Level by Tombraider95

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with help from Doggett D. McDog's video walk

After the brief opening flyby, turn around to your left and climb the ice ladder for shotgun ammo. Jump in the icy water for a small medipack and quickly pull out. Enter the nearby E cave and watch out for the icicles. You may have drawn the attention of a soldier by this time. If so, shoot him and pick up the uzi ammo he drops.  In the cave, shoot the ice panel and enter the crawl space. Follow around for the SHOTGUN. You'll find more shotgun ammo in the dark niche.  Return to the outdoor area and come face to face with a leopard.

Go N past the burning snowmobile and shoot the ice panel near the NE corner for later use. Back flip onto the nearby sloped block and jump to grab a column. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up into a niche in the monastery. Push the button to raise a platform and drop down. Go back to where you shot the ice panel and hop up E. Turn right and slide down into the icy stream. Wade forward quickly to the ladder, climb and pull up into the opening. Push the boulder into the alcove and walk W out onto a ledge. Take a running jump SW onto the right corner of the raised platform and immediately look down right to target the soldier who's firing at you.

Hang from the edge and shimmy left to the companion platform. Pull up, step forward and jump to grab the crack in the W wall of the monastery. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up into the niche for a TORCH that doesn't show up in your inventory. Drop down and deal with another leopard. Take the torch to the burning snowmobile and light it. Light the two wall sconces to open the monastery doors.  You no longer need the torch, so toss it in the ornamental pool as you enter. The doors close behind you.

Jump into the icy water and swim through the S opening. Pull the underwater lever, grab the large medipack (you may need to make two trips) and return to pull out before you freeze to death. The S doors are open, so enter and follow around to another icy pool with flaming tiles on poles of differing heights.  There's a small medipack at the far end of the pool and shotgun ammo in the NE corner, next to the first platform, so you may want to get that first.

Time a running jump NW to the first tile and get to the back right corner where you'll be safe from the returning flames. Or, you can simply swim to it and pull up in the corner. Take a running jump SW to grab the next tile and shimmy right to the corner before pulling up. Stand jump onto the third tile and take an immediate running jump W to clear the fence and land on the ledge.

Pull up into the NW opening and look around the corner before proceeding. Time a hop onto the slope below and jump over the first flameblower to land on a safe tile. Time a hop NE over the second flameblower and pull up E to find a PRAYER WHEEL (1 of 2) on the plinth. Walk past the plinth and slide down E to return to the monastery entrance room. Shoot the waiting soldier and jump over the small table in the NE corner to activate the jumpswitch.

The N door opens, so enter and jump up right over the slope. Turn left and slide down into a partially flooded room with a paddle wheel. Step into the deeper, colder water and pick up the UZIS near the lily pads. Wade to the NE corner and pull up into the opening. Turn around and take a running jump to grab the raised platform. Pull up and jump to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing back the other way (W and S) until you reach the jumpswitch. Release and activate it to raise a pushblock.  Move the block around the room onto the other trigger tile to open the gate beside you.

Vault up into the opening and run NW to the opening as a boulder comes at you from your left. Pull up onto the block and monkey swing past the flameblower to drop down onto the next block. You can hear the blades below, so simply stand jump SE to land safely between them, then hop E to the ladder. Climb up to a plinth with a PRAYER WHEEL (2 of 2). Slide down E and return to the monastery entrance room. Shoot the soldier and place the Prayer Wheels in the W receptacle to open the doors between them and attract the attention of a spear-wielding monk.

After he's dead, enter the W room and jump up at the raised threshold to shoot the giant bell. A block is raised in front of the bell. Get up on it and face S. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the hexagonal niche. Drop down and take the MYSTERIOUS ARTIFACT from the plinth to open an underwater gate. Return to the entrance room, jump into the pool, swim into the N opening and keep right until you turn left and swim into the finish trigger.