Incan Ruined City.

Level by Mohrruebe

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

If you need the saves mentioned in the walk, download the Saves folder (click on "Continue without disabling", bottom right of the pop-up).

Lara slides down after leaving the Jeep up on the hill, some tiny raptors attack and grunt when they die.

Inca Plate.

Turn left and go to the hillside N, turn right and safety drop down in the NW corner of the river canyon. Go down to the water and spot the Inca Plate next to the vases and skeleton. There are Piranhas here, so don’t wander about. After getting the plate you can get some Shotgun ammo from a short tunnel E and get out on the W bank before those Piranhas cause you real harm.

Use the Plate.

To get out of the canyon, go to the far SW corner where you can go up the blocks and grab up S, shimmy left till you can pull up near the Temple. Shoot a Raptor roaming around and go back into the SE corner. Behind a pillar is a bright vase, shoot it and grab the Flares. Look on the wall there (E) to find the receptacle for the Inca Plate; a gate opens to the right of you. Go in there and shoot the Bat, climb up left and pull the lever to open a trapdoor over a Jump lever.

To the Jump lever, opening the Temple.

Safety drop into the canyon without sliding into the water and go back to those blocks SW, this time climb up W. Go back to the N hillside and from near the grass poll, jump up to a flatter path and turn right (E). Follow the path to the far end near the Temple and get a small medipack. Turn right and run jump left around the corner to the upper floor (where the tree is). Hop over the tree and get ready to fight a Pterodactyl. Go to the NE corner where that open trapdoor is, line up and run in with Ctrl so you’ll grab the Jump lever.

Into the Temple, the Spike Walls.

The Temple doors opened up; enter and go right to the corner (SW) and find a vase with Flares. Make a note of the ladder here and go back, to the pillar N, on the side where the spike walls are, is another vase with Flares.

Raise a Block.

Now time the Spike walls and jump into the niche N of those things. In the middle of the niche, where you are safe, is a lever opening a door (*) nearby. Run (jump) out SE and go up the higher floor E, two skeletons wake up. Because we cannot get rid of them, just shoot them and they will wander off for a while. From the higher floor, jump and grab a crack in the N side pillar; shimmy around and pull up in the high corner. Turn around and stand jump to grab the opening N (*). Light a Flare and go around the corner carefully, crawl underneath the Blade and use the lever in the back to raise a block (**). Get back out; shoot the skeletons a bit to get them out of the way.

Secret: Go to the niches S of the Spike walls, jump in and quickly get into the crawlspace, to the right is Secret #1, a Medipack. Crawl out, quickly stand up and run or jump out left.

The Boulder; opening the way to the Block.

Go back to the SW corner of the room, up that ladder you saw before. Take a right, climb up and then climb up left, up left again and look up E to find the crawlspace up at the ceiling, jump and grab in there and hang out the other end. Drop and grab the Jump lever and a gate opens so you can push a boulder. After sliding down, take a left and back up the blocks but don’t climb up left but instead jump over a spike trap onto the higher ledge (S). Go down and left to find a boulder you can now push down the slope. Go after it and now you can jump from the opening it created to the block you raised before (**). Use the lever there to open a gate in the E end of the room. Use the N niche again to get there relatively safe and head into the open gate (E).

Outside Again, Lower a Block.

To the right in the tall grass is a vase with Flares, go down E and left in the grass are more Flares in a vase. Walk E and jump over to the ledge ahead, turn around and climb down the ladder, go E and right, shoot the critters and crawl under the Blades through that passage to get to a lever lowering Spikes. Go back, up the ladder and turn left, hop up to the higher ledge. Turn left again (NE) and hop to the next niche (notice the high block here). Turn around and jump SE and go around to jump to the ledge where those Spikes lowered. Throw the lever to lower the high block in the previous niche. Jump back, go around and hop to the niche where the block went down.

The Gold Ornament Key.

Hop or run onto the ledge right around the corner, jump over to the dark terrace N, in the right hand corner is a lever lowering blocks. Look over the edge of the terrace and if possible shoot the tiny raptors before you safety drop down. Nearby is a vase with Flares, go W and loop right around the corner, climb up E where those blocks went down. Jump N onto the arches and climb up to the higher floor. In the corner is a vase with Flares, go through the arch W and follow the path to the left. At the end where you find an empty vase, is a Jump lever up right, use that to open a gate in the wall below.

Drop down where the empty vase is (was) and first shoot a Pterodactyl, then enter the dark passage you opened SW. Shoot some bats and pick up your flare again. Go to the end of the passage to find the Gold Ornament Key. Go out and left, under the arches and use the Key left of the big door. Run in and around the pool, stand on the submerged steps where you can still draw your guns and shoot the two Raptors.

The 2 Keys.

In the NE corner in the pool is a vase with a small medipack. Along the W wall is a vase with Flares, in the pool are two underwater doors, open them both.

The Crowbar.

Swim into the door W, there are Spikes inside so watch out. Around the corner is air up, that’s where we’ll come back from later. Proceed and a gate closes behind you. Get out left somewhere and shoot a Croc. There are several Soldiers here; I might have forgot to mention one. In the SE corner is a wooden crate you can climb on using ‘duck’ and get a small medipack. On a ledge above is a Soldier, probably opened fire on you already. From the medipack go W under the floor and pull that skeleton off the Uzi clips.

Head NW into the camp, as soon as you see the Soldier, hop back so you can shoot him before he opens fire on you. Along the S wall is a small crate that you can shoot; get the small medipack. Climb a dark crate NW, jump to the floor W and look for another Soldier to shoot. On top of the high stack in the middle, is a crate you can shoot to find the Crowbar (the door you can use it on is shown). A barrel along the W wall has Uzi clips and a vase on the crates S has Flares. On a crate on the N wall is a small medipack. Jump to the floor SE, shoot a Soldier (or maybe you did already) and in the corner is a vase with Flares. Drop down from the floor.

The Skull Key.

Go into the opening on the right of where you came in before (NE); shoot the two soldiers there. Behind the computer (SE) is Shotgun ammo on the floor (the vase probably broke). A vase NE has Uzi clips, on the stack of crates in that corner is a small medipack, jump to the floor N and get Flares from the vase, hop back down onto the crates. Go to the crates NW, on one of the crates is a Grenade Gun. The one standing against the wall can be pushed, push it E, now move it around to the S side of the solid crate, climb up and from there jump S onto another stack of crates and then to the arch and climb up right. Go right to that slanted rock and stand at the edge of the floor, run jump N with a left curve and grab the edge, shimmy right to the floor. Go around the corner and grab up to a crack E to shimmy around to where that door is you saw when picking up the Crowbar.

Open the door, get through the traps and pick up the Skull Key. Two wraiths show up, get back through the traps, safety drop down into the camp and run to the pool S. Swim into the deep water and wait for them to kill themselves.

Get back onto the pushable crate at the campfire, jump to the high stack S and jump to the arch, this time go left over the walls, left to the floor for a vase with Flares. Back onto the wall and hop down S, grab up to a crack at the waterfall and go right around to a Jump lever opening a trapdoor. Climb out of the water right of where you land and from a higher part of ground SE, you can grab up to the floor above. A vase SW has Flares, then go back to the waterfall and open the door behind it (NE). Shoot the vase over the hole if you want Flares and then drop down where that trapdoor opened. Swim S and left around are those Spikes, watch out and get back to the pool.

Blade Labyrinth, raise a Platform.

Go into the open door on the right (S) and swim straight, over the Blade and underneath the next, straight ahead, on the wall is an underwater lever, opening a gate in the next section (behind that fence). Swim back, after the Blades go left and right for Flares, roll and swim right around to get 2x Shotgun ammo. Roll and swim left around, then right/left to get back to the pool for air.

Swim back in, right/left, straight to the back and keep right a bit into the tunnel with the Blades. After the second Blade go left, through the Spikes and use the underwater lever left to raise the Platform. Roll, back through the Spikes and left, go straight to the end (left is for a Secret, but you need more air) for a Medipack and roll straight back N, through the Blades, N again and right/left to the pool for air.

Secret: Go back in to the second section, after the Blades right/left and open the underwater door, mind the Blades and get Secret #2, Grenades. Swim out of the door, right and N through the Blades, right/left to the pool.

Climb out on the right (E) and go up the ladder, go right around and drop to the higher floor. Shoot the tiny raptors and in the E wall is a dark opening to a big door we need 2 Keys for, Skull Key and Ornament Key. I used the Skull Key as I already found it (right hand keyhole).

Go S and right around to shoot some more tiny raptors SW and just around the corner is a vase with Flares. Go N and right and behind the pillar where the Platform is, you can grab up to a niche in the N wall. Turn around and jump to grab the crack in the pillar, go around and drop to grab the Jump lever lowering a block in the niche N. So grab back up into the niche which is now a passage to a wide area. A flyby kicks in when you walk through.

Courtyard with the Cages.

Drop down; let’s tour the courtyard first. Turn around and loop right around corners, shoot a vase for Revolver ammo. Keep going right around and find a vase with Shotgun ammo. When you are moving to the N, you’ll encounter two Raptors, one was stuck in the wall… In the NE corner is Shotgun ammo.

Face S there and walk up to that big green wall, climb up into the dark crawlspace for Secret #3, a Medipack. Drop down again.

In the NW is a vase with Flares, when going S along the W wall you’ll find a skeleton you can pull away from the Shotgun. The tour ends in the SW corner.

Now head for that structure with the hanging cages. Behind the NE one is a small medipack under a vase. Even a bit more NE of it, in the N wall is a passage, go in and inside is a Raptor somewhere. Right around the corner is a vase with Uzi clips. A bit left of that is a Blade in front of a niche, run around the corner into the niche and use the lever to raise a block. Go back to the entrance and to the W side, another Blade and lever, this one will open the gate so you can get to that block in the back room.

Up to Level I.

Face the block, standing against it and back flip onto the slope with the spikes, jump and land on the block, use the Jump lever there to lower spikes under the structure with the cages outside. Leave SE, get through the Blade by using that niche and go out S to the courtyard. You can now use the lever on the SW pillar and a platform (1) goes up right above your head.

Preparing for a Timed Run.

Turn left (W) go W into the dark passage along the W wall, where you found the Shotgun, look up and climb up right (E). Turn around and hop up left into the opening (SW), jump straight over to grab the crack and shimmy right to pull up into a crawlspace with grass. Push that cage 3 times, go left through the gap and pick up Shotgun ammo in the grass in front of a Timed lever (later), we have to cross this pool and get into a timed door.

First push the cage back twice and climb on, turn right and climb into a niche with a lever, a block will go up. Crawl back out, get down and go to the pool. Climb the block, jump and grab a crack in the wall on the left (W) and shimmy right to the other side of the pool. Drop and use the lever to lower a block and reveal the Timed door. Drop down in the pool and get Uzi clips from the NW corner. Now go back and climb back up at the Timed lever.

Save in front of it and pull, roll and turn left a bit, hop onto the block and do a running to jump to grab the swing pole. Swing and jump off, run through the open door (savegame.0). Hop over the pit and come to a new area where a big T-Rex is roaming around (with some friends).

For a Torch.

Jump and grab straight over to the ledge on the pillar, pull the Shotgun and blast the skeleton off the ledge. Jump to a ledge SE, shoot the vase for Shotgun ammo. Jump NE and another skeleton, jump NE and find a vase with a small medipack. Jump NW, deal with the skeleton and move that cage around the pillar and under a Jump lever. Spikes are shown somewhere (*) when you use that lever. Jump NW, shoot two vases for a Medipack and Shotgun ammo. Jump SW over the skeleton, roll and shoot him off the ledge. There’s another cage here, move it around the pillar and under the wall torch. Now jump to the ledge SW, stand against the door and turn right, grab up to the cracked pillar and pull up, side step right twice. Turn left to face the W wall and turn a bit more left, stand jump and grab the crack in the wall (can be tricky this jump). Go left to the higher cracked pillar and from there run jump with a right curve up into the opening in the wall (SW).

This is where those spikes got an interval (*) so you can get through. Walk around that trapdoor and shoot the vase in the corner to get the small medipack. Now pick up a Torch and the big doors at the T-Rex are shown. Save and step onto the trapdoor, immediately jump over the pit and walk out to where you can jump to the ledges. Jump to the NW pillar and hop onto the cage to ignite your Torch.

Using the Torch.

Save before you throw it down from the ledge and remember where it landed. Safety drop down and go shoot those Dinosaurs, the big one will drop after one round in the belly (get close up). The others were stuck, so easy prey. Make a tour around the place to shoot vases and find 3x Shotgun ammo, NW, NE and S near the big door, a small medipack SW and don’t forget the Uzis and Uzi clips W of the SW pillar, next to the skulls. Now go find your Torch and ignite the two skeletons at the big door (S).

Open up the Upper level of the Courtyard with the Cages, the Ornament Key.

You can leave the Torch behind, go diagonally from left to right through the Blades and shoot the vase left for Shotgun ammo, around the corner 3 tiny raptors and passing a ladder right, go to the end of the passage to use the Gold Ornament Key (you probably saw this keyhole through the other side of that fence, a block lowers (**, behind the fence) and a door opens up at the ladder you just saw. Go back and right into the niche to shoot a vase for a small medipack, proceed and go up the ladder left, you are back at the pool with of Timed run. Jump over and grab the crack and go left, drop at the lever and go left to pull the cage back as far as possible, go right through the opening and crawl backwards out of the crawlspace with the grass. Hang and shimmy left along the crack till you are over a slanted block below. Drop and back flip into the opening (if you happen to fall down, go back into that dark W passage where you found the Shotgun before and climb back up as before).

Jump and grab straight over to where the block lowered (**) and jump out right to that ledge. Turn left and jump grab the crack, go right and around a corner you can drop to the ledge below. Jump E 3 times, then shoot a Pterodactyl and go around the wall to the E side, first jump to the dark NE corner for a vase with Shotgun ammo, jump back and then jump to get to the ledge E and right.

Now head S jumping to a crack, shimmy around and when you can see vases below (S), turn right and jump/grab up to the big wall.

Secret: walk to the SE corner and stand jump (no Ctrl) into the left corner of the passage SE, hidden behind some vegetation. Go get Secret #4, a small medipack, Uzi clips and another pair of Uzis. Jump back out onto the wall you came from (a bit tricky).

Jump W to the ledges and another Pterodactyl will appear. Shoot it and go jump to the platform on the structure you raised before (with the lever on the pillar below). Another lever here and that is a Timed run too, over platforms around the structure to get to a lever opening the gate in the structure (right of where you are now).

Timed Platform Run.

Save, pull the lever, side step left and turn left a bit too to take a hop to the first platform, run forward to the edge and hop to the corner platform turning right a bit so you can hop up to the one around the corner, a running jump to the next corner and run around right onto the fore last, a running jump to grab the last platform. Quickly use the lever, hop back turning right so you can run jump S to the ledges (savegame.1). Loop around right and jump to the solid platform (where the timed lever is), then right into the structure to get the Ornament Key.

Open the Big Door.

Jump back to the ledges and enter the passage S, drop down and go S, drop down again and run over the ledge to the E wall. Around the corner and left is the Big Door where you can use the 2 Keys to open it (In the saves the Skull Key is already used). Go in, left around the corner and shoot some Bats, go along the left side till you come to a dead end with sloped tunnel left and look up, an opening in the ceiling. Stand on the S side of the pillar there, on the high ground and aim for the left side of the opening, a run jump with a late grab will get you to the crawlspace. Climb up the ladder there and off to the right for a small medipack. Now jump over the hole and shoot some more Bats. Walk up to the end of that passage and run jump with a roll onto the slope, slide a bit and jump to grab the Jump lever OR backflip, jump to grab the lever, you’ll drop through a trapdoor and land in front of the door you opened (it’s at the end of the cave where you jumped into the ceiling, so there’s nothing else there, don’t worry about it).

The Tombs, Torch and Ancient Cogwheel.

Go through and make your way down the blocks to the area with the Tombs and skeletons, they are easily disposed of by using the Grenade gun. NE corner has a small medipack, now pull that cage twice out of the opposite corner, under the wall torch and get through the opening behind it. Use the lever to open the gate so you can grab a Torch (ahead is a room we’ve been in before). Go back into the Tombs, hop onto the cage to ignite your Torch. Drop it for a bit.

First go into the right hand passage E, look up right for the last (empty) niche and climb in there, climb down to the right and go use the lever there to open a trapdoor giving access to the room with the Wheel (x). Go back out, and go get your Torch, take it into the left hand passage E, left around the corner and drop the Torch near the gate in the end. Go back and right into the passage you came from, climb up left into the first opening. Turn around and jump to the crawlspace up left a bit. Follow through to a lever opening the gate where the Torch is.

Drop out, pick up the Torch and go in, left are two wall torches, ignite them and a trapdoor opens at the end of that passage. Leave the Torch here or take it with you. Drop down and get through the first two swinging spike blocks.

 At the third, run in left and stand against the wall under the crawlspace, get in there for Secret #5, the Revolver and 2x Revolver ammo. Drop out, turn around and run left around the corner.

Go through the last swinging spike block and find that open trapdoor (x). Climb up to the room where you can pick up the Ancient Cogwheel. The exit gate opened up when you climbed into this room, so leave and go right for a vase with Flares. Turn around and go to the crossing.

 Secret: Go right and right again to the most E side of the Tombs, left and up left in the wall is another empty niche, climb in and get Secret #6, 2x Shotgun ammo and a Medipack. Get out; go around to the W and left to the crossing.

The Camp, Push Puzzle, the Ancient Mask.

Go W to the front room where that cage is and on the S wall is where you can use the Ancient Cogwheel, blocks will rise. Climb them and hop up to the exit. Jump out left to the floor on top of the slope, go left a bit and shoot the two Soldiers. There will be more enemies emerging every now and then, deal with them when you hear them coming.  

Where you came to this place (at the slope) is a structure and in the back of it are Big Doors, let’s open them. Go S and left and hop on the crate at the S wall, from this crate you can jump and grab the Jump lever just right of it, or turn around and jump onto that corner pillar and jump to the lever from there. A gate opens in the S wall just right of the lever, pull out the Statue and move it to the empty red tile, W side of the structure. Go around to the E side, find a wall lever next to a vase with Flares. Using the lever lowers the block left and reveals a crowbar door, open that, shoot some Bats and hop up left to get to another lever, it will raise a block outside (there’s another crowbar door left of this one, with a lever that will also operate these blocks, but I never used it). Go back out, use the lever there again and go up to the Statue to pull/push it onto the first block. On the upper ledges are vases S side, shoot them for Revolver ammo and get back down to the ground floor. Use the lever next to the Statue to lower it and move it to the red tile at the S side of the structure.

Go to the N side of the structure and spot the third Statue on a block, that one requires some work. Go N along the left side, shoot an old crate for Shotgun ammo and a vase in the same corner for the Flares. Climb the wooden crates there and up to the ledge W, go left and jump around the corner to the right (SW). From the higher part on the corner, climb up (S) and you have do a sharp curved jump to a crack in the corner of the Statue structure (SE), shimmy left to the niche with the lever, you will see Spikes go down. Jump out onto the high stack of crates NE. Go to the block in the corner (SE) where you got the last Statue and climb up to the ledges right, from the highest, close to the Statue structure, you can shoot the grates in the wall of it (where those spikes went down) and jump to grab that opening. Use your Gold Ornament Key once again and a gate opens. Hop out left onto the dark crates, safety drop down and go to the last Statue (NW), into the open gate left of it and use the lever to lower the Statue. Move (you can only start by pushing it E first) it onto the red tile N side of the Statue structure.

Go into the structure and grab the Ancient Mask.

The Jeep, making your Escape.

Best is if you wait here a bit for two Soldiers to come to you, because one of them drops the Car Key and you wouldn’t want that to drop in a tent or the camp fire where you cannot pick it up. So shoot them in the open and pick up the Car Key and a Medipack. Go through the camp to the N and find the Jeep they came with. In the NW corner, behind the Jeep is a crate you can open with the crowbar, inside is Shotgun ammo.

 Secret: In that passage is a crate, pull it out and aside so you can go into the back and get Secret #7, another Shotgun. Go back out.

Get into the Jeep and ride it left up the slopes to get home…

G&D, Nov. 16-2018.