ORC ‘18 - The Witch’s Blow.

 Level by Dreamfall

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Text letter: The Castle has been attacked by the Dark Witch, I need you to come and defeat her or else it will be the end of our Kingdom. In a short time she will lock me up, I hope Festus finds you to send this letter.

In the Dining room something is hidden that may help you get to the Witch

Good Luck…

Entering the Castle.

After the opening flyby you end up on a bridge and looking at something. Turn left (E) and go up over the rocks to the far end. There is a jump lever on the wall over the canal. Take a curved running jump to pull the lever. Swim to the right and at the other end into the open gate there. Use the Timed underwater lever there and swim back out. Go to the other end of the canal into another open gate and up, turn around and use the underwater lever there so the trapdoor opens and you can get out.

The Tower key.

First use the lever on the wall so you can pull the crate back from the wall. Then pull the pole on the left of the lever (screenshot of the castle door). Climb the crate’ up to the ledge above and open the door. Once on the battlements shoot the ghost, he leaves behind a Tower Key.

Go to the other end (W), use the Tower Key and enter. Drop down on the crate in the corner and from there grab the pole (screenshot of doors opening). Back on the walkway and out to the battlements. From the corner you can jump into the canal and pull out at the bridge OR go to that wooden part of the battlement and jump on it a few times and you fall onto the bridge.

The Dining Room Key.

Go right up the ramp and at the door get down into the yard on the right. Get into the water and first swim straight ahead through a small opening and then around the spikes into the opening in the floor, under and over spikes and then take a left. Find an underwater lever (S, opens a door). Your air supply is restored too. Roll and swim back over and under the spikes again and out of this pool. 

Go to the walkway on the left (E) and through the now open door right.

You’ll get a message what to do but for now just go straight. Take a left and a running jump over the fence to grab the branch and swing to the balcony opposite.

Don’t let that nasty growling animal scare you, just go to the corner and up the platform. Walk to the ledge and take back two steps, then hop onto the ledge with the spikes and take a curved running jump and grab the next one (that guy has the Key). Turn left and another running jump to the one against the wall (E). Flip the lever there and jump back to that poor bloke and get his Dining Room Key. Safety drop down and leave SW. Loop around to the right and on the battlements take a right and use the Dinning Room Key at the end.

The Cage Puzzle, The Well Handle.

Be ready to shoot another ghost, this one leaves nothing behind. Get into the dining room and jump to the left in the windowsill. Climb down into the yard with the Well. Step on the two red symbols, climb up to the walkway and step on a third symbol. A gate opens NW. Take a running jump back to the windowsill and turn around. Now jump into the open gate on the left and pull the lever.

A block goes up near the Cage, so jump back to the windowsill (or drop down and take the ladder and jump over).

Back in the Dining room, you can already push the knight SE to the other side of the table and opposite the other knight (or do this later) to ignite a candle next to the fireplace. Go out of the Dining room to the battlements and to the other side again. Left and straight ahead and off down to the right into the yard with the Cage.  Get up in the corner there and use the crack at the wall to shimmy to the right and pull up. Now you can shoot the cage.

To the Well, the Torch.

Safety drop down and up the ladder, go left and drop down at the yard with the pool. Swim in avoiding the spikes and get the Handle from the bottom and swim back and get out (if you really need air after picking up the handle, just use the underwater lever twice; the door has to be open). Up the ladder and go left/right to the Dining room again. Go up the windowsill and down to the well. Use the Handle on the left of the well and get the Torch, next to the Well.

The Lute.

Jump up the block that appeared in the corner and back to the windowsill. Go to the burning candle (if you pushed the knight) and ignite the Torch. Then use that on the other candle, a panel opens up above the fireplace.

Drop the Torch and look up to the ceiling. Go behind the pushable knight and climb the wall behind him and use markings on the ceiling to get into that alcove. Pick up the Lute and leave this room to the battlements.

Go back to the other side and left and left again. Use the branch to swing to the other balcony and go to that creature. Play the Lute and enter the door that opened.

Fight the Witch and the Dragon.

Drop down and shoot the witch, a Dragon will appear. Jump up onto the battlement SE, turn and jump onto the wall, use the jump lever there to fire the First canon. Sidestep right to the edge and jump with a curve around/over the canon, jump to the walkway, go right and loop right to jump to the other wall and use the jump lever to fire the Second canon. The Dragon is slain and you saved the Good Witch.

G&D- Aug 16-2018