TR III- Templars Secret, Full Game.

Levelset by Feder. Revised version 04-10-2018

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

To play the level on W8.1, I had to delete the config. folder from the download.

In case you need the saves mentioned in this walkthrough, download this Saves folder.

Links to the seperate levels  
2 - The Museum 6 - Templar’s Cathedral
3 - Industrial Zone 7 - Edge of the Abyss
4 - Sophia’s Office 8 - The Spear of Destiny
5 - Forgotten Island  

Level 1 - Midnight in Paris.

6 Secrets


Straight ahead is a dead end, so turn left from where you start and go through the alley to a small square, open the door with the button and go in, right around the corners and in the windowsill is the Shotgun, a guard shows up…, pick up the small medipack after he is dead.

Head into the Alley right of the window, climb the container around the right hand corner and grab up to the small roof, jump to the pillar and up to the next small roof. Hop down to the terrace and then onto the balcony to get the Shotgun ammo. It is pretty hard, but try to jump back to the terrace and grab the edge to safety drop down into the square below (saves some health).

Go in the direction of Café Alphonse and make a note of the keyhole next to the door right. The next square is where the Café is to your left. A Crow attacks, go into the Café and either right or left, hop behind the counter and push the button to open the toilet. Shoot the guard from behind the counter before he even comes out and go get Desert Eagle clips from the toilet. Leave the building.

Workshop first visit; the House Key.

Head straight into the street and just after a garage door with an awning, left around the pillar is a crawlspace, get through and after dropping out, to the right is a card reader on a machine. Turn left and around the corner are Flares on a crate. Using the lever left there will open the door to the street. Turn around and go down the stairs to the basement, shoot a Rat. In the corner are two crates, pull out the right hand one once, pull out the other crate once and pull it to the left, go behind the crates to get the Shotgun ammo and the House Key. In the opposite corner of this basement is a Timed lever for a trapdoor, that trapdoor is behind the fence and you can also see a Key there (later)…

Exploring the House, the Worker’s Card and Apartment Key.

Go up the stairs, out of the workshop and right/left to the door we saw before. Open it with the House Key and go into the corridor left, up the stairs and take a right at the closed door, up more stairs. At the intersection go left/right and open the door, inside shoot a Rat and right, in the dark is the Worker’s Card(Workshop) on the floor to the left. Go back out to the corridor (the door straight ahead is for a Secret we’ll go for it later), left to the intersection and straight into the room. Shoot those white windows and jump into the house across the Alley. Push the button and find the Apartment Key in the shower.

Secret Detour: Climb back up into the window, run jump out right to a small roof you can just see, jump to the next and onto the balcony forSecret #1, a Rocket. Jump back to the last roof and safety drop down into the square where you shot the guard. Go into the alley right of the window, climb the container around the right hand corner and grab up to the awning, jump to the pillar and up to the next awning. Jump to the terrace and then drop down into the square there. Go in the direction of Café Alphonse and to the door to the House right.

Back up the stairs and this time open the door left, first room in the window is Shotgun ammo, second room two windows with curtains hides a small medipack and Flares.

Timed run for a Secret: Look on the bookcase behind the desk and find a Timed book switch, save there and use it, turn left and get to the exit, run (jump or sprint) straight but also slightly to the right across the first room to the door, sprint up the stairsand goleft/left around the corners through the Timed door. Pick up Secret #2, Uzi clips and Shotgun ammo. Shoot the window and get out onto the balcony for Flares. Go back out (right/right) down the stairs and straight into the first room.

The Apartment, over the roof.

Go left up some stairs, follow through a glass bridge to where you can use the Apartment Key,get in and through the curtain behind the couch; shoot a Guard and a crow. On the wall left is a button opening a window.

Head back inside;go through the glass corridor and in the next room left is where the window opened, step out onto the balcony. Shoot a crow, which is probably making his way over to you and jump down to the little roof below, to the red striped awning and shimmy left. Pull up and back flip onto a flat part of roof.

Secret Detour: Turn right and stand against the side of the roof, facing the balcony where you came from, back flip over the other roof and grab the edge. Shimmy right to pull up in a niche and jump out to the awning of the Café. From the other end onto the balcony and the window will open up, inside the room is Secret #3, the Uzis. Jump and grab back to the awning and safety drop down into the square.

Workshop, using the Workers Card, Library Key.

Go into the street opposite and a bit right of the Café, left into the Workshop. Go left again and use the Worker’s Card on the machine and the door right of you opens up, shoot the rat. Inside in the right hand back corner is a Timed trapdoor. Go back out and down the stairs to the basement, left around the corner is the lever for the trapdoor. Pull, turn left and run through the opening, left up the stairs and loop around right, do a running jump towards the yellow machine and get into the door right, another running jump left of the pipe and into the trapdoor (savegame.0). Pick up the Library Key and get out of the Workshop to the street.

To the Library.

Go right/left to the house again, up the stairs and left through the door to the first room, left up the stairs and right through the open window, hop onto the small roof as before, use the red striped awning to get back up to the flat part of the roof.

From there you can jump to a small roof left of the striped awning. Hop onto the roof over the Workshop. A run jump to grab the bridge over the street where you’ll find a lever opening the trapdoor over a ladder, that is a shortcut to the Workshop in case you missed the Library Key we’ll need soon. Look one paragraph up in case you still need to go for that Key.

Hop to the next small roof, shoot a Crow and do a run jump with roll onto the slanted pillar so you can grab the edge. Pull up and back flip roll to grab the small roof, a run jump to the top of the wall ahead. Shoot the Guard on the square and go get the Medipack from the other end of the wall before you drop down where you shot that Guard. Grab Uzi clips from the Guard. Open the door to the Library.

Getting through the Library, open a Gate.

Shoot two guards in the first hall, go left to the next hall and go around a bookcase to shoot another guard, he leaves Shotgun ammo. Pull that bright bookcase out of the corner (right from where you enter) and push the button behind it to open a door upstairs.

For a Secret: Pull that block into the first hall and under the flower tile you can see on the ceiling, a panel opens up right of you, get in for Secret #4, MP5 clips and a small medipack. Get out.

Climb the first large bookcase, jump and grab the higher one and go up to the top for Flares. Drop from the back onto the walkway and go to the other side where that door opened (button behind the pushblock). Left near the window is a guard; he will drop a small medipack. To the right of the window is a button opening a gate below, on the square where the Café is. Go back to the other end of the Library, keep right and get the Shotgun ammo from the windowsill.


Make your way down to ground floor, leave the building,push the button next to the gates and step out to the street, in the small pool in front of you are Uzi clips. Go straight ahead into a small door to a courtyard, shoot the crow and pick up the Shotgun ammo. Go back out, take a left into the street where the Workshop is and go straight to the square with the Café, right in the back is the open gate.

Go through a dark corridor to a small yard, climb the crate and jump to grab the red tiled roof, shimmy right and back flip with roll to grab the roof behind you. Shimmy left to that fence and back flip over the fence to a crawlspace. Go in and stand up at a lower part.

For a Secret: Stand left, turn right and jump grab up to a crawlspace over the lower part, get in for Secret #5, Shotgun ammo. Crawl backwards and drop.

Get into the next dark crawlspace behind you to come to a Sewage canal. Save before you drop into the water, the current will take you into a tunnel, where you will be sucked into a room with a propeller.

Secret location: Up left is a small opening just in front of the propeller (later).

Take a right into the tunnel, right again at the next propeller and again right at the next intersection; use the underwater lever to open trapdoors where we go now. Roll; keep going right and up to where those trapdoors opened up. Quietly climb out and shoot the guard before he notices you. Get Shotgun ammo from the crate and open the door in the back with the lever right of it. Step out into the place where you dropped into the water before. Shoot the rats and go get Flares in the far left corner and then head into the passage in the right hand corner.

Fighting the current to turn off the current.

To the right is a pool, hop in and turn left. Swim into the tunnel, right around the corner and right around the next, here you have to swim immediately left into a niche with an underwater lever (if you miss it you’ll be back at the pool shortly). That lever will turn off all propellers; so swim back where you came from, right/left and straight to the propeller in the back to get the Shotgun ammo. Turn around and take the first right, back to the pool and get out.

For a Secret: Go back left to the room with the canal, dive into the small opening left and swim through the tunnel to the first propeller you encountered, up left into the small opening to climb up to Secret #6, Grenades and a Medipack. Swim out of the narrow tunnel, right and up to the canal, climb out and go right into the opening back to the other pool.

Go up the ladder, turn left and grab up to a crack in that wall. Shimmy to the left and drop. Hop down and get into the duct behind the propeller and slide down to leave Paris….

Level 2 – The Museum.

4 Secrets

Follow the duct and shoot an invisible grate at the end. Drop into the hallway and go into the next gallery, a screen will show you a guard on top of the stairs.

If you want a “hard to get Secret”; shoot him before he gets a chance to close a door in that upper corridor, so best take out the Shotgun to finish him off fast. I did a sprint and shot him once, starting at the moment he is almost to the right. Then a running jump up the stairs while shooting him once again and another run jump shooting a last time… he almost made it to the door… Inside the room is Secret #1, 2x Shotgun ammo behind the sarcophagus. The button is to open the door again in case you managed to get in without shooting the guard and he closed the door on you.

The Gallery.

Follow this corridor up the stairs and right around to a button opening the next gallery. There are lasers here, so watch it, go over the first, under the next and climb over the glass display to get over the third. Open the next door with the button. A guard goes running so shoot him quick before he raises the alarm. Not only will another guard show up, but a laser will also become active on a balcony we will go to now.


Grab up to the glass display in the middle of the hall and jump to grab one of the ledges on the pillars (close to the entrance). Jump to the chandelier and onwards onto the balcony. Pick up a Medipack left, roll and climb into the duct at the other end of the balcony. Go to a slide and slide, then jump and grab the duct on the opposite side. Drop out into the next Gallery (is behind the door the guard would have opened by raising the alarm).

Obtaining Security Pass A.

In the next gallery, climb up on the base of the statue left and grab up to a crack, shimmy right over the laser. Walk slowly through the opening behind the big statue because there is another guard that will raise the alarm and activate lasers if the spots you. Pick up a small medipack on the right and save.

Run in at the moment the guard goes right between the pillars and shoot him before he reaches the alarm. Push a button on the pillar there and doors open in the end of the room, where you came from. Another guard comes in, shoot him and grab Security Pass A he will drop. Go through those doors he came from onto a roof terrace and run to the end of the balcony to get Desert Eagle clips, go back inside.

Secret: before going back inside, stand on the corner ledge with the potted plant, run jump over the edge of the sloped roof landing on a small ledge. Drop from the right hand side onto a roof and get into a crawlspace for Secret #2, a Rocket. Climb back up to the roof terrace.

Inside go left to a door close to where you pushed the button (first door right with a card reader). Use Security Pass A there.

Security Pass B; First Floor, de-activate the Laser.

Go in and take a right up the stairs, upstairs shoot the guard before he gets to the alarm… (or duck behind the dog statue and run behind the vase before he turns around. If he sounds the alarm, another guard will appear from the next room). Go through the duct in the back, behind that vase and shoot another guard. Left as you come in is a switch in the corner and this one will de-activate a laser in a duct in the first Gallery. Go back through the duct, down the stairs to the hallway and right to open a door in the back, leading into the first Gallery. Climb the glass display jump and grab the right hand ledge, closest to the far end, now run jump and grab the ledge closer to where you just entered and hop to the chandelier.

More Ducts, Rooftop.

Shoot the grate in the wall there and jump grab into that duct, go up a ladder and into the duct with the blue light (left). After shooting a grate you’ll end up on the roof, climb up to the stained glass and jump grab up to that air conditioner unit right that is hanging on the wall. Turn right and jump to grab up to the ledge with the columns, shimmy right and after a short shimmy stop to pick up some Uzi clips, continue your shimmy to the right. Just before the last column, pull up and turn right to hop onto the roof. The window in the opposite far corner is our goal… But first we go for a pickup that was clearly meant to be a Secret, but isn’t ..?

Stand on the steaming vent, facing the blinking lamp (left of you) and jump to grab the roof over the lamp, shimmy left a bit and pull up, back flip with a roll and keep jumping right till you are on the flat ledge. Turn around and jump to the ledge next to the building to get Flares and Shotgun ammo.

Jump back, take a left and run over the cable bridge to the other side OR if you drop down use the cable bridge as a monkey swing. Drop down to the balcony, there turn left and hop over the balustrade down to another airco unit.

Ducts Again.

Jump/grab to the window and get in, run left and shoot the guards, one more will come out of a small door. Go in there and push a button to kill a laser in the duct we’ll go to now. Go out, left/left to the other end of the hallway and crawl into the duct behind the plant.

Drop down and go to another drop, first jump over for the Flares, then drop down onto a slide, jump and grab the climb wall and go left to the other end.

Climb to the bottom of the ladder (feet up) and back flip into a duct.

For a Secret, you’ll end up in the same place later: drop down from this duct into the pit under the climb wall and slide, a safety drop to the bottom, crawl into the duct with the laser and get Secret #3, Flares, Uzi clips and a small medipack. Turn to the left wall and stand up and climb up through this duct, Drop down into a lower duct (the one coming from the pit) turn left.

Follow to a hatch in the floor, first jump over the grate to get the Shotgun ammo, then drop through the opening into a corridor. Facing the guard in the control room, take a right into that room and shoot the guard for his small medipack.The door to the next section opens up, shoot the other guard too and he will drop Security Pass B. Go into the passage right of the doors (as you come in) and a door opens to the storage with the Desert Eagle.

Sentry gun.

Leave the Control rooms, go straight down the stairs and when in the corridor and left down the stairs to a gallery with a Sentry gun, the Lasers activate the gun torrents. Spot the empty glass dýsplay on the left and push it to the lasers. This will cause them to bounce on the glass and the button can be pushed without losing any health. Go left and duck under the green laser. Go around to the corner near the door, check the health, jump to the button at the green laser and quickly use it, get through the door fast. 

To the left is the door you can open with Security Pass B, kill the guard and get his Shotgun ammo, use Security Pass B and step into a small room.

To the right behind the plant is a lever opening a painting in the wall. Hop in to get Secret #4, looks like Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

The Templar’s Scepter.

Go through the passage in the other end of the room to come to a huge gallery with another sentry gun and green laser. Go straight and right around the corner is a duct near the floor, crawl through and shoot the guard. Flip the switch in the corner left to de-activate the green laser and go back out to the gallery. Go to the opposite corner, open the door with the button and go into the control room, pick up a small medipack and flip the switch (left) to get rid of the laser. Now go pick up the Templar’s Scepter and the alarm goes off.

Getting Out with the Scepter.

Two guards show up, you can shoot them. Just sprint through the big gallery because the lasers are active again (To pass the lasers safely, climb where the vase is and take a running jump over them). Go through the now open doors left. Up the stairs, jump over the first laser in the next corridor and run underneath the next and hop over the third, so the guns won’t be activated. Around the left corner is a guard leaving Desert Eagle clips. Carefully make your way up the stairs and open the door with the button. Step out onto the roof and run to the edge….

Level 3 – Industrial Zone.

5 Secrets. After a certain point there are two different routes you can take, we’ll describe them both…

The Factory Key, Open a Door.

Turn left, climb the crates for Flares. Turn around and look for a ledge on the walkway above you (against the pillar), which you can grab with a curved stand jump. On the walkway loop around right and just above that crate below is a monkey swing, go to the end of it and drop/grab the crack. Shimmy right to pull up in the second niche and roll, run jump out and grab the walkway on the pillar. First have a look, a button right, a fire (on a Key) on a ledge above. The button will stop the fire for a while, starts a flame blower on the pillar (with an interval). So save at the button, push, hop back turning a bit left and immediately run with a right curve to jump onto a ledge behind the pillar when before the fire blower even starts, roll and run jump to grab the ledge where the Key is, grab the Factory Key and quickly roll to grab the edge and safety drop back to the ledge with the button (savegame.1).

Not going for the Secret? (Secret hunters, scroll down) This is the route for you and takes you to the same point as “with the Secret”. Drop down onto the sloped base of the pillar and go to an opening in the left back corner of the hall. Go through and shoot the Policeman. Up on a balcony is another policeman, you can shoot him from here or run left into the opening and follow the passage up to the balcony where you can take him out.

For a Secret however: do the same Timed run again, grab the most right hand corner of the Key ledge and this time run jump with a left curve around the pillar and grab a crawlspace (savegame.2). Crawl in to get Secret #1, drop down and jump into a window to get a Medipack and Flares. Go to the opposite corner and hop out of the broken window to a balcony left.

Using the Factory Key, to the Generator.

Use the switch on the balcony to open a door on ground floor and go into the opening left, climb down and follow the passage to the ground floor. Go left around the basin to the door you opened, shoot a worker and grab his small medipack. Left is the door you can open with the Factory Key, grab Shotgun ammo from the window left and use the switch in the back to change the propeller speed. Go back out to the basin and hop into the water, swim along the bottom through the propeller.

Immediately behind the fan to the right is a narrow tunnel, follow to get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and a Grenade (Rocket). Swim out and right.

To the right, in the back is a tunnel, get in and follow through, take another right in that higher tunnel and then surface in a basin, climb out and go around to an opening leading to a hall with a Generator going around.

The Generator.

To the right is a crate on the corner of the central structure. Keep an eye out on the Generator and move that crate through the trench to the left along this side of the central structure to the front of it, where you can see a door.

Halfway along that wall, there is a window in the central structure, stop pushing there for a minute and climb the crate and grab up to a crawlspace over the window to get Secret #3, Shotgun ammo and MP5 clips up there. Get back down.

Move the crate around the corner and stop when you reach the door in the central structure. Now go shoot a worker in the room opposite the door and go to the window. Stand at the button where you can see the door and also the Generator. When it comes in view, push the button to open the Timed door so the Generator will turn into the central structure. The door will close and it is trapped inside. Go out of the room, left to the left side of the structure and spot the crawlspace up in the wall of it. Jump and grab up in there and drop into the structure. Watch out for that Generator though.

On the pillar is a blue box that has to be broken, to get the Generator there, pull the crate in the corner out once, so it will block the corner. The Generator will hit the box, go get the Uzi clips from the window at the other side and pull the crate under the crawlspace so you can get out. The gate opposite this crawlspace opened up. Go in there and here you can choose which passage you take (savegame.3).

Keep a savegame from this point so you can explore both sides if you want (one side has different pick-ups than the other so take your pick, the left route has the Secrets).

-Left Side, Huge Factory Hall. (scroll down for the Right hand side)

Follow the left passage to a slide, quickly jump up to grab the monkey climb and go to the end, where you will drop onto the next set of break tiles, stand jump to grab the next, hang left and pull up. Curve right and jump to grab the last from where you can do a running jump with a right curve to the balcony. Two workers will show up, shoot them. In the far end, left of the crane are Uzi clips. Drop from the edge of the floor, next to the crane and land on a ledge with a Zip-line, go under the floor first, run through a press and flip a switch to open the Furnace room.

The Furnace Room.

The intended way. (pointed out to me by Jose)

Grab the zip line and slide almost to the end until you see a slope under Lara's feet (not the small slope next to the wall but the largest one, to the right below the grated platform), drop/slide backwards and jump from close to the end to land onto the next slope, slide/jump and grab the edge of the next sloped ledge, time the fire emitter (hoist up when the fire is about to start), hoist up/slide/jump to grab the crack in the pillar; go inside the crawlspace and drop from the other side timing the fire in the flat ledge near the lava. Duck to get the small medipack and look right to spot the Mp5 gun (we’ll get that later). Stand on the corner against the wall facing the fire (you are safe there even when the fire is on), wait when the fire turns off and take a running jump right to grab the top of the pillar next to that MP5 gun, hoist up and from the ledge with the small fence take a running jump to grab the opposite wall with fire emitter textures, but fortunately inactive, shimmy all the way to the right side and from the top of the next block you can take an angled standing jump to grab the edge of the grated platform.

Short route:

Use the Zip-line and immediately drop at the steel wall, landing on a slope, jump with a left curve and then another jump left from the next slope onto a grated platform (savegame.4).

Run jump to grab a ledge up in the far end of the room (left of where you came in), turn right and jump to the ledge where you see a Medipack behind a grate. Go in and first turn around before you grab the Medipack, a flame will start. So quickly run out left and jump right to get back to the ledge, you can see a ladder in an opening there… Back flip from the ladder into the upper room.

We need to get that grated box left of the flames into the other corner. On the right hand wall are levers, pull the first (from the right) to stop the first flame, pull the box out twice, when you just stand against the box, you are safe from the flame behind you, side flip away when the flame stops. Go around the box and push it into the flame.

Pull the lever back up and now push the box twice into the next flame. Use the third (from the right) lever and push the box against the wall. Climb on the box, grab the crack and go right to the crawlspace. Slide down and come to a passage with 2 presses (there is a break tile in the middle), run through them and stop before you drop down into a lower room. Not going for the secret, just drop into the lower room and scroll down to below the blue text.

For a Secret: turn around and sprint back through the first press into the hole in the floor and grab a crawlspace, get through and drop into a side room of the Furnace room, go up the ladder to the balcony and flip the switch there. Water fills the room and also the furnace room, when you step back onto the balcony, Secret #4 will sound. Dive into the water, swim through the opening and in the now flooded Furnace room you can find a Rocket, the MP5 gun and a small medipack (if you didn’t get it yet). Swim back to the adjacent room and climb up to the balcony, go into the passage right of the switch, shoot a worker and end up in the lower room (you would have ended up here after the presses).

Swinging Hammers.

Just run sharp right around the corner against the window where you are safe, stay close to the wall and run around the corner at the next Hammer to get out. Right around the corner is a small medipack, go up the ladder in the other end and up into an eerie corridor. When you step out through the first opening right, you’ll see a chopper dropping of some Policemen. Just follow the corridor, picking up Shotgun ammo in a window right and around the corner two police show up, shoot them and get a small medipack and Flares. Drop down through a hole in the floor in the back room and follow that route to a zip-line, quickly turn around and shoot another police, grab the MP5 clips.

Now go to the zip-line..

If you want to pick up some extra items, don’t grab the zip-line but take another route: Slide backwards out of the opening, grabbing the edge. Shimmy left and drop on a balcony to kill a policeman up near the chopper. Jump to the slope in the corner and slide jump/grab the pillar in front. Now take a running jump with a curve to the balcony behind that next sloped pillar, but carefully to avoid landing in the barbed wire. Get some Uzi Clips and Grenades and go through the small opening and up to where the zip-line would have taken you.

Without that pickup: Use the zip-line and go into that place where you land, there is another press to get through.

For a tricky Secret in the pit right of you: It will take you a lot of health, what I did was: top up my health, stand one hop back from the press and turn left with my back to the fence, side flip right when the press was coming down, landing when it went up and immediately a hop back, grabbing the edge. Then I dropped, hit Esc to take a small medipack and drop the remaining bit (couldn’t find an easier way) Go collect Secret #5, the Grenade gun, a Medipack (which you should immediately use), Desert Eagle clips, a small medipack. Flip the switch right of the ladder to open the trapdoor and climb up. Loop right around, to go back to the press. 

Jump and run through the press and go into the passage to the rooftops. Two police open fire, best use the MP5 to take them out. Jump to the small balcony on the building right. Hop up to where the dead guy is and use the Timed lever on the back of the Chimney. Two platforms go up allowing you to jump across to the roof where the other dead guy is (savegame.5). Up to the left you can see an opening you have to get to, but there is another pickup on the roofs. Go right and jump left around the corner to the dark grey roof, turn right and go up once more. Slide down on the right, behind that chimney is a Medipack.

Back flip onto the small roof you came down from and jump forward with a left curve, grab the edge of the roof as you slide off and pull up, back flip with a roll and grab the terrace. Jump up left over the corner of the fence to where the body is and go to the other end, down and up to the crack to get into the opening, take a right and go to an open grate in the wall where you can run jump over to a walkway on the SLinc building. Level ends.

-The other route, Right hand side (use your save).

Taking the right hand passage, slide down walk up to the edge and stand jump grab the higher passage. Walk into the big Factory hall and turn right to shoot that police. Hang from the edge of the walkway, drop and grab the crate below and get the Flares from the top. Jump up to grab the monkey climb under the walkway and go to that diagonal support where you’ll find a crawlspace left. Get in and hang out the other end, drop and slide a bit, then back flip onto the higher floor behind you. Flip the switch to open a hatch over a ladder (*). Run jump back to grab the crawlspace and drop out into the hall.

The Hammer.

From facing the crawlspace, go left and then left around the corner and find a nice wooden crate on the corner of the floor, climb it. Run jump and grab the ledge under the pipe in the red wall and shimmy left and pull up onto the corner, turn right and climb off backwards into the passage behind the fence.

Open the yellow door with the button, go in and shoot a worker left around the corner. Pick up his Hammer. Look for an opening in the floor near the yellow door and drop in, shoulder against the wall and run forward, sliding to the ground floor of the hall. Climb the crate on the forklift and jump to a stack of crates at the wall to get a small medipack.

The Broken Handle.

Get to the crates under the crane and from a light crate you can jump and grab to a stack against the wall and get the Shotgun ammo. Drop down, go to the high stack of crates and pull out a crate from the side under the crate in the crane, right of the red one. Push it aside and pull out another one, move it aside and go in, here you’ll find the open hatch over the ladder (*) you opened before. Climb down the ladder and then slide down to the right and sprint through two presses.

Shoot the worker coming from the passage left (Flares) and go in there and on the floor to the right is a Broken Handle, flip the switch and the fence left opens up, go through and up the ladder back to the Factory hall. When you step out from under the crates, a policeman opens fire from the crates in front. Shoot him and go get the MP5 clips he will drop. Turn around and shoot another one on the high stack and go get the Uzi clips. Climb on the highest crate of the stack and grab up to the walkway on the pillar, go forward and a bit right to that pillar on the wall and climb the ladder on the side of it and go to the crane.

Use the Broken handle to operate the crane and the crate goes up a bit. Jump to the crate and then to the ledge in front of the yellow control room. Open the door by using the Hammer and go in, pick up the Desert Eagle clips. There’s a zip-line in the window, if you don’t go for the Secrets, go for it and skip the blue part.

Detour for a Secret: Go back out, jump left into the windowsill and face the hall, look up to spot the beam and jump/grab there. Pull up and crawl right, left at the low part over a slanted yellow bit and left onto the second rafter, all the way to the other end (you have to shimmy past the low part) to get Secret #5, a Medipack and Uzi clips. Hang from the other side of the rafter, shimmy left and drop onto the crate in the crane. Jump back to the control room and go to the zip-line.

The Fuse.

Use the zip-line all the way to the end; pick up Shotgun ammo. Climb the ledge with the barbed wire and walk slowly through the wire, jump onto the slope grabbing the edge, safety drop onto a crate below and go into the passage left of the hall, shoot a worker and when he’s dead another thug shows up. We need a Fuse here, so go back to the Hall, safety drop down to a small balcony and to another one and hop onto the top of that big stove. Turn left and hop backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right, pull up on the flatter part, hop up right and go down onto the pipe behind the stove to get the Fuse. Safety drop onto the floor and collect Uzi clips, go to the other end of the hall and left into a dark corner to get a Medipack.

Turn around and go to that light crate on the other side, climb it and jump up to grab a platform on the stove, get on top of the stove, jump and grab the ledge in the corner you came from before and climb back up to the upper floor. Go right, through the passage to the room where you can use the Fuse to stop the fire on the two ledges over the stove. Stand well back so you can do running jumps over the ledges under those swinging pendulum’s. If you time it right it’s not that hard (savegame.6).

Follow the passage to where you can drop down at an Electrical sign.

The Generator.

If you want the Secret here, do like this. Hang and drop after you saved, wait for the Generator to get close and side flip right over the thing. Go around the corner where it came from and get Secret #5, Grenades and a small medipack from the niche on the right. Go back and around the corner, when you see the generator coming, run back into the niche, let it pass to the right and run left around the corner, sprint where possible and get up into the crawlspace (savegame.7).

Without the Secret: Light a flare, have the sign left of you and run in while throwing the flare away (same key), this way you can immediately run or sprint, turn left around the corner, sprint again and get up into the crawlspace before that thing gets to you.


Follow the passage to a roof terrace, shoot the two policemen and drop down to a block right of the terrace. Run jump onto the grey roof and grab the edge of it, shimmy left and then back flip with roll to grab another terrace. Turn right go up the small roof and right again up the next. Right around that chimney you can slide down to a Medipack. Stand right against the chimney, back flip onto the small roof you came down from and jump forward with a left curve, grab the edge of the roof as you slide off and pull up, back flip with a roll and grab the terrace. Jump up left over the corner of the fence to where one of the dead policemen is and go to the other end, down onto the glass roof and up to the crack right to get into the opening, take a right and go to an open grate in the wall where you can run jump over to a walkway on the SLinc building. Level ends.

Level 4 – Sophia’s Office.

0 Secrets

Go down the stairs to where you enter a corridor, go left to the other end and open the door left with the button, down the stairs and come to a storage room. First get the Flares from behind a box on the right. Climb on the boxes, look up and spot the open vent in the ceiling.

-Pull the box in the other corner (near the vent) once out.

-Turn around and move the box standing in the opposite corner into the gap so you can move the top box twice to the other side.

–Pull the middle box once out towards the entrance and then push it towards the vent. Now pull the top box once so it stands in the middle.

-Move the left hand box around to where it stands under the top box, now you can push the top box under the vent.

Climb on, turn around and grab the ladder in the vertical duct, go up and follow the duct to a laser trap. Stop where you can stand again, wait for the laser to go away, stand up, hop back and run jump over the fire pit, immediately duck. Now wait till the laser moves behind you and do the same to get over the next fire pit, crawl into the duct and drop into a lower room. Through another low duct and drop through a vent into the main office. The door in the other end of the office, left of the fish tank leads back to the corridor you came from, the door near the vent you dropped out of leads into another corridor, so push that button to get into the corridor. Go to the end and doors open into the auditorium.

Right hand corridor: Lab clue.

From the auditorium go right, right and left near the window of the high room is Shotgun ammo, go back into the corridor and straight along a glass wall on the right, walk up to the door (on the right) with the Slinc logo and the door opens. Go in and find a clue for the LAB in the other end of the office, make a note. Near the windows are MP5 clips.

The Lab, Security Codes Disk.

Get out, left right back to the auditorium and straight across into the corridor and to the left is an elevator, get in and push the button to go up (or down). Step out; go straight to the end of the corridor and right into the LAB entrance, here you need that clue. From left to right, use switch 2-3 and 5. The door opens left, hop over the first laser, just run underneath the high laser and get through the door. Shoot the two Lab guys and get a small medipack and Uzi clips from under their dead bodies. On the block in the middle of the room is the Security Codes Disk.

Using the Security Codes; Map to the Island, Stairs Key.

Go back through the lasers, shoot another lab guy, step out to the corridor and go back left to the elevator. Either down or up and step out, take a right to the auditorium and go straight into the opposite corridor. Take a left down to the waiting room. Look up right in the far wall, shoot that grate (jump up and shoot) and get into the crawlspace. Turn around; drop out when the laser moves to your right and duck. Turn left and if you like the challenge, hop up to the ledge to get that Medipack and quickly hop down, ducking again.

Crawl up the slope as far as possible, stand up when the laser moves behind you, run and duck, crawl fast and get to safety. Drop down and go into the duct left, shoot the grate. In the far right corner is a computer, put that Disk in there. A panel opens right of you; get in for a Map to the Island and the Stairs Key.

Getting Out.

Open the door in the opposite wall and step out into the waiting room, go right and right again to the auditorium. Go right into the corridor and in the office left in the corner is a small door you can open with the Stairs Key. Go down the stairs and run into the street. This ends the level…


Level 5 – Forgotten Island.

3 Secrets.

Raise a Platform.

Go to straight to that fence and pick up Flares, turn left and go through to the next valley where a Vulture attacks. Face the waterfall and climb up on the rock on the left wall, turn left and grab up to the branch of the tree. Jump over to the lengthy branch straight ahead and walk to the end. Jump a bit right to the road you see near the building. A Key needed there, so turn left and jump to the next branch, turn right and jump to the path right of the structure, go in left and pull the block once. Go back and jump to the branch, loop right and hop into the opening in the building you freed up.  Drop down onto a block and hop back from the block, turn left and shoot a snake. Turn around and get a small medipack from the corner, go where you shot the snake and push a button. A platform goes up near the waterfall, get back out to the tree and run around the tree to a single branch so you can jump to that platform.

Up the waterfall, the Rusty Key.

Couldn’t shimmy around to the waterfall, so just run from the corner of the platform onto the waterfall and crawl into the tunnel, take a right into the passage, run fast to avoid being spiked, and come to a cave with slopes and a pit with a swamp. Slide backwards, grab the edge and shimmy right to a higher part, back flip with roll and grab the other side slope, go left to the end and back flip with roll to grab a ledge with Shotgun ammo. Hang from the right hand side, drop and grab the crack below. Shimmy to the left and crawl through the gap to get the Rusty Key from the dead guy there. Jump and grab the climb wall, go left and then up, climb off to the right and slide down to the waterfall cave, duck under the spike trap. Crawl back through the waterfall cave and drop into the pool, make your way back up to the tree branches and jump to the road with the building to use the Rusty Key there.

Jump straight over to grab the branch at the lowest point against the tree to retrieve the Flares.

Turn around and look to the right of the tree to spot some leaves, jump in there landing on a ledge in front of an opening in the rock wall, get in and get Secret #1, hang into the cave and shimmy right before you drop. Shoot the snake and grab the Rocket Launcher, back flip on a slope and jump to grab the crack and get out.

Kill the Flames.

When you slide back into the valley; spot a cave entrance straight ahead and a bit to the left, get in there. Slide down and shoot the snake, proceed to a pool of water. Hop in and swim right around to an underwater lever, killing a flame on a pillar in the cave behind the fence. Go get air and climb out because you cannot swim left against the current. Get on the block next to the dead snake and run jump out of this cave, go left and left again, light a flare and spot and opening in the left corner of that cave, climb in there and come to the pool with the pillar of which you killed the flames, there are piranhas in the pool, so you might want to stay clear of the water.

The Quad.

Go left around onto a platform with a button, push to raise another platform (*) and drop through this one, jump a few times and you are on that pillar. Now jump and grab back up to the entrance ledge, loop left and grab the monkey climb. Go to the sloped block, drop and slide jump to the platform (*). Climb up, go right outside and jump right to a branch, then hop to the roof of the shack where you can shoot two soldiers in the valley in front of the shack. Go to the opening in the roof, drop down into the shack and find the Quad bike (this was a very extended route to get here, when you go left out of the door, there is a slanted block under the tree from which you can just jump and grab up to the roof- unintended shortcut probably).

On a crate are MP5 clips, open the small gate with the switch and shoot another soldier, which will drop a small medipack. On a crate in that room is the MP5 gun in case you haven’t found that yet.

Bike Ride.

Get on the Quad, forward = Ctrl, reverse = Alt, step off = End/Left or Right Key. Ride it out of the shack, take a right and go to the end of that valley to get some Uzi clips (we won’t leave anything behind…). Now go into the valley opposite the shack and through the red cave, right and in the end left, keep along the right hand wall in that cave, loop left around the rock pillar so you can jump from a slope onto a slanted wall. Go right around a corner to a dark tree, around the next corner you come to a valley. Ride over the sloped ground left of the valley. Follow through to a big palm tree and get off the bike. Right of you, in the corner of the rock wall is a niche with a small medipack.

Get back on the bike and line it up for a jump over the next canyon and onto a soldier patrolling there.

Secret and some pickups: walk back to the canyon you just jumped, the river is down there, slide down backwards from the left side slope and drop into the water (piranhas). Turn right into the cave with the current and swim right and keep right to get into a small tunnel, climb out of the pool there and get Secret #2, a Medipack and a Rocket. Hop back into the water, first swim straight a bit, then loop right around into a familiar pool. Get out, get on the block next to the snake and jump out of the cave. Take a right, in the end of the valley left and go to that ramp you jumped with the bike. There is a platform you can grab up to. With the slope you rode to your left, run jump and grab a ledge in the corner.

First turn right and jump to grab a ledge with Grenades. Jump back to the corner ledge, go straight and right to get back to the palm tree and the river canyon you jumped, turn around and drop/grab the crack there, shimmy right and get into the passage, around a wooden fence and approach the dead soldier with the Shotgun ammo carefully as spikes will pop out of the wall, crawl and get that ammo, crawl back out and grab that ladder, go up and jump out of the passage to a ledge in the river. Walk right to the end and jump left into an opening behind the waterfall. Turn around and jump out left to the valley.

Follow through to where you left the Bike. First grab up to the branch of the tree in the left hand corner, careful, first shimmy out of reach of the snake. Shoot the critter and also a vulture coming in and hop to the other branch to get the Uzi clips. Drop down, get on the bike and ride it up the next slope, here you have to line up and jump to that narrow ledge in the water. Follow the ledge around right, down and leave it near those big gates where we need two items to open them (savegame.8).

Underground Swamp.

Walk back onto that ledge in the water and run off to the right, you’ll find an underwater lever on the corner of the ledge. A wooden fence opens up (*), turn left, swim to the wall and go right a bit to where you can climb out onto the ledge at a low point. Go left to the waterfall at the end of the ledge and jump into the opening under the waterfall; here is where that fence opened (*). Inside, to the left are Flares, go through this room to a swamp, there are spike traps in that goo. The bright light beams indicate where they are, so navigate through to the other end and come to a large room.

Golden Star I.

Go left to the far corner and pull out a block, put it on that tile in the middle of the room (looks like a spike trap), under that grated platform above. Go up the slope along the wall and you’ll get a screen of a monkey climb. Jump onto the steep slope, back flip onto a higher slope and jump again to grab the monkey climb, go left and drop onto the ledge. Go down left onto the platform to get the Golden Star, you’ll drop onto the block and not into spikes under the block.

Push blocks in the Attic.

Go back up the way you did before and from the ledge under the monkey climb run jump left around the corner of the pillar to get a Medipack. Turn right and jump to the stone corner ledge, go in left and push the block twice, go in left and watch out for a rattler around the corner. You’ll find another block, pull it once, go back around and push the first block once more. Now you can climb up to the attic. Go up a ramp and keep going right to the top of this room. Jump and grab a ledge in the opening in the ceiling and get a small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Run back off with Ctrl landing back on the same slope. Go down and right, slide down left…

The Old Castle, Golden Star II.

Shoot the soldier and pick up his Uzi clips. Two vultures will come for you, shoot them first. Jump to the branch on the tree, go left and hop to the one against the wall, turn right and jump to the corner with the tree. Go left around and into the blue passage. Inside go left and push a button in the corner to open a trapdoor in the section behind the fence. Go out, drop into the valley and go straight to the opposite corner (around the tree) to pick up a Rocket. Another soldier shows up, shoot him and I don’t think he left something. Go back up the ramp to the higher floor where you entered before, right to the back and into another blue passage to come to the trapdoor you opened.

Climb up, go left into a passage next to the ramp and climb up in the back, find a block and pull it once to release a boulder. That one will break the fence in the room below, so go back down and right through that fence. Left is a ladder, right of it a small medipack, you might want to grab that first. Up the ladder and shoot that soldier. Jump to the other side and grab a Second Golden Star. Make your way back down and in the room with the ramp is a fence that opened. First climb up to the top of the ramp and grab some Flares from where the block was standing before. Now go through the opened fence and slide down to where the bike is. Use the two Golden Stars to open the gates. First go in on foot and shoot the resistance, one on the ground and another on the orange building. You’ll have to drive the bike up onto the roof of the grey building opposite the gates and through the hole in the roof. So go get it, right up the ramp and right, then turn around to line up and give it a go (savegame.9).

Dismount and hop into one of the windows for Uzi clips, into the other to push a button opening the door to the valley (maybe in case you forgot something?).

Secret: Go into the far end of this room left in the dark is a patch of grass with a hole under it, from facing the wall with the windows, hop back to hang in, drop/grab the passage below and go for Secret #3, Uzi clips and a small medipack. To get out, stand right at the pit; turn left and jump/grab up to the ground floor.

Battle for the Gem.

Leaving the bike behind, go up into the passage opposite the window with the button, careful, there are spikes. Crawl under and drop into a snake pit, kill them all and save your game, arm yourself with a big gun before you slide down into the next room. Quickly run to the right a bit and stand on that grey tile because the floor will give way. Shoot all those guys and the one in the middle leaves a Fragment of Infada. Jump there to get it and jump to the gate in the back where you can use it. Go up the stairs and run to the door to get out…

Level 6 – Templar’s Cathedral.

3 Secrets.

Several ways to get through this level, this is how we did it:

The Crowbar.

Turn left and go into the passage, a swarm of bats leave a dark corner, go right and passing a Templar statue Lara looks at, go behind the bench on the right and pick up Flares. Then go left into the back to grab the Crowbar. The Templar comes alive, so you’ll have to shoot him when you return to the passage. Then go through the first red curtain right and pick up a small medipack.

Lighting the First Candle at the Altar.

Go through the second red curtain and up the ladder and back flip, go out to the balcony, take a left and use the lever to ignite Candle I.

Secret: Run to the other end of the balcony and face the wall. Then jump a bit left to grab the lower edge of the window (there is an invisible crack), shimmy left and drop on the opposite balcony to get Secret #1, Desert Eagle clips. Safety drop down to the floor.

Lighting the Second Candle at the Altar.

Go to the far right hand corner of the church and find a small locked door you can now open with the Crowbar. Go up the wooden ramp a bit and left in the windowsill are Uzi clips. Proceed up the ramp; jump over the missing parts and from the highest ledge, turn around and take a run jump to grab the monkey climb under the rafter. Go left and into the opening, crawl through and run over a break tile, then safety drop down into a side room on first floor. Go out to the balcony, right and flip the lever to ignite Candle II at the Altar, the gate behind the Altar opens up.

Open the Trapdoor, to the Crypts.

Safety drop down and go through that gate, another Templar shows up, shoot him. Use two levers in the room, one left and one in the niche in the back and a trapdoor opens behind the Altar. The entrance gate also opened up, so get out after you picked up the MP5 clips left of the sloped block in the side of the room. Run with Ctrl into the opening facing the Altar to land on a ledge and save some health. Pick up Flares under the opening and go into the Purple room, a nasty dog attacks, shoot him. In the far end of the room we need two Keys.

Right hand route for Sacred Key I.

Deep Pit, Burning Pillars.

There are two routes we can take from here, left or right. We took the right hand side first, into the passage the dog came from (in the dark corner). In the corner left is a lever opening a door, in the middle of the room is a pit. Drop in near the entrance and walk to the Medipack, immediately back flip because rubble will fall. Climb back out near the entrance and go back up to the purple room, go diagonally into the door you opened and slide down. Shoot the dog and go up the steps right and to the right are Flares, then go to the enormous pit with burning pillars. Turn right, facing the wall, hop back to hang from the edge of the floor, drop/grab a crack and go right into a crawlspace. Follow through to where a door opens bringing you back to where you found the Flares. Climb up, but don’t go out, turn around left and hop into the passage with the candle, in the end is a lever killing the flames on the first pillar.

Now go out the door, jump to the first pillar.

Secret Detour: Grab the ladder on the left side of this pillar and go all the way down into the abyss. Turn left and spot some walls, go straight over there, climb on the higher ledge and go get Secret #2, Uzi clips, Grenades and a Grenade Gun. Shoot the skeletons and make your way back to the pillar with the ladder to go back up.

Jump to the pillar with the Medipack, don’t even think about it, just a running jump over that pillar to the ledge with the lever; throw the lever to stop more flames. Hop back and turn right jump to the ledge at the wall and go in, drop through a trapdoor. You are back in the crawlspace to the first lever; you have to use that again. So turn left, climb up straight at the end and go use the lever. Now all pillars are safe.

Run back down with a left curve to the door and go right to the pit, jump to the pillar with the Medipack, which is now yours. Now jump the pillars to the ledge at the wall in the other end of the abyss. Crawl in left, turn right and grab up, slide and jump, jump twice more to grab a crack. Go right to pull up and find a dark pit in front of you, climb in at the lowest corner and drop, walk slowly to get the Shotgun ammo and walk back to grab up out. Turn around and hop to the ledge left of the pit from which you can do a run jump to a wooden platform on the wall. Stand high, turn right and jump to grab the ledge. Turn right and jump over to the wall ledge again. Go left and stand jump with a right curve over the sloped block to land on a ledge behind it (OR side flip and grab/shimmy), right around the corner and run jump to the ledge in the left corner, grabbing the lowest edge of it (savegame.10).

Get into the opening in the wall; follow through a swing pot to a hall with two Templars, time for some heavy firepower. Go through to the room in the back, left down the stairs and on the right of a candle is a small medipack. To the right there is a dead end cellar and pull the block (in the middle of the wall) out of the foundation of the main room. Go back and up the stairs, into the main room to find the central pillar collapsed.

Scaling the Cathedral, 2 Levers for the Gate.

Hop onto the fallen pillar in front of you, then to the one left and turn right a bit to jump to that ledge on the broken arch –no Ctrl- (you can see a ladder on the pillar). Jump to the ledge behind you and from there, jump and grab the ladder, go up and into the gap in the pillar. Jump to those break tiles and onwards to the ledge, go right and pick up a Rocket in the end, go back a bit and drop from the ledge onto a wooden platform. Hop up left into the niche with a lever for the Gate (1/2). Get back onto the wooden platform, stand with your back to the wall and run jump with a left curve to grab the ledge at the wall. Go left and into the opening in the corner, loop right for Uzi clips in the window, the lever in the other corner is Timed and opens a door behind the window right of it. Don’t use it yet.

Creating a Shortcut to the Timed Door.

Roll at the lever and go to the corner left of the window. Push the block there once into the wall, roll and go back out to the ledge outside. Go left and jump to the pillar, then to the next ledge and go into the opening up left, in the next room on the right is the Timed door and on the left the block. Pull it out and pull it once to the passage where you just came from. Climb over the block and find the shortcut left, go through to the Timed lever on the right. Pull the lever, back flip with roll and loop left around through the shortcut to get into the door (plenty of time now). Go up a ladder and jump out left to the ledge, drop down to the wooden platform and hop up to the lever for the Gate (2/2). Back onto the platform, grab up to the ledge, go right and safety drop from the corner to the ledge below, get to the ground floor and find the open Gate in the opposite wall.

Blade Labyrinth.

Go in and take the right hand side which I thought to be easier, slide down and duck under the Blade, safety drop down, turn left and go into the room where Sacred key I is. Right, on a ledge are Grenades, grab the Key and shoot a dog.

Back to the Purple room.

Go into the passage he came from (left from the entrance). Take a right to a Timed lever, pull and back flip roll, run and jump over the first Blade, run underneath the second and get through the door (savegame.11). You are back in the Purple Room.

Left hand route for Sacred Key II.

Go immediately left into a room with break ledges, run to the safe ledge under the lever. Throw the lever to open a door. Break the tile left of the ledge, hang from that side shimmy to the right hand corner (lever is left of you) and drop onto the corner of a spike trap below. Walk slowly and pick up the Uzi clips from under the lever ledge.

Graveyard and Below.

Walk slowly to the exit, stand against the wall and grab up. Go into the Purple room and a bit left to the opposite wall where that door opened. Down the steps to a room with two coffins and a swinging pot in front of the passage we have to go in… Once through you’ll come to a graveyard, go straight across and pick up MP5 clips. Turn right and go diagonally to the opposite corner to find some Flares left of the pillar. Turn left and go to the corner with the huge stone, watch out, a deep shaft there, climb down the ladder.

The Clue.

Go to that closed gate in the other end and right, shoot a dog in that room and go right to a room with an altar, on the altar are Uzi clips and a small medipack. Look on the wall behind the altar to find the clue for our next challenge.

Leap of Faith…

Go left out of the room, left towards the long ladder and right into the passage there. You’ll come to a large hall with a deep pit. There are 3 levers and no way to get there… Here’s where that clue comes in, there are invisible ledges in the shape of that cross. Just run jump straight to the lever in the far end and land on an invisible ledge, it doesn’t reach all the way to the ledge, so walk as far as and jump over the gap. Throw the lever and see what happens. Jump back to the ledge and go to the other two levers the same way, after lining up first.

Spike walls and other Traps.

Now get back to the entrance and to the ladder, back up and left, shoot 3 skeletons (normal ammo will do) and go through the opening in the far end of the graveyard, into the room you saw when you used the levers. Go behind the first (left) pillar, opposite of where you come in and find a push block in the wall, push it all the way, turn right and grab the Grenades. Get out, go left and through the door you opened. Slide down and find yourself in a hallway with two green curtains. To the left is a lever, to the right a door, when you go for the lever, Spike walls will come out of the curtains as soon as you step onto the tiled floor. Quickly run to the lever, pull it and turn right, sprint to door and get in, there are break tiles though.

For a Secret, just run in a little bit to break the tile and hop back to the floor, roll and hop back in grabbing the edge of the pit. When the spike wall passed, pull up and go left through the curtain to where you’ll find Secret #3, a Medipack and a Rocket. Go back to the door.

Jump over the pit and the Blade to the room beyond and follow through to another slide to some more Spike walls, quickly jump over the Blade, through more Spike walls and a swinging Pot. Slide into a small crypt and get into the crawlspace up right. Drop into a larger room, go to the ledge in the middle, shoot two skeletons and grab the Sacred Key II. From that spot grab up to the ledge above and pick up Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Drop down, use a lever on one of the walls to open the gate on the left and go through, to the other end and left to that long ladder again.

Using the Sacred Keys.

Up the ladder, to the other side of the graveyard and left through the passage you came from the first time. Watch out for the swing pot and go left up the stairs to the Purple room. Take a right and use the two Keys on the door. The next room has two Templars, deal with them how you see fit. Pull a block out of the back wall of the ‘stage’ and go into the passage you opened, finally you can make use of that Templar’s Scepter…

Nothing else to do in the Teleport room than get into the Teleport Beam…


Level 7 – Edge of the Abyss.

3 Secrets.

Turn left, hop back grabbing the edge and drop down to the block below, stand jump to the next and slide to jump and grab the ledge at the building.

Walk straight to the other corner and turn left, hop back twice and run jump to grab the slanted red block, hang right and pull up over, slide and jump right onto the next slope, jump again and grab the island. Shimmy right and pull up on a flatter surface, go up and down right for a Rocket. Jump and grab a block near the structure and shoot a Wasp coming from behind. Jump into the building (no Ctrl).

The Pit.

Go in left and shoot a poison breathing Lizard, to the left in a niche is a small medipack. In the back go in either right or left and continue up the stairs, 2 more lizards in the Pit. Right in the dark corner are MP5 clips, right hand wall we need a Key.

The Eye Carved Key.

In the far left corner Grenades and in that side is (left from where you entered) a passage with stairs and a closed gate. From that passage walk straight to the Pit in the middle, slide down backwards, drop onto a slope and just slide down forward onto a ledge. Turn around, hop back grabbing the edge and drop on a slope, grab and pull up to do a back flip onto a red ledge. Go jump over to the ledge in the opposite corner where you’ll find the Eye Carved Key. Shoot a Wasp, jump back as you came to the opposite corner and run jump to grab the grey block, walk forward and grab up to the slope. Pull up and back flip. Walk back on that triangle ledge and run with a curve to jump to another triangle ledge, walk up left to the highest tip and stand jump up to the ground again (in the direction of the passage), go right and over to the other side to the gate you can now open with the Eye Carved Key, another lizard shows up out of that gate.

Go in and loop left around to pick up Desert Eagle clips, go left up the steps and save before entering the next room with a Spike ceiling. Loop left around to a button, press it and roll, run straight out onto a slope. Go out of the building, hop to the pillar and shoot a Wasp.

There are two routes you can take here, one down the steps, crawling over a red ledge and a lot of jumping over red slopes to eventually get back to the side of the entrance.

I did like this, turn left and jump to the red block, then left onto the balcony to get a Medipack from the other end. Look right over the corner and spot a high grey block with a low ledge left of it. Hop back a bit stand against the wall and run with a sharp right curve in the end and jump to land on that lower grey ledge (savegame.12).

Grab up to the pillar, turn around and jump to grab the next ledge near the building. Jump to the right into the building, go behind the block with the lever and grab the Shotgun ammo. Two Wasps will come over, shoot them when you get the chance.

Secret: go to the opening left of the lever, hang from the floor and spot the goodies below, drop grab to catch the invisible ledge and get Secret #1, Grenades, Uzi clips and a small medipack. Turn around and run jump to grab the red, sloped block, pull up and back flip with roll to grab the floor of the structure.

Killing some Monsters.

Now use the lever on the block to open a gate where we go now. Turn around and jump back to the ledge near the building. Run off to the left, landing on the steps, go up to the ladder and go up to 3 steps from the top. Back flip with roll and grab the opening in the wall. Go in and left, shoot a nasty monster. Go left into the passage and right around the corner in the back is a Rocket. Turn back into the passage and climb up left, a gate opens and you’re back at the Pit.

The Arena, Dropping the Ball.

Facing the pit, turn right and head into the passage where that gate opened. In the Arena, left around the corner is a small medipack. Arm yourself and go to that gate opposite the entrance and it will open, fight the monster. Go into the gate it came from and take a right to use a lever opening the remaining two gates and two more of those creatures are released. In the cage left of the entrance are MP5 clips, that’s all.

First Floor, Opening a Gate.

Go across to the last gate, grab up to a crawlspace up left and grab up left where you can stand, the other opening left of you is a dead end for now. Walk out to the ledges on first floor and loop right and go right into the passage. Up left to a crawlspace with a flame, never mind that ammo, just get close to the flame and crawl through when it is down. Drop out onto a ledge and go for the lever around the corner, the gate left of you opens up. Now you can go back through the crawlspace and pick up those Uzi clips.

Second Floor, Flame Button.

Go back left to the opening you came from and run to the right around the corner at the hole in the floor. You’ll end up at a monkey climb across the Arena. Time the flames and get to the other side, drop/grab to get in, follow through and go up a ladder to get to the second floor. There is a huge Ball up left, just run out, no danger…

Go left and from there, jump onto the block with the monkey climb flame. Now run jump aiming to the right onto the ledge with the Cutter and a running jump onto the sloped top of the other monkey climb flame block. Try to grab it and then pull up and slide and grab the opposite side floor. Go as close as you dare to those flames, run to the button, stand still (or you will climb the block) and push, immediately back flip away (savegame.13).

A gate opened left of you; go in to use the lever and release the Ball. Walk to the edge of the floor, drop down and turn around. Jump to the ledge on the right so you can retrieve the Rocket (secret hunters scroll down) before you drop down to the ground floor.

Or with a Secret: Jump back and jump straight to the other side and find a push block in the brick wall ahead, push it twice and go in, left and slide down backwards into the hole to safety drop to the room below where you’ll find Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, a Rocket and a Medipack. Go into the passage and you’re back in the passage from the Pit. Go left to the Arena.

Red Cave, Cutter Alley.

From the closed entrance gate (or from entering after the Secret), go over to the right hand side of the new pit in the floor, safety drop from the side and jump to the ledge with the lamp. Go right around and pick up a small medipack. Walk to the pit, hop up left to a higher ledge and slide down backwards to the pit, grabbing the edge of the slope. Hang left and pull up, just wait a fraction of a second before you back flip to land on a block (savegame.14).

Turn around and run jump into the red cave, shoot the lizards. To the right is a skeleton with Grenades underneath, in the back is a pit with a Rocket.

Another lizard shows up (4 in total). No go into the far left side of the cave and into a passage with a Cutter. Run in after the Cutter and left into the window, grab the small medipack. Now face the slope in the back, there’s another cutter, it has to be right when you get into that passage and sprint left to the end, right around the corner is a lever opening a gate ahead. Get back into the last passage a bit and wait till you can run to the end of the last passage and left through that gate (savegame.15).

Jump over to that ledge and use the grated ledge to jump to the windowsill in the back, go left and onto the balcony to get a Rocket and Uzi clips. Jump back to the first ledge and turn left. Jump up right to grab a crack in the white wall so you can get to the ladder, don’t go down, but when Lara has her feet up, back flip with roll and grab a ledge, crawl in. Drop out left to the small balcony and grab up to the monkey climb. Go to the end, turn right and grab the ladder, go down a bit and back flip with roll to grab the grey rock ridge, Shimmy right to the higher part near the end and pull up, back flip with roll and grab a ledge.

Detour for a Secret: Turn left walk to the end and look left to spot the sloped block outside, run jump with a roll in the air and grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy all the way left, along a crack to a ledge and climb up to get into the opening and get Secret #3, go straight into the dark passage in the back and turn around in the corner to grab up to a ladder. In the rooms above you’ll find a Rocket and Desert Eagle clips. Go to the hole in the floor, turn around and stand right. Hop back into the hole, slide far and jump with a right curve so you can grab the corner of the rock ridge, shimmy right again and back flip with roll to grab the ledge where you left off (there is another way, hop in backwards, slide a bit and jump to grab the monkey climb, go right to the ladder and do the same maneuvers to get back to the ledge where you left off).  

Jump up into the opening to a spike room. There are two ways to get through the next part, want to try them both? Save here and keep it separate.

1- Sissy Route:  Get up to the window straight across and push the button left to open a trapdoor in the floor. Get in there before the spike ceiling hurts you too much. Walk out and shoot the Wasp coming from the right. Jump up into that dark corner to get the Shotgun ammo and Grenades in the other end. Go back to the other side and slide jump back to the ledge. Turn right to run jump and grab a monkey climb, follow to the end and drop on a pillar, roll and shoot the Wasp. Drop down to a terrace and climb a ladder into the opening, go left around to a lever and open the gate with it.

Go in and in the room left is a grated floor (closed gate there is for route 2) go into the crawlspace in the corner to get a Medipack from a spike room, spikes only work in route 2. Grab back up into the crawlspace. In the room go straight to the skeleton, left and up left into an open gate. Right around the corner and pick up Uzi clips near that vase.

2- Spike Ceiling Route: Get up to the window straight across and stand clear of the edge, letting the spike ceiling pass, no need for the button now, go opposite the button and run jump over a slope into the upper passage. Go left around, slide down into another Spike room, grab the Medipack and turn right to grab up into the crawlspace before you are killed. Crawl into the room, go left into the gate that was closed in route 1. Slide down into another Spike room, quickly grab up the other side and go down a bit right to grab a Rocket. Run to the back and jump onto a safe corner ledge. Climb up and go right around to push the button. Go out and straight to find Uzi clips next to a vase left.

2 routes join:

Go up to the higher floor, leading to a slide. Arm yourself and slide down, fight two Monsters, but be careful on the steps, as a big Ball will come down. Go left and up a ladder on the corner pillar, a bit from the top a back flip with roll to grab a crack, go left to where you can pull up to a ledge. Left at the other end are Grenades.

Now go over to the floor with the lamp and right into the passage, down the steps and save at the gate. Hop to the break tile, run jump to the next and jump right onto the slope. Grab the edge and hang left, do a back flip with roll to grab the next break tile where you can save if you like, Pull up and jump to the next ones and grab the edge again, then a running jump from the end to grab a ladder (Save folderII-savegame.0).

Go up and hang left or right, drop on the slope and start jumping to the other side to hit the white slope, then jump and land on the ledge above. Grab Uzi clips and have a look up, 3 trapdoors and a crack up over the wall where the Timed lever is (left of the lamp). Throw the lever, turn left, take one step forwards and hop onto #1, curving left run jump to #2, landing on the right hand side so you can again curve left and jump to grab the crack (Save folderII-savegame.1).

The Boss, the Heart of the Damned.

Shimmy left and pull up, turn around, run jump onto a slope, jump and jump again to grab a ledge. Hop up into the opening and follow through to some steps, up left in a niche is a small medipack, the next niche on the right a Rocket. The gates open on approach, we’re probably going to meet the Boss… Jump to the battle floor and go to the throne, the Boss will turn, shoot him till he turns away, then look right and turn you attention to a lizard. Turn to the Boss again and repeat this till the Boss is dead. Being hit by one of his rays means instant death, so watch out…

I side jumped left right shooting him with smaller weapons, when he turns to the far left or right, he will activate a lizard and faces you without firing, take that chance to slip out a heavier weapon, shoot the lizard and immediately start side flipping again, shooting the Boss. I got tired of it and after the second lizard I just emptied the Rocket launcher on him.. (Save folderII-savegame.2). Go up the steps and pick up the Heart of the Damned. Go left from the throne, up to a gate and jump over to that teleport beam…


Level 8 – The Spear of Destiny.

1 Secret.


Go straight down to that door and place the Heart of the Damned into the niche left, the door opens. Go straight through the crypts, come to a large room with a structure in a pool. Go right or left down the steps to the water line and shoot a Croc. Swim to the back of the structure, climb onto a ledge at the back wall to get MP5 clips. Hop into the water and swim into an opening under the structure and left around the corner is an underwater lever lifting the cage above. Swim out and left, left around the corner and then climb out right, shoot another Croc if you like and pick up the Flares there. Go back to the steps and up to the entrance so you can cross the bridge onto the structure, Save your game before you grab the Spear of Destiny.

The Escape.

The whole place starts to shake and several enemies awake. Roll, run back through the Crypts to the hall with the teleport which is now in-active.

Secret: Turn around and shoot those skeletons, go back into the first crypt and left where that skeleton was lying before is an opening. Climb up where the ceiling is high and roll, then climb in backwards to get Secret #1, Grenades and a Medipack. Climb back out and go right through the door.

From the higher tile where the teleport beam was you can grab up to the ledge above and grab Uzi clips and Flares. Go left up the stairs and watch out for falling debris as you run through the doorway to the purple room, by now two dogs will have teamed up behind you, so roll and shoot them.

If you want to explore both routes keep a save separate at this point.


2 Escape Routes.

1- Left: Crypts.

Take the last opening on the left in the purple room, run jump along the left wall over a deep pit. Go up left to grab some Flares and then jump from near the entrance down into the side room with the small door, open the door by approaching and run through the passage over a spike trap. Go left and into the passage, around the corner and come to where you have to climb up under a Blade, do this on the right hand side and hit and hold ‘crouch’ when Lara climbs up. Through the passage and slide into a Crypt. Right around on a block is a small medipack. In the opposite corner is a hole in the ceiling, too high to reach op there.

A Trapdoor and a Block.

In this Crypt are red curtains. Go through the one left of where you came in, coming to a hole in the floor. Drop in, use a lever on the wall to open a trapdoor somewhere and shoot the two skeletons, from the lever go to the opposite wall and left to pull the higher block twice out of the corner, then once under the hole in the ceiling so you can jump/grab out. Go through the curtain and left through the next, shooting a skeleton. Around the corner is a pit, jump and grab over. Go right in the next crypt and light a flare to spot a block in the right hand corner (in the wall), push it in once. Go back over the pit to the main Crypt and left through the last curtain where you will now find that block, pull it out once, climb over and push it into the Crypt and left into the corner under the high opening.

Climb up, turn around and jump over to go up right through the trapdoor. Loop around right; go up into the crawlspace to a ruined church. Follow through and to the right a chopper will land to pick you up…

2- Right: Basements and Boulders.

Facing the green ledge in the back of the purple room, go to the last door on the right and go through the opening to a deep pit, run jump over a bit to the right and grab the crack, go right and drop to the ledge from which you can do a curved run jump to grab a crack left. Shimmy left and get into the crawlspace to a corridor with a sandy floor, go fast around the corner, as a boulder will come for you. In the wider room with the door, grab up left into a crawlspace, use the lever to open that door, get back down and shoot the Skeleton and his dog. Into the door, turn left and slide/jump along the left or right wall over the pit onto a break tile. Hop forward and then back to hang into the corner into the pit and let the boulder pass.

Climb up right into the crevice and grab the vegetation on the ceiling, monkey climb along the plants, left/ right then drop and hop back hanging in the corner of the pit to let another boulder pass. Pull up and turn around to jump and grab over to the ladder, go up and follow those tunnels climbing up some ledges and crawling through a low tunnel, climb out at the end. When in the ruined church, throw a lever to open the opposite gate and go through the church to where the chopper is waiting…

End of the Adventure…

G&D, Oct 13-2018.