ORC ‘18 – Trapped in Venice.

Level by Feder.

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

The Shotgun.

From the courtyard go to the canal; there is a boat is waiting for you. First dive into the canal and swim to the other end of the canal and get out on the jetty left, go up to the courtyard with the gazebo and fin the Shotgun and some Shotgun ammo in the left corner and a Medipack in the opposite corner. Go back to the canal, dive under the jetty and use the underwater lever there to open a door in the courtyard where you started. So go back to the boat, swim under the boat and find the tunnel under the boat to get 2x Shotgun ammo. Get back to the surface; climb out and a Baddy will be shooting you from a balcony across the water, shoot him.

Taking out the first resistance.

Go into the alley and find the open door (left corner) with the Shotgun ready. A Dog and a Thug (drops small medipack) will come for you, take them both out. If you happen to run out of ammo, run inside and up the stairs; left around, behind the table is some more Shotgun ammo.

Go to the window and jump across to the window there, jump against it to get inside (saves using ammo). To the right is a big door we will open shortly. Turn left and jump against that window, you might end up on the street below. Just go back up into that left window you just broke and jump right around the corner to the roof. On the roof in the courtyard is 2x Shotgun ammo. Jump back into the window and go left, up the ramp and right through some Sword guys trap. A Baddy will come out, shoot him and pick up Shotgun ammo and a small medipack on the “table” in the corner.

Timed run for the Platform, Ornate Key.

First pull that high block from the wall and move it aside to the right. Behind it is a switch to open the big door near the windows you broke; we need it open for the timed run.

In the windowsill of this room is a Timed lever, it will raise a platform outside, run jump back through the sword guy trap, left around through the big door onto a terrace and jump onto the timed platform over the canal and run jump to the balcony where you shot that Baddy before. Pick up the Ornate Key he dropped.

Hop into the canal; climb out near the boat. Go back into the alley and left into the door and upstairs is where you can use the Ornate Key. Shoot the dog and pick up Shotgun ammo, then use the lever to open a door in the room behind the sword guy trap.

Jump out of this passage over the fire tile and go right to the open window. Jump across to the window you broke, go through the sword guys and to the open door in the room with the timed lever.


Just slide down, turn left and swim through the opening, left and up a bit to find a tiny crack in the wall you can swim through, approach that propeller with care so you can use the underwater lever in front of it (screen of the propeller with the Secret). Swim back and right, up for air. In the wider section is a ledge where you can climb out. Turn around and run jump with a right curve to grab the slope you came down from before, hang right in the corner. Pull up and back flip, jump back tuning right to hit a higher slope, now jump with a roll so you can grab the niche with the propeller. Climb in to get Secret #1, the Jade Dragon.

Hop out onto the slope below, the one pointing to the left, slide and jump to grab the crack, go right and pull up in the niche. Use the lever there to kill the flames in a fireplace where we have to go now. Hop backwards into the water below and you’ll end up in the tunnel we have to follow up to a ladder. Go up and best roll to get out of the line of fire from a baddy, pick up the Shotgun ammo and carefully go forward to shoot no less than 2 Baddies. Go through the fireplace and pick up a small medipack and Shotgun ammo.

There’s more Shotgun ammo next to the couch. When you approach that window, you’ll get a view of the Clock. On the opposite wall are 4 levers with numbers above, use IIII – III and I and the clock turns to 12. The Lock doors at the canal will open.

Jump out of one of the windows into the courtyard with the Gazebo and shoot the Thug. Go to the canal and shoot a baddy on the jetty across the water. Get onto that jetty and climb up into a now open window (right) to get Secret #2, the Silver Dragon.

Go get the boat and drive it through the Lock door, get out on the higher floor left (only possible by jumping out of the boat). Hop into the canal and look in the opposite wall for a small gap near the bottom, swim in and left before you hit the propeller. Left around the corner is Secret #3, the Gold Dragon. Roll and swim around the next corner and very carefully around the next one to pick up a Medipack and Shotgun ammo and do not touch the propeller.

Opening the Second Lock Door, Ornate Key.

Swim back to the canal, get into the boat and jump back up to the higher floor, climb up to the window after checking your health and jump into the room, shooting two Thugs, the one with the white shirt drops a small medipack. There’s a dog too, but you probably noticed that already. Pick up Shotgun ammo in the corner and go to the next room, left from where you entered. In the windowsill is a Timed switch opening a trapdoor under the Gazebo (you can see it through the window).

Run through the room to the corridor, right into the window and jump out to the right so you’ll end up in the shallow water near the jetty where Secret 2 was, get on it quick and run jump over the canal to the other jetty, jump up to the higher floor and run jump to the open trapdoor. You’ll end up in water, on the wall is an underwater lever opening the exit to the canal. But first swim into a small opening opposite the lever. Go under a blade, over the next and under the last Blade to get another Ornate Key.

Swim back through the Blades, through the small gap and get air. Use the underwater lever to stop the propeller in the tunnel on the left and swim out to the canal. Get to a place where you can shoot the baddy or just leave him be and get back to the boat. Get up into the window and right down the stairs to where you can use the Key. The Lock doors open up, another Baddy shows up, shoot him and get into the boat. Drive through the doors to end the adventure.

G&D Sept 2018.