Remnants of Darkness.

Level by Perciever.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Mentioned savegames and Maps are in this Folder.

Level 1 - The Parish.

Lisbon 1:00 AM.

Shoot the Dog and head into the opposite alley, right into the street and walk around that manhole to open it from facing S. Climb down into the Sewers. Slide and hop to the ledge along the other side, go right and up the ramp where you can grab up to a ledge and jump all the way back to the S side to get a Medipack. Now dive into the water and swim back to the N side, go right into the tunnel. Follow through; left around the corner and where you can surface again, climb out right after a bit. Go into the dark side tunnel to find a small medipack on a block. Go out and to the right (N) over the walkway, around the corner and right into the place with the fire. Jump over the fire and get Shotgun ammo from under the pipe on the ledge, shoot two Rats and get back out.

The Blue Key, fill the Tank.

Jump to the opposite side, take a right and go up the ramp, loop around right and follow all the way back to the other side. Go slow and cross over to the other side (S) where that camera stays behind. Jump over to the grey ledge and go right. There’s a ladder in the back, line up for it (you may have to use the binoculars) and jump to grab that ladder. In the Tank go up another ladder and back flip off. Jump to a niche NE, hop up right and walk to the other end from where you can jump and grab the ledge above.

Never mind that Medipack in the Spikes, jump to the opening in the right hand corner and find Flares on the shelves (save as many Flares as you can for the second level). Turn left and pull the crate out of the stack, move it left and go in for the Blue Key. Now go to the other side of the storage (S), get a small medipack from the shelves (there’s another push crate, but nothing behind it), shoot a Rat and go out. Jump to the grey ledge and safety drop down one level, go use the Blue Key S and a gate opens (W).

The Red Key.

Shoot the Rat and go in, shoot the Fuse box and flip the switch to fill the Tank with water. Hop into the water and find the open door S, throw the underwater lever to op the second gate on the grey ledges. Climb back out, and enter the opening N, in the room to the right through the opening and climb up the ledge left. Turn around and jump/grab up to a grate (S). Turn right and jump/grab to the crack to shimmy right to the opening where you’ll find the Red Key. Drop out, leave left (SW) and go left to the Tank, back into the opening W and use the switch again to drain the Tank (the trapdoor in the bottom was closed to fill up the Tank). Go down the ladder to the bottom and drop through the open trapdoor into the sewer. Swim to the far W end and climb out right and use the red Key in the niche.

The Church.

A gate opens underwater (W), so swim through and get out, follow the alley to where a flyby starts at the Churchyard, the Church is shown.

Fountain Square (NW).

Go right and into the street NW to the Fountain Square, once there, turn around and start shooting the Baddy before he even opens fire on you. Go into a dark alley in the far right (NW) and open the double doors.

Open a Gate; for the Crowbar.

Inside go left, open the first small door, shoot the electric box and flip the switch, and see a gate open up on Fountain Square. Go back out, right/right to the square and right to the alley where that gate opened. Shoot a Dog and a Baddy and go into an alley in the back right (SW). Open the door there and go into the back to use the Jump lever there, a block will go up somewhere. Out to the alley and straight into the other end, up onto that block and turn around to jump up and grab the ladder. Go up to the roof, slide down backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy to a flat part and jump over to the other side, shimmy right to the corner and pull up into the passage to some windows. Shoot the windows, jump over the hole and go down into the storage room to find the Crowbar in the back.

Opening up the Derelict Building.

Go back up to the windows and jump over, open the crowbar panel left. You’ll drop onto a crate in a storage space. Hop over to the crate right (S) and use the monkey climb to get to the niche with the floor lever; a door will open (*). Go back using the monkey swing and climb up through the crowbar panel W. Look down at the windows, drop onto the little roof in that alley. Without the Secret, open the double doors there and step into the storage.

Detour with a Secret: Open the man hole in the alley and get down into the sewer, shoot a Rat, go to the W and grab some Flares. Roll and go to the other side and left into a crawlspace, into the water. Swim around the corner to find Secret #1, a Parish Secret. Swim up and you will emerge in the pool of the Fountain. Go NW into the alley with the double doors. Left again and left into the second small door.

In this big storage (the floor lever is in the corner above) is a crowbar panel in the crates NE; inside you’ll find Flares. Go out the small door to the passage immediately right into that other small door, the smaller storage where you used the switch before, open the crowbar panel NE for Revolver clips.

Derelict Building.

Leave the storage, take a right and go straight to the other end of the passage, open the small door right and shoot another Baddy. Follow the passage (door above) and right into a storage room with a small medipack on a shelf. Go back, and straight to the other end, another storage with a small medipack under a crate you have to pull. Go back into the passage, right and turn around where that opening in the ceiling is, grab up E and get into the Derelict Building, grab up through a hole in the ceiling (SW) and save/reload to get rid of the bats.

Into the passage NE, go left and open a door, shoot the Rat and find a closed door. Get into the crawlspace up right. Drop from the crates and shoot another Rat, look for a Medipack inside the small chest of drawers. Pull a crate out of the left hand back corner to get to the switch behind it, the door in the other room opens up, so get back through the crawlspace and head into that door (NE).

Follow through and at the end of the ducts, turn around and grab up to the ladder to climb into the room above. Go into the passage on the right (NE); open the double doors. A large room with 2 statues; first get the Revolver clips from the chest of drawers. Pull the left (SE) statue once to the W and once to the N, so it stands on that marked tile. Since we cannot move that other statue, find something else, that small table NW for instance. Move it once N, twice E and twice S onto the tile (you can also just use the table or statue on both tiles). The door in the corner opens up; step through to the Library.

The Library, the Bronze Orb.   

Drop down to the ground floor.

Preparation for a Secret: go into the NW niche; use the lever to open a painting door up S (later).

Open the double doors E, go down the stairs and left, turn around at the pile of furniture and grab up into the duct. Crawl around the corner and shoot a grate, climb out and shoot a Dog and his master. Open the double doors (W) as a shortcut to the Library in case you need it. There’s another grate in the SW corner, for me most of the times it was broken and I could just climb in. If you have problems shooting it, go to the tree NE and use the lever to raise a block from which you can shoot the grate. You can just grab up to the opening from the ground. Follow the duct up to a grate you can shoot and crawl into a hallway. Go left into the small door to get the Elevator Maintenance Key from the chest of drawers. Back to the hallway and left to the first floor walkway of the Library.

For the Secret (or do it later when the “Exit platform” is raised): You could run jump with a left curve into that open painting S and get Secret #2, another Parish Secret. Drop down.

Using the Elevator Maintenance Key.

Open the double doors W, go down the stairs and in the first room right is an empty chest of drawers, go to the end of the passage, into a storage room and get a Medipack from the shelves, go back into the passage and look up for a hatch you can open (face E). Turn around and grab up into the duct, use the Elevator Maintenance Key and go down left into the Elevator Shaft, up the long ladder and climb into the duct. Follow through to the end and grab up straight to climb through to the Library upper ledges. Climb out backwards and shimmy right around the corner to the ledge. Turn around to jump to the one in the corner and use the lever there to raise a platform in the N end of the room. Turn right and jump to that platform, up left is another painting door. Go to the corner ledge E.

For the “Exit Platform”.

Climb down the ladder, then grab the crack in that same wall and shimmy right around the corners to a book switch that will raise the platform to get to the Exit. Get back up to the ledges, through the crack and the ladder.

Jump the ledges to the SE corner and find a Timed lever for the painting door N. Pull, run jumps back to the N, left to jump to the platform and up into the opening before it closes. The door will push you off if it starts closing. Inside is the Bronze Orb. The door will open on approach. Get out to the platform, jump to the right (W) and left and drop down at the second gap in the ledge, grab the Medipack and safety drop to the ground floor. Climb up to the Exit platform S and if you didn’t yet, get the Secret from the open painting door (S). Jump back to the platform and then jump to the W (a bit left of that arch or Lara won’t grab) and get into the passage.

To the Heavily Guarded Orb Door, the Crypt Key.

Step into the room with the pushables and hop back shooting the Baddy that will come for you. Go through the double doors W, in the next room down the ladder into the duct, climb up at the other end and follow through to the red door. Go into the opposite door, down the hole and into the lower passage. Two Baddies are waiting for you; one will drop the Crypt Key. After the battle go W and loop left around to get back to Fountain Square. Head SE; to the Churchyard. Well, those Baddies came from here, so the square is deserted.

To the Crypts.

Go into the alley along the right hand side of the church, open the door with the Crypt Key. Go in and slide down, the level will change.

Level 2 - Dark Crypts.

For a Secret; as soon as you get back control, jump left once, then jump hard left from just before the end of the slope and maybe even with Ctrl in the corner to land in the corner of the room below, that is where you’ll find Secret #3, a Crypt Secret. Drop down there and end up in a shaft with water below.

Search for the 4 Old Stone Disks, a Free Torch.

You can compare the room numbers in your game with the ones in my schematic map by using the F1 key in game. (Diskmaze.jpg).

Swim W and wade out, under that unlit wall torch right is a Torch for you (there are some spare ones too, scattered around this maze). Ignite it on the burning one, now you can ignite all the unlit torches to get some light in here, start with the one here at the water. Most of them don’t trigger anything (only one does), it is just to get some light in here (there’s also one that won’t burn). 

The Golden Key.

Go into the Crypt, here are several types of enemies here, Midgets and Speedy Zombies, deal with them as you encounter them. Ignite the Torch straight ahead and go left and left again, ignite a Torch there at the right hand side (also an indicator of where you’ve been already). Turn around and go into that triangle passage. In the next room just drop the Torch and go right, a Speedy Zombie will come for you, take him out and find the Golden Key where he died.

Exploring the Labyrinth, Old Stone Disk I.

Pick up your Torch, and go back through the triangle passage, take a right and right again to the room where you came from, now loop left around and ignite some more wall torches, two Midgets appear. In that room, in the SW corner is a narrow passage with a wall torch you can ignite, down in the end is a spare Torch. Leave that till you need it (FYI, when you walk out of this passage and go diagonally NE, you’ll find another narrow passage with a spare Torch). Roll, go out and left, in that passage is a door and when you ignite the wall torch, the door opens up.

Go through the tunnel, leave the Torch behind at the end of the slope and climb down the ladder. Go into a Huge room, stay close to the left wall, go straight N to the corner and turn left, hugging the wall again, skeletons will wake up quickly climb up left into the niche with Old Stone Disk I (the room above this big room is where we’ll go next). Go back to the exit (SW), left around the corner and right up the ladder. Grab the Torch again and go straight to the big room (so if you took the Torch down with you, you would now have to get the spare one right around the corner). Loop left around the corners to where a flyby takes over (the rope you’ll get to see is for much later).

Preparations for a Secret: Don’t go further in yet, but turn N, go to the far wall and turn right going E (Midget). To the left you’ll find a section with water, leave the Torch here and dive in, follow the tunnel, left then right to where you can climb out into the ‘Sacred Tomb’. Go to the right (E) and climb onto the block, climb up once more, turn left and grab up to a ledge. A bit to the left you can see a lever and a crack. Jump and grab the crack to go left around till you can drop at the lever, use that to lower spikes somewhere (see X). This is the cave where we have to use the 4 Disks, later when we have them. So dive into the water and swim back to the Labyrinth. Pick up the Torch and go right, then left and look for that stone bridge, to the right where we left off before.

Timed Doors, to the Wheels.

Run over the bridge, go into the passage where you’ll find two Timed doors, ignite the wall torch and drop your Torch between the 2 doors for some extra light. Go back onto the bridge and look for that niche with the coffin S. Jump into the niche, left of the coffin and get in, straight to the back where you can climb up the ladder left, a door opens up there. Carefully follow to the end, turn right and grab to the crack. Shimmy left and around the corner to drop in an alcove with two Cog Wheels.

Depending on which one you want to do first, save in front of it.

Left wheel, left hand door, Fire Section, Old Stone Disk II.

Use the Wheel 6-7 times, run out of the alcove onto the bridge and sprint to the torch, turn left and left through the closing door (if it is down too far already, run against the door, roll to get in). Go through and a flyby shows you around. W is the Old Disk in a cage we have to lower. Drop down and in the water (S), behind the pillar is a Medipack.  From the main room, go into the section E, there is a set of burners, time them so you can jump to the reach-in switch, use it and back flip away in time (a flame went out at the pulley (*). Go out and in the main room left, grab up to the S section. Do the same here, the wall flame wasn’t working so this one was easy and a second flame went out at the pulley (see *).

Lower the Cage.

Drop into the lower room again and climb up into the N section. In the back grab up right or left and in that section is a pulley with a flame, you have to use the pulley when the flame is down and a cage lowers at the pulley (see *). Turn left, jump to that dark ledge on the right and go left over the block to get to the pulley (see *). The cage below will go down, make your way down there any way you like and grab Old Stone Disk II. Jump to the E section and in the right hand corner (SE) you can climb up left into a passage (face N), drop out at the other end and you are back at the Timed doors. Go up the bridge, jump into that S niche again and follow up to the Cog wheels.

Right Wheel, right hand door, Spike Section, Old Stone Disk III.

Use the wheel, run down onto the bridge and sprint to the right hand door, you are now in a room filled with spike traps, not only down here, but above too.

To the left is that de-activated spike trap (see X), in the lower part of the floor, go get Secret #4, another Crypt Secret.

Go to the NE corner, jump with a roll over the spike trap onto the slope, jump again and grab the ledge above. Jump to the ladder on the hanging block and go up onto that block. The spike trap left isn’t active (yet). Turn to the right (W) and jump to the right spike/lever ledge, use the lever to de-activate spikes S. Safety drop to the floor below and go back up as before (NE). Jump and grab that block S, right of the opening (exit), turn right and slide/jump/ grab the crawlspace to get to the lever inside, another spike trap down. Crawl out, safety drop down from the side so you’ll land on the slope next to the Secret (and back flip over those spikes). Once again up in the NE corner and turn around once up the ladder, use the monkey climb to get to a crack N, drop/grab and go left around to the now safe ledge. From there jump to get Old Stone Disk III (W). Drop from the left side onto the slope below and back flip/roll over the spikes. To get out of here we’ll have to go up again in the NE corner, jump and grab the block S and from there jump (no Ctrl) into the exit passage SE. Drop down the other end and you are at the doors. Grab the Torch and go E over the bridge to the Labyrinth.

Go left and ignite the wall torch on the right hand side of the pillar in front of the opening, Midget might come (not if you went for the Secret). Go NE and straight to the next wall torch. Sidestep right and go straight E, when you bump into the wall, follow right and left to the Keyhole. Shoot the two Midgets and open the door with the Golden Key.

Blade Labyrinth, Old Stone Disk IV.

Go in with the Torch (for some light) and into the passage with the Blade (N) run after it and right into the side passage, when the Blade goes left, run into the back, throw the Torch into the hole and roll so you can hop backwards into the opening grabbing the edge (otherwise you may end up in a Blade). Turn around facing N, get the Torch when the Blade goes right and hop back. Now go in right when the Blade is left and run to the back fast to get a small medipack. Go back and left into the passage you came from. Now go S, more Blades; different types, sprint with the Blade into the passage S, left around the corner head E passing 2 Blades (relatively safe in corners), then head N again, left through the outer corner to the niche W, (now you may have to leave the Torch behind, I managed to get it up with a trick move though; jump up and hit #1) grab up right into a dark spot (savegame.0). To the right, under the hanging pillar is Old Stone Disk IV. Go S, get through the trap with a swan dive and the gate will open. Go left around into the exit passage when the last Blade is right. Get out the door and go SW; a gate there will open for you.

A Spare Torch, using the Disks in the Sacred Tomb, the Silver Orb.

Now you are back in the first room, and when you have no Torch, go right to the wall torch, then keep left along the wall to get into that narrow passage where you can get the spare Torch in the cave below. Go back up, ignite it and run straight N till you bump into a wall, go right then left to the water Leave the torch here. Swim through the tunnel to the Sacred Tomb and place the 4 Disks NW, a Gate opens and that is to the right of you. Enter and grab the Silver Orb.

Get onto the block SW, look up over the entrance and jump to grab the wall over the entrance (it is climbable), climb up and a Spike ball will come down the sloped passage avoid it and go up further, avoiding incoming Spike balls (6 in total). For the last two, all the way up the slope, stay right and side flip left after that one passed. Get into the crawlspace and out at the other side, follow the low passage to get to the top of the room with the bridge (Timed wheels).

Another Old Stone Disk, ‘Sanity’ Maze.

Run jump out left to the crack, shimmy right to the ladder and up to the stairs, follow up to the corner, drop down to a ledge below and grab the Medipack. Turn around and jump into the wide opening left. When you enter that dark maze you’ll have a Sanity bar so you can keep an eye on your Sanity. You’ll have to be fast… (Sanitymaze.jpg)

Go straight till you bump into a wall, go right to the crossing, go left and bump into a wall, go right/left (S) and first left, then right (S) and straight to a wall go left into a cave, safety drop down to the lower part and grab the Old Stone Disk. From the ledge where you pick it up, grab back up W and go out of the cave, go straight to the wall and take a right around a corner, straight till you hit a wall, go left and at the crossing loop right around the end of the wall, immediately left again (N) and second right, second left and you are going straight to the exit (N). (savegame.1)

From the ledge at the deep pit, jump right to grab the ledge in the corner where that Medipack was and from there jump to grab the rope. Swing up almost straight to the stairs above (W) opposite where you came from. Take a left up the stairs to the bridge and go right to the door and open it with the Disk.

Battle the Head, the Gold Orb and Mysterious Key.  (Map, Head.jpg)

Inside, from the top of the slope, you can see a sleeping Head, it will wake up and the rays from its eyes will kill you.

Here we go, slide down, the Head will wake and also a two Skeletons. Run to the right and through the first opening there; run towards the corner slope in the back (either one) and jump on it and back flip onto the ledge. Face the wall (W) and take a running jump into the opening (SW). Be sure the skeletons came in with you (if not, hang from the edge of the opening till you see them below). Throw the lever to drop the gates and close them in…

A block went up too in the room with the head. It is under the opening where the Sight is we’re going for now. Jump from the opening to the ledge right (SE), jump to the next ledge E and from there a running jump (if you are going to line up for the jump first, the head will get a chance to aim and kill you) into an opening right, grab the Laser Sight and quickly get into the far left (SE) corner where you are safe (maybe stand in the corner first and wait till he fired and is charging up again before you pick it up). Get out of the opening, run to the E side room and get jump onto the sloped block (either side), jump again to grab the ledge above and jump into a niche E to get 2x Revolver ammo.

Now repeat the kind of jump you did at the other side, to the ledge NW, a running jump to the one W and curving right a running jump into the opening right to get to the Revolver. Maybe stand in the NW corner first and wait till he fired and is charging up again before you pick it up. Combine both and drop down, I ran into the E room took cover behind a pillar and with side stepping in sight got a good aim on the eyes. Be sure to side step back when he is about to fire (savegame.2).

Go pick up the Gold Orb where the head was.

Look up in the SE corner to spot a crawlspace. Use the sloped block in the E room to get onto the ledge above and jump to get to that crawlspace where you’ll find the Mysterious Key. Drop out.

Approach the red door NW, it will open, so does the next door, careful, you are on a corner ledge under the bridge. Jump to grab the rope and swing up to the stairs near the ladder. Go up to the bridge.

Look for the opening right of the coffin in the W wall. Bit tricky to grab to it, but I did it from a bit right of straight so Lara was standing a bit higher. Go down in the back and find a door, turn around and find the keyhole for that Mysterious Key, well mystery solved…

Go through, take a right at the cross and up left in the niche are 2x Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun finally. In the other niche is a Torch, ignite it and go to the cross, burn it and the gate opens up, pick up Secret #5, another Crypt Secret. Leave the Torch. Go back to the niche with the coffin and take a running jump to the bridge.

When you approach the door N, it will open, go up the long ladder and slide down to the Parish.

Level 1 The Parish-Epilogue.

The Obscura Painting.

Climb the ladder into the graveyard and take out all the Baddies. The one NE drops the Crypt Key… Use it on the wall NE, and the gate opens up on the right. Go through and to the front of the church where you can use the Orbs to open the doors. Go in and to the window there to pick up a small medipack and the Obscura Painting. A couple of wraiths appear, to get rid of them, sprint out of the church, straight down and jump left over fences through the garden to the alley NW leading to Fountain square, hop into the water and wait for the wraiths to kill themselves. Go back SE to the churchyard.

With the Secret: Go to the bottom of the stairs leading up to the church, look up to the church tower, shoot the two church bells and go up the stairs and left around the church to the graveyard. Climb the block that went up at the right hand side (W), shoot the window and get Secret #6, a Parish Secret. Go back down and get back to the front of the church.

Run through the now open gates straight ahead (N) (opened when you picked up the Painting) and end this adventure…

G&D, Nov. 22-2018.