ORC ’18 - Gateway to Atlantis.

Level by Agent XP

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

At the start of the level you can choose if you want to play in a Dry suit or a Wet suit…

I wonder what this SINC lot found down here? They evacuated in a hurry!

There is plenty opportunity to get air in the upper section of the cave, it is up to you when you go up.

From where you start, swim down straight and spot the crate, shoot it with the Harpoon gun (in the inventory) and pick up the Harpoons. There is a shark which will come for you shortly, so keep an eye out. When you see him, swim away from him, roll and shoot.

Shotgun, underwater lever.

-From where you started, the crate with the harpoons, straight up is air.      

–From there swim down again, straight across to the N, then left into the cave with the pink plants NW and loop around right into the corner through a triangular opening to get the Shotgun. From the Shotgun, swim out right (W) and up a bit into a small crevice NW, up left through a small opening you’ll reach an underwater lever in a shaft. You’ll see the cover lift from a button (*) we cannot reach yet. Up is air, but you can’t climb out. Swim back down and E into the large cave.

Power Plug I.

In the SE corner of the large cave you can swim up into another cave, loop around right and up a bit to find Power Plug I. There’s NO air up there, so be careful and get out to the opening to the large cave, looking NW you’ll spot a yellow contraption on the ceiling close by, it is a shaft you can swim up in, take a right and use the underwater lever (E). The place is drained and a door opened N, the switch on the wall opposite the door will flood the place again, so leave it be.

The Control Room, a Crane Battery.

Climb up into the airlock N, turn around and run out right, jump and grab the doorway there. Use the switch to open a door where we go now. Get back down and into the airlock, straight through the door you just opened. Left around, next to that door is a button opening a Ctrl room right of you. But you can also see a block go up in a corner of that Ctrl room. Go inside the Ctrl room..

That crate… maybe an old friend is paying these guys.

To the right and on that pump is a valve wheel use it to turn off a burner.

Up near a door SE are Harpoons and when you shoot that crate you’ll find a Laser Sight.

Go back out through the same door (NE), hop onto the grey block E and turn around to jump and grab the niche where the burner was.

Use the switch there to turn off another burner, to the right. Jump back to the grey block, grab up to the ladder and back flip onto the higher ledge. Grab the ceiling and monkey climb to the opposite corner, drop and grab the ladder. Go down and right around to where the other burner was, run jump to the ledge N. Loop right and spot the jump lever you have to use, you’ll see a door open up at the end of the passage below. So head W, through the triangle openings to the end and left, at the door is that button you lifted the cover from (*), see above. Push it and see a block in the Ctrl room go down.

This provides another entrance to the Ctrl room. So go back through the passage and after the light grey wall right, through a triangular opening (notice the Battery under the block) to the Ctrl room. Out through the opening NE and push the button there again to raise the entrance blocks. Roll, go N and left, left again into the Ctrl room through the triangle opening. Straight and right into the SW corner where the block is now down. Use the switch and a block goes down near the Battery. Go out NW, pull the cage to the N once, go around it and push it once more to the N. Now get the Crane Battery.

Go out N and right, to that contraption next to the crane and place the battery to restore power. The crane will lift a barrel up into a shaft … Next to the crane, in the corner is a crate with a Medipack.

Go to the airlock (S), down and use the switch S, the place is flooded again, swim down through the trapdoor (W). Out of the shaft turn to swim N, to those grey pillars in the corner. Swim between them and up past the barrel, use the underwater lever to open a door in the central tower.

Kill the Laser.

Swim up for air somewhere and swim to the central tower, a shark will show right about now, so go find it and shoot it. Then go get air and swim into the open door in the N side, left into the niche and use the underwater lever to kill a laser trap at the bottom of this shaft.

Using the Laser Sight, Power Plug II.

Swim back to the SE corner and up the yellow shaft, use the underwater lever at the airlock and go through the room, just through the door N, left and use the button there again to get back into the Ctrl room. As you come in, turn left and combine the Harpoon gun with the Sight, shoot that crate up above the trapdoor E. The trapdoor opens and something dropped from the crate down the shaft. So climb down to the floor where you killed the laser and grab Power Plug II.

Using the Plugs, down the Trapdoor.

Grab up to the ladder, back flip into the niche with the underwater lever and get to both other niches to place the Power Plugs. A trapdoor opens up somewhere. Climb back up to the Ctrl room, go into the passage NW and left where the Battery was, that is where the trapdoor opened. Hop into the water and get a flyby..

So, that’s why all the workers fled! I don’t think I can shoot her, will have to find another way…

The Sword.

If that lady gets her eyes fixed on you, you’re dead…So swim up, climb out onto the bridge and stay away from the edges. Run up the ramp and get the Shotgun out when you enter the building. Shoot that Hammer Beast till he explodes. Stand close to the W wall, look up above you and through the opening in the ceiling you can spot a Vase with a steel grated ball on top. Shoot the vase and the ball comes down, be sure you are not in its path…

Using the Fountain, two Levers to flood the Place.

Go down the ramp and hop into the water in front of the Neptune guy, swim down into the hole to get the Sword and left in the niche is a ceiling switch that will activate the magic fountain.

This water jet might help me to jump higher…

Get out of the water, stand S of the fountain looking N and run jump through the fountain to reach the ledge high up N. Turn right and jump through the Blade to the crowbar lever and use it, a platform goes up next to the fountain. Safety drop out, run jump through the fountain and get onto the platform. Turn left and jump to the niche with the second crowbar lever and use it, the whole place floods.

Kill the Lady, the Sun Disk.

Swim out where you came in (NW) and straight up a bit, look above the portal over the entrance (but under the arch) for another ceiling switch, use that to drop a big sword on the Lady. Swim down and get the Sun Disk. Go back into the building and down into that tunnel where the Sword was, swim to the end and place the Sun Disk in the little circle. Watch what happens..

A Portal. Guess I’m going in..

Swim out and straight up, climb into the portal…

G&D, Sept 2018