next to it is a jump lever then go through the door. You are back at the Horus door, combine the 2 parts of the Eye and place it in the door.

Follow the passage, get the Amulet of Horus and leave the Temple by sliding out W…

G&D, Nov 2018.