Level by Topixtor


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, aided by Doggett D. McDog's video walk



That flameblower guy you're facing as you begin can reach you with his flames through the narrow opening, so don't waste time looking at him.  Turn left and run clockwise around the central structure until you reach a button at the end. Push it to drop the flameblower guy into the water below and drown him.  Go back around and enter the structure. Jump into the water and swim to the bottom. Pick up the HARPOON GUN and 4 x harpoons. Locate a niche where you'll find more harpoons. If you swim through into the next room you'll engage two frogmen. You can delay that encounter if instead you flip turn and swim out through an opening in the opposite corner. Continue to a depression in the floor and pick up harpoons and flares.


Deal with the frogmen, return to the previous room and swim up for air.  Return to the room with the dead frogmen, approach the spinning fan and fight the current to turn left into the opening. Take an immediate right and pull the underwater lever to turn off the fan and stop the current. Grab some air, then come back here and swim past the fan blades for automatic pistol ammo. Go into the room with the underwater lever and find a large medipack on the ledge.


Directly above the fan blades is a ceiling hole. Pull out into an arctic setting and shoot a thug (your harpoon gun works out of water). Pick up the nearby harpoons, then search the corpse for PISTOLS and the BLUE KEYCARD. Use the latter to open the large doors after noting a similar slot for a red keycard. To save harpoons, use your pistols to kill the thug who emerges. He drops the SHOTGUN. Enter the warehouse cautiously and hop back as two barrels roll down toward you. Two ghostlike thugs (their various body parts appear and vanish at random) also come to the attack. One of them drops flares. Before exploring the warehouse, loop left around the column for a small medipack.


Inside the warehouse, climb the crates to your right and enter the opening to the next room. Look down right and shoot a flameblower guy before he realizes what hit him. Hop down where his body lies and jump to the ledge below for harpoons. Jump into the water and swim down toward a submarine and twin spinning fan blades. In the corner near the nose of the submarine, locate an opening and swim in and left to find the GOLDEN DRAGON and automatic pistol ammo for SECRET #1. Exit (the collision at the opening on your way out is troublesome) and swim to the opposite corner past the submarine. Surface for air, then swim toward the fan blades on the right and fight the current into the ledge area on the right. Pick up the harpoons, pull the underwater lever and prepare to engage a frogman.


Swim to the same corner where you found the opening leading to the secret, but this time swim up and locate the opening in the ceiling. Pull the underwater lever for a cut scene of a closed door. Swim to the left fan blades, which have now stopped, and go into the niche on the left to find another underwater lever that opens the door you saw in the cut scene. Exit the niche and swim behind the fan blades to find a small medipack. Surface and pull out of the water. Climb the ladder to the opening and deal with a thug, who drops a small medipack. From the opening, jump across (watch the low ceiling) to a high corner window in the warehouse for automatic pistol ammo (cut scene of an outdoor area).


Return to the opening to the water room, turn right and take a running jump (watch out for both the low ceiling and the sliding hook) and grab the corner platform. Pull up and run into the window opening for a remote shot of that red keycard you need. Pick up the large medipack at your feet, turn around and run out to your right onto the other corner platform and pick up the M16 clips. Drop down to the ledge below and climb the ladder back to the warehouse.


Get down to the floor, cross to the other side and climb the crates there. Enter the opening into the place where you began the level. Turn left and run around the central structure to the end. Don't push the button again but instead shoot the glass panel ahead. When you step forward to pick up the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, you alert a thug to your right. Wait for him to make the trip around, then shoot him and pick up the shotgun ammo he drops. Run back around to the opening in the central structure and jump into the water.


Swim out through one of the openings and locate the opened door (opposite the stopped blades) you saw in an earlier cut scene. Go on through and turn left to find a CIRCUIT BOARD on the floor. When you pick it up a frogman arrives. Swim into the triangular window near the spot where you found the Circuit Board and pick up a small medipack.  Continue toward the ice floe and turn left into the passage to find a dead thug and the M16. Return to the room with the stopped fan blades and swim up at the blades to the ceiling hole. Pull out and re-enter the warehouse. Climb up onto the crates to your right as you did earlier. Shoot a thug to your right in the water room (he doesn't drop anything) and go in the other direction to that buzz saw. Get past the sliding hook and insert the Circuit Board in the receptacle to stop the buzz saw. Carefully pick up the BLUE KEYCARD it was protecting and return to the floor of the warehouse.


Arm yourself with a powerful weapon and use the Blue Keycard to open the next set of large double doors. Deal quickly with the flameblower guy who emerges and step out into the outdoor area you saw in an earlier cut scene. Shoot the baddie and climb on the nearby crates for M16 ammo and a large medipack. A thug and a snowmobile-riding baddie appear, so stay in your safe spot on top of the crate and shoot them from there. When you approach the opening where the new shiny red snowmobile awaits you, a second snowmobile-riding baddie appears, so retreat to a nearby crate and deal with him. Mount the red snowmobile and drive it to the opposite side of the alley, running over a couple of baddies on the way, and go left up a ramp.


Gun the motor to cross the short gap and continue to an area with a baddie and two more snowmobile-riding baddies. Turn left past them (unless you wish to remove their distraction by dismounting and killing them here) and go cleanly up the middle of the ramp (if you don't land high enough on the snow bank on the other side, the impact will kill you). I gave up here, Dutchy.

Dismount and kill two flameblower guys and a thug. Pick up the REMOTE HELICOPTER CALLBACK KEY and slide down the snow bank to engage a final snowmobile-riding baddie. Enter the warehouse and engage a thug in the outdoor area (he may have shown up earlier) who drops shotgun ammo.


Climb the crates in a corner of the warehouse and pull up into the window to find a JADE DRAGON and shotgun ammo for SECRET #2. Get down, shoot a thug and a baddie, and go outdoors where you left the snowmobile. Place the card in the red slot on the column to call the helicopter and make your escape after more frustrated baddies have arrived on the scene.