ORC 18 Maria Dorias Lost Treasure.

Level by SrDanielPonces.

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

The Rusty Key.

Go forwards and once outside go left and use the crack in the wall to shimmy to the right until you can pull up. Take a running jump down to the ledge W and the turn a bit and jump up to the next ledge, pick up a small medipack and head into the open door there. Once inside take a right and go through the opening to the room with the crates, pick up the Shotgun ammo from the floor right. Find a pushable crate (NW) pull it and get behind it.

Push the wall (N) twice for Secret # 1, a Jade Dragon.   

Go back to the crate and push it to the wall (S).

Climb up and use the switch on the left, the crate comes up. Jump down and pull the crate opposite the switch once to the W.

Now push/pull the crate that came up through the opening there and down on the floor below (S). Jump down and move it again, towards the ladder on the wall (S).

Get on top and climb the ladder and almost at the top, jump/roll and grab the ledge there.

Pick up the Rusty Key and safety drop all the way to the ground floor (or use the ladder).

Using the Rusty Key.

Use the switch on the wall to get out, go to the right and take a running jump in the water, watch out for the strong current so stay on the right and swim straight ahead (E) and climb out.

Use the crack on the right to get up the ledge again, and once up turn around. Jump to the next balcony (no Ctrl - NE) and use the Rusty Key. Jump into the door that opened behind Lara, use the lever and see another door opening. Jump back and go to the other side (W) and jump down to the ledge W again.

Broken Handle.

Go inside and climb up to the upper ledge by using the ladder and enter the open door N. Go to the back and to that contraption and swing the handle. Oops you broke it, now you have a Broken Handle in your possession.

Tube Isolator.

Turn right and use the lever there, so get down to the ground floor again and go outside. To the right and in the water, get out at the ledge. Then take a running jump to the block that is raised in the water and after the door was dragged away by the strong current take a running jump and grab the edge of the opening on the right (NE). Walk through the glass and use the lever, another block drops into the pool. Get out and jump back to the dark block. From there jump back to the walkway (SE) and then a running jump to the new submerged block (W).

Get the Tube Isolator  (hard to see) from the middle and combine it with the Broken Handle and get the Reinforced Handle.

For another secret, take a running jump straight ahead (W) and under the W ledge you can find a small opening a bit right of the door above, swim in and grab Secret # 2, the Gold Dragon.

Swim out and stay to the right and swim to the walkway and pull out of the water. Grab the crack and get to the other side again (W), use the ladder to get to the top floor by using the ladder and use the Reinforced Handle again on that contraption in the room N.

This time it works and drains the pool. So back to the ground floor and outside go in the empty pool and push/pull the yellow block over those corroded tiles to the other end.

For the last Secret and is only there when the pool is drained: Get up to the walkway SE, use the crack to get to the walkway above. Jump NE and from that walkway a running jump to the ledge with the big pipe on the E wall and pick up Secret # 3, the Silver Dragon. Jump back and get down to the walkway below.

The Lost Treasure, Cabins Access Key.

Get up to the W ledge, you can climb up SW from the bottom of the dry pool.

Make your way back up to the contraption (upper W room) using the ladder and use the Handle again, thus filling the pool.

At the pool jump in the water, out at the SE walkway and jump back to the dark block sticking out, from there to the submerged  yellow one in front of that now open door (N) and enter.

Go left and grab the Lost Treasure, a Big Baddy shows up, deal with him and he will drop the Cabins Access Key. Use that on the door E. Enter to end the level.


G&D, Sept 2018