ORC- Xumongkh. (The Sinkhole)

Level by Titak.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Swim straight up and climb out on the ledge with the plant N. This is a nice spot to remember, you can shoot fish from here…

Collecting some Treasures: From this ledge swim straight S and near the far wall, left into an opening to get Secret #1, a Treasure. Under the building with the Buddha statues, W, are two red pillars, swim between them and down into a hole for Secret #2, a Treasure. Go back to the safe ledge.

Temple Key I.

Swim straight down from the safe ledge, turn N and left a bit to go into that opening in the wall, keep left into the opening and up for air.

Pull up on the slope, back flip onto a ledge and run jump to the floor W. Grab up to the monkey climb and go over to the jump lever to use it and activate the spike trap. Swim through the trap and get Temple Key I, swim back through the spikes.

Go straight and down left to get Secret #3, a Treasure. Swim out S and get up to the safe ledge.

Bring out a Platform.

From the safe ledge, swim S to the opposite wall, go right over a submerged platform, then left around the corner and find the blocked passage to a tunnel. Use Ctrl and Lara pulls the stones away. Go in and down left to use the underwater lever and a platform appears.

Broken Pole.

Swim back to the safe ledge and get out, run jump up N and shoot the Lizard. Go right, and look up right around the corner to find that platform, get on it. Turn right, climb up and get the Medicinal Fungus. Go to the other side and climb that column, you can stand on top. Jump to the hanging column, turn right and use the up arrow and Alt to jump to the ledge with a Broken Pole. Run off into the water below, climb out W and get back onto the higher floor W. Look on the right hand wall, above the higher ledge and climb up to stick that Broken Pole in there. Turn left and jump up to grab the pole and swing onto the higher floor W.

Across the Pool.

Shoot the spiders and go to the opening left (W is a puzzle floor we’ll visit later). Stand jump down onto the rock with the tree, a run jump to grab the next rock and then to the ledge S.

Temple Key II.

Turn left and do a run jump to grab up to that ledge above. Go inside and climb the column, turn around and climb up to the top to jump to the ledge. Use the lever (W) to activate spikes in an opening down E. Hop into the opening with Ctrl and run (or roll) out quick. On the grassy ledge you’ll land on, are more Medicinal Fungus. Jump over to the opposite side (E) and climb up left. At the grey wall turn left and run jump over to grab the crack in the opposite rock face. Go shimmy right and back jump (down arrow) to grab the opposite side, crawl left and hang out, ledge jump up and pull up. Turn around, grab the monkey climb, go around the corner and drop behind the fence, climb up to get Temple Key II from the pedestal, hop back quick... Go back to the ledge using the monkey climb. Jump S into the water below.

For a Treasure, swim S and loop left down into the hole for Secret #4, a Treasure. Swim out.

Left on both sides of the Arch you swim through are keyholes. Use the keys there and see a pole appear somewhere. Quickly get up to the safe ledge (NE), because a Nasty Fish will appear, and from the safe ledge you can shoot him.

Use the Temple Keys, a Pole and a Timed run.

Get back onto the safe ledge, jump up N and use the pole to get onto the high floor W. Do the same jumps over the rocks to get to the building S, up to the entrance ledge and jump straight E into the corner. Grab up right, hand right and pull up. Turn left a bit more than 90 degrees and jump to grab the crack, shimmy left and pull up. Go down one ledge N and then jump to grab that pole (the one activated by the two keys). Swing to the balcony ahead and go inside, down the blocks to the ground floor and save at the Timed lever N. This one operates the gate left around the corner where you used the keys.

Opening the Light Puzzle gate.

Pull and roll, run to the block in the opposite left corner and jump onto the right hand corner, turn right, hop up to the corner of the higher block and turn right again, hop up to the entrance ledge. Run straight out and close to the edge roll so you’ll face E when you hit the water, swim under the arch and left through the gate, push that blue button thing and quickly get out (it is possible to get the 6th Secret too, but we did it separately). You probably saw a gate opening up. Get up to the safe ledge to shoot the Fish.

Swim straight to the W, right into the NW corner under the arch, up right and climb up to the puzzle floor, shoot a Lizard. Move the first statue (the E one) onto the SW circle, now her fan should hit the light ray from the crystal, so use Ctrl and left once to turn the statue a bit. Move the second statue onto the other tile and turn it 3x left, a triangle is formed.

On the pillar in the NW corner is Secret #5, a Treasure.

The Crystal Lotus.     

Hop into the water, swim to the S building where you can now make use of a platform behind the ledge to climb onto the ledge. Jump up to the balcony on the S building.

For another Treasure, that one is in the place where you used the blue button after the timed run. We’ll have to do that run a second time.]So, jump to the E and up to the pole and balcony, down to the Timed lever again. Pull, up the blocks to the entrance, roll to land in the water facing E, under the arch and left through the gate, up left into an opening in the W wall to get Secret #6, a Treasure. Get out before the door closes. Go up again to the balcony of the S building.

Inside take a right and look down to spot a now moving platform, hop over to it when it is down, careful, it is small. Turn right, hop back against the pillar and do a curved run to jump and grab the ledge on the rock face W. Shimmy right and pull up, turn a bit left and hop up higher, shoot the spiders. Walk right and go up left a bit more, grab some Medicinal Fungus. From where you stand, turn left facing SW, back flip onto a sloped block, grab the edge and back flip roll to grab the balcony with the Buddha statues. Climb up the wall between the statues and back flip onto the higher terrace.

Grab the Crystal Lotus, hop down into the water below and get out somewhere to shoot another Fish. Swim to the SW corner, into the now open large trapdoor there, use the underwater lever and watch the sinkhole fill to the top.

For the last Secret, and only if you found all 6 Treasures: swim to the puzzle area NW where you pushed the statues, you can now get Secret #7, that Gem from the small column, the one that caused the light beam (All Secrets found).

Swim all the way up… Climb out on the ledge with the red flowers (W) and call it a day..

The Fabled Crystal Lotus, hmm….

Time to go home boys…

G&D, Aug 16-2018.