ORC ‘18 – The Lost Temple.

Level by PedroTheGamer

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

If you have the same as I had and cannot see the save/load screen, delete or rename the pix folder from the directory.

This level was not tested properlybecause you can skip the whole part of getting and using the crystals, intended to get the Sword. Not in my game… I’ll mention them anyway.

Just exploring ancient castles…

The Sword.  

A bit to the right in the back of the courtyard you can see a pillar with fire on top, there’s a Sword in it. Go to that corner, keep left of the pillars and find 3 receptacles for Crystals. On the wall just right of those is a lever, use it and the fire under the sword is gone. Turn around, go to the E side and grab up to a sloped wall, hang left at the corner. Pull up, back flip with roll and jump back, jump forward with a sharp right curve and grab the flat pillar. Jump over to the Sword and grab it. A crow shows up, shoot it.

Use the Sword, Library; Mysterious Key.

Go to the W side of the courtyard, 3 Knights attack, take them out and return to that W section (I take it you ran around the whole courtyard to get rid of the Knights). Hop over the fence on the right (N) and before going up the stairs go left and flip the lever on the side of the stairs (reveals purple crystal), then go up the stairs. Left and grab up to the walkway there, Follow to a large door you can open by placing the Sword on the shield left. Inside to the left is a cabinet with the Mysterious Key underneath, duck to grab it.  

Chapel; the Purple Crystal, the Rusty Key.  

Nothing more to do here so go back to the top of the stairs, straight to the opposite (E) side and jump up to the higher floor, enter the Chapel.

"So this is the old torture castle?

All those who have sinned will have their bodies tortured.


To the right (SE) is the Purple Crystal on the floor, behind the altar (only when you used the lever downstairs). Behind 3 chairs E are Flares. Another Knight shows up, deal with him.

Now go NE to a walkway all around to the far SE corner, to the right is a small sloped roof against the S wall, run jump to the far side (W), jump with a right curve from the roof so you can grab the edge of the roof on the house as you slide off. Shimmy to the left and pull up on the corner, in the middle of that corner and hard to see is the Rusty Key.

The Shotgun, using the Rusty Key, Goldem Key.

Make your way down to the courtyard, go to the left side (E) and just right of that sloped wall, behind a stack of crates is a break tile in the floor, stand on it and drop into a shallow pit with the Shotgun. Now you can go to the house in the SE corner and open it with the Rusty Key, a Skeleton will wake up. Turn left and run to the water just left of the house, shoot the Skeleton into that water. 

Go into the house and collect the Goldem Key and a small medipack in front of the couch (duck to get it).

The Push Block, Long Swim to a Lever, Yellow Crystal.

Get back to the water you shot the skeleton in and dive in, just swim all the wall to the back and left a bit, into a gap in the SW pillar, just right around the corner there is an underwater lever, raising a gate in the NW corner of the courtyard. Swim back fast for air and get out. 

Go straight past the well to the red block in the W section, pull it out and leave it on the grey tile. The Crystal is shown, go up the stairs N and find the Yellow Crystal there.

Use the Mysterious Key, Deadly floor and the Crystallized Key.  

Go back down and to the well. Left around the building is a big door you can open with the Mysterious Key you found in the Library, the right hand keyhole will take the key. The red floor is deadly; you can look up with binoculars to spot the hint for the safe tiles on the ceiling. So first is the second tile against the E wall, then the one next to it, diagonally NW. Now a hop to the safe floor N to grab the Crystallized Key.

Hop back onto the last tile, the second from the E wall and second row from where you stand. Jump to the one diagonally SE and to the safe floor, exit.

Use the Goldem Key, the Blue Crystal.

Go into the far right opening (SW) on the courtyard, loop around right and use the Goldem Key. Hop over the fence left and get the Blue Crystal. 

Using the Crystallized Key, Long Swim II.

You can use those Crystals in the receptacles in the NE section, but not needed. Maybe in the revised version later?

Get up to the pillars in the NE section by using the E side sloped wall again and jump over to the keyhole NW. You’ll see a door open up in the flooded halls. Go to the water next to the house (SE) and save before you swim down. All the way to the end and right through the open door, right again and through an opening in the E wall, on the E wall of the last hall is an underwater lever, lowering a block in the first hall, the big one. So swim back W through the opening, left through the door and left to the end of big hall and up for air first.

Swim back again, to the middle of the floor and down into the hole where the block went down to get the “Cule”.

Using the Cule and the “Breast Plate Helmet”.  

Swim back and climb out, go to the NW section of the courtyard and up the stairs. Go left and up to the walkway to the Library. In the SE corner is a little statue, place the Cule there (face NE) and the door right opens up. Go in to get the Helmet called Breast Plate. The place starts to tremble, go back, down the stairs to the courtyard and find a big Baddy, just stand close to him and he won’t harm you. When he’s dead, a Green Crystal appears at the door N of the well, a short flyby will end the level…

G&D, Sept 2018.