Lara’s Computer.

Level by Colin Benson.

Detailed walkthrough by G&D Productions (all items included).

In case you need one of the saves mentioned in this walkthrough, download the Saves Folder.

There are of course several ways to get through this level, this is how we did it. We recommend going after some of the Secrets at least, to get some heavier weapons.

Lara comes down a USB Port into the computer, head a bit left to the SW corner, crawl under that rack and climb the ladder on the left, go left to jump over to the other side and shoot the box to get Coin 1. Get back down and go to the NW corner, up the ladder and jump over to the other corner to get the Shotgun ammo and Uzi clips.

Middle Corridor.

Back down to the ground floor and up the stairs right (W), and in this Middle Corridor (there’s one above and one below too) there is an opening to the right where we can find the “Secret Rooms” to claim Items after finding Secret Sapphires.

Some Supplies.

We will come back there later, but for some supplies; take the first left, run up the stairs and in the upper room to the right is a grey block with a small medipack on top. Then push the button opening the door next to it (other door later), get in and shoot the first box left (SE corner) to get Coin 2, don’t shoot the second left. Then shoot all the boxes on the right hand side to get Shotgun ammo, a Medipack and Flares. Shoot the last box (SW) for Uzi clips. Go out and back down the stairs left to the Middle Corridor.

Climb into the opening left and jump over to the ledge, turn around and grab the ceiling (Secret hunters, scroll down a bit) monkey climb left around the corner and follow through to the end. Drop and go to the pit.

For a Secret however; when on the monkey climb, go left around the corner, then the left/right/left turn and on the stretch to the back, drop onto the second floor tile of that passage, there’s a safe floor below. Go in to get Secret Sapphire 1 there, up the ramp and step through the door. You are back at the start of the monkey climb, just follow through to the end and drop.

Scorpion, Shotgun.

Face the S wall; hang into the pit and drop, just run over the break tiles and jump a bit left to the floor. There are deadly pits here and a nasty Scorpion. On a ledge is the Shotgun, you can go for it first or shoot the Scorpion with pistols before you take it (savegame.0). On the grey pillars are two buttons; they will open two USB Ports, one SE, the other is SW.

SE Port, Open a Door, the Lower Corridor.

Hop into the opening SE, follow to a button opening doors somewhere (*). Back to the room, jump down to the floor and hop into the opening left (SW), follow through to the Lower Corridor, a Cyborg shows up from the opening left. Shoot him and get Coin 3. The stairs he came from leads you back up to the Middle Corridor, for later.

Deadly Floored Hall, Lower Section.

For now head N, take a right into the first opening and collect a Medipack and Shotgun ammo there. Back to the Corridor and right to that opening N. Stay on the grey floor parts, jump left to get Coin 4, keep following that path along the W side to get Shotgun ammo and by that time a Scorpion is on its way, so better jump back to the Hall and fight him there.

Go back in and this time go about straight to that structure N, under the structure is Coin 5, go left (W) from there and then right (N) to get to a push block. It has to go towards that push block along the W wall. Move it to the W side of the safe ledge, then push it S once, onto the deadly floor. Jump around the block (not over it) so you can pull it onto the safe ledge and push/pull it to the corner. Push/pull it twice towards the structure then push it over the deadly floor (S). Jump over to the safe floor so you can move it against the W wall. Now get on top and jump to grab the block S, near that Jump lever. Move that block under the lever so you can use it and a door opens in the upper region of this room. For now we’re done here, jump from the block to the grey ledge S to get to the exit.

Using the Sapphire: Go straight S to the end and right into the passage where you shot the Cyborg. Follow up to the Middle Corridor, go left (N) and right around the corner to the end, left into the Secrets room. Save and look into the rooms to choose the room you want to open. Pick up Secret #1. I took the Revolver first.

Preparation for Sapphire 2: Go out to the Corridor, right (W) and straight into the opening in the wall, follow through, up the stairs to a passage along the upper section of the room you just left. Follow to a pit with 2 ladder pillars. Jump and grab the left one, go up and around to the right to the other side to back flip onto the floor. Push the button to open a small door (** to Secret Sapphire) and pick up Shotgun ammo before you use the other ladder pillar to get back across and out to the Middle Corridor.

Go straight, and in a niche left is a pole; climb up and back flip into the Upper Corridor.

Upper Corridor, Upper Section of Death Floor Hall.

First go to the left end of the Corridor (E), pick up the small medipack from the SE corner, then go E into the room with the 3 buttons, push them all, two bring out chains and one opens a door in the room where we started (for later).

Go back into the Corridor, straight and turn right at the corner (NW), the doors here should be open (*). Jump to the first green ledge (circuit board), there are skeletons here, so watch out. Shoot the first batch of them (won’t mention them again) and jump to the ledge right for Coin 6.

Preparation for Sapphire 2: Jump back W and once more W, shoot only the “green” boxes (left and right ones) on the ledge W to lower a block for Secret Sapphire 2. Jump N to the ledge, hop with a roll over the skeleton and shoot him off the ledge. Grab Coin 7, jump to the E ledge and turn left to spot one of the chains (hanging from under the grey block) and swing to the ledge N, turn right and follow the ledges to the last one NE, pick up Uzi clips there. Spot the chain N and a bit left of the end of the ledge (for later). Jump back as you came and go around the structure to the ledge in the NW corner.

Turn right and jump to the next ledge from where you can jump into the structure (door opened before **) from the N side.

Grab Coins 8-9 and 2x Shotgun ammo. Drop into the hole in the floor where the block lowered and climb down into the room below to get Secret Sapphire 2. Go back out and jump to the ledge.

Turn left and jump to the opening in the W wall. Go in and left around the corners, a Cyborg to deal with. Stay in this room and don’t go into the other end of the passage yet till you dealt with him. Now go into the other passage till you hear footsteps, run back to the green room and far away, roll, choose your weapon and fire away. When all 3 of them are dead, collect Coins 10-11. Go into the room they came from (right) to get a small medipack.

Timed Run, Grey Pass Card.

Go back to the other room, where you shot the first Cyborg, the ledge in the back is a trigger tile for a Timed Run. Stand against the E wall, behind the tile and save. Run over the tile and get into the passage (try to sprint), right/right and sprint to the exit, jump to the ledge, then a running jump right and go left around the structure, straight E, then left and jump to grab the chain a bit left from the last ledge (best is you can grab it low). Go down and turn right a bit to swing and grab the ladder on the pillar as high as possible. Before Lara gets her feet up, go right around the corner and maybe you have to go up a bit so you can back flip (with roll and grab) to the grey ledge. Run inside and time the Teeth doors to do short runs through each one. Right up the stairs and right to the next set of Teeth doors. Then slide out and jump to the ledge ahead. Sprint straight through the door (savegame.1).

Pick up the Grey Pass Card and go back outside, jump to the box in the NE corner, shoot it to get a Medipack. Turn around and jump over the ledges to a block with Shotgun ammo. Now jump to the pole in the SE corner and slide down. Immediately roll, take out a gun and start shooting the incoming Scorpion as soon as possible (might show up later). In the NE corner you can get Crossbow Arrows and Coin 12. Make your way over the grey ledges (ignore that lever (x) for now) to the exit S and to the Corridor. Left, in the SE corner of the Lower Corridor is Coin 13.

Claim the next Secret: Go to the S end of the Corridor and right up the staircase to the Middle Corridor. Head N and right, at the end left to the Secret rooms to claim Secret #2 in the room of your choice. This time I chose the Grenade Gun (but the choice is yours). Go back out and to the right, left around the corner.

Take the middle opening of the W wall, into the staircase back to the Lower Corridor.

Lower Corridor, fight the Cyborgs, a Circuit Board.

Go left (N) towards the corner and take the opening left (W). Jump over the grey ledges (make a note of their color, pattern and sequence) to the back of the room and drop down into the lower room.

Now, before you start shooting baddies, you might want to go for the Secret in the back of the room. There are lower parts in the floor, they have the same color and pattern as the ledges you jumped to get here. Step on those grey squares in the same order as the grey ledges (NW-SE-SW-NE) and the doors in the back open up. Go grab Secret Sapphire 3.

Back in the room, go to the pillar and push the button to release 4 Cyborgs. Shoot them and collect Uzi clips, Coin 14, the Cyborg’s Key and a Circuit Board they will drop.

Use the Cyborg’s Key next to the button and blocks go up at the exit, climb up and jump back over the ledges to get to the Lower Corridor. We’re on our way up to the Upper Corridor. Take a right to the S end and right into the staircase to the Middle Corridor.

Take a right and go into the next right, pull the block once and go over the block, to the right is Coin 15, left in the end is a button opening a small door in the Upper Corridor (***). Go out and left to the N.

Claim the next Secret: Go to the Secret rooms (NE) to claim Secret #3. I took the Crossbow. Go out to the Corridor.

Cooler Unit.

Climb the pole N to the Upper Corridor; the small door you opened is straight across (S) (***). Climb the ladder right around the corner and light a Flare, go into the crawlspace on the right (E) to collect 4x Uzi clips and Coin 16. Crawl out and across (W) and find 2x Uzi clips and Arrows. Get back down the ladder and shoot the Cyborg on your way out to the Corridor.

Using the Grey Card.

Go left (W) and left around the corner, take the first right and go into the back where you can open the door with the Grey Card. Follow the passage to a larger area, shoot a Cyborg.

Now first we will tour this place to get the pickups. Go E, just left of the passage you came from and straight in the back is Shotgun ammo. Roll, loop right around into the second opening right and pick up Coin 17.

Preparing for a Sapphire: Push that light right hand block in the E wall all the way in. Go left down the steps and push the button to open a door on an upper level. Go out.

Timed Run Sequel, Circuit Board 2.

Go to the SW corner; there are two doors, one open, one closed, they are operated by the lever (x) on the ground floor of the Deadly Floored Hall. If you didn’t throw the lever, the W door should be open and inside is a Timed trigger pad. You may want to have a look at the route first and collect the Sapphire first; the Timed door is in the same corner but one floor up.

Climb the grey ledge next to the door, jump up and run jump to the next (N), then to the one in the corner and turn right to jump and grab the block with the ladder, climb up and save in a new slot while Lara is pulling up (doesn’t cost you time then) hop down to the lower grey ledge, jump to the one in the corner and right to the next, a hop down to a lower ledge and a run jump with grab to the one ahead. Then jump onto the floor ahead (S).

Left in the corner is the door you opened, go in and get Secret Sapphire 4. Go back out.

The route continues up the blocks W, do curved running jumps to get to the Timed door W, where there is another trigger pad for yet another timed door (way up in the NE). When you are confident you have the route memorized, make your way back to the ground floor and have a go at it (savegame.2- with those pickups from the next run).

Second Run.

(Again getting to know the route..) Jump the sloped blocks to the N (small door there for a Key, later), hop onto the ledge right and behind is are Uzi clips, Coin 18 and a small medipack (included in Save 2). Jump up till the third block, roll and grab the edge to safety drop down, roll and run to the wall, roll and get onto the ladder. Go up to one square from the top and back flip onto a ledge, hop back grabbing the edge and safety drop down the other side. Roll and run right, jump over the deadly floor, hop onto the ledge and down the other side, over the next ledge and turn right to jump up to the next series where you have to do curved run(ning) jumps again to get to a large corner ledge. Turning right jump over to the next ledge, over the block and right in the end to the last series of jumps to the Timed door NE. To get back to the Trigger pad, jump back to the W side of the room, go into the opening and slide all the way down to ground floor. Make your way back up along the familiar route to the trigger pad on the first level.

When you get to that door in time (savegame.3), you can go get Coin 19 in the SE corner and another Circuit Board (2) from the pedestal. To get back to the ground floor, jump back to the W side of the room. There is an opening where you can slide down.

Preparation for Sapphire 5: Stand facing the slope, at the right hand wall (N). Throw a flare down the slope and watch closely when it goes over the edge of the slope, you can just spot a Jump lever in the dark. So light another flare, stand in the middle of that tile and slide down, jump to grab the lever and when you land on ground floor, you’ll see a small door open up in the Upper Corridor. Go out.

Leave SE and follow through to the Upper Corridor.

Open a Door for the 3.5 Volt I/0 Plug.

Go right a bit and across to the opening on the left (SE), up the stairs and loop left around for Coin 20. Right around from the entrance is a ladder, climb it and back flip off onto the walkway, a Cyborg will be coming from the other side, shoot him before he opens fire on you. Pick up the Grenades he dropped and go into the opening (S), push the button on the block and see a small door opening up in a room we’ve been to at the start of the level. Shoot a couple of Bugs that will attack and make your way back down to the Upper Corridor. Take a right.

Go into that open small door on the right (opened with the Jump lever on the slide) and pick up Secret Sapphire 5. Go out to the Corridor, right and to the pole on the left (N) to get down to the Middle Corridor, to the Secret rooms. Go get Secret #4 and Secret #5, whatever you like there. I took the Uzis and the Laser sight. Go out to the Corridor.

The 3.5 Volt I/0 Plug.

Go straight across into the staircase (S), we’ve been there. Follow up and go into the small door on the right in the back. Shoot the first box right to get the 3.5 Volt I/0 Plug. Shoot the last box on that side (NW) for Uzi clips. The one SE for Coin 21, the third one on that side has Coin 22. The rest of the boxes have nasty Bugs.

Middle Corridor, the Green Pass Card.

Leave down the stairs and go right (E) to the room where it started. Loop around right into a door we opened way back in the Upper Corridor E side, room with the 3 buttons. Inside turn around and climb down the ladder, drop in front of a crawlspace and get in. Go left around for Coin 23. Turn around, around the corner and go left stand up where the ceiling is higher and climb into the crawlspace (S), go to a button that will raise a block. Get back down into the crawlspace, go E and left to get Shotgun ammo in front of a Fan. Turn around and keep left to where you can climb up to the dark room where the block went up. Go to the S and shoot a Cyborg, collect 2x Shotgun ammo, a small medipack and Coin 24. Go back and climb the block to get into the passage above, follow to a tall shaft with a pole and steam vents. Face S and watch your health as you go up.

Back flip to the opening where you see a skeleton (N), shoot him into the pit and go back into the room to get a Medipack right and a Green Pass Card left. Back to the shaft and jump around to the passage straight ahead (S), go down and pick up Coin 25 before you slide down into the start room. Go up the stairs straight ahead (W) to the Middle Corridor and for some more pickups, run all the way to the other end, go left into the wide opening and shoot 2 Cyborgs. One drops Coin 26, in the back is Coin 27. No need to shoot those boxes there, nothing but trouble inside… Do hop onto all 4 blocks in the outer corners of the room to get the 4x Uzi clips.

Using the Green Card, Hall with Slopes.

Get out to the Middle Corridor, go right and into the second opening on the left (W) down the stairs to the Lower Corridor. Go left (N) and around the corner to the Card Reader (NE). Open the door and walk to the edge, take a step back and then hop forward to a lower block, keep doing the same till you reach a Hall with many slopes.

Facing N take the left hand slope, from standing back just hop to it and keep jumping to a ledge with Coin 28, hop E onto the next slope and keep jumping till you are on a single ledge. Arm with a heavy gun, run jump E, keep jumping till you hit a ledge where a Bug shows up. Shoot him quick and collect Shotgun ammo, Coin 29, Uzi clips and Revolver ammo.

Hop W and jump till you are back on the single ledge, turn left and jump the slopes to get to a wide ledge with Coin 30. Jump N, a wide ledge with a Bug and a small and Large Medipack and Coin 31. Jump S along the left side of the slopes, veer left and pull a big gun to eliminate the Cyborg when you reach a wide ledge. Pick up his Grenades and jump into the room E.

Time Puzzle, more Circuit Boards.

On the S wall is a message: "It's now 4:35 in the afternoon. In only 40 minutes, the doors to the West will open; when the clock is only ten minutes to midnight, the North doors open; at 6:05 in the morning, the East doors will open; 125 minutes later, the exit doors open up."

The lever on the floor will shift time between PM and AM (see N wall). The push blocks represent the hands of the clock. The first number is the Long Hand (hours) and the second number is the Short Hand (minutes) of the clock. The block (E) is on 4h OR 20 min, the other (W) on 7h OR 35 min.

W door: 4:35 plus 40 minutes = 5:15 PM. Move one of them to 5h. The other to 15 minutes. It doesn’t really matter which block goes where. I moved the W block straight to the E and moved the W one two times to the N and one time to the E. Go in W and shoot two Bugs, go get Circuit Board 3. Back to the clock.

N Door: ten minutes to midnight, so 23:50 PM. Push one block on 50 min and the other on 11 h. Go in N and watch out for the pit, left in the back is Coin 32. Climb down the ladder into the pit and shoot the Scorpion to get Circuit Board 4. Go back up to the clock.

E Door: 06:05 AM. Throw the lever to switch to AM and put the blocks on 6h and 5m. Go in and shoot two Bugs, go get Circuit Board 5. Back to the clock.

Exit: 06:05 plus 125 minutes = 08:10 AM. Push one on 8h and the other on 10m. Go SE where the exit doors opened up. Before you start jumping, left on the ledge is Coin 33. Jump the slopes, keep left at the double slope and end up on a dark ledge, walk forward a bit and grab the small medipack from the dark. Hop onto the last slope and to the exit ledge. Make your way up the passage left with jump grabs and get to the Corridor (savegame.4).

For the Firewall Key.

Now you should go open the door in the place where we did the Timed Runs. Go right (W) and right again into the Deadly Floored Hall, jump to that lever and throw it. Doors will switch. Go back out to the Corridor, straight and then right up the staircase to the Middle Corridor, to the pole N to get up to the Upper Corridor. Go right (W) and left around the corner, take the opening on the right and left or right around to the room where you did the timed runs. Go straight to the back and the door on the left is now open, door for timed run is closed (lever in Deadly Floored Hall). Go in and push the button opening the small door on level 1. Roll and start jumping the blocks again (N), to the ladder and follow the route up. I just ignored the skeletons, as they don’t pose a real threat. Going up the ledges along the S side, a Cyborg opens fire (he leaves Uzi ammo). Shoot that one and proceed. To the N again over the sloped blocks and into that open door.

The Fence Maze.

First the most important pick-up here: Take a left, right, left, straight to the W a bit, first left and left around to get Coin 34. Face W, take the first right and go E, right/left for a small medipack. Go back to the W wall, right/right going E and loop left around at the first opening left. Head W, loop right around the fence, going E, zigzag a few times and go N to the structure. Left to the W wall and right around the structure till you get to the Firewall Key.

Go back around the structure, follow E to the fence and take a right, right around the corner, zigzag till you go W again and take the opening left, going E. To the end and right/left to get to the Exit.

But for more Coins and a pick-up; go straight passing the Exit, then keep going left where possible through the fences and pick up Coin 35. Turn back and left, left (N), then keep going right where possible for Coin 36. Go back keep going right where possible to get to Coin 37. Turn around, keep going right, along the side of a structure and get Coin 38. Go back around the structure keep going right where possible to get to some Grenades. Out SE and follow around right to where you go W, right at the end and the second opening left (E), right into the second opening and keep going left where possible to get back to the Exit (savegame.5).

To get back to the ground floor, you’ll first have to go up again. So, left up the blocks, down and up the ladder, down again and S over the blocks. Up to the W and maybe shoot that skeleton to jump N to the ledge where the slide is through the opening left (W). Slide to ground floor and leave SE to the Upper Corridor. We have to get to the Lower Corridor, so down the pole N, run to the S end and take a right down the staircase.

Lower Corridor, using the Firewall Key, Circuit Board 6.

Head right and right around the corner, take the opening right (opposite the green card reader) and go down the stairs to where you can use the Firewall Key. The USB port lowers, go further down the stairs to a large Hall. Along the E and W wall you can find 2x Uzi clips, SE is Coin 39. On the pedestal in the back is Circuit Board 6, pick it up last. A couple of Cyborgs and skeletons will come out of 4 side doors. The Cyborgs drop Coin 40 – 41.

Go into both the now open doors (W) and push the two buttons to open the Entrance door back up. In the NE passage is a third button and that one will open a door to the last Sapphire.

Go back up the stairs to the Lower Corridor.

For the Last Sapphire, go straight into the Green card passage to the Hall with Slopes, from the entrance ledge you can see the open door NE, under the burning lamp. We’ll have to jump around again to get there. Face N and take the right hand slope this time, jump till you get to the single ledge. Turn left and jump to get to the wide ledge, then go E over the left hand slope to the entrance of the clock room, go through to the SE corner Exit and when looking S you can see the double faced slope, this time get onto the right hand side of it, jump that series of slopes to get to Secret Sapphire 6. To get back you’ll have to jump a lot more, go use the slopes W to get to the single ledge, to the N for the wide ledge, then E to the clock room, through to the Exit SE and take the left side of the double sided slope and make your way to the Exit as before. Jump up the blocks to the Lower Corridor.

Go to the far S end and right up the staircase to the Middle Corridor.

Go for the Secret rooms and collect Secret #6, whatever is left…

Upper Corridor, using the Circuit Boards.

Go up the Pole to the Upper Corridor and to the door in the S end where you can use two of the Circuit Boards to open it. Go in and up to the top of the bridge.

East, the RAM Key.

Take a left (E) and in the main frame, pull out that block and move it under the higher opening on the right. Get in there and come to a large hall. Grab up to the monkey climb and go across to the ledge with Coin 42 and Uzi clips. Looking S you can spot a green floor we have to get to, but those racks prevent a direct shimmy. So drop backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right, back flip with roll to the other side and go on like this till you reach the green floor. Go into the door that will open for you, on those grey walls are 5 buttons we have to find and while you’re at it, several enemies will come out to play.

Location of the 5 buttons:

1: where you enter go forwards and between wall 2 and 3 (W side).

2/3: In the N side between wall 1 and 2 and on the back of wall 3.

4/5: E side, on the S side of wall 1 and between wall 1 and 2, the door E will open. Go in and pick up the RAM Key. Go out to the W, through the door to the pit where we shimmied. Go do the same to get to the N side, go right to pick up Coin 43 and push the button to switch the USB Ports. Roll and go to the other end and through to the room with the 4-way bridge.

West, 3.5 Volt I/0 Plug 2.

Go straight across into the W opening, jump over the pit and get to a large room. To the right is where you can use the Ram Key to open the door. Inside is a lever we’ll use later, but there’s also 2x Shotgun ammo. Go back out and go to the red passage S, a Cyborg will come out and another one will appear from the other end of the room. Shoot both to get Coin 44 and Grenades. Now climb the USB Port NE. Up the ladder to the first floor and straight into the opening, left is Shotgun ammo, to the right in the back is Coin 45. We have to go up those blocks in the corners, start NW, run jump and grab NE, continue like this (you’ll encounter a Bug somewhere) till you can jump to a walkway and into the opening W.

Yikes, Spikes.

We’ll have to get to the far W end of this maze, the grey floor parts are safe, the spikes will not kill you instantly, but will hurt you. Go left (S) and time the runs to the safe spot, grab Flares and Coin 46 in the end of that passage, turn around and go back one grey tile. Turn left and get to the next, to the left you can see the button we have to push, so go for that and see a small door open up.

Go NE, left and to the left again (NW corner) for a small medipack. Head E for Coin 47. There are some more pick-ups here, go back W one tile and left, left again and loop right around the corner where you see the pick-ups to get to a niche (W) with Coin 48. Then run to the lower floor and duck to crawl to the 2x Shotgun ammo and Arrows. Now you can run out NE and right around or SE and left around to get to the exit (savegame.6).

Make your way down the blocks to the ground floor and leave W and left, notice the door straight ahead (S) before you climb down to the USB port. Go to the lever in the room opened with the Key and switch the USB ports. Go up the one SW and to the first floor. Push the button (left) to open that door SE. You can go for that now, there are some Medipacks, so maybe better now. Get back down, throw the lever back and climb up NE again, loop around right and go through the door, shoot three Bugs and a Cyborg and get a small and Large Medipack from the side room. When you go back, look behind that open door for Coin 49.

Get down to the lever and use it again, climb up SW, go in N and pick up Coin 50. Go through E and shoot the skeletons, to the right is 3.5 Volt I/0 Plug 2 and also some Shotgun ammo. Get back down to the ground floor, that skeleton on the floor will be triggered when you enter the small room with the floppy disks NW, but I just avoided that. Jump back E over the pit and go up the bridge to go right to the S side.

South, Fixing the PC.

Slide down a pole and grab Coin 51 S of the pole. Go in W, run jump over the pit and through the Teeth doors and jump out over the next pit. Use two Circuit Boards to open the small door and      follow through down the staircase while shooting a Cyborg and you’ll get to a place where you can use the last two Circuit Boards. Go through the door and jump to grab the ladder, go drop into a hall where two scorpions will attack, watch out for the death traps though. In the NW corner is the last Coin, 52.

NE is Revolver ammo and SE are Uzi clips. Grab up to the ladder pillar in the E (face W) end and go up, go in left (S) and fire some Super Grenades into the passage ahead to take out the last of the Cyborgs. Left and right on the outer sides of the pillars you can use the 2 3.5 Volt I/0 Plugs, slide down the slope to get out and see the PC is restored.

End of the adventure…

G&D, Nov. 05-2018.